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Converting Rational Numbers to Fractions Converting Rational Numbers to Fractions Rational number is any number that can be expressed as a simple fraction or the ratio of two integer. Suppose, s and t are two integers and t is not equal to zero. The set of rational number is countable. The most thing of rational number are those number is a repeating decimal numbers. We take some example of rational number: 1/2, 1/11, 1/3 Now, we discuss on converting of rational number into fraction:- we know that every fraction is called rational number. And every fraction is a repeating decimal. Fraction is starting with 0. Suppose, we have a repeating decimal. Know More About When to use Calculus

And we can see that the repeating decimal in this form. (b) (b) (b) in this repeating form. (b) is some sequence of repeating digit. Technically, we can say that (b) is called the repeated. We take more example of converting rational number into fraction are:- for 1/9= 0.111111111&&&&&&.. is repented is 1 1/11= 0.09090909&&&&&&&. s repented is 09. Now, we can say that every Rational Number can easily be converted into fractions.

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Converting Rational Numbers to Fractions