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  Uniapac  Quarterly  Electronic  Newsletter            N°  2   April/  June  2010   Each  one  of  us  is  living  as  a  baptised  person  in  a  network  of  multiple  communities.  At  a  time  where   after  the  joy  of  Eastern  we  are  getting  towards  Pentecost  and  the  celebration  of  the  Christian  com-­‐ munion  despite  different  cultures  and  languages  to  form  a  one  church,  it  is  a  joy  to  realize  the  multi-­‐ ple  activities  going  on  in  our  National  Associations  as  illustrated  again  by  this  second  Quarterly  Let-­‐ ter.   At  the  Executive  Office  we  are  also  actively  moving  forward  to  reinforce  our  collective  intelligence  as   a  sign  of  hope  in  our  troubled  world.   Pierre  Lecocq   President       News  from  UNIAPAC  Executive  Office       UNIAPAC  Foundation.  The  legal  status  of  the  Endowmnent  Fund  has  been  approved  by  the  French   Authorities   on   March   27th   2010.   The   first   Board   of   Directors   is   constituted   by   Pierre   Lecocq,   Presi-­‐ dent,   José   Ignacio   Mariscal,   Etienne   Wibaux,   both   past   President   of   Uniapac,   Pascual   Rubiani   and   Jose  Maria  Simone,  respectively  President  and  Vice  President  of  Uniapac  Latin  America.  The  following   personalities   have   accepted   to   join   the   Honour   Committee:   Michel   Camdessus,   Jean   Paul   Vignon,   Professor  Zamagni  and  Dr  Krause,  Past  President  of  the  Lutherian  World  Federation.  We  now  have   the  legal  entity  to  act!!     Promises  of  donations  have  reached  4.5  million  US$.  We  have  launched  the  recruitment  of  the  Gen-­‐ eral  Manager  through  an  internationally  well  known  head-­‐hunter  firm,  supported  our  African  friends   in  setting  up  Uniapac  Africa,  and  are  starting  to  build  the  nucleus  of  the  Think  Tank.     UNIAPAC   Africa:   From   February   24th   to   February   26th,   our   African   friends   gathered   for   3   days   120   African   businessmen   from   10   different   African   countries   in   Ouagadougou,   Burkina   Faso.   2   days   were   devoted   to   an   intense   CSR   training   given   by   our   friends   from   USEM   Mexico.   The   3rd   day   was   the   offi-­‐ cial   Uniapac   Africa   congress   with   the   official   signing   of   the   statutes.   The   first   President   for   the   next   3   years  is  Jean-­‐Baptiste  Homsi  from  Cameroun  and  the  Uniapac  Africa  registered  office  will  be  in  Oua-­‐ gadougou,   Burkina   Faso.   The   Catholic   Church   was   very   involved   with   the   participation   of   the   Archbishop  of  Ouagadougou  and  two  others  bishops  as  well  as  the  Nuncio  for  Burkina  Faso  and  Ni-­‐ ger.   The   local   authorities   were   also   very   supportive   with   the   participation   of   the   President   of   the   Assembly  and  the  Prime  Minister  from  Burkina.  The  President  of  the  Republic  gave  Uniapac  leader-­‐ ship   a   one   hour   audience   in   his   palace.   Participants   from   Uniapac   were:   Pierre   Lecocq   President,   Philippe  Mine  Uniapac  Delegate  to  Africa,  André  Baudoux  from  Les  EDC  in  France  and  Giovanni  Fac-­‐ chini  Martini  from  UCID,  Italy.  

This Congress  was  a  real  sign  of  hope  for  the  development  of  the  business  ethic  respecting  the  Chris-­‐ tian  social  thought  in  Africa.  A  plan  of  deployment  will  be  rapidly  worked  out  by  the  Uniapac  Africa   leadership  to  develop  the  number  of  African  Uniapac  Associations  for  the  teaching  of  Christian  Social   Thought  as  well  as  of  CSR.   Next  Uniapac  International  Board:  It  will  be  held  in  Madrid  under  the  invitation  of  the  Uniapac  Span-­‐ ish  Association  ASE  on  April  26th.  44  participants  have  registered  representing  19  National  Associa-­‐ tions.     UNIAPAC  EUROPE     **  VNO  NCW/  THE  NETHERLANDS   a)Conferences  &  Events   *April  2010  from  15th  to  17th  2010:  4TH  European  Social  Week  in  Bad  Honnef,  near  Bonn  (Germany)   ”New   times.   Which   future   do   we   choose?”?   ,   work,   social   cohesion,   leadership.   Patronage:   Jean-­‐ Claude   Juncker   Prime   Minister   of   Luxembourg.   Huib   Klamer,   Secretary   for   Religion   and   CSR,   Dutch   employers'  association  VNO-­‐  NCW,  will  be  the  moderator  in  one  of  the  workshops  “NEW   ACCENTS   IN   THE  SOCIAL  DIALOGUE”.  The  European  Social  Week  would  like  to  provide  a  platform  for  meeting,  discussion  and  reflection,   for  the  mutual  encouragement  of  all  those  involved  in  the  Christian  social  field  in  Europe  .    

