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simulacrum [ˌ sImjʊˈle Ikr m] e

n pl -cra [-kr ] Archaic e

1. any image or representation of something 2. a slight, unreal, or vague semblance of something; superficial likeness [from Latin: likeness, from simulāre to imitate, from similis like]

Once Upon a Time... ...there was a little girl who wanted to grow up to become either a prince, a farmer, or Robin Hood. The years passed and she grew tall, as was the custom for people from her land. And while she once dressed like a prince, tilled the soil and kept chickens like a farmer, and wore tights like Robin Hood, she didn’t really grow up. Instead she became a doll maker. twigling took her name from a tale of neomythic fiction, because she identified strongly with themes of mythology, fairytales, folklore, handcrafts and all things natural. She was fed a healthy mix of these things during her formative years, and had an innate urge to make things. As a doll maker, she was completely self taught, learning from trial and error and occasional success, from research and observation and perhaps a generous sprinkle of rather mundane dust. She specialised firstly in the movement and posture of joints, trying always to make her dolls pose naturally and gracefully, and with an ease that made them a delight to play with. Her creations were clean slates, hundreds of lovely sisters that travelled all over the Earth. But twigling also aspired to express some of her other skills and ideas through her dolls, and with the help of a fairy queen, a kind witch and a pair of magical sprites, the Ladies of Lore that you find between the covers of this catalogue were brought to life. In the pages that follow, you can both learn about the artists involved and discover each of the princesses.

Our collection of one of a kind, fully customised character dolls are taken from a blend of epic legends, fantasy fiction, folktales, classic paintings and past epochs of art and fashion, as well as contemporary books, video games, films and TV-series that may well have tapped many of these same deep sources for inspiration. While they may remind you of stories you already know from your childhood, or archetypes from the collective unconscious, these seven princesses are completely new to the world, and waiting for their knights (or knightesses) in shining armour to arrive. Some of them are elves and fairies, and others mere mortals, but each one holds a certain noesis of a story that wants to be written. We invite you to peruse and enjoy this catalog, and are delighted to inform you that you will be able to see almost all the dolls in person if you are attending LDoll Festival 5 in Lyon this October, or maybe you already saw them at Dolliverse in Nijmegen this summer. Perhaps you will be the one to write one of their stories?

Salammbo Elf Ingenue in rose pink resin, with the largest bust and long-nailed hands. She is wearing a hand-dyed soft yellow drop-back gown with a leather collar, accompanied with a lace shawl in antique gold. Her hair is made with copper-brown alpaca fibre. Her faceup is painted in tones of shimmering yellow and green tones with a petal embellishment around the right eye. Her 14mm glass eyes are of a rich vermillion brown colour. In private collection, not for sale

“To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.� William Blake

“She liked time at the edges of things the edge of the crowd, the edge of the pool, the edge of the wood where all must pass but none quite belonged.� Nicola Griffith

Vulpeja Elf Ingenue in rose pink resin with the largest bust and long-nailed hands. She wears a hand-dyed cotton dress in lilac and indigo tones with an embossed leather corset and white metal buckle. Her wig is made from a gradient of grey alpaca fibre, which is darker at the tips than at the roots. The lightly freckled face is shaded with cool tones to match the blue and purple mixed glass eyes. Price â‚Ź 650,Will come with, wig, eyes and necklace. The dress has been sold.

Peisinoë Human open eyed Ingenue in rose pink resin with the smallest bust and long-nailed hands. She is wearing a hand-dyed cotton shift of light blue and puce, adorned with a small cameo brooch and a braided belt. Her fawn-brown hair is made from alpaca fibre and decorated with a wreath of flowers. A soft and neutral faceup, gives her pale blue-grey glass eyes a gentle glow. Price € 700,Will come with, wig and eyes. The dress has been sold.

