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COMEDY SOC Av n g e l a Me r ke l h i ns ks we ’ r e s t ud n g . . . Gi i n g ch ea p l at u g h t o a l l t h e cy oi l l e g e .

Dr.MaryC.Murphyspeaksabout t heSi ngl eMarket ,20 yearson.

Asone ofUCC newestSoci et i es,UCC Europa had an exci t i ng f i rst year. Wi t h 2013 bei ng t he European Yearoft heCi t i zen,t he40t h anni versaryofI rel and' s EU membershi p,as wel lI rel and' s 7t h presi dency of t he European Counci l ,i t was t he perf ect year f or Europat ol aunchi n UCC. The year was packed wi t h many event s such a di scussi on t o mark 20 yearsoft heEU Si ngl eMarket andadebat eont heneedf oraf ederalEU wi t hDecl an Ganl ey.We al so hel ped t o promot et he expansi on of t he Erasmus programme as part of a European Ci t i zens I ni t i at i ve campai gn,as wel las a Dái lt ri p, whi ch i ncl uded a sessi on wi t ht he European Af f ai rs Commi t t ee. Thehi ghl i ghtoft heyearwasourconf erence,hel dt o mark 40 years of I rel and' s membershi p of t he EU, whi ch i ncl uded speakers such as t he Mi ni st er f or European Af f ai rs;Luci ndaCrei ght on andt heDi rect or ofEuropean MovementI rel and;Noel l eO' Connel l . Aswel last he seri ousst uf fwe had many f un ni ght s, such asa Eurovi si on Part y,a European Tea & Cof f ee Ni ght ,aswel lasacol l egebal landapl acei nUCC' sLi p Dubvi deo. Theyearaheadpromi sest obeevenmoreexci t i ngwi t h manyevent sl i nedup,i ncl udi ng:at ri pt ovi si tt heEU i nst i t ut i ons i n Brussel s,and a conf erence ai med at debat i ngyoungpeopl esvi ewson t heEU.

e Pr ho i l ba i nc B wma n pe r f o a t h et UC TA hb ei Eu p oo mmi t t ee 2 0 1r 2ms 20 1 3t wi hC Comedyhost ed‘ St andUpt ot heBankers’ speakersatoneoft hei rmanyt al ks. .

FASHI ON & STYLE Wal kwal kf ashi on baby.

Oneoft hemanyf ashi oni st assel l i ngt hei r waresat‘ St eal MySt yl e’atFashi on Week.

The UCC Fashi on & St yl e Soci et y has been get t i ng bi gger and bet t er every year and t hi s year was no except i on.Al t hough t hef i rstt erm st art ed of fsl owl y, wewel comed ournew membersand st art ed scout i ng f or our NextTop Model ’ s.We came t oget her wi t h Pul se Model l i ng t o t rai n our Next Top Model cont est ant s f or t he f i nal i n February and had amazi ng model l i ng phot os done by Mi chael O’ Sul l i vanphot ography.Wehadourf i rstbi geventof t heyeari nt heOl d Barasaqui zt orai semoneyand getnew membersi nvol ved. UCC Fashi on Week was t he mai nf ocus oft he year however.Fashi onweekwasn’ tj ustaboutUCC’ sNext Top Modelt hough.West art ed of ft heweekwi t ht he St eal MySt yl e event creat ed by t wo great f ashi on bl oggers Ret roFox and Li f e’ s Lust Haves.We had workshopst hroughoutt heweekf orpeopl ei nt erest ed i nal lf acet soft hef ashi oni ndust ryandwehadaBest Dressed on campuscompet i t i on t oo.Theend oft he week f ocused on t he NextTop Modelf i nal ei nt he Savoy.Wesetupacat wal ki nt heSavoyandhadour f i nal i st smodelout f i t sf rom Cork’ sbestl ovedcl ot hes shops i ncl udi ng Ami t y,Mi ss Dai sy Bl ue,Sal i ngers andmanymore.

Someoft heUCC Fashi on Soci et y membersataqui zi nt heNew Bar.

2012/2013 was a great year f or Fashi on & St yl e Soci et y wi t h UCC Fashi on Week bei ng a massi ve success.Next year we pl an on havi ng even more event s and get t i ng more peopl ei nvol ved i n t he soci et y.

FE M IN ISM Fi ght i ngf orwomensri ght sal lyear.

2012/13 was UCC Femi ni st Soci et y’ sf i rst year i n operat i on.Overal l ,t heSoci et yhadagreatyear.

Femi ni sm Soci et ymemberssupport i ngMari e St ropesCl i ni candJust i cef orSavi t a.

We had a st and at Soci et i es Day i n Sept ember at whi ch weadvert i sed ourf i rstevent-at al k ent i t l ed ‘ Why UCC needs a Femi ni stSoci et y’ .The t al k was very wel l at t ended, and at t ract ed many new members,someofwhom t hen j oi ned t hecommi t t ee atourAGM i n Oct ober.Weran someregul arevent s: a seri es of sel f def ence cl asses f or women, f i l m screeni ngsandabookcl ub. We al so had several oneof f event s: a prochoi ce oncampuscampai gn,apaneldi scussi on on Women i n Pol i t i cst oget herwi t h UCC Government& Pol i t i cs Soci et y, t he l aunch event f or a sexual assaul t prevent i on campai gn t oget herwi t ht he SU Equal i t y Worki ngGroup,andapaneldi scussi ononWomeni n Soci et yt oget herwi t ht heUSIEqual i t yOf f i cer. We setup t he Soci et y because we f el tt hatgender equal i t yhasnotbeenachi evedyet .Therei sneedf or space t o di scussi ssuesofgenderand f emi ni sm,as wel lasaneedf oract i vi sm andawarenessrai si ngon t hei ssue.Wet hi nkt hatwesucceeded i nt heseai ms, t hough we woul d ofcourse l i ke t o see more peopl e support i ngf emi ni sm.

CorkI ndependentEdi t or,Dei rdreO' Shaughnessy, speakson Women i n Soci et yaFemi ni sm/USIevent .

Our commi t t ee had a real l yf un year, and we’ re l ooki ngf orwardt omoref emi ni stf un nextyear!

FI ANNA FÁI L A greatyearf orFi annaFai last heyrebui l d.

Our year began wi t h a very successf ulFreshers’Festand Soci et i es’Daywherewecont i nuedt heFi annaFái lcomeback bysi gni ngupmanynew andent husi ast i cmembers. Aswel lashol di ngmeet i ngseveryweek,wherewedi scussed t opi cali ssuessuchas;pol i t i calref orm,t he‘ Euro’cri si s,t he Chi l dren’ sRef erendum andmanyot heri ssues,weal sot ook parti n severalcol l aborat i ve event s.I n Oct oberwe ki cked of ft he year wi t h af ant ast i c col l aborat i on wi t ht he Drug Awareness and Ref orm Soci et y where we di scussed t he l egal i sat i on of Mari j uana.I n November we t ook part i n I RSoc’ s annual Model Dái l .A f ant ast i c event where we engaged i n heat ed debat e( and much heckl i ng) wi t ht he ot her pol i t i calsoci et i es i n UCC. Our f i nalcol l aborat i ve event was wi t hI RSoc and t he Europa Soci et y where our guest speaker Decl an Ganl ey di scussed t he t opi c of ‘ A FederalEurope’ .

MarkCurl ey,Audi t orofFi annaFái l , atUCC Soci et i esDay2012.

Apartf rom al lt heseseri ousdebat esand col l aborat i ons,we al so engaged i n chari t abl eevent s.I n Jul ywehost ed avery wel lat t endedsummerBBQ i nai dofSui ci deAwarewherewe rai sed several hundred euro f or t he l ocal Cork chari t y. Fol l owi ngt heout st andi ngsuccessoft heBBQ,weal sohel d af ant ast i c Qui z at The Rock bar i n ai d of Marymount Hospi ce.Ofcourse t he yearwoul dn’ thave been a success wi t hout our busy soci al cal endar. Al t hough we enj oyed soci al s af t er mostofour event s,our mostnot abl e soci al out i ngs were t he Chri st mas Part y, t he Nat i onal Yout h Conf erencei n Sl i goandt heArdFhéi si n Dubl i n. I twas cert ai nl y an enj oyabl e year f or al li nvol ved i nt he Fi annaFái lSoci et yand wel ookf orward t obui l di ngon t hi s successi nt hecomi ngyearundert hel eadershi p ofournew audi t or.

