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January 2014


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Left, University of Exeter vs Bristol open league. Photo rights to Bottom right, Oxford play Harvard in the Metropolitan Intravarsity. Photo rights toOxford University Polo Club

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Metropolitan Intravarsity

Oxford’s Experience

British teams Cambridge and Oxford get involved in the Metropolitan Intravarsity this summer to take on Harvard and Yale, hosted in China. Page 4-5.

Oxford students reflect upon their time in China during the Metropolitan Intravastiy Page 6-7.

Jamie Le Hardy Top Tips

The Edinburgh Annual Tournament

The England Professional gives top tips this season to university ammeters on how to improve their polo game and win. Page 8-9.

Arena Polo Varsities

Uberpolo takes a look at those this season with a new bespoke look Page 10-11.

Christmas Tournaments

Arena Polo gets into a full swing - we take a look at how Exeter and Bristol went head to head in a weekend long Varsity. Page 12-13.

Polo Gets festive this Christmas Page 14-15.

A New Year of Polo

Uberpolo explain what they could do for university clubs and how getting involved will help for the future Page 17-18.

To celebrate the polo fixture and social calendar of 2014 Exeter University release a naked calendar. Page 16.

Getting Involved

R O F Y D A GET RE 6 1 3 1 S L A N O I T A N






The Metropolitan Intravarsity July 2013 By Georgie Reeves

The Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, one of Chinas most prestigious polo venues hosted this years Metropolitan Intervarsity. It proved to be a great display of university polo on a global scale, with a tournament between Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale .

Tuesday 23rd Yale vs Cambridge 1–15 Harvard vs Oxford 7–3 Thursday 25th Harvard vs Cambridge 5–7 Yale vs Oxford 1–10 Saturday 27th Cambridge vs Oxford 5–5 Harvard vs Yale 9–0

Sunday 28th Subsidiary Final Oxford vs Yale 10–1 Final Cambridge vs Harvard 8–3 Most Valuable Player Sam Browne – University of Cambridge Best Pony ‘GURI’ – mounted by Sam Browne, University of Cambridge




The Final The final match saw the University of Cambridge and Harvard play out a fierce battle. Casra Labelle, of Cambridge, was the first to score, directing two goals in the first five minutes. Although Harvard strove to strike back, Cambridge intimidated their opponents in the second chukka with a g o a l by S a m B row n e. Slightly deterred Harvard proceeded with a goal in the second chukka, making the score after the first two chukkas 4-1 in favor of before the end of the last Cambridge. chukka to end the matchIn the third chukka the two play with 8-3. finalist teams scored almost one after the other with a In the closing ceremony, all score of 7-3, after the seven four teams were presented minuets. The final goal of with tournament medals the tournament was scored and souvenirs from Tianjin by Cambridge’s James Goldin Metropolitan Polo Mar shall, just seconds Club. The prize for Best The Subsidiary Final Oxford Vs Yale

Oxford vs Yale Photo rights to Oxford University Polo Club

The University of Oxford started strong, the first chukka had hardly begun when George Allen swiftly scored a goal within seconds of the throw in. Although Yale University continued to play with passion and determination, it was clear that their attempts were futile as Oxford Universities lead remained persistent. Oxford scored another nine goals in the

Pony went to ‘GURI’, a beautiful pony that facilitated many of Sam Browne’s goals. To further Cambridge’s win, Sam Browne won Most Valuable Player of the Event.

following chukkas, six of which were by star scorer George Allen. Yale pushed on with great tenacity, and Rebecca Smith’s efforts for scoring Yale’s consolation goal two minutes before the end did not go unnoticed. The match ultimately ended with an impressive 10-1 win for the University of Oxford.


Oxford’s Experience in the Metropolitan Intravarsity.


By Wilhelmina Von Blumenthal (Billy)

The sponsored trip to play in a tournament against Cambridge, Harvard and Yale at the Tianjin Metrapolitan Polo Club proved to be the highlight of the polo year for us at the Oxford University Polo Club.

“No greater love hath a polo player than that for good horses and a pristine pitchexcept perhaps watching ourselves playing on great horses on a great pitch afterwards on the hotel channel.”

