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Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle.

Who are we? True Rider is a brand created in 2014 from passion and a desire to make dreams come true. The vision to create the brand True Rider came into my head at the end of 2013 during a horse riding show, when I noticed that everybody was wearing identical horsey outfits. Besides, in the stable where I have been riding for years, the brands and designs are always the same. Finally, I was fed up with the comments of old ladies in shops whispering seriously: “Look at this poor girl! Her trousers are covered with patches!” As a horsewoman, I wanted to distinguish myself among the people in the crowd and wear clothes that would identify me with true passion - horse riding…

...and the story began... We invite you to our world

Natalie Palacz Founder and owner of True Rider Brand

Joanna Litwinowicz-Skwarska [E-questrianart] without whom this catalogue would never be finished

About us


But are we just a brand? True Rider is a brand thanks to which you can express yourself and your passion. It allows you to identify with horse riding, present a particular style and a philosophy that comes along with our brand. By wearing our clothes you can manifest your own personality. Who is the True Rider? It’s the person who spends half a day in the saddle, devotes their time and energy to horses, takes part in competitions and cannot live without rivalry. But are the True Riders only professionals? No! Everybody can be a True Rider regardless of age, gender, appearance. It is the attitude and lifestyle which makes them the True Rider – those riders not only love horses but they also love to take care of them, spend every free minute in the stable or just like being with them.

Our Philosophy No matter summer heat, rainy and gloomy autumn, snow and frosts in winter, or unsettled spring – the True Rider doesn’t care about the weather. It also doesn’t matter whose horse he is riding – their own or best friend’s, or just the horses from the riding school. What matters for True Rider is that “here and now” is in the saddle. Our whole philosophy is reflected in the short motto: Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle.

About us

Rainy Days Collection vol. 1


For riders, for whom the weather is never an obstacle, we created the sweatshirt Rainy Days.

- Warm hoodie with pocket for horse goodies. -Striking embroidery with the badge of True Rider on the left sleeve. -Soft, warm and nice fabric. -Print made with the long-lasting screen printing technique – it will withstand every washing. -Underside and cuffs rounded off with elastic waistband. Colour: Navy, Heather Gray Sizes: S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

Rainy Days Collection vol. 1


Rainy Days Collection vol. 2 Rainy Days vol 2 sweatshirt might not stop the rain but surely it gives more determination to ride in autumn and winter weather. We also guaranty that our lovely, fashionable colours and elegant cut will add + 100 to your autumn mood :D Ride in style ;)

- 4 different colours - 300g/m2 grammage - Long and strong sleeve cuffings - Personalised, galvanized zip with TR symbol - Zipped pockets - Contrasted application with nice edging - OEKO-TEX速 Standard 100 certificate - The materials which we use to produce our apparel are skin friendly. Colour: Navy, Dark Red, Dark Grey, Cream Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester 100% made in Poland

Rainy Days Collection vol. 2


Every day spent in the stable is the inspiration for our projects, which together with our imagination creates the unique style of our clothes Our sweatshirt is for everyone who loves to wear sports clothes from stable to city – thanks to our smallest attention to details and fashionable colours you don’t have to worry that your sporty outfit is not suitable outside the stable


No matter for True Rider For True Rider there isn’t such thing as a bad weather or the day of the week. No matter how tired he is after work or how late it is a True Rider will never seek for any excuses. For True Rider there are just no “buts” – full stop ;)

- 4 different colours - 300 g/m2 grammage – warm enough for coder days - Zipped pockets - Unique and very outstanding method of embossing printing - OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate – materials used in production are skin friendly - Contrasted application in the front with

Colour: Navy, Dark Red, Dark Grey, Cream Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester 100% made in Poland

No matter for True Rider



Winter Season Collection

- Sweatshirt with pockets for horse goodies and warm gloves. - Hood and body with the cute Sherpa side - Charming embroidered stars, and remarkable imprint - Visible recognizable embroidery with True Rider badge on the breast. - Underside and cuffs rounded off with elastic high quality waistband - Sweatshirt comfortable in use – you can wash it at 30°C.

Colour: Navy, Melange Grey Sizes: S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester

Winter Season Collection


We made the Winter Season collection to honour all the equestrians, who are determined enough not to resign from riding even during freezing cold winter. This sweatshirt is a tribute to all these who are able to leave the warm house, get into the cold car, and trot with tears in their eyes for the first couple of minutes, having their fingers and toes totally frozen.

WINTER SEASON is only for


Huge Hangover Collection


Hit during Cavaliada Tour 2014/2015

Huge Hangover not for True Rider tells the true story of the majority of riders :D On the one hand, they are comfortable and warm, on the other hand, the printing strikes at the heart ;)

- Hood and body with the cute Sherpa side - True-life printing made with long-lasting method - Visible recognizable embroidery with True Rider badge on the breast. - Underside and cuffs rounded off with elastic high quality waistband

Colour: Navy, Heather Grey Sizes: S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester

Huge Hangover Collection


No Just a Rider Collection

This fleece will fill you and your wardrobe with positive energy and motivate you in the moment of crisis.

