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cover cuties Our Baby Gear Guide features 3 month old cover cuties Kaden and Kasen. Their favorite things in life right now are Mommy, music, outdoor walks and watching sports on TV. photos courtesy of Sara Larsen of Kety Studio


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the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


a dad’s guide to...

precisely planning for a twin pregnancy

by keith lex 4


When my wife and I learned that we would be having twins, our thoughts went immediately to the planning process. My wife would have to leave her job and we would be forced to rely on my teacher’s salary as our sole income. Yes, a teacher’s salary. We knew that if we wanted to stay financially afloat once these babies arrived, we would have to begin planning immediately. We quickly trimmed down unnecessary purchases and small luxuries that we had afforded ourselves in the past. But that was just the first step. We would have to start buying things now if we wanted to make it. Diapers. We already knew the frightening numbers: Ten diapers per day, per baby, for the first month or so. That’s a lot of diapers. We wanted to buy diapers for about $.10$.13 each, so we only followed up on those deals that could give us diapers at that per-diaper rate. I had a few “daily deals” apps on my phone, and I religiously checked them every morning to look for diaper deals. We weren’t picky with the diaper brands and we wound up with a 50/50 split of name brand and store brand diapers, all of which have suited us just fine. More often than not, we found deals from Target and

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

other retailers who offered gift cards with the purchase of diapers. We factored the gift card amount into the overall price and took full advantage of these deals. We were shelling out quite a bit of money during those months, but because my wife was still working, we still had the finances available to make these purchases. One unintended benefit from these deals: we used these gift cards for all of our Target purchases for the first few months after our twins arrived! We were advised not to buy too many newborn sized diapers, but we expected our twins to be small, and they were, so we made out just fine. We bought diapers in all sizes, knowing that we would be using them for a very long time. The wall of diapers in our basement seemed excessive when my wife was only six months pregnant, but it was comforting to know that we won’t spend a dime on diapers until our twins are at least 18 months, if we need them at all. Our twins are seven months old right now and we still have a dozen cases of diapers left! Mom Swaps. I couldn’t believe how many mom swaps were held in our area. Actually, I was unaware that these swaps even existed, but we found them all, and took full advantage. This is where we found bumbos, swings, exersaucers, and other things that we wouldn’t need until the babies were a bit older. If it could be cleaned and sanitized, we bought it, and at ridiculous discounts. If we could buy a $100 swing for $15 at a mom swap, then we

could really make the most of our shower registry when the time came. Our basement quickly filled up with all of these items, which were purchased at a fraction of the cost. Our friends and family thought we were crazy, but the peace of mind that our bunker of baby supplies provided was worth all of the doomsday prepper accusations. Beg, Borrow, and Steal. I cannot get over how willing people were to give away their infant clothes and baby supplies once they found out that we were having two babies. It seemed that everyone around us had clothes, toys, and everything else that we needed, and they were more than willing to give it away once they had no use for it. We accepted every offer we were given and began cataloguing the items that were overtaking our basement. We washed, folded, and stored the clothes in bins and labeled each by their size. It was overwhelming to see bins labeled “Girls 12-18 months” on some containers, but again, it was comforting to know that we would be prepared. When you’re planning for two, you have no choice but to think long-term. The last thing we wanted to do was scramble for clothes that fit our kids after they outgrew them overnight. Because we welcomed every offer we received, we haven’t

had to make any purchases that weren’t absolutely necessary. Craigslist and Community Mom Groups. During the pregnancy, I made sure to regularly scour Craigslist for gently used items. We asked for Amazon gift cards for our birthdays and Christmas so we could buy our dream stroller, but I still wanted to get a nice double jogging stroller for the babies. When you have several months to look for items, you can afford to be picky about which items you buy. It took me six months to find our double jogger, but only because I waited for the deal I wanted. We were also able to stumble upon a nice double pack and play with bassinets. When other people’s babies outgrow these items, they become willing to part with them for a lower price. Just be careful of scams and weirdos, of course. My wife joined several mom groups on Facebook and started accumulating tons of clothes for nearly nothing. Most posts looked like this: “Large bag of boys clothes 3-6 months: Gap, Carters, Old Navy”. We didn’t know exactly what the clothes looked like, but for an average of $8 per bag, it’s almost a guaranteed success. Most of these arrangements are simple “porch pick-ups” where the seller leaves the items on their front porch and the buyer just

Our friends and family thought we were crazy, but the peace of mind that our bunker of baby supplies provided was worth all of the doomsday prepper accusations. multiplicity

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


leaves the money under the mat. Quick and easy! Some of these arrangements also proved to be a good way to find other moms in the area with similar-aged kids. Food. We planned on breastfeeding our twins from the beginning. Actually, it was my wife’s decision to make, and I just agreed with her. This was the obvious choice because we knew that purchasing formula would take a big chunk of our income. We knew that breastfeeding two would be exhausting and practically nonstop, but we resolved to give it an honest attempt before considering other options. Almost immediately after our twins were born, it was time to consider other options. One of the babies was tongue tied, and breastfeeding was too painful to be considered until her tongue could be fixed. But she had the “unfixable” kind of tongue tie, so breastfeeding was off the table. Our next choice was to exclusively breast pump for our twins, which isn’t very common. The doctors and lactation consultants told us that most mothers of twins can’t produce enough milk for both babies. If we wanted to try, my wife would have to pump for 40 minutes, every two hours. So for two weeks, she did just that. We called the lactation consultant to proudly report that she survived those two weeks, and fully expected her to tell us that we could slow down, but it didn’t happen. Long story made short: my wife pumps every three hours, for 45 minutes to an 6


hour. We’ve never had to use formula because my resilient wife produces 60 ounces of milk each day. She’s a breast pumping rock star, honestly. It’s a topic that’s worthy of a novel in and of itself. The other food-related decision we made, which has been a true blessing, was to make our own baby food. We did some research and found that baby food is basically just overcooked, mashed up food. Sounds easy enough, right? We got a food processor for Christmas and away we went! We’ve roasted sweet potatoes, boiled peas, and ripened bananas until they were nice and soft. My wife runs the food through the food processor and allows it to chill. Then she spoons the mash into a silicone tray of cubes, much like an ice cube tray, and sticks it in the freezer. Once frozen, she pops them out of the tray and stores them in freezer bags. To feed the babies, we just need to defrost a cube of food, sometimes add some breast milk to thin it out, and we’re good to go. It costs us $3.00 to make about 40 ounces of sweet potatoes. It feels good to make the food our babies are eating, plus, we know exactly what’s in their food. We’re not an organic family or super cautious about food-related issues, but it’s reassuring that we don’t have to worry about preservatives, recalls, or anything else that could cause alarm. When you become a parent of twins, especially as a first time parent, it’s going to be overwhelming. As a new dad,

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

I’ve experienced a whole new dimension of exhaustion. I’ve always been great with scheduling my time, knocking out to-do lists, and managing my responsibilities, but once our babies came, they became permanent fixtures at the top of our to-do list, leaving us with very little time to tackle the other items on the list. Because we prepared so much during the pregnancy, we have given ourselves more time to spend with the babies. We never have to make late-night diaper runs or squeeze them into outfits that are too small. We haven’t had to stress out about spending $100 on two walkers because we bought them several months ago for much cheaper. Our preparation has given us peace of mind and we know that no matter what happens, at this point, we’ll be prepared for it. That is worth more than anything else. Keith is a high school teacher who loves distance running, home brewing, and being a dad of twins, although he hasn’t accomplished the first two since he became a dad of twins. He and his wife Megg have been married for eight years and enjoy spending time with their boy/girl twins, along with their bulldog and golden doodle. They have become multitasking aficionados and love their new lives as parents. They are lifetime New Jersey residents and hope to entertain people with their twin blog, Little Lex Adventures.

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essential baby gear

do you really need 1 or 2? by julie mcaffrey



the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

When most parents start their search for baby gear, there are many lists available to guide them through the gear they need and how many of everything they should have to be prepared. However, when you find out you are expecting multiples, it can be hard to know what gear will work best and how many you need of each item. Should we assume we need two of everything? Can we get away with sharing? Do we really need to spend twice as much? Here are some helpful suggestions to know what gear is essential to have two of and where you can invest in just one.

Must have two:

1. Car Seats: This one may seem a little obvious, but you need to be prepared with two infant car seats properly installed to leave the hospital. Look for car seats that are light weight so it is a little easier to manage carrying two. Also look for features that make them easier for you to use, such as a no re-thread hardness and washable fabrics. 2. Cribs and Crib Mattresses: While you may choose to have the babies in one crib at first, you will eventually need two cribs. Infants can sleep 16-18 hours a day which means they will spend a lot of time on their mattresses. Be sure to look for crib mattresses that are nontoxic and light weight, while still being firm. 3. Baby Carriers: When your twins are infants, you can carry one baby and another parent or care giver can carry the other. When they get older, you will be able to master carrying both. This is one of the only ways to ensure you have your hands

free, and as a bonus you get a workout from carrying two at one time! Look for carriers without the separate infant insert so you have one less thing to lose. 4. Activity Gear: You will definitely need more than one area that can entertain your babies, but you don’t need more than one in the same category. Check out your options in bouncy seats, swings, activity mats and high chairs. While one baby is relaxing in their bouncy seat, the other can be doing tummy time on the activity mat. Look for products in this category that grow with your babies so they can be used through multiple stages over time. 5. Soft Goods: Make sure to double up on crib sheets, mattress protectors, bibs, swaddle blankets, towels, and anything else that will be going through the wash. You will be so busy that you don’t want to have to constantly do laundry just to ensure you have what you need. 6. Anything that goes in their mouth or nose: Even between multiples, you don’t want to share germs, so get two of anything that you put into the babies’ mouths or noses such as a nasal aspirator, thermometer, or medicine dispensers. Grab two in different colors or label them before you bring the babies home so they each have a set.

