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Volume 5 • Issue 6 November 6, 2015

Donations Presented to Local Groups

This year’s Oquossoc Day and Dance event was a great success with donations going to the Rangeley Fire and Rescue in the amount of $2,500. This money will be used to purchase extra equipment the department needs. The other two donations were $400 each to the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust/Ed & Pat Kfoury Scholarship Fund for ECO Venture and the Rangeley Lakes Sporting Museum. Set your calendar for August 20, 2016, join the fun all day and into the evening with next year’s theme of Under the Sea, in the village of Oquossoc. n

A $400 donation was presented to the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum/Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society. From left, Joann Bean, Linda Sikes and Executive Director Bill Pierce. Missing from the photos were Larry Koob, Jane Phillips and Janet Koob Alexander, other committee members.


A $2,500 donation was made to the Rangeley Fire and Rescue, Station #2 Oquossoc. From left are Joann Bean, Pat Gorman, Linda Sikes, and Fire Chief Tim Pellerin.


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ƼƽƽƴơƟƾĆżÇƒĆłÇ Ç‚ĆˇĆ˝ĆźÇ ! ƌƳƳĆ˝ÇƒÇ€ĆłÇ†ĆžĆłÇ€Ç‚Ç ǂƽƲƯLJ 2742 Main Street 0DLQ6WUHHW Rangeley, ME 5DQJHOH\0( 04970  864-5644  800-660-5644 ZZ ZZZ5DQJHOH\%XLOGHUV6XSSO\FRP

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust received a $400 donation. From left are Joann Bean, Pat Gorman, Linda Sikes and Executive Director Chris Devine. SOMEONE FORGOT TO TREAT YOU TO A MASSAGE CUT THIS OUT AND REMIND THEM

Annual Holiday Open House!


November 5, 2015. 3pm-7pm. Fun, Food & Deals 0DLQ6WUHHWa5DQJHOH\0( 2742 Main Street ~ Rangeley ME 04970  a0RQ)UL6DW (207) 864-5688 ~ Mon - Fri 9-4:30 & Sat 9-4

Tina Falasco, LMT Rangeley, ME


Specializing in Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy

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November 6, 2015

Barcelona: A Banquet for the Senses

Gothic neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Sanz.

Las Ramblas. Photo courtesy of Pere Sanz.

An example of Gaudi Architecture. Courtesy of

By Victor Block The maze of twisted streets is hemmed in by medieval Gothic buildings along with hints of the Roman Empire that once held sway there. Nearby, a virtual outdoor museum of fanciful, multi-hued structures rewards the imagination of passers-by. The only color of interest to other visitors to the city is the tone of tan they hope to get from the sun. If any place offers a banquet for the senses, it is Barcelona, Spain. Its location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, beguiling mixture of ancient and modern architecture and colorful street life would satisfy the claims to fame of most urban centers. In Barcelona, they’re just for starters. How many municipalities can boast of beaches within city limits? Barcelona has a 2.5-mile stretch of inviting sand along the Mediterranean. Each section has a different character. Some attract the volleyball and bikini crowd; others appeal to a more sedate clientele. The city’s Gothic

neighborhood is one of several intriguing areas that beckon visitors, and that have remained largely as they were centuries ago. During the fourth century AD, when present-day Barcelona was part of the Roman Empire, this quarter was enclosed by Roman walls. Here and there are reminders of that time. Barcelona also has a collection of worldclass museums, including those dedicated to two of the greatest artists of all time. Pablo Picasso began to acquire his skills when he moved there as a youngster with his family. The Picasso Museum displays his paintings, drawings, etchings and engravings. Joan Miro was born in Barcelona, and the museum devoted to him holds the largest public collection of his art. Even people who don’t stop by there are introduced to a work by Miro, although they may not know it. A brightly colored abstract mosaic by the artist that is set in the pavement of the popular street called Las Ramblas goes unnoticed by many people strolling


Chimney Services Pellet Stove Services Joe Bishop 864-5031 • 684-3440 Servicing All Chimneys Stainless Steel Liners

down that avenue. Actually, “the Rambles” consists of five streets laid end-toend. More market than motor vehicle thoroughfare, it’s lined with cafes, flower stalls, bird shops and vendors selling a variety of other goods. Located just off Las Ramblas is a building – one among many – that was designed by the world-renowned architect whose work is the primary attraction that draws many visitors to Barcelona. The Palau Guell, an elaborate house constructed for a wealthy industrialist in the late 19th century, was designed by Antoni Gaudi, whose fanciful creations explored the interplay between architecture and nature. They’re distinctive for swirling turrets, undulating roof lines and other imaginative shapes in a whimsical variety of bright colors. Examples of Gaudi’s playful imagination also come alive at the Casa Batllo. That building’s wavy stone and glass façade is decorated with fragments of colored glass. The arched roof, irregular oval windows and

sculpted stone adornments suggest that Gaudi’s goal was to avoid straight lines completely. Skeletal-shaped columns have prompted locals to nickname the building casa dels ossos (house of bones). Among Gaudi-designed monuments sprinkled throughout the city like jewels, one stands above all others in its inspiration and magnitude. If ever there was a work in progress, it is the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral, his most celebrated masterpiece whose construction began in 1882. The goal now is to have it completed by 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. Construction of the massive cathedral has progressed under direction of several architects, who have continued to follow his dramatic vision. A very different architectural treasure welcomes visitors to El Poble Espanyo (the Spanish Village), an open-air museum that offers an introduction to the country’s cultures and architectural heritage. Strolling along winding streets and

Sagrada Familia. Courtesy of

squares occupied by outdoor cafes provides immersion in the atmosphere of a Spanish town – but one which brings together 117 outstanding architectural gems from throughout the country. They range from a copy of an entrance gate into an 11th century town to a 15th century house in La Mancha that is adorned by balconies from which residents once watched bull fights. Adding to the realistic setting are restaurants and cafes that offer fare ranging from traditional tapas dishes to diet-busting multi-course meals. After feasting on the architectural and oth-

er riches of Barcelona, what better way to end a day than to chow down on cuisine representative of the area of Spain where it is located, as well as that of the entire country. If you go: For more information about a visit to Barcelona, log onto Victor Block is an award-winning travel journalist who lives in Washington, D.C., and spends summers in Rangeley, Maine. He is a guidebook author who has traveled to more than 70 countries. His articles appear in newspapers around the country, and on travel websites. n

Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. N`k_fk_\i`ejliXeZ\ZfdgXe`\j#_Xm`e^XeXZZ`[\ekZXed\Xe pfliiXk\ji`j\XjdlZ_Xj+'%9lkn`k_8ccjkXk\Ëj8ZZ`[\ek =fi^`m\e\jj# pfli iXk\j nfeËk ^f lg Xk Xcc aljk Y\ZXlj\ f] Xe XZZ`[\ek%;feËknX`k:Xccd\kf[Xp%

MORTON MORTON&&FURBISH FURBISHINSURANCE INSURANCEAGENCY AGE 207-864-3334 207-864-3334 ),-*D8@EJKI<<K I8E><C<P X),.-*'7XccjkXk\%Zfd Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company


Miro mosaic – Las Ramblas. Courtesy of Moyano.

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November 6, 2015

Scam Alert Bulletin Board

If you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead then you’ll already be looking into travel plans for the upcoming holiday season. For anyone who will need to book a hotel for their trip be on the lookout for fraudulent online travel sites. This scam works by sending you to a website that looks

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like a legitimate hotel with significantly low rates. They will ask for your credit card number to reserve the room, however no room actually exists. Tip: call the hotel directly and verify room rates and booking policies. Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.

Do You Sudoku Answer on page 6

Contact local law enforcement or the AARP Fraud Watch Network org/fraudwatchnetwork or 1-877-9083360 to report a scam or for more information on scam and fraud prevention. Social Media Post Link: p2ZEti-lsG.. n


Celebrating 20 years of Community Health and Wellness!

November Schedule

(Subject to change. Call or stop in for the most up to date information) Mondays 5:30am Wake Up Circuit 6am Wake Up Circuit 8am Cycle (No Class 11/2) 10:30am Functional Fitness 11am Water Aerobics (No Instructor 11/2) 3pm CIA 4pm High School Athletic Development Tuesdays 6am Pure Core 8am Super Circuit 2pm CIA 2pm Middle School Athletic Development 3pm High School Athletic Development Wednesdays

Maine Forestry Museum Announces Contest Winners

5:30am Wake Up Circuit 6am Wake Up Circuit 10:30am Functional Fitness @ The Town Houses 3pm CIA (No Class 11/11 & 11/25) 4pm High School Athletic Development (No Class 11/11 & 11/25) 5pm Fit for Life (No Class 11/25)

Thursdays (CLOSED 11/26) 6am Pure Core 8am Super Circuit 3pm CIA 3pm Middle School Athletic Development 4pm High School Athletic Development Fridays 5:30am Wake Up Circuit (No Class 11/27) 6am Wake Up Circuit (No Class 11/27) 8am Cycle 10:30am Functional Fitness 11am Water Aerobics 3pm CIA (No Class 11/27) Saturdays 8am Super Circuit 9am Yoga w/Ginni Youth Programs:

CIA: K-5 After School Program. Fitness and Nutrition based $50 per month MS and HS Athletic Development: Athletic coordination, strength and agility to increase sports performance.- FREE

Pictured from left to right: Ron Haines MFM member with $100 check awarded to 1st place winner Cody Steward (Horses with Logger); second place winner Haley Morrill (Parade Theme); and third place was Roman Schinas (Logging Truck). Photo by S. Johnson. The annual Maine Forestry Museum “Forestry Theme Art Contest” winners were chosen by three judges during the July Logging Festival and were recently recognized, on Oct. 8th during Rangeley School’s first awards

program for this current school year. MFM sponsors the contest with an award of $100 for the first prize entry. Sonja Johnson, the school art instructor, has promoted, organized and encouraged all her students to make

an entry for the past five years. More than 40 were submitted this time. MFM is most pleased with all those entires which are displayed in the Museum from the logging festival days until the start of the school year. n

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November 6, 2015

WEATHER FORECAST November 6th - November 11th Forecast from






November 6th

November 7th

November 8th

November 9th

November 10th

Wednesday November 11th













AM Showers


Partly Cloudy


LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, a financial boost may compel you to go on a spending spree. Just be sure you keep track of those purchases so you do not go overboard. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, your confidence peaks this week and you take a leap of faith in a new arena. It may be a new job or a thrilling hobby. Travel is another option that may require bravery. ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Creativity will help you achieve much this week, but it’s also important to maintain a practical outlook. These two factors combine for a greater measure of success. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Romance is on your mind this week and you have to find a way to fit it prominently in your agenda, Taurus. If you have been busy lately, slow down to spend time with a loved one. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Home may feel like a personal retreat after the last few weeks you have been experiencing, Gemini. If you need rest, take it. It’s not a sign of slacking off. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 This week you are bogged down by menial tasks and hope that something more exciting will come your way, Gemini. If you play your cards right, the weekend could be a blast.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, mingling can bring out the best in you, so get out there this week as much as you can. Show off your people skills and converse with people from various walks of life. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, this may be the best your social life has been in a long time. If you have opportunities, try moving in different social circles by joining clubs or becoming part of a volunteer group.

Partly Cloudy

be surprised with what you find if you give things a try. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, research all of your options before making a big decision. Figure out the details before you make any changes that could have long-term effects. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Try to exercise more vigorously and regularly this week, Pisces. Not only is it good for your body, it’s good for relieving stress.way, and you want your finances in order.


NOVEMBER 1 Penn Badgley, Actor (29) NOVEMBER 2 Kendall Schmidt, Singer (25)

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, your desire for adventure could soon see you booking a cruise or taking a trip around the world. For now, there’s plenty to keep you occupied at home and work.

