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Did you know? Students’ have less rights on campus in UCD than they would have as private tenants UCD charges more for replacement of utilities such as microwaves than other universities in Ireland. UCD has more ways of giving residents fines than any other third level institution in Ireland. If you’re fined on residences you must appeal your fine to the same person who fined you, with the threat of having the fine increased hanging over your head! UCD Residences retained over €105,316 of students’ deposits in the academic year 2011/12. Want to know what you can do about it? Have a read inside about our #ResRightsNow campaign.

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What’s the fuss about?

1. Reduced residences fines

draconian changes to the UCD Residences have been bringing in increasingly nated in the introduction of culmi have es chang license to reside since 2009. These with students. The aim of the cameras on residences in 2012 with no consultation to UCD that the license to #resrightsnow campaign is clear: to send a message that any changes brought in to reside as it stands is unacceptable to residents, and nt body. address this must be done in consultation with the stude MEET OUTSIDE ares es comp reside to ffenic Oud SU Have a read of how UCD Residences Licence t Centre St D OL : in below table with Irish Tenants rights as a whole in the 21

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UCD License to Reside s Inspectcanion come into students UCD Residences apartments without notice and film students with cameras.


Can be fined by UCD for various misdemeanours that have ‘minimum charges’ on various issues.

Fines Appealing g outside of ucd Inability to get hearin authorities, with threat of increasing fine already handed out

Eviction hes you can be evicted on

In serious breac the day. 7 days notice at a maximum, which is minimum in private tenancy law. You can also be moved within one day.

Private Tenancy ions Inspect give at least 24 hrs notice Landlords must to tenants before entering house.


Worst case scenario is that your deposit is retained at the end and no fines can be imposed

Fines Appealingive, cheap and An ability to use the effect efficient PRTB which allows tenants to settle disputes fairly with landlords.

Eviction give notice of 28 days

Landlords must to terminate a contract which can be 7days in cases of serious anti-social behaviour.

There are four simple ways to ensure living on campus is an enjoyable, affordable and stress free experience.

In the heart of Ireland's worst economic downturn residential fines have continued to stay sky high. UCD Residences continues to charge extortionate amounts to students who are already struggling to stay in college. UCD Residences has the highest fines in the country and we demand that they lower fines.

3. Ending the use of inspection cameras on residence Within the Irish constitution there is a right to privacy that we believe isn't being adhered to. Residential assistants and security guards are able to enter residents’ homes when they wish wearing security cameras mounted on their shoulders. There have been cases in the past where residents have been filmed travelling between their bedrooms & the communal shower unit. We demand this is stopped before a serious breach of privacy takes place.

2. Fair representation when it comes to appealing fines As it stands fines are laid out by the manager of residential services and fines must be appealed to the same employee. Within that contract there is no way for people to appeal to an independent, outside body as would happen if you were a private tenant. We demand a fair system of independent appeals to fines.

4. An official commitment from UCD to renegotiate the licence to reside IN Summer 2014 Even if we get a clear commitment that UCD Residences is willing to work on the above points they will have been in vain unless we know that UCD Residences will enter negotiations with UCDSU around issues that have arisen in the license to reside. We demand that UCD Residences commits to a re-negotiated license to reside.

Want to get involved? Tweet #resrightsnow and sign our online petition: and come march with us on Nov 21st!

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UCDSU is fighting for students' rights on campus. Find out more by downloading this document.