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Tenerife, an island to enjoy

In a word… unforgettable!”Javier Pérez, 37 years-old, Seville, Spain

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I felt part of nature�Jens Hecht, 26 years-old, Munich, Germany

Spring climate 365 day s a year []

Tenerife, an island to enjoy Around 300,000 years ago lava created

Tenerife is about 300 kilometres from the

Its two modern, international airports

and shaped the largest of the Canary Islands:

African Continent and about 1,300 from the

(Tenerife North and Tenerife South – Reina

Tenerife. The island has a surface area of

Spanish Mainland, and it is truly a world of

Sofía) link the island to the main Spanish and

2034.38 square kilometres and is located in

contrasts. Sea and mountains, green and

European cities: on average a flight of just

the subtropical temperate zones.

blue, the Sun… Tenerife is an ideal place to

three hours to get to paradise. To make every-

Thanks to the trade winds and the Cold

spend your holidays or to enjoy a break at any

thing even easier, Tenerife has a modern road

Canarian Current it has a mild spring-like

time. There are beaches of volcanic sand, as

infrastructure with two motorways linking

temperature, with a yearly average of 23

well as those with golden sand. Magical lau-

the north and the south, and a regular bus

degrees centigrade.

risliva forests full of laurel trees and an almost

service that covers all points of the island.

infinite number of pine forests. Traditions,

Dist. in km

Average sea temp. in ºC January February March April May June July August September October November December

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Average temp. in ºC January February March April May June July August September October November December

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Adeje Arafo Arico Arona Buenavista Candelaria Fasnia Garachico Granadilla Guancha (La) Guía de Isora Güímar Icod Laguna (La) Matanza (La) Orotava (La) Puerto de la Cruz Realejos (Los) Rosario (El) San Juan de la Rambla San Miguel Santa Cruz Santa Úrsula Santiago del Teide Sauzal (El) Silos (Los) Tacoronte Tanque (El) Tegueste Victoria (La) Vilaflor

Tacoronte Tanque (El) Tegueste Victoria (La) Vilaflor

Distance between districts

Adeje Arafo Arico Arona Buenavista Candelaria Fasnia Garachico Granadilla Guancha (La) Guía de Isora Güímar Icod Laguna (La) Matanza (La) Orotava (La) Puerto de la Cruz Realejos (Los) Rosario (El) San Juan de la Rambla San Miguel Santa Cruz Santa Úrsula Santiago del Teide Sauzal (El) Silos (Los)

history, gastronomy… all for you to enjoy.

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Tenerife []

Inner Beauty So many different landscapes on just one island © Ralf Adler

Jessica Field, 48 years-old, New York, USA

Mountains An important part of the interior of Tenerife is made up of mountains, some, high and imposing like the one that created the fabulous Teide volcano, which at 3,718 metres is the highest peak in Spain. Others form spectacular mountain ranges, full of footpaths, such as the Anaga Range, in the most north-easterly point of the island; surprising for its spectacular rock formations, and which the Guanches, ancient inhabitants of the island, used to dig caves to live in.

Rocks The shapes, sometimes suggestive, sometimes fanciful of the volcanic rocks are yet another attractive feature of Tenerife. All over the island, there are hundreds of examples of amazing rock formations.

Gorges It is almost impossible to understand Tenerife without getting to know its “barrancos,” or gorges, many of them are amazing natural gardens. The entire island, from north to south, is cut through by these unique spaces, which also contain a great variety of plants and serve as habitats for the indigenous fauna. The “barranco del Infierno” (Hell Gorge) in Adeje, with the status of Special Nature Reserve, is an authentic spectacle of nature. It


One of the most spectacular is the “paisaje lunar” or Lunarscape (Granadilla de Abona): rocks that have been carved by the wind into impossible shapes. The unusual beauty of this place, located inside the Corona Forestal Nature Park and sculptured by thousands of years of erosion of the volcanic ground provides a demanding 40-minute walk.

Laurisilva Forests

has a depth of 300 metres and extends over an area of 500 hectares.

The laurisilva is a leafy, lush forest mainly consisting of laurel trees

Along it, signs that it once formed part of Guanche funeral routes

and ferns. This type of forest disappeared from the Mediterranean

have been found. The waterfall at the end of the gorge, which falls

Basin in the Tertiary Era, and today it only remains in the region of

from a height of 200 metres, is the icing on the cake of a route in

Macaronesia, in which the Canary Islands are located. In Tenerife

which the lush green vegetation is the real star attraction.

there are some magnificent examples of this forest.

Amazing nature in every corner

You can immerse yourself in this forest, among the laurel trees in different corners of the island, such as on Las Mercedes mountains, in the Anaga Rural Park, very close to the town of La Laguna; and also in the Isla Baja, the Teno Rural Park, specifically, on the mountain known as the “Monte del Agua�. The laurisilva is also a natural habitat for many indigenous species, such as the Dark-tailed and White-tailed Laurel Pigeons, which have quite unique songs.


Teide National Park

12€ 1 journey (single or return) 8€

12€ 8€ Under 14 year olds

Teide Cable Car. Rides up in the cable car begin from the Rambleta Terminal Station at 09.00 hours and finish at 16.00 hours, while rides down continue until 17.00 hours, except when bad weather or strong winds prevent its use.

Fares Adults

Residents 12€

Non-residents 24€

The Cable Car station has a souvenir shop (casa de los balcones), bar and restaurant. For further information: Cable Car Station. +34 922 010 445 Central offices in Santa Cruz +34 922 010 440, Fax +34 922 287 837

A magical place and World Heritage Site


Flora and fauna Over 50 species of indigenous animals and plants have their habitat here. Of these, 12 are exclusive to the Teide National Park. The Yellow Broom, the Red and Blue Tower of Jewels and the Teide Violet paint a picture that vividly contrasts with the ochre colour of the earth and rocks. These three plant species, the most well known in the park, have managed to adapt, over time, to the harsh climatic conditions, as well as the high altitude and scarcity of rainfall, which make their presence here almost miraculous. Within its almost 20,000 hectares, the Teide National Park is also a refuge for some unusual animal species. Among the vertebrates, all small-sized, the most remarkable are the indigenous reptiles; one example being the Tizón Lizard. The Blue Chaffinch, Berthelot’s Pipit and the Wild Canary are the most common birds in the park. The diversity of invertebrates is quite remarkable with over 700 species.

The Teide National Park, dominated by the volcano that gave it its name, and which stands at a height of 3,718 metres, is the most visited park in all of Spain. Its extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna and unique geological value, due to its volcanic nature, has led to it being declared a Natural World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and has made it the great symbol of Tenerife.

llano de Ucanca

Roques de García

One of the most amazing places in the Teide National Park is the llano

The Roques de García (Garcia Rocks), up to 120 metres in height,

de Ucanca, (Ucanca Valley). In this enormous expanse of volcanic

rise majestically like great pillars at the foot of the volcano. Among

ground, 300 hectares, with hardly any of the normal shapes or objects

them, the most outstanding is the Cinchado, which is the biggest

to act as reference points, it is difficult to get an accurate idea of the

of them all. A photograph of the Teide taken from these rocks is the

dimensions of this magical place dominated by silence. The colours

same picture used on one of the best-known postcards of Tenerife.

of the lava take on every shade imaginable. This valley is located in

Next to them there is a viewpoint with spectacular views of the llano

the western part of the crater of the Cañadas del Teide.

de Ucanca.

Izaña Observatory The exceptional environmental and meteorological conditions of the Teide National Park have placed it in a privileged position to investigate the Universe. At the Izaña Observatory, there are modern telescopes that take advantage of the cleanliness of the sky to gaze at the stars. Researchers from all over the world work here. This tradition as an observation point for what is happening beyond the clouds began in

The Teide makes you feel small from below… and a giant from the top

the mid 19th century. The observatory with its round buildings topped by white domes lends a futuristic look to a very unique landscape.

Peter Thomsom, 57 years-old, Manchester, UK


All th e blue of the Atlantic

Always the sea Seabed


The seabed around Tenerife is surprisingly rich and diverse; the col-

Another way of enjoying the sea in Tenerife is to immerse yourself

ours and marine life it harbours there are amazing. Even beneath the

in the charm of its attractive coves. Bright, black sand or pebble

sea, the island is an authentic natural paradise. Anemones, rays,

coves, they are the perfect choice for those who prefer the silence

turtles or conger eels, up to two metres in length, are just some of

and freedom of feeling faraway from the rest of the world. There are

the species that live in these crystal clear waters. There are also rock

many of these coves all along the island’s coast, both in the north

cod, red bream and parrotfish, all of which are used as ingredients in

and the south. Some of them require a good walk to get to, but they

the island’s traditional cuisine.

are the ideal places to spend a day in a different way and at the same

The volcanic nature of the island has created a varied seabed made of

time enjoying the sun and the sea.

rocks, caves, sandbanks and steeply sloping areas that get lost in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. A passionate world to discover along the 350 kilometres of the island’s coast, and whose waters remain at a temperature between 17 and 25 degrees centigrade.