- soft, warm and nice fabric - high quality of anti-pilling polar fleece - grammage 200g/m2 - perfect for training - waistlined and fitted model

Colour: Grey Orange, Aqua Black, Burgundy Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 100% polyester

No Just a Rider Collection



Polo shirt Happiness

Every True Rider knows that money doesn’t bring happiness, however, it helps to make dreams come true - especially these expensive ones. Polo shirt is directed to everybody who likes manifesting their personality and whose vast majority of funds are invested in hobby rather than exotic holidays. - Elegant gray or navy polo shirt with a decorative button and lovely ribbon, which add chic and luxury to it. - Polo shirt is made of high quality cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) thanks to which it fits perfectly but doesn’t limit body movements, and, after training, it allows the rider to feel comfortable. - Recognizable embroidery with the True Rider badge on the breast. - Not coarse embroidery with the brand logo on the neckpiece. - Printing made with the heavy-duty screen printing technique – it will withstand every washing. Colour: White,Navy,Heather Grey Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Polo shirt Happiness


T-shirt True Equestrian

- Four different navy designs - Rolled-up sleeves make the T-shirts look unique and, despite their casual style, they look really femenin - Grammage 180g/m2 - thicker T-shirt perfect in spring and summer weather conditions. - Overprint made with long-lasting screen printing technique - machine washable - High quality cotton which doesn’t run in washing - Common line True Equestrian - made in cooperation with E-questrianart

in cooperation with

E-questrianart Colour: Navy, also could be produced in other colours Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 100% cotton Made in Poland

T-shirt True Equestrian


I Am True Equestrian


Colour: Navy, Azure, Sunny Lime, White, Melange Grey, Heather Cream Pink Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 100% organic cotton

I Am True Equestrian


- Our T-shirt is suitable from stable to city! - Comfortable cutting which doesn’t limit your body moments during a ride. - Even though T-shirt is fitted it is longer than a standard T-shirt - Thanks to special material structure, especially on brighter colours your sweat after intensive training is not that much visible - Incredibly soft and not alergical material which breathes naturally and provides your skin with access to air - Colourfull printing visible from far distance made with long lasting method - screen printing technique - Made in cooperation with E-questrianart

in cooperation with


The most fabulous thing in wearing our t-shirt is that you can express everything what gives sense to your live in those few words: I AM TRUE EQUESTRIAN

I Am True Equestrian

I Am True Equestrian

I Am True Equestrian Bag



- Easy in maintenance and of course washable - Handy bag with a lot of space – you will pack all the most important stuff - Universal – finally a horsey bag which you can us both in the stable and take to the city - It goes nicely with our T-shirt I am True Equestrian collection and Rainy Days vol.2 Hoodies– you can make a perfect match for yourself which will even more underline your lifestyle and philosophy - Made in cooperation with E-questrianart

in cooperation with

E-questrianart Colour: Cream, Light Grey, Caramel, Burgundy, Dark Grey Sizes: One size Fabric: 100% organic cotton 100% Made in Poland

I Am True Equestrian Bag


T-shirt Huge Hangover



Summer version of our customers’ favourite Huge Hangover printing!

Colour: Navy, Mint, Heather Cream Blue, Fuchsia Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 100% organic cotton



Colour: Navy,Heather Grey Sizes: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40 Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

“True Rider is a brand that I feel represents what every rider hopes to achieve. A partnership with their horse, and a style that they fell comfortable wearing. I am very happy for this collaboration and I love our collection. “ Sarah Warne

Personalized Orders


In True Rider we are making equestrian apparel that's technical and sophisticated enough for every rider, without sacrificing style and modern design appropriate for both stable and city. We are also one of a few equestrian companies which combines the highest quality possible along with personalised orders. Our individual offer is aimed to: - Pony clubs - Riding clubs - Sponsors - Equestrian competitors - or creative, individual riders ;)

Marcelina Matyszczak – our customer Marcelina and her recognizable logo which was embroidered on our sweatshirts

We are delighted to be the supplier to the Western Pomeranian Equestrian Federation. Our t-shirt along with designed logo are an official t-shirts for the 2016 season. They will be worn by competitors during horse show events. We are also very excited that our t-shirts met the high requirements and were positively accepted by multiple Polish dressage champion and Olympic rider Katarzyna Milczarek.

Personalized Orders

Customers’ favourites


I just love the colour and the material. It is really very well made and presents perfectly while wearing. For me, True Rider is not only a equestrian brand but also an lifestyle. My whole life is about horses so Rainy Days vol. 2 sweatshirt always reminds me what really matters in my life.

Justine, inte

rnational d ressage rid er and mum o f 1 year old Zuzana

ver rse lo

l ho nd rea

pil a

a, pu Zuzan

Polo Happiness is just brilliant! Such a lovely polo made from very high quality materials. You can wear and wash it over and over again and it still looks like new! It looks and performs just great!

Material, model, colour everything is just so perfect! I have so many different sweatshirts from other equestrian brands but no other fits so well while riding! It is my favourite sweatshirt!