UCC st udent sataFi annaFái lmeet i ng aboutt he‘ Legal i zat i on ofMari j uana’ .

FILM SOCIETY Recordi ngt heyeari n Soci et i esf ort hef ut ure

Thi s year we had a promi si ng new commi t t ee, bri mmi ngwi t h ent husi asm and burst i ngwi t hi deas. Nonet hel ess,wehad bi g shoest of i l l ,f ol l owi ng on f rom ahi ghl ysuccessf ulyearl edbyLornaBut t i mer. Daunt i ng t hough i twas,wewerest i l lconf i denti n t hei deast hatwehadandt hatt hi syearwasgoi ngt o beabi gone. One of t he hi ghl i ght s of t he year was our f i rst screeni ng.Havi ng had a huge i mpacton Soci et i es Day,we arri ved i nt o a packed Bool e 3.Were al l t hese peopl et here f or our screeni ng? Jonat han Twomey,ourAudi t orst oodupi nf rontofovert hree hundred f acesand began t ot al k aboutt he Soci et y, and t he eveni ng wentvery wel l .From t here,more hi ghl i ght si ncl uded host i ng workshopst hroughout t he yearon usi ng t he camera,l i ght i ng,sound and edi t i ng.Anobvi oushi ghl i ghtwasaccept i ngori gi nal scri ptsubmi ssi onsbyst udent s,and t o bri ng t hose i deast ol i f eon f i l m,i sanot her.TheLi p Dub vi deo can’ tgounment i oned.EmmetCurt i n and Jonat han worked f or mont hs t o make t he vi deo a real i t y: host i ng meet i ngs wi t h updat es and gat heri ng opi ni ons on everyt hi ng f rom song choi ce t o choreography.I twasamassi veproj ectt hatcannot be overest i mat ed,and t urni ng up on t he day of f i l mi ng t of i nd overone hundred and f i f t y peopl e wasj usti ncredi bl e,andt heendresul tbei ngpl ayed att heCl ubsand Soci et i esBal lwast hei ci ngon t he cakeofagreatyearf orFi l m Soc.

Mi keMurphy,Fi l m commi t t eemember,t rai ni ng UCC st udent son how t ouset heFi l msoccamera.

TheFi l m Soci et ycommi t t eeatt heFi l m Gal aOpeni ngNi ghtf ornew members.

FREE LEGAL ADVI CE CENTRE Provi di ngf reel egaladvi cet ost udent s.

FLAC membersrepresent i ngt he soci et yatSoci et i esDay2012.

Oneoft heFLAC post ersf rom t heyear advert i si ngt hei rt rai ni ngsemi nars.

FLAC had i t s best year i n recent t i mes wi t h an i ncreasedmembershi pupf rom l astyear.Weki cked of ft heyearwi t h ourEGM i n Oct oberwhereweset aboutel ect i ngt henew commi t t eemembers.Fort he f i rstt i me ever,we el ect ed a Mat ure St udentRep and Post graduat e Rep i n an ef f ort t o i ncrease st udentpart i ci pat i oni nt hoset wogroups,whi chwe f oundt obeext remel ysuccessf ul .Weal socont i nued ourt radi t i onofcreat i ngaFi rstYearSubcommi t t ee i n ordert o hel pi nt egrat et hef i rstyearpopul at i on i nt ot he soci et y.Our f i rst of f i ci alevent was our Landl ord & Tenantt rai ni ng whi ch wasgi ven t o us by Mr.Donnacha Ki el y BL and was f ol l owed by a soci al .Duri ngt hesecondsemest erweal sohel dour Publ i cOrdert rai ni ng wi t h Dr.Fi ona Donson f rom t he UCC Law Facul t y and out Empl oyment Law t rai ni ng wi t h Dr. Dari us Whel an, al so f rom t he Facul t y.Werounded of ft heyearwi t h ourAGM i n March where we el ect ed t he new commi t t ee. Addi t i onal l y,we present ed our AnnualAccess t o Just i ceawardt oFi onaFi nn,CEO ofNasc( TheI ri sh I mmi grantSupportCent re)andheardan ext remel y i nt erest i ngandi nf ormat i vet al kf rom heraboutt he i ssuescurrent l yf aced byi mmi grant si nI rel and.Of course,ourpri maryf unct i on asasoci et ycont i nued t o be hol di ng our weekl yf ree l egaladvi ce cl i ni cs every Wednesday i nt he st udentcent re whi ch saw an i ncreasedat t endancet hi syear.


COMEDY SOC Rai s i nv gi a l mo t € 0l 0 0 o r Do co t r st wi t h o u t Bg o rd Gi n g cs h e a6 p a uf g h s t o a l l he c o l l e e .ers.

The f i rstt hi ng t o not e aboutt he f ri ends ofMSF soci et yt hi s year was t hatt he commi t t ee was bi g. Nextyear’ scommi t t eei sevenBi gger.Thebenef i tof t hi swast hatal oti deasweret al kedaboutandal ot ofnew event st ri edout . Thechari t ygi gwasagreatst artt ot heyearand i t real l y gott he name oft he Soci et y outamong t he st udent s,especi al l yt he f i rstyears.Not hi ng coul d havebeen possi bl ewi t houtt hef i rstyearsand t hey were a great asset t ot he Soci et y al lyear round. Ot hernot abl eevent st hi syearweret hecl ot hessal e, t heChri st masswi m,and t heworl d record at t empt f ort hel ongestl i neofpeopl eusi ngst et hoscopeson Worl d Mal ari aDay. Weal sohad ourf i rstf l agday, wherewet ook ourbucket st ot hest reet si n ai d of ref ugeesi n Sout hSudan.

CarlO’ Bri en,Mi chel l eMcCart hyandMi chael Hanrahan rai si ngawarnesson Mal nut ri t i on.

Howevert here are a f ew event swe deci ded t o put i nt ot he"neveragai n"pi l e.Onewasmaki ngl ent i l s f ort hest arved f orat t ent i on campai gn,apparent l y nobody l i kes l ent i l s,t he ot herwas maki ng a t ent out si de t he ORB on R&G week and cal l i ng i ta ref ugee camp.Tent bui l di ng was cl earl y not our t hi ng.

Abi ePhi l bi n Bowman perf ormsatt heUCC FoMSF commi t t eemembersatt hei r Comedyhost ed‘ St andUpt ot heBankers’ .

Fashi on Sal edayi nt heCommon Room.

Overal li twasaf un yearf ort heSoci et y,werai sed a good bi t of money f or t he chari t y and rai sed awarenesst oo.

FRENCH SOCI ETY pl usçachange,pl usc' estl amêmechose

So we began t he year want i ng t o exerta French i nf l uence on Campus.So t o begi n wi t h,we hel da FrenchBreakf astwhi chdi dcreat esomeexci t ement . Thi s was cert ai nl y a success; provi ng t hat f ood remai ns t he best at t ract i on, where st udent s are concerned. We f ol l owed t hi s up wi t h a more f ormaloccasi on whi ch saw t he arri val of t he French Senat or Chri st opheFrassat oUCC.Hegaveat al k,i nFrench, on French pol i t i cal l i f e and what i ssues are t roubl i ngt heFrenchpopul at i on.Thi swascert ai nl y an enl i ght eni ngexperi ence.

FrenchSoci et yAudi t or,Sean Donegan atSoci et i esDay2012.

Our bi ggestachi evementoft he year came i nt he f orm ofa French Speed Fri endi ng Ni ghtf orwhi ch weencouragedt hebi rt hoff ri endshi psbet weent he French Erasmus st udent s and our own UCC st udent s. Everybody had a great t i me and conversat i on wasf l owi ng i nt wo l anguages.Credi t i sduet ot heFrenchst udent swhocameandensured t hatt hi sni ghtwasi ndeedasuccess. Whi l enotsol el yaFrenchSocevent ,t heLanguages Bal l was al so a great success and wi l l be rememberedf orsomet i me. Ot her more smal l scal e event s whi ch were hel d duri ng t he yeari ncl uded,some f i l m screeni ngs,a qui zandot herl anguageexchangeopport uni t i es.