Coastal Cliffs A large part of the island’s coast is steep. In the places where the sea does not caress the sand of its many beaches, the cliffs appear to drop into the sea, plunging into the waters with a sheerness that often amazes you. The most breathtaking example is Los Gigantes (the Giants), in Santiago del Teide, which stand at 600 metres in height. In many other places, the mountains reach the very shore of the sea displaying scenery of incredible beauty.


Marinas Marinas Tenerife’s marinas are great places to visit, as well as being a good choice for those who have decided to come to the island to enjoy it from the sea. These marinas can cope with everything from small, leisure boats to luxurious yachts, and they offer comfortable moorings with all the services you could need. There are seven to choose from. They are located in both the north and south, in Radazul, (El Rosario, very close to Santa Cruz); Candelaria, San Miguel de

Adeje Puerto Colón +34 922 714 211 Arona Puerto Deportivo de Los Cristianos +34 922 790 827 Güímar Club Náutico de Güímar +34 922 528 900 El Rosario Puerto Deportivo Radazul +34 922 680 933

Abona, Puerto Colón (Costa Adeje), Los Gigantes (Santiago del Teide) and Santa Cruz, where there are three.

San Miguel de Abona Marina San Miguel +34 922 785 124 Santiago del Teide Marina Los Gigantes +34 922 868 002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Marina Santa Cruz +34 922 292 184 Marina Tenerife +34 922 591 247 Puerto Deportivo Puerto Chico +34 922 549 818 []


South Torviscas and Fañabé Troya El Médano Playa La Arena Las VIstas El Camisón El Duque Los Cristianos La Pinta La Tejita

North Playa Jardín El Socorro Playa de Mesa del Mar Las Teresitas Martiánez San Marcos El Bollullo

Golden Sandy Beaches Golden sandy beaches are mainly found in the south of the island, from Güímar to Adeje. They look very inviting to go for a swim and to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea. There are some beaches that are quiet and deserted while others are full of activity. The latter offer all the facilities you need to have fun with both family and friends. You can hire a jet ski, go parasailing or try any of the other leisure activities that are available.


One of the great attractions of Tenerife are its beaches, where you can enjoy the sun and sea at any time of the year. The choice of places to sunbathe and go for a swim are endless: some beaches have a distinctive volcanic nature and bright black sand; others are long with golden

sand; and some are natural pools created by lava next to the sea… Many are accessible for disabled people and offer a full range of facilities, as well as having a great many activities for all the family to enjoy: pedaloes, jet skis, parasailing…


Natural Pools Yet another way of enjoying the sea. The lava flows from the volcanoes, on reaching the sea and merging with it, have formed unique natural pools, such as the ones in the north of the island. They can be found at Bajamar, Punta del Hidalgo (La Laguna), Charco La Laja (San Juan de la Rambla) or El Caletón (Garachico). The waters are renewed each time the tide comes in and offer swimmers new sensations, unforgettable for those who have not had the chance to immerse themselves in these beautiful swimming areas before. Bajamar has two large seawater pools and another children’s pool that have a range of facilities, including changing rooms. Its pleas-

Black Sandy Beaches

ant family atmosphere and many restaurants have made it quite

The volcanic origin of Tenerife is also reflected in its beaches of black

an attractive swimming area for those looking for a quiet place to

sand, which are mainly concentrated in the north and on the coast

enjoy the sea. The same beauty and sensation can be enjoyed in

around the Anaga Rural Park, although you can also find some

the pools at El Caletón y Charco La Laja.

a popular place. The natural pool at Punta del Hidalgo is also

beautiful examples of these beaches in some corners of the south. Some of these small coves are quite a way from the traditional tourist routes; others, however, are well known and visited. They are just one more option for a different and exotic day of sun and sea. [11]


I think the Sun has decided to live in Tenerife. Sophie Deprez, 16 years-old, Brussels, Belgium


The South You have all you need to have fun!” Ulla Andersen, 18 years-old, Copenhagen, Denmark

Arico Arico can be found among the mountains of the south east coast of Tenerife. Its towns and villages, Arico el Viejo (Old Arico), Arico el Nuevo (New Arico) and the Villa de Arico (Arico Town), preserve that traditional atmosphere ideal for rural tourism. It is a perfect area for enjoying the fresh air and scenery that is full of charm: gorges, ravines, magnificent hillsides, farmlands and beautiful rock formations where you can lose yourself and forget about the time. The farming tradition of this southern district welcomes visitors with excellent produce and gastronomy, which can be found in the many small family restaurants. Rural accommodation is the best way to enjoy a few days rest in this decidedly rural paradise. Arico is also well known for its delicious cheeses, home-made honey, potatoes, wines, tomatoes, smoked “gofio” (cornflour) and fruit… Hiking, cycling and climbing are some of the many options to feel free and at one with nature.


South Tenerife is known for its magnificent climate –with sunshine throughout the year–, and for its beaches, which stretch along almost the entire length of the coast. However, this part of the island will also surprise visitors with its picturesque villages, which preserve their traditions, and the lovely countryside scenery where you can go on excursions or to do a variety of outdoor activities.

Days and Night s to dream of Arona


Arona has managed to maintain the authenticity of its towns and

Costa Adeje is one the most modern areas on the island, in which

villages at the same time as seeing the birth of one the most com-

much of the more exclusive accommodation is located, together

plete holiday paradises in the world. Places like the Playa de los

with first-class shopping centres and a great leisure offer. Mag-

Cristianos, which preserves its atmosphere of a fishing town, which

nificent and impeccable beaches with a complete range of facilities,

it once was, or the town of Arona, in the mountains, are examples

like the Duque, Fañabé or Troya beach mean days of sun and sea to

of this excellent combination. The long golden sandy beaches of

recharge your batteries and relax at any time of the year.

Arona have a full range of facilities and services. The ones at Los Cristianos and Las Vistas are two of the most popular.

Worth mentioning are its tranquil walks along the seafront, squares and streets dotted with leisure establishments and restaurants.

Other tourist resorts in the district are Playa de las Galletas and

There is also a wide range of entertainment on offer including the

Costa del Silencio. The first with a family and seaside atmosphere;

brand new Siam Park, the largest water theme park in Europe, and

the second total peace and quiet. Nearby, two options for “green”

the only heated open-air water fun park.

sport: the golf centres of Los Palos and Golf Las Américas.

Set sail to see the whales and dolphins swimming freely is another

For day and night-time leisure Arona offers a whole range of inter-

great option, as is discovering spectacular inland spots such as the

est-ing activities and suggestions: whale and dolphin watching,

“barranco del Infierno” (Hell Gorge), green and lush, or some

hiking, cycle tours, canyoning… the options are endless. And there is

of the historic buildings in the town of Adeje. Some examples: the

accommodation for all tastes: hotels, apartments and countryside

churches of Santa Úrsula and the convent of Guadalupe and San

cottages, a truly varied offer.

Pablo or the Casa Fuerte, from the 16th century. [15]

Vilaflor de Chasna At an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level, Vilaflor de Chasna seduces you with its lush forests, traditional crops and intricate

Guía de Isora

terraces and a town in which history and

Farming and crafts, the town of Guía de

tradition can be felt at every step.

Isora makes you fall in love with its neat

It claims to be the highest district in Spain and enjoys one of the cleanest skies on the planet. This is why stargazing has become one of the most singular and attractive act-

and tidy streets that are full of the heritage of centuries old tradition; a tradition which is revealed in its houses and squares or old ovens for baking bread, tiles or tar.

ivities here. It is very close to the Teide and

From a height of almost 600 metres to the

located among breathtaking scenery, doing

sea, Guía de Isora stretches across the coun-

outdoor activities here are a pleasure not to

tryside offering peace and quiet, beautiful

be missed: cycling, hiking, paragliding…

scenery and nature in all its glory. In this

The streets of Vilaflor, traditional and full of atmosphere, preserve the magnificent houses and mansions of the 17th and 18th centuries. They also offer cosy places to have

district, small charming villages can be found such as Tejina and Chío; places to rest, to feel the earth and discover the crafts of this unique area.

lunch, a local glass of wine or simply a pleas-

On the coast, Guía de Isora is equally invit-

ant chat.

ing, with its beaches at Alcalá, Baja Larga and Méndez; all very close to a first-class offer of accommodation, sport and leisure even for the most demanding of visitors. For a round of golf, the exclusive Abama Golf Course is a tempting offer.