*April 20th,  2010:  Conference  on  the  economic  crisis,  the  moral  and  spiritual  aspects  in  The  Hague.   Speakers:   Mgr.   Gerard   de   Korte,   Bischop   of   Groningen-­‐Leeuwarden,   the   Professor   Arnold   Schilder,   former  board  member  of  the  Nederlandsche  Bank.     *April  22nd,  2010:  Conference  on  “Back  to  the  core,  Crises  ask  for  choices”/  Place  Kampen   Speakers:  Gerrit  de  Kruijf,  professor  of  Christian  ethics,  Bert  van  Boggelen,  vice-­‐president  CNV,  and   Louwe  Dijkema,  general  manager  of  Koninklijke  Van  Gorcum  BV.     *June  16th,  2010:  Lunch  meeting  about  a  CSR  subject.     **  BKU/  GERMANY     a)  Conferences  &  Events   *April     23rd  &  24th,  2010  in  “Schmallenberg  Regional  Conference”,  Theme:  Renewing  Social  Market   Economy/  Speakers:  several  entrepreneurs,  politicians,  economists.   *May  12th  to  16th,  2010:  2nd  Oecumenical  Church  Congress  (“Ökumenischer  Kirchentag”)  in  Munich/   huge  event  with  about  200  000  attendants  organized  by  both  the  Catholic  and  Protestant  church  in   Germany/  BKU  is  involved  in  some  events./  Friday  14th  luncheon  together  with  AEU,  German  Em-­‐ ployers’  Association  (BDA),  Association  of  Bavarian  Business  /Theme:  “Sustainability  and  Social  Mar-­‐ ket  Economy”/Speakers:  Archbishop  Dr.  Robert  Zollitsch  (President  of  the  German  Catholic  Bishops’   Conference),  Dr.  Dieter  Hundt  (BDA  President),  Dr.  Nikolaus  von  Bomhard  (CEO  Munich  Re),  Marie-­‐ Luise  Dött  (BKU  President)   *June  27th  to  29th,  2010:  “Berlin  Ordo  Talks”  for  the  young  professionals:  opportunity  to  meet  high   ranking  representatives  of  politics,  business  community  and  the  church  

Subjects: Social   Teaching   of   the   Church,   Renewing   Social   Market   Economy/   Organization   together   with  the  Konrad  Adenauer  Foundation  and  other  catholic  organizations.     *Gratuity   in   the   economy:   The   theme   is   playing   a   role   in   several   events,   especially   those   with   the   Catholic   University   of   Eichstaett,   in   the   context   of   the   broader   topic   of    Renewing   Social   Market   Economy.  There  are  not  any  specific  groups  about  it.     *Since  January  2010:  “Microfinance  Platform  Germany”  has  been  officially  set  up  together  with  20   organizations.  For  the  moment  internal  activities  but  will  organize  later  public  events.         b)  Spiritual  time   *April    27th  to  May  2nd,  2010:  Annual  Pilgrimage  to  Rome  for  members.     **  UCID/  ITALY  

a) Conferences & Events, formation & seminars *The third  version  of  Wojtyla  Day  and  Siri  Day  for  the  scouting  of  "best  practices".   *In  April  2010:  National  Pilgrimage  in  Turin  for  the  Holy  Shroud   *In  June  2010:  annual  assembly  of  UCID  Members  in  Udine  

