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CONTENTS Pg. 1 Yellowstone: Free and Wild Pg. 2 Book Review: Artemis Fowl Pg. 4 Charleston: The Place to Visit Pg. 5 Mercy Allen Photos Pg. 7 Poetry Pg. 9 It Will BLOW Your Mind Pg. 11 Art Gallery Pg. 13 All About Grandpa Pg. 15 Leprechauns in the State Museum Pg. 17 Jokes and Riddles

By: Adam Gilles “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better,” Albert Einstein once said. Yellowstone National Park is a significant location to me because it is a natural habitat protected from foresters, urbanization, and the killing of the phenomenal species that inhabit the lovely park. I love that Yellowstone is protected and that it is left to grow free and largely untouched. I adore the awe-inspiring landscapes. Another spectacular aspect of Yellowstone National Park is that it allows the wildlife to be free and wild with no boundaries.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

- Albert Einstein


Yellowstone National Park’s stunning landscapes and picturesque valleys make it a magical place. I become completely mesmerized looking straight down into vibrantly colored hot springs. Surprisingly, red is the coldest, and blue is the hottest! It is exhilarating waiting for the geysers to erupt and shoot hundreds of gallons of boiling water high up into Earth’s atmosphere. Lake Yellowstone is an interesting lake, for it has some parts thatare thermally heated, but the majority of the water is nearly freezing. Providing refuge for the animals, the ancient forests

of Yellowstone stand regal and proud. The forests of Yellowstone National Park are able to grow free and wild without human interference, and the land is well protected.


Yellowstone National Park is home to many rare and important creatures. I especially love to watch the buffalo graze. Scratching up against a tree, one buffalo -made a big show of pushing over a small sapling to relieve an itch. A memorable experience I had in the park was when an elk crossed the road right in front of me as if I was not even there. Once I even observed a lone wolf prowling the edge of a meadow. Hilariously, I watched a black bear cub posing innocently by the roadside, attempting to get free food. I personally adore Yellowstone National Park, for it enables animals to be free and wild.

My fascination for Yellowstone National Park is influenced by beautiful landforms and wildlife. I am so passionate about Yellowstone National Park because I encourage the protection of the majestic and graceful creatures who live there. I would be heartbroken to see the urbanization of such beautiful landscapes or the killing of the unique animals that make Yellowstone their home. Thankfully, the National Park System prohibits such terrible things from happening and protects the many species that live there so that they may remain free and wild for generations to come.



Artemis Fowl is the first in a series of eight books written by Eoin Colfer and published by Disney Hyperion. The book follows a young boy named Artemis Fowl as he attempts to translate a book known as the “fairy bible”, and kidnap a fairy. The book itself is well-written, well-paced, and features a balanced blend of modern technology as well as the fantasy world of the fae. The characters are all fleshed out, with big personalities that make their dynamics all the better. My personal favorite character is the title character himself, Artemis Fowl. With all due respect, he’s a pretty terrible person at the beginning of the book, what with his criminal empire and his plot to use fairy technology for his own personal gain and to advance his wealth. However, despite how awful he is, he's still a sympathetic character. You understand why he does what he does and can’t help but root for him. I also like Holly Short, the elf that is the first fairy Artemis makes contact with. She’s a strong, independent person. She can be a bit brash and that gets her into trouble, as we see in the book.

She understands and learns from her mistakes. She’s an upright, paragon of justice type person, so she and Artemis balance each other out quite well. One thing I dislike is that, as the first book in the series, it doesn’t fully explain the way the fae world works. You learn a few important things, but it does feel a bit odd that you have to read the rest of the series to get a full grasp on the inner workings of the universe. In the margins of the first book is Gnomish text, which tells the story of a dwarf who used to work in Frond’s palace, at the beginning of the fae kingdom. This text, which you have to translate yourself, is a big part of what the first book has to offer in terms of lore and worldbuilding, since it gives you some details about the history of the fae world and what led to several current events, however, in order to translate this, you have to buy or find a companion book, which contains a guide to translating Gnomish. It isn’t required to enjoy the book, but it’s a little annoying. All in all, Artemis Fowl is an entertaining book for readers of all ages that I highly recommend.


CHARLESTON: THE PLACE TO VISIT By: Alaina Lanciaux If you’re looking for a field trip or vacation spot, Charleston, SC, would be a great destination. Did you know that it is the oldest city in South Carolina? There are so many things to do there. It is both educational and fun. Charleston is home to Fort Sumter. Built in 1809, Fort Sumter is where the Civil War started. It was named after a general called Thomas Sumter. As a militiaman, he took part in various fights, such as the French and Indian Wars. Your family can hop on a boat and tour the island! One of the most iconic places to visit is Pineapple Fountain which is a great place for spotting dolphins. It was founded in 1990. Pineapples were a symbol of hospitality and wealth, but interestingly, many Charlestonians didn’t know they were edible! If you’re looking for a field trip or vacation spot,

As a militiaman, he took part in various fights, such as

Charleston, SC, would be a great destination. Did you

the French and Indian Wars. Your family can hop on a

know that it is the oldest city in South Carolina? There

boat and tour the island!

are so many things to do there. It is both educational and fun.