San Miguel de Abona From the mountain to the sea, San Miguel de Abona has everything you need for a break that will be full of variety. The highland areas, more rural, and where nature is without doubt the star, give way to a coast with a whole host of enjoyable and exciting activities to do on land or at sea. It is precisely near the sea where the two excellent golf courses (Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur) are located and a collection of high quality hotels with the best services and all the facilities to practise a whole range of sports. The San Miguel Marina, a motocross circuit and an extensive network of footpaths complete this first-class offer of sports with something for everyone’s taste. In the mid-altitude zone, Guanche remains and country paths are a sure bet to enjoy the gentle climate and the beauty of the local scenery, often consisting of farmland, covered by volcanic soil to preserve the moisture for the crops.

Granadilla de Abona Granadilla de Abona stretches from the sea to the beautiful peak of the Guajara Mountain at a height of 2,718 metres. As varied as it is extensive and full of surprising spots, this district reveals its true nature in the town of the same name, a town of winding streets and traditional houses, of friendly and pleasant restaurants. Higher up, scenery, such as the spectacular Lunarscape, consisting of incredible volcanic rock formations, is a real gift to the senses. On the coast, El Médano, which was once a small fishing village, preserves this atmosphere and offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the sea and have some excitement. It is a windsurfing and kitesurfing paradise due to the quality of its wind and waves; its beaches always offer a lively spectacle. The beaches of La Tejita, a true paradise for taking a swim in complete freedom; La Pelada, Playa Grande or Los Balos are other deserted spots ideal for relaxing. The pleasant promenade of El Médano is also a perfect place to try some excellent fresh fish accompanied by the excellent white wines of the Abona region.

Santiago del Teide From the coast of the beautiful seaside town of Puerto Santiago to the green pine trees of the Corona Forestal Reserve, on the slopes of the Teide, a difference in height of 1,000 metres, and which places before the visitor’s eyes an amazing variety of landscapes, colours and scenery. With its perfect combination of tranquillity and activity connected with the sea, the coastline of Santiago del Teide offers a new way to enjoy the sun, sea and beaches: whale and dolphin watching, diving, motorboats, sailing… There are also incredible places to admire, like the enormous cliffs of Los Gigantes, which fall vertically and plunge into the ocean from incredible heights. The predominantly volcanic landscapes of the higher areas display colours and shapes of great beauty, together with traditional crops of vines, tomatoes, figs, bananas, and almonds… Tradition is always present in villages such as, Valle de Arriba or Arguayo, both of Guanche origin.


Metropolitan Area Santa Cruz Jacarandas and flamboyanes, majestic Indian Laurel Trees… Green is a part of Santa Cruz, as are the street sculptures, spread throughout the city. They are by Chillida, Henry Moore, Martín Chirino… And in contrast to all this colour, white, bright and imposing is the Auditorium of Tenerife, spectacular work of Santiago Calatrava, facing the sea. Going shopping here, as well as strolling along the Ramblas or through the parks is also a pleasure. Its bustling streets and shopping centres are full of life and light and you can find the latest in perfumes, fashion or electronics at very attractive prices. In its small, friendly restaurants or in the more exclusive establishments, there is every opportunity to try the best local or international dishes. But Santa Cruz is much more: lively open-air bars during the day and at night, an exotic beach of white sand (Las Teresitas), the beautiful mountains of Anaga, and cultural events comparable to any European city.

For all tas tes

I shopped, shopped and shopped. Everything was here Gianni Lombardo, 35 years-old, Venice, Italy

Parque Marítimo César Manrique This is a swimming pool complex that is a work of art. César Manrique, the great Canarian artist, thought up this place in which swimming and sunbathing would become a unique experience: clearly he managed it. Created in a traditional Canarian style, which respects nature, the complex is made up of various seawater swim-

Recently remodelled, the García Sanabria Park is the great, green

ming pools among garden islands, fountains and waterfalls, which

lung of the city. For over 70 years, this immense space of 70,000

make the Parque Marítimo an oasis of peace and quiet to enjoy on

square metres has been one of the prides of Santa Cruz. Over 200

your own or accompanied. And for children, it is a real paradise.

species of plants from all over the world, winding paths, fountains

To complete the offer there are bars, restaurants, changing rooms


Parque García Sanabria

and sculptures make this place into a real botanical garden.

and all kinds of services for visitors. And there’s even a small black

A large flower clock, the open-air café or the children’s play areas

sand beach for those who prefer to take a dip in the Atlantic.

make this place a must for any visitor to the city.


Timetable Tram Santa Cruz – La Laguna

La Laguna

3 min


4 min

Teatro Guimerá

6 min


8 min

La Paz

10 min

Puente Zurita

of La Laguna are exceptional for their great

12 min

Cruz del Señor

historical value. This university city, a shin-

14 min


ning example of preservation and respect

15 min


17 min

Principes de España

19 min

Hospital La Calendaria

20 min


with a limitless number of small but exclusive

23 min

El Cardonal

shops. It is also a place to breathe fresh air

24 min

Hospital Universitario

27 min

Las Mantecas

taurants) some of the best local dishes. At

29 min

Campus Guajara

night, it is pure fun: with a countless number

30 min


32 min

Museo de la Ciencia

33 min

Cruz de Piedra

36 min

Padre Anchieta

37 min

La Trinidad

The streets, palaces, mansions and buildings

for the past, shows us marvels such as the Cathedral, the Palacio de Nava or the Casa de Mustelier. By day, La Laguna is a shopper’s paradise

in one of its charming parks and squares or to taste in its many tascas (small res-

of bars and nightclubs, which make it difficult to decide which to choose. Here nature is alive in the Monte de las Mercedes and in the laurisilva forest: a forest, an inheritance from the Tertiary Era, populated with laurel trees and ferns. The sea can be found nearby at Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo; both small, pleasant seaside towns with all their local flavour and authenticity.

Cultural aspects

UNESCO World Heritage Site

University La Laguna’s university was the first to be

A complex project, based on philosophical principles and the application of knowledge about

created in the Canary Islands. Although its

navigation in that period, resulted in the layout of the city of La Laguna, around the year

history as an educational institution began

1500. Thanks to this, the streets of the old part of the city have been preserved as they

in 1701, it was not until 200 years ago, in

were then, and the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking along

1817, when it was established, by Royal

these streets is like stepping back in time. Its more than 600 mudejar (Spanish, Moorish

Statute of Fernando VII, as a university. Since

architecture) buildings or its many examples of the exchange of ideas between European and

then, many Canarian people, after having

South American cultures, with which it has maintained constant ties, have made La Laguna a

studied there, have become well-known

unique and special city.

prestigious national and international figures. [19]


The North

Puerto de la Cruz Valle de la Orotava Relaxation, rest, activity, outdoor life, sea bathing, health and beauty treatments, shopping, strolls around places full of charm, nature‌ This is Puerto de la Cruz-Valle de la Orotava, the garden of the Teide. Made up of Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava and Los Realejos, the three districts fit together like perfect jigsaw puzzle pieces to offer the ideal place for both enjoyment and relaxation. To help there is a perfect temperature, with an average of 22 degrees in winter and 25 in summer. Outdoor activities in the countryside like hiking or horse riding or cycling, and even a flight with a paraglider, are some of the options open to you. There is also fishing, surfing, diving, or simply going for a refreshing swim at any of its many beaches. Towns full of life, historical villages and a unique gastronomy, as simple as it is delicious, complete the offer of the north of Tenerife.


Puerto de la Cruz Puerto de la Cruz preserves its atmosphere of a seafaring town, which gave birth to the tourist resort of today. A perfect balance between the traditional and the modern, it is a cosmopolitan town with an active shopping and entertainment side. Strolling through the streets of Puerto de la Cruz and walking next to the ocean is a real pleasure. The harbour, the Casa de la Aduana (Customs House) or the Castle of San Felipe are buildings that fill this historical town with charm. In Puerto de la Cruz there are hotels and apartments for every taste, where peace and quiet reigns, and the views of the sea and the Teide are always spectacular. There is accommodation near the beach, in the town centre, large complexes or small family establishments, always with all the services and facilities you need.