b) Publications, press articles *The n°1/2010  of  the  UCID  Letter  with  an  editorial  in  English  and  the  abstract  of  the  single  articles;   see  our  website,  UCID  in  action.   *The  Second  Report  of  UCID  (2008-­‐2010)  on  the  entrepreneurial  responsibility  for  the  construction   of  Common  Good;  this  second  Report  will  appear  at  the  "Libreria  Editrice  Vaticana"/Christian  entre-­‐ preneurs  for  the  common  good.   *Events   in   relationship   with   economical   and   social   institutions/Various   events   in   Italy   to   discuss   about  the  encyclical  "Caritas  in  Veritate"  with  the  local  Industrial  associations  (first  event  in  Veneto).   *Events   in   relationship   with   the   Church:   UCID   Technical   Scientific   Committee:   a   Forum   every   3   months  involving  people  with  leading  profile  persons:  Next  meeting  with  Cardinal  Turkson,  the  new   President  of  the  Pontifical  Council  Justice  &  Peace  on  "the  Global  Common  Good"  in  April  29th  2010.   c)  Youth  Group    Summer   school   in   September   in   San   Marino:   study   about   CSR   practices/with   the   Professor   Zama-­‐ gni/    30  attendants.   d)  Spiritual  time   April  2010:  National  Pilgrimage  in  Turin  for  the  Holy  Shroud     **  CABE/  UK   1)  Membership  and  Contacts   8  new  members  since  November  2009  update.  Currently  220  members  of  which  30  are  non-­‐paying   members/honorary  members  e.g.  some  members  of  advisory  council,  trustees,  collaboration  group,   former  guest  speakers…  They  have  23  new  contacts  through  the  Guildford  network.   Guildford   network   was   successfully   launched   in   February/   Initial   discussions   have   begun   with   people   in  the  North  West  interested  in  launching  a  CABE  network  or  partnering  with  CABE  in  some  way  to   provide  support  to  business  leaders  in  that  area  (Leeds,  Manchester  and  Liverpool).  

2) CABE  AGM   *May  26th  6.30pm:  /All  members  and  friends  are  invited  to  hear  more  about  CABE's  new  projects   and   plans,   meet   CABE's   chair   and   the   trustees   and   to   see   how   they   can   get   involved.     CABE  members  will  be  asked  to  vote  on  a  few  items  of  business.  Place:    London.     *  CABE  Key  principles:  will  be  printed  on  the  second  half  of  this  year.  CABE  plan  to  develop  the  fol-­‐ lowing   themes:   Inspire   &   Encourage,   Insight,   Challenge   &   Enable,   Influence   &   Lead   (delivering   a   Christian  voice  to  the  main  issues  of  the  economy).   3)  Events  :  fewer  events,  but  more  impact  with  each.    Highlights  are:   *February    10th:  Guildford  Network  in  conjunction  with  the  diocese  of  Guildford  on:  "The  business  of   business  is  business...  how  Christian  principles  make  a  difference"  /  Speaker:  Alan  Gillespie  .  Guild-­‐ ford  is  a  town  near  London  where  a  lot  of  people  live.   *  March  17th  from  7pm  -­‐  CABE  London  event/  Speaker:  Dominic  Grieve,  Shadow  Secretary  of  State   for  Justice/  Title:  "Upholding  Justice  in  the  rule  of  the  law  in  times  of  change"  which  provides  a  link  to   CABE's  Principles  for  Business  on  Justice/Place:  KPMG,  London.   *   May   11th  from  6.30  pm  -­‐  CABE  London  event/   Speaker:  Baroness  Cox  of  Queensbury/  Place:  House   of  Lords,  Abbey  Gardens,  Westminster.   *June   16th,   7.30-­‐9pm:   CABE   Guildford   Network/   “Integrating   Work   and   Life"   Speaker:  Paul  Valler,  writer,  speaker,  former  HR  &  Finance  Director,  Hewlett  Packard,  Guildford.     *March  6-­‐7th:  BT  Christian  Network  Conference  -­‐  open  to  CABE  members  and  friends.   Objective:  Bringing  together  members  from  across  the  network  to  pray,  encourage,  equip  and  em-­‐ power  people  to  live  out  their  faith  in  the  workplace,  London.   *March  26-­‐28th:  Faith  in  Business:  Sustaining  a  Business  Recovery/Speakers  among  others:  Richard   Higginson  Director  of  “Faith  in  Business”,  association  part  of  the  University  of  Cambridge.   *April  27th,  7.30-­‐9.30pm/  M2B  In  the  Evening  @LS1/  Subject:  "Values  and  the  Bottom  Line:  Friend   or  Foe?"/  With  the  hunt  for  profit  now  more  crucial  than  ever  before  and  the  drive  for  a  reduction  in   costs  accelerating,  are  there  any  values  we  can  afford  to  keep?  Are  there  any  values  we  can  afford  to   lose?,in   Leeds/   Speaker:   Mark   Greene,   Executive   Director,   London   Institute   of   Contemporary   Christi-­‐ anity  (Ministry  to  Business  (M2B)  is  a  new  initiative  by  the  Diocese  of  Ripon  &  Leeds  to  place  a  minis-­‐ ter  at  the  heart  of  the  business  community  in  the  City  of  Leeds .   *May  25th  8pm:  “Being  Bad  in  Business:  How  do  we  know  what  is  bad  and  good  behaviour  in  organi-­‐ zations  ?”/Given  by  Professor  Stephen  Watson  in  London.     **ASE/SPAIN   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *April   27th,   2010:   After   the   Uniapac   International   meeting   in   April   27th:   Reflexion   on   CSR   with   a   young  professionals’  group  animated  by  the  Latin  American  Uniapac  Board  members.   *May   2010:   Presentation   of   a   volume   that   in   twelve   brief   chapters   comment   in   a   simple   way   the   encyclical  of  Benoit  XVI  “Caritas  in  veritate”.  The  book  is  presented  publicly/  event  specifically  orga-­‐ nized  with  the  Episcopal  Commission  of  Secular  Apostolate  and  presided  by  the  Archbishop  of  “San-­‐ tiago   de   Compostela”,   President   of   the   above   mentioned   Commission/   Attendants:   Bishops   and   business  leaders.   *June  2010:  Participation  to  the  one  day-­‐meeting  organized  by  AEDOS  (Association  for  the  diffusion   of  the  Church  Social  Teaching)  in  order  to  comment  and  diffuse  the  encyclical  “Caritas  in  veritate”.   2)  Spiritual  time  *Conference  with  the  members  and  friends  animated  by  the  spiritual  adviser  Father   Matos,  s.j.  .  