NOVEMBER 3 Roseanne, Comic (63)

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, explore new avenues in your life, even if it makes you feel a little nervous to branch out. You might

NOVEMBER 4 Matthew McCo-

Crossword CLUES ACROSS 1. Owed 7. Shawl 13. Slow tempo 14. Bodily structure 16. Sun-god 17. Franklin or Eleanor 19. Degree 20. Norwegian poet 22. Local school organization 23. Consumer 25. Brews 26. Hero 28. To clear or tidy 29. 9th month 30. Hit lightly 31. Pinna 33. DoD computer language 34. One Direction won at 2014 awards 36. No. Am. peat bog 38. Clear wrap 40. Napped leather 41. In a way, takes 43. Transported 44. Back muscle 45. Unhappy 47. Wrong 48. Chit 51. Epic poem 53. Capuchin genus 55. ____traz: The Rock

Partly Cloudy

56. Weight unit 58. Foot (Latin) 59. Egg-shaped nut palm 60. A radioactive element 61. Roosevelt V.P. 64. Railroad track 65. More dense, less liquid 67. Block, Fire & Reunion 69. A set that is part of another set 70. Hair product CLUES DOWN 1. Ineffective 2. 39th state 3. Skins 4. In a moment 5. Japanese Prime Minister Hirobumi 6. Tyrant 7. A cruelly rapacious person 8. Point midway between NE and E 9. Abnormal breathing 10. Essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers 11. Italian river 12. Fixed firmly into 13. Opera songs 15. Cloth measurement 18. 7th Greek letter

naughey, Actor (46)

NOVEMBER 5 Kevin Jonas, Singer (28) NOVEMBER 6 Emma Stone, Actress (27) NOVEMBER 7 Lorde, Singer (19)

21. Extractor 24. For boiling water to make tea 26. Possesses 27. Edible tuberous root 30. Glass window sheets 32. Tactics 35. More (Spanish) 37. Our star 38. Makes a choice 39. Great Plains indians 42. Baglike structure in a plant or animal 43. Female sibling 46. Diverge 47. Adherent of Islam 49. Defer 50. Semitic gods 52. Indian term of respect 54. 10 decibels 55. Surface regions 57. Small amounts 59. Liberal rights organization 62. Teeny 63. Volcanic mountain in Japan 66. Atomic #71 68. Canadian province

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November 6, 2015

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B•L•U•E•S Buying•Local•Used & Extra•Stuff

TWO SNOW TIRES: 235/65 R16 Glacier Grip II Used one winter, excellent condition $55 each call 8642709 in Rangeley

THULE CAR TOP CARRIER SYSTEM Includes - towers, locks, gunnel brockets $95.00 Rangeley 864-3966

60 HP FORD DIESEL TRACTOR, Bucket loader, 3 pt. Grader blade, will do all your work. $6,000 65 POLARIS, 90 YAMAHA & TRAILER $3000 for all, great family fun. KENNMORE UPRIGHT FREEZER $50.00 Call 6705442 or 864-9068

SNOW BLOWER Murry Make, 8 horse power, electric start, 24 inch path. Used one hour. Like New condition. $500.00. Oquossoc 864-5882

FOR SALE A 1/2 Windshield, soft top both new will fit Polaris side by side A.T.V. and wood working tools electric and hand tools all negotiable. Call 639-2879 FOR SALE YEAR ROUND HOME with mountain veiws Rangeley ME, 3 Bedrooms finished basement 1 1/2 baths, attached garage. $229,00.00 Call 3612444 or 864-2909 leave a message 2 BED ROOM APARTMENT: Nice newly redone 2 bedroom apartment in Rangeley. $675 Per month plus heat and electric. No pets, no smoking. References and background check required. call 8643846 16 FOOT OLD TOWN CAMPER CANOE Royalex very nice. $400.00 Rangeley 864-3966 CABELA’S FOLDABLE CANOE CARRIER Used Once $60.00 Rangeley 864-3966

2001 VW JETTA TDI. Black. 250,000 Miles Automatic. Arizona Car. Needs Fuel injector pump. Four new studded snows available. 864-3907 Rangeley. Mike AMF/ALCORT SUNFISH 1970’S VINTAGE SAIL, centerboard, rudder, and mast. You pick up. $200 OBO Call 864-3812. WANTED: FILL, also anything compostable as well as containers such as joint compund buckets, any barrels. 864-3878 WANTED BUYING COINS. Primarily interested in U.S. Indian head cents and wheat pennies. Will consider others. I am a collector not a dealer. Chuck 207696-8367. WOOD STANLEY IRISH airtight cookstove with water back. Heats house and water, cooks great. $2,000. Water tank and piping available, $200. Call 207-864-5539 around 6pm. Rangeley. FOR SALE WATERFORD 104.MK II WOODSTOVE

with 9 feet of 6 inch pipe. Like new $300 670-8095. DINNER FOR EIGHT PEDESTAL TABLE With butterfly leaves 8 chairs asking 1/3 of original price. $600 call 864-5334

WESTERN SADDLE by Saddle Master, Excellent condition. Decorative with conchos white trip around cantel stirrups are white trim. $500.00 Phone 864-5882 FOR SALE SKIS One pair Atomic beta-Ride 10-20’s 185cm $150. For more information call Kevin at 6706007. FOR SALE SKIS One pair Atomic Beta-Ride 11-20’s with racing bindings 180cm $250. For more information call Kevin at 670-6007. BLUE PINE DESK and cabinet, pierced tin doors. 3’x6’x6’, custom built. Make offer 864 -2936 FENDER SRV SIGNATURE STRATS both in excellent shape one like new one heavily played call for more information $3500 for both or $2000 a piece. Leave msg 860-9990 MAH JONG. Know the game or want to learn? Wed afternoons. Call Jackie 207557-2503, or email Jackie at

email: • The Mountain Messenger is published by Turner Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 214, Turner, ME 04282-0214. Advertisers and those wishing to submit articles of interest can call 1-207-225-2076 or fax us at 1-207-225-5333, you can also send e-mail to us at: Any views expressed within this paper do not necessarily reflect those of this paper. This paper assumes no responsibility for typographical errors that may occur, but will reprint, at no additional cost, that part of any advertisement in which the error occurs before the next issue’s deadline. This paper also reserves the right to edit stories and articles submitted for publication. This paper is mailed on a weekly basis, FREE to all postal customers of Strong, Avon, Phillips, Madrid, Rangeley, and Oquossoc and the Plantations of Dallas, Rangeley & Sandy River.

