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ICON Volume 10, Issue 5 November 17th, 2016

IN THIS ISSUE • The Impact of the Media on Politics • Get creative with Everton Allen • Last Call to March for Babies

The Election & The Media’s Impact Whether your candidate won or lost in this election, there’s no denying that the outcomes have been on everyone’s mind. Facebook statuses flood newsfeeds, public figures are making their statements and articles from just about every news source try to explain what all went down. It is a historic time not only for our country, but also for the media industry. The term “media” is a broad one in today’s age: it encompasses tradtional news outlets and advertisements, but also includes the voices of everyday citizens. In this election, the media had a major impact: it allowed for many people to get more involved with politics than ever before and for rapid spreading of information, sometimes truthful and sometimes false. Both candidates were frequently fact checked, scrutinized and celebrated among varying groups, and the unprescedented level of visibility brings up an important question: What does this mean for the future of media? As upcoming professionals in this industry, how will we have to adapt? These are just a few of the lessons to be learned that we can all step back and think about as professional communicators stepping into our ever changing industry.

Member Spotlight

Kamila Pinzon

Kamila was born in Colombia and moved to Florida when she was only five years old. This is her first year at UF as an advertising major and she really enjoys working with Photoshop and taking pictures. She also loves to learn different languages and watch foreign movies. What have you found the most surprising about Ad Society so far? I am fascinated by the amount of opportunities given to the members of Ad Society. We are not only given the chance to learn about the industry from incredible professionals in the field, but also travel to agencies in different states. What are your main goals for this year? For all of your time at UF? My main goal for this year is to get an internship and gain more hands on experience in the advertising industry; even though I am only a freshman, I want to start building up my resume and learn as much as I can about advertising. Apart from focusing on my school work, I want to dedicate my time at UF to the Ad Society and my photography. What excites you most about our industry? What excites me the most is the way in which advertisers are able to make people feel all sorts of emotions in only about thirty seconds. The messages delivered through each ad are what can truly change peoples’ perspectives on different aspects in life. I think that the advertising industry is underestimated a lot and I hope one day I can become part of an advertising team that is passionate enough to make a difference in the world. 

Tonight’s Guest Speaker Everton Allen Everton Allen is a multifaceted creative and alumni of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. He has spent his most recent years working with sports franchises in Miami, serving as a Graphic Designer for the Miami Dolphins and Creative Services Manager with the Miami Marlins. Everton recently left his role to focus on his freelance creative consulting business. Though it was not an easy decision, Everton finds fulfillment in working for people that are truly passionate about their dreams. His service offerings now include creative consulting, graphic design, branding, print production, social media strategy and industrial design.

A Few of Everton’s Projects





What to Read Important Upcoming Dates & News November 20th, Gators March for Babies December 1st, GBM December 1st, Tacky Sweater Party!

A classic read from AdWeek, Jon Steel’s Truth, Lies and Advertising describes the importance of creating genuine relationships with consumers. Goodbye outdated research practices, over the top messages and advertising BS: Steel advocates for account planning based around simplicity, common sense and creativity.

Last Call to March for Babies In late October we told you that GMFB was happening, and the weekend is finally here! We hope to see all of you at Turlington this Saturday, November 20th to walk for a good cause and show your support for the babies. And as a friendly reminder, there will be FREE FOOD at the end of the walk. It’s not too late to register with the Advertising Society team: go online to And remember, we are still hosting a committe competition!

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PS: Don’t forget to start looking for your tacky sweater if you haven’t already!

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Volume 11 Issue 6  

Volume 11 Issue 6  


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