** Les  EDC/  FRANCE   Robert  LEBLANC  has  succeeded  to  Pierre  Deschamps  as  President  of  Les  EDC  in  March  20th,  2010.    a)  Conferences  &  Events   *March  19th  ,  20th  &  21th,  2010:  Assises  nationales  (a  conference  every  two  years):  “Tenir  le  Cap””  (in   Besançon).   About   1100   were   present/   High-­‐ranking   speakers   such   as   the   CEO   of   the   Distribution   group  Auchan,  the  CEO  of  Peugeot  and  the  presence  of  Laurence  Parisot,  the  president  of  the  ME-­‐ DEF.  On  the  occasion  of  this  event,  the  Pope  Benoît  XVI  has  addressed  a  personal  message  to  the  EDC   through  the  Archbishop  of  Besançon  “encouraging  the  entrepreneurs  to  deploy  new  energies  in  the   service  of  a  real  complete  humanism  opened  to  God  and  their  brothers  (Caritas  in  veritate  n°78).   Interviews,  information  are  accessible  from  the  EDC    web  site  (     *April  1st,  2010:  Matinale  in  Lyon  "Le  sens  de  l'engagement  du  chef  d'entreprise  en  dehors  de  son   entreprise"(The   sense   of   the   commitment   of   the   business   manager   outside   of   his   company)   with   Régis  PELEN,  president  of  the  Council  of  surveillance  of  La  Vie  claire.   *April  14th,  2010:  EDC  Matins/  Exchange  with  Cécile  Renouard,  economist,  profesor  of  social    ethic,   Sister   of   the   Assumption   "     about   her   book   “Vingt   propositions   pour   réformer   le   capitalisme   "   (20   propositions  to  reform  the  capitalism)  written  in  cooperation  with  Gaël  Giraud,  Jesuit  and  researcher   in  the  CNRS.   b)  Publications   *   February   18th   2010/   Article   of   the   last   President   Pierre   Deschamps   in   the   weekly   magazine   Réforme:  "Il  faut  développer  un  management  fondé  sur  la  fraternité"  (“We  have  to  develop  a  man-­‐ agement  based  on  fraternity”).     *    Has  just  been  published:    "  La  rémunération  des  dirigeants  "  ,  Reflexions  et  questionnements  .       **ACEGE/  PORTUGAL     a)  Conferences  &  Events   -­‐  April  /  May  /  June  2010:  Conference  cycle  of  12  conferences  on  “Christian  Business  Leaders  and   Portugal”     A  conference  on  Leadership  and  2  conferences  on  Strategy  &  Mission  (Forum  to  Small  and  Medium   Enterprises).   *  April  15th  2010:    Election  for  the  National  Board  was  delayed  to     **ADIC/  BELGIUM   a)  Conferences  &  Events   -­‐April  22nd,  2010:  Cocktail  for  the  members  on  the  occasion  of  the  change  of  President.   Because  of  the  President’s  change,  there  are  no  conferences  for  the  moment.     b)  Publications   *ADIC   magazine   “L’entreprise,   l’homme”  /The   number   of   March  2010   will   be   about   the   flexible   time   management.   *The  June  number  will  be  about  living  in  front  of  poverty  and  casualization.  