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FOR SALE: 17’ Royalex Old Town Tripper Canoe. Great condition – some scratches but no dings or dents. Army Green w/ black molded seats. Low mileage! $1300. OBO 864-3971

FREE CATS for adoption to a good home, all shapes, sizes and color. Call 8642000.

FOR SALE: 1984 Honda Motocycle, 700CC, 34,000 miles. $950 864-5489

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1929 ORIGINAL C.W. BARRETT Rangeley Guide Boat. Documented by professional surveyor: Wineglass Stern, Original Oars, Paint, Last in Rangeley, 1970’s found in Wolfeboro N.H. Brand new load rite trailer! Museum Quality $6,500 O.B.O Call Gary 207860-9293

R E S TAU R A N T / R E TA I L SPACE FOR RENT. Dallas Hill Road, Rangeley. Base of Saddleback Mountain. Call 864-3612.

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2002 BLUE HARLEY FATBOY motorcycle trade for land or down payment on land/camp in Rangeley Plantation or Oquossoc area’s. <9k mileage. Tons of extras & chrome. Rick 3291696 or rdbois1@gmail. com. CLEARED HOUSE LOT overlooking Rangeley Lake. Excellent views of Rangeley Lake. Cleared and driveway in. Electric and phone on property. $49,000, call 207-491-8669 for more

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November 6, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answer Puzzle on page 4

Sudoku Answers

Enter the MM Contest and you could win a $10 gift certificate to The Shed in Rangeley. One of the ads in this paper contains our MM Logo. Find the ad with the MM logo, cut it out then mail it to us with your name, address and phone number and all correct submissions will be entered into the drawing once a month or email information to Entries must be submitted by the Friday after the newspaper is published. Good Luck! Mail submissions to: MM Contest, PO Box 214, Turner, ME 04282 One winner per month. Odds of winning depends on the number of correct submissions. For advertising please email

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November 6, 2015

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Staff Presented with EPIC Awards

October’s recipients of the EPIC awards established by the Franklin Community Health Network (FCHN) Spirit Committee and announced quarterly include: Dee Christiansen, RN, Maternal and Child Health Unit; McKenzie Searles, MA, Franklin Health Internal Medicine; Diana Ladd, Patient Registration; and Jon Abell, DPT, Physical Rehabilitation. The EPIC awards were developed as a way to recognize employees who demonstrate on a daily basis their commitment to FCHN’s values of Excellence, Pride, Innovation and Caring. Joseph Bujold, board chair, presented each recipient with a trophy and monetary gift at the October 27 FCHN board meeting. Each also has a designated parking spot of his or her choice for the next three months. Dee Christiansen’s nomination from Felicia Harris, described Dee making a stressful long first-baby labor situation more tolerable with her relaxed demeanor. “Her caring is above and beyond. She made a diffi-

cult scary situation so much better and made the expectant parents comfortable with her many years of experience and ability to answer their constant barrage of questions.” McKenzie Searles’s nomination from Dr. Jay Naliboff said, “McKenzie is the role model of an engaged, caring professional. She cares about her patients and treats every patient cheerfully and respectfully. She has the unenviable task of keeping Dr. Goss on track by preparing patients’ charts and manages this task effortlessly. She additionally volunteers to participate in the medical practice’s quality and performance improvement initiatives.” Diana Ladd’s nomination from Natashia Nile included patient feedback describing Ladd’s exemplary customer service. “Her attitude and enthusiasm are infectious to staff and patients. She arrives to work with a smile and a bubbly and shining personality that ensures that every patient has an excellent experience. This nomination is based on Diana’s pride and the lasting

Hunters Breakfast

A Hunters Breakfast will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2015, from 4:30am to 9:30am, at Phillips School.

All proceeds benefit the class of 2016 trip to Quebec in June. The menu will incude: eggs (your style), pancakes, waffles (new this year), hash browns, cheesy hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast, english muffins, bagels, coffee, juice (orange or cranberry), milk (white or chocolate). Cost is $6 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under. n



October’s recipients of the EPIC awards established by the FCHN Spirit Committee and announced quarterly include from left: McKenzie Searles, MA; Jon Abell, DPT; and Diana Ladd. Absent is Dee Christiansen, RN. impression she has on her patients.” Jon Abell’s nomination from Susan Loughrey said, “Jon coordinates single handedly a large physical therapy caseload on the hospital’s medical/ surgical unit, prioritizing treatments and ensuring that patients are evaluated and seen on

a timely basis. Jon’s compassion, respect, and empathy for other shines through in his interactions with patient and their families and coworkers. He exemplifies a caregiver who takes ownership and pride in his work.” Jessica Farrington who works at Franklin Health Farmington Family Practice

ceived a certificate, pin, and a copy of their nomination form. n

Offering a full line of quality Landscaping Services from design to maintenance. •Camp Checks, Openings & Closings •Patios, Walkways & Flower Beds •Tree Installation •Docks, Built & Installed •New Lawns •Skidsteer & Tractor Work


•Hydroseeding •Drip Edges •Rock & Railroad Tie Retaining Walls •Roto Tilling •Excavation •Lawn Maintenance •Sweeping, Commercial & Residential

•Trucking Material (Loam, Bark Mulch, Shale, Sand) •Driveways •Rock Raking •Tree Work, Chipping, Lot and Vista Clearing •Stump Grinding Services