But pleasures are like poppies spread, You sieze the flower, its bloom is shed; Or like the snow falls in the river, A moment white--then melts for ever; Or like the borealis race, That flit ere you can point their place; Or like the rainbow’s lovely form Evanishing amid the storm. Robert Burns

Orotiele Ingenieuse (elf ) in rose pink resin with the largest bust and long-nailed hands. Her olive green Mucha-style gown is made from layers of silk and synthetic fabric, adorned with metal embellishments and delicate chains. She has sandy brown hair made from alpaca fibres, accented with turquoise beads and soft braids. Her face is painted in greenish golden hues, and she has earthy brown glass eyes. In private collection, not for sale

“He feeds upon her face by day and night, And she with true kind eyes looks back on him, Fair as the moon and joyful as the light: Not wan with waiting, not with sorrow dim; Not as she is, but was when hope shone bright; Not as she is, but as she fills his dream.� Christina Rossetti

Suripanta Human dreaming Ingenue in rose pink resin with the smallest bust and long-nailed hands. Her dress is made from mauve silk with a pewter clasp, and her light brown alpaca fibre wig is set in an exquisitely adorned and elaborate updo. Her half-closed lids are framed by a dramatic stroke of turquoise colour, that partially hide a pair of caramel brown glass eyes. Price â‚Ź 900,-

Poetry O symbol of the always surprising, the unexpected, the eternal desire never within reach object beyond my power. sigh of my sighs, dreaming of the dream of all my days and nights she walks in fire, nakedly through my mind.

Uys Krige

Timenah Human open eyed Ingenue in rose pink resin with smallest bust and long-nailed hands. She is wearing a hand-dyed dress in ice blue, with a ruffle detail and ostrich leather collar. Her raven black hair is braided with strands of violet silk. Her strong, blue glass eyes are framed by neutral tones and natural black lashes and brows. In private collection, not for sale

“Understood in its metaphysical sense, Beauty is one of the manifestations of the Absolute Being. Emanating from the harmonious rays of the Divine plan, it crosses the intellectual plane to shine once again across the natural plane, where it darkens into matter.� Jean Delville

Arise, O ambrosial moon By the strong immemorial spell. By the subtle veridical rune. That is mighty in heaven and hell! Drip thy mystical dews On the tongues of the tender fauns In the shade of initiate yews Remote from the desert dawns! Aleister Crowley

Aijxha Human open eyed Ingenue in antique pink resin with smallest bust and original style hands. Her hand-dyed purple gradient outfit consists of a braided belt skirt and hooded cowl. She also wears a finely crocheted top with metal accent underneath. The feet and right arm are adorned with knotted cords. This doll is envisioned as always wearing her hood up and does not have a wig, however the eyebrows hint that she may have ginger hair underneath that hood. Her face is completely finished in purple tones, including her deep purple glass eyes. In private collection, not for sale

Elbereth Elf Ingenue in rose pink resin with the largest bust and long.-nailed hands. She wears a vintage silk dress with an antique golden bodice embroidered with white flowers. Her ash blonde hair is made with alpaca fibre and adorned with a pale green silk headband and a tingling bell. Sparkling golden eyes are framed in shimmering spring green with a small curlicue below her left eye. In private collection, not for sale

“The path of a good woman is indeed strewn with flowers; but they rise behind her steps, not before them� John Ruskin

“Tishalulle,” Huzzah replied, pronouncing the run of the syllables without hesitation. “That’s the sound the waves made when she was born,” she explained. Clive Barker

Tishalulle Human open eyed Ingenue in rose pink resin with the smallest bust and long-nailed hands. Her body is to be adorned with jewellery that enhances her feminine form and delicate painted designs. Her faceup and bodyblush is in turquoise and brown with white patterns. She is a surprise addition to the catalogue and was not completely assembled at time of printing, meaning we have not yet settled on the wig and eyes that she will wear, and will do so while setting up the stand at LDoll 5 on the evening of October 17, to be revealed for the first time in her entirety when the doors open to the public at 11am the next day. In private collection, not for sale