La Orotava

Los Realejos

from among inviting coves of volcanic

The town of La Orotava is a magical and

Nature wanted to put Los Realejos in a privi-

sand; the beaches of Punta Brava or Playa

noble district. Set in a vast valley of banana

leged place. Five nature reserves take up half

Jardín; or the leisure and pool complex of

plantations that has the same name, it is full

of this district, green and full of pleasant leafy

the Lago Martiánez, where the modern

of historical buildings and magnificent houses

spots; spectacular landscapes; unique spaces.

Casino of Puerto de la Cruz can be found.

which have led to the old part of town being

There is also an impressive variety of options to enjoy the sea here. Here you can choose

declared a Monument of National Artistic A visit to Loro Parque, with its fabulous

and Historical Interest.

killer whales, penguins and dolphins, and

tain slopes in a paraglider until you reach the coast, walk along country paths or dive be-

incredible variety of animals is a sure bet for

Few places have such spectacular and well-

neath the waters of an ocean full of colour…

a truly unforgettable day for all the family.

preserved cobbled streets, balconies of tea

all of these and many more help you to fully

wood, mansions and gardens. And no less

enjoy Los Realejos, a town full of history and

beautiful are the quiet coves and beaches set


away from the rest of the world, like the ones at El Bollullo, Martín Alonso or El Ancón.


Surf at El Socorro beach or fly over moun-

Th e colour of nature

You can breathe peace and quiet in every corner.

Irina Melnikova, 64 years-old, Riga, Lithuania


Isla Baja In the Isla Baja you can find the best-kept secret of Tenerife; a spot far off the traditional tourist routes that is deeply rooted in the land and its people. Los Silos, El Tanque, Buenavista del Norte and Garachico are the four districts that make up this area located in the extreme north-west of the island. Nature, leisure, outdoor sports; spectacular seabed; coves and beaches… In these towns and villages, with farmhouses far from the normal tourist routes, unusual kinds of crafts are still maintained, for example the making of wooden walking sticks and tools, bone knives or basketwork. The gastronomy forms part of the culture of the towns and villages of the Isla Baja. Excellent fish and seafood, delicious local wines and famous cake and dessert-making make this area of the island a place in which eating has become an art form. Accommodation ranges from old, ancestral houses, restored and turned into magnificent, rural tourist establishments to small, designer hotels with surprising combinations of contemporary art and Canarian architecture.

Garachico Awarded a Fine Arts Gold Medal, the streets and squares of Garachico are all history.

Buenavista del Norte Buenavista del Norte is a district full of charming streets with a clear andalucian influence; a coastline dotted with inviting coves, where absolute peace and quiet


Garachico was the main port in Tenerife until 1706, when a gigantic volcanic eruption buried it under the lava. Today, the town displays its proud inheritance from the past and great number of magical spots to visit.

reigns; and with an environmentally friendly

Its six-kilometre long coast is a real miracle

leisure offer. In Buenavista you can also find

of nature. From El Guincho to La Caleta de

a golf course, Buenavista Golf, designed by

Interián, there is a whole succession of coves

Severiano Ballesteros, which is located

covered in scorched lava and volcanic sand

next to some spectacular cliffs.

giving them a really original appearance.

70 percent of the Teno Rural Park is

The parish church of Santa Ana, from the

assigned to Buenavista, one of the paleo-

16th century, rebuilt following the 1706 erup-

islands of Tenerife and one of the most

tion, is one of the main architectural gems.

beautiful places on the Canary Islands. Its

Other places of interest are the old convents

wealth of fauna has led to it being declared

of San Francisco and Santo Domingo; the

a Special Protection Site for Birds. In

castle of San Miguel, whose initial con-

the park there are fairytale places, like the

struction began in the reign of Felipe II; the

Masca village, the Carrizales Gorge, or the

mansions of the Condes de La Gomera;

mountains of Teno Alto...

of the Marqués de la Quinta Roja...

Los Silos Los Silos, in the heart of this region, seems to be surrounded by boundless plants and amazing natural spaces like the Monte del Agua, where the laurisilva forest still survives: a lush leafy forest of laurel trees and ferns. The name Los Silos comes from the important farming activity carried on here since the 17th century, when it supplied wheat for the whole island. Today the town still preserves in its streets all the charm of a market town dotted with traditional places. And on the coast there are small accommodation establishments right next to bathing facilities.

El Tanque El Tanque is located in the heights of the Daute region and is therefore an ideal balcony from which to enjoy some beautiful views of the Isla Baja. More than half the area is part of the five protected nature

The church of Nuestra Señora de La Luz, with a statue of Cristo de

reserves: Teno Rural Park, the Corona Forestal Nature Reserve,

la Misericordia from the 17 century, or buildings like the Casilla de

Protected Landscape of the Culata Cliffs, Chinyero Special Na-

Telégrafos (Telegraph Hut), the sugar refinery or the old lime ovens

ture Reserve and the Ineterián Special Scientific Interest Site.


are also worth visiting.

Remarkable for its beautiful scenery is the road to the port of Erjos, at the foot of which is a wooded area next to some old farmhouses creating a very traditional scene. The washing place of La Atalaya provides a natural viewpoint of the La Culata Cliffs; the Casa de la Alhóndiga (Corn Exchange), a meeting place in the early days of the district are some of the places of interest. [25]


I took my family to the very top!

Paul Faussurier, 38 years-old, Lyon, France


Map Real Club de Golf de Tenerife EL SAUZAL


S. Juan de la Rambla




La Guancha Benijos



San Isidro

Siam Park


Los Abrigos


Tejina Bajamar

Macizo de Anaga Cruz del Carmen

Tegueste Las Mercedes TACORONTE

Theme Parks


Hostels Shelters

Las Raices

Museums Las Caletillas

Recommended footpaths Visitors’ Centre Farmers’ Markets Wineries Golf Courses


Teide Cable Car Puertito de Güímar

Windsurfing/Kite surfing Surfing Motorboats Punta de Güímar

Sport Fishing Diving Marinas Marinas under construction Fishing harbours Places of interest Los Gigantes Cliffs Anaga Rural Park Basilica and square of La Candelaria The Dragon Tree of Icod de los Vinos Masca Hamlet Historical centre of La Laguna Historical centre of La Orotava Historical centre of Garachico Teide National Park Auditorium of Tenerife Casa del vino (Wine Museum) Lago Martiánez Parque Marítimo


Unforgettable Places The Millennium Dragon Tree In the town centre of Icod de los Vinos, in the north of the island, one of the oldest and most spectacular examples known of this tree (actually a shrub) can be found. Although the legend has turned it into a “millennium tree�, it is actually calculated as being between 600 and 800 years of age. The circumference of its base is 12 metres and it reaches a height of 14 metres.

Los Gigantes Cliffs These form one of the most breathtaking coastlines of the Canary Islands. From a height of 600 metres, they plunge straight into the sea. They form part of the Teno Rural Park and are located in Santiago del Teide. Their average height is around

Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo

450 metres. The seabed below has great

These are two charming northern seaside

scientific value; it slopes steeply to a depth

towns, where peace and quiet and a natural,

of over 30 metres. Among its natural wealth

healthy way of life are clearly evident. A

are outstanding examples of calcareous al-

pleasant family atmosphere makes these

gae, black coral and sponges. In the nearby

ideal places to try some fresh fish and sea-

town of Los Gigantes, there are diving

food. Bajamar has two seawater swimming

clubs that organise diving trips from land,

pools with a range of facilities. Punta del

boat and night-time dives.

Hidalgo also has similar bathing facilities and terrific coastal and mountain scenery. The seafront promenades of both places are to be recommended.


Farmhouses and the Masca Gorge Masca, in the heart of the Teno Rural Park, is a magical place in which nature and tradition form a unique scene. There is a small hamlet of old farmhouses, located at beginning of a gorge, 600 metres above sea level; a picturesque departure point for a most spectacular descent. In between vertical walls and fairytale vegetation, Masca offers a descent on foot of four hours to finally end up at a small beach from which

Š Ralf Adler

you leave by boat.

Š Ralf Adler

Candelaria, Basilica The Patron Saint of the Canary Islands

Anaga Rural Park

Famed throughout the Canary Islands for

Laguna area, is one of the natural jewels

housing in its basilica the statue of the Virgin of Candelaria: general patron saint of the archipelago. The town is notable for its seafood, lively atmosphere and the square in which the basilica is located, a common place of pilgrimage for Canarian people. In this very square, next to the sea, huge bronze statutes of the Menceys (ancient Guanche Kings) have

Of great ecological value and fabulous scenery, this park, in the Santa Cruz and La of the island. The Monte de las Mercedes (Mercedes mountain), with its lush laurisilva forest, footpaths and charming villages is fairy-tale place in which to lose yourself. Its coastal scenery is also spectacular with impressive rocks, and small beaches and coves of shiny black sand. This massif is over 3.5 million years old.

been erected. Something typical in Candelaria: a plate of shrimps, delicious.