The Metrapolitan Club is a work in progress but by God it’s an impressive project and they are the most extravagant hosts. A vast polo pitch that’s a joy to behold and even more so to play on met us as the bus rocked in from the airport in Beijing. It’s worth adding that by bus it only took 2.30hrs and popping in to the capital for a bit of tourism was all a 30 minute bullet train ride away. Each player was provided with four horses of their choice plus a spare and we were all gloriously well-mounted- no plain Janes for us to double as is all too often the case. No greater love hath a polo player than that for good horses and a pristine pitch- except perhaps watching ourselves playing on great horses on a great pitch afterwards on the hotel channel.

Wilhelmina Von Blumenthal (Billy)

It was hard to tell who was more comfortable- us in the hotel or the horses in the stables. At four grooms to a horse the bedding was impeccable, their coats resplendent, the stables virtually fly free

Photo rights to Oxford University Polo Club

and of course- air conditioned. In the hotel time moved at a somewhat different pace to the outside world. We were attended by many willing and helpful hotel staff who did the best they could even when often they didn’t speak English and communication could turn into quite a comic affair. A few of us were slightly over faced by the many buttons in our rooms, some of whose functions have remained a mystery but the most commendable aspect of our host’s hospitality was the feasts they laid on for us night after night after night. I was delighted to see a few familiar faces running the polo side of things there; John Fisher who is director of Stable Operations and Derek Reid who is Director of Polo Operations. They ran a very tight ship effortlessly and were as accommodating and charming as ever.


7 Of course the speciality of the Metrapolitan Club is the Snow Polo in the winter. Next year they will be hosting the Snow Polo World Cup 2014, a 14-16 goal tournament and by all accounts an affair not to be missed. What most struck me about the tournament itself was the gallantry displayed by all the teams. In some teams every player was given a few chukkas regardless of level-namely Harvard and Yale. Although Oxford had a fixed team our new Chairman, Jerome Kamm, was quite happy to spontaneously give a lesser player a go and bravely played on after a dramatic fall, while our Captain for next year, James Lindsay, stopped mid chukka to pick up Cambridge player Casra Label’s stick ignoring that the latter’s teammate was charging unhindered to goal. Steffi Sharp, on the other hand, also of Cambridge and thoroughly hindered by a broken leg not only played commendably in the first match but crutches wouldn’t stop her from climbing the great wall the next day. Finally Yale may have lost on the pitch but their

graciousness in defeat won us over for pure sportsmanship. On a personal note as a member of the Oxford University Club I watched proudly as George Allen captained Jerome Kamm, Elli Gilje and Jamie Lindsay to dignified performance after dignified performance leaving us with 2 wins, a draw against Cambridge (overall winner) and a sad loss against Harvard (runner up). James and George communicated well on the pitch and made a flashy pair as they thundered to goal time after time while Elli and Jerome selflessly bludgeoned the opposition to give current and future Captains the room they needed to do their thing. George Allen presented all that is Oxford with his charm, wit and talent and it wouldn’t surprise me if he usurps Gordon of China in popularity over the next few years. Finally I would say that the Tianjin International Metropolitan Club shows great promise for the future. By next year they will have installed two more pitches, which I have no

“George Allen presented all that is Oxford with his charm, wit and talent and it wouldn’t surprise me if he usurps Gordon of China in popularity over the next few years.” Wilhelmina Von Blumenthal (Billy)

doubt will be of the same quality as the current ground. The owner, Mr Pan, has plans reaching far beyond the club including the construction of the tallest tower in the North of China. Extraordinarily he is not a player himself but it seems that through polo he hopes to establish a new generation of Chinese elite, to “bring the nobility back to China” through a sport he regards as “the sport of Kings”. An honourable quest. However the question remains is this simply the dream of a great visionary or is China really headed for a cultural as well as an economic restoration?

Getting Involved Uberpolo want to here all about your student polo experiences. Send us an article to feature in the next issue and share your clubs successes with our thousands of followers. Send in information and photographs about varsities, socials and your plans for nationals to broaden your clubs exposure. Please send all article entries to



Jamie Le Hardy

Evidently Jamie has a wealth of polo knowledge and experience. He kindly spoke to Uberpolo, giving advice on how students can improve their game.

