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diploma Y4&5 unit 9

Shelter for (Unaccompanied) Young Asylum Seekers & Refugees Avondale Park, London, Hanisah Nordin, Year 5 This project proposes a centre for the UASC, which provides shelter, medical treatment facilities and education opportunities within one compound. The centre creates a temporary haven for the young people, to help their transition into regular society and offer guidance for their future, as a refugee in the UK or before returning to their country. The proposal challenges the architecture of prison-like IRC, a cramped, highly-secured, inwardly contained and isolated from society. Instead, the project is located in one of the richest borough in London; the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in a highly public part of a diverse and multi-cultural residential neighbourhood towards the north of the borough. Inspired by the ‘iceberg homes’ in the borough, of which more than 60% of the house are underground, the concept is tested in the


design of the proposal. The idea is to balance the need for privacy and seclusion with the assimilation into the public and creating a platform for their interaction with the society. By going underground, it creates a seclusion and separation from the public life happening on the ground, but at the same time the need for daylight and to create a comfortable environment become the core elements that drive the design. 9.1 model 1:100 of sublevel 1 and sublevel 2 9.2 View of the corridor leading to private sleeping quarters illuminated by the light coming from the glass wall (the lightwell) 9.3 Section cutting through sleeping quarters, living area and the coutryard 9.4 Axonometric view of how the shelter sits within the context and its relationshi p with the park and the school



UEL yearbook 2015  
UEL yearbook 2015