*VCU/  SWITZERLAND   a)  Conferences  &  Events    -­‐  Monthly  reunions  in  the  7  sections  of  VCU  Switzerland.   -­‐  May,  8th  2010/  Annual  meeting  on  whose  topic  will  be  "Work-­‐Life-­‐Balance".   -­‐  Enhancement  of  their  website   -­‐  Closer  cooperation  with  the  association  "Glaube  und  Wirtschaft"  which  works  in  a  similar  field  than   VCU.     **PACE/(POLAND   a)Conferences  &  Events   *Are  planning  to  organize  working  group  on  the  topic:  "Evaluation  of  selected  ethical  aspects  of  the   banking  system  in  Poland".  Invitations  to  this  group  will  be  sent  to  the  professors  from  Catholic  Uni-­‐ versities.     *Regular  monthly  meetings  in  Warsaw  on  the  latest  events  in  Poland  related  to  the  associations.   *Regular  weekly  meetings  with  unemployed  persons  looking  for  advices  in  Warsaw   *Events  in  relationship  with  the  Church,  diocese:   -­‐Are  planning  to  organize  meeting  with  the  representatives  of     the  Episcopate  of  Poland/The  topics   will  be:  possible  areas  of  co-­‐operation  and  presentation  of  planned  activities,  such  as  the  setting  up   of  a  group  on  "Gratuity  in  the  economy"  .     b)  Conf,  formation,  seminars           *Are  planning  to  organize  a  monthly  seminar  on  Church  Social  Teaching  in  Warsaw.         *ACEM  -­‐  SR/SLOVAKIA  (SR  is  an  abbreviation  for  the  Slovak  Republic.)   ACEM-­‐SR  does  not  have  a  directional  plan  for  the  next  3  months.  Activities  of  ACEM-­‐SR  depend  on   the  situation  and  economy  policy  of  the  Slovak  republic.    ACEM-­‐SR  pertains  to  a  political  party  KDH:   the  Christian  Democratic  Movement  (KDH).All  the  activities  are  on      ACEM-­‐SR    makes  specialized  statements  to  KDH  relating  to  employers,  small  and  medium  business   leaders,  tourist  traffic  and  companies  in  Slovakia.  It’s  a  voluntary  association  which  gathers  business   leaders  and  managers  who  live  and  work  according  to  Christian  principles.   Present  in  8  regions  of  Slovakia  and  has  8  regional  chairmen  in  these  8  cities.  In  Bratislava,  it  has  80   members   who   work   and   own   companies   in   the   field   of   civil   engineering,   building   industry,   energy,   reparations   and   construction   of   electric   conduct,   water   distribution,   freight,   tourism...   a)Activities   *April   6th,   2010:   discussion   about   the   creation   of   an   economic   program   supported   by   ACEM-­‐   SR   within  KDH  in  Bratislava.   *April  6th,  2010:  ACEM-­‐SR  discussion  at  the  Slovak  Council  of  KDH  in  Zvolen.  The  aim  is  to  support     the  economic  program  of  KDH  for  the  elections  in  June  2010.   *April  ,  2010:  discussion  with  the  heads  of  a  Christian  channel  TV  LUX.  The  aim  is  to  get  a  financial   support.   -­‐  May  2010:  discussion  on  the  question  of  the  distribution  of  electric  energy  in  SSE  Zilina,  where  49%   of  the  shares  belongs  to  the  French  company  EDF.  