Notes On Articulation The torso joint is round rather than oblong, and allows for a generous back and forwards movement, side-to-side movement is also possible, but not as deep. And because of the round shape the torso joint can also be rotated as far as you like without any gaps or overhang showing. The hips are simple spheres, which allows them to move in as many directions as possible with minimum overhang or gaps showing. The legs are strung separately from the torso through a hole between the hip sockets, so the upside-down T-shaped stringing slot is not very visible in most poses. The toes are jointed so you can change the foot pose without replacing the foot, and the big toe is separated so she can wear thongs (flip-flops) or geta. There are four little click-stops in the toe joint; one where the toes sort of curl under, the next is the flat, and then a soft heeled pose and finally a full heel. There are six click-stops in the upper half of the knee, and these will work best if there is some sueding applied for grip. The lower knee may also benefit from some sueding to be able to hold poses beside the straight and fully flexed positions. There is also a stopper in the upper part of the knee that prevents it from bending further than the 90 degrees (thus preventing any gapping), and allowing the lower part of the knee to kick in. The shoulder cups does not have click-stops but they do have two nubs to hold them in alignment. The L/R markings are designed to face either up or down, depending on your preference for how the shoulder should look, especially in the neutral position. The elbow joint is double, with a free-rotating and just under 90-degree flexing top half, and a 60-or-so degrees bottom half that will softly lock in at its furthest point.

Measurements Height 67cm Wig size 22cm (8/9 inch) Eye size 14mm or 16mm Neck (around) 10.5cm Back length 14cm Shoulder width w/o arm 9.5cm (with arm 14cm) Arm length 19.5cm Upper arm 8.2cm Lower arm 8.3cm Wrist circumference 6cm Bust (small & medium) 26cm Bust (large) 28cm Underbust 22.5cm Waist 20cm Hips 33.5cm Thigh (around) 18cm Inseam length 34.5cm Ankle thinnest 7cm Ankle thickest 9cm Foot length 7.7cm Foot width 3.5cm

On The Progeniture of Our Sculpts Ingenue and the TL3 body was designed and created by Therese (Reese) Olsen, perhaps more widely known as twigling. Ingenue is available in two versions, one with open eyes (OE) and one with nearly-closed eyes (SA). Nanyalin has also created two heads for the TL3 body, both elves with pointed ears. One is Elf Ingenue, and the other Ingenieuse. In addition, Nanyalin has created a long-nailed version of the hands for this doll, and also a more ample bust size, which is the largest offered.

About the artists twigling Therese is a displaced Norwegian troll who now resides under a bridge in Spain, and has previously lived in a cave in Australia for a number of years. Sculpting dolls has gone from being a hobby, to becoming a way of life and artistic expression. Though she will never grow up, she may yet grow wise.

Nanyalin Marta Prieto Mora is a Spanish BJD customiser, faceup artist and doll sculptor who is strongly inspired by Celtic mythology and legends. She has spent the last five years living the dream in Ireland and as a result carries the spirit of the Sidhe within.

Skumring Britta is a real Norwegian huldre, and also a professional photographer, costume and mask designer, flower decorator, live action role player, doll collector, artist and a force of nature who has been an amazing help and support for twigling in terms of Getting Things Done.

CustomLovers Apokripha (Teba) and Yukari (Rebeca) are a pair of amazingly multitalented Spanish girls, based in Madrid. Together the two paints faceups, sew clothes, make wigs and sculpt dolls both by hand and digitally. Rebeca also makes mixed media posable fantasy animals, and Teba is an artist who writes and illustrates graphic novels.

Winterdeer (formerly Korone) Pilvi Kuusela is a Finnish haltija with an ingrained feeling for cold weather and shimmering lakes. She is also a faceup artist who specializes in bjd aesthetics, but has a background in illustration and character design, which adds depth and nuance to her work. Pilvi’s style meshes well with the ideas that we have for twigling’s sculpts and the concepts of simulakra, so expect to see more of her magic in the future.

Simulakra 1st edition  

2014 Collaborative OoAK Collection. twigling, Magic Mirror, Skumring, Custom Lovers, Winterdeer. A catalogue of Ball Jointed Dolls by twig...

Simulakra 1st edition  

2014 Collaborative OoAK Collection. twigling, Magic Mirror, Skumring, Custom Lovers, Winterdeer. A catalogue of Ball Jointed Dolls by twig...