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RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL LICENSING TR AINING Are you ready to become an electrician and help fill the trade skills gap in America? Here’s your first step towards achieving that goal. Tulsa Tech’s Construction Industry Board (CIB) approved Electrical Licensing Training certificate programs will provide you with electrical theory and hands-on experience. » Apply for an apprentice license before or during your first electrical class » Classes prepare you to take the Residential Electrical Journeyman exam » Submit successfully completed certificate to the CIB for 252 hour-for-hour credits towards the apprenticeship requirement » Find your entry-level job as an electrician's helper & keep working towards your apprenticeship hours » For more info, please visit the Oklahoma Construction Industry Board at OSHA 10® - Construction SAFE-3432

Intro to Electrical Licensing ELTC-3359

Residential Code Wiring & Calculations ELTC-3363

Residential Services ELTC-3364

Electrical Installations 1 ELTC-3360

Electrical Installations 2 ELTC-3361

Low Voltage Systems ELTC-3362



OSHA® 10 – Construction (SAFE-3432) is required before entry into Residential Electrical Licensing Training Program. See page 35. Intro to Electrical Licensing Ready to get started in the electrical trades? Begin with the basics of safety, tools, and equipment, and then move on to measurements, interpreting schematics, and wiring basics circuits, terminations, switches, and receptacles. Book cost: $75 Tuition: $325 Hours: 42 ELTC-3359 [ More classes coming this Fall. ]

Electrical Installations 1 Prerequisite: ELTC-3359.

Build on your basic electrical knowledge by exploring several electrical lighting installation methods with an emphasis on performing these tasks according to Code rules. Projects will include single pole lighting, 3-way lighting, 4-way lighting, and wiring receptacles and outlets. Tuition: $325 Hours: 42 ELTC-3360 [ More classes coming this Fall. ]

Electrical Installations 2 Prerequisite: ELTC-3360.

Take your electrical installation skills to the next level by practicing wiring and installing a variety of common electrical projects - including ceiling fans, exhaust fans, smoke and motion detectors, dimmers, doorbells, appliance branch circuits, underground installations, NEMA ratings, and types of receptacles. Book required. Tuition: $325 Hours: 42 ELTC-3361 T/TH 5/21-7/9 6-9P

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