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CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Changes 2.1 Talents 2.1.1 Damage Dealing 2.1.2 Crowd Control 2.1.3 Defensive and other 2.2 Rubies 2.2.1 Psychic Shock Grid 2.2.2 Mental Link Grid 2.2.3 Shock Grid 3. My build 3.1 Talents 3.2 Rubies 3.2.1 Psychic Shock Grid 3.2.2 Mental Link Grid 3.2.3 Shock Grid 4. Gameplay 5. Statistics balance 6. Likes and Dislikes

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Forgive me, please, for lot of text and many total number of pages, but in my opinion decent guide for a class which has been totally rebuilt, simply requires a bit more words and a bit more attention than giving screenshots of talent tree and ruby grids with in-game descriptions only. 2


1. Introduction BEFORE

In Game Name



Class & Level Occultist 51

Weak Point Outdated gear

Kind and Helpful

Frequency of playing 2 hours per week

6 hours per week

Why Psionicist? None of other MMOs I've played before Allods Online offered such unique class.

I feel bound to this class and despite the love to my incarnation, which is Bard, I couldn't abandon my skilled Occultist just like that.

Role in Party? Damage Dealing and Crowd Control



2. Changes „Class has been CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY. New talents and abilities have been added, old ones have been reworked. ”

This quotation would do, but I thought would be nice and useful, especially for new players and those who haven't been playing for a while, to list the most significant changes. Therefore main ones (I've noticed so far...) are as follow : → Mental Link cast time is now being decreased as you rank it up (under special conditions might even become instant! - see Erase Memory description). Increases all damage dealt to the target by 20% → Twin lasts only 30seconds with 1minute cooldown. You can no longer choose a spot of appearing for Twin, you're being moved instead 15yards into random direction from the place you stand (here also your Twin appears). → Erase Memory no longer breaks the link. If the target is killed by Erase Memory, Mental Link used within the next 60seconds will be cast instantly. → Will Suppression no longer stuns the target (possibility to upgrade it with that feature with a ruby). Increases the duration of Crowd Controls by 20%. Unlocks Mental explosion. → Mental Link and Will Suppression no longer cost mana while active, they just have initial casting cost. → No more cooldown reduction for Superficial Trance (5 min 4 cooldown). It doesn't break Will Suppression or Mental Link anymore.


→ Mental Explosion comes now with Will Suppression (no longer a ruby skill) and requires Will Suppression and stun on the target to be used. → Phantasmal Killer (previous name: Spectral Assassin) does not require Link nor Suppression anymore. Can be applied to cc-immune targets as well. (WooHoo!) Cost 2 stacks of Concentration though. → Mental Overload debuff exchanged by the Concentration Effect (lasts 2minutes, stacks up 3 times) which is required to cast certain spells like Shock/Destabilization, Choke and Phantasmal Killer. → Shock/Destabilization (previous name: Pain Transfer/Pain Shift) now has a 0,5second cast time and a cooldown of 3 seconds. Requires 1 stack of Concentration. → Psychic Shock/Astral Venom damage increased, cast time removed, cooldown of 2,5seconds added. → Choke damage increased but silencing effect removed. Requires 1 stack of Concentration. → Wall of Blades can now be prepared in advance. (WooHoo!) → Mental Cleansing become instant with 1minute cooldown. → Hypnosis now has a cooldown of 30seconds at rank 1 while the sleep effect lasts 30seconds. → Temporal Acceleration now decreases the cooldown of the ability as you rank it up but now it decreases the cast time of 50% at rank 1. Under Temporal Acceleration effect you cannot get Concentration effect. → No more stun/knockdown immunity while under effect of Ectoplasmatic Form/Astral Body. → No more Broken Bones Effect (slowing one) after Mental Pulse. 5


2.1 Talents At the first glance talent tree looks almost same as before the New Horizons patch. Few skills changed their position though which is important for leveling Psionicists: → Mental Pulse is now in 3rd row instead of 4th → Mental Cleansing is in 4th tow instead of 3rd → Telekinetic Pull is now in 4th row instead of 5th → Temporal Acceleration is in 5th row instead of 4th

The most important and noticeable changes refer to almost every skill itself. Damage, cooldowns, cast times, additional features and many other things has changed. All skills with full descriptions and 6 extra notes are listed on next pages.