Just need one:

1. Bath Tub: Bath time is a great time to bond with each baby individually and it can simply be very stressful trying to get two babies clean at multiplicity

once. Look for one tub that moves from infants to toddlers without extra accessories. . 2. Nursing Pillow: Look for a nursing pillow with some stretch or one that is made specifically for twins. You may hear suggestions about using them later as a floor support pillow, but you don’t need two as long as you have those other areas to contain your other baby. 3. Diaper Bag: Each baby definitely doesn’t need their own diaper bag or set of supplies. However, you should look for one diaper bag that is large and has plenty of pockets to accommodate the extra amount of diapers, wipes, extra clothing and food supplies for multiples. 4. Toys: Your babies won’t need two sets of toys and once the toys start multiplying, you will be happy to have less to find a place to store. Look for wooden or non-toxic toys so you won’t constantly be worried about the babies putting them in their mouths. Julie McCaffrey is a mommy to 3 kids, including one set of twins. Julie owns BabyNav Baby Planners where she offers personalized consultation to new and expecting parents. She is a modern baby gear expert and loves to help moms and dads navigate everything from baby gear to preparing for multiples to getting back to work and getting the whole family on a routine. Follow her on Facebook or check her out at www.

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples



Kids have a scratchy or sore throat? Cough keeping them down? With Lilapops, children feel better in a deliciously fun and healthy way. Known as the all-natural cough drop lollipops for children, Lilapops leaves out the yucky preservatives, dyes and artificial flavors, resorting to nature with ingredients like honey and marshmallow root to do the healing. Retail: 1 pack (15 pops) $8.99

stay-put inflatable bed rail by one step ahead

No straps needed; your fitted sheet holds the bed guards in place. So portable, we're including a carry bag. Keeps kids from rolling out of bed, at home or when traveling. Foot pump and carry bag included; for speediest inflation, use an electric pump. Retail: $24.95+

body and healing balm by bee natural

This balm, containing beeswax, avocado oil, sunflower oil and raw honey, contains healing properties to nourish, beautify and heal. It’s great for after-sun care, as body moisturizer, for sore and dry lips, and even for breastfeeding moms suffering through cracked and bleeding nipples, or for c-section mamas to help speed up the healing process of scars. Retail: $8.99

moby floating bath thermometer by skip hop

Before baby’s bathtime, use our Moby bath thermometer with Color changing LED, to indicate hot, cold or "just the right temperature" for your little one. When not in use, suction to any tiled surface for easy storage and safe-keeping. Retail: $15.00 10


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

eco-teether crib rail cover by babee talk Got teethers? This rail cover is a safe, comforting way to let them teethe when standing in the crib (and protect your furniture!). The cover easily attaches with the magic of Velcro® straps. The gently textured, machine washable fabric is safe to use from birth and up. Retail: $49.99+

baby powder wipes by quantuminds

Gone are the days of choking on the dust fumes of baby powder. These wipes are simply wet wipes that are designed to release cornstarch baby powder onto the skin. Once applied to the skin the formula will adhere and then dry to form a layer of smooth soft absorbent cornstarch baby powder. They have a pleasant baby powder scent that is barely noticeable after the application dries. Retail: varies

everything health & safety kinsa smart thermometer

Now you can track your family’s health even quicker and more reliably with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. The app allows you to track and record your family’s health to share results with your doctor. Professional accuracy guaranteed, with a 10-second read time and animated screens for even the squirmiest of patients. You can use orally, under the arm or rectally and it’s super easy to clean; use with any disposable probe covers. Retail: $29.99


No more worrying that your kids will climb on something to switch their light on and off. The KidSwitch Light Switch Extender gives them the freedom and independence to do it on their own...safely! Retail: $23.99

retractable gate by dreambaby

The Dreambaby Retractable Gate fits any opening up to 55” (140 cm). It can be used used both inside and outdoors, as it’s made from a UV treated durable mesh to keep it from fading in the sun. This gate is very space efficient as it retracts out of the way when not in use and may easy be used with one hand. of stairs, hallways, and doorways. It can even be installed at different angles for those odd openings! Retail: $84.99+

bite & play by mam

Part toy, part teether, the innovative MAM Bite and Play provides relief and entertainment for teething babies. This unique teether also helps support baby’s development; a rattle component helps sharpen baby’s hearing and multiple textured surfaces help develop baby’s sense of touch. Recommended for babies age 5+ months. Retail: $6.99

MBP36S remote wireless video baby monitor by motorola

This monitor is top of the line, as it comes with a 3.5″ full color LCD screen, with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely. One of its best features is the remote control that lets you tilt, pan and zoom the camera; you can use the single camera to watch both of your twins. It also has night vision, and the audio is crystal clear. Retail: $199.00 at multiplicity

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


fruity chomps by love child organics

enter to win! nurturmeals by nurturme

NurturMeals organic dry meal pouches are rich in nutrients and super versatile for feeding both infants and toddlers. Simply mix them with breast milk, formula or water to create a puree for babies, or into toddler favorites like pastas, baked goods or yogurts for an added boost in protein and nutrients. NurturMeals Singles come in seven yummy flavors. Retail: $11.99/8pk.

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These fruit bars are a delicious, allnatural gluten free snack made with no added sugars and the added nutrition of quinoa and amaranth. Your toddlers will love the banana and apricot flavors. Retail: $23.99

sports cup by mam

This smart cup for the little big ones encourages independent drinking --- exactly what each toddler desires. The MAM Sports Cup features a spill-proof cap that stays closed but is always ready to drink. For even bigger kids, the valve can be removed for a freer flow. Available in an 11 oz. size and recommended for ages 12+ months. Retail: $6.99

rice biscuits by toddler mum-mum

For a toddler snack, Toddler Mum-Mum’s Rice Biscuits are an excellent choice! These rice biscuits are a simple product that is organic, gluten-free, egg-free and peanut-free, without any artificial additives and preservatives. With tasty flavors like Organic Strawberry, Apple and Banana, Toddler Mum-Mum will quickly become your Toddler’s favorite fun kid snack! Retail: $3.99+

sip’n by choomee

For moms who aren’t fans of messes at mealtime, the Sip’n allows little ones to have the freedom to feed themselves from pouches much sooner than ever before! Just screw it onto most any pureed pouch and watch your happy, independent little ones feed all by themselves! Retail: $6.99/2 pk. or $14.99/Travel Case + 4pk

pic’s really good peanut butter

Hailed as the best peanut butter in the world, Pic’s all-natural peanut butter is both crunchy and smooth, made with just Aussie peanuts and occasionally salt. No nasties or weird stuff added. Made in New Zealand, Pic’s will be available in Almond and Cashew Butters in 2015. Retail: $8.00 12


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

fresh food feeder by Lets babies explore new food tastes, textures and colors in a fun and safe way. Tots as young as 4 months can enjoy melon, apples, pear, berries, veggies and more. It's also great for soothing teething pain. Just pop an ice cube or cold fruit inside. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. Retail: $7.99

everything for munching ice pop molds by kinder-ville

There's nothing better than cooling off with a homemade popsicle on a hot summer's day. With these popsicle molds, the only thing that goes into your little one's icy treat are the fresh ingredients you choose. Made of durable, BPA-free, non-leaching silicone, these popsicle molds are the perfect size for small hands and bellies. The unique tapered design allows the popsicle to be pushed to the top to enjoy. The fluted rim helps any residual liquid go back into the mold and not over little hands! Retail: $18.99

super blends purees by love child organics

With a focus on the addition of superfoods and a commitment to never adding any artificial preservatives, sugars, sodium or fillers, you will feel good about feeding Love Child Organics’ purees to your little ones. Their BPA free pouches are great for home, the car, camping or anywhere you need to go! Retail: $19.99 (case of 12)

yum-a-roo’s snacks by nurturme

tilty tripleflo trainer by evenflo

Featuring an adjustable valve that grows with your child, the Tilty™ gives you the ability to adjust the amount of liquid your child receives with 3 different flow rates. The ergonomic design and handles create a comfortable and natural drinking experience, making the introduction to a cup easier. Designed by a mom just like you! Retail: $4.99

Yum-a-Roo’s healthy organic toddler snacks are made from bite-sized pieces of fruits and veggies that easily dissolve in the mouth. A healthy option for snack time, Yum-a-Roo’s are made from a tasty combination of organic fruit and veggies that are lovingly harvested and dried in order to preserve freshness, flavor and vital nutrients. Your kiddos will love the taste, and you will love that there’s 1.5 servings of fruits AND veggies in every pouch. Retail: $3.49+

mealtime products by oogaa

These unique plates, bowls and spoons are made from European approved food safe, highgrade silicone (higher than FDA standards). They will not leach chemicals, are non-toxic, PVC and phthalate FREE! No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these bowls and plates fall to the floor. BPA free, no harsh chemicals and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, freezer safe and bowls are microwave & oven safe! Retail: $5.99+

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the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


healthy meals in the kitchen with



the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

sweet potato pancakes Ingredients: *pancake mix (all ingredients needed for recipe) *2 pouches NurturMe Hearty Sweet Potatoes *2/3 cup water *pad of butter *sliced fruit (optional) Instructions: Prepare pancake mix according to box instructions. Add 2 pouches of Hearty Sweet Potatoes and stir. Add 2/3 cup of water and stir. Prepare pancakes on a hot griddle, serve warm, and top with fresh fruit slices.

scrumptious squash mac n’ cheese

carrot/sweet potato/ raisin/turkey sliders

plump peas froggy pasta

Ingredients: *Box Of Mac N’ Cheese *1-2 Pouches of NurturMeals Scrumptious Squash *½ - 1 cup Milk

Ingredients: *1 Teaspoon of olive oil *1 Yellow onion *2 Cloves of garlic minced *3 lbs. of lean ground turkey *2 Tablespoons reduced sodium Worcester sauce *½ Teaspoon fresh ground black pepper *24 Mini dinner rolls, halved *24 Sliced dill pickles (optional) *¼ cup sugar free ketchup *Tomato and lettuce slices (optional)

Ingredients: *Pasta of choice *1 tbsp butter *1-2 pouches of NurturMe Plump Peas *½ - 1 cup milk

Instructions: Prepare Mac & Cheese according to box instructions. Add 1 or 2 pouches of Scrumptious Squash and stir. Add milk to achieve your desired consistency. Serve warm.

sweet banana summer smoothie Ingredients: *1 pouch NurturMe sweet bananas *½ - 1 cup milk or yogurt (depending on how thick/creamy you would like it) *1 cup ice Instructions: Combine one pouch of Sweet Bananas and either a 1/2 cup milk or 1/2 cup of yogurt in a blender. Add in a scoop of ice and blend until smooth. Call your kiddos to the table, serve and watch it disappear!