They have been my best holidays ever, I didn’t stop for a moment. Hakon Aarhus, 29 years-old, Oslo, Norway


Being active The per fect adventure

The best day trips – Teide National Park – Los Gigantes Cliffs – Basilica of La Candelaria – The Dragon Tree – Isla Baja – Taganana Hamlet – Historical centre of La Laguna and La Orotava – Teno Rural Park Masca Hamlet – Anaga Rural Park – Whale watching [34]

Inland The variety, beauty and expanse of the countryside on the island allows you to have a holiday in real contact with nature. Tenerife forms part of the natural region of Macronesia, one of the richest in biodiversity in the world. And within that region, the island has the greatest number of indigenous flowers. Almost half of its territory, up to 48 percent, forms part of one of the 42 protected areas, which guard these littleknown natural treasures.

The simple contemplation of the scenery, a walk, or a visit to the farming areas, are excellent options to get to know a different side of the island. Rural accommodation lets you live close to this incredible, natural diversity and take part in all kinds of outdoor activities.

Hiking One of the great pleasures that Tenerife of-

Mountain biking

fers is the chance to go hiking. You just have to put on your boots and walk along any of

On the island there are many roads and

the paths that lead to so many hidden and

country tracks that run through some incred-

beautiful spots. There are over 4000 kilo-


ible scenery. There are cycle routes with

metres of footpaths to enjoy. In the north, south and in the centre; from mountain to

Three of the most spectacular gorges to go

easy to find routes to suit all levels. There are

sea… The island has hundreds of sign-post-

down are the “Infierno” (Hell) in Adeje and

many different kinds like the forest tracks

ed footpaths, which can be explored with a

the Los Carrizales and Masca ones, both in

through the pine trees, in the setting of the

guide or by yourselves. The temperature is

the Teno Rural Park. Their natural beauty

Corona Forestal Nature Park or the beauti-

always pleasant and the landscapes unique,

make them ideal settings to live life to the

ful mountains of the Anaga and Teno Rural

like the ones in the Teide National Park, in

full without missing a thing. Tenerife’s many

Park. Cycling is the also the perfect choice to

the laurisilva forest of Anaga or in the pine

gorges, full of lush vegetation are a chal-

get to know the mid-altitude routes around

forests of La Esperanza, just to mention a

lenge for all levels in an exotic setting with

the island, through farming areas and tradi-

few. Any time is right; every day is perfect.

an incomparable natural wealth. Waterfalls

tional villages.

steep hills but also more gentle ones; it is

and sheer walls are some of the surprises


you will come across on your route.

Climbing the volcanic cliff faces of Tenerife is a different experience: a new way of enjoying this sport. Almost in any apart of the island there are climbing routes open for all levels: in Arico, Guía de Isora, in the Teide


National Park itself and many other places.

Fresh air, calm weather, favourable winds, valleys to fly over… Tenerife is a real paradise for

To ensure safety, the best idea is to get in

fans of this sport. Take off at a height of over 2000 metres from Izaña, in the Teide National

touch with one of the many companies that

Park and let yourself glide in the wind above the banana plantations of the Orotava Valley;

organise these kinds of activities.

flying southwards can also be an unforgettable experience. Los Realejos, in the north of the island, holds the international festival Flypa every year, where the world’s best paragliders and gliders come to take part: an amazing sight. [35]

Experience the Atlantic

We enjoyed the sea as never before. Valeska Nawatzki, 59 years-old, Warsaw, Poland

Windsurfing There are areas of the island where the wind


Kite surfing


conditions for doing windsurfing are ideal throughout the year. This is the case for

In Tenerife kite surfing, a sport that makes

There are many beaches and coves suitable

various spots at El Médano, in Granadilla

full use of the wind and waves, has found

for surfing all over the island. The beaches

de Abona, a friendly town to which many

one of the best possible places to practise.

of El Socorro (Los Realejos), Almáciga and

windsurfers have moved to live, and where

To enjoy kite surfing, a kind of surfing in

Benijo, on the coast of the Anaga Mas-

the wind often reaches force six and seven.

which the propulsion is provided by a kite,

sif or Fitenia, in Arona are just some of

In El Médano there is board storage and re-

the beaches of Los Balos, in El Médano,

the examples of real surfing paradises. The

pair and even board and sail making, as well

and La Tejita, in Granadilla de Abona,

quality and continuity of the waves, the sea

as shops specialising in surf fashion. A place

are the best. Their exceptional conditions

temperature and friendly welcome of local

recommended to learn is Playa Grande,

throughout the year mean that in this area

surfers are also reasons to test yourself here

while the more expert can try the waves at

international championships are often held.

with the sea.

La Jaquita, the harbour and El Cabezo.

Why not try a course to get started?

The whales came so close, we could almost touch them Belén Terán, 8 years-old, Mérida, Spain

Diving The island has a really beautiful and colourful seabed, both in the north and in the south. The coastal marine life has over 500 species.

Whale watching

There is an extensive network of diving centres where you can

In the straits that separate the nearby islands of Tenerife and

buy or rent safe equipment, and where expert teachers give courses

La Gomera there is a stable colony of pilot whales, as well as

for beginners and higher levels, as well as organising dives during

bottle-nosed dolphins and other cetaceans. It is quite easy to spot

the day and at night. Caves, volcanic tubes, which you can enter for

them from a boat on one of the regular trips and being sociable

up to 50 metres, shipwrecks like the Condesito, sunk a quarter of a

creatures they often come within a few metres of the boats. An

century ago off Los Cristianos coast, give these clear visibility waters

experience you can enjoy at any time of year. Various boats set sail

(average of 30 metres), a quality and variety worth trying.

every day from the ports of Los Cristianos, Puerto Colón and Puerto Santiago, all in the south.

Deep-sea Fishing Fishing trips and boat hire can be arranged from the marinas


in the south, with or without a crew. The marine life is very rich

Sailing conditions are fabulous, with regular wind channels between

and abundant in large species like the tuna, swordfish, the mako

the islands of force 4 and 5 on the Beaufort scale. There are sailing

or parrotfish. However, the real star is the blue marlin weighing

courses and a range of options to rent boats, both small sailing boats

up to 650 kilograms.

and larger cruisers for longer days at sea. [37]

Golf In Tenerife, everything is prepared for you to enjoy this sport; it is the island of golf. The climate, mild throughout the year, allows you to have a pleasant game both in winter and summer, as on Tenerife it is always spring. There are eight courses to choose from located in both the north and south. The choice of course is even greater if we add nearby Tecina Golf, a paradise of lush vegetation located on the island of La Gomera, only half an hour’s ferry ride away. The island’s golf courses are also venues for international standard championships like the Spanish Canary Islands Open or the Tenerife Ladies Open. In the north there are two courses. Buenavista Golf, designed by Severiano Ballesteros, in the district of Buenavista del Norte (Isla Baja), is marvellous. And in Tacoronte you can find the Real Club de Golf of Tenerife, a serious and elegant private club, special for its distinctive British atmosphere. The rest of the courses are located in the south: Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf are in San Miguel de Abona. The former, with magnificent views of the Teide, the latter right on the coast, where you almost have to play the balls over the waves. Golf Las Américas, in Arona, offers a singular course that has the shape of an amphitheatre that looks seawards towards La Gomera. Also in Arona, the nine-hole Los Palos Golf Centre offers an ideal course for beginners or to perfect your short game. The range of golf courses in the south includes two other establishments: Golf Costa Adeje, a course that respects the old farming terraces of the area; and Abama, where luxury, elegance and exclusivity are the main features of a unique course. Tania Elosegui playing in the Tenerife Ladies Open 2006

The island has a number of first class hotels and apartments with special services for golfers. Take note, it is worth remembering

What a delight to play golf next to the sea, and the temperature – perfect [38]

Gustave Franzen, 42 years-old, Gothenburg, Sweden

that the green fees are cheaper during the summer months.

