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Citizen Artist Department of Art graduate student Christine Dianne Guiyangco (M.F.A. ’20) is a first-generation Filipino immigrant. Through her artwork, she explores the instabilities of migration and the ongoing colonial structures in the Philippines to examine the ideology of national identity. In her recent work (double you-double you)8 or WWVIII (pictured right), Guiyangco uses the visual language of graphic novels to create familiar rhetoric that examines forms of nationalism, seen in the unfixed citizenships of colonial subjects.

Image: M.F.A. 2nd Year Exhibition “Spa Day,” installation view. The show was held Feb. 23 - Mar. 16, 2019, in the University Art Gallery and Room Gallery. The show included works by artists David Chen, Caleb Engstrom, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Christine Hudson, Jackson Hunt, Ethan McGinnis, Morgan Cuppet-Michelsen, Gabby Miller, Joaquin Palting, Ellen Schafer, Jean Shon, and Chris Warr. Photo: Yubo Dong, M.F.A. ’19

Visit the University Art Galleries website for upcoming exhibition information at uag.arts.uci.edu 16

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