UCC St udent sandErasmusst udent satone ofFrenchSoci et y’ s‘ SpeedFri endi ng’ni ght s.

FOODIES SOCIETY Servi ngupf oodf ort houghtl astyear.

TheFoodi esareUCC’ soneand onl yf ood sci ence soci et y.Weweresetup i n Oct ober2012and have si nce been very busy of f eri ng some great f ood t hemedt al ksandni ght sout .Ourf i rsteventwasa f ood crawl , where we went t o many di f f erent rest aurant si n Cork sampl i ng t he del i ci ous f ood t hey had t o of f er whi ch ranged f rom I ri sh t o I t al i ant oAsi an.Theni ghtwast oppedof fbyat ri p t ot heRoxy.

Foodi escommi t t eemembersrepresent i ngt he soci et yatUCC Soci et i esShowcase2013.

The f i rstannualFoodi es bal lal so t ook pl ace i n January ofl astyear.I twasJamesBond t hemed and t ook pl ace i n The I mperi alHot eli nt he ci t y. Speci al f eat ures of t he ni ght i ncl uded a part y phot o boot h and perf ormancebyTheWaxi es.Al l i nvol ved had a greatni ghtand t he commi t t ee i s al readypl anni ngf ornextyear. Wehaveal so had a t al kf rom cel ebri t ychefRoss Lewi swherehet al ked abouthi st i mei n UCC,hi s career and hi st hought s on t he f ood i ndust ry. Commi t t eemembersal soat t ended t hevi si toft he Dut ch f i nance mi ni st er, Jeroen Di j sel bl oem i n Apri l . The Mi ni st er di scussed economi cs, t he coop model and al so hi s mast ers whi ch he compl et ed i n UCC and was based on busi ness UCC FoodSci encest udent satt heFoodi es economi cs. Skyf al lBal l2012i nt heI mperi alHot el .

GENETI CSSOCI ETY A new st artf ort heGenet i csSoci et y.

Thi shasbeenaverysuccessf ulyearf orGenSoc.Wearea smal lSoci et yandt hi syearsaw ani ncreasei nt henumber ofevent sorgani sed and t hey proved aspopul arasever, hel pi ng t o creat e one ofourmostsuccessf ulyearsasa Soci et y.

Dr.BarbaraDoyl ePrest wi chspeaks atUCC Gensocon Pl ant sGenet i cs.

A part i cul arhi ghl i ghtofouryearwasourf ocusonchari t y work;t aki ngparti nt heUCC CancerSoci et y’ s‘ Rel ayf or Li f e’and our annualCyst i c Fi brosi sf undrai si ng week. Combi ned, we rai sed over €1600 f or t hese chari t i es, whi ch i sa f ant ast i csum t hatwearesurei sappreci at ed. St art ed l ast year,our Cyst i c Fi brosi s week went f rom st rengt h t o st rengt h t hi s year t hanks t o our col l aborat i onswi t hFi l mSocandNet Soc. Asan academi csoci et y,wehopeourmembersf ound t he manyt al kshel dt hi syeari nt erest i ng.Weai med t o keep t hese t opi cs vari ed and as such t al ks ranged f rom Prevent i ng Bl i ndnesst ot he Evol ut i on ofDi sease Genes. Amongt hese,ourcol l aborat i onwi t hPhi l sophprovedone of t he most popul ar, where we debat ed t he et hi cs of medi calexperi ment son ani mal s. I twasn’ tal lf un and games t hough,and somet i mes we had t ot ake a break t o soci al i se.A hi ghl i ghtbei ng our annualsoci et yt ri p,when we i nvaded Tri ni t y’ sGenet i cs Soci et yl i keagenet i cTroj an horse,t hough nobl ood was spi l tt hi st i me,weevenmanagedt of i ti nani ghtoutwi t h ourwel comi nghost s.

Prof .Pet erHumphri es( TCD)speaks atUCC Gensocon GeneTherapy.

We enj oyed t hi syearand hope t oi mprove upon i tt hi s comi ngyear.

Geol ogyst udent sandst af fatt hei rf i el d t ri pt ot heBurren i n Oct oberl astyear.


COMEDY SOC ProvGi i di ni g a oh ci a lp ou t l e t f os rGe l o gy s t uc do en t s i n. UCC. v n gs c e a l a u g h t oo a l l t h e l l e g e

Ourweekl ymeet i ngswereal waysexci t i ngaswe di scussed t he happeni ngs and gossi ps of t he Geol ogy Depart ment and exci t i ng geol ogi cal goi ngson around t he worl d. Several movi e ni ght st ook pl ace,where we wat ched al lt he Jurassi c Park movi es and Dant es Peak.Whi l e t he movi es were al ways good f un,t he l aughs and bant er t hat came wi t ht hem was al ways even bet t er. Thi syear,t heGeol ogySoci et yal sowel comed a l ocalcel ebri t yamongt heUCC Geol ogyst udent s. Anyone i nt he Envi ronment al ,Zool ogy,Eart h Syst em orGeol ogy courseswi l lremembert hi s man,havi ngspendaweeksl ongf i el dt ri pdown i n Ant ri m wi t h hi m.He gotusal lt hrough t he l ongdaysofi dent i f yi ngt hevari oussandst ones and t he l i kes( nott hatwe di dn' tl ove i treal l y Ed) .

Geol ogycommi t t eemembersatt he f i rstSoci et i esDayi n DevereHal l .

And t hi s year f or t he f i rst t i me,t he f amous Pat syBradl eycamedown t oCorkf orani ghtof great musi cal ent ert ai nment .I t was a great honor t o have hi m down on UCC soi land al l geol ogy st udent s, l ect urers and ent husi ast s camet oget herf oraneveni ngofpurebant erand t hebel t i ngoutofaf ew awlI ri shsongs.

GERMAN SOCI ETY OneofUCC’ sbestnew soci et i es!

The pastyearwasan exci t i ng t i me f ort he UCC German Soc.I twasacl osecal lt houghandatt hest artoft heyear t herewasachancet herewoul dbenoGermanSoci et y!We werepret t y surpri sed t o arri veatSoci et i esDay t o seea pl ai nst andwi t hnoonemanni ngi t .Af t erpul l i ngi toutof t hef i re( and aqui ckEGM)wesett o work.Wewereabl e t o cat er f or a di verse membershi p made up of nat i ve German speakers,st udent s st udyi ng German and t hose whodi dn’ twantt hei rknowl edgef rom t heLeavi ngCertgo t owast e.Wecert ai nl ypackedi nenoughevent st okeepus goi ng!

German Soci et ymembersout si de t heSt udentCent reon SocsDay.

I twast ough goi ng wi t h mostofourcommi t t ee i nf i nal yearbutf oratl eastt hef i rsthal foft heyearwehadabusy schedul e.Lucki l ywehaveaf ew i nt hecommi t t eel astyear t okeept hi ngsgoi ng. The weekl y St ammt i sch i n a wel lknown Cork brewery drew many i nt ot he Soci et y.Thi s provi ded an i nf ormal set t i ng where German speakers coul d pract i ce t hei r Engl i shandvi ceversai naf ri endl yandarel axedwayover pret zel s and brat wurst .Fort hose who real l y want ed t o i mprovet hei rl anguageski l l sweal soranat andem syst em. Thi smat chedupI ri shandGermanspeaki ngst udent swho coul d meet up i ndi vi dual l y or i n groups t o pract i ce German orEngl i sh and waspopul arand advant ageoust o al lwho part i ci pat ed.Somel ongl ast i ngf ri endshi pswere f ormedf rom bot ht heSt ammt i schandt het andem syst em. So a wel ldeserved shoutoutgoes t o Andrew,Jenni f er, John,Darren,bot h Sarahs,Mari sa,Fi ona,Si néad,Laura, Lorcan,Benj ami n,Graham andEoi n!

UCC St udent satt heGerman cohost ed I nt ernat i onalandLanguagesBal l2013.

GREENS SOCIETY A chal l engi ngbutrewardi ngyearf ort heGreens.