2.1.1 Damage Dealing PSYCHIC SHOCK and ASTRAL VENOM Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 564 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 2.5 sec

Inflicts Astral damage and has a 20% chance to grant 1 stack of the Concentration effect. If the Concentration effect was not received, the chance of receiving Concentration from the next Pyrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Psychic Shock, or Psychic Trauma is increased by 20%.

SHOCK and DESTABILIZATION Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 953 Cast Time: 0.5 sec Cooldown: 3 sec

PYROKINESIS and PYROLISIS Element: Fire Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 496 Cast Time: 2.5 Cooldown: None

Inflicts Astral damage to the target. Consumes 1 stack of the Concentration effect.

Inflicts Fire damage and has a 20% chance to grant 1 stack of the Concentration effect. If Concentration was not received, you will inflict additional Fire damage, and the chance of receiving Concentration from the next Pyrokinesis, Pyrolisis, Psychic Shock, or Astral Venom increases by 20%. 7



Element: Astral Range: 30 Base Mana Cost: 1482 Cast Time: 8 sec Cooldown: 25 sec

Inflicts Astral damage to the target every 2 seconds for 8 seconds and slows their movement speed by 50%. Consumes 1 stack of the Concentration effect.


Element: Physical Range: 40 Radius: 10 Base Mana Cost: 3440 Cast Time: 5 sec Cooldown: None

Creates a whirlwind of phantom weapons around the target that inflict Physical damage each second to all enemies within 10 yards of the target for 5 seconds.

PHANTSMAL KILLER Element: Physical Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 1926 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 sec

Summons a spectral copy of the target for 20/25/30 seconds that will assist you in combat. The Spectral Assassin receives 300% additional damage and can only be attacked by the initial target . Consumes 2 stacks of the Concentration effect. 8



Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 757 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 2,5 sec

Inflicts Astral damage to the target. If the target health is below 30% inflicted damage will be increased by 100%. If the target is killed with Erase Memory Mental Link used within the next 60seconds will be cast instantly. Shares cooldown with Psychic Shock/Astral Venom, Shock and Destabilization. Requires Mental Link .

MENTAL EXPLOSION Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 450 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 15 sec

Deals Astral damage. Requires stun and Will Suppression.



2.1.2 Crowd Control MENTAL LINK

Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 1032/847/688 Cast Time: 3/2.5/2 sec Cooldown: None

Establishes a Mental Link with the target. Mental Link is required for casting certain spells. Damage you inflict to the Mental Link target is increased by 20%.


Element: Astral Range: 40 Base Mana Cost: 1032/847/688 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 18/13/10 sec

Suppresses the will of the target. Duration of control effects applied to a target with the Will Suppression effect are increased by 20%. Note: Comes with Mental Explosion skill (damage dealing one)


Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 820 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 1 min

Summons a clone of yourself for 30 seconds at your current location and moves you 15 yards away in a random direction. You become invisible to the target of the spell while the clone is active. The enemy receives a Mental Resistance effect which makes them immune to a repeated application of the spell. The twin mimics you and receives 3/2.5/2 times more damage. 10 . Target must be affected by Mental Link



Hypnotizes the target for 30/45/60 seconds, plunging them into a stupor making them unable to move or use abilities. Requires the Mental Link or Will Suppression effect.

Element: Astral Range: ~63 (if you have link established) Base Mana Cost: 1376/1032/688 Cast Time: 4/3/2 sec Cooldown: 30/25/20 sec

Note: target does not have to be in your line of sight.

MENTAL PULSE (might be considered as damage dealing spell) Element: Astral Range/Radius: 6 yards Base Mana Cost: 1482 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 33/27/23 sec

Inflicts Astral damage, knocking all nearby enemies back 15/18/20 yards and stunning them for 2/2.5/3 seconds . Note: does not inflict damage to targets immune to crowd control spells.


Element: Astral Range: 40 Radius: 10 Base Mana Cost: 1614 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 32/26/20 sec

Creates a gravitational anomaly on the surface of the ground, drawing all enemies within a 10 yard radius to it. All affected targets will be knocked down and receive an immunity to Telekinetic Pull for 20 seconds. Note: if you want to reach particular target Telekinetic Pull gives you actually range of total 50 (40 of base range + 10 of radius) 11


2.1.3 Defensive and others ECTOPLASMATIC FORM and ASTRAL BODY Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 1032 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 sec

You become ectoplasmatic for 9/11/13 (10/13/14) seconds, absorbing damage.


Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: None Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 2 min

You become immune to any hostile spells for 5 seconds.

MENTAL CLEANSING Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 1032 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 60/40/30 sec

Heals you instantly for a flat amount plus additional healing every 2 seconds for 10 seconds and dispels one negative Poison, Disease,or Bleed effect from you. 12



Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 4472 Cast Time: 2 sec Cooldown: None

TEMPORAL ACCELERATION Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 688 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 5/3.5/2.5 min

Increases the maximum health, mana, and energy of all of your party members by 10/20/30%. Can be removed by casting Aura of Fortitude again. Cannot be used while your Aura of Potency effect is active.

Increases the speed of your thoughts for 15 seconds, but you lose the ability to accumulate the Concentration effect. Decreases the cast time of Pyrokinesis, Psychokinesis, and Wall of Blades by 50%. Decreases the cooldowns of Psychic Shock, Psychic Trauma, and Erase Memory by 50%. Increases your movement speed by 50%.


Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: None Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 2.5/2/1.5 min

Instantly grants you 2 stacks of the Concentration effect. Note: The Concentration effect is required to cast Shock, Destabilization, Phantasmal Killer, and Choke. 13


2.2 Rubies A lot has changed and without revision of all rubies it's impossible to completely understand now New Psionicist. Let's take a little tour then.



2.2.1 Psychic Shock Grid Damage Boosting Rubies


Increases the damage of your Psychic Shock and Astral Venom abilities by 4/8/12%.


Increases your Intelligence by 3/6/9%.


Decreases the damage received by your Phantasmal Killer and Twin by 15/30/45%.


Increases damage of your Erase Memory and Mental Explosion spells by 5/10/15%.


– - damage boosting – - cc boosting – - defense boosting – - skills

Increases your Astral damage by 3/6/9%.


Increases the damage of your Choke spell by 5/10/15% and its range by 5/10/15 yards.


Your Psychic Shock and Astral Venom abilities apply a Shattered Nerves effect on a target which stacks up to 5 times and increases the damage from the next Shock or Destabilization for each stack. 15


Crowd Control Boosting Rubies SHARP INCURSION

Your Will Suppression ability immobilizes the target for 2 seconds.


Increases the range of your Telekinetic Pull by 10/20/30%. All affected targets receive damage.


Increases the range and duration of your Mental Pulse by 10/20/30%


Defense Boosting Rubies

Increases your armor by 5/10/15%.


Increases healing done by your Mental Cleansing and the damage absorbed by your Ectoplasmatic Form and Astral Body by 10/20/30%.

Skills AURA OF ASTRAL POWER Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 4472 Cast Time: 2 sec Cooldown: None

Decreases your healing done by 50%. Increases the magic damage dealt by all of your party members by 5/10/15% for 10 seconds when you cast a magic spell.


Increases the cooldown of the next 3 abilities the target uses by up to 20 seconds. 16 Lasts 30 seconds.

Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 1085 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 1 min


2.2.2 Mental Link Grid Damage Boosting Rubies


Increases the damage of your Pyrokinesis and Pyrolysis spells by 4/8/12%.


Your Pyrokinesis and Pyrolysis abilities grant you a Pyrophrenia effect that lasts 20 seconds, stacks up to 2/3/4 times and decreases the cast time of Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis by 0.1 second per stack.


Increases your Luck by 3/6/9%. (Note: finally easier to reach 'cos of more convenient place in ruby grid!)


Phantasmal Killer damage increases by 10/20/30%.


Increases your Physical and Fire damage dealt by 5/10/15%.


– - damage boosting – - cc boosting – - defense boosting – - skills – - others

Your successful hits with Choke apply the Outsmarted effect on the target which lasts 15 seconds, stacks up to 5 times, and increase the damage from the next Psychic Shock,Astral Venom, Pyrokinesis, or Pyrolysis for each stack.


Increases the critical strike chance of your Choke, Mental Pulse, and Mental Explosion spells by 50/100% of 17 their current critical strike chance.