Instructions: In a mixing bowl, add 2 pouches of NurturMeals carrots, raisins and sweet potatoes with water. In a separate mixing bowl, mix the olive oil, minced onion and minced garlic. Then add the NurturMeal mixture and ground turkey, followed by fresh ground black pepper and salt to taste. Mix until thoroughly combined. Then, form the meat into approximately 24 mini sized patties. Preheat your grill on high. Once screaming hot, add the sliders to the grill. Cook for about 7 minutes each, flipping once at 3 minutes. Remove the sliders from the grill to a clean platter and allow to rest for a few minutes. Briefly toast the halved dinner rolls on the grill. Once toasted, place each of the sliders between buns, and top with pickles and sugar-free ketchup. Yum! multiplicity

Instructions: Prepare the pasta according to box instructions. Mix in 1 extra tablespoon of butter. Froggy Sauce prep: Combine 1 to 2 pouches of Plump Peas with ½ – 1 cup of whole milk, then stir. Slowly pour the Froggy Sauce over the pasta.

crisp apple pudding Ingredients: *1 Cup Organic Vanilla Yogurt *1 Pouch NurturMe Crisp *Apples *A Pinch of Cinnamon (optional) Instructions: Combine 1 pouch of Crisp Apples with 1 cup of organic French Vanilla yogurt. Simply stir and serve. For added flavor, sprinkle cinnamon on top.

To learn more about NurturMe, or for more recipes, visit

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples




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2-Pack 8 oz. Standard Bottles






2-Pack 4 oz. Wide-Neck Bottles



Bottle Choice Matters. All Dr. Brown’s™ bottles feature our Patented Internal Vent System that reduces colic and helps preserve vitamins. See our 2-Packs of Standard, Wide-Neck and Glass bottles at Like you, we know that good things are even better when they come in pairs.

©2012 Handi-Craft® Company

2-Pack 4 oz. Glass Bottles


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the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


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Made in Michigan


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


take back your workouts:

tips on getting fit with your kids

by jennifer chung We can all agree that moms have to be the busiest people on the planet! Between 2 a.m. feedings, running the kids to school and activities, and managing a household, who has time to go to the gym? Working out at home saves time and money, and fitness experts also say that you only need 30 minutes of exercise a day to make a difference. So moms, are you ready to kick your at-home workout regimen into full gear? Parenting Expert Jennifer Chung, Co-Founder of the Kinsights parent advice sharing community and online pediatric health record keeper, has the scoop on easy and efficient ways to get fit with your kids. Use her tips below to finally lose those frustrating few pounds and feel better than you’ve felt in ages! 1. If you’re a new mom, as soon as your doctor clears you to resume moderate exercise, get outside and take the baby for a walk. Postpartum exercise has many benefits: * Improved immune function and increased production of antioxidants. * Increased energy levels during the day, which 18


is conducive to more restful sleep. * Better flexibility and muscular strength, as well as reduced joint strain. * Suppressed cravings for sweets and an increased appetite for nutrient-dense foods. 2. Resume Kegel exercises within 48 hours of a healthy vaginal delivery. These deep pelvic floor exercises increase the speed of healing to the rectal and vaginal area by increasing blood flow and circulation directly to the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles also reduces and may prevent urinary stress incontinence, which affects up to 70 percent of women during or after pregnancy. 3. Consult a doctor before starting any exercise after a C-section, and be cautious as a new mom to not overdo it. Avoid doing sit-ups until you know you don’t have separation of your deep abdominal muscles. This condition is called diastasis recti. Ask your doctor to check for this, as it is not always part of your postpartum exam. 4. Most moms might ask themselves, “How can I possibly fit in an exercise program with a baby?” The answer is to work out WITH your baby! That’s

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

right, here are 10 fun tips to promote a healthy lifestyle while getting fit with your kids: * “Peek-a-boo” Plank over babies – Get on your hands and knees and place your hands in between babies. Engage deep abdominal muscles. Stretch one leg out behind you at a time until both legs are straight and make a straight line from your head to heels, in a push-up position. Rock backward and forward by pushing with your toes and say, “Peek-aboo!” Repeat 10 times * Kisses/Tricep Push-up – Get on your hands and knees and place your hands in between babies. Engage deep abdominal muscles. Stretch one leg out behind you at a time until both legs are straight, in push-up position (or on knees for a modified position), and make a straight line from your head to heels. Bend elbows and take turns kissing each of your babies. Repeat 10 times * Meow and Moo – Cat and Cow – Get on your hands and knees and place your hands in between babies. Round your spine like an angry cat and say, “A cat says, Meow!” Then arch your back, squeezing your shoulder blades together, and say, “A cow says, Moo!” Repeat 10 times. * Nursery Rhyme Squats – With babies on the floor or, while holding one baby safely in your arms for an extra challenge, sing the ABCs or other nursery rhyme songs while performing squats. Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart, then bend knees in a deep squat by pressing your heels into the ground and sitting back as if you are lowering down onto a bench. Bend slightly forward from the hips as you go down, then return to an upright standing position. * As babies get bigger, interact with them on a squishy beach ball sized ball and do Get The Ball Leg Swings - While lying on your side, place the ball under your ribs. Lift your top leg, swing it in front of you and then behind you. Allow a slight movement of the upper body front and back. Concentrate on leg motion and body lengthening in each direction. Encourage your toddlers to try to get the ball out from under you and run around your legs. * Try to grab the ball Bridge – Lie on your back, with your knees bent, and squeeze the ball between your knees. Lengthen the spine while lifting your hips up towards the ceiling, starting with the multiplicity

tailbone and moving up the body. While in table position, squeeze and release the ball between your knees, but don’t let the ball drop to the floor. Encourage your toddlers to try to grab the ball when you are releasing the squeeze. Add hip pulses to the ceiling for increased difficulty. * Throw the Ball Lats – If your children are able to catch a ball, throw the ball to them. However, if they are too young to participate, throw the ball against a wall. The higher the ball is thrown, the more intense the shoulder workout. Catching the ball will work the lats. * As kids get older, play Airplane Abs – Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet in the air. Take turns propping your children onto your feet. Hold their hands and slowly press your legs to their belly and lift them toward the ceiling with them balanced on your feet. Engage abdominal muscles and take them on a little plane ride. Bend and straighten your knees, slightly moving your legs towards you and away. Avoid side-to-side motion to preserve balance. * Teach your child how to ride a bike and Jog – This will allow you to spend time outside and get fresh air. * Dance Party Cardio – Kids love to dance, so turn on child-appropriate music and dance it out. Dancing is great cardio, so be silly, laugh, and have fun! As you can see, the goal is to make exercise fun and interactive. You don’t have to have perfect form while working out with the kids, just be active! Be a consistent example for your kids by modeling a healthy lifestyle, as they will love exercise if you do. Jennifer Chung is a parenting expert and co-founder of part parenting community, part online health record. Kinsights provides parents with a safe place to seek answers to their questions while also helping them track their child’s health information. Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more. Connect with Kinsights at https:// to learn more and sign-up! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


adorable duds for the kids floatsuit by konfidence

A traditional swim suit with a twist, Konfidence Floatsuits are an alternative to The Original Konfidence Jacket™. With eight removable floats, the Float Suits enable young swimmers to gradually get used to the water without aids. The brightly colored Lycra suits are also treated to a UPF factor of 40+ so they offer excellent sun protection as well. The removable float system allows children to develop water confidence at their own pace while enjoying greater freedom of movement. The floats can be removed as the child grows in confidence until finally all the floats are gone and they are swimming unaided. Retail: $39.99

feltman brothers

Feltman Brothers offers a distinctive collection of finely crafted, classic styled clothing and accessories for the little loved ones in your life. Their products are available in sizes newborn to toddler. Founded in 1916, Feltman’s has a long history of providing high quality, exquisitely styled, hand embroidered clothing for baby boys and girls. Retail: $price varies


Whether your child is crawling, learning to walk, or running all around, pediped® has a stylish shoe that fits comfortably and ensures healthy foot development. Each of our three footwear lines is specially designed to meet the needs of a particular walking stage. Pediped is known for being the next best thing to bare feet. Styles range from athletic and play to casual, dressy and school. Retail: $22+

kickee pants

While their designs are fashion forward and pleasing to parents (and extremely soft!!!), Kickee Pants caters to their customers...the babies and children who wear their clothing. Their clothing line is focused on appealing to their need to play and dream, offering rompers, sleepers, bibs and accessories, dresses, shorts, and more! Retail: $10+ 20


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

just for kicks & giggles choo choo train combo by step2

Perfect for parents of multiples who like to go! The Complete Choo Choo Train Combo by Step2 is the ideal wagon for youngsters that like their space during family outings to the park, around the neighborhood or zoo! Recommended for ages 1.5 and up and 40 lbs. per cart. Retail: $167.96

play up double slide climber by step2

Two slides for double the climb & slide fun! This play piece includes a large, two-tiered platform and two slides, a climbing wall and ladder with integrated hand holds assist toddlers when climbing. Intended for family and domestic outdoor use only over proper surfacing. Maximum weight limit 180 lbs. Retail: $299.99

neighborhood fun center by step2

This is an all-in-one backyard activity center that will keep your tots busy and active! This play center features a slide and activity wall to promote youngsters’ gross motor skills, a built-in picnic table that’s perfect for snack time and a playhouse for imaginative play. The Neighborhood Fun Center will be the hit of the block! Retail: $349.99

home run baseball trainer by step2

Batter up! The Step2 Home Run Baseball Trainer is a stand-alone sports trainer that helps kids practice their baseball skills. Mini athletes will learn about cooperative play as they take turns going up to bat and enhance their hand-eye coordination as they swing at the ball to score a home run. This outdoor sports set will be a grand slam with your kiddos! Retail: $59.99

grow with me activity gym and ball pit by infantino

This one-of-a-kind gym converts into a fun, sensory-stimulating ball pit that’s perfect for busy toddlers. Includes 40 colorful balls with convenient storage inside the turtle’s head. Four adorable sea pals delight little ones with a peek-a-boo mirror, grasping ring, textured teether and rattle. This versatile playtime favorite will grow with your family to offer years of priceless entertainment. Retail: $59.99 multiplicity

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


that’s a lot of stuff!

