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March 2014

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What does business want (need) from local government Page .............. 4

Up close & personal with Meaghan Maher, Repertoire Page ............... 6

Poytechnic CEO update Page .............. 9

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Chamber of Commerce Tauranga Smart Business Centre 65 Chapel Street Tauranga 3110 Ph: (64) 7 577 9823 Tauranga Chamber Of Commerce | 2


Welcome to Connect All the signs are pointing to a good year in 2014. Election year often has the ability to make us look forward; the politicking aside means that we know there is a game changer at the end of the year. Last election was reasonably conservative in its approach but this year, with business confidence up and a general sense of improvement, it will be interesting to see what will happen. Certainly there is an air of confidence throughout business. There is a sense that we can once again start to invest in our businesses. We can employ more staff, look at research and development, and expand our business with a belief that there will be a return on investment and greater benefits. A recent demographic presentation providing evidence on our population growth until 2061 gave a good indication that setting up a business in the Bay made a lot of sense. Tauranga City is very much the place to do business and of course, a great place to live.

year of expansion and positivity, where we will work with you to build your business. We look forward to seeing you at our networking events, receiving your registrations for our many and varied training workshops, and potentially your application for putting your business into the Westpac Tauranga Business Awards. Our first BA5 of the year was held with Vodafone who introduced the Vodafone Video Conferencing technology that they have installed at the Chamber. This is another benefit to you, our members, so please contact us if you would like to discuss how this technology can help you do business.

GET PAID APP Use it anywhere, use it now! Get Paid is a handy new app from Westpac that makes it faster and easier for your business to take payments from customers, helping you manage your cash-flow. Watch the video here

Have a great year ahead. Best regards Anne Pankhurst Acting CEO

And so we welcome 2014 and you back into this

HIGHLY SKILLED MENTORS AVAILABLE A number of new mentors have joined the Business Mentor NZ Tauranga Agency. Wide ranging in their skills, recent volunteers include a lecturer and programme manager in tourism and business, a professional speaker and author of various business books, a managing partner in elder care, and a sales and marketing manager‌to name just a few. Whatever support you need in your business, we have a range of highly skilled and experienced mentors available to assist you. Contact Debbie at the Chamber to find out more 577 9823 or




Make Business Mentors experience your success People in small businesses often feel very isolated. The Business Mentoring programme provides an empathetic person to listen to the challenges and difficulties small businesses can face. Sometimes this alone is all that is needed to identify strategies and opportunities for growth.

Visit or call 0800 209 209 A fully funded service of Business In The Community

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New Vodafone Videoconferencing Facilities We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Crystal clear videoconferencing from Vodafone is the perfect example of how true that statement is. A live video conference in the Vodafone Suite at the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce is much more effective than a phone call in many different situations.

Bay of Plenty entrepreneurs set their sights on global market An entrepreneurial group from the Bay of Plenty has developed the most advanced carbon barrel system on the market today and with the first sales through last month they now have their sights firmly set on the global market. Developed by NZ Global Imports the patentpending “Tac Carbon Barrel System” is the most advanced on the market today and Glenn Tuck says the resulting carbon is lighter, strong and more durable. “It’s ground breaking and a world first. Our process increases the integrity of the carbon by another 25%. Carbon barrels aren’t new but


ours is the most advanced in the world today. We can now say we produce the world’s lightest, strongest stocks.” The Kiwi innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed on the global market either with interest already coming in from offshore. The entrepreneurs now have a strategic plan to take their world-first onto the global market. First stop the Australian Shot Show in Sydney in June and in 2015 they have their sights firmly set on the U.S. trillion dollar market! Not bad for four Kiwi’s from the Bay of Plenty!

NEW MEMBER PROFILE Can you tell us about your business?

You may need to visually demo a new product with an international customer. You might want to brainstorm an issue with a client that requires data sharing. Literally seeing what you are discussing is far more effective and beneficial than trying to describe it verbally. The purpose of video conferencing is simple; build your business by making it easy to communicate. For information on the Vodafone suite phone 577 9823 or

What Does Business Want (Need) From Local Government? A Personal Perspective Peter McKinlay, Exectutive Director McKinlay Douglas Limited

Talk of amalgamation is in the air. How will the Bay of Plenty be reshaped? Why? Councils are circling around the prize of the Regional Council’s shareholding in the Port of Tauranga - one of the biggest pots of gold in the country! What should business want? The usual answer is more efficient councils, lower rates, swifter processing, less interference. Sounds sensible, but the same answers were being given 30 years ago. Is it time to change the questions? 30 years ago New Zealand was one of the world’s most highly regulated economies. The internet and social media were still in the future. Globalisation was at best a curiosity; populations and economies always grew. If anything went wrong, the government - the ubiquitous “they” - came to the rescue. Tauranga Chamber Of Commerce | 4

WARRC is passionate about caring for our native wildlife and works to educate and create public awareness in order to ensure the longterm health of our wildlife and their natural environments. Can you tell us why you joined the Chamber?

