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A 2009 production of the UC Santa Barbara Department of Intercollegiate Athletics


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Dare to Be Great is UCSB Athletics’ role in the “Campaign for Santa Barbara,” the first comprehensive campaign to raise private funds to ensure UCSB’s excellence for future generations. Dare to Be Great is the strategic plan to provide support for student-athlete scholarship costs, operating resources, and athletics facilities upgrades. The focus is also on funding women’s athletics programs at UCSB, community outreach, and developing every student-athlete into a leader. Dare to Be Great is divided into two parts. The first is generating vital funds for scholarships and resources for all sports. The second is to actively support every Gaucho student-athlete in their drive for academic and career success, social and personal development, health, and community service. Part One • The G-Fund annual giving program • The Gaucho Order monogram program • Invest in Facilities • HER Time! Part Two • BE Great – leadership and student-athlete success • Gauchos Give – community service and outreach

Overall, UCSB Athletics has been good in the past, including a dominating position in the Big West Conference, national success, and alumni who achieve Olympic gold. But, are we truly “Great?” Can we compete and win against the nation’s best programs every year? To do so, a total investment – emotionally and financially – is needed. We must dare to meet our challenges, invest in our student-athletes and the facilities they play in, and support their drive in the classroom and their futures. We must dare to win – across all sports – year in and year out. We must Dare to Be Great.



There are few gifts more valuable than the gift of education and the future it creates. Your support – either to the general cause or to a specific sport – helps meet the financial challenges of funding a comprehensive athletics program. In order to meet the challenges, the importance of raising money through private fund-raising is greater than ever. Contributions are essential to not only maintain the successful tradition of Gaucho Athletics, but to take the big step forward – to become elite. The G-Fund (the G stands for Great and Gauchos) is the fund-raising arm for ALL sports and programs and is in place to accomplish two major goals – provide vital annual funding for athletic and academic scholarships and provide muchneeded operational assistance. Without funds to provide an educational opportunity (an athletic scholarship), the dedicated young men and women competing for UCSB cannot succeed. Contributing to the operational needs helps support all student-athletes in the areas of academics, sports medicine, and other departmentwide programs. The G-Fund is the annual giving program and the core of the vision to move UCSB Athletics forward. By investing in the G-Fund, you are directly providing support to UCSB student-athletes and helping to ensure their academic and athletic success. These donations are used to provide: • Student-athlete scholarships – tuition, room, and board • Academic support, leadership and career development • Coaches and administrative support




Annual donations are needed in two forms – for scholarship and operational costs for a specific sport (Restricted Gift) and for annual support for all student-athletes in areas such as sports medicine, health and sports performance, academic success, and career development (Unrestricted Gift). Sport-specific booster groups have been an important emotional and financial support system in the past and will always exist. Through the G-Fund, donors will always have the opportunity to designate a gift to a specific sport or to allow the athletics department the most flexibility in fulfilling the needs of our Gaucho student-athletes. Regardless of your preference, your support is greatly appreciated and paramount in our goal of becoming fiscally competitive, providing student-athletes with the best possible experience at a top-tier public university, and developing future leaders.



Alumni of Gaucho Athletics, this is directed at you. Because you poured sweat and loyalty into UCSB. Because you know what it’s like to wear – with extreme pride – the Pacific blue and Gaucho gold. Because you want the next generation to carry on the legacy – YOUR legacy – we need you as part of The Gaucho Order. This new monogram club is for those who are part of a special group of men and women that have been awarded the block C with UCSB inscription. The Gaucho Order provides an opportunity for the Gaucho Athletics family to participate in alumni events, stay in contact with former teammates, and to literally pass the torch to the next generation. Eligible members include former UCSB student-athletes. From time to time, The Gaucho Order will also award honorary members. Being part of The Gaucho Order gives you the opportunity to maintain the strong bonds formed while at this incredible campus by the sea and to directly give back to YOUR program, enabling YOUR team to compete at the highest level.



We have a firm belief that by investing in the educational opportunity of a student-athlete (through the G-Fund and supported booster groups), you will change a life. This, quite simply, is true. And, if you invest in new or enhanced facilities, you are changing the program. This is absolutely true. Already armed with a stellar academic reputation, an incredible social and campus setting, and a history of winning, first class facilities will ensure unprecedented success for the next generation of recruits and coaches. Investing in facilities will change the landscape of UCSB Athletics. It starts with the Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) building, but it doesn’t end there. In 2005, the state-of-the-art ICA building opened. This $15 million student-funded facility allows the Gauchos to boast arguably the best athletics administration building in the West, on any level. The ICA building, with its impressive Phil Womble Hall of Champions, was the first step. Now, when finished, a comprehensive facilities plan will have the ability to move UCSB Athletics – across the board – from a good program to an elite one. Legacy Gifts are the drive in facility enhancements. Read more on the importance of Legacy Gifts at the end of this publication.