2012/2013 was an i nt erest i ng year t o be i nt he UCC Greens. Whi l e we were one oft he smal l er soci et i es i n UCC we hel d pl ent ymeet i ngsand event s,host i ngspeakersl i keGreen Part y LeaderEamon Ryan,f ormerMi ni st ersofSt at eTrevorSargent and Mary Whi t e,Green Part y Chai rperson Roderi cO' Gorman, and l ocalcounci l l orAl an Cl ayt on.Wewereal so j oi ned byt he MayorofCarri ckmacrossDarcyLonergan,aYoungGreen and oneoft heyoungestMayorsi nI rel and. Att hest artoft heyearwesai dgoodbyet oUCC Greensvet eran and f ormerAudi t orSean Robert ias he graduat ed f rom UCC. Lat eri nt heyearwebi df arewel lt oanot hergraduat i ngf ormer Audi t or,Young Greens Nat i onalChai rperson Adam Dougl as. Wi t houtSean and Adam weprobabl y woul dn' thavea soci et y t odayandwewi shedt hem wel li nal lt hei rf ut urepl ans.Att he same t i me we were del i ght ed t o wel come new members l i ke Sal l yO' MooreandKat i eO' Bri en.

TrevorSargent ,f ormerGreen Part yTD,speaks t oUCC Greenson envi ronment ali ssues.

Wehel dl ot sofj oi ntevent st hroughoutt heyear,col l aborat i ng wi t h ot her Soci et i es on bot h t he pol i t i cal and t he envi ronment alsi desofouract i vi t i es.Wet ookparti n amodel const i t ut i onal convent i on, debat es on col l ege f ees and on renewabl e energy,and we provi ded an "i ndependentTD"f or t he ModelDái l .We t ook parti n event sf orGreen Week and worked wi t h Envi rosoc on t he f i rst ever Nat i onalUni versi t y Envi ronment alForum. Weal sot ravel l ed t ot woYoungGreensConvent i onsi n Dubl i n and a Green Part y Convent i on i n Gal way. I n bet ween we organi sed a l et t erwri t i ng campai gn t o Phi lHogan aboutt he Cl i mat e Change Bi l l ,and we' l lbe wat chi ng as i tprogresses t hrought heOi reacht as. I twasachal l engi ngyearatt i mes,butwe' vecomet hrough al l t hest rongerf ori tandwe' rel ooki ngf orwardt o2013/2014.

Eamon Ryan,l eaderoft heGreen Part y, speaksataUCC GreensSoci et ymeet i ng.

HI SPANI C SOCI ETY Organi zi ngevent sf oral lt heSeñorsySeñori t as!

Hi spani cSoci et yt eachi ngst udent s how t oSal saf orHi spani cweek.

Hol a!TheUCC Hi spani cSoci et y hel d a wi de spect rum ofevent st hi s year t hatpromot ed al mosteveryaspectofHi spani ccul t ure.From ni ght s ofl anguage exchange ( I nt ercambi os) , movi e ni ght st o Sal sa danci ng cl asses and evenaTort i l l amaki ngcompet i t i onweof f ered UCC an array of event st hat del ved i nt o Hi spani ccul t urewhi l stmaki ngal lourevent s uni versalandaccessi bl et oeveryone! We at t empt ed t o f ost er t he l i nk bet ween UCC' s general communi t y and t he UCC' s Hi spani ccommuni t yandreal l yt ri edourbest t oi ncl udeErasmusst udent s.Wehadsomuch f unt hi syearandmadepl ent yofami gosal ong t heway.Wewereabi gpartoft heLanguages Bal lt hi syeari nt he Cl ari on,havi ng a great t i mewi t hal lt heUCC Erasmusst udent s.

UCC Hi spani cSoci et ycommi t t eeat ascreeni ngofVol verl astyear.

Our commi t t ee real l y cl i cked and worked real l y wel l as a t eam; t he dynami cs were perf ectwhen organi si ng and promot i ng our event s. We wi sh al lt he best f or t he new commi t t eeand f or13/14.Graci asf orreadi ng guapos!Adi ós.


COMEDY SOC A gr e a t y ea r i n Ss oc i et i e st h i st o ry ! Gi vi ng c h e a p l au gh t o a l l h e c o l l ege.

To saywehad an event f uland ent ert ai ni ng yearwoul d be an underst at ement .Webecameamorepopul arsoci et yand wel comed a great ernumberofmemberst han wehad ever done bef ore. We hel d regul ar commi t t ee meet i ngs, del egat edbyaudi t orTracyNyhan,i nwhi chweputf orward ouri deasandsuggest i onsf ordi scussi on,andweref ol l owed by yetmore pi vot aldi scussi on i n our f avouri t e,rel axi ng set t i ngsaround Cork whi ch of t en t ransf ormed i nt o soci al ni ght sout .Al li n al l ,al otofdi scussi on t ookpl ace. Hi st ori calcommi t t eewi t hProf .Tom Garvi n on hi st al kon “ Pri est sI nvent i ngSoci et i es” .

Duri ngt heyear,webroughthi st oryoutoft hel ect urehal l and t ot he f ore ofpeopl e’ sat t ent i on and t ot he cent re of Campusf oral lt oseei nt hef orm ofLegi on I rel and Roman Encampment group, who di spl ayed t hei r art i l l ery and equi pment ,and ent ert ai ned passersby on Soci et i es’Day andduri ngourannualHi st oryWeek. Wehad an arrayofspeakerevent saddressi ngavari et yof hi st ori cal aspect s, f i t t i ng t he t ast es of everybody. Throughoutt heyear,wewel comed hi ghprof i l ehi st ori ans andl eadi ngacademi cs,suchasProf .Tom Garvi n,Dr.Mary McAul i f f e,and aut hor and ant hropol ogi stDavi d Sl at t ery amongstot herswho each spoke t o oursoci et y duri ng t he year.Weat t ract ed at t ent i on wi t h ourannualHi st oryWeek and our soci al event s out ,i ncl udi ng our Hal l oween Cost ume Part y,Bake Sal e and our very successf ulTabl e Qui z, MC’ d by t he Depart ment of Hi st ory’ s own sul t ryvoi ced,Dr.Dami an Bracken.

TracyNyhan andGeral di neCasey att heHi st ori calHal l owe’ en part y.

Duri ng t he year, we col l aborat ed wi t h vari ous ot her soci et i es,and made pl ent y of al l i es al ong t he way.Our ef f ort sduri ng t he yeardi d notgo unnot i ced and we were f eat uredi nt heUCC Expresson anumberofoccasi ons.

HOPE FOUNDATI ON Gi vi nghopet ot hosei n needofi t .

TheHopeFoundat i onSoci et ywassetupl esst hanayear agoi nUCC t osupportt heworkoft heHopeFoundat i on Chari t yhel pi ngsl um chi l dren i n Cal cut t a,I ndi a. I t ' s notal lwork t hough as ourevent s are among t he bestand mostenj oyabl eon Campus.Exampl esofsome oft heseevent si ncl udeUCC' sFr.TedQui z,whi chf i l l ed t he Ol d Bar t o beyond capaci t y and resul t ed i n a t i ebreaker round wi t h t wo t eams answeri ng every si ngl equest i onri ght .Therewasmanyrendi t i onsof"My Lovel y Horse" sang t hroughout t he ni ght ,wi t h some bei ngal otbet t ert han ot hers.

JP O' Sul l i van oft heHopeFoundat i on speakst ost udent saboutt hechari t y.

Ot herevent si ncl uded a R&G week i ndoorDodge Bal l t ournament wi t ht he Economi cs Soci et y, a Sl umdog Mi l l i onai re f i l m ni ght , chocol at e bar sal es and Chri st maspub crawl st o name buta f ew.So al t hough rai si ngmoneyand hel pi ngsomeoft heworl d' spoorest chi l dreni si mport ant ,i tdoesn' tmeanwecan' thavef un whi l edoi ngi t . Wewerehonouredt owel comemanyspeakerst ovi si tus l astyear,f rom ent repreneurs t o phi l ant hropi st s,and chari t yworkerst ohumanri ght sact i vi st s.I foursecond yeari sasgoodasourf i rstone,wewi l ldef i ni t el yhavea f ant ast i ct i me.Al lt hi swhi l ebui l di ngourCVs,meet i ng new peopl eandhavi ngal augh. Ourworkhashel ped t o setup proj ect si n Cal cut t aand t here wi l lbe a number ofUCC st udent st ravel l i ng t o I ndi at hi ssummer.

HopeFoundat i on membersrai si ng moneysel l i ngbarson ‘ DayofHope’ .