Being a member of a group of professionals that take pride in their work is a wonderful opportunity to network with and inform capable and enthusiastic people.

In business we do things very differently from 30 years ago. We are much more future focused and able to cope with a world of permanent uncertainty. We need the same from our councils. The old answers such as bigger is better no longer work. Of course business (and the rest of the community) needs well performing councils. But today much more is needed. “They” no longer hold the answers. Worldwide, local government and its communities are recognising they need to take control of their own futures, including shaping how central government’s own services are managed and delivered. For business, this is just part of creating an environment which will attract and retain the people and services business needs. For local government this is a shift in function from being the community’s housekeeper, to coordinating leadership across the board on the things that matter to the community. It’s a difficult challenge for business to understand the potential of local government and how best to work with it. It is complex, rule-bound, monopolistic and its decision processes can be very drawn-out. From a business perspective it can

easily look like something best left to people who have got nothing better to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unless your business is genuinely mobile - you can move across the world tomorrow at little or no cost - your wealth and your income is critically dependent on the strategic capability of your Council. Worldwide the most successful places are ones where business, councils and the wider community build genuine long-term strategic partnerships to achieve the outcomes they want. Tauranga - and the rest of the Bay of Plenty needs to do the same.

Westpac delivers another digital solution for SMEs

Want to know what your customers really think about your business? Now you can with Westpac’s latest digital innovation – Get Feedback. Westpac has released a digital double for New Zealand’s small-medium businesses (SMEs) providing practical support in two key areas that are critical to business success - cashflow management and customer experience. Through the Get Feedback app, SMEs can capture and analyse their customer feedback and build better engagement. They will be able to track, in real time, how customers feel about the service they offer, manage customer interactions and receive valuable verbatim feedback. They are also able to post feedback in the social media channels they use. Get Feedback gives SMEs access to the kind of tools that until now have mainly been in the hands of larger business and which have helped organisations, including Westpac, significantly improve customer experience, growth and retention. Westpac sees huge opportunity in helping SMEs drive their customer experience and this initiative is the first of its kind for a bank in New Zealand and Australia. Westpac Area Manager for Tauranga and Coromandel Richard Craven says Westpac is

intent on delivering practical and easy to use solutions for time and resource constrained SMEs. “Businesses need customers to grow and initiatives like Get Feedback are about providing practical support for small and medium size businesses. This digital development is easy to use and very useful in helping a business grow.” Richard adds: "Feedback is important in the success of any business and today consumers are increasingly digitally connected. Get Feedback can help SMEs maximise the opportunities in this space and understand the aspects of their business, from a customer's point of view, that are important to growing their business.” Get Feedback is the latest digital initiative from Westpac as it continues working towards its goal of delivering the best digital banking experience in New Zealand. It follows the second release (first to external customers) of its new fully responsive online banking platform, the recent introduction of ‘live chat’ on the website where customers can ask for and receive help or apply for a loan in real time, the children’s budget app - Cash Critter – which has been downloaded more than 3000 times in just a few weeks, and two of the winning entries in the bank’s crowdsourcing competition which are scheduled for release early in the new year.

“Banking is changing, customers are connected 24/7 and their needs and behaviours are evolving rapidly. It’s an exciting time, and we have strong and progressive digital and mobile solutions to offer customers,” says Richard. Key Facts - Get Feedback: • The

first of its kind for a bank in New Zealand and Australia • All customers can have access to Get Feedback for 30 days. Up to 10,000 Westpac business customers get up to 12 months free access to Get Feedback • Customer feedback can be sought and shared via the SME’s own website and via social media • SMEs will be able to track their customers' satisfaction levels, interaction scores and verbatim feedback via an online dashboard • For more information: visit specialists/resources/getfeedback/ *The first 10,000 Westpac business customers who sign up will receive free access to Get Feedback (Vocaliti’s online survey tool) until 30 November 2014. Non-Westpac customers are eligible for free access for 30 days until 30 November 2014. The free offer only applies to Vocaliti’s standard package (which entitles the users to up to 50 responses). Vocaliti’s standard pricing will apply to any upgrades, and from the end of the free access period. See for more information. Westpac New Zealand Limited.