One of the most iconic places to visit is Pineapple Fountain which is a great place for spotting dolphins. It

Charleston is home to Fort Sumter. Built in 1809, Fort

was founded in 1990. Pineapples were a symbol of

Sumter is where the Civil War started. It was named

hospitality and wealth, but interestingly, many

after a general called Thomas Sumter.

Charlestonians didn’t know they were edible!


Mercie Allen

I truly love taking pictures of my favorite things. And my animals are top on the list. When I take pictures, I like to do it in the early morning or late evening when they’re just getting started or slowing down for the day. I like to catch the sun rays in the background or the uniqueness of the seasons changing. I had a great time getting shots when it snowed.



I will lay on the ground, get at their level, and just wait. I watch for the puuuurfect picture of a kitty, the majestic stance of a rooster, or the silliness of my horse, Mateo. You have to have lots of patience, and you can’t be afraid of dirt. If you watch them in their environment, you will see them acting naturally, goofy, or curious and those make the best pictures. It also helps to have a passion for what your subjects are. I LOVE animals, so I really enjoy hanging out with them. Getting to capture the memory is a bonus.


Poetry A Spring Haiku By: Amelia Croft The trees are awake, The dogwoods are in bloom, so it’s springtime again.

Strawberries By: Eleanor Croft Strawberries are good. I eat them with every meal. I love strawberries!


Early in the Morning at my House By: Isabella Boswell Tweet! Tweet! The birds sing! They spread their wings, Early in the morning at my house. My brother Jasper jibbers in the bed, Early in the morning at my house. When I wake up, I hear Crickets chirping in my ear, Early in the morning at my house. The cows moo in the meadow, Early in the morning at my house. I hear it! The frog going, Ribbit! Ribbit! Early in the morning at my house.


It Will BLOW Your Mind By: Destiny Weatherford My Great Granddad, Owen Priester, is 91

middle of the desert, so I asked him. His

years old and lives in Orangeburg. His

reply was simply "no." I was also interested

favorite pastime is playing bluegrass

to learn what he was thinking as the bomb

gospel on the guitar and banjo. You would

was dropping he said, "I was hoping that it

never know by looking at him that his body

would work out good because we had 10

is filled with radiation to look at him.

seconds to sit down and keep our heads between our knees when it (the bomb) went

For about a week in May 1952, my Great

off, and then you could get up and do

Granddad was stationed in Desert Rock,

whatever you wanted to do. In my situation,

Nevada. He took a photo of the Atomic blast

the smoke from the A-bomb itself had

that exposed him and the men around him

already started going up, and once the 10

to high levels of radiation.

seconds was up, I had already told the three servicemen what positions to get into."

He was a CPL in the Marine Corps. I interviewed my Great Granddad and asked

Once the three men were in their positions,

him what his assignment was. He replied,

the plane carrying the bomb flew over, and

"to go out there and take pictures of an

my Great Granddad took the awesome

Atom bomb that they were dropping and

bomb photo at JUST the right moment.

testing at the time.” They were positioned a mere 10 miles, I asked him why they were testing the atom

bunkered in fox holes, from the location of

bomb; he paused for a moment and then

where the bomb landed. "Ground-Zero, they

said, "They had a program going from what

called it." reminisced Great Granddad.

I understood that they were seeing how

Rockets were set off on each side of the

much radiation that we got into our

bomb; as they went off, streaks were going

systems. I have a lot of radiation in my

up into the air, as seen in the photo. The

system now from that."

rockets were set off to show how much force the bomb had going out.

I was curious to see if he was nervous being out there with bombs going off in the


I asked my Great Granddad why they had to

to come out of any Atomic troop exercises

keep their heads between their knees for 10

to date," stated an article in one newspaper.

seconds. He thought about it for a moment and then said, "They didn't tell us why; they

My Great Granddad is very proud of his

just said do it, and um being a Marine, you

photo, and rightly so, and we are very proud

do what you're told to do and when you're

of his service in the military and of all the

told to do it and how you're told to do it. Go

men and women who serve our country.

ahead and do your job, and you ask

Thanks, Granddad, for your service and for

questions later."

exposing yourself to danger all for

Great Granddad said that you could hear

your country and a

the plane fly over, and then after 10 seconds,

very awesome

the men knew that it was clear to stand up.


