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The R.ED Marketing Team, left to right, Mackenzie Porter, Savannah Hampton, Amy Farr, Cassandra Davison and Amy Fair

#NoMissingPieces New Student Marketing Group Raises Awareness of UCM Foundation and Philanthropy By Chelsey Buseck

Inspired by jelly beans, a group of University of Central Missouri marketing students set out this spring to bring attention to an organization on campus whose behind-the-scene modesty has made it virtually unknown to most people. In February, five marketing students — Mackenzie Porter, Savannah Hampton, Cassandra Davison, Amy Farr and Amy Fair — comprised the first class of a new hands-on learning experience funded by the UCM Foundation. They called themselves R.ED Marketing, R for UCM’s school color and ED for education. Their task was to raise awareness of the UCM Foundation and the impact of philanthropy throughout campus. Their first project was to launch a social media campaign around National Student Philanthropy Day, bringing attention to the UCM Foundation. The


VOL. 13, NO. 4 |

nonprofit was established in 1979 to raise and manage private support for the university. While the success of the UCM Foundation is evident throughout campus in buildings, sculptures, laboratories, scholarships and more, few students are aware that the university wouldn’t be what is today without donor support. Even R.ED Marketing wouldn’t exist without funding provided by the UCM Foundation. The group is the latest direct involvement by the UCM Foundation to provide students greater hands-on learning experiences utilizing unrestricted donors’ gifts.

TODAY – Spring 2014  

Vol. 13, No. 4 University of Central Missouri.

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