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hen your family consists of multiples there are many things you need to consider, like how can I save money on the next necessary items I need to purchase for them. There are a few things that I felt were necessary to skim on, splurge on or bulk up on. When skimming on items for your multiples, it should be items that can be rotated from one child to the next. Such as infant swings, walkers, bouncy seats, and excersaucers. These things may be a necessity to one child, but not for the other(s). One child may like to have independent mobility and the other may be content with a little motion from a bouncy. Some people may think that walkers should not be included in this category, but from my experience, I had a child that screamed whenever I put her in it. She actually liked to walk behind her sister while she was in the walker. Hand-me-downs or purchasing gently used is great, too. A great way to get hand-me-downs is by joining a local mom of multiples club in your area. Many clubs also host bi-annual consignment sales where you can find baby necessities and outfit your entire crew for next to nothing! I was happy to give things away when my children outgrew them. Believe me, everyone is happy to give to another family of multiples. Consignment sales and donating are great ways to get rid of everything in bulk. 12


Now, when you have to buy in bulk, I would say start with the food, diapers, wipes and formula (if you are not nursing). Those are the key ingredients to a successful start of the day. Though I nursed my children, I did contact Similac and Enfamil before giving birth to let them know that I was expecting multiples and would like to feed my children with a strong vitamin-filled formula. They were both happy with this information and sent me tons of coupons and samples. The big chain stores such as Jetro, BJ’s, and Costco have great coupons once you become a member. They also have fresh fruits and vegetables, which are great to buy in bulk. During the summer, the fruit can stretch from being tossed in oatmeal, pancakes or alone, to smoothies for lunch and ice pops for a snack. The vegetables can be steamed with a healthy organic ingredient such as garlic and tossed in the refrigerator for eating during the week, until you need to make a vegetable. As far as diapers, wipes and formula – sometimes writing to the manufacturer of your choice, such as Huggies, and passing a few kind words will gain you some coupons in the mail. Another key saver is to participate in the surveys that are given to you at the time of check out after a purchase in the store. Everyone loves to know that their customers are happy and that usually means rewards for your time.

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