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Wood Science Department

Faculty and Staff KOZAK, Robert

EVANS, Philip D


FĂœRST, Robert

Professor Wood Physics and Drying BSF (1981) Thessaloniki, MS (1983), PhD (1986) SUNY, Syracuse, FIAWS 604.822.6153

Senior Instructor Manufacture of Secondary Wood Products Master Dip (1992) Augsburg, Germany 604.822.0034

BREUIL, Colette


Professor and Head Sustainable Business Management BSc (1988), PhD (1996) Brit Col 604.822.2402

Professor and BC Leadership Chair in Advanced Forest Products Manufacturing Technology Photoprotection and Modification of Wood BSc (Hons) (1980), PhD (1985) Wales, FIAWS 604.822.0517

Professor Forest Products Biotechnology BSc (1971) Lyon, MSc (1974) Ottawa, PhD (1977) Lyon 604.822.9738

Honorary Associate Professor (FPInnovations Forintek) BSc (1979), Brit Col, MSc (1982) Guelph, PhD (1996) Brit Col Forest Products Marketing 604.822.1334

COHEN, David


Professor Forest Products Marketing and Management Dip For Tech (1976) Selkirk, BSc (1986) Idaho, PhD (1989) Virginia Polytech 604.822.6716

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Advanced Biomaterials Chemistry Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science BSc (1989) Brit Col, PhD (1997) N Carolina, FIAWS 604.827.5254

CRAMOND, Patrick

LAM, Frank

Senior Instructor (Wood Science, Mechanical Engineering) Wood Products Processing BASc (1974) Brit Col, PEng 604.822.1287

Professor and Senior Chair in Wood Building Design and Construction Timber Engineering BASc (1982), MASc (1985), PhD (1992) Brit Col, PEng 604.822.6526

ELLIS, Simon


Associate Professor and Director, Wood Products Processing Program Wood Anatomy and Quality BSc (Hons) (1983) Wales, MSc (1986), PhD (1989) Brit Col 604.822.3551

36 UBC Faculty of Forestry

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Quality Biotechnology and Chemistry of Wood Fibres BSc (Hons) (1992) Mt Allison, MSc (1994) Dalhousie, PhD (1997) Brit Col, FIAWS 604.822.0196

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.