16 tips to organize clutter by mercedes donis

As the shock of a lifetime fades to a dull roar, you’re likely to start feeling the pressure of shopping for your new bundles of joy. Do more babies automatically mean more stuff? Studies have shown that our lives have reached an alltime clutter high --- not good, considering that clutter increases stress hormones. Fear not! Armed with your Gear Guide and tips for clutter control, you’ll brave the first year without wreaking havoc on your house or wallet!

Before they’re born... Don’t get sucked into products for “twins.”

Gimmicky products for twins abound, but just because they are marketed for twins, does not mean that all twins will use them. Take care of your basic needs first, then determine whether a twins-specific item will be more efficient.

Get personal recommendations. Ask fellow MoMs

for their must-haves, but keep in mind that what one mom swears by might seem superfluous to the next. Talk to MoMs in similar circumstances --- working vs. SAHM, MoMs with older kids, etc.

Make a budget for new and secondhand items.

Your wallet will thank you for this discretion and 22


you get the chance to try before you buy. Before shelling out for two swings and two bouncers, maybe you buy one and borrow another. Not all babies appreciate the same things. If yours really go for the swings rather than the bouncers, then you can invest in another swing or vice versa.

Sign-up for subscription services. Amazon Mom

and are two popular services for ordering diapers and other baby essentials. This way you can get things as you need them and avoid an Armageddon-worthy stockpile.

Consider the length-of-life of products. Two

products our family splurged on were the Baby Jogger City Select stroller and the Arms Reach Co-sleeper. I was able to use the stroller from day one and continue to use it now that my twins are two and a half. The co-sleeper was used in the early days next to my bed, first as a stand alone bassinet, then as a playpen.

Start small.

You really don’t know what you need, until you need it. You may have lofty goals of only using cloth-diapers, but the most prudent course of action is to start small. Get a few diapers and see if it works for you before

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

shelling out big bucks on a stash. You might enjoy wearing a carrier some of the time, but you won’t need five types from day one. Figure out what works for you and go from there.

meals once you’re at home. These visits are life-savers!

Baby shower... Don’t remove tags. This is the

house where you have everything you need for those first few days, especially if you will be home alone and/or recovering from a c-section. Have snacks, lots of pillows and blankets, diapers, wipes and extra clothes (for you and babies!)

easiest way to make returns, whether you registered for an item or not. Some people swear by cutting off everything and washing right away, however there will be so much laundry in the first days that washing new items as you need them won’t be much of a difference.

Label and store items for older babies. If you get items that your babies won’t need for a while, go ahead and store them. Try separating by category --- ‘toys’ and ‘clothes’ for example --- and store clothes on hangers to make for easy transitions.

Diaper-cakes and alternative shower gift ideas. In my

experience, I’ve found people like to gift cute baby clothes, whether you register for them or not! If you’re concerned about getting your basics, you might request a diaper cake for your shower. Maybe you’d like your friends to help you bring books to start your children’s book collection. But let’s face it, the thing you’ll really need --- an extra set of hands --- is not something you can register for. Have a signup sheet at the shower, where people can schedule a visit with you once you’re home with the babies, and don’t be shy about asking for help once they’re there. You could also have people sign up for bringing

The first few months... Make a ‘nest’ area for the first weeks. Set up an area in your

Set up stations throughout the house. As you get more

confident, you can spread out to other areas of the house. To avoid clutter overwhelm, make mini stations in designated areas. As you move from station to station, take things where they belong.

Young babies don’t need lots of toys. This is great news! It’s

true that when you have more than one baby, you don’t get to spend as much one-onone time with each baby, but that doesn’t mean you need lots of toys to entertain them. Check out this article from infant expert Magda Gerber, which details the types of “play-objects” you can find around the house, perfect for babies. You’ll be surprised at the items she recommends for everyday play. Also, if you do opt for buying toys, consider simple toys that don’t “do” anything --- no flashing lights or annoying sounds. These will make for less “audible” clutter and make for a far more livable landscape. An added benefit of these open-ended toys is that they can be recreated time and time again according to your


little ones’ imaginations!

As they get older... Rotate new toys. If you are

very organized, then you might make a schedule to rotate certain toys, say every month or so. If you aren’t organized, you can still benefit from this when you remember! When you bring old toys back, it’s like they’re brand new, extending the life of the items you already have and renewing the excitement they had when they first played with them.

Designate a space. Whether

it’s a dedicated playroom, their bedroom, or a corner of the family room, get in the habit of tidying up with your children. Use bins or baskets that are child-friendly and involve them in the process. Prehaps you can label them with pictures of what belongs in them to help those who can’t yet read. Additionally, keep a basket in each room of the house to collect stray items, making it easier to return everything at the end of the day (or week…or whenever!)

Do a toy swap with friends.

Have a get together with some friends with the idea of ‘leave a toy, take a toy.’ No money spent, no waste, and new-to-you toys for everyone!

Donate toys as necessary. Toys that do not get used aren’t doing you any favors! Box them up and donate to a charity, or try to sell them at a kids consignment or through your local mothers of multiples group.

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how to wear patterned leggings


flatter your curves

by joanna venditti

I am a huge fan of leggings, especially after having my twins and recovering from my c-section. I love the way they pull up high (over my C-section incision) and pull in my mommy tummy, which, let’s face it, is pretty common after having multiples. So you can imagine my excitement when patterned leggings became a trend. Swoon! This fun fashion item may not be for everyone, but I am hooked and I’d love to share how I wear them to flatter my post-babies body. They take my everyday mommy sweats to the next (fun) level. Each of these looks can work during the day with less jewelry and flats. So comfy! Not comfortable showing so much thigh? Pair your leggings with longer, tunic style tops to hide your hips and tummy area. Modern Edgy I paired this graphic black and white pair of leggings with a roomy black t-shirt, a faux leather jacket and yellow pumps for a pop of color. To create a more casual look, remove the jacket and replace the yellow heels with a black pair of flats. 24


Bohemian Feminine I created a softer, more feminine look with a floral pair of leggings, lacey peep toe wedges and a bohemian casual blouse. Add a little extra detail to this look by throwing a braid or two in your hair and perhaps a longer necklace. Street Military Camouflage leggings are so trendy and versatile. A great match for a camo print is a chambray top. Dress this look up by adding some chunky gold jewelry and black heels. Hailing from a suburb just outside of Toronto, Joanna Venditti is an artist, designer and mom of four including... surprise… twins!!! Joanna is now pouring all of her talent and parenting knowledge (especially about multiples) into her blog, Nesting Story. Although sometimes turning to her blog for therapy, she is constantly listening to her followers and trying to create detailed and informative articles about pregnancy, childbirth, body image and everyday life. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

photos courtesy of sarah martin photography & ooh ooh darling


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


old wives’ tales & other tall tales about

pregnancy with twins

by liz o’doherty 26


As I sit here, thoroughly exhausted and out of energy from caring for 5 week old twins and my 20 month daughter, I think about the myths and old wives’ tales that I read about when I found out that I was pregnant with twins. I found out I was having another baby right before my daughter turned one, and shortly thereafter discovered I was having twins. Everyone I have encountered has asked me if twins run in my family; my answer is that they do. However, the myth that they skip a generation is false and I am living proof! I am the fourth generation in a row on my mother’s side to have conceived twins. The question remains whether or not they are fraternal, and I do know that all of the twins in my family have been boy/

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

girl twins, which alone proves they are not identical. My twins happen to be girls. There is a myth that suggests that because my daughters had separate placentas they are fraternal twins. However, this actually depends, because if an egg split early enough, identical twins could have 2 separate placentas. Fraternal twins generally have two separate sacs. The only way to prove that they are actually fraternal twins is through genetic testing like a DNA swab of their cheek. There are so many myths surrounding twin pregnancy and the vast array of information available online can also be discouraging and downright frustrating to read. A bothersome myth surrounding twin pregnancy suggests that extreme morning sickness is an indicator of a twin pregnancy. This myth suggests that, because there is a much higher level of estrogen flowing through your body, morning sickness can be much more severe. I was fortunate to experience extreme morning, noon and night sickness for the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy! With my first daughter, I was sick in the morning for 12 weeks and then, like a light switch, it turned off and I was no longer nauseous. With my twins, I was not that lucky and my morning sickness, although it subsided greatly after 17 weeks, never truly went away through my entire 38 week period of gestation. Another myth that I found quite alarming suggests that mothers of multiples always deliver their babies prematurely. I delivered at 38 weeks on the nose and

had a vaginal delivery, which is also a myth that warrants discussion. There is a myth that says women always end up with a cesarean section with twins for one reason or another. I did not experience this and had two perfectly healthy babies in vertex position upon delivery. In fact, there are many moms who are able to deliver vaginally and so successfully. Another story you might come across states that twins are usually underweight or have developmental issues, health problems or complications at birth. I am lucky to say that my babies were 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 6 lbs 8.5 ounces at birth and did not experience any complications during development. Another old myth suggests that twins are usually very different sizes or weights at birth for various reasons. This has no basis in fact unless there are medical reasons for it, like Twin-toTwin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) or something of the sort. Another myth that I found interesting states that twins are generally only a result of infertility treatments and hormone replacement! My pregnancy was a result of a quickie with my husband while our daughter napped in the afternoon! I’m sure there are numerous other stories where it just happened the good old fashioned way! While I sit here and breastfeed my twin daughters I am heartbroken and discouraged to say that one of the bigger myths that I found the most unappealing was the one that says that you can’t breastfeed multiplicity

twins! Even the pediatrician I saw in the hospital told me not to expect to be able to breastfeed them, which I found extremely disheartening. I breastfed my first daughter for 13 months until my obstetrician told me to stop due to my twin pregnancy and the demand on my body. That was such a wonderful time in my life and I was hopeful to experience it with my twins upon their birth, as well. It was really discouraging to hear medical professionals tell me that I would have to supplement with formula because breastfeeding was so difficult with twins. I was and am determined to make enough milk to breastfeed my twins. There is so much information online and so many myths that are just completely untrue regarding twin pregnancy. However, that morning sickness myth is nothing but fact in my book. I lived on apples and spaghetti noodles for nearly 5 months! The most important thing about a twin pregnancy is to listen to your obstetrician and your body. Do what is best for you and your babies, regardless of what the Internet tells you and what these old wives’ and tall tales tell you. Anything is possible, including spontaneously conceiving twins when it is least expected!

