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FEBRUARY 22–MARCH 2,2019 WEST END CULTURAL CENTRE Wheelchair accessible venue ASL interpreted performances on Feb 23 & Mar 2

In partnership with the West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Avenue


APRIL 6, 9, 12


The Opera Made Famous by Bugs Bunny Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! It’s one laugh after another in this crazy tale of close shaves, disguises, and hilarious antics as Figaro the barber saves the day for two young lovers. Fun for all ages! Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage.

Tickets: 204-944-8824 |

26152 1 February 13, 2019

Barber of Seville Print Ad Three Penny Opera 5'' x 4'' BW None February 15, 2019 TBA CPo




An immersive, interactive dance/theatre piece that explores end-of-life choices through the lens of disability. / Tickets $20 / Rush Seating (only 50 seats available/night)


Photo: Andrew Cecon, Debbie Patterson, Johanna Riley, photo by Solmund Jakob MacPherson & Ian McCausland


A PR 17 — 28 2019

Sick + Twisted Theatre and AA Battery Theatre present in partnership with the West End Cultural Centre

THE THREEPENNY OPERA By Bertolt Brecht, Music by Kurt Weill

Translated by Robert David MacDonald and Jeremy Sams

February 22 – March 2, 2019

Welcome to The Threepenny Opera Summer, 1928, on a beach in the South of France. Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, two ambitious, talented twenty-somethings, wrote The Threepenny Opera in a few short weeks in an explosion of creativity. Their fledgling partnership was on fire. Brecht was a brilliant young poet who was driven by an urgent need to use Marxist principles to change the world. Weill was obsessed with bringing the new jazz sounds from America into the world of opera. With scant time to fill a commission for the opening of the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin, they went about adapting the 18th Century English play The Beggar’s Opera, which Elizabeth Hauptmann, Brecht’s partner-in-art (and sometimes in life), had translated into German. The rehearsal period was beset with disasters and chaos. But it miraculously opened on August 31, 1928, to quickly become the theatrical mega-hit of the day. To say that The Threepenny Opera was revolutionary is an understatement. In its audacious mashing-up of German cabaret, agitprop theatre, and operetta, it basically invented the musical theatre form as we now know it. It succeeded in satirizing the bourgeois values of its audience and the systems of oppression that supported them, all with a wicked sense of fun and music like no one had heard before. It couldn’t have happened at any other time than in Weimar Germany, a period of a few years between the First World War and the rise of the Nazis. The past was a horror, the future was scary, and Berlin was partying like never before or since. We welcome you to a cabaret in Berlin/Winnipeg, in 1928/2019, where a group of beggars, Deaf, disabled, and otherwise, are putting on a subversive little play with music just for you.

* The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy Content Warning: strong language, discussion and depiction of violent and sexual acts, racism, ableism and sexism

Artistic Director’s Message When AA battery approached us about partnering on this production of Threepenny Opera, we leapt at the chance. This play, with its dim view of humanity, is nevertheless optimistic and generous. Much of the play exposes the most grotesque aspects of capitalism, transforming tender human relationships into nothing more than transactions. But there is nothing wishy-washy about the call for compassion embedded in this play. We are reminded we must be adaptable, we must be practical, and we must ensure everyone’s basic need are met. Sick + Twisted Theatre embraces disability aesthetics, a way of making art that invites us to think about disability as a desirable and celebrated way of being in the world. Disability teaches us to be adaptable, to be practical, and to live in a world of interdependence. Disability awakens us to the possibility of an anticapitalist utopia. The answer to a better world is a revolution that centres disability justice. Like Mr. Peachum, we have a difficult job: arousing human compassion. But we’re not alone. You’re here with us, and we can all move forward together. Sick + Twisted Theatre benefits from the generosity of many, but of special importance is our relationship with Prairie Theatre Exchange, which supports us as a company in residence. We thank them for the interdependence they foster in our community by sharing their resources. – Debbie Patterson, Artistic Director of Sick + Twisted

Photo Credit @peggrammer and @gyk26

Prince Amponsah – Narrarator/ Matt/Smith/ Lucy Prince Amponsah is an actor based out of Toronto and a graduate of the George Brown Theatre Program. Prince is extremely excited and grateful to be a part of this classic Brechtian production here in Winnipeg. A few of his credits include Private Eyes (Global), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Killjoys (Syfy/Space), Lot and His God (Desiderata Theatre), and Sheets (Veritas Theatre).

Carol-Ann Bohrn – Filch/Jake Bohrn + raised in Brandon, Carol-Ann completed her professional dance training at Ryerson University (Toronto) and the School of Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg). She has performed work by artists including Jolene Bailie, Marie Josee Chartier, Odette Heyn, Johanna Riley, Ming Hon, Gioconda Barbuto and Joshua Beamish. In 2015, she was one of five artists selected to partake in the Cartae Open School at aceartinc, an eight-month cross-disciplinary program where she created a video and digital prints. In 2017, she was accepted through a juried process to participate in the year-long Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art. Carol-Ann has had the opportunity to create her own work through the Young Lungs Dance Exchange Research Series and for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg 2018.

