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This award-winning gift shop carries everything from retro candy to Tulsa snow globes, and a multitude of goods in between. Owner Angelene Wright has a simple formula for stocking an endless selection of Oklahoma products. “If we want to buy it, we make it happen,” Wright says. An ardent promoter of all things Tulsa, this state pride superstore is the perfect pit stop for visitors and locals. Chances are you’ve even seen several people sporting a shirt from Ida Red General Store; they’ve been outfitting Tulsans since 2008. Wright collaborates with a creative team to cultivate original designs. “Of the Ida Red line, the most popular one we have is the ‘I’ve never been to heaven, but


I’ve been to Oklahoma’ shirt. We’ve sold a ton of those,” Wright says. As most classic rock fans know, the shirt pays homage to a line in a Three Dog Night song. “My new favorite items are our Leon Russell T-shirts that are licensed by his family, and they are exclusive to Ida Red,” Wright says. “We have a shirt that says ‘Someone in Tulsa loves me’, and I just love that one,” Wright says. “It’s such a great shirt to mail to someone who’s not from here. It’s so sweet.” Along with their Ida Red line of apparel and gifts, they carry many other local designers and a wide variety of novelty candy and soda. You can shop Ida Red’s products at either location — 208-A N. Main St. or 3336 S. Peoria Ave. — or at idaredgeneralstore.com.

Mythic Press was born from the collaboration of Cole Cunningham, a marketing professional, and Hershel Self, a skilled printmaker and designer. Mythic’s designs focus more on corporate and event branding than retail merchandise. “Our team has produced designs for Woody Guthrie Center, Kilkenny’s, Coney I-Lander and the Great Raft Race, among others,” Cunningham says. “Merchandising is one of many ways in which a brand can increase its visibility, recognition and customer engagement,” he adds. “It requires more than simply slapping your logo on a T-shirt. The personality of your brand must be expressed across a variety of products, using a consistent message that resonates with your target customer. That’s where we come in.” Mythic assists throughout the entire project, from concept to design, garment selection and order quantities. Cunningham says they’ve worked hard to develop a process that clearly defines the goals of each project. “We try to tailor each design to the intended audience. It’s also important to understand the constraints,” he says. “For example, if an event only has $5 per shirt in their budget, we are going to have to get creative with fewer colors and print locations on the shirt. We look at our clients as partners and work together to find the best solution for their needs.” Although Mythic Press’ primary focus is brand merchandising and marketing, it does sell original creations in its shop at 2020 E. 11th St. Mythic Press’s newest concept was inspired by Route 66, on which their shop is situated. “Our most successful retail design is the bison flag,” Cunningham says. “However, given our shop location and interest in the Mother Road, we are working on some new collections. Stay tuned.” To shop Mythic Press’s products, go to shop.mythic.press. BEST-SELLER



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