Liz O’Doherty is a working mother of 3 daughters. She works part time as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Liz enjoys spending her time outdoors in her vegetable garden, with her husband, Jake and their daughters, as well as their 5 cats and dog, Daisy.

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


FASHION FINDS maternity & beyond the bump

by talitha a. mcguinness 28


When you’re expecting, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your own clothing. Since pregnancy typically requires a new wardrobe at some point, go with flowy, flattering pieces that can grow with your belly and last even until you’re back to pre-pregnancy size. Flowy tops with leggings and A-line dresses are both comfortable and flattering to your changing body. Also be sure to take care of your feet...many outfits can be paired with cute, but comfy flats in a nude that will go with everything!

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

The layered look on top is also flowy and flattering and can be made to look even more feminine by pairing the top with some capri leggings trimmed in lace. The wrap maxi is super comfy, hides any possible swelling in the legs and ankles, and also works well for moms who choose to nurse. You can easily pair both of these outfits with sassy sandals like the Monique in Snake leather or the charcoal wedge, both by Brian James. Add the last touch...the Sydney Pacapod’ll be the most stylish mom at the market!


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


With the heat approaching, it’s best to wear flowy tops and bottoms when possible to help keep you cool. Accessories like Chewbeads are great for fashion and teething babies, too! Also, when thinking of keeping the babies covered from the sun, be sure to protect yourself, too. Pair a cute hat or glasses with any outfit.



the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

Look for tops that cover when pregnant to pair with geometric pants, that can double as dresses once the babies are born. Looking for a stylish new bag? Check out Amy Michelle’s line that double as diaper bags, too. If you’re looking for a comfy heel, check out Brian James’ line of sandals. Your feet never felt so good! multiplicity

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


Remember, a healthy baby is a happy baby!

sleep through the night...

even with twins!

Shhh! Your twins are finally asleep as you tip-toe out of the room to crawl into your own bed. Hours later, you realize they’re still asleep! How is this possible!? You’re running a Crane cool mist ultrasonic humidifier in their room, that’s how. Humidifiers are a must in every baby’s room because newborns are obligate nasal breathers, meaning they breathe through their noses for the first several months. Newborns also do not have the ability to sniffle or clear their noses from any congestion. This is where the humidifier comes in. Adding cool mist humidity to your twins’ room helps to clear this congestion naturally, allowing them to breathe easier. This means they sleep better, too! Crane’s ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are whisper quiet, run up to 24 hours, and have an auto shutoff feature when the tank is empty. 32


The cool mist humidifiers are recommended by pediatricians because the cool air helps to relieve croup, as well as colds and the flu. Because The American Academy of Pediatrics also advises against the use of cold medication for children under 6, humidifiers are the best option for treating colds in newborns and young children. Also, since the humidity is cool mist instead of hot steam, there is no chance for those curious, fingers to get burned. Not only are humidifiers beneficial for sleep, but humidifiers can help make meal times easier, too. When babies can breathe easier, they’re more likely to have an easier time feeding. Just like how we use a humidifier in the winter to keep our skin and hair from drying out, humidifiers help babies with the same issues. Babies lose moisture almost twice as fast as adults. Running a humidifier will help soothe dryness, chapped lips and other skin irritations.

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

How do you decide which humidifier to choose? In 2015 Consumer Reports, Crane’s Adorable humidifiers and Drop shape humidifiers were ranked #1 and #4, respectively, of 36 humidifiers tested for small rooms. All Crane humidifiers are also made with Clean Control technology, meaning that an antimicrobial material is made directly into the base. This material prevents bacteria and mold growth by up to 99.96% as shown by testing. When using Crane’s humidifiers, it is most important to clean regularly. Crane recommends dumping the excess water from both the water tank and base each day to prevent any build up. You will also benefit from disinfecting your humidifier weekly with a vinegar and water solution. Rinse both the tank and base with a ratio of 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 2 cups water. By doing this once a week, you’ll be sure to emit clean mist from your humidifier every time. If you’re thinking that humidifiers are eye sores in a room, that’s where Crane is different. Crane features ‘Adorable’ animal designs and a sleek ‘Drop’ shape that comes in multiple colors. With interchangeable parts, you can create the perfect color combinations to match any room --- including mommy and daddy’s room. You’ll have the entire family breathing and sleeping like a baby!

help babies sleep: duplicate the feeling of being in the womb by hindi zeidman Do you ever wonder why babies love being swaddled? The technique of swaddling is a timeless practice that has been used throughout the ages. Swaddling your newborns, or wrapping your babies snuggly in a blanket, can help them feel safe and secure in the early weeks after birth. Chances are your nurse will do this in the hospital after your twins’ birth and many parents even take a class before their babies are born to learn the swaddling technique. Babies like the feeling of swaddling because it reminds them of being in the womb. It gives them security and warmth. If your babies squirm and cry when they are being swaddled, it means they’d rather have their arms and legs free. If this happens, just try wrapping them more loosely in the blanket. Once your babies can roll over, they should no longer be swaddled, as it restricts movement and will not allow them to safely lie on their tummy or return to their back.

Naturally, there are many benefits to swaddling. Here are just a few: • Helps infants sleep longer and reduces spontaneous arousal • Helps to keep infants in the supine position • Soothes pain and reduces crying among irritable infants • Reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) • Preterm infants show improved neuromuscular development, less physiological distress, better motor organization and more self-regulatory ability To make sure your baby gets the most benefits out of swaddling, here’s what to look for in a swaddle: • The fabric or material should have some give to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia • It should also have moisture wicking properties to keep baby dry and comfortable • It should have an opening to easily change baby’s diaper • It should have the flexibility to be used snuggly or loosely as different babies have different needs Happy Swaddling! Hindi Zeidman is the founder of Ollie Swaddle, the cozy swaddling solution designed to decrease fussiness, assist in self-calming, and ultimately improve baby’s quality and duration of sleep. As a parenting and baby expert, Hindi helps moms and dads navigate the ups and downs of parenting. She covers topics ranging from the best ways to swaddle, how to soothe and calm your baby, best bedtime routines for baby, and more. To learn more, visit The Ollie World. multiplicity

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


super soft lotion by noodle & boo

This all-natural Super Soft Lotion is especially developed to glide smoothly over baby's delicate skin and is ideal for baby massage. Packed with vitamins E and C, these natural antioxidants help to protect delicate skin, is clinically-tested and hypoallergenic. Retail: $14 (8 oz.)

rattle lovie by finn+emma

These lovies will be favorites of your little ones. They help make sleepy time warm and comfortable, too. The rattle lovies are made of organic cotton yarn and stuffed with wool. They are hand-knit, fairtrade, and come from Peru. Every little one needs a cuddly buddy for drifting off to dreamland. Retail: $24

air bassinet by babyhome

The Air stands out for its unique finishes and features. It comes with a changing pad which easily attaches to the bassinet via a zipper with a safety device. A practical mesh window is hidden under the fabric on the side which allows you to keep visual contact with your baby and also provides for better ventilation. With easy-to-reach side pockets, you can store diapers and wipes and other necessities that go with diaper changing time, including pacifiers and lovies for the fussy times, too. The bassinet has 3 different interchangeable leg positions: wheels, rocker and stationary, all great for a little rest when baby or mommy needs a break! Retail: $299

spring mat by naturalmat

Naturalmat has one aim --- helping babies and children sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment possible. What parent can’t applaud that? Spring Mat is a dual support mattress, ideal for newborn to older babies that is treated with essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender to encourage sleep and prevent dust mites. Spring Mat comes complete with a removable machine washable cotton cover. Retail: $499

cool mist humidifier by crane

Crane’s Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifiers increase air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. They relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. The Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the base is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%* and they run whisper quiet up to 24 hours. Crane’s humidifiers do not require filters and are more energy efficient than a household light bulb. Retail: $49.99 34


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

for a little shut-eye baby shusher

nite lite by kushies

Looking for a sleep miracle for your babies? Try the Baby Shusher, a revolutionary tool for parents using a doctor-tested and approved technique to help soothe your fussy babies and get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby). Features a rhythmic “shushing� sound, plus timer options. Retail: $34.99

liberty convertible crib by franklin & ben

From soothing glows for infants to fun tap on lights for toddlers, these night lights are a great addition to your nursery. Made of a non-toxic plastic that won't ever get hot to the touch, and cool features such as continuous cycling, automatic shut off and LED lighting. Retail: $19.99