Jamie Le Hardy shares some tips with students for this years arena season. Jamie Le Hardy is a world renowned polo player who has captained both England and Scotland on numerous occasions throughout his career. Handicap Record: Reached 6 goals outdoor. Currently playing off 5 Reached 8 goals arena. Currently playing off 7 Outdoor Tournaments: British Open Gold Cup, Won Queens Cup, Guards Polo Club, Finalist Wa r w i c k s h i r e C u p , Cirencester Park Polo Club Prince of Wales Cup, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Masters 18 goal $100,000 Tournament, Hurtwood Park, Won New Zealand Open, Won Australian Open, Won Barbados Open, Won Jamaican Open, Won Indian Open, Won Pakistaní Open, Won FIP World Cup, Australia, Bronze Medal Arena Tournaments:

Gold Cup, Royal County of Berkshire, Won Silver Cup, Royal County of Berkshire, Won Snow Polo: Klosters, Switzerland, Finalist Kitzbuhel, Austria

Visit Moscow, Russia, Finalist FIP World Cup Tianjin, China Bronze Medalist


9 If you want to gain further polo expertise from Jamie visit the Le Hardy Academy

http:// tuition/

If you have any questions you would like to ask Jamie, and feature in the next issue, then email

Jamie Le Hardy’s Top Tips The better you ride the better player you will be so always keep your heels down and put as much of your weight into the stirrups. This will give you more stability on the horse. You are a weight which the horse has to carry so use your weight to help the horse get where you want to go. If you want to go right push your weight into the left stirrup and look right and visa versa to go left. Remember a horse is not a motor bike which you lean into corners on. If you lean the horse will counter balance your weight and struggles to go where you want to go so sit up and look where you want to go. Always have a light seat by pushing your weight into the stirrups. use your legs and your horse will move faster and more efficiently for you.

Try and be as light as possible with your hands so be light with your reins. lift your hands when stopping, Move your hands to the ears to go forward and move your hands forward  either to the left or right for your laterals. Many of you will be playing arena polo. Use light sticks and try to hit the ball as early as possible. When hitting always get in the half seat. For a correct half seat sit up in the saddle with a straight back and simply roll forward with out standing up 45 degrees. When hitting always swing early and slowly. Don't rush the point of contact and keep a straight wrist and elbow during the follow through. Have fun and enjoy the fastest team ball sport in the world.


EUPC Committee at Saturday’s social; from left, Hamish Thomson (Social Sec), Lucy Sheard (Treasurer), Alice Milverton (Polo Manager), Charlotte Bushby (Chairman), Holly Walmsley (Secretary), Annabel Swiers (President), Coco Allingham (1st Year Rep), Vicky Stockings (Publicity), Arthur Bryan (1st Year Rep)

The Edinburgh Annual Tournament 2013 By Annabel

Swiers, President of Edinburgh University Polo Club

E d i n bu rg h U n i ve r s i t y ’s a n nu a l p o l o tournament continued in its tradition of offering up entertaining play, as 15 teams representing universities from as far as Dublin provided a memorable final weekend in November. Braving frozen grounds on the Friday and Saturday the Beginner and Novice teams gave an impression of how the weekend would play out with a series of high scoring games. Edinburgh A’s 8-0 victory over Newcastle and a 4-2 win against St. Andrews were the pick of the games, and Edinburgh’s success at the expense of St. Andrews was crucial in deciding the winners of the Beginner section. While St.

Andrews continued their reputation of sending strong teams, Edinburgh showed equally consistent form throughout and at the end of Sunday their first position, and Cameron Ridley’s most improved award, were well deserved. The large crowds who turned out to support the tournament found the trip well worth it, as the Novice section provided the same high scoring displays that the Beginners were putting on. RCSI couldn’t quite match the Edinburgh A Beginners in scoring, but their 7-0 success at the expense of Edinburgh C was a worthy addition to the weekend’s goal excesses.