HORSE RACING Runni ngagreatf i rstyearon campus!

Thi swasourf i rstyearasan of f i ci alUCC Soci et yand whata success.From t he st art ,ourmai n ai m hasbeen t o promot e, educat e and appreci at e horse raci ng wi t hi n UCC. The commi t t ee att he hel m have vari ed backgrounds i n raci ng, f rom t he wei gh t entt ot he sal es ri ng,f rom work ri ders t o couch j ockeys.Therei sapl acef rom everyonei n UCC Horse Raci ngSoc. The year st art ed of f wi t h t he Horse Raci ng I rel and Roadshow i nt heOl dBar,champi onj ockeyDavyRussel land t opamat eurJaneMangan crackedaf ew j okeswi t hact orand comedi anPaddyCourt ney.I nOct oberwehadourmechani cal bul lni ghtwherepeopl et ri ed t hei rski l l sasaj ockey.Wedi d notexact l yf i ndUCC’ snextt opj ockeybutt heni ghtwentvery wel l .

Someoft hepart i ci pant si nt heR&G week GrandNat i onalrai si ngmoneyf orchari t y.

Thehi ghl i ghtofouryearwasundoubt edl yt heRAG Nat i onal . Thi ssaw 30 l adst ryt hei rhandatbei ngaracehorsef oraday, raci ng overf enceson a ci rcui ton campus.The at mosphere wast rul yamazi ngandwehopet omaket hi san annualevent . HorseRaci ngweekwasanot hersuccessf ort heHorseRaci ng Soci et y.Thi srani nt andem wi t ht heChel t enham f est i valand t heat mospheref ort heraceson campuswasel ect ri c.Wedi d a Chel t enham previ ew eveni ng and we broadcastt he races l i ve i n t he New Bar. Thi s gave st udent sat ast e of t he exci t ementwhi ch Horse Raci ng can bri ng.Thi si s why our t i cket sf ort heracedaysol douti n amat t erofmi nut es. OurSoci et y’ syearwasgearedt owardst hest udentracedayat Cork racecourseMal l ow.Theweat herwasnoti n ourf avour t hatdaybutst udent sbravel ybat t l ed t heel ement st oensure t hatt hecrai cwashad.Weproudl yhadaracenamedaf t erour soci et yand wegott opresentt hepri zet ot hewi nni ngowner. I twasagreatyearandwehavehadal otoff un.Rol lon next year.

HorseRaci ngcommi t t eemembersatt he Soci et i esShowcase2013i n DevereHal l .

HOT BEVERAGES Whowant sanot hercupoft ea?

UCC st udent satoneofHotBevs‘ Meet andGreet ’ni ght si nt heCommon Room.

ConorO’ LearyandEmmaCashman represent i ngHotBevsatFái l t eFest .

Thi syearhasbeenaveryexci t i ngyearf orhot beverages. Our ni ght s i n got of ft o an f ant ast i c st art wi t h many new f aces f rom acrosst heworl d and I rel and.Thi swaspart l y due t o our exci t i ng sel ect i on ofherbalt eas and cof f ee f l avours such as sambuca,creme bubl e and vani l i a.Al so ourvastsel ect i on of bi scui t s and Barrys t ea was t oo ent i ci ng t o resi st .We had many greatt hemed ni ght si n servi ng baked good l i ke pumpki n pi e and cheesecake.Thi sChri st mas,we hel d several successf ulevent ssucht heopenai ropeni ngof UCC soci et i es Chri st mas ext ravaganza servi ng f ree hot chocol at e whi l st enj oyi ng carol sf rom UCC ChoralSoci et y.Weal sohel d ourf i rstl at el at et oyshow ni ghti n,wherewe munched on marshmal l ows and chocol at e bi scui t s. Throughout t he year we hel d screeni ng of movi esf orourmemberst o enj oysuch ast he ki dsareal lri ght ,t heShawshankRedempt i on andDi sneymovi es.Al li nal li twaagreatyear f orHotbeveragesand we are hopi ng f oran even bet t eronei nt hecomi ngyear.


COMEDY SOC I nf or mi ni g UC Ch s t ud n t s ab o ut t i s su es ar ou nd t h e d. Gi v n gc e a pel a ug h s o a l l t h e co l l e g ewo . rl

Somebakedt reat sf rom I nt ernat i onal Devel opementrai si ngmoneyf orchari t i es.

The I nt ernat i onalDevel opmentSoci et yi sf or t hose who are i nt erest ed i n connect i ng t hei r knowl edge and ski l l s about di f f erenti ssuesaround t heworl d. Asouri nt erestareascover everyt hi ngt o do wi t h human devel opment( speci f i cal l yi nt he cont extofl oweri ncomegroups)t herei sanunl i mi t edchoi ceof t opi csand i ssuest hatarei ncl uded.Themaj ort opi careasare; f orei gn ai d,governance,heal t h,educat i on,povert yreduct i on, gender equal i t y, di sast er preparedness, i nf rast ruct ure, economi cs,human ri ght s,envi ronmentand i ssuesassoci at ed wi t ht hese. Thi s means t hat we wel come al l di f f erent academi c and prof essi onalf i el ds t oj oi n us! We t ry t o meet any speci f i c i nt erest or i ssues t hat our members are i nt erest ed i n and connecti tt o a gl obalcont extand a devel opmentperspect i ve. Lastyeart herewasarequestf rom ourmemberst ot akeparti n i nt heconf erence“Feedi ngt heWorl di n 2050”i n Dubl i nt hi s l edt oSoci et ymemberst aki ngparti nt het wodayconf erence. Duri ngt heyearwehaveorgani zedevent s,t al ksandbakesal es t o rai se f unds f or di f f erent chari t i es and rai se st udent awarenessabouti mmi grantand ref ugeeri ght s,HI V and AI DS and t he Const i t ut i onal Convent i on. Toget her wi t h UCC Envi ronment alSoci et yt herehavebeen af ew act i vegardeni ng workshopsi n UCC Communi t yGarden ( pol yt unnel s) .Thehi gh poi ntoft hi syearwast he annualHI V awarenessweek when t onsoff unevent swereorgani sed.Themai neventf ort heweek wasasi l entdi scowherepeopl egott oshow t hei rcool estdance movesandsi ngunt i lt heyhadnovoi cef orchari t y.

SomeI nt ernat i onalDevel opment st udent smeet i ngMaryRobi nson.

On our Facebook page we rai sed st udent s’awareness about i ssues around t he gl obe and ongoi ng campai gns,i nt erest i ng proj ect s and news. We have provi ded i nf ormat i on about di f f erentvol unt eeri ng opt i ons and i nt erest i ng organi sat i ons bot ht hrough t al ks duri ng t he year and t hrough our act i ve Facebookpage.


RELATION S Wi nnerof9AwardsatScot MUN 2013. Thi s year has been t he most successf ul year f or t he I nt ernat i onalRel at i onsSoci et y.Thi si sdown t omanyreasons i ncl udi ngareali mprovementont hewayModelUni t edNat i ons was handl ed t hroughout t he year, keepi ng our f ort ni ght l y debat es current and t opi cal , and more i mport ant l y t he commi t t ee put t i ng al lt hei rent husi asm i nt o event s ensuri ng t hatt heSoci et yremai nedi nt erest i ngandf un f orourmembers. Thi syearI nt ernat i onalRel at i onsSoci et y col l aborat ed wi t h9 di f f erentsoci et i esaroundcampus.Ouryearki ckedof fwi t ht he annualModelDái lwhi ch i ncl uded t hemorepol i t i calsoci et i es oncampussuchasFi annaFái l ,Si nnFéi n,Labour,Pol i t i csand GovernmentSoci et y,YoungFi neGaelandt heGreen Soci et y.

JoeKennedyatt heModelUni t edNat i ons t rai ni nghost edeachweekbyI R Soci et y.