Liberty's fresh take on the antique spindle crib brings vintage elegance to the nursery. It is hand finished, made from solid American poplar hardwood, and offers hidden hardware design. It converts to a toddler bed and daybed with a toddler rail included, and has 4 adjustable mattress positions. The versatile Liberty crib is the perfect centerpiece in any nursery. Retail: $399

ollie swaddle

Designed to decrease fussiness and assist in selfcalming, the Ollie Swaddle also improves the quality and duration of sleep. Features elasticity to allow freedom of movement and an opening at the bottom for hassle-free diaper changes, as well as custom-developed moisture wicking material to reduce overheating. For ages 0-4 months, Ollie Swaddle was made to grow with your baby. Retail $48.00

mamaroo infant seat by 4moms

The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. Select from five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds. Choose from four built-in sounds or connect it to any MP3 player. The seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. Retail: $269+ 35


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


nursery know-how:

a glimpse into a practical space for babies

Sleep, eat, change, repeat… life with a newborn. Now try two. When I started to plan our twin’s nursery, the first thing I did was research. Aside from wanting a beautiful, serene and airy nursery, I mostly wanted a practical space to enjoy night feedings and have that intimate one-on-one time with our girls. I scoured twin websites, blogs, books and YouTube researching how you can manage two babies at once. I had always prided myself on being very independent during night feedings when we had our older kids. It’s not that my husband wouldn’t get up with me; I didn’t want him to. I like to be able to handle night feedings on my own. This way my help is well-rested and more useful during the day! I tried to picture what nights would be like with twins, and the image in my mind was horrifying. I knew I wanted to feed both girls at once to cut down on time. Figuring out how to do this meant figuring out how to tandem feed, where to put both babies within arm’s reach, and how to move each to the breast. Instead of using a narrow glider I opted for a small sofa; I could sit in the middle with my twinsize nursing pillow and have boppy pillows on each side of me. I was able to place each newborn into the pillows and they were within arm’s reach when I was ready to tandem nurse them. I also found it useful to have each baby in the boppy pillows when they were taking their bottles. An ottoman to rest your feet is an excellent idea for comfort and to help reduce postpartum swelling. Other must-haves include a lamp to prevent from fully waking the babies in the middle of the night and sufficient storage for clothes, supplies like diapers and wipes, and even books and toys once you begin buying the ancillary items.

by joanna venditti 36

You would think looking back on my first few weeks with twins would stir up feelings of trauma and the things nightmares are made of. Instead, I look back on those first weeks of getting up with our girls as some of the most precious first memories. All of my research paid off and I was able to master night feedings on day one at home.

photos courtesy of sarah martin photography

Hailing from a suburb just outside of Toronto, Joanna Venditti is an artist, designer and mom of four including... surprise‌ twins!!! Joanna is now pouring all of her talent and parenting knowledge (especially about multiples) into her blog, Nesting Story. Although sometimes turning to her blog for therapy, she is constantly listening to her followers and trying to create detailed and informative articles about pregnancy, childbirth, body image and everyday life. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. multiplicity

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sydney bag in charcoal by pacapod

No matter where you wander, everything’s in place with PacaPod, the only baby changing bag on the market with a unique and ingenious 3- in-1 organization system. Inside every PacaPod is the brain behind the bag, a Feeder and Changer pod to hygienically separate feeding from changing. PacaPod’s award-winning bags work as a designer baby bag, cool bag, mini changing bag and changing mat, all rolled into one. Founded by mom and clothing designer Jacqueline Waggett, U.K.-based PacaPod offers more than 15 bag styles in four collections. Retail: $120-$520

see it in action! click here

back buddy by mom’s essentials

Feeding babies got your back feeling badly? Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, it’s important that your back get full support. The Back Buddy is a maternity and postpartum back support pillow, designed by a Chiropractor and a nursing mother. Happy mommy, happy babies! Retail: $61.86 (

indulgent bath formula & lip gloss by bee natural

This 100% natural bath formula and lip gloss are infused with lavender essential oil, which is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, providing both moisture and nourishment. This is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy a soothing bath! The lip gloss adds beautiful shine, but at the same time, nourishes and protects your lips. Retail: $4.99+

fit & flare tank dress by old navy

This cute dress is comfy enough for home, but stylish enough to wear on errands, at the park or even for lunch with a girlfriend. Throw on a beautiful necklace and a pair of heels and you have a date night dress, too! The cinched waist flatters and the tank top shows off the neckline and arms. This could become your new favorite little black dress! Retail: $17.97 38


astor necklace & stanton bracelet by chewbeads

Chewbeads are not only beautiful, they’re safe on teething babies’ gums. Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, this jewelry line is also dishwasher safe. Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety and are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing. Retail: $38.50

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a few pretties just for mom sampler skincare sets by plumhill

Want to treat yourself to something luxurious? Plumhill’s all natural body care line will keep you feeling beautiful, even on the toughest of days! Their combo sets include a Sugar Body Scrub, Body Oil, Hand & Body Wash, and Lip Balm. Choose from one of their four scent sets, including coconut lime and cranberry orange. Dedicated to quality, these products contain no parabens and are never subjected to animal testing. Retail: $19

lingerie by true&co

Every mother knows that our bodies change so much after having children. True&Co is all about empowering women to understand what flatters their specific shape best. They are the first company to fit women into their favorite bra with a fit quiz – no fitting rooms, no measuring tape, no photos – and to recognize that there’s so much more to fit than your band and cup size. Amen! Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve treated yourself to new’s the time! Retail: $16+

charcoal wedge pump by brian james When moms are constantly on the go, they need a reliable, comfy pair of shoes (or two!). So why not have them be beautiful and stylish, too? The Brian James™ Collection is designed for women who adore fashion as much as they love comfort. Brian James™ offers a range of boots, booties, wedge pumps, ballet flats, and sandals available in sizes 5.5-11 (EU 36-41). Retail: $39

thank you cards

You’re going to have a lot of help when the babies arrive (you know meals delivered, laundry washers, baby whisperers and night nurses...a girl can dream, right?!?), so it’s a great idea to stock up on some lovely stationery. Etsy and Polyvore have you covered, with styles and designs from moms just like you! multiplicity

psi bands

Pregnant anddealing with nausea? Fight it in style with Psi Bands and breathe a “psi” of relief! Bands are drug-free, adjustable and comfortable, waterproof, affordable, and reusable. There’s no reason to suffer through it, hoping it will pass. This is a must-have for any expectant mommy prone to morning (or allday-long) sickness. Retail: $12.99+ (

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diaper wallet by

The only diaper wallet with a built in wipes compartment and dual access to wipes. Wipes can be accessed inside when it’s change time, or if you need to quickly clean little fingers, grab a wipe from the external hatch. Comes with a funky, easy clean change mat and plenty of room for storage for two disposable diapers or even a spare change of clothes. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. Retail: $20.00 (

travel drying rack by

This compact portable drying rack gives you a clean and hygienic surface to dry your bottles and sippy cups wherever you are. Great for travelling or where space in the kitchen is limited. Folds almost flat to slip easily into your diaper or travel bag. Fits up to 6 bottles and is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. Retail: $21+

flavored face wipes by neatcheeks

NeatCheeks are sweetened with stevia, a natural plant extract. So, when you wipe your little one’s face and they realize there is a sweet flavor on their lips, they sit still and ENJOY having their face wiped! The all natural ingredients are non-irritating, gentle, not sticky and safe. Retail: $12 (3 pk)

see ‘n store stroller organizer by baby bee-haven

Whether running errands or waiting in line, sometimes you need to keep the babies entertained on the go. Now there’s a stroller organizer that does it all, featuring multi-media iPad storage and display, as well as room for all your must-haves. Pockets for diapers, keys, phones, bottles and more. Retail: $39.99

preschool happens backpack + harness by itzy ritzy

These backpacks are a 2-in-1 accessory that allows kids to take responsibility for their favorite toys, blankets or books, while you feel safer knowing your child is always within an arm's reach. They feature soft, easy to open and close zipper tags, a main zippered pocket, a zippered side pocket for snacks, (2) top loops for storage and other carrying options and a mesh bottle pocket that can easily carry a child's belongings for preschool or play dates . Retail: $19.99 40


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everything for on the go backseat organizer by prince lionheart Ensure that your little ones’ snacks, car toys, and essentials are within an arm’s reach. In case of car seat meltdown, the top left and right pockets are designed for distraction toys, opaque to capitalize on the element of surprise. This affords the child a moment of intrigue, which rewards parents with a moment of silence. Sanity restored! Retail: $25

travel bib & snack pack by

Perfect for moms on the go. The travel bib has a zip closure pocket for keeping the spoon when not in use. The Snack Pack has two compartments for snacks or a meal for a small child. A spoon is fitted to the lid for ease and convenience. Retail: $9.99+

pocket snack booster by chicco

The convenient carry strap and compact fold make this seat easy to take along to restaurants, on vacation, or to visit family. Pocket Snack features easy-to-clean surfaces, three tray positions, three height adjustments, and a threepoint harness. Two straps secure it to most dining chairs and rubberized feet help keep it from slipping. Retail: $29.99

seatpak by baby bindle

For those trips when a large diaper bag is impractical, SeatPak is perfect for a quick errand with the babies. It is the ONLY diaper bag designed to attach to a car seat, is lightweight & compact, attaches with velcro closures, and has a universal fit for use with any car seat or stroller. Retail: $19.99

twingaroo twin carrier

buggy bench

The Twingaroo twin carrier/diaper bag is simple to use. Its unique patent pending design distributes the weight of your babies and diaper bag contents evenly. It’s the only twin carrier on the market that offers you a complete hands-free experience! Holds two children from 10-35 lbs each of equal or different weight! Retail: $153.55

What to do when shopping with two? Providing a safe environment for your little one, this portable shopping cart seat features maximum comfort and stability and a capacity of up to 40 lbs. Washable covers come in Mint Green, Pretty Pink and Baby Blue. Retail: $39.95 multiplicity

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They have arrived and they are precious and perfect in every way! You cannot get enough and want to capture and memorialize their every moment. Although I truly believe that parents should have point and shoot cameras with them at all times, I also believe that professional photos can be an amazing addition to remembering these amazing moments. The quality and artistic talent of a professional is priceless, so let’s explore a few of those “must have” milestones that are the best times/stages to photograph your new little additions!

the maternity session

If you are still pregnant and haven’t photographed your “bump” by a professional, now is a great time to select your photographer. Maternity sessions are best completed between 34-36 weeks and many photographers offer complete baby plans that may include a maternity session. These sessions are amazing and a great addition to your baby book or your couture album celebrating the life of your new baby, from beginning to...well, another beginning!

the newborn session

make the most of those first year milestones by jennifer parker

During your babies’ first week of life, you and your family are no doubt going through an amazing adjustment. Trying to figure out sleep. Trying to figure out a lot of things. This is the most unbelievable time to have your baby photographed. I encourage parents to bring their newborn babies in before 2 weeks of age but even before 1 week of age is ideal!