Top Left: Edinburgh A vs Edinburgh B Bottom Left: St Andrew’s vs Newcastle (Beginners) Bottom Right: Stirling vs Edinburgh B (Novice)

All photos provided by Edinburgh University Polo Club

Once again St. Andrews can consider themselves unlucky not to have won the section, having put on some commanding displays, but they came second best to a powerhouse Stirling team. Although it was a memorable team effort, Stirling’s Katerina Kay and Will Smith proved the difference in a close section, their victory over St. Andrews again all that separated the top two teams. Saturday also offered the chance to see sibling rivalry, as the Open contest matched two of Young Scotland’s players, Adam and Matt Dove against each other for an afternoon. Despite younger brother Matt’s final chukka display for Edinburgh B, Edinburgh A held on to win by one goal in a 14-13 showcase. After a well-deserved rest and a chance for everyone to let their hair down on Saturday night, Sunday’s

fine weather set the tone perfectly for the final day. As the Beginner and Novice sections finished off their tournaments, this year’s Intermediate game between Edinburgh and RCSI was the highlight of an already excellent tournament. Edinburgh’s 11-3 victory gave this year’s deserved MVP, Hugh Carnegie, a perfect platform to demonstrate his abilities during an authoritative performance. While the tournament offered a chance for all players to demonstrate their skills and enjoy themselves, Edinburgh Polo Club are pleased to be able to share their good fortune with others. This year the tournament supported two excellent causes, the Army Benevolent Fund and the Riding for the Disabled Association with final totals still being counted.




Harold Hodges of Exeter University against Bristol. All photo rights reserved to nutallsmithp

Exeter vs Bristol

Varsity Weekend 23rd to 24th November The weekend long Varsity was hosted at Druids Lodge Polo Club, with each univer sity entering two novice teams, an open team and an alumni team. Despite Bristol’s second novice team winning by an astounding 19 goals to nil, the Exeter open and alumni teams really proved that university polo does not equate to entry level polo. With Exeter’s Harold Hodges (a 5 goaler in the arena) creating an astounding display of dribbling skills that had crowds in awe Exeter undoubtedly were fierce

opposition. Both Exeter’s Alumni and Open teams were successful whereas Bristol’s novice teams appeared to have the edge. The Alumni match culminated with a solid 12-9 win for Exeter with Harold Hodges taking MVP. The Open match became increasingly tense as the Chukkas progressed; each team almost scoring continually after one another. In the end it was a well deserved 15-14 victory for Exeter but a hard fought one at that. Bristol were easily considered worthy opposition and this was

only emphasized when their player Yago Espinosa de Los Monteros (2 goaler) received MVP.

Kimoi Moi, Exeter vs Bristol Open Match



However it wasn’t all hard work and no play, with the Exeter team choosing this weekend to shoot their charity naked calendar (wrapping up just minuets before the start of the first game) and Harold Hodges (Exeter University Captain) hosting a house party on the Saturday evening for both teams. Fortunately the entire weekend was captured on camera by Theo Nuttall-Smith, and the photo’s are featured on The top left photo is the Exeter Alumni team (no 3. Robin Spicer, no.2 Harold Hodges and no.1 Alice Etchells) with Abi and Giles from Druids Lodge who hosted the tournament. Top right is the open match with Charlie McLellan taking the lead. Yago Espinosa de Los Monteros from Bristol takes a direct hit to goal in the bottom photograph. As both teams train at Druids Lodge on a weekly basis it was “home ground” for Exeter and Bristol only enhancing the competition. Fortunately both Exeter and Bristol enjoyed two successes, with both Bristol’s novice teams being victorious and Exeter winning the high goal polo. The entire weekend was a great success and an example of how varied university polo can be. Only enhanced by Druids Lodge facilitating the event in their state of art floodlit arena, winter clubhouse and popular food van with the infamous steak and onion baguettes!

Bristol Vs Oxford 30th November The match was hosted at the Dallas Burston Polo Club. The Bristol team of Seb Petragallo, Thor gilje and thady gosden beat Oxford 10-6.


Christmas Polo Tournaments As a winter term, packed with polo, comes to a close students take to the arena with their improved skills and their christmas jumpers.

Reading university polo club report on their christmas tournament.

By Harriet Rankine of Reading University Polo Club

It’s been a successful first term for Reading University Polo Club with lots of new beginner members keen to engage in the sport as well as our older members keeping up the good work. Our upper novices came second in the ULU winter tournament at The Royal Berkshire on the 30th November which was a fantastic result and gave our beginners a chance to mingle with other university teams. Our main event of the season was our mini Christmas tournament. We had four teams of mixed ability who worked together and

allowed the new members to have a taste of what playing proper chukkas feels like whilst having fun true Reading style. It was a successful day and congratulations should go to the winning team “sprouts” and the best fancy dress team “crackers” whilst special thanks should go to Tally Ho Farm for the prizes and of course Fifield Polo Club for putting up with us this term!!

