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Learn Digital Photography Discover Everything About Your Digital Camera – Photography _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Misealn Birn - The camera has one small, slow chip and very little memory to do that interpolation. Your computer has a big, powerful processor and lots of memory, not to mention, no particular need to compromise their software routines to fit into a small amount of memory or trade quality for speed to avoid long delays after taking a picture. In short, your computer will do a vastly better job at interpolating the picture than your camera will, and to top that off you can choose different algorithms (often named after the mathematicians or programmers who created them, like Lanczos or Mitchell) and experiment with how well they work on a particular image.

Learn More About Recreation Photography You can even save different versions of the file, including the original, which you can't if the camera is doing the work. There's nothing to be gained by compromising image quality, which is exactly what you're doing if you don't use the best filter you can get your hands on.

The interpolated image even takes up more space on your camera's memory card, but it doesn't hold any more information than the original. Finally, as I mentioned above, it adds time between shots, as the camera has to grind away at reshaping your picture before you can take another one.You can recreate the settings of a favorite shot or repeat a favorite effect, and higher-level information such as special lenses and light metering modes can be invaluable as you advance your knowledge of photography.

You can even share this information with friends or colleagues to help duplicate tricky shots, or create a database or spreadsheet of the effects of specific settings to help you recreate effects or types of shots under different conditions. An example would be keeping track of how white balance changes affect the appearance of particular colors.

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