Most are looking to have their newborn photographed naked with perhaps an artistic pose. Newborn babies that are just a few days are able to be posed, comfortable naked (as long as they are warm and their bellies are full), and cute as can be. During this time (as a parent of twins and a singleton, I know this!), we are too tired to truly appreciate the tiny toes and wrinkled back. Your photographer should be able capture all these details, and create some amazing artistic images. Newborn babies change so quickly, so don’t let time pass you by before you can capture it professionally. A few caveats when it comes to newborn photography: **It is imperative that you select a newborn photographer with the proper training in handling newborns and who places their safety as a priority over any desired pose. They should be licensed and insured, and have considerable knowledge of the intricacies and special considerations involved in newborn photography. **Many of us parents of multiples experienced NICU time and our babies may not have arrived home within that 2-week window. If your photographer has the proper training, he/she will be able to adapt the newborn session to the age that your little ones arrive home and are cleared by their pediatrician for professional photographs.

changing by the day! You want to make sure you don’t miss anything right? As mentioned before, we probably wont be taking our children every 5 minutes to a professional. I recommend the next time your child makes strides in their development is the best time to bring them back for another session. At 3 months, your baby is now smiling! Yep, they know who you are! Babies at this age will smile and interact a lot. This is something that they did not do as a newborn. Some babies with also be able to have some tummy time. When positioned properly, a 3-4 month old will be able to lift their head up and perhaps peak a smile just long enough for that quick capture! If you are finding that your baby is within this age group and is not yet ready for belly time, which is perfectly fine, wait, until these shots are possible!

the 6-7 month session

About this age, there is another milestone...your babies will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and even sitting up! This is a great age and one of my favorite to photograph. Again, if your babies are not yet sitting up, wait a few

weeks until that is possible. Please know that sitting up with a parent’s helpful hand and balancing does count! Make sure it is safe and an assistant or parent is nearby to catch the lean. Little ones may also enjoy some added clothing for this age. I don’t think babies need a lot of props to enhance photos, but as they get older, adding them can be fun. Their personalities shine so much that your little ones are sure to be the center of attention in any photo!

the 9-11 month session

What no photo session? Well, there’s a reason. Remember, we want to count milestones, right? If you capture your babies at 6 months, and then at 9 months, not too much has changed. They may be crawling, and if you want that captured, that is fabulous! If you want to wait, wait until something is different. As much as they have changed since they were born, the older they are getting, the more subtle the changes are. I don’t want to disappoint my clients with photos from similar sessions where they look the same. --- contd. pg. 53

the 3-4 month session

You’ve had a newborn session, now what? Your babies are multiplicity

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for stow aways bath storage by 3 sprouts

These adorable little guys are the perfect spot for all your little one's bath stuff. Made of the same mildew resistant material used for wetsuits, our bath storage keeps toys dry and your tub organized. The stretchy wide mouth makes grabbing those ‘gotta find it now' toys a snap. Best of all, we've included an easy to adhere, slip-proof suction cup which holds on tight to any tile or glass surface. Retail: $19.99

general storage shelf by land of nod

With twins, you’ll have many toys, books and miscellaneous items that need a special spot. The General Storage Shelf is the ideal organizer for a playroom, family room, mud room or anywhere you need flexible storage. You can even customize the size of each bin with the removable dividers, allowing you to store generally anything. Retail: $399

slim purse organizer by mochi things

You can fit in well over 30 items into this organizer because the secret is in the padding! Soft and light, yet durable, padding allows you to hold items like your iPad, cosmetics, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, cellphone, and even your glasses safely and securely. Because this bag is so slim, you can fit this organizer into larger bags like laptop bags, briefcases and more. Retail: $37.95

on the go series by free like birdie

Free Like Birdie has designed a system for efficiently packing a change of clothes for a small child and organized by 1 side for clean items and 1 side for dirty laundry. The pack is made of waterproof material that will keep in odor and moisture. Reusable and ecofriendly, these packs are great for travel, daycare, keeping in the car or just about anything. These packs fit into most bags and have a handle with buckle so they can attach to a stroller. Retail: $30 44


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absolute necessories babycook pro 2X by pishposhbaby

With easy one-handed operation and 2 large capacity bowls, you can prepare twice as many delicious and nutritious meals in 15 minutes, or sweet and savory meals simultaneously. Babycook® Pro 2x makes over 9 cups of food at one time. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right in Babycook®. Steam cooking locks in vitamins and nutrients, a multi-purpose mixing blade provides just the right texture, and the timer has an audible alert to tell you when meals are ready. Retail: $199.95

symphony all-in-one by bissell

More babies = more dirty floors. The BISSELL® Symphony™ All-in-One is the hard floor cleaner that can vacuum and steam mop at the same time. Can we say cutting our cleaning time in half? Yes! You can also clean your floors with no harsh chemicals—all you need is water, making it safer when babies are crawling and eating off of your now clean floor. Retail: $199.80

table for two

This product is a lifesaver for all parents of twins! This secure, sturdy twin feeder saves you time, energy and sanity, and makes mealtime more comfortable for you and your twins. No more struggling to position your babies in order to bottle-feed them at the same time! Whether expressing breastmilk into bottles or giving formula, Table for Two cuts your work in half! Retail: $269

grand central bag by skip hop

Grand Central—for the mom who needs it all (and takes it all)! Now you see it, now you don't. Grand Central diaper tote from magically combines a compact modern style with an uncanny ability to hold more than you can imagine, tucked away and out of sight. High on style and superb in storage, it holds as much or as little as you want it to; it's the only diaper bag you'll ever need. Take it out for the day or away for the weekend — Grand Central's three innovative sections organize everything mom needs, without feeling over-stuffed! Hangs neatly on stroller and can be worn over the shoulder. Retail: $80.99 multiplicity

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absolute necessories preschool labels by emily press labels

Emily Press is known for stylish name labels that not only look great, they're extremely durable too! This adorable Preschool label set includes their award-winning Preschool shoe labels. Children match the two labels to create one cute image so they can put their shoes on the correct feet all by themselves. Now that's a real timesaver when getting the kids out the door! It includes 100 name labels that are a mix of dishwasher-safe sticky labels and peel and stick clothing labels that are laundry-safe. Available in eight adorable designs. Retail: $33.95

what to do when you’re having two by twiniversity

A #1 best seller on Amazon, What to Do When You’re Having Two is the definitive how-to guide to parenting twins, covering how to make a Birth Plan checklist, sticking to one sleep schedule, managing double-duty breastfeeding, stocking up on all the necessary gear, building one-on-one relationships with each child, and more. Accessible and informative, What to Do When You’re Having Two is the must-have manual for all parents of twins. Retail: $12+

You’ve dreamed of meeting your babies for a long time. We work toward optimal fetal health for every pregnancy so that you can celebrate milestones to come. We help parents realize their dreams.

We help make wishes come true. 46


the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples



the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

meet gugu guru: no more tears

about your registry! by monica banks

Pregnancy is without a doubt, one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life—there’s so much to anticipate and fantasize about. Picking baby names and dreaming up where your little one will go to college can indeed be fun. And it’s the rare mom-to-be who hasn’t spent hours on Pinterest collecting images of their dream nursery. But once the reality of creating a baby registry sets in, many first time moms start to get a little twitchy with stress. That was certainly my experience and I know I’m not alone. When I was pregnant with my first child over five years ago, I spent so much time agonizing over which baby bouncer to pick that I would literally lose sleep over it—at a time when de-stressing and resting was crucial. The sheer amount of baby products on the market is so completely overwhelming. While it may sound similar to choosing items for a wedding registry, the things you select for your baby registry will get a lot more use than the ice cream maker you pull out of the closet three times a year. Fast forward five years and another baby later, I was approached by one of my best friends who was pregnant with her first child and needed some baby registry advice. She wanted to lean on me for guidance, and rightly so. Not only do I have two kids, but my career is also in the baby products industry. I work as a consultant 48


to many leading baby brands and have logged countless hours following the trends in juvenile products. So, what seemed like a no-brainer task of helping one of my closest friends choose her baby essentials was actually a mission impossible. She lives in a high-rise apartment building in the city and I live in the suburbs, which means many of my picks, including my SUV-sized stroller would be a ridiculous choice for her. In addition to her urban dwellings, she also has vastly different taste than I do. Her minimalistic style contrasted with my love of bold prints and bright colors. My friend and I were at a stalemate. As much as I wanted to help her, I couldn’t. Neither could any of the hundreds of friends in her social network. We’ve become a society of relying on social media to help us make many decisions in life, but when most friends in your network either live in another part of the country or have completely different tastes or budgets than you, it’s not the best place to turn for baby registry advice. Not to mention, many of the blogs pregnant moms read feature product recommendations they’re getting paid to write about. This is when I had my “ah-ha” moment. I used to love taking those quizzes in magazines and I thought—there should be a quiz for moms to help discover their perfect baby registry style! And that’s when Gugu Guru was born.