•Fully Insured •Quality Work •Free Estimates

2775 Main Street, Rangeley, ME 864-5343 •

was also nominated for the award by Dr. Kendra Emery. All nominees re-

“ We take pride in our work” 864-7321 or 462-3755

Now offering stump grinding services in Rangeley


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November 6, 2015

Hermits to the Woods

V. Paul Reynolds In re-reading The Maine Woods by Henry David Thoreau, I got to thinking about hermits. They fascinate me. Let's face it.There is not a Maine outdoorsman worth his salt who hasn't at least entertained a fantasy about pulling the societal plug and really getting off the grid. It's one thing to lose yourself in the woods for a week with nothing but a knife, some matches, and a compass; it's quite another to disappear for 27 years like Christopher Knight, the Hermit of North Pond. You have to really enjoy your own company to pull off a stunt like that. Knight, who has been both reviled and "legendized," didn't really measure up to the Daniel Boone image, however. He stole from others to survive. But

at least he created no burden to the taxpayer - at least not until he was processed by the state judicial system. Now take Henry David Thoreau. The legendary Massachusetts hermit of Walden Pond took to the Maine woods, it would seem, for some of the same reasons that tugged at the Hermit of North Pond. Thoreau sought solitude and isolation. Thoreau became a famous naturalist-philosopher; Knight wound up in jail, and, not only is he not a philosopher, he's not sure why he bolted from society in the first place. Thoreau showed up on my radar when I was a college student probing for the meaning of life. Liberal professors convinced me that, when it came to American thinkers, Henry David walked on water. Fifty years later, I am not so awed by the Hermit of Walden Pond, even if he is the darling of the environmental movement and those bent on civil disobedience. His writing does impress,

Henry David Thoreau

as well as his knowledge of plants, but he would not have been my choice as a canoe companion for an extended foray into the Maine woods. To be blunt, Thoreau seems to me to have

been a foppish, elitist snob, and, in all probability, a bigot. Here is his reaction to having witnessed his Indian guide slay a moose for the hide and the fresh meat: â&#x20AC;&#x153;This afternoonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ex-

Frank At Turner Publishing we publish 20 papers monthly, all available






â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Family Fa Owned Business Since 1978â&#x20AC;?

2180 Main Street, Rangeley 218 ey


perience suggested to me how base or coarse are the motives which commonly carry men into the wilderness. The explorers and lumberers generally are all hirelings paid so much a day for their labor, and as such they have no more love for wild nature than

wood-sawyers have for forests.â&#x20AC;? Can't you just see his smug expression and aristocratic nose tipped in the air? There were other examples in his writings of a man who did not consider his Indian guide to be his equal. Critics suggest that Thoreau was philosophically inconsistent, "a man fond of paradox." Indeed! In the essay "Henry David Thoreau, Philosopher" Roderick Nash writes: "Thoreau left Concord in 1846 for the first of three trips to northern Maine. His expectations were high because he hoped to find genuine, primeval America. But contact with real wilderness in Maine affected him far differently than had the idea of wilderness in Concord. Instead of coming out of the woods with a deepened appreciation of the wilds, Thoreau felt a greater respect for civilization..." Nash was being polite. For Thoreau, the bug-infested fir thickets and tangled alder runs along the East Branch were not quite the same as his socalled wilderness near Walden Pond. n

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Mountain Messenger

November 6, 2015

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Daniel A Curran, Sabattus L/CPL Marine Rifleman - Vietnam War To our Dad/Pepere, you have seen so much in your life as a veteran and we are thankful for all those every day things you teach us and the time we spend with you. Love, all your family.

Robert Slattery - Sweden, ME


Served in the United States Army from 1983 - 1987 guarding the border between east and west Germany. I am proud of him and the sacrifices he made to protect our country!

CW02 USMC 1993-2013 Thank You for Your Service. Semper Fi

Bobby Richard Sr.

SGT Robert Locklin

Edward L. Roy

Leo R. Asselin

United States Navy

Army Ranger

Cpl. U.S. Army - Korea


“Now go cut some wood.”

12th Calvary Vietnam 1967-1968

Our family “Hero” - A friend to all he meets.

Died In Vietnam June 2, 1969 - 19 yrs. old

Robert (Bob) Bartlett

Robert C. French

Robert H. White

Alfred E. Cavanagh

Scott Rodrique

Donald S. Williams

Sgt. U.S. Marines

Corporal in the Army Air Corp



Thank you Lord for Daddy coming home safely.

Thank you for serving Daddy. Love Vickie and Family

Spe. 1st Class - Army (WWII)


So proud of you. Love and miss you dad.

Sweetest man I know. Love your wife Kathy French

Killed in Action - Chey-Lie Vietnam, December 1965

We honor you for your service and the fine gentleman that you are.

Joey C. Billings Sr.

Lloyd Billings

Keith J. Daniels

Colin Plummer Hurd

Robert W. Wentworth Sr.

Gary Curtis

Army Specialist

Army Specialist

PFC Army

1st Lieutenant

1st Seargent

Seaman 1st Class

My brother served this country and gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam on May 9,1970. I love and miss him so much! Some day we will meet again.Sis

Thank you for your 20 years of service Dad.

Graduated from Waterville High School, died in Vietnam in 1967.

Thank you for your service. We are so proud of you!

Your service to your country will not be forgotten. Love and miss you.

“Thank you son, for all you have done for your country.” Love Mom

Daniel Joseph Paradis

Richard W. Rioux

John E. Boynton

Nick Nason

Debra C. Couture

Gregory Couture

82nd Airborne

PFC Army

Specialist #4

United States Marine Corps

Capt. USN 1987-2012

LT, USN 1971-1993

I Love Dan very much and I am very proud of him.

Thank you for your service. Love your wife.

Thank you for your service

Thank you for your service

Thanks for your years of service to our country! It is very much appreciated

Thank you for your strength and dedication to this counrty, Love you.