Real Club de Golf de Tenerife 8 EL SAUZAL



PUERTO DE LA CRUZ S. Juan de la Rambla


Punta de Buenavista














Abama 18 holes Ctra. Gral. TF-47. Km. 9. Playa San Juan 38687 Guía de Isora +34 922 126 000 Amarilla Golf 18 holes Urb. Amarilla Golf 38639 San Miguel +34 922 730 319 Buenavista Golf 18 holes Buenavista del Norte, s/n. 38480 Buenavista del Norte +34 922 129 034 Centro de Golf Los Palos 9 holes Ctra. Guaza-Las Galletas. Km. 7 38636 Arona +34 922 169 080








Tecina Golf

Golf Courses


Amarilla Golf 18 holes


Golf del Sur 27 holes


Centro de Golf Los Palos 9 holes


Golf Las Américas 18 holes


Golf Costa Adeje 27 holes


Abama 18 holes


Buenavista Golf 18 holes


Real Club de Golf de Tenerife 18 holes


Tecina Golf (La Gomera Island) 18 holes

Golf Costa Adeje 27 holes Finca de Los Olivos, s/n 38670 Adeje +34 922 710 000 Golf del Sur 27 holes Urb. Golf del Sur. Avda. Galván Bello, s/n. 38639 San Miguel +34 922 738 170 Golf Las Américas 18 holes Golf las Américas. Playa de las Américas. 38660 Arona +34 922 752 005 Real Club de Golf de Tenerife 18 holes C/ Campo de Golf,1. El Peñón 38350 Tacoronte +34 922 636 607 Tecina Golf 18 holes Lomada del Tecina, s/n. Playa de Santiago, La Gomera 38811 Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 145 950 [39]

Balance and well-being Health and beauty centres

I’ve never felt so relaxed” Carina Kronborg, 38 years-old, Reykjavik, Iceland

Even back in the 18th century the gentle and beneficial climate of Tenerife had made it famous throughout Europe. In fact, the first tourists to arrive here were looking for precisely that, the therapeutic nature of its climate, its air and its sea. The great number of hours of sunshine; the luminosity of the island, which helps lift your mood; the sea breeze rich in trace elements and iodine, relaxing and healthy, tropical fruit for a healthy diet… The island has everything to create the perfect setting for those who want to take advantage of their time to rest and really look after themselves. There is also an unbeatable offer of spas.


South Abama Spa Ctra. Gral. TF-47 km-9 38687 Guía de Isora +34 922 126 006

Riu Palace Body Love Urb. La Herradura, La Caleta 38670 Adeje +34 922 714 191

USP Hospital Costa Adeje Urb. San Eugenio Ed. Garajonay 38660 +34 922 752 626

Aequor Spa C/ París s/n, Urb. Playa Fañabé 38670 Adeje +34 922 713 333

Royal Garden Villas & Spa Finca Los Olivos Campo de Golf Costa Adeje 38660 Adeje +34 922 711 294

Club-Spa La Quinta Park Urb. La Quinta 38390 Santa Úrsula +34 922 300 951

Aqua Club Termal C/ Galicia s/n, Torviscas Alto 38670 Adeje +34 922 716 555 Eutonos Spa C/ La Enramada, 9 38670 Adeje +34 922 162 000 Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort Avda. Bruselas, s/n 38660 Adeje +34 922 746 933 Hotel Jardín Tropical C/ Gran Bretaña, s/n 38660 Adeje +34 922 746 000 Hotel La Plantación del Sur C/ Roque Nublo,1 38660 Adeje +34 922 717 773 Iberostar Grand Hotel Anthelia C/ Londres, 15 · Playa Fañabé 38660 Adeje +34 922 713 335 Mare Nostrum Spa Thalasso & Wellness Avda. de las Américas, s/n 38660 Arona +34 922 757 500

Natural Thalasso & Wellness Spa Avda. Rafael Puig, 21 38660 Playa de las Américas +34 922 792 300 Spa Atlantis Urb. Golf del Sur, s/n 38620 San Miguel de Abona +34 922 737 000 Spa Hotel Europe Villa Cortés Avda. Rafael Puig, s/n Playa de las Américas 38660 Arona +34 922 757 700 Hotel Villalba Ctra. San Roque, s/n 38613 Vilaflor de Chasna +34 922 709 931 Thalasso H10 Conquistador Avda. Rafael Puig, 22 Playa de las Américas 38660 Arona +34 922 795 781 Vitanova Spa & Wellness Avda. Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, s/n Playa del Duque, 38670 Adeje +34 922 719 910 Bahía Príncipe San Felipe Avda. Colón, 22 38400 Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 723 100

North Hotasa Bonanza Palace C/ Aceviño, 8 38400 Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 381 100 The Oriental Spa Garden C/ Richard J. Yeoward, 1 38400 Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 389 505 Centro de Medicina Natural Océano C/ Océano Pacífico, 1 38240 Punta del Hidalgo +34 922 156 000 Centro de Reproducción Asistida de Tenerife Rambla General Franco 155. 1º 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 290 577 Grupo Vida Clínica Centros Médicos Ctra. Gral. Las Arenas, 73 38400 Puerto de la Cruz +34 902 313 181 Hospiten C/ Pescadores s/n, Edf Discovery Ctra. Gral. La Cuesta -Taco 38108 Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 629 440


Tenerife Convention Bureau Few places offer so much choice when it comes to organising events, meetings and incentive trips. The ideal combination of work and leisure can be found in Tenerife, an island with great experience in organising these gatherings.

Auditorio de Tenerife Avda. La Constitución, 1 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 568 600

Here you can find the most modern and

A hotel capacity of more than 50,000 beds

extensive infrastructure. The island has

in four and five-star establishments, many

six multifunctional conference centres,

with conference rooms and specialised staff,

with capacities of up to 4,000 delegates.

add to this unbeatable offer.

They are located in different areas and equipped with advanced technology and highly qualified personnel to guarantee the success of any event.

To ensure that organising an event or conference is fast and efficient the Tenerife Convention Bureau (TCB), one of the departments of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation

Singular and original places, like banana

put at conference organisers’ disposal a wide

plantations, wineries or theme parks are

network of service companies and profes-

other excellent options to consider when

sionals. As well as providing the necessary

organising events which require something a

contacts with the public administration and

little different, in a stimulating, pleasant and

continuous and comprehensive assistance in

open-air setting.

arranging any project.

Centro de Congresos de Puerto de la Cruz Parque Taoro, 22 38400 Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 380 550 Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos Avda. Constitución, 12 Cabo Llanos 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 238 400 Magma Arte & Congresos Avda. de los Pueblos, s/n 38660 Adeje +34 922 793 987

Tenerife is an exceptional place for incentive trips. Here we have the perfect conditions to reward or motivate any team. You can choose the most appropriate activities, always in a natural and unique setting; volcanic landscapes, pine forests, beaches, gorges and ravines… [42]

Palacio de Congresos La Pirámide de Arona Pirámide de Arona Avda. de las Américas, s/n 38660 Arona +34 922 757 500

Tenerife Film Commission

A dream i sland for filming

Tenerife is a dream island and a great film set for shooting outdoors or inside unique buildings. The proof for this statement is conclusive: an enormous variety of landscapes, which in only a few kilometres change from desert to leafy forests; from volcanic settings to beach ones; from cities with avant-garde architecture to traditional villages. With an average annual temperature of 23 degrees centigrade, a wide range of businesses and make Tenerife an excellent film location.

Š 24_6 company

professionals with many years’ experience in supporting large-scale productions all these help

The tax breaks that are offered by the Zona Especial Canaria to producers that set up within it, and the presence of the Tenerife Film Commission, created to facilitate productions on the island are other good reasons to choose Tenerife and discover its incredible locations.


Gastronomy, traditions and museums

Openwork sewing and embroidery Deeply rooted in Tenerife is openwork sewing, possibly the most well known craft on the island. It involves detailed embroidery to produce amazing tablecloths, handkerchiefs, tablemats and other pieces, some of which are even exported to Europe and South America. In the Casa de los Balcones, in La Orotava, you can watch these being made. This tradition is also preserved in Icod de los Vinos and in Vilaflor. Textile crafts also include weaving. This craft has regained popularity thanks to the demand for traditional costumes that Canarian people wear at Romerías (traditional festivals) and country-dances.

Tenerife has a number of varied and interesting museums in which you can have fun finding out different things about the island and its culture, as well as about the Universe, or natural phenomena: often through enjoyable interactive displays suitable for all the family. The Island Government’s network of museums is a great example and make for truly fascinating visits.

