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Neurosurgery, becoming the first student at UAPB and any Arkansas college and university to receive this honor. The previous year, she was selected from 300 applicants to perform biomedical research at the University of Alaska at Anchorage. life after college A lover of science by choice, Childress has continued her trek towards medical school since graduating from UAPB. She completed a one-year fellowship at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institute of Health at North Carolina. Then she received a graduate certificate in health sciences at MeHarry Medical College at Tennessee. According to Childress, the best experience she has had since postgrad is when her lab work at NIHS was accepted for an oral presentation at the American Thoracic Society

International Conference. “This was the coolest experience because being a junior (six months into research) my work was accepted in its first scientific conference,“ she said. I presented to medical doctors, Ph.Ds. and HDs. That was awesome!” Childress explained that she was a principal investigator in the research venture that included a doctor over the lab and additional lab co-workers. “If it had not been for UAPB research experience I would not have this fellowship – at UAPB I did research at Alaska, Yale, and NASA that allowed me to gain knowledge and background to confidently apply for fellowships and be selected from a high competitive process with 1000s of applicants.”

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