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Panels Surface Effects The direct laser engraving system for printing cylinders allows great accuracy in the reproduction of decors. As this is a contactless surface engraving system, it does not have the wear disadvantages of mechanical tools, such as those of diamond nicks associated with conventional systems. The more stable process control obtained with laser engraving therefore necessitates less cylinder repeats/corrections than was previously necessary in the case of a faulty reproduction of the original artwork. The latest textured press plate designs for short cycle presses also allows highly realistic three dimensional surface effects to be created, which can mimic the appearance of natural surfaces and wood grain textures. In addition, highly wear resistant surfaces can also be created using this method.

Floating Feeling ‘Floating floors’ are created by an underlay of foam sandwiched between polymeric films beneath the flooring which while serving to prevent the absorption of moisture from beneath the flooring also sometimes results in any spilled water being absorbed by the substrate, which caused swelling in earlier products. The ‘floating’ floors result in a hollow and ‘springy’ effect when walked upon and also serves to absorb impact loads on flooring surfaces.

by utilising the gap between the laminate edges. Välinge Innovation, which developed the mechanical glueless interlocking system widely employed by leading manufacturers, has also developed an ingenious system for making a decorative joint portion at two adjoining joint edges of laminate floorboards. The parts of the laminate surface layer

closest to the adjoining joint edges forms a horizontal plane, where at least one of the adjoining joint edges has a surface which consists of an impregnated part of the core which is closest to the laminate surface layer and which is essentially parallel to the horizontal plane. Interesting effects such as V-grooves, round or bevelled joints can be created using the system. FDM

All solutions for your wrapping needs

Wrapping Machines for Aluminium and PVC profiles

Wrapping line for Aluminium and PVC profiles

Mod. PUR 33-L + M-0858

Getting Into The Groove Flooring designers have also been innovative in fashioning artificial grooves

Feeders PRIMER Application Profile Wrapping Machines Cutting Systems

of produced quality, automatic plank packaging, robot stacking of finished


packs (Ligmatech system), impact sound can produce up to 50 shipment-ready pallets per hour. These functional features permit extremely economical production of laminate planks to a high standard

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