Wines The wines of Tenerife were already well appreciated back in the 17th century. Writers like Shakespeare or Walter Scott mentioned them in some of their works. There are five designations of origin: Tacoronte-Acentejo, Icoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de Güímar, Valle de la Orotava and Abona. The rich volcanic soil in which the vines are grown give them a special character and different nuances. To find out more about them, we recommend a visit to the Casa Museo de la Vid y el Vino (Museum of Vine and Wine), in El Sauzal (north). [44]

Crafts There is a huge variety of crafts on the island. Pottery, with its shaping technique of working the clay directly with the hands – without spinning –, is still preserved in places like La Guancha, La Victoria de Acentejo or Arguayo (Santiago del Teide). A container called a “gánigo,” is one of the most representative examples of this craft first produced by the Guanches. Masonry, crafting stones into decorative pieces; basketwork, which results in magnificent baskets of plaited plant fibres; ironwork, for shoeing animals or making pieces for boats and wells; or the making of musical instruments are some of the craft


traditions preserved on the island. Another

In Tenerife there is a great cheese-making tradition that originally comes from the abo-

every fiesta in Tenerife ends with a firework

riginal population, who relied on sheep and goats for much of their food. Fresh or dried, the

display; or wood carving used in making

island’s cheeses are distinguished by their tenderness and special aroma, and have a clean,

doors or Canarian balconies.

craft is the manufacturing of fireworks:

slightly acidic, salty flavour making them very pleasant indeed to taste. Arico-Fasnia, Anaga, Teno and El Tanque – in the latter district they produce mature slightly spicy cheeses – are some of the most notable cheese-producing areas on the island.

Typical food As varied, attractive and different as the island is its cuisine. Tenerife’s

Traditional gastronomy includes the famous “papas arrugadas,” or

culinary traditions are the result of its contact with Atlantic and

“wrinkled potatoes” (boiled in sea salt) and the red and green “mo-

Mediterranean seafaring people who sailed the Archipelago’s

jos” (paprika and green coriander sauces); important landmarks in

waters for centuries. Since then, traditional produce from the land

Tenerife’s gastronomy. Although there are many other delicacies to try:

and sea continue to provide dishes which are simple yet full of natural

different kinds of honey or shellfish like the winkles or shrimps.

flavour. While at the same time creative cuisine has been gaining importance, in which traditional recipes are recreated using a modern combination of flavours.

Out of all the ingredients used in Canarian cuisine one stands out: “gofio.” It is a flour made from toasted cereal crops and has become the star ingredient in many dishes in Tenerife and the Canary islands

Meals tend to begin with starters like, morcillas (sweet black pud-

in general. Kneaded with water or accompanying other dishes like the

ding), pork scratchings, sardines or limpets. For first course it

thick soups, its use dates back to the Guanches, the ancient inhabit-

is worth trying the thick vegetable, lentil or watercress soups. The

ants of the island. If you are still not full, there are many other dishes

delicious Canarian stew, chickpeas or fish stew are also highly recom-

to delight your tastebuds: rancho canario (Canarian chickpea and


pasta casserole), traditional desserts and tropical fruits such as man-

One of the stars of the island’s cuisine are fish dishes. Parrotfish,

goes, avocados or papayas.

stonebass, sole, grouper and tuna are steamed and provide a marvellous taste for your palette. As for meat, rabbit, goat and pork are greatly appreciated.

The island's cuisine has been a real discovery Gabor Noé, 33 years-old, Balaton, Hungary



Fiestas throughout the year It is difficult to find a day in the year on which some town, village or neighbourhood is not celebrating a fiesta. As well as the popular “romerías” (traditional festivals) and dances, which are mainly held during the spring and summer there are also very colourful festivals and celebrations held throughout the four seasons that stand out for their originality and lively atmosphere.

The Los Realejos Firework Display

Queen, The Grand Closing Parade or the Burial of the Sardine bring-

The streets known as the “calles del Medio y del Sol” (Middle and

villages on the island hold their own carnivals too, each one with its

Sun Streets) compete to see who can launch the most spectacular

unique features. In all of them, though, there are the satirical songs of

fireworks. This friendly rivalry has led to the largest firework display

the “murgas,” (comic groups), the rhythm of the “comparsas” (dance

in the Canary Islands and one of the brightest and most colourful in

groups) and the most amazing fancy dresses.

ing together thousands of people in every edition. Other towns and

Europe. During three hours of light and colour, the town burns six tons of firework material. It is held on the 3rd of May on which day the courtyards to many of the traditional houses are opened to show off the colourful plants that decorate them.

Romerías (Traditional Festivals) The carts and oxen, traditional food, such as potatoes, local wine and meat and hundreds of local people dressed in traditional costumes


and Canarian folk music… These festivals, normally held in the sum-

There is a wide range of cultural events in Tenerife. Particularly note-

parties that attract hundreds of people who spend the day enjoying

worthy are the high-quality music events, many of which are held at

deeply rooted Canarian traditions. The ones in San Isidro (La Oro-

such unique venues as the Auditorium of Tenerife. Music, light and

tava), San Benito (La Laguna), Santa Cruz or San Roque (Garachico)

colour, magnificent staging and live concerts of every style, culture

are some of the most important. The festival in Tegueste, in which

and nationality: the Canary Islands’ Music Festival and opera season

wheeled boats parade along the streets is one of the most unusual.

mer months, are wonderful displays of the island’s traditions. Lively

are two great examples.



Corpus Christi of La Orotava The town of La Orotava celebrates the eighth day of the Corpus

This is the “Gran Fiesta” of Tenerife: an explosion of colour rhythm,

Christi by covering the main streets of the town with works of popular

music and fun. Every year, Santa Cruz, the capital of the island,

art; religious scenes are drawn in flower petals and coloured sand. The

holds one of the most spectacular carnivals in the world. Internation-

Town Hall Square usually displays a unique and impressive triptych,

ally known and declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest,

and is made of sands from the Teide National Park, from which over

it includes events like the Opening Parade, Election of the Carnival

40 different colours can be mixed.




Romería de San Antonio Abad In Arona. The nearest Sunday to the 17th January and in Güímar, the last Sunday of the month.

Traditions Day In Chirche (Guía de Isora). Local people recall with great enthusiasm their old traditions.

Romería de Nuestra Señora del Socorro In Güímar. On the evening of the 7th there is a ceremony that reenacts the meeting on the beach between the Guanches and the image of the Virgin.

Fiestas of the Virgen del Carmen In Puerto de la Cruz, Los Realejos and Santiago del Teide and nearly all the coastal districts on the island.

Fiestas del Santisimo Cristo In La Laguna. 14th September.

February Carnival Fiestas Especially in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz but also in Candelaria, Tacaronte, Los Cristianos (Arona), Los Gigantes (Santiago del Teide)… April

Romería de San Benito Abad In La Laguna. The nearest Sunday to the 11th July.

Fiestas del Cristo de los Dolores In Tacoronte. Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Rojas In El Médano (Granadilla). Fiesta de los Remedios In Tegueste.

Romería de San Marco In Tegueste. The nearest Sunday to the 25th April.


Easter Processions Especially in San Crisóbal de La Laguna, but also in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, Arona, Adeje, Los Realejos and

In Candelaria. 15 August.

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Rosario In Valle de Guerra (La Laguna).

Romería de San Roque and Romería marítima 16th August. In Garachico.

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen In Playa de los Cristianos. During the first week of September.

Hearts of Tejina In La Laguna. The last weekend of August.

Fiestas de San Miguel Arcángel In San Miguel de Abona.

Santiago del Teide. May Firework Display of the Fiestas de la Cruz In Los Realejos, 3rd May. Romería de San Isidro Labrador In Valle de Guerra (La Laguna). Romeria de San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza In La Orotava and Los Realejos. June Romería de San Antonio de Padua In Granadilla. Romería de San Isidro Labrador In Tacoronte. Night of San Juan in Puerto de la Cruz and Hachitos in Icod de los Vinos.

Festival of the Virgen del Candelaria Patron Saint of the Canary Islands. th

Romería de San Agustín In Arafo.

October Fiestas de Santa Úrsula y de la Encarnación In Villa de Adeje. With a romeria. The second week of the month. November Fiestas del cacharro y castaña In Puerto de la Cruz. 29th November. Fiestas de San Andrés In Icod de los Vinos. Wooden sledges race down steep hills of the town. December Concert by theTenerife Symphonic Orchestra In the Port of Tenerife (open-air). Christmas Day.

Popular celebrations of fire Night of the 23rd June.


Leisure and Entertainment

A spectacular experience!


For all ages, tastes and preferences the island has a great range of theme parks, leisure areas and interactive museums in which to spend an enjoyable day and learn some surprising facts about the animal world, indigenous plants, volcanoes and much more. How did the Guanche people live? The history of the Canary Islands, their culture… a whole world of knowledge and fun to discover.

