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29S-36: The Party Czar Act Representative Jen Zhu ‘14 (Crimson Yard ‘14) UC President Senan Ebrahim ‘12 UC Vice-President Bonnie Cao ‘12 UC President Emeritus Johnny Bowman ‘11 Representative Stephanie Klinkenberg (Quincy ‘12) Representative Stefan Botarelli (Adams ‘12) Representative Yunan Jin (Adams ‘12) UC Rules Committee Chair David Le Boeuf (Pforzheimer ‘13) UC Parliamentarian James Wood (Ivy Yard ‘14) Whereas it is in the interest of the Undergraduate Council to increase its member retention rate, sense of community, and awesomeness, and Whereas in the past social and community-building events have fallen upon the shoulders of self-identified party czars such as UC President Emeritus Johnny Bowman with his legendary Pfoho Comstock Office Hours or by initiative of trail-blazing UC mavericks Representatives Yunan Jin and Stefan Botarelli, and Whereas interest in more Undergraduate Council social events and opportunities to build more UC camaraderie has consistently been shown by various members of the Undergraduate Council, and Whereas there already exist individuals on the Undergraduate Council who are willing to take on the role of throwing social events for the good and betterment of the Undergraduate Council, Whereas there is a need and there is a demand, and this must be met, Be it therefore resolved that the Undergraduate Council creates an informal position of Party Czar(s) who would be in charge of throwing a fun social event for Undergraduate Council members at the beginning and end of each semester.