*Andrea del Campo – Mrs. Peachum’s “voice”/ Ned Andrea is incredibly grateful that this extraordinary team of artists has come together to work on this production, and excited that you are here to join us! Andrea has appeared in film, television, and on every professional English-language stage in Winnipeg. Recent on-screen credits include Percy, Sorry for Your Loss and Stegman Is Dead; recent stage credits include Timon of Athens (SIR), A Christmas Carol (RMTC) and Mamma Mia! (Rainbow Stage). Catch her later this season in Strike! at Rainbow Stage. Andrea is a founding member of musical improv company, Outside Joke, and has travelled across Canada with them. Many thanks to Arne and Deb, who have been her guides and comrades in bringing this show to life. Love to Philip.

Carlyn Graff-Czehryn - Polly Carlyn is so excited to be making her professional debut as Polly! She has been involved in music and theatre from a young age, and has performed in over a dozen musicals, including The Wizard of Oz (Glinda), and Honk! (Ida). For 3 years, Carlyn was part of Winnipeg Studio Theatre’s Studioworks Adult program. She has 5 years of classical voice training, and has a Theatre Minor from the University of Winnipeg. In her daily life, Carlyn is a Kinesiologist and CSEPCertified Personal Trainer, helping others to “Find their Balance”. She is so thankful for this opportunity to work with an incredibly talented cast, and to show that diversity on the stage is awesome.

Joanna K. Hawkins - Mrs. Peachum Hailing from Poland, a University of Manitoba Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate, Joanna Hawkins has always felt a strong connection to the arts. She is a skilled artist (drawing & painting), graphic designer and photographer but her real dream had always been with acting. Joanna has performed as a lead in a children’s show for young deaf children and has been involved in several films in Manitoba as a featured extra as well as two television commercials. Joanna has been professionally trained in mime, physical comedy and storytelling by the award winning Hot Thespian Action’s Shannon Guile. Joanna’s aim is not only to entertain audiences with her incredibly crisp and clean physical illusions but to reach-out with the beauty of Deaf Culture and build bridges between the hearing and Deaf worlds.

Ian Mikita – Peachum’s “voice”/Walt/Constable Ian’s thrilled to be returning to theatre after a lengthy hiatus. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2004 with a degree in computer science, but left the I.T. field in 2007 to concentrate on performance and artistic creation. Ian plays drums and percussion in a number of Winnipeg bands, including The Mariachi Ghost and Drum Cafe, under Jay Stoller. He’s had years of vocal ensemble experience through groups such as Apogee, Prairie Voices, Antiphony, and most recently Camerata Nova. He’s also appeared in plays at the Winnipeg Fringe, and been a part of contemporary dance and multidisciplinary works. When not otherwise occupied, Ian works as an artist-educator, voice-actor, and also as a neurofeedback trainer at the Winnipeg ADD Centre.

*Debbie Patterson – Jenny Debbie Patterson is a Winnipeg playwright, director and actor. Trained at the National Theatre School of Canada, she is a founder of Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR), served as Artistic Director for Popular Theatre Alliance of MB, Theatre Ambassador for Winnipeg’s Cultural Capital year and as Artistic Associate at Prairie Theatre Exchange 2012 to 2018. In 2014 she was selected for the United Nations Platform for Action Committee’s Activist Award and was honoured with the Mayor’s Making a Mark Award in 2017. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Gina Wilkinson Prize. She is a proud advocate for disability arts as the Artistic Director of Sick + Twisted Theatre. Big thank you’s to Prairie Theatre Exchange for hosting Sick + Twisted as Company in Residence as well as to AA Battery and the West End Cultural Centre for partnering on this show!

Jordan Sangalang – Peachum Taken under the wing of Hot Thespian Action’s Shannon Guile, Jordan is a graduate from both UBC (BA) and Gallaudet University (MA), and took flight with 100 Decibels. Jordan made his performing debut during high school in Florida, where he signed songs all around the state. He had his professional theatre debut performing a play called Tribes written by Nina Raine. He did ASL performances including poetry at World Poetry Day, songs with Raine Hamilton and storytelling at the Storytelling Festival. Jordan aspires to show audiences the beauty of building connections through ideas and feelings in ASL.

