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Build a WordPress Website Create a website that is uniquely yours using WordPress. Learn to apply themes and upgrades, use widgets and media management for images, audio, and video, and discover other WordPress-hosted services and web technologies. Tuition: $95 Hours: 15 MRKT-3364 TH 5/23-6/20




— HUMAN RESOURCES — PHR® / SPHR® Certification Prep PHR®/SPHR® Certification Prep course is endorsed by the Tulsa Area Human Resource Association (TAHRA). Designed to provide you with an overview of key areas in human resource management. Materials cover the functional areas, responsibilities, and associated knowledge as defined by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Book cost: $460 Tuition: $295 Hours: 42 HRA‑3334 TH 8/15-11/21




Computer Essentials for the Beginner Does the idea of turning on a computer and understanding all the programs overwhelm you? Ease your way into technology by exploring the computer desktop, using the Internet, introduction to Word, setting up and using e-mail and Facebook, downloading and sharing photos. Book cost: $15 Tuition: $69 Hours: 12 CIS-4075 M/TH 6/3-6/13 T/TH 6/11-6/20

6-9P 6-9P


Smith Webb

Excel Basics 2013 Learn to create and develop worksheets and workbooks to organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update and present data that will help the decision makers in your organization get the information needed to make sound decisions. Bring a thumb drive to class. Book cost: $25 Tuition: $75 Hours: 8 CIS-4137 M/TH 6/24-6/27 T/TH 7/16-7/18

6-10P 6-10P


Smith Webb

PHR® / SPHR® Certification Prep (Fast Track) Is getting your PHR®/SPHR® certification one of your goals? Do you prefer to study outside of a classroom setting? This three-day crash course allows you to get the key concepts and then allows time to study either on your own or in a group. Great format for someone who does not have the time to commit to three months. Book cost: $460 Tuition: $175 Hours: 24

Excel Intermediate 2013

HRA‑3335 [ More classes coming this Fall. ]

CIS-4132 M/TH 7/15-7/18

Build upon your knowledge and start creating advanced workbooks and worksheets. Analyze massive amounts of data with pivot tables and slicers, extract actionable information, and present that information using basic charts. Bring a thumb drive to class. Book cost: $25 Tuition: $75 Hours: 8 6-10P



Last Minute HR Exam Review A quick review to complement the PHR®/SPHR® Certification Prep course. Take a practice exam similar to the HRCI exam the first night. The following sessions are a detailed discussion of the rationale for the correct answers as defined by Book cost: $290 Tuition: $139 Hours: 16 HRA-3337 W/TH 5/1-5/2 F 5/3

The instructor was so helpful and encouraging. I feel confident I can pass my certification! I am grateful for her knowledge! Shelley H. – PHR/SPHR Certification Prep

5:30-9:30P LEM 8A-5P

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