-­‐ activities  in  relation  to  the  political  campaign  of  KDH/  the  aim  is  to  get  a  14  to  16  %  of  votes  for  KDH   in   the   elections   of   June   12th   2010   as   well   as   to   be   part   of   the   next   government   of   Slovakia.   *May  2010:  Pavol  Faktor,  president  of  ACEM-­‐SR  financially  supports  the  Christian  conference  at  KDH.     *ZKPS/SLOVENIA   a)  Conferences  &  Events   ZKPS  is  organizer  of  its  own  events  and  co-­‐organizer  of  events  &  conferences  with  the  leity  and  offi-­‐ cial  representatives  of  the  Church.  To  some  of  the  events  organized  by  the  Council  of  laics  societies   of  Slovenia  speakers  from  abroad  and  official  representatives  of  the  Catholic  Church  were  invited.   *An  interview  with  the  Archbishop  of  Ljubljana,  Dr.  Anton  Stres:  in  one  of  daily  magazines,  he  said   that  there  was  no  model  of  the  future  enterprise  and  that  we  need  one.  ZKPS  reacted  to  that  by  get-­‐ ting   in   contact   with   him   and   by   sending   him   the   book   “Profit   of   Values”   explaining   that   there   is   a   Christian   model   and   that   some   Christian   businessmen   want   to   live   their   faith   in   their   business   re-­‐ sponsibilities  according  to  that.  As  a  result  ZKPS  has  a  project  to  open  a  direct  debate  with  one  of  the   sections   of   the   national   Bishops’   Conference.   This   would   be   an   opportunity   to   get   the   Bishop   confer-­‐ ence  response  to  the  proposed  model.  We  expect  that  bishops  will  help  promoting  it  in  Slovenia   *   Slovenia,   being   in   the   past   a   part   of   a   former   Communist   country   will   get   in   the   autumn   its   first   catholic  Faculty  of  Economic  Business  since  the  Second  World  War.  ZKPS  sees  that  as  a  great  oppor-­‐ tunity  to  participate  in  the  curriculum.  So  far  there  have  been  no  official  contacts  established.   *   ZKPS   actively   participates   in   the   political   debate   on   equal   rights   of   homosexual   couples   to   adopt   children.  This  right  tends  to  bring  a  new  law,  which  in  addition,  redefines  a  family  as  a  “relation  of   two  persons”  not  of  “a  man  and  a  woman”.  For  ZKPS  traditional  family  is  of  highest  importance  as   they   are   convinced   that   values   needed   for   a   good   and   a   successful   manager   are   established   within   a   traditional  families.   2)  Publications   *  ZKPS  published  two  articles  were  on  values  in  the  world  crisis.  And  just  before  the  national  elec-­‐ tions   in   Slovenia   an   article   was   published   in   a   religious   weekly   magazine   Druzina   commenting   pre-­‐ election   activities   and   indicating   fields   that   should   be   addressed   by   politicians   if   they   claim   that   they   tend  to  support  traditional  values.         UNIAPAC  ASIA   *CBEG/THAILAND   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *  February  2010  :  Big  Networking  Party  /  450  attendants   *Setting  up  of  CBEG  at  local  church  level   in  Bangkok:  The  pastoral  Council  of  Bangkok  asks  the  local   churches   to   set   up   a   group   in   their   churches   for   the   working   people   &   businessmen   of   companies   of   any  size.  CBEG  plans  to  set  up  a  catholic  Businessmen  group  in  each  church  of  the  Diocese  in  order  to   share  its  experience  and  working  spirit.         *June  2010:  Education:  2nd  Career  Guide  Seminar/2010  for  catholic  University  students.     *Set  up  of  small  group  of  activities:  at  least  one  group/  ie  group  of  Bible  sharing,  Lectio  Divina,  Golf,   Karaoke…   *  in  October  2010:  Funding/  Preparation  Fund  Raising  for  the  next  GALA  dinner  /  300  attendants  

* WEB  site:  Reconstruct  the  website/  to  be  complete  in  June  2010/Increase  the  number  of  website   visitors/  increase  by  10%  from  March  2010   *By   the   central   Office:   Translation   of   "The   Profit   of   Values"   into   Thai/   to   be   done   in   March   2010.   Complete  member  directory  in  Thai/Eng  on  the  web  site/  to  be  done  in  June     2)  Spiritual  time   *  Annual  Retreat  2010:  40  attendants     UNIAPAC  LATIN  AMERICA  (Jan  2010/  March  2010)   *VENEZUELA   -­‐   February   28/   March   5th,   2010:   the   fourth   week   of   the   Church   Social   Teaching   took   place   in   Mara-­‐ caibo,  Venezuela.     Agenda:  First  day:  the  Encyclical  Caritas  in  Veritate/  to  end  this  session,  was  dealt  the  subject  of  the   relationship  between  the  Encyclical  and  the  CSR  ;  references  to  the  book  “The  Profit  of  Values”  by  Mr   Jorge  Porras,    who  attended  the  Uniapac  Mexico  Congress  and  the  Uniapac  Board  for  Latin  America   CCDAL  last  October  2009.   Second  day:  Sessions  about  Education,  Youth  and  political  Participation.  Was  presented  the  edition   of  Venezuela  of  the  book  “The  Profit  of  Values”/  Were  presents  the  Archbishop  of  Maracaibo  and  the   President  of  the  Bishops’  Conference  of    Venezuela,  Msg.  Ubaldo  Santana,  the  Rector  of  the  UNICA,   Angel  Lombardi  and  Mr  Jorge  Porras  as  Coordinator  of  the  Eclesial  Forum  of  Leity.   It  was  said  that  the  UNIAPAC    book  was  used  as  a  research  material  (the  students  visited  the  local   companies   which   use   the   Protocol   in   their   management   and   the   students   attended   courses   in   the   department  Ethics  and  CSR  given  by  Mr  Porras  in  the  University  Rafael  Urdaneta  (URU).     Beside  presenting  the  book  "  Weeks  of  the  Church  Social  Teaching:  2007-­‐2009",  took  place  sessions   on  the  topic  "Youth,  Education  and  Democracy  "  by  the  Chairwoman  of  the  AVEC  (Venezuelan  Asso-­‐ ciation  of  Catholic  Schools)  Sister  Nubia  Marín,  and  on  "  Youth  and  Human  rights  ".   The  4th  week  of  the  Church  Social  Teaching  was  a  dynamic  and  productive  event  thanks  to  the  pres-­‐ ence  of  experts  and  the  work  of  young  people.     *USEM/  MEXICO   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *  CSR  protocol   -­‐Publication  of  the  first  edition  of  the  Protocol  centred  on  the  person  (1,000  Copies).   -­‐  Large  diffusion  in  diverse  forums  of  the  Uniapac  vision  of  CSR  and  of  the  Protocol.   -­‐A  Blog  in  Internet  to  receive  contributions  and  suggestions  on  its  application.   -­‐  A  document  that  will  be  enriched  little  by  little  on  the  base  of  its  application.   -­‐  Permanent  participation    in  “Society  in  Movement”,  citizen  organization  whose  aim  is  “  to  stimulate   the  Integral    Development  of  the  country  to  its  best  potential”.   -­‐  On  February  19th  2010:  took  place  a  workshop  for  social  leaders  "  Dialogue  and  Construction  of   consensus  ",  addressed  to  the  presidents  of  the  USEM  associations  of  the  country.   -­‐  Active  participation  in  the  "  Civil  Council  for  the  Education  ",  iniciative  of  the  civil  society  which  con-­‐ sists  of  propositions,  monitoring,  follow-­‐up  and  evaluation  of  the  educational  politic  in  the  country.  