Natasha Torres-Garner – Mack the Knife Natasha started her performance career in contemporary dance in 2002. She has performed with Montreal’s Fortier Danse Création, Bill Coleman, in repertoire by the late Jean-Pierre Perreault, as well as Toronto’s Marie-Josée Chartier. Natasha’s long dedication to the independent community in Winnipeg has meant working with Winnipeg’s Tom Stroud, Out of Line Theatre, TRIP Dance Company, Treasure Waddell, Alison Robson, Johanna Riley, Alex Elliott, Ali Robson, Leigh Anne Parry, Danielle Sturk, Ming Hon and Mia Van Leeuwen. Torres-Garner has been involved in initiating a number of collaborative teams as well as collective presentations, including The Rite Productions, the Momentum Collective and Weather Parade Dance Theatre. Her commitment to collaborative forces was initiated by being a founding member of Young Lungs Dance Exchange.

Steve Yurkiw – Tiger Brown Steve developed his love of the performing arts through over 30 years of singing and dancing with the Sokol Polish Folk Ensemble. He studied acting at the Prairie Theatre Exchange Theatre School. He has appeared in Quo Vadis (That Way Productions), Chess (Ethereal Fantazy Productions), and Guns Blazing (Houses Within Houses Productions) during the Winnipeg Fringe Festival as well as in West Side Story (Rainbow Stage). He can also be found hanging out on Twitter on occasion (@stevey1963).

*Arne MacPherson – Director Arne is deeply grateful to all the incredible artists who have undertaken this journey together, and to all those who have helped to make it happen with their support. For Sick+Twisted, he directed the first two Lame Is... disability cabarets, Sargent and Victor and Me (co-produced with TPM), and will direct How It Ends by Debbie Patterson a Prairie Theatre Exchange in April. Arne’s theatre practice has drawn him off the beaten path of late, in shows like I Trace You, You Trace Me, (with Natasha Torres-Garner and Weather Parade), Much Too Much to Say (Zorya Arrow/Company Link), A Short History of Crazy Bone (Theatre Projects Manitoba) and Embargo (One Trunk Theatre).

Paul De Gurse – Music Director Paul De Gurse is thrilled to have been taken outside of his comfort zone by such an exciting project. Over the course of his career he has worked for various companies across Canada, including Toronto’s Acting Up Stage Company and Angelwalk Theatre, Southern Ontario’s Drayton Entertainment and Halifax’s Neptune Theatre. He loves making theatre in Winnipeg most of all, where he’s had wonderful experiences at the Manitoba Theatre For Young People, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, Winnipeg Studio Theatre, Dry Cold Productions, and 5 seasons with Rainbow Stage. Coming up he is continuing to conduct musicals in Winnipeg and across Canada, as well as continuing to develop the Village Conservatory for Music Theatre, an initiative he has co-founded which is dedicated to the creation of a full time professional musical theatre training program in Winnipeg.

Zorya Arrow – Choreographer Zorya Arrow is a dance-theatre artist who’s obsession with authenticity drives her work. As a choreographer/directer she has created over ten original performance works, presented by Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Nova Dance Collective and Company Link. She directed Heavenly Bodies (Happy/Accidents) and assistant directed Deserter (Moving Target Theatre Company). Working as a dancer/actor, this year’s highlights include; Rencor Vivo (The Mariachi Ghost, Halifax), Hamlet (The Knavish Hedgehogs), Scopophobia (Lasha Mowchun’s new film), A Short History of Crazy Bone (Theatre Projects Manitoba), and Flesh + Machine (Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers). Arrow holds an Honours degree in Dance from the University of Winnipeg in affiliation with The School of Contemporary Dancers Senior Professional Program, and additional Clown training.

Brenda McLean – Costume Designer Brenda is an independent theatre artist; she is super stoked to be working on 3PO! Recently Brenda directed Tete-a-Tetes for Ibsenfest and was the Costume Designer for New Magic Valley Fun Town and Happy Place at PTE. Upcoming Brenda plans on sleeping in more in the spring. Brenda received an Evie award for her Set and Costume Design on Deserter and is pleased to be collaborating with Arne, Jaymez, and Brooklyne again!

Sean E. McMullen – Set Designer Sean is a Winnipeg based designer of sets, lighting, and costume. When not doing strange and wonderful theatre, Sean can be found painting, sketching, writing, and sometimes teaching at the University of Winnipeg. The Threepenny Opera will be Sean’s first time collaborating with Sick + Twisted Theatre and AA Battery Theatre. Recent credits include Arcadia and Concord Floral with the University of Winnipeg, Reefer Madness with Winnipeg Studio Theatre, and Carmen with the Little Opera Company.

jaymez – Lighting Designer With a multi-faceted and distinct visual style, jaymez has worked in the visual art, dance, theatre and music communities. His video work has appeared in a number of international festivals, theatrical and dance productions and he has performed live video alongside dozens of musicians and artists and he has created lighting, video and sound designs for a wide and diverse range of companies and choreographers. His work has been featured in a number of cities across North America and Europe. He recently won the Winnipeg Theatre Award for outstanding design for his work on Deserter. jaymez currently sits on the board of Video Pool Media Arts Centre and holds a BFA in Video from the University of Manitoba.