Crowd Control Boosting Rubies


Decreases the cast time of your Mental Link spell by 25/50%.


Increases the duration of the Mental Link control effects by 10/20%. Increases the damage of your Will Suppression spell by 10/20%.


Decreases the mana cost of your Mental Link, Will Suppression, and Telekinetic Pull by 25/50%. Increases the range of your Mental Link, Will Suppression, Erase Memory, Mental Explosion, and Telekinetic Pull by 5/10 yards.


Decreases the cooldown of your Mental Pulse and Telekinetic Pull abilities by 10/20/30%.

Defense Boosting Rubies


Increases your Willpower by 5/10/15% and your Stamina by 1/2/3%.




SUPERFICIAL TRANCE Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: None Cast Time: 5 sec Cooldown: 5 min

You enter a state of Detachment for 5 seconds, in which your meditation will restore your mana to full. Any attack on your will cause 100% more damage and dispel the effect.



Your Concentrate spell applies 3 stacks of Concentration instead of 2.


Decreases the cooldown of your Concentrate ability by 11/22/33%.


Decreases the cooldown of your Temporal Acceleration ability by 15/30/45%.



2.2.3 Shock Grid Damage Boosting Rubies


Your Pain Transfer and Pain Shift apply a Moral Trauma effect on the target that inflicts damage every second for 6 seconds.


Increases the damage of your Pain Transfer and Pain Shift abilities by 5/10/15%.


Increases your Perception by 3/6/9%


Increases critical strike chance of your Shock, Destabilization, and Phantasmal Killer's attacks by 33/66/100% of their current critical strike chance.


Increases critical strike chance of your Pyrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Psychic Shock, and Astral Venom spells by 33/66/100% of their current critical strike chance.


– - damage boosting – - cc boosting – - defense boosting – - skills – - others

Your Mental Pulse and Telekinetic Pull apply the Astral Curse effect on the target that lasts 15 seconds. The next successful Astral attack on targets with this effect will trigger the curse, causing damage.


Decreases the cast time and mana cost of your Wall of Blades ability by 10/20/30%. 20


Decreases Choke's cooldown to 24/23/22 seconds. Increases Choke's slow effect to 60/70/80%


Crowd Control Boosting Rubies


Increases your Conviction by 3/6/9%.

Defense Boosting Rubies


Increases your Agility by 3/6/9% and your Wisdom by 1/2/3%.


Increases your Endurance by 5/10/15% and your Faith by 1/2/3%.


Skills Sends you back in time 10 seconds, restoring you to the state you were in at that moment.

Element: Astral Base Mana Cost: 423 Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 3 min

Note: Cannot be used while falling.


Element: Astral Range: ? Base Mana Cost: 1720 Cast Time: 1.5 sec Cooldown: 5 min

Restores 50% mana to a party member.



When a Temporal Acceleration effect is active, all affected abilities consume 50% less mana.



! =) n u u u R . t x Wall of te

3. My build

I should mention that I haven't been playing on my Psionicist for a while

(like 8 months, I guess... ^.^`) ^.^`).


decided to come back for many reasons, and along with that decision came a little problem: New Horizons patch and brand new Psionicist. I've never before made so many tests and experiments to find out how my skills exactly work now, if rubies are bugged or not etc. Dummies, Heroic and Astral 1 bosses must hate me now... Next obstacle is my outdated gear and I cannot do anything with that, sadly, 'cos EU Allods Community became a bit... hmm... well let's say at least not friendly. For instance, when I recall /telepathy channel from times I played I remember conversations on very high culture level, helpful and eager to talk minds, no matter if coming from League or Empire side. [Boar Mask], Mask], if you read that you know it's about you ;)) ;)).

(Thank you

We used to say that we (all Sarnautian Psionicists) are

separate, powerful Faction and we should stick together. Good old times. Lately, however, I encounter a lot of negatives in there. I understand we are anonymous there, but does it mean that people who ask for a piece of advice should be called 'n00bs', 'tards' and so on? Or, what's the point of misinforming those who ask about skills or rubies? Not mentioning going to Astral to gear up. If you're not good enough: go somewhere else. Question: where to? if everywhere where you could possibly gear up you hear the same... Anyway, build might get changed in the future if I notice some skills being not so useful or if I decide to change specialization. The point of my guide is to explain how I use skills I picked up and why I skipped others, to show you that everything is about how you play with build given and what gear/statistics you have, not the other way round. I mean, almost any build might be good or bad, depends on your game style and 22 your character's equipment.