Tauranga Chamber Of Commerce | 5


Business Leader Feature Meghan Maher, Repertoire

If you could have dinner with three influential people (dead or alive) who would they be?

Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and Donna Karan. How do you deal with stress and pressure in your role?

I do lots of deep breathing, Crossfit and Vinyasa Yoga.

“ Teaching women to become more confident in the way they dress and then seeing the empowerment that this gives them

What is your next career challenge after this one?

Continuing to grow our beautiful business whilst starting a family in the near future. What are you most proud of (in life/work generally)?

That I have learnt to live in the now. A near death experience six years ago taught me this life lesson. Have your qualifications been important in your career?

Absolutely – University taught me how to learn, research and always look at finding a more efficient and effective way of doing things.

What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

To pay off my credit card in full every month and in business to keep a close eye on cash flow because cash is king. What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

What do you feel is a key element to having a successful team environment?

If you could have created anything in the world (i.e. invention, cure) what would it be?

Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. A good business mentor is invaluable in a new leadership position.

What is the best part about your job?

Teaching women to become more confident in the way they dress and then seeing the empowerment that this gives them. Where do you see Tauranga in the next 10 to 15 years?

Bigger and better. I see a lot more youth, especially younger families moving into the area. If you could change anything in Tauranga what would it be?

I would make the Tauranga CBD vibrant again, especially the retail sector.

Tauranga Chamber Of Commerce | 6

Leading by example with clear direction and clear expectations, and always making the time to listen. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A dolphin trainer but I am a terrible swimmer! If you could have a super power what would it be?

To be able to heal all sickness.

I have a few influential people in my life, the most important are my business partners and my mentors.

A cure for all terminal illnesses, especially in children as every child has the right to a healthy life. Other than your current position what would be your dream job?

I am doing what I love. I love working with women, they inspire me.

And so the fight begins..... By Catherine Andrew and Alesha Evetts

Husband No. 2 to wife “I’m leaving you for the au pair. And I’m taking half your house, half your business and half your investments - oh, and your superannuation.…” And so the fight begins… But does it have to? If the wife had been savvy, she would have protected her assets from her second husband and ensured the future financial security of her children from her first marriage. It’s easier to do this when the relationship is on track, rather than waiting to see what the future holds. A simple meeting with a family lawyer and being appropriately advised as to the options available to the wife to protect her empire, could have made all the difference. The wife of the rascal would have been advised to enter a Contracting Out Agreement (aka section 21 Agreement/Prenuptial Agreement). A Contracting Out Agreement (“COA”) does exactly that; it’s an agreement that contracts out of the provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the PRA”). The PRA is the law that governs what happens to property ownership within a relationship. It states that property attributed to the relationship is to be divided equally between de facto partners, spouses

and civil union partners once their relationship has passed the three year mark, or less if there are children of that relationship. This includes assets such as the family home, irrespective of who owned the home prior to the relationship commencing. A COA will define your property rights i.e. what property is to remain your separate property (irrespective of the provisions of the PRA) and which property is to be shared as relationship property. There are certain statutory requirements that must be fulfilled for a COA to be valid, the most important of which is for both parties to receive independent legal advice. This means each party must see separate lawyers who will advise them of their entitlements under the PRA and then compare those entitlements to the property rights provided for in the COA.

There are a large number of situations where COA’s are appropriate; from a first relationship where one party has significantly greater assets than the other, to second (and third and fourth…) relationships where each party owns assets and have children from prior relationships that need to be provided for. If the wife had taken advice at the commencement of her relationship, she would have saved herself significant cost, both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately she didn’t. So let the fight begin…just as well we can help with that too!

Circumstances change. More (unexpected) children may come along; one party may inherit a house that then becomes the family home. The COA should be viewed as a living document, not to be signed, thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. As with your Will, it is a document that needs to reflect your current circumstances and should be reviewed as your circumstances change.