Caroline, show jumper

I’m totally in love in the True Rider apparel. I think their clothes are “must have” for every true horse lover’s wardrobe.

Jagienka, dressage rider in German stable Amanda, s tudent and owner o f chesnutt Osman

Definitely my favourite sweatshirt! Very comfortable, soft and yet absolutely stylish. Perfect for colder days for every True Rider

The sweatshirt really rocks during cooler weather! Firstly, it is warm and cozy, Secondly, the motto motivates me and gives me a kick when I’m starting to getting lazy during colder days ;) I also love the zipped pockets – perfect for keeping your phone safe while riding ;)


lding rey ge

vel Ada r of lo e n w o and pupil

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Customers’ favourites

Alice, pupil and show jumper Huge Hanogver sewatshirt is my favourite sweatshirt – thanks to Sherpa side I still feel as if I was in warm bed but the motto right away oblige me to have a good training. An guess what?! It really works out! True Rider brand it one of the best companies from which I am byuing my horse riding clothes. They quickly answer every single message and always find solutions which suit me. Additionaly once I will made an order it quickly arrives. I highly recommend them!

True Rider’s apparel is very elegant but in the same time very soft in touch and functional. They make totally SO different clothes with unique and their own mottos! Finally something new on the market! I wear my Rainy Days sweatshirt in every weather. During winter it warms me and during warmer days I wear it without any shirta – it is comfy and I can make everything while wearing it! Polo happiness is absolutely elegant and charming. The big advantage is that is really enables your skin to breath so during really warm days I don’t feel in it like in a Daria , foil. I love the whole True Rider team – they will make everything to make you happy.



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artis t

Polo Happiness is perfectly made and cut. It really looks beautiful on the body. Lovely ribbon on the sleeve and crystal button makes the polo very charming. I can’t imagine wearing something else!

, owner ompany c n w o e n her er hous , boss i ext to h n e l b Martha a t ll s wn sma of her o

Caroline , fashion


Polo Happiness enchanted me with its charming ribbon and lovely button and of course with its so true motto. I love that True Rider’s apparel is so unique and one of a kind.

I truly recommend series of True Equestrian t-shirts. I have two of them and I use them not only for riding but also during my walks. After so many washing a colour of the t-shirts is still the same and the printing looks like new. I was so surprise how comfortable I feel in this tshirt. It is so breathable and so it is perfect for warm and very hot days too.

Rainy Days sweatshirt is phenomenal. It is my favourite horse riding hoodie. For this moment for me there are no better ones! I always take it with me for show jumping competitions. I love the strong material. And the motto… 100% True! Dobrosla

Patricia, rider

wa, stude

nt and sh ow jumpe


Organic Cotton


Why we Our apparel which is made from organic cotton is hand-picked from ecological plantations where human rights are obeyed. Organic apparel is also coloured naturally with a certified non-toxic dye, e.g. clay. Organic clothing will serve you longer – the fabrics are much more stronger. When wet, fibres of organic cotton are 30% stronger than the dry ones, so they withstand numerous washing without losing their features or colours.

The certificate for the product embracing all stages of production, starting with raw material, then natural textiles (cotton, linen, silk, hemp) up to ready clothing.

The organization associating firms whose goal is the improvement of working conditions in places where clothing is sewn. Fair Wear Foundation unites about 80 firms and 120 brands from 7 European countries. The organization provides workers with payments high enough to fulfil their basic living needs.

The certificate given to ready products, however, there are strict conditions when cotton is harvested and produced. Our clothes have OE 100– the certificate is given to products consisting in 95-100% of organic cotton.

This sign means that our collection


was only made with organic cotton.

Made in Poland


it We are proud that are clothes are made in our country! We have here lovely, enthusiastic people with whom we love to work and whom we want to support. One of the main True Rider’s values is “Responsibility”. This concerns also responsibility for all what we create, starting with taking care of the natural environment, and finishing with great care about the future of humanity. It also considers the consequences of the decisions we make. Therefore we support and employ Fair Trade standards. We only use materials from the best Polish producers which have Oeko-Tex certificate. This certification covers multiple human-ecological attributes, including harmful substances which are prohibited or regulated by law, chemicals which are known to be harmful to health, but are not officially forbidden, and parameters which are included as a precautionary measure to safeguard health. Materials which we are using were tested for 100 of such criteria!

Made in Poland means that: - materials, labels, embroideries, prints, cutting and sewing clothes – all that is made in Poland - we support polish material’s producers and polish sewing workshop - we say “NO” to contemporary slavery. We don’t accept working under minimum wages in shameful working conditions - we can control every stage of our production and therefore we can deliver the highest quality of our products

For more information visit us on e-mail:

True rider catalogue 2016 - equestrian apparel  

True rider catalogue 2016 - equestrian apparel Check out our first ever True Rider catalogue. Equestrian apparel brand established in 2014....

True rider catalogue 2016 - equestrian apparel  

True rider catalogue 2016 - equestrian apparel Check out our first ever True Rider catalogue. Equestrian apparel brand established in 2014....