Each yearourSoci et yrunsanat i onalsecondaryschool sMUN compet i t i on on UCC Campus.Thi s year we had t he hi ghest t urnoutyetwi t hover200st udent sat t endi ngovert hecourseof t he weekend.I twasan al loversuccessf ort he Soci et y bot h f i nanci al l yandf ort heexperi encet hest udent srecei ved. Thi syearI nt ernat i onalRel at i onsSoci et ybroket herecord f or MUN awards i n UCC, achi evi ng 13 awards overal li n t he Cambri dge MUN and Scot MUN. We achi eved phenomenal successwhenourwepart i ci pat edf ort hef i rstt i mei nScot MUN, i n Edi nburgh,wherewerecei ved9awardsoutof8 commi t t ees. UCC' s name was ment i oned t i me and t i me agai n over t he weekend i n Edi nburgh because oft he l eveloft al entt hatt he del egat es broughtt ot hei r commi t t ees,ret urni ng home wi t h t he mostawardsoutofal lt he uni versi t i esaround t he worl d whopart i ci pat ed. Gi ven ournew hi ghl yrespect ed st at usi nt heMUN worl d our Soci et yhasbeenset t i ngt hescenei nordert ohopef ul l yrunour veryown I ri shMUN compet i t i on i nt hecomi ngyears.

I srael iJournal i st ,BenDrorYemi ni , speaki ngatan I R Soci et yevent .


STU D EN TS Wel comi ngUCC st udent sf rom al lcornersoft hegl obe!

The2012/13t erm provedt obeaveryexci t i ng,event f ul and successf ul year f or t he I nt ernat i onal St udent s Soci et y.Wi t hweekl yevent s,cul t uresweekandweekend t ri psawayt herewasneveradul lmomentandpl ent yt o keepmembersbusyt hroughoutt heyear. Among t he hi ghl i ght s experi enced were t he weekend t ri ps t o Gal way and Dubl i n. These t ri ps enabl ed memberst ovi ew someoft hemostbeaut i f ulareasoft he count ry, i ncl udi ng t he Cl i f f s of Moher, Connemara, Kyl emore Abbey,Rock ofCasheland many more.Of course t he great ni ght s out on t hese t ri ps were al so f ant ast i cal l yrecei vedbyal l .Thedemandf ort heSoci et y t ri ps was so greatt hatqueues f ormed over one hour pri ort ot i cketsal es.

I nt ernat i onalSt udent satoneoft hemany I nt ernat i onalSt udentni ght souti nt heRaven.

I nt ernat i onalCul t ures Week t ook pl ace att he end of February and was chockabl ock f ul l of act i vi t i es t hroughout t he day and ni ght . Some of t he event s i ncl uded t he I nt ernat i onal Fi l m Fest i val , Language ExchangeNi ght ,I nt ernat i onal& Languagesbal landt he ni ght of i nt ernat i onal dance. Al l event s were wel l at t ended, wi t h a f ant ast i c at mosphere present t hroughout t he week. The energy & exci t ement cont i nuedunt i lt heveryendoft heweek,wi t hover250 st udent sj oi ni ngi ncel ebrat i onf ort het radi t i onalf ri day ni ghtsoci et ypart y. Ot her successes of not ei ncl ude t he Soci et y movi e eveni ngs,t radni ght sandendoft erm part i es.

I nt ernat i onalSt udent sl earni ngI ri sh danci ngatt heXMaseventl astyear.

I RI SH TRAD MUSI C Keepi ngI ri shMusi cgoi ngst rongi n UCC!

Si néadNíMhói nbhí olpl aysatt heweekl y AdvancedTradSessi on i n Cost i gansBar.

Tradmemberspl ayi ngatt heSoci et i es Showcasei n DevereHal ll astyear.

The col l ege year of2012/13 wi l lgo down i n UCC TradSoc hi st ory as one of i t s most successf ul , cel ebrat ed,and busy yearsever.Ri ghtf rom t he of f , we made an i mpressi on att hi syear’ sSoci et i esDay, pumpi ngTrad t unest hrough t hehal land i ncreasi ng ourmembershi p by 37%.We were t he onl y soci et y ( t hatwe know of )t o run atl east3 weekl y event s, wi t h our boomi ng TradSessi ons on Monday and Wednesday ni ght s, as wel l as our Wednesday Luncht i me Concert s,showcasi ng t he best i nI ri sh Tradi t i onal Musi c; t he Mul cahy Fami l y, Ei l een O’ Bri en and Geral di ne Cot t er, Derek Morri ssey, Aoi f eGranvi l l e,Ni al lVal l el y,everyweekwasat reat ! Weal so ran event sout si deoft hesel i keour‘ Secret Sessi on’and ourR&G Week Chari t y EventBal l oon Race.Weal sohadagreatweekwi t h‘ SpraoiCoi sLaoi –‘ I ri sh Cul t ure Week, ’whi ch f ort he f i rstt i me was j oi nt l yorgani sedandmademoreexci t i ngbyTradSoc. And of course we have t o ment i on our annual l andmark event ,t he ref ormed and revi ved, Cork TradFest . Thi s year, we had t he best of I ri sh Tradi t i onalMusi cf rom al laround t he count ry and t he worl di n Cork f ort he weekend,and t here were echoes around t he count ry f or weeks af t erwards abouti t s success.We i nvi t ed i ncredi bl e musi ci ans l i ke Donal Murphy, Ni al l Keegan, Hugh Heal y, Dami en Mul l ane,t he l i st goes on.I tt rul y was a spect acul aryearf orTradSoc,butweguarant eeyou onet hi ng. . . i t ’ sonl ygoi ngonwardsandupwardsf rom here.


COMEDY SOC I n f or mi gc UC C st u d e nh t s f t h e I s l a mi c r e l i g i o Gi v i nn g he ap l a u g so t o a l l t h e c ol l e g e .n.

Thankst o God who hasgi ven usagreatyear t hatst art ed wi t h gui dancef rom FOSI S.They hel d asessi on t o gui deuson how t o manage an I sl ami csoci et y.Iwoul d sayi ti sasuccess because we l earned a l ott hi s year and has progressedbet t erf rom t heprevi ousyear. Oneoft hemanyst al l si nt heLi bararyat t heI sl ami cAwarnessExhi bi t i on l astyear.

Wehad an exci t i ngt erm,t hi sbei ngt hef i rst MSC changedi t snamet oUCC I sl ami cSoci et y ( UCC I SOC) .OurEGM wasverysuccessf uli n t hatwemanagedt oat t ractmorenonmedi cal st udent st oourEGM. Youcoul dsayt hatt heyearwasbl essed,aswe werehonoured byt hepresenceofHarryFear i n February2013.Hegaveagreati nsi ghton what ’ s happeni ng i n Pal est i ne.Audi ence of UCC shows greatsupportt o hi m.I twas an amazi ngt al kt hatwaswel lat t endedbyal l .

HarryFear,act i vi standdocument ary makerspeakson l i f ei nt heGazaSt ri p.

I twoul dn’ tbeaproperyeari fwehadnothel d I sl ami c Awareness Week and Communi t y Week.Thoset woproj ect swentverywel lwi t h t hesupportofUCC Communi t y.

I TALI AN SOCI ETY A chal l engi ngyearf ort heI t al i an Soci et y.

UCC I t al i an Soci et y experi enced some di f f i cul t i es t hi s year wi t h regard t o expandi ng t hei r member base.I t t akes a greatdealofcommi t mentand ef f ortt o pul la soci et y of ft he ground,but once i t get s goi ng,i ti s ext remel ywort hi t .TheSoci et y’ sAGM gaveagreatst art t ot heyear,and i ncreased i t scommi t t eemembersbya great amount ,i ncl udi ng some very ent husi ast i cf i rst years;i mport antf or any soci et y’ s cont i nuat i on i nt he comi ng academi cyears.They were a realcredi tt ot he Soci et yi n organi si ng soci alni ght sout ,hel di n venues suchasDoor51andTheSavoy.

