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Exceptional graduate students are essential to University of California, Santa Barbara’s overall excellence. Outstanding graduate students attract stellar faculty; they serve as teachers and mentors for undergraduates; and they are the backbone and creative force for research programs. Our diverse graduate students go on to leadership positions in California, the United States, and the world in fields from academia and government to the arts, engineering, and the sciences. The Graduate Division has launched a one-year program through June 30, 2016, to create new graduate student support across all areas of campus. Donors may leverage their gifts and increase their impact on students through three new programs:

➤ 2X Payout Program for Endowments ➤ Full-Year Fellowship Match


➤ The Research Accelerator

The UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division annually hosts a Fellowship Awards Reception to honor graduate student fellowship recipients. A recent reception included a presentation offering tips on effective networking at professional conference receptions.

One of the reasons that I’m so supportive of education is that it’s something you have all your life. You can’t take that away from people. And there aren’t too many things you can give to people that are good for a lifetime.”

Ph.D. student Justin Pearson, left, with philanthropist Michael Towbes at a luncheon in the Mosher Alumni House.



Endowed fellowships provide a stable, perpetual source of support for graduate students as they study, conduct research, and write their dissertations or theses. Fellowship support relieves students of the burden of employment, so they are able to fully focus on academics and advance toward their degrees. Over a three-year period, qualifying gifts for graduate fellowships are leveraged by 41% through the 2X Payout Program.


– Michael Towbes, philanthropist, Louis H. Towbes Graduate Fellowship

“I bought a laptop with some of the funds from my Towbes Fellowship, and it revolutionized my graduate career! It’s incredibly freeing to have a single, portable device for my research, classes, writing, and computation. When I have an idea, I can try it out right away, instead of waiting to get back to the lab. And the ability to work anywhere has really enriched my connection with the UC Santa Barbara campus.” – Justin Pearson, Towbes Fellowship recipient and Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

HOW IT WORKS ➤ The Graduate Division will provide double the annual

➤ The gift remains untouched in the endowed fund for three years, allowing the principal to grow at a compounded rate.

➤ Fellowship endowments in all academic areas qualify for the program. The endowment may be named for the donor, a loved one, or someone they wish to honor.

➤ Gifts of $30,000-$250,000 qualify for the 2X Payout Program. For gifts above that level, the first $250,000 will be eligible for the 2X Payout. Funding is limited, and the program will end after the funds are depleted. Commitments must be received before June 30, 2016, and will be included in this program on a firstcome, first-served basis.


fellowship payout from gifts made to new or existing endowments for the first three years.

“Receiving the NSF Extension Fellowship has been an invaluable asset to my graduate education. It allowed me to focus my time and energy on my research, and also provided me with the financial flexibility to attend and present my research at conferences and travel to work with collaborators at other universities. I have also used these funds toward paying for research expenses such as recruiting and paying participants. This has been critical to my research on LGBTQ identities as it would otherwise be impossible for me to access this population and adequately compensate individuals for the time and energy it takes to share their experiences.” – William Ryan, Ph.D. student, Psychological and Brain Sciences



While some graduate students are employed through faculty research grants that can cover research costs, many students do not have access to these resources. Students frequently travel to field sites, museums, or other institutions to collect and analyze material, while others may stay in Santa Barbara, but run costly experiments or have need of specialized equipment or software that is not provided by the University. This program fills a gap in student support by providing a financial resource for students with such expenses. Donors wishing to support the top students on campus may leave their gift unrestricted. Alternatively, donors may request that their gift be directed toward a particular school, college, division, interdisciplinary research area, or department. Gifts are leveraged by 60% through the Research Accelerator program.

Graduate students fortunate enough to have a full-year fellowship in the final year of their doctoral program are able to concentrate completely on writing their dissertations. By increasing the number of full-year fellowships available for award, the Graduate Division will have more flexibility to provide dissertation fellowships for exceptional graduate students across all disciplines.

“I am very grateful to have this fellowship, because historical research and writing require patience, precision, and knowledge of both ancient sources and modern scholarship. Having the time and funding to improve my academic writing skills will allow me to start the dissertation on a strong foundation. The burdens of graduate students can get overwhelming, especially when one is simultaneously writing research papers, teaching and grading for a hundred students, and fulfilling other academic requirements toward the degree. Fellowships for graduate students are a tranquil oasis discovered during the long, arduous trek to one’s dissertation defense.” – Derek Haddad, Ph.D. student, Classics

HOW IT WORKS ➤ The Graduate Division will


provide one quarter of fellowship funding to match a donation of two quarters of fellowship support. The match allows the donor to make a larger impact on the student by expanding support so it covers an entire academic year, including stipend, tuition, fees, and insurance.

➤ A gift of $5,000 is

➤ Gifts of $30,000 and more are

enhanced with additional Graduate Division funding to provide a research fellowship of $8,000 for one student.

➤ Gifts must be given to the Graduate Division and may be unrestricted for award to the most competitive students, or directed toward a school, college, division, or department (in the latter case, some restrictions apply).

➤ The fellowship may be named by the donor for the life of the fund. Funding is limited, and the program will end after the funds are depleted. Commitments must be received before June 30, 2016, and are on a firstcome, first-served basis.

eligible. A gift of $30,000 plus the match provides one full-year dissertation fellowship of $40,500.

➤ Gifts above $30,000 will be used as support for other dissertation students, with additional

“The UC President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship means I can focus this academic year on not only finishing my dissertation but also on fiercely building my portfolio to be competitive for faculty positions. In a recent one-week period, I attended a Latino summit in Austin, Texas; visited three institutions; and met with 11 professors to learn about their departments and what it means to be a faculty member. All the while I am submitting a chapter for publication, making progress toward my dissertation, and actively searching for faculty positions. This fellowship provides me with an opportunity to pursue my dream career, a profound blessing.” – Zuleyma Rogel, Ph.D. candidate, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

full-year fellowships provided when funds are sufficient.

➤ The fellowship may be named by the donor for the life of the fund. Commitments must be received before June 30, 2016. Fellowships must be established within the Graduate Division. They may be unrestricted, which allows them to be awarded to the top dissertation students campus-wide, or they may be directed toward students in one of the following units: the College of Engineering; the College of Letters and Science; the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education; the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management; the Division of Math, Life and Physical Sciences; the Division of Social Sciences; or the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts.

UC Santa Barbara

Graduate Division

Dr. Carol Genetti, Dean


For information, please contact: Julie Karbula, Senior Director of Development 805-893-2190

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The UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division has launched a one-year program through June 30, 2016, to create new graduate student support across...