Mountain Messenger

Page 10

November 6, 2015



179 Sturtevant Pond Road, Magalloway PLT H402 This 2700 square foot home sits on a 500 acre body of water that is filled with trout and salmon. Located in the Western Mountains of Maine and only 2 miles from the New Hampshire border. The 450 feet of water frontage has deep water access and is great for all water recreational activities with a nice docking system for your boat. The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, attached 2 car garage and many custom features. Very private with excellent fishing and hunting out your front door. $449,500 CALL ALLIED REALTY FOR MORE INFORMATION

Caryn’s Property of the Week

RANGELEY: Relax, you’re on Rangeley time! Fully renovated bungalow with open Kitchen/Dining Room, sunny enclosed porch, filtered lake views, beautiful gardens, rock walls, patios. All the work has been done - move right in and enjoy! Being sold furnished. Walk to town, close to all 4-season activities........$164,900

Morton and Furbish Real Estate

2478 Main Street, Rangeley Office: 864-5777 ext. 106 Cell: 491-5800


City Cove Realty 2455 Main St., Rangeley Cell 207-233-8275

Caryn Dreyfuss Broker •

Add a taste of authentic Maine humor to your next banquet, luncheon, conference, convention or company get together.

H212: 24 Conifer Road, Rangeley Secluded with plenty of room to relax. cathedral ceilings, fireplace, large deck, and expansive lawn with fire pit. Open floor plan with room to expand. Attached 2 car garage with direct access to the home. Separate 3 car garage with enough land to subdivide and build another home. All this on a private road and in a state game preserve. $319,500 PRICE REDUCED!

H303: 12 Terrace Way, Rangeley Plt. This camp is maintenance free just bring your family. The association dues take care of all major expenses from taxes, utilities, internet, to lawn moving. This 2 bedroom cabin overlooks the lake and has a strong rental history. Great dock and mooring to enjoy the waterfront. Enjoy Rangeley Lake without the hassles! $143,400 WATER ACCESS ON RANGELEY LAKE!

Tel: 207 -864 -3900

Carolyn Smith

H213: 199 Bonney Point Road, Rangeley Contemporary style home surrounded by conservation land to protect your privacy. This quality home has many luxurious features from a gourmet kitchen, cathedral ceilings, screened porch, to breathtaking views. Great layout for large families. Sits nicely off the road on over 7 acres of land. Take a look at perfection, one of the Rangeley Regions nicest location. $569,000

2485 Main St., Rangeley, ME 04970

Buying? Selling? Investing?

Contact humorist and best-selling Maine author John McDonald



Get Your Home Cold Weather Ready

If boots, a warm hat and a tuned-up snow blower are the only items on your winter preparation list, your home maintenance plan may need a makeover. These simple home maintenance projects can help lower your energy bills, prevent more costly repairs and/or increase the lifespan of your home. 1. Heating & Ventilation - Examine your fireplace and chimney system to ensure that no soot or creosote has collected. Any cracks or voids could potentially cause a

fire. Before you turn the furnace or boiler on, replace the air filter and hire a professional to inspect the unit more thoroughly. These steps will improve the efficiency and life of your furnace and will ensure stable indoor air quality. 2. Seal Windows and Doors - If not properly sealed, windows and doors can be a major culprit for heat loss. To keep the warm air inside, inspect the weather-stripping around your home’s windows and doors for leaks,

rot or decay. Repair or replace structural framing, and caulk inside and out, if necessary. 3. Insulate well One of the easiest and most effective defenses against heat loss is proper insulation. Prevent cold drafts from entering and the loss of heated air through basement headers, which, when left exposed, can make your furnace work harder. Look for a moisture-resistant product offering high thermal performance, such as Roxul Comfortbatt insulation. This type

of mineral wool insulation makes installation simple. All that’s needed is a serrated blade or bread knife. Cut the batt to fit the cavity and press into place. The insulation will help improve energy efficiency as soon as it’s in place and provide savings over the lifetime of your home. Comfortbatt can also be used to top or replace old attic insulation. Aim for an R-50 or a depth of 16 inches. 4. Backyard Care - Save your property from potential damage by trim-

ming overgrown trees and shrubs to prevent ice-laden branches from thrashing against electrical wires and your home’s exterior. Drain/shut off any exterior faucets and sprinkler systems to prevent freezing. Ensure rain or snow drains away from the house to avoid foundation problems. 5. Roof and Gutters - Inspect your roof for shingles that are warped, damaged or even missing to prevent a future leak. Use roofing cement and a caulking gun to

seal joints where water could penetrate, such as around the chimney, skylights or vent pipes. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are securely fastened. Downspouts should extend at least five feet away from the home to prevent flooding. When it comes to preventative maintenance, a little time and effort can save thousands in energy costs and repair bills over the lifetime of your home. Courtesy of Metro n

Mountain Messenger

November 6, 2015

Page 11

50th Year as Rehabbers Brings Heartaches and Blessings Carleen Cote

The winter months bring a respite from the busy spring through fall seasons, but we still must care for the wildlife that were not ready to be released in the fall and those that arrived during the winter, injured or diseased. After every snowstorm, snow plowing and snow-blowing paths to all the pens are a priority, as well as shoveling out and cleaning the pens, knocking ice out of water dishes, and hauling food from pen to pen on a sled, not to mention acrobatic maneuvers to stay upright on patches of ice! Then, as winter releases its icy grip and the days warm and lengthen, it is time to release the wildlife that have spent the winter in warm shelters, getting fat but restless to be out in fields and forest, looking for mates. This past April, an animal control officer arrived with a raccoon in a Have-aheart trap that had given birth to two babies and reached us in time to give birth to a third! Usually I don’t keep the mothers and babies together as the mothers are likely to kill their babies because of the stress of captivity. I was pleased to discover, cautiously watching her, that she proved to be a devoted mother, nourishing her young and giving them a good start.

Carleen displays the Spirit of America “Citizens of the Year” awarded this year to the Cotes by the town of Readfield for their volunteerism. They were also honored at a surprise reception held in China, organized by long-time volunteer Amy Messier.

