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U of A alumni share their new books, including a steamy romance, a literary perspective on energy production in Canada and an edition of illustrated travel memoirs by pioneering cyclists. Compiled by STEPHANIE BAILEY, ’10 BA(Hons)

by James Osborne, ’72 BA fiction

in a secret research project, and Dominique must navigate her way out of a maze of institutional insanity.


No Return Ticket: A Memoir by Nicholas Rety, ’64 MSc, self-published, ——— After surviving the Second World War siege of Budapest and the trials of its aftermath, a young Rety enrols in an English private school with dreams of one day becoming a doctor. Now a retired urologist, Rety looks back at a life well lived, detailing his many travel adventures and the thrill of taking up flying at age 56.


Thirst by Katherine Prairie, ’83 BSc(Spec), Stonedrift Press, ——— Explosive violence rocks Canada’s Slocan Valley after a bombing attempt at the Keenleyside dam. With the area in military lockdown, geologist Alex Graham sneaks into a restricted zone to locate a silver mine. But a fire derails her plans and almost takes her life. It wasn’t accidental — someone wants Alex out of the valley.


Ransom’s Voice by Gary Dvorkin, ’73 BA, ’79 MD, Brown Books Publishing Group, ——— Dominique Stein hears many voices in her life. But which can she trust? When she’s found not guilty of horrific crimes due to temporary insanity, Dominique is sent to a psychiatric prison for women. The doctor in charge offers her early release if she participates 50


Integrated IT Performance Management by Kenneth Bainey, ’72 BSc, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, ——— Drawing on the author’s 35 years as an information technology (continued on page 53)

The Ultimate Threat Endeavour Press, ——— When Mark returns from duty in Afghanistan to embark on his new life with Paige, something isn’t quite right. Hooded men dressed in camouflage and carrying assault rifles approach and attack. Mark manages to get Paige to safety but by the time they emerge, his stepchildren and the babysitter are gone. With enemies everywhere, including ISIS sleeper cells within the Mafia, can Mark save not only his family but the future of the country as well? short fiction

Encounters With Life: Tales of Living, Loving & Laughter Solstice Publishing, ——— This collection of 34 short stories spans the spectrum of human emotion: from two city-raised men caught in an Arctic snowstorm to a widower finding new love to a practical joke gone awry. fiction

The Maidstone Conspiracy Solstice Publishing, ——— Paul and Anne Winston are caught up in a storybook romance — that is, until they face death at the hands of an unknown assassin and fight to preserve the massive business empire they have created. The Maidstone Conspiracy is a murder mystery and love story complete with unexpected betrayals, international intrigue and a surprise ending.

Tell us about your recent publication. Mail your write-up and book to New Trail Books, Office of Advancement, Third Floor, Enterprise Square, 3-501, 10230 Jasper Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6. Or email a write-up with a high-resolution cover image to Inclusion on this list does not denote endorsement by New Trail.

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New Trail Spring 2016  

New Trail Magazine is a publication of the University of Alberta Alumni Association

New Trail Spring 2016  

New Trail Magazine is a publication of the University of Alberta Alumni Association