*Formation                   -­‐  8  formation  sessions  (CUFOSO),  during  the  first  quarter  of  2010  in  8  different  places  of  Mexico:  8   Steps  for  the  CSR    *   CSR: Social   training   course   for   Latin   American   Uniapac   Associations.    3   different     versions     were   sent  to  UNIAPAC  Latin  America  &  USEC  /Main  objective  to  spread  out  the  course  in  all  Latin  America.   Is  edited  the  2nd  version  of  this  course,  enriched  with  the  comments  received  for  the  CSR  Protocol   centred  on  the  person/  Duration  of  8  hours/  a  strategy  for  the  diffusion  and  promotion  of  "The  Profit   of  Values"   *  Market  Economy  with  social  responsibility:  USEM  is  promoting  this  topic  and  has  defined  a  me-­‐   thodology   to   realize   dialogue   with   one   of   the   more   Influential  managerial   organizations   of   the   coun-­‐ try  (COPARMEX).   *Meeting  of  Bishops  and  Businessmen   -­‐  3  meetings  are  forecast  in  different  USEM  associations.   *Uniapac/  Constitutive  congress  of  UNIAPAC  Africa   On  this  occasion,  participated  2  persons  of  USEM,  the  Ing.  Carlos  Wagner  Wagner  and   Lic.  Javier  Millán  Dehesa  who  gave  a  synthesis  of  the  Social  Training  course  (CUFOSO)/120  attendees.   *   Reports   of   the   XXIIIrd   UNIAPAC   World   Congress   /edition   of   a   book   and   a   DVD   with   reports   on   the   XXIII  Uniapac  International  Congress.   *   Expansion   of   USEM:   a   new   association   in   Guanajuato,   composed   of   4   Mexican   cities   (Celaya,   Irapuato,  León  y  Salamanca).     *ACDE/  URUGUAY   a)  Topics  for  the  year   *Education,  working  relationships,  Social  incorporation  and  entrepreneurship/  ACDE  will  be  a  space   where   the   economic   team   of   the   new   Government   will   have     more   and   more   exchanges   with   the   national  entrepreneurship.     *  On  March  18th,  2010,  the  Pope  received  in  the  Vatican  the  members  of  the  Union  of  the  Industrial   and  companies  of  Roma.   *Message  of  the  Pope  Benoît  XVI  addressed  to  them:  “The  crisis  asks  for  a  reorganization  of  the   financial  world”  (