Outcomes For pragmatic, cost-effective family solutions contact our specialist family team: Kevin Casey

Catherine Andrew

Belinda Pidwell

Alesha Evetts

Consultant 927 0527

Consultant 927 0571

Senior Solicitor 927 0511

Solicitor 927 0573

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1. Ian Stringfellow, Bruce Puddle 2. Peter McKinlay, Saint Whatuira, Dan Allen-Gordon 3. Andrew Hood, Hamish Ashton 4. Michelle Sims, Kea Lippiatt, Dinnel Bailey-Gordon 5. Racheal Hackett-Jones, Jeff Osborne, Janine Cortes 6. Andrew McKean, Stephen Roger 7. Dean and Tracey from Brooklyn 8. Vodafone BA5 Crowd











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Polytechnic CEO Update By Dr Alan Hampton, CEO Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

2013 was a busy year for Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and it is with anticipation that we look forward to exciting new opportunities in 2014. We are proud to be launching a new degree this year, the Bachelor of Creative Industries. Developed in response to industry need, the new degree blends fashion, graphic design and art in an interdisciplinary setting allowing students to learn the diverse range of skills the creative industry requests.

Under the umbrella of a related Government initiative, the Polytechnic has been working collaboratively with all ten local high schools (including Te Wharekura o Mauao), to establish the Western Bay hub of the Bay of Plenty Trades Academy (in partnership with Trident High School). Hosted at the Polytechnic one day per week, the Trades Academy focuses on delivering vocational training to 85 local year 12 and 13 secondary students.

Institute of Technology’s decision to join the Tertiary Partnership. The Tertiary Partnership was a successful recipient of $15M from the BOP Regional Infrastructure Fund allocation. The funding, toward the establishment of a tertiary campus in the CBD, is also complemented by a funding application to TECT.

Partnering with Yantai University in China, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and the University of Waikato are pleased to be able to offer a pathway for Chinese students wishing to study in New Zealand. The new agreement will Image: The Bay of Plenty Trades Academy will help career opportunities for local secondary school students. see students complete two years of tertiary Forging ahead with new technologies, our education at Yantai (in accounting or international Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration trade) before completing one year of a Diploma in Advice has proved a hit around the globe. Taught Business with the Polytechnic and a final year at fully online, the programme utilises latest the University of Waikato studying a Bachelor of technologies within Adobe Connect to allow Business Analysis. The first cohort of approximately students to be part of a virtual classroom. The 45 students is expected to travel to New Zealand system was so successful that this has now in July. been extended to other areas of the Polytechnic including construction management, conveyancing Furthering our commitment to increasing access and legal executive programmes. and participation in lower levels of tertiary education, we are pleased to accept 120 students We have been excited to continue our involvement with the Bay of Plenty Tertiary onto a range of vocational courses through the Partnership (Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, Government’s Youth Guarantee Scheme. The Polytechnic is one of the top performing institutes Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and the University of Waikato) and were delighted with Waiariki under the initiative whose aim is to improve educational achievements of 16 and 17 year olds.

Image: Dr Alan Hampton Bay of Plenty Polytechnic CEO

The CBD campus is seen by regional stakeholders SmartGrowth and Priority One as crucial to lifting the Bay’s economic performance. The pending Regional Skills Needs Analysis update will provide the blueprint for delivering tertiary education opportunities that continue to be relevant to our regional needs and future. As the tertiary year commences we look forward to another exciting year ahead filled with fresh promise and opportunities, both for our students and for our region. We also look forward to working with you, our business community, to make 2014 an outstanding year.

We help brands communicate better.

58 Devonport Road, Tauranga P. 07 577 1630 E.



online inventory software

Cloud Business EXPO 2014 - Tauranga

Event details

Come and find out what ‘The Cloud’ is all about and the software that makes it the right choice for so many businesses today. This FREE event will start with an introduction to the Cloud, how it works, and why it is revolutionising the way people do business. We’ll focus on providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. You’ll come away knowing if the Cloud is right for you and your business and what software best suits your industry.

26th Mar 9am - 2pm. BNZ Partner Centre, Tauranga. To register call us on: 07 579 5011 or visit:

7 777 Physiotherapist

P2P Physio

7 77 Tauranga 7

77777777777 7777

Need advice on your business? Call the Smart Economy Business Advisor This FREE business advice service is available to all 1/8 Horizontal to come Small to Medium Enterprises in Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty. Book your appointment today P: 07 577 8957 E:

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