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

I spent months interviewing pregnant women—many of which were expecting twins— about all of their issues and questions with the baby registry process. I compiled all of that information into the quiz, along with fun and stylish mood boards (much like Pinterest) to help moms determine their style and help them identify their needs and wants for their baby registry. I worked alongside other experts in the mom and baby business to cull inside information and essential details about the different products and various choices a mom needs to make for her registry. After almost a year of tinkering, researching and designing, Gugu Guru finally launched this March. Gugu Guru has the first and only twin and triplet specific registry. We have questions and products geared specifically to moms of multiples. Our team of experts and advisors includes Twiniversity’s founder Natalie Diaz, who knows the unique needs of those with twins and triplets. All of Gugu Guru’s product recommendations are completely unbiased. We’ve included both industry leaders and emerging brands in the breadth of product recommendations. Each product that gets recommended is the result of a wholly organic process that is based on consumer data, not some blogger who is getting paid to recommend something. Our patent-pending algorithm delivers the best products based on mom’s lifestyle, taste and budget.

My goal is for Gugu Guru to be the one-stop destination for every mom-to-be looking to replace stress with a sense of ease and joy during the baby registry process. It’s like working with a personal shopper who happens to have the best knowledge and advice in the baby product category. With Gugu Guru, you can leave the shopping in the hands of the experts so you can focus on what’s more know, like your new babies. Monica is the founder of Gugu Guru, the first baby registry to combine a personalized shopping experience with consumer reviews and industry expert input to deliver perfectly matched recommendations for new parents. Prior to this, Monica was a branding and marketing consultant in the Mom & Baby industry. She has launched successful initiatives with such brands as Pampers, Similac, Belli skincare, and Baby Cargo. She lives with her husband and two children in Long Island, New York. multiplicity

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and we know you do, too! Let us know why your twins are super special and you could be selected to win a fun prize from our sponsor, Step2. All entries are reviewed and the winner is selected by the Mom Squad. Entries should be submitted by residents of the continental U.S. only.

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jaime & hayden

contd. from --- milestone

one year & beyond!

Crawling, standing with help or even walking. Teeth! It’s all here by now. This is a milestone, for sure! Never fear if your little ones are not walking yet, as you will still want to get their portraits done at 1 year. Some of my clients will wait a couple of weeks after their birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Celebrating this first year is for both of you. You have been with your little ones now for 1 year and can’t imagine life any differently. So now you are wondering, “What about after my babies turn 1?” Typically, I encourage every 6 months after they turn 1. Imagine the images, the collages, the montages capturing your babies from the bump, to 1 year, to after? Once they are 3, time slows down a bit and most of my clients intend to shoot once a year. Take advantage of your photographer’s incentives at different times of the year to capture more priceless moments. I have NEVER heard a parent complain that they have too many pictures of their children! Jennifer is the proud owner of Firewife Photography, a niche photography service focused on twin families. She strives to work with families in capturing precious memories, creating treasured moments that span beyond space and time. She has worked for years with her local twin club and is a mom of 8 year old boy/girl twins and a 4 year old daughter. Jennifer is also the loving wife of a tireless firefighter, hence the company name. You can connect with her via her website or on facebook. multiplicity

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photos courtesy of jane goodrich photography

a day in the life of a mom... of 3 month olds

by mallory kerley 2:47 a.m. I am roused from a dream about sleep by the tell-tale sign of a crying baby. I wait a few minutes to see if it’s some sort of fluke (it never is), and decide it’s time to fix the problem. Creeping in carefully not to wake Baby G, I look into the complainer’s crib and in the darkness spot two bright little eyeballs attached to a now quiet mouth that seem to be saying “Oh, hi mom! Fancy seeing you here!” Pacifier plopped back into said mouth, those beady little balls close. Whew. Jumping over the spots in the floor that I know creak, I stand outside the door for three minutes to make sure Baby X is actually sleeping. After nothing but those adorable baby purrs, the coast seems clear, so I shuffle back into my room and stand next to the bed for another 30 seconds to be extra safe. Sweet silence. I slowly slide back into bed, head on the pillow, comforter up, close my eyes….. Rise, rinse, repeat at least four times before appropriate morning time. 6 a.m. First feed of the day! Rise and shine little ones. Who am I kidding? You’ve been awake for 20 minutes already. Each parent takes a baby to feed; it’s insane how they go from nuclear meltdown mode to sated chowdown mode in the mere seconds it takes that bottle to enter those screaming lips. They stare at me while they eat, 52


a new and much-needed reassurance that they acknowledge my presence in their lives. 6:30 a.m. First diaper change of the day, or as we call it ‘Nakee Baby Time”. They absolutely love it... so weird. I heard some pretty spectacular noises emanating from down below while you were eating. Oh, just pee. Thanks little one! 6:45 a.m. Swing time while mommy and daddy now get to enjoy (or just inahale) our breakfast. I’m fascinated by how fascinated they are by the mobile hanging over their swing. They stare and even chat with it. Wonder what they’re chatting about? Sometimes I wish it could talk back. 7:45 a.m. Ah, time for their morning nap. This is my guaranteed opportunity to catch up on all of the housework and mounds of laundry that needs to be done….which I will totally do after watching just one episode of Scandal on the DVR. #TeamJake 10 a.m. Om nom brunch 10:30 a.m. Tummy time! Lucky for me, today the boys decide that they like it --- cue the cooing and staring at each other. Oh wait, just like that, they’ve decided to hate it. It’s ok kid, you are not

the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

going to die, but if you keep spitting up and then shoving your face in it you will be a stinky little elf and no one will want to be around you for long. 11 a.m. Time to pump so that these little men can eat. Of course this is the exact moment dad decides to take a shower, and you decide you can’t stand that mobile you were so amourous for this morning. 11:30 a.m. Afternoon nap --- time to wash all the big bottles you ate today, sterilize, then refill with milk from the fridge, then wash all of those bottles, and sterilize them. Oh, and make myself lunch! 12 p.m. Lunch? Who am I kidding? Awake babies instead! Can I balance two babies on my lap at the table while stuffing a sandwich in my mouth? No, this is not wise, especially as Bentley the dog stares expectantly for something to drop --- be it baby or food, honestly he’d be happy with either. (*note - I have never dropped my baby) 12:15 p.m. How to entertain a baby with the attention span of a goldfish? Look it’s a rattle! Look it’s a bell! Look it’s a mirror! No, wait --- that’s just your brother. Look it’s a singing owl! A buzzing bee! How many weird noises can I make with my own mouth? Look, it’s your puppy! Bentley stop licking the baby’s mouth. Really, THAT makes you smile? Look at this blanket with such a fun pattern! Ok I’ve run out of toys to shake in front of you and ones that you can hold; you have to be getting tired. Oh my god, it’s only been 7 minutes. (Play, repeat 40x for the next hour or so) 2 p.m. Feeding #3 - on the last burp, Baby X spits up what seems like the whole bottle, and relishes in getting it all over his hands, my shoulder, and the couch. Oh thanks, Bentley --- lick it off the floor. That’s beyond gross, but I’m going to pretend I don’t see it so that it’s easier to clean later. After feeding, nakee baby time includes a poop the size of Texas, along with a lovely stain up the back that coincidentally is also the shape of Texas. Debate of the day: change him into another outfit or just give up and go for the pajamas. I don’t know about you, but in my house, PJs win every time! We really need to go food shopping. I bet if we pack up the boys real quick, we could do a speed shopping session and have them back in time for a quality nap. I just need to check and restock the diaper bag, get the carriers, start the car, get the blankets, find the missing sock, where’s the multiplicity

pacifier?! No, not that one; he hates that one. I know he liked it yesterday, but today he keeps spitting it out. You know what? Forget it. Let’s just go tomorrow and have my mom watch them for an hour. I didn’t really want to go today anyway. Before I mom to ask if she can watch them tomorrow for an hour. She gently reminds me that I asked her that same exact thing earlier this morning and she already said yes. Let’s take them for a walk, it’s beautiful outside! Get stopped around three times with the squeals of “are those TWINS?!” yes “How old?” 3.5 months “boys or girls” two boys “are they identical” not sure, what do you think? I know these questions annoy a lot of twin moms, but I am still basking in the attention. When you’re pregnant, you are the center of attention, even more so when people find out it’s twins and then BAM! It’s all about the babies...for the rest of your life. So whatever, I like feeling special every once and a while. 6 p.m. Last feeding, time to wind down. Crap! I forgot to take something out for our dinner. Pizza? for the third time this week? At 7:30 after they fall asleep? Sounds good to me. 8 p.m. Total silence from their room. I sneak in just to stare creepily at their content faces like most moms do. My husband puts his arm around me, and I say “we did good, huh?” Those few peaceful moments make the madness of the day (almost) disappear. I forget about the frustration and mess, reminding myself how lucky we are to have healthy handsome sons. 10 p.m. As my head hits the pillow, I smile realizing we all survived another day. I might not be the perfect mom, but I’m exactly the mom they need. And for now, that’s good enough for me. Mallory is a publicist for an animal welfare organization, and mom to twin boys Grayson and Xander born in January of 2015. She lives with her sons, husband Kevin and dog Bentley on Long Island, NY, where she enjoys the great outdoors and discovering new dining locales. the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


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the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

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The creator of the Twiniversity online resource delivers the definitive survival guide for all parents of multiples --- from pregnancy through the first year The rate of twin births has risen by 79% over the last three decades, and continues to grow. Expectant parents are overwhelmed with questions: do I really need two of everything? Can we do this ourselves or do we need help? Will I have to rob a bank to raise these babies without going broke? A twins mom herself and national guru on having two (or more!), Natalie Diaz launched Twiniversity, a supportive website with advice from the trenches. What to Do When You’re Having Two covers: *making a Birth Plan checklist *sticking to one sleep schedule *double-duty breastfeeding *must-have gear *building one-on-one relationships with each child early Brimming with tried-and-true tips --- from the diaper budget to stroller sanity --- this is the must-have survival guide for parents of multiples. Natalie Diaz has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Family Magazine, and more. She was named one of the top 100 Social Media Moms on Twitter by Disney and has recently been nominated for a She Knows Parenting Award.

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Mama said there’d be days like this. Join moms of multiples all around the globe in supporting each other on the good AND the not-so-good days.

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the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples

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