From le(  to  right  (Natalie   Pastor,   Tomas  Rushton,   Ariel  Harper,   Harriet   Rankine,  Ki<y  Burrows,   Adriano  di   Gianvi<orio,   Joshua  Gay,   Imogen  Trice,  Piers  Rudgard-­‐Redsell,  Luke  Daines,  Alexandra  Buller)  on  the  ground  (Ellieshia  Hyam  and  KaLe  BeMson)




The Druids Lodge Pudding Tournament Wednesday 11th December With team names such as Christmas Pudding, Chocolate moose and Treacle Tart it was a tournament that could only promise excitement. Especially as it was the first opportunity for this years polo beginners to play their first ever Chukkas. Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and UWE all joined together in this mixed ability and mixed university extravaganza. For the more experienced polo players it was an opportunity to play in teams with players who would usually be considered rivals. It also encouraged the novices to explain tactics to the freshers and give them their first taste of competitive ride offs and hooks - what a christmas present!

50 students got involved in the tournament, filling the clubhouse with christmas cheer. The entire fixture started at 2:30 and finished at around 7 in the evening, with a total of 18 chukkas and 2 finals. Following the games there was a prize giving for every player and keeping in theme with the christmas spirit there was also a prize for the best fall. Rubin Thompson from Exeter won the best beginners prize, his performance was an impressive display of how far the beginners had progressed in 10 weeks. The tournament was another Druids Lodge success and a great way for them to finish an extremely busy university polo term.



THE NEW YEAR POLO 2014 The Calendars are out

Exeter university bare all in their 2014 Polo Naked Calendar supporting Brooke Charity for working horses. Exeterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daring charity fundraiser has proven popular and the sales are only increasing. Calendars cost ÂŁ9 with all proceeds going to charity. To order please contact All calendar photographs were taken by Theo Nuttall-Smith


Getting Involved in the University Polo Magazine To get involved for the next issue please Uberpolo’s aim is to display the level of determination from university students to be involved in arguably the most exciting game in the world. The consistent level of involvement in tournaments and weekly training is a testament to the next polo generation. Getting involved in our next edition of ‘University Polo‘ will allow your club to demonstrate their capabilities to the rest of the polo world, enhancing exposure and making your polo efforts more worth while. Therefore we would like to thank all those who submitted articles and photographs for our pilot edition. We would like to think you’ve contributed to a pioneering project for university polo. Thanks go to: Oli Lawrence, Cambridge University polo club secretary, for supplying information on the Metropolitan Intravarsity. Wilhelmina Von Blumenthal (Billy), from Oxford University polo club, for supplying her articles and photographs from Oxford’s tour to China this summer and involvement in the Metropolitan Intravarsity.

send all articles, match reports, pictures and information on socials to Jamie Le Hardy for sharing his professional top tips with our audience on arena polo. Annabel Swiers, President of Edinburgh University Polo Club, for her report and photographs on the Edinburgh annual polo tournament. Georgie Reeves, from Exeter University polo club, for a write up on the Exeter vs Bristol varsity weekend, Druids Lodge pudding tournament and the Exeter University naked calendar shoot. Theo Nuttall-Smith for providing photographs from the Exeter vs Bristol varsity and Exeter University naked calendar. Sophie Turner, Captain of Bristol University polo club, for her write up on the Exeter vs Bristol varsity and Oxford vs Bristol varsity. Harriet Rankine from Reading polo club for her report and pictures on the Reading Christmas tournament. Joshua Noakes, from UWE polo club, for photographs on the Druids Lodge pudding tournament.



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Editing the University Student Magazine Writing and editing articles for the university polo magazine has really made me appreciate the quality and verity of university polo. Uberpolo are committed to realizing that within university polo teams there is a host of developing talent that will become the next polo generation. University students are a noteworthy field of quality polo players and it seems the sport is only becoming more popular with record sign ups to clubs this year. That means exciting times ahead for us university polo players and for all those with an interest in student polo.

Looking forward to the next issue, Georgie Reeves Editor of University Polo Magazine

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