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Significant Figures Calculator Significant Figures Calculator Today we are going to focus on the math topic significant figures calculator. All the reliable digits and first uncertain digit in the result of a measurement are called significant digits or significant figures. Example: If the length is measured, as 15.6 cm the digits 1 and 5 are reliable or certain where as 6 is uncertain or doubtful digit, so the measurement has 3 significant figures. General rules for determining the no of significant figures. All the non-zero digits are significant. Example : 6543 has 4 significant figures. All zeros occurring in between the two non-zero digits are sig. Example: 6003 has 4 significant figures. In a number without decimal zeros on the right of non-zero digits are not sig. Example : 6300 has 2 significant figures. In a number with decimal, zeros on the right of the last no zero digits are sig. Example : 1.34000 has 6 significant figures. In a value less than 1, zeros occurring between the decimal point and non-zero digits on the right or not significant figures. Know More About Volume of Sphere Formula

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Example : 0.0037 has 2 significant figures. The change in unit of measurement of quantity does not affect the number of significant figures. When some value is expressed in an exponent form the exponent does not affect the number of significant figures. Example: 23 * 10 4 has 2 significant figures. Example: 23 * 10 –4 has 2 significant figures. In division or multiplication, the final result should retain as many significant figures, as the original number involved that has the least number of significant figures. For example: ( 22.1 × 1.344 ) ÷ 1.5 = 19.8016 Cube roots of a no. x are the number y which satisfy the equation y3 = x. Cube root calculator is used to find the cube root of positive and negative numbers. If a number is given and we have to find its cube. Suppose the number n, such that a3 = n. eg- the cube root of 64 is written as 3√64 = 4. Or the cube root of -64 is written as 3√-64 = -4. Cube root on any scientific calculator is- eg. 1/3 = ½2(1 +1/22)(1+1/24)(1+1/28)… there is simple method to solve this equation by the standard calculator, using the multiplication and square button to show the result on the display. And we does not required any memory. This process continues until the no. does not change after pressing the multiplication button because repeated square root gives value 1. A percentage increase or decrease in a value is calculated with respect to the intial value not the final value. We have to see it with the help of the example. We have to calculate the percent increase from 5 to 20. By solving this eg firstly we have to find the difference b/w two no. ie. 20 - 5 = 15 and now take the difference value and divided it by original number ie. 15/5 = 3. Learn More What is the Volume of a Sphere

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And at last multiply the no. by 100: then we get the 3*100 = 300 percent. And the percentage increase of 300 percent.we can see it by another example i.e the price of calculator increases from $20 to $25. We have to solve the percentage of the original price. Original price is $20; new price is $25; Increase = new price – original price; $25 - $20 = $5 Ie. percent increase = increase/original price*100 percent; 5/20*100 percent = 25 percent

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Significant Figures Calculator  

Example : 6300 has 2 significant figures. In a number with decimal, zeros on the right of the last no zero digits are sig. Today we are goin...

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