In the classroom, UCSB strives to have the best students taught by the best faculty in the world. This standard is the same for athletics. We must have the best student-athletes playing in the best facilities led by the best coaches. Here are the needs, which will be completed as whole projects or individually as funds are donated. The Thunderdome $600,000 - $1,400,000 Locker rooms, video board, floor, chair-back seating, rest rooms, concessions, fan amenities. New Aquatics Center $8,000,000 - $10,000,000 State-of-the-art venue for swimming and water polo, player’s lounge, locker rooms, sound system, history plaza/entrance. Walk of Champions $350,000 Located between the new aquatics center and practice facility, linking the ICA building to the bike path and other sports venues. Practice Facility for Basketball and Volleyball $4,000,000 Dedicated practice facility for men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball programs, multi-courts, training area. Harder Stadium $650,000 - $1,000,000 History plaza/entrance, press box, pitch (field improvements), locker rooms. Caesar Uyesaka Stadium $500,000 - $3,500,000 History plaza/entrance, new scoreboard, new grandstand, concessions, rest rooms, suites, and amenities. Softball Stadium $700,000 - $1,500,000 Locker room, field enhancements, press box, new grandstand, concessions, rest rooms, and amenities. Tennis Center $600,000 - $1,300,000 Playing surface, grandstand, history plaza/entrance, storage facility. Pauley Track $500,000 - $4,500,000 New surface, new grandstand, field, pits, storage facility. 11


A major component of the Dare to Be Great campaign is the effort to raise funds for the purpose of building and empowering women’s athletics programs at UCSB. Female student-athletes accomplish great things on the field, court, diamond, and in the pool for UCSB. These amazing young women are also leaders in the community and achieve academic excellence. HER Time! investments are in the form of annual donations (G-Fund) dedicated to female student-athletes along with crucial support for facilities and student-athlete welfare (Invest in Facilities plan). Giving to support women’s athletics at UCSB is an opportunity to invest in the health, empowerment, and success of women through sports. Funding is needed to provide a quality experience and leadership opportunities for these young women. These experiences will pay dividends in the form of stronger, healthier, and more confident women. Annual and Legacy Gifts needed to make HER Time! happen at UCSB include: • • •

Scholarships for women’s programs Women’s leadership programs Facilities equity – new and upgraded facilities are needed across several sports




The strength of UCSB’s student-athletes is how wellrounded they are. Gauchos succeed in competition, but they are also strong, confident, and caring leaders on campus and in the Santa Barbara community. To highlight and celebrate their accomplishments each day and every year, two newlycreated programs are aimed at providing a great experience for all of them. BE Great is a life skills program dedicated to maximizing leadership ability, strong on-campus interaction, and the well-being of all student-athletes and athletics staff. BE Great also focuses on personal and career development, diversity and social awareness, and academic success. UCSB boasts an incredible 92% student-athlete graduation rate. Gauchos Give is the community outreach program for all student-athletes. Every sport gives back to the Santa Barbara and UCSB communities by offering free clinics, helping families during the holidays, providing financial and emotional support during tragedy, and touching the lives of youth. Both programs ensure that student-athletes are successful in all areas – in the classroom, in the community, in competition, and in life.


A Legacy Gift to UCSB Athletics has the ability to transform a program and provide an exceptional experience for the student-athletes of today and future generations. A Legacy Gift is given to a specific program or project in the name of a donor or in the name of someone who epitomizes the Gaucho spirit. As part of the Dare to Be Great plan, Legacy Gifts will create new facilities and enhance existing venues, empower women’s programs (HER Time!), and ensure success for future Gauchos. These planned gifts will help the goal of becoming an elite program – across all sports – become a reality. Success for UCSB Athletics will draw the attention of fans nationwide and inspire our students, alumni, and community. As part of an amazing academic institution, athletics at UCSB has one simple quest – to reflect the greatness of UCSB through its athletics programs. Legacy Gifts create the foundation to achieve this mission and make a lasting difference in the lives of Gaucho student-athletes. Legacy Gifts are payable over several years.



Thank you for investing in these amazing young men and women.

To participate or learn more, please contact: Mark Massari, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics UC Santa Barbara, ICA Building, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 805.893.3400 Steve O’Brien, Associate Athletics Director for Development 805.893.4960 Tom Hastings, Executive Associate Athletics Director (The Gaucho Order) 805.893.8320 19

Dare to Be Great  

Dare to Be Great is UCSB Athletics' role in the "Campaign for Santa Barbara," the first comprehensive campaign to raise private funds to ens...