UNIAPAC AFRICA   *PADIC/CAMEROUN   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *April  21st  2010  in  Yaoundé,  capital  of  Cameroun:  Dedication  of  the  book:  “The  Profit  of  Values”   with  the  presence  of  Philippe  Mine,  EDC  Delegate  for  Uniapac,  who  will  present  the  book.  The  Arch-­‐ bishop  of  Yaoundé  will  preside  the  ceremony.  Presence  of  ministers,  profesors,  media,  business   leaders,  executives  of  both  the  public  and  private  sectors.   They  plan  to  organize  the  same  event  in  Bafoussam  next  year.   *  Creation  of  the  PADIC  magazine.  Will  be  first  a  quarterly  magazine,  and  later  will  be  published  on  a   mensual  basis.     *  Setting  up  of  a  training  course  similar  to  the  Cufoso.  The  course  is  divided  in  3  parts  :   1)  “The  fundamental  points”:    taught  by  Jean-­‐Baptiste  Homsi,  PADIC  President   2)  “The  business  leader  and  the  economy”:  taught  by  Marcel  Nadjo     3)  “The  business  leader  and  the  environment”:  taught  by  Apollinaire  Tchakounang   After   the   dedication   of   the   book,   they   will   mobilize   about   300   persons   and   propose   them   to   follow   a   formation.   *On   April   6th   2010   will   be   decided   the   date   of  the   PADIC   General   Assembly   during   which   will   be   de-­‐ cided   the   orientations   of   the   year:   For   instance,   PADIC   would   like   to   organize   each   year   a   seminar   which   will   gather   about   30   high   ranking   leaders   who   will   be   asked   to   share   their   experience.   The   ob-­‐ jective   is   to   sensibilize   the   high   ranking   people   to   what   is   concretely   done   in   the   business   field.   Moreover   they   will   think   about   the   creation   of   a   reflexion   group   on   the   last   Encyclical   “Caritas   in   Veritate”.   *   Visit   of   Alain   Coulombel,   past   member   of   les   EDC,   in   Cameroun   (Yaoundé   and   Bafoussam),   who   helps  the  PADIC  to  set  up  new  sections.     *Since  the  last  synod  in  October  2009,  all  the  initiatives  in  the  business  field  are  encouraged.  Several   Bishops   in   Africa   are   in   favour   of   the   creation   of   Christian   initiatives   in   the   business   world.   PADIC   wants  to  take  advantage  of  this  favourable  context.   *Uniapac  Africa:  The  continent  is  divided  in  5  zones:  The  presidents  of  these  5  zones  have  not  been   defined   yet:   1)   Central   Africa,   2)   Western   Africa,   3)   Northern   Africa,   4)   Eastern   Africa,   5)   Southern   Africa.  On  the  occasion  of  the  Uniapac  Africa  Board  in  Madrid  in  April  26th,  the  main  actions’  plans   will  be  set  up.     *   Visit   of   Mr   Homsi   to   Kinshasa   (RDC)   to   meet   the   former   General   Secretary   of   CADICEC   who   will   share  his  own  experience  and  vision.  (CADICEC  is  member  of  Uniapac  since  1963).     *Next   African   Bishops’   Conference   which   may   take   place   in   June   in   Accra   (Ghana)   or   Kenya.   This   conference  takes  place  every  5  years  (more  details  later).          

*CADICEC/ R  D  Congo   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *April  2010:  Publication  of  the  conclusions  of  the  2009  Congress  whose  title  is  “The  financial  interna-­‐ tional  crisis  and  the  Small  and  medium-­‐sized  enterprises  of  Congo”.   *March  29th  to  30th   2010:  Training  of  the  executives  on  the  administrative  management  of  the  Per-­‐ sonal:  the  fundamental  rules,  Chamber  of  Commerce  of  RDC.   *  June  2010:  Seminar  for  the  women  entrepreneurs  within  the  CADICEC/  2  trainers  have  been  sent   to  Belgium  in  order  to  follow  a  formation  on  projects’  management.   *   May   28th   2010:   Cocktail   for   the   departure   of   Father   Martin   Ekwa   who   has   been   the   General   Secre-­‐ tary  for  27  years  from  1983  to  2010.  In  June  1st  2010:  Father  Manwelo  will  be  officially  the  General   Secretary  of  CADICEC.   *May  2010:  Training  for  managers  of  micro-­‐companies  in  Kinshasa  &  May  22nd  2010:  2  training  ses-­‐ sions  about  the  management  of  micro  companies  by  the  trainers  of  CADICEC,  in  Lubumbashi.       *ACATHA  B/  Burkina  Faso   a)  Conferences  &  Events   *April  10th,  2010:  Starting  of  the  construction  of  the  school  complex   *April   14th,   2010:   A.CAT.H.A-­‐B   delegation   in   the   Board   of   directors   of   the   diocesan   Cooperative   of   Savings  and  Credit  of  the  Archdiocese  of  Ouagadougou.   *April  20th,  2010:  Report  of  the  constitutive  assembly  of  UNIAPAC  Africa  /planning  of  the  formation   on  CSR  in  Burkina  Faso/preparation  of  the  Board  in  Madrid.     a)  Spiritual  time   *April  9th,  2010:  Meeting  with  the  President  of  the  Bishops’  Conference  of  Burkina  &  Niger  for  the   preparation  of  the  2010  pilgrimage  in  Holy  Land  organized  by  ACATHA  B.             -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐  


Information Letter from UNIAPAC

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