That's when the three men got into the position that my Great Granddad told them to get into. He had his camera set and ready, so all he had to do was get behind the men, line them up the best he could, and take the photo. "After the picture was taken, someone came around in a jeep, confiscated the film, and took off with it," said Great Granddad. Then around 5 pm that afternoon, some person from the AEC approached my Great Granddad and told him, " The AEC officials said that you just took the best photo of any A-Bomb blast that has ever been taken up to this point." The photo was published in all the major newspapers, and not long after, Great Granddad was promoted to SGT. The picture was also proclaimed by newsmen "as the best photograph

- 10 -

Art Galler

"Fiona" Jude Dorais

"Lil' Wolf Pup" Hailey Lowe

"Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" Adaline Myers

- 11 -

ry "Fox" Isla McGreggor

"Bobcat" Isla McGreggor

- 12 -

"Cheetah" Isla McGreggor

All About Grandpa An interview by Ranger

Ranger: Grandpa, when and where were you born? Grandpa: I was born on June 2 nd, 1960 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Ranger: Grandpa, where did you grow up? Grandpa: I grew up on a farm in Texas. The house was built in 1816. Ranger: What types of animals did you have on the farm? Grandpa: I had three milk cows, 100 hens for eggs, a pig, a turkey, cats, rabbits, Jenny, and a king snake in the corn crib. My daddy let the king snake live in the corn crib to eat the mice. Ranger: What was your favorite animal on the farm? Grandpa: My dog Jenny. Ranger: Grandpa, what was your favorite food that you grew on the farm? Grandpa: Fried okra and fried eggs. Ranger: Grandpa, did you have any pets when you were a boy? Grandpa: I had a German Shepard. Her name was Jenny, and she had many puppies. Ranger: Grandpa, what chores did you have? Grandpa: We heated the house with wood, and I had to light the fire every morning in winter before everyone else got up. I had to milk the cow.

- 13 -

Ranger: Grandpa, did you go to school? Grandpa: Yes, I went to school. I liked reading and writing better than math. I had to ride the school bus into Farmersville. Ranger: Grandpa, what did you do on your summer vacation? Grandpa: I picked okra and I had to wear gloves for the prickers. I went barefoot. I swam in a pond. We tried to catch crayfish. Ranger: Grandpa, how many brothers and sisters did you have? Grandpa: I had a big brother, Miles, and a little brother, Fergus, and four sisters: Ann, Laurie, Sally, and Margret. Ranger: Grandpa, did you ever get in trouble? Grandpa: Once, my little brother, Fergus, asked me to write “Superman” on his shirt, but I wrote, “dum dum” on his shirt. I even spelled it wrong. I got in trouble for that. Ranger: Tell me a time when something funny happened. Grandpa: When my little brother Fergus was two years old a scorpion stung him. I knew he was going to die, so I took all my money to the store and bought all the candy I could and gave it to him. He did not die, but he did have a tummy ache. Ranger: Grandpa, how old were you when you left Texas? Grandpa: I was eighteen when I left the farm. Ranger: Grandpa, what historical events happened when you were a boy? Grandpa: When I was a boy astronauts landed on the moon. Ranger: What things didn’t you have when you were little? Grandpa: We did not have cell phones or home computers. Ranger: Where did you join the Army? Grandpa: In West Point, NY.

- 14 -

At the State Museum By: Dana A. Caldwell On a warm summer’s day, you find yourself in the South Carolina State Museum. As you stroll about, perusing the exhibits, you see something odd in the back of one of the murals. There seems to be a tiny person hidden in the painting. You might shake your head and think, there’s no way there’s anything there. However, you would be sorely mistaken. In fact, there are nine of these little men hidden throughout the murals in the South Carolina State Museum. They go by many names, mites, elves, gnomes, or leprechauns, though the museum staff is keen on the latter. Whatever you choose to call them, these creatures are the brainchild of artist Kent Pendleton.

It all began when Pendleton painted murals for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He thought it would be a funny little joke to sneak a leprechaun into the back of one of the murals. A volunteer spotted it and suggested that Pendleton put one in another mural. Pendleton didn’t need any more convincing to continue the inside joke.

- 15 -

It didn’t take long for the joke to stop being a secret. The leprechauns’ existence became so popular that Pendleton began getting requests for more murals. The leprechauns became Pendleton’s artistic signature and a fan-favorite activity. Of all the museums Pendleton painted leprechauns for, the South Carolina State Museum has the most. There are a total of nine leprechauns hidden throughout the museum. Since the museum’s opening in 1988, guests have loved searching for the elusive creatures. And, you can join them!

- 16 -


How does a wolf greet a friend? Howl's it going?

- 17 -

Hailey Lowe

What happens if you mess with a cougar? It throws a hissy fit.

- 18 -

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