Baby season kicks off in April when the young begin to arrive in droves. This year, the Center seemed to be a revolving door – a live baby came in the front door, a dead one went out the back door! We had to euthanize many baby raccoons to end their suffering from the extremely contagious and deadly parvo virus. We fought the virus with gallon upon gallon of bleach, yet we lost over one hundred babies. Some of the fawns also had health issues. Despite all of my husband Donald’s efforts to save them, they died as well. The same with many young foxes. It was a year from hell. Though we never

Have You Found the Hidden M in one of the ads?

forget the losses, we continue on for the successes and the babies yet to come. We subscribe to the saying, “Count your blessings,” for we have many! Our volunteers: Amy, who has helped us almost on a daily basis for 12 years; Debbie, who has spent her three days off from work to help us over the past three years, stopping by every night on her way home to help with chores; Brenda, who returned for her second year, driving from Lewiston one day a week, to scrub dirty totes and pet carriers; Joni, who drives from Manchester one day a week to tackle anything that needs cleaning, from food and water

dishes to the plastic swimming pools used for the coons’ enjoyment; Jeff, from Gardiner, who began volunteering this year two afternoons a week to take on whatever needs doing: mowing, raking, scrubbing equipment, picking up and delivering wildlife to other rehabbers, etc.; Ruth, from Albion, also in her first year, who arrives two mornings a week to help with the scrubbing of animal dishes and any tasks that need doing before the snow flies; and, last but not least, Bob, who has mowed our lawns since 2007. These wonderful volunteers never complain, no matter


Plumbing & Heating • Annual Heating System Services • Toyo-Monitor Repair & Service • Close and Open Camps • Efficiency Maine Registered ed Vendor • 30 Years Experience • Master Fuel & Plumbing Licensed and Insured

how big or dirty the job is. A big plus is they all love and enjoy the animals. We are also blessed with the doctors and staff at Windsor Veterinary Clinic who provide care to all the animals we bring to them. A thank you also, to all the readers of this column and others who have made donations on behalf of the animals at the Center, and to Lea, who has edited and prepared Critter Chatter from my handwritten pages since 1996. As our 50th anniversary year of rehabbing comes to a close, we also give thanks that, despite our ages, our good health has allowed us to continue caring for Maine’s wildlife in need of human intervention. PS: I am pleased to

report that the mother raccoon and her three babies mentioned earlier in the article all survived the parvo virus and were released in September. In fact, all the wildlife ready for release are now back in their natural environment – they were, after all, born to be wild. Note: Carleen and Donald Cote operate the Duck Pond Wildlife Care Center on Rt. 3 in Vassalboro, Maine, a non-profit facility, supported entirely by the Cotes’ own resources and outside donations. Call the Cotes at 4454326 or write them at 1787 N. Belfast Ave., Vassalboro, ME 04989. n

HELP WANTED Par Time Propane Part D Delivery Driver CDL and clean driving rrecord required. Contact Aaron for more details. 207-864-8008 or

Aaron@blue� Aa

639-2251 •

Page 12

Mountain Messenger

November 6, 2015

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November 6, 2015

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P O ST IN G S MIA’S F LOCAT OLK SONG ION: SING Rangel The Barn, 4 H AROUND. ey Mai igh Str TIME ACongregationne (next to eet month, ND DATE: S al church). e 5 day No -7 PM. Next mcond Wed of e ach eeting words vember 11, W e i d 2 n and ea print form 015. Bring s nessy. Sha re a sonunless song isong For mo We will go ing or two. Or mnice re info ore. a circle . folk sin rmation call M ger and ia Boyn f ton, a c i l itator, 207-864 -3441.

Craft Fair

ir at the s Craft Face on Sata tm s ri h C la al The Annukes School will take ppm. a -2 L m y a 0 le om 1 ome Range ember 14, fr ndors so c urday, Nov l be lots of great ve y. A luncheon There wil liday shopping earl fundraiser to ho start your ailable. The fair is a v a e f 2017. n will b the class o rt o p p u s help

Saturday NCraft Fair ov. Communi1t4 9a.m.- 2p.m. Main St, PyhHouse, illips Benefits Co m m u n i y of Chris Women/Ph tian illips Comtm u n i t y Church. FMI:639-30 00

an ad in g n i c a l p d in Intereste ger? n e s s e M tain the Moun by

Thank a Veteran To day!

Lib e d e D l l a C ail m e r o 6 7 at 225-20 i h s i l b u p r rne dlibby@tu ation m r o f n i e for mor

Congratulations to: Margaret Yezil. She found the in one of last month’s Mountain Messenger papers and will receive a gift certificate in the mail. Find the in one of this month’s papers and you could also be a winner!

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November 6, 2015

FMH Awarded “A” Grade An announcement released nationally on Oct. 28 by the independent hospital watchdog The Leapfrog Group, shows key shifts among many hospitals on the A, B, C, D and F grades rating them on errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. Franklin Memorial Hospital earned an “A” in this elite national ratings program, recognizing its strong commitment to patient safety. The Hospital Safety Score is the gold standard rating for patient safety, compiled under the guidance of the nation’s leading patient safety experts and administered by The Leapfrog Group, a national, independent nonprofit. The first and only hospital safety rating to be peer-reviewed in the Journal of Patient Safety, the Hospital Safety Score is free to the public and designed to give consumers information

they can use to protect themselves and their families when facing a hospital stay. “We have an organizational effort and commitment to best-practice standards of care with a focus on patient safety and robust clinical information systems aimed at improving patient care,” said Rebecca Arsenault, FMH president. “This third consecutive ‘A’ recognition underscores that this hospital is making tremendous strides in providing the highest quality of care to the residents and visitors of Greater Franklin County. This positive affirmation by this independent reviewer, along with others including The Joint Commission and the National Quality Measures of Breast Centers Program only strengthens our determination to continue our efforts to excel at all levels of our health delivery system.”