3.1 Talents Evolution is simple: adapt or die. I didn't want to bury my character so I had to revive it and put new soul in it. And that would be new build. After reading about changes and testing new skills with bunch of configurations I have finished with a build I present in here. It might not be perfect, may not be final version even, but with what I'm proud of – it's completely mine. I have never been a big fan of Pain Transfer, but in New Horizons patch it's not a matter of choice – this skill is simply too good and deals too much damage to decide to skip it just like that. I exchanged Psychokinesis with Astral Venom due to no cast time for the second one and similar damage dealt. Choke with increased damage dealt is now awesome skill for both PvP and PvE (always useful to slow down enemy, due to longer range of Choke with Tenacious Mind rubies comparing to other skills). As linking skill I chose Mental Link. On rank 3 and with Extrasensory Gift rubies cast time is neglectable, and with Cruel Master rubies it also increases duration of control abilities by 20%. The only advantage over Will Suppression is no cooldown. I grabbed rank 1 of Will Suppression anyway just in case when I need instant link for boosted damage 23

or control effect (especially in mass PvP).


I skipped Twin. I couldn't get used to sending me toward random direction after casting it. Plus only 30seconds duration and more damage taken. Without investing many rubies into Twin it's in my opinion not so useful as it used to be. As AoE keener I couldn't skip Wall of Blades, especially that they are precast-able eventually. With only 3 rubies it can deal 30% more damage (to each target in range!). Sweet-but-Deadly-Whirling-Steel-Weapon. Astral Body, Mental Pulse and Telekinetic Pull are base for every build – to improve your protection and crowd control potential. Maxed Concentrate to as short as possible cooldown and rank 2 of Temporal Acceleration, 'cos you can never know when you gonna have to hurry. ;) This build is more PvE like with some PvP potential. I will not give you here build for every occasion 'cos not everyone has Fountain of Death or dual specialization. I'm giving decent build especially for leveling Psionicists. Everyone should although adapt it to his/her own playing style, computer and Internet connection efficiency. All in all we're all unique and so our characters might (even should) be! :-) 24


3.2 Rubies Picking up rubies is easy as long as you bare in your mind what skills have you chosen and what's more important for you: PvE (leveling, farming, gearing up), PvP or raiding. For PvP you should of course get more statistic and defense boosting rubies, 'cos dead Psionicist is an useless one. However remember, that we are not tanks. We're designed to control enemy and deal damage and in that we're the best. Sometimes attack is the best way of defense as they say... and same might be applied to controlling. Target which can't see you or can't move will not kill you – simple as that. For PvE almost everything is about damage. The more you deal, the faster mob dies, the richer you get in same period of time. You don't have to care much about defense especially for Astral rides when you usually have your tank and healer to protect you. (For me though being independent is the priority). And, of course, it's better to pick rubies which boost 2 of your damage dealing spells instead of one, or rubies which boost your total damage instead of investing in particular spell only. Seems logic, right? Well not everyone remembers about that. At last, but not least, it's very important not to forget about the main point of Allods:

FUN Game is a game only, designed to provide fun, maybe help relax, laugh, spend nice time with good people. What's the point of being the top damage dealer or the most skilled PvP player if you spend in game ž of your free time and most people like you only 'cos you're useful in Astral/ Gorluxor Tower/battleground?




3.2.1 Psychic Shock Grid

This is my main damage boosting grid. Thanks to Aura of Astral Power

I have 15% damage boost for all spells I use.

Unending Knowledge

rubies increase my Intelligence by 9%.

Astral spells (mean most of the psionicists spells actually) get 9% damage increase thanks to Step Over Madness


For particular skills, Astral Venom and Choke that is, I took further upgrades with Shocking Strike more) and Tenacious Mind

for Astral Venom (12% damage for Choke (15% damage more, and,

which is I guess even more important, 15 yards of range increase – comes very handy when channeling toward running away target).