I t al i an Soci et yCommi t t ee 2012-2013

Thebi ggestt ri umphofUCC I t al i anSoci et ywasperhaps t hei r part i ci pat i on i nt he Odd Socks Chri st mas Fai r, hel di nt he Aul a Maxi ma.A l arge vari et y ofsoci et i es gat hered t oget hert o organi se t he f ai r,each di spl ayi ng f est i vegoodi eson t hei rown st al l .I t al i an Socprovi ded del i ci ous servi ngs oft i rami su and pest o past a,whi ch earnedi t sel fareput at i oni nt hehal landcreat edaqueue backi ngup!Anot hercol l aborat i veeventI t al i anSoct ook parti nwast heLanguageBal l ,andanyonewhoat t ended wi l ll i kel yagreedi twasoneoft hef i nerbal l sof201213. Somet hi ngIwoul dhopeI t al i anSocachi evesi nf ut urei s t he abi l i t yt o organi se i t sown event sand gi ve i t sel fa bi ggernameoncampus.Asoneoft henewersoci et i esi n UCC,i twas hard t o at t ractas l arge at t endance t oi t s event s as some of t he bi gger soci et i es on campus, however, I do bel i eve i t has t he pot ent i al , as t he Ava-Mari aBi rch,AnwarAbdul sal am andSarah membersareal lveryent husi ast i cand t hesoci et yhasa McCarthyrepresentItal i an atSoci et i esDay. verybi ghearti n al l .

JA P A N E SE 日本の社会のための明るい未来

The UCC Japanese Soci et y wi l l be ent eri ng i t s t hi rd year,wi t h hi gh hopesf rom t hecomi ngt erm. As a smal l soci et y we are st ri vi ng t o grow t hroughoutt heyearandsol i di f yourpl acehereat UCC.We are bot h a cul t uraland soci alsoci et y, wi t h our event sf rom t he pastyear f ocusi ng on t radi t i onal& modern aspect sofJapaneseCul t ure. From screeni ngst ol anguageni ght s,wehavet ri ed t o capt ure a wi de array ofJapanese medi a and Japanesecommi t t eemembersworki ngon cul t ure. Ori gamiatoneoft hei rworkshops.

Thi syearwebeganhost i ngworkshops,suchasour sushiandori gamini ght s.Theseevent shel pedour members t o l earn as wel l as provi di ng an enj oyabl e ni ght out . We al so ran some col l aborat i ons wi t h ot her soci et i es, such as screeni ngsand a convent i on t ri p( Ei rt akon)wi t h Sci f isoci et y,whi ch we hope t o cont i nue i nt he comi ngyear. Whi l ewehadhi ghhopesf ort heyear,wemetwi t h t roubl e wi t hi nt he commi t t ee t owardst he end of t he f i rst t erm, wi t h some members havi ng t o resi gn due t o ot hercommi t ment s.Unf ort unat el y t hi sl ed t oal ul li n soci et y act i vi t y.Wi t ht hese i ssueswe were unabl et o grow aswel laswe had hoped,howeverwe hope t o change t hi swi t h our new commi t t ee.Wel ookf orward t orunni ngmore Japanesehost i ngan eventt oeducat e event si nt he comi ng year,l i ke bet t erscreeni ngs, UCC st udent saboutJapanesecul t ure. moret ri ps,ni nt endoni ght sandmore.

JOURNALISM Get t i ngUCC st udent si nvol vedwi t hUCC Medi a.

2012/13 proved t o beoneoft hemosti nt erest i ng yearsf or Journal i sm,bot hi n UCC,and around t heworl d.Medi aday f ol l owed,i nt roduci ng new st udent st ot heworl d ofst udent medi a, i n part i cul ar t he UCC Express and Mot l ey publ i cat i onswhi cht hemsel veshavehadbumperyears. Then,a Harry Pot t ert hemed qui zi nvi t ed wannabewi t ches and wi zardst ot estt hei rknowl edge and t ake parti n what wasaverysuccessf uleveni ng.

Charl i eBi rdspeaksataJournal i sm Soci et ymeet i ngon t heCel t i cTi ger.

Col l aborat i onswi t ht heRadi ot hroughworkshops,t al kswi t h key f i gures i nj ournal i sm l i ke Charl i e Bi rd and Ben Dror Yemi ni .Fi l m screeni ngs,col l aborat i onswi t h chari t i esl i ke t he UCC CancerSoci et y and a whol e hostofworkshopson wri t i ng cul mi nat ed i n an eventwhi ch hadn' tbeen ran i n years,t heUCC Journal i sm Conf erence. Fol l owi ngmont hsofpreparat i on,t heAul aMaxi masaw t he very besti n Journal i sm bot h home and abroad t o convene, di scussandi nf orm apackedaudi ence.OnSat urdayFebruary 9t h names l i ke Joe Duf f y, Mary Fi t zgeral d and t he cont roversi al John Wat ers di scussed key t opi cs on Journal i sm,whi l et heeventt rendednat i onal l yon Twi t t er. UCC Express Sport s Edi t or St ephen Barry,won a Smedi a ( St udentmedi a)awardf orbestSport swri t er.Ont hebackof t hat ,andhi si nvol vementwi t ht heSoci et y,St ephenhasnow goneon t obi ggerand bet t ert hi ngswi t ht heI ri sh Exami ner, t husshowi ngt heval ueoft heSoci et yt oyoungwri t ers.

Nextyearweai mt opi ckup f rom wherewel ef tof fand t ake t he Soci et y one st ep f urt her.Aswel lasi mprovi ng on l ast year' s conf erence we are const ant l y st ri vi ng t o reach new UCC st udent sbei ngt houghtaboutUCC t i ng t al ent s,and wi l lhope t o earn a STAR or t wo i n 98. 3FM byst at i on managerKi eran Hurl ey. wri recogni t i on ofagroupef f ort .


COMEDY SOC AGi pr o d u ct i ve yp eal r f og rh t h e UC C L a b ou r o c i e t y. v i n g c h ea a u s t oa l l t h e c oS l l e g e .

Despi t et he year bei ng a di f f i cul tone f or t he parl i ament ary part y,i twasan exci t i ng and product i veonef ort heUCC Ji m Kemmybranch oft heLabourpart y.Weran a coupl eofgreat campai gns and were f ort unat et o have so many proud and i nt erest edmembersdedi cat edt oourcause.

JerryBut t i merTD att hel aunchoft he LGBT BranchofLabourYout hi n UCC.

Af t erasuccessf ulSoci et i esDayourweekl ymeet i ngswerean i nt erest i ngandst i mul at i nghotbedofdi scussi onandpl anni ng. Thehi ghl i ght soft hef i rstf ourmont hs,asi def rom t hesoci al s, were an excel l entyout h conf erence i n Wexf ord and a hugel y successf ulEqual i t yBudget i ngcampai gn,whi chsaw usmaki ng t heCorkI ndependentand vari ousl ocalradi ost at i ons,aswel l as broadsheet . i e,as we hel d a‘ chari t y col l ect i on’f or UCC’ s Presi dentMi chaelMurphyt opromot et heevent . Ourmemberswereproud t o bei nvol ved t heest abl i shmentof LabourLGBT’ sCorkbranch.Weal soweremoret han happyt o beabl et owel comel ocalTDsCi aránLynchandKat hl eenLynch t oUCConvari ousoccasi onsacrosst heyearandweremoreover f ort unat et obeabl et ohostandl i stoff ant ast i cspeakers. Sadl yhowever,f ol l owi ngaf ant ast i ct ri pt oourcapi t alt ovi si t t heDái landagreatt al konTradeUni ons,t heyearhadt ocome t oan end.Howeverwecoul dn’ thavehad abet t ercurt ai n cal l t henLabourYout h’ sTom JohnsonSummerSchool2013,whi ch happenedt obehel di nt hePeopl e’ sRepubl i ci t sel f . Unf ort unat el y,asi st hecasei n al lofUCC’ sSoci et i es,t heend of t he year meant we had t o bi d adi eu t o some f ant ast i c members,al lofwhom wi l lbecome t reasured al umni ,ast hey departUCC f orbi ggerandbet t erpast uresofgreen ( andt hat ’ s notaeuphui sm f oremi grat i on) .Amongt hesesval uedmembers weret hreef ormerchai rsoft hebranch;Sam Ryan,Dean Duke andSi obhán dePaor.

LukeCrowl eyHol l andandCol um Couni han represent i ngLabouratSoci et i esDay2012.

We woul dl i ke t ot hank everyone f or t hei r hard work and supportt hroughoutt heyearand wi sh t hebestofl uckt o next year’ scommi t t ee.

LAW SOCI ETY BestAcademi cSoci et yandUCC Soci et y2012/2013!

