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My Dream - Marine Biologist One day, I was swimming in the turquoise water of the ocean in the coral reefs while taking pictures of animals with a high tech camera. It was time for me to return to my ship. While returning to my ship, I saw a troubled Dolphin swimming sideways. Immediately I swam towards it. I checked its fin. They were badly hurt. I opened my backpack and took out a net. I put it around the Dolphin and quickly took it in to the ship with the help of my team and our machine. When we got to our ship we called the Marine Rescue Center, and told them to be ready to help a wounded Dolphin. In the Rescue Center I used my latest medicine called cut healer. In 5-6 days the Dolphin was feeling better and his fins were healing. I started to love the Dolphin very much. I named him Aquamarine. In the next two days I observed him carefully. The fins had healed well, and the Dolphin was able to swim again. Then came the hardest part I had to set Aquamarine free into the ocean. I decided that I will take him where I found him. With a heavy heart, I took him to the ocean. Aquamarine squealed happily when he saw the ocean. He used his echolocation and found its family. He is ready to go. I was sad but I had to leave him. I waved goodbye and he splashed me in return. I felt water on my face. I opened my eyes I saw my sister. My sister was waking me up! Then I realized I was dreaming about being a Marine biologist. i got up fast. I thought we were going to sea world today. I have to study hard and believe in myself to make my dream come true. My parents, teachers, the kratt brothers, and books will all help me and inspire me to become a Marine biologist. I hope that will become true!

My Dream Marine Biologist