*Jane Buttner – Stage Manager For Sick + Twisted: Sargent & Victor & Me (with TPM - 2016 tour). Other credits include A Short History of Crazy Bone, Reservations (Theatre Projects Manitoba); I Dream of Diesel (One Trunk Theatre/ TPM); The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe (MTYP); StrippedDown Antony & Cleopatra (2017 tour), Romeo & Juliet, Antony & Cleopatra (mainstage - SIR); Last Train to Nibroc (RMTC). Upcoming: Red Earth (OTT/TPM).

Katie Robinson-Hoppa – Assistant Stage Manager Katie is delighted to be joining The Threepenny Opera team as the Assistant Stage Manager. A soon-to-be graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s Theatre and Film program, she specialized her degree in production and stage management. Katie’s most recent productions include: Stripped Down Romeo & Juliet (SM) and Timon of Athens (App. SM) with Shakespeare in the Ruins, Intimate Apparel (App. SM) with the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre and Reefer Madness (App. SM) with Winnipeg Studio Theatre.

Brooklyne Alexander - Production Manager Originally from Calgary, Alberta Brooklyne is a Production Manager, Administrator and Producer who has worked across the country. While in Winnipeg, Brooklyne has worked for the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Rainbow Stage, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, True North Sports and Entertainment, One Trunk Theatre, Moving Target Theatre, Sick + Twisted Theatre, AA Battery Theatre, as well as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Prior to moving to Winnipeg, she worked for Catalyst Theatre as the Assistant Producer. Brooklyne is a graduate of the National Theatre School’s Production Program, and is an experienced visual artist.

Shannon Guile – Deaf Performance Coach Shannon has been creating and performing in theater and film for over ten years. A founding member of both the three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch troupe Hot Thespian Action and 100 Decibels: A Deaf Mime Troupe, Shannon adorns several hats including actor, writer, director and manager. Since 2012, Shannon has also dedicated herself to mentoring, advocating for and coaching local Deaf artists to provide opportunities to elevate their professional careers. In addition to her work as an artist, she is a stunt performer for film & TV, fight choreographer and has been a physical theatre and stage combat instructor for students across Manitoba, most recently as an instructor at the University of Winnipeg.

Renate Rossol – Associate Music Director Renate Rossol holds a Master of Music (Collaborative Piano) and Bachelor of Music (Performance and Music History) from the University of Manitoba, and an A.R.C.T. in Piano Performance. She also studied at the Vienna Conservatory from 2012-2013 in the discipline of Vocal Accompaniment. Renate is active as a music director for both opera and musical theatre, and works as a collaborative pianist, vocal coach, and adjudicator across Canada. Notable music direction credits include: The Addams Family (All Dentist Musical, Winnipeg, 2019), Evil Dead: The Musical (Wasteland Productions, Winnipeg, 2018), Autumn Operanox (Calgary Concert Opera, Calgary, 2017), A Little Night Music (Assist., Dry Cold Productions, Winnipeg, 2016), The Last Five Years (Secondary Characters Musical Theatre, Chilliwack, 2015).

Hayley Mummery – Head Electrician Hayley is a local lighting technician, stage manager, and designer. They are currently in their sixth year of studying theatrical production and design at the University of Winnipeg and their degree is looking more and more like Godot…(I don’t know how I feel about making a Beckett joke in a Brecht show but there we go!) Recent credits include: AFTER THE CAUSE with Happy Accidents/Rachelle Bourget, Art Holm, and The Winnipeg Theatre Awards. When Hayley isn’t eagerly involved in a project, they’re usually out enjoying the local music, dance and art communities. Enjoy the Show! Rehearsal and Backstage ASL Interpreters

Onstage ASL Interpreters (Feb. 23, Mar. 2)

Brittany Toews Jennifer Toews

Cindy Boscow Liana Price Tessa Rogowski

Costume Builders

Claire Sparling Chris Black Katie Schmidt Scenic Carpenter

Chris Hadley

Scenic Artist

Farrah Okolita

This production was made possible through the generous support of:

Thank you to the following donors for their generous support: Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. & Michael Paterson Deborah Gray Arthur Robert Antenbring and Cecilia Joy Antenbring Allan Simpson Memorial Fund - The Winnipeg Foundation Anonymous Orion Smith and Janet Ross Gerard Bzdel

Victor Dobchuk and Gwendolyn Land Nicola Schaefer Patricia Hunter and Zaz Bajon Barb Janes Robert Haverluck Susan Rosenberg Wendy Boyd

Special thanks to: Chris Hadley Manitoba Theatre for Young People Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre the McMullen Family University of Winnipeg

Eric BossĂŠ Prairie Theatre Exchange Amy Wood Eve Rice Elizabeth Payne

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