The2012/2013academi cyearwasaf ant ast i cal l yexci t i ngyear f or t he Law Soci et y and i t s members.There were regul ar housemeet i ngscoveri ng awi derangeoft opi cTheSoci et y’ s soci alout i ngs provi ded an ext ra di mensi on t ot he Soci et y members’col l ege l i f e,of f eri ng t he opport uni t yt o unwi nd, and event sl i ke t he Law Di nnerand Law Bal lat t ract ed bi g namessuchasHermi t ageGreenandRoyseven.I naddi t i ont o t hi s,t heannualLaw Conf erencewasahugesuccess,packi ng outt heAul a Maxi ma and recei vi ng nat i onalmedi a coverage i nt henewspapers,t hei ssueofsurrogacyprovi ngenormousl y popul ar.The Law Soci et y al so t ook i t sf i rstst eps i nt ot he worl d ofdrama,when t heycol l aborat ed wi t h UCC Dramatt o puton aproduct i on ofTheTri al sofOscarWi l de.

CorkOnl i neLaw Revi ew Launch2013wi t h Chi efJust i ceSusan Denham

A number of educat i onalevent s were al so host ed f or t he benef i t of t he Soci et y’ s members and t he wi der col l ege popul ace,wi t hmanyl aw f i rmsandrepresent at i vesf rom ot her busi nessescomi ngdown t ot al kt ost udent s.I twoul dbehard nott o ment i on t heannualt ri pt ot heI nt ernat i onalCri mi nal Courti n The Hague,t he l ucky group who at t ended t he t ri p hai l i ngi tasoneoft hebestt ri psoft hei rl i f e.Thewi derange of event s provi di ng great ent ert ai nment t o members and nonmembersal i ke,bei twi t ht hei ron st omach compet i t i on orCorkOnl i neLaw Revi ew Aut hor’ sni ght . The Cork Onl i ne Law Revi ew websi t e at t ract ed a whoppi ng 11000 vi ews duri ng i t s “Let t ers Week”,and saw t he Chi ef Just i cecomet oCorkt ol aunch t hi syear’ sedi t i on i nf rontof a very exci t ed crowd ofst udent s.Themoot i ng and debat i ng aspect soft heSoci et ywereal sogreat l ysuccessf ul ,t heJessup i nt ernat i onal moot i ng t eam pl aci ng t hi rd i n I rel and, t he i nhouse moot i ng compet i t i on provi di ng t erri f i c ent ert ai nment and a f ant ast i cl evel of speaki ng f or t he Soci et y’ smembers.On t he Debat i ng f ront ,The Law Soci et y wasrepresent ed att he EUDC i n Bel grade and t he WUDC i n Berl i n.

Theent i ret yoft heUCC Law Soci et y Commi t t ee20122013att heLaw Bal l .

LGBT SOCIETY Audi t orAnni eHoey-Soci et yPerson oft heYear2012/2013

I nt heaf t ermat hofbei ngnamedt heBestSoci et yi nt hecount ry atBI CS,wehadal ott ol i veupt o.However,ourreput at i onwas uphel d by hi ghl i ght ed event s such as t he nat i onall aunch of LGBT Al l y week - an i ni t i at i ve st art ed i n UCC LGBT t he previ ousyearandnow undert akennat i onal l ybyUSI .TheLord Mayor of Cork was present at t he l aunch and LGBT Al l y wri st bandsweregi ven out . Ourt radi t i onalweekl ong event sand campai gnssuch asHI V awareness wi t h saf e sex ral l i es and Comi ng Out week consi st i ng ofa onewoman comedy show,and workshops on comi ng out as Transgender,al lremai ned on a hi gh.Trans* week was part i cul arl y speci alt hi s year as i tcoi nci ded wi t h Nat i onal Trans Remembrance Day whi ch we marked by a Chi nesel ant ern l aunchwi t hTENIi nt heamphi t heat re.

Anni eHoey,Padrai gRi ce,Tom Smi t hand Gavi n LynchFrahi l latLGBT XMasPart y.

LGBT Soci al sremai ned att heSoci et y' sf oref rontf ort heyear wi t h event s such as our Wel come ni ght s,Chri st mas Jumper part i es,and cof f ee posses t o keep ourmembers i nl i nk wi t h eachot herandt ohel pt hem makenew f ri ends. USIPi nk Trai ni ng i st he bi ggestsoci al /educat i onaleventi n mostLGBT Soci et y' scal endarsand UCC weret heproud host s of t he 20t h anni versary of t he occasi on t hi s year. I t was marked by a Gal a di nner f or whi ch t he Mai n Rest was t ransf ormed i nt o an el egant ,unrecogni sabl e hal l-whi l et he ot herSoci et y del egat i onswere very i mpressed,Idon' tt hi nk anyone were more surpri sed t han t he UCC del egat es t hemsel ves. AnnualRai nbow week saw t he at t emptofa Gui nness Worl d Record At t emptofMostPeopl et o Wri t ea Si ngl eSt ory i n 24 hours.Whi l ewedi dn' tqui t ebreakt herecord,sl eepi ngi nt he St udentCommon Room overni ghtwasan experi ence.And you know whatt heysay-not hi ngvent ured,not hi nggai ned.

LGBT Commi t t eeandspeakersatan LGBT Al l yWorkshopf orAl l yWeek.

LI VE MUSI C Fi ndi ngt hebestbandsi n UCC andCork. Wehadaveryexci t i ngyearwherewemovedf orwardon somenew i deas f rom previ ous years and l ef ta sol i df oundat i on f or f ut ure event st oprosperon.Theyeargotof ft oagreatst artwhen wehad t o UCC bands,Rabbi t s Love Li quori ce and Emerson pl ay i nt he Amphi t heat reduri ngFreshers’Festandnotl ongaf t erourpresence onCampusearl yonwasrewardedwi t harecordEGM at t endanceof 60+ peopl e. . .i n aroom bui l tf or20.

ThePapaZi t aspl ayt heOl dBar Sessi onsorgani zedbyLMSandSU.

Ourf i rstbi geventoft heyearwast hef i rstofourweekl yOl d Bar gi gs. Thi s was a very exci t i ng one f or us as i t was t he f i rst col l aborat i on bet ween t he UCC Li ve Musi c Soci et y and UCC St udentUni on and wef el twhatbet t erwayt o chri st en t hi suni on t han by present i ng ourof f eri ng t ot he JazzWeekend Godsi nt he Ol d Bar wi t h The Papa Zi t as!Thi s gi g was t he prepart yt ot he l aunchoft heSavoy,t henew Of f i ci alCl ubofUCC!Oneoft het hi ngs we made avai l abl et o st udent son t he ni ghtwast hatt he f i rst50 peopl ei nt ot heOl dBargai nedf reeent ryt ot heSavoyon t heni ght ! Wewentont ocol l aborat ewi t hCork' sbestvenueCyprusAvenuei n provi di ngdi scountt i cket sf orsomeoft hei rgi gsf orUCC st udent s, wehadourt woshowcasegi gst here,oneveryi nt i mat ef ol keveni ng headl i ned by LOWmount ai n and t he second a more progressi ve ni ghtheadl i ned byLamp. Towardst heend oft erm onewehad an el ect roni cmusi cworkshop wi t h Corkart i stTobyKaarwhi ch went down verywel l .OverChri st maswehad t heSt reetMashUp i n ai d ofSi mon Communi t ywherewehel ped rai se€1054 f ort hechari t y and we l aunched UCC band Radi o Carol i ne' s Chri st mas si ngl e ' Danci ngFrost y' ,al lproceedsf rom whi chwentt oUCC SVdP Soci et y.

Gui t ari stEmmetO Ri abhai ghpl aysat oneoft heLMSshowsi n CyprusAvenue.

Post Chri st mast heexci t ementwasbui l di ngupf orourBat t l eoft he Bandscompet i t i on. Wepul l ed i n record crowdsovert hecourseof t he si xweek eventand t he event ualwi nnersLowl ek gota sl otat Cast l epal ooza,€2000 wort h off ree recordi ng t i me atCl aycast l e St udi os,up t o €600 i n cash and a supportsl ott o a maj oracti n Cyprus Avenue. Ot her gi gs i ncl uded our R&G week gi g wi t h Wal ki ng on Cars and our LoveMusi cHat eRaci sm gi g wi t h Bri an Deadyand KaTet .Weal sopl ayed aparti nt heorgani sat i on oft he awardwi nni ng ' Rel ay f orLi f e'whi ch was puton by UCC Cancer Soci et y.

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