Aqualand Costa Adeje

Parque Marítimo CÉSAR MANRIQUE

A water-theme park with attractions

Seawater lakes and pools, somewhere

for all ages.

different to enjoy the sun.

+34 922 715 266

+34 922 203 244

Avda. de Austria,15. San Eugenio Alto

Avda. Constitución, 5

38660 Adeje

38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Much more than a zoo. The star attractions

Discover the most emblematic buildings

are the four spectacular killer whales.

and corners of the Canary Islands through

+34 922 373 841 Avda. Loro Parque, s/n

large-scale models. +34 922 334 060

38400 Puerto de la Cruz

Autopista del Norte. Salida 35

Camino Cruz de los Martillos, 62 38300 La Orotava

Parque Etnografico PIRÁMIDES DE GÜÍMAR

The magic of Tenerife’s truncated pyramids


very similar to those of Mayan origin.

The largest water park in Europe and

+34 922 514 510 C/ Chacona, s/n 38500 Güímar

the only open-air one that is heated. Based on old Siam. +34 922 691 456 Parcela Nª 1. Salida 29. San Eugenio

Parque Las AguilasJUNGLE PARK The recreation of a jungle complete with wild animals and an eagle show. +34 922 729 010 Urb. Las Águilas del Teide 38640 Arona

Costa Adeje 38670 Adeje

“The children

had a whale of a time. Nathalie Dupont, 45 years-old, Lyon, France


I don’t remember having had so much fun before, what nights!


Igor Lovanov, 52 years-old, Saint Petersburgh, Russia

Amazing Nights Everyt hing to enjoy

Going out at night in Tenerife is an experience not to be missed and with a limitless choice. It ranges from quiet open-air bars to lively clubs, from discos to shows and concerts. Try your luck in a casino or sample the food in local tascas, these are just some of the options to bear in mind.

Casinos Terrazas (Open-air Bars)

The island has three first-class casinos staffed

Tenerife’s warm weather encourages

Tinerfe, in Costa Adeje; while in Santa Cruz

you to enjoy these open-air bars throughout

it is in the luxurious Sheraton Mencey, and

the year. Some are near the sea, next to

in Puerto de la Cruz, in the middle of the

marinas, in the middle of beautiful parks,

Lago Martiánez swimming pool complex.

or in shopping streets… A great way to

In all of them you can enjoy a pleasant and

begin the night for those who plan to con-

refined atmosphere as well as a meticulously

tinue into the early hours.

presented restaurant and cocktail offer.

by experienced professionals. In Las Américas, it is located in the famous Hotel Gran


Just like home

Unique settings Rural hotels and cottages Choosing the right accommodation is easy in Tenerife: this is because the island has such a wide range. You can choose from hotels and apartments by the sea or in the city, in traditional towns and villages or in natural settings of great beauty.

Tenerife has a variety of rural accommodation in the middle of the countryside. Located in coastal and mountain areas, these hotels and cottages allow you to drink in the light,

According to the preferences and expectations on each trip, the visitor can choose from the

colour and magical scenery of the island: its

luxury of the best quality hotels to the charm of small, establishments and country

architecture and traditional way of life.


Rural accommodation provides, on occa-

Tenerife has a great many options: the perfect atmosphere for a romantic break; every-

sions, some true gems of Canarian ar-

thing you need for a holiday with the family and children; hidden spots with a traditional

chitecture and are the perfect departure

flavour; guaranteed enjoyment to relax with friends or total independence in an apartment

points to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities

to feel at home.

throughout the year. Sports like climbing,

The main national international hotel chains are all present on the island with magnificent hotels built in fantastic spots.

hiking or paragliding, visiting wineries or farmer’s and craft markets are some of the options to get to know the most authentic side of Tenerife. [52]

They treated me like a star everywhere.� Vincenzo Azzollini, 25 years old, Lugano, Switzerland

National Parador of Teide (Teide National Hotel) Poets, writers, politicians and businessmen. Distinguished visitors have often used the National Parador of Teide, a truly unique and exclusive place to stay, as well as being great for all lovers of nature and amazing landscapes. Built in 1954, it recreates the style of a mountain house and from which you can enjoy amazing views of the Teide: all the comforts of a modern establishment in an unbeatable setting and in the middle of one of the most impressive landscapes on the planet. Its excellent food and the chance to go on guided walks of the park or on night-time walks to gaze at the stars encourage you to choose this magnificent establishment.

Tenerife Select Tenerife Select represents the most exclusive offer of accommodation, leisure and services on the island. It gathers together the highest quality hotels, restaurants and businesses and is focused on clients who are willing to treat themselves to the best. [53]

Useful Information


Tourist Information Offices

Emergency Services

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Cabildo Insular de Tenerife Plaza de España, s/n +34 922 239 592

Emergencias Policía Nacional Policía Local Guardia Civil Guardia Civil de Tráfico +34 922 662 441 Protección Civil +34 922 606 060

Puerto de la Cruz Casa de la Aduana. C/ Las Lonjas, s/n +34 922 386 000 Tenerife South Airport Reina Sofia Granadilla de Abona +34 922 392 037

Playa de Las Vistas Paseo Las Vistas, s/n Los Cristianos. Arona +34 922 787 011 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Information Point C/ Castillo, esq. C/ Cruz Verde +34 922 53 33 53 La Laguna Information Point Casa Alvarado Bracamonte (Capitanes Generales) C/ La Carrera, 7 bajo +34 922 631 194 Santiago del Teide Avda. Marítima Centro comercial Seguro de Sol, local 34 Playa La Arena. Puerto Santiago +34 922 860 348 There are over 30 Tourist Information Offices available. Visit

112 091 092 062

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Playa de las Américas +34 922 795 427

Lost and Found W

Regional Ferries Fred Olsen +34 902 100 107

Hospiten Rambla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 291 600

Radio Taxi

Hospiten Tamaragua, Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 380 512


Tenerife South Reina Sofia +34 922 759 000 Tenerife North +34 922 635 998

Los Cristianos, in Arona +34 922 790 827

Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 219 399

Islas Airways +34 902 477 478

Hospiten Sur, in Arona. +34 922 750 022

Farmers’ Markets Tacoronte, La Matanza, Garachico, El Rosario (La Esperanza), La Laguna (en la Cruz del Carmen, dentro del parque Rural de Anaga), Granadilla de Abona (en San Isidro), Buenavista (en El Palmar) y San Miguel de Abona (en Las Chafiras) Sábados y domingos. Por las mañanas.

Binter Canarias +34 902 391 392

Hospiten Bellevue Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 383 551

Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 605 400

TITSA (bus) +34 922 531 300

Regional Airlines

Hospital Nuestra Sra. de Candelaria, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife +34 922 602 000



Puerto de la Cruz +34 922 381 807

Hospital Universitario de Canarias, in La Laguna +34 922 678 000


Bus Stations

La Laguna +34 922 259 412

Hospital Costa Adeje +34 922 752 626

Tenerife North Airport Los Rodeos (La Laguna) +34 922 635 192 / 193 Costa Adeje Avda. Rafael Puig, 1. Adeje +34 922 750 633


Isla de Tenerife   +34 922 621 313 Los Cristianos   +34 922 795 414 Adeje   +34 922 714 456 San Marcos   +34 922 641 112 Ucanca   +34 922 255 555 Eurotaxi (handicapped)   +34 656 28 09 29   +34 659 43 12 38


Contact the local police in the corresponding town hall. What to pack With an average yearly temperature of 20º centigrade in winter and 25º in summer and 300 days of sunshine a year, it is best to pack, as well as beachwear and sunscreen, comfortable cotton clothes and light jumpers or jackets for the winter, it also depends on the altitude of the area you intend to visit. You should bear in mind the different altitudes and the fact that the trade winds create different microclimates, which mean that the temperatures can vary over very short distances. Electricity 220 volts Currency


Euros are used (g).

South Airport   +34 922 392 119

Travel Documents

North Airport +34 922 635 114

Valid Passport or National Identity Document.

Post Offices

For Further Information

j Santa Cruz La Laguna Costa Adeje Puerto de la Cruz Los Cristianos

  +34 922 533 629   +34 922 259 605   +34 922 710 456   +34 922 385 805   +34 922 791 056


Infoturismo Tenerife   +34 902 003 121

Tenerife South Airport   +34 922 390 924


I am still here and yet already thinking of coming back‌ Sonja Mßller, 22 years-old, Innsbruck, Austria

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A real feast for your senses!� Pierre Martin, 42 years-old, Toulouse, France

Tenerife, an island to enjoy  
Tenerife, an island to enjoy  

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