“Franklin Memorial Hospital’s ‘A’ grade is a powerful reminder of its commitment to putting patient safety above all else, and we are pleased to recognize the persistent efforts of your clinicians and staff to protect your patients,” said Leah Binder, president and CEO of

The Leapfrog Group, which administers the Hospital Safety Score. “Our families, neighbors, colleagues and friends deserve a hospital that will pull out all the stops to keep them safe, and we urge Franklin Memorial Hospital and all other ‘A’ hospitals to preserve and re-

new your commitment to safety year after year.” Developed under the guidance of Leapfrog’s Blue Ribbon Expert Panel, the Hospital Safety Score uses 28 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to produce a single A, B, C, D, or F score, representing a hospital’s overall capacity to keep patients safe from preventable harm. More than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals were assigned scores in October 2015, with 773 hospitals receiving an A grade. The Hospital Safety Score is fully transparent, offering a full analysis of the data and methodology used in determining grades on the website. Patients can also review their hospital’s past safety performance alongside its current grade on the Hospital Safety Score site, allowing them to determine which local hospitals have the best track

record in patient safety and which have demonstrated consistent improvement. To see Franklin Memorial Hospital’s scores as they compare nationally and locally, and to find safety tips for patients and their loved ones, visit the Hospital Safety Score website at www. hospitalsafetyscore. org or follow The Hospital Safety Score on Twitter or Facebook. Consumers can also download the free Hospital Safety Score mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Maine is ranked first nationwide among states, based on the percentage of “A” hospitals they have compared to the total number of hospitals that operate in that state. n

Mountain Messenger

November 6, 2015

Page 15

Coalition Releases November Schedule Healthy Community Coalition staff is providing the influenza vaccine (seasonal flu shot) and information about the Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance in November. The schedule is as follows: • Tuesday, Novem-

ber 10 at Farmington Public Library from 10:30 a.m.-noon • Tuesday, November 10 at Industry Town Hall from 1-2:30 p.m. • Tuesday, November 17 at Weld Town Office from 9:30-11 a.m. • Tuesday, November 17 at Wilton Public Library from 2:30-

4:30 p.m. • Tuesday, November 17 at Jay-Niles Memorial Library from 5-6:30 p.m. Open enrollment for marketplace health insurance goes from November 1 through January 31, 2016. Individuals who are currently enrolled in a marketplace plan must re-

enroll for 2016. In order to avoid a gap in coverage, currently enrolled individuals must sign up before December 15. Individuals who have questions about enrolling or reenrolling in marketplace insurance may schedule an appointment for free assistance with a trained

navigator at Healthy Community Coalition offices. Flu shots are available to individuals 18 years old and older. For individuals that do not have insurance there is a suggested donation of $25 or whatever one can afford. HCC is unable to accept insurance, Medicare,

or Medicaid. Healthy Community Coalition purchases all vaccine used for the public clinics and appreciates donations to help cover costs for those in need. For more information, contact the Healthy Community Coalition at 7792750. n

Airport Sign Dedicated

Pictured Left to Right: Steve Philbrick (Founding President), Larry Koob President, Joann Bean, Founding Treasurer, Joe Roach Rangeley Public Works Director, Linda Sikes Founding Secretary, Ron Haines (Past President), Rebekah Carmichael Airport Manager. Absent Fritz Dailey, Vice President.

Friends of Mountain Aviation (FOMA) officers, past presidents along with Rebekah Carmichael and Joe Roach, Public Works Director met together at the Stephen A. Bean

Municipal Airfield to view the new sign and ground work the Club decided needed to be upgraded. The Club was created almost 15 years ago with the death of Steve Bean, with the

purpose of keeping the history, present, and future of aviation alive in Rangeley. FOMA has also continued the tradition started by Steve and Joann Bean (3rd grade) of going to the

5th grade classroom each spring with the question and answer period, helping the students build model airplanes, and giving the students a flight around the Rangeley area. n


FEEDS & SEEDS Pet & Animal Feeds

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Landscaping Supplies

Providing people that love Rangeley a place to enjoy for generations! Mark Gordon Cell 207-491-5142 Office 207-864-3925 Email:

•Deer Feed •Salt/Grain Blocks •Cracked & Whole Corn •Black Oil Sunflower FIREWOOD •Meaties •Asst. Bird Seed Cut-Split-Delivered •Rock Salt/Paw Thaw •Deer Pellets Patty P tt & Frank F kC Cerminara

2180 Main Street, Rangeley ngeley (Across from IGA))


Visit us at: Call us at: 207-474-3334

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November 6, 2015

Autumn in Western Maine

Moon Rising over Rangeley October 26, 2015. Courtesy of Go.Rangeley from

View of Saddleback October 23, 2015 Courtesy of Go.Rangeley from Facebook. com

“Ghost of Fall Foliage” on Ira Mountain in Kingfield October 24, 2015 Courtesy of Go.Rangeley from


“Off-Road General Store” Introducing the latest member of the Yamaha off-road family. One of the wild’s most tenacious and aggressive creatures, its ability to traverse extreme terrain with superior handling and off-road capability is unparalleled. It features Yamaha’s legendary Ultramatic® automatic transmission, On-Command® 4WD, class-leading long-travel suspension, plus so much more. The all-new Wolverine. It’s an entirely new breed of off-road animal.

Autumn is a great month to get some great riding in! REV-IT-UP SPORT SHOP REV-IT-UP SPORT SHOP ROUTE 4

RANGELEY ME, 04970 ROUTE 4, RANGELEY 207-864-2452 207-864-2452 FALL HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday 9am to 5pm "WE HAVE WOLVERINES IN STOCK NOW" Fall Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am to 5pm

Professional drivers depicted on a closed course. Always protect the environment and wear your seat belt, helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Read the owner’s manual and product warning labels before operation. Model shown with Genuine Yamaha Accessories. ©2015 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved. •

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Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Brush Control, Hazardous Limb Removal, Emergency Storm Damage and clean up and Utility Line Clearance (power lines) Call today for your free estimate


204 Annabessacook Rd. North Monmouth Complete Tree Care • Fully Licensed & Insured Arborist Lic. #FCL&1074 Board of Pesticides Control Lic.# CMA3022/6A 6B

Expires Dec. 31, 2015

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Mountain Messenger 1 November 2015  
Mountain Messenger 1 November 2015