3.2.2 Mental Link Grid In the grid I focused mainly on cc-abilities. In order to boost my Mental Link, which I decided to make my main linking spell, I grabbed Extrasensory Gift Master

to decrease cast time of Mental Link and Cruel

to get increased duration of control effects with Mental Link

and increased damage with Will Suppression. To lower a bit mana cost and increase range of my linking skills I picked Easy Reach


which in addition affect also Erase Memory (outstanding damage dealing skill now exchangeable with Astral Venom when target's health is below 30%), Mental Explosion (great additional instant damage to stunned targets with suppressed will) and Telekinetic Pull. Remembering that I took only rank 2 of Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulse, I've invested into Experienced Manipulator

rubies to lower

cooldowns of those skills to acceptable time (below 20seconds due to resistance to Telekinetic Pull debuff which lasts exactly 20seconds). Mental Fortress

for Willpower and Stamina boost to improve a bit survivability.

And finally, Anger Management

rubies for 100% critical strike chance boost for Choke, Mental

Pulse and Mental Explosion followed by Master Augur easier to get 'cos more convenient place in ruby grid.


rubies for Luck boost which are eventually 27

3.2.3 Shock Grid I've picked up almost all available here statistics boosting rubies. The most important for me as magician and crowd controller, perception and conviction, are covered by Analyst

and Mind Bender

For survivability improvement I took Fighting Foresight

rubies. rubies

which give me also little bit of Faith to increase my Mana Points pool. Mental Reign

and Calculating Mind

are rank 3 due to

Destabilization – skill which works amazing with a high critical chance strike only. Clarity of Thought

to boost main Concentration creating

damage dealing skill – Astral Venom – 'cos if there's a possibility to deal more damage when accumulating Concentration stacks – why not? I have decided to skip Astral Curse and Stinging Blades only to save rubies for more useful and affecting more important damage dealing spells. Due to shortage in rubies I skipped also Solid Grasp rubies which could be sweet addition to PvP battles, but everything is a matter of optimization, one can't have everything.



4. Gameplay With my build I focus mainly on single target, no matter if in PvP or PvE: → To establish mind contact use Mental Link of course. → Precasted Wall of Blades lands on target when doing Dungeons or in mass PvP. → Concentrate allows to start with heavy damage from Destabilization. → Astral Venom always between other skills to accumulate Concentration stacks. → Astral Body followed with Choke when we are sure that target won't run away from our range. → If target is too close pull it away with Telekinetic Pull or throw away with Mental Pulse (Note: watch target's buffs and don't use control spell if it's immune!) → Distant target can be always put into stupor with Hypnosis – can be used even from behind walls and other objects so it's powerful PvP ability! → Instant Mental Cleansing heals with decent amount of HP and removes one negative Poison, Disease, or Bleed effect.



5. Statistic balance Statistics are in my opinion even more important than build. Without good balance we may have in theory boosted enough damage, but practically deal not even ¼ of it. It's hard to reach given numbers in the endgame, but while leveling not, so I strongly recommend following these guidelines in order to maximize your combat potential. INTELLIGENCE

→ The more intelligence you have the more damage you deal. Get as much as possible, but not at the expense of other statistics. PERCEPTION

→ Aim below 20%, around 10% for PvP strongly recommended. LUCK

→ 50% chance for a critical strike or more.


→ About 20% damage increase would be perfect, however it's not bad as long as it increases your damage. 30


6. Likes and Dislikes

Dislikes: → Mental Pulse still does not damage


to cc-immune targets

→ Finally some instant damage dealing

→ Removed Broken Bones effect


→ Removed rubies responsible for

→ Improved single target damage

protection from stuns and movement

→ Removed annoying Mental Overload

impairing effects while in Astral Form

→ Possibility to prepare in advance

→ Only 30 seconds of Twin life...

Wall of Blades spell 31


Thank you for your time! And if you want to discuss Psionicist things feel free to /whisper me on Tsitlucco or Tsitdachus. If I'm not online you can send mail via in-game post and I will try to catch you when I come online. I will not call you n00b or retard like others are used to actually do despite claiming that are ready to help. I will gladly talk and exchange thoughts. ^.^ Yours, Tsitlucco


Pimp My Build - New Horizons  

my PMB entry

Pimp My Build - New Horizons  

my PMB entry