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Interim Report

Troy Development Council Progress Report

Troy Development Council Fall 2013

The Partners in Progress Initiative The Resource Development Group identified four major initiatives for the Troy Development Council for 2011-2013 •

In 2011, the Troy Development Council initiated our Partners in Progress Initiative to identify the workforce and economic development projects that were most needed by Troy area employers. The Resource Development Group interviewed 45 businesses and identified four areas of work for the TDC over the next three years. “The goals of the Troy Development Council in 2013 will be to help our companies compete for technical and professional employees,” says Ron Musilli, Chairman of the TDC, “and to keep our companies and Troy citizens informed about the progress and opportunities that our world-class companies are making.”

Continue to improve the Troy Area’s Retention and Expansion Program

• Continue to improve the Troy Area’s Attraction Program • Initiate a Workforce Development Program • Develop a Communications Program to provide information about Troy area businesses

The Troy Economy Despite the worst world-wide recession in half a century, the Troy area economy has rebounded in the last half of 2012 and the first half of 2013. The Miami County Unemployment rate in August of 2013 was 6.7%, lower than the State and national unemployment rate for the month and well below the Miami County unemployment rate in 2010, which was over 13%. Employers are again having difficulty finding qualified entry level workers and an even more difficult time finding skilled machinists and industrial maintenance professionals. The success of the Honda Accord and Civic have been a great boost for the regional economy and local suppliers such as F & P are working overtime to keep caught up with demand. In the last three years, Honda announced investments in North America totaling nearly $2.7 billion for the innovation and expansion of its operations. Honda Motor Company is targeting record sales for the U.S. this year, supported by revamped Accord and Civic models and building on a 24 percent rebound in 2012. Honda exported their 1 millionth car in 2012. Honda projects significantly increasing exports of light utility vehicles for export in 2013 to 2017 and recently announced they would be moving North American leadership positions from California to Marysville, Ohio. TROY OHIO USA PARTNERS IN PROGRESS 2013 Troy Development Council

405 SW Public Square, Suite 330

Troy, Ohio 45373


Expansion of Troy Facilities in 2012/2013 Hobart Brothers had relocated their Equipment Division from their West Main Street location to a 160,000 square foot facility on Corporate Drive in Troy. This division produces welding machines for Hobart Brothers and Miller Electronics.

Hobart Brothers Hosts TDC Visit

Hobart Brothers has also moved their Solid Wire Division to remodeled space in Trade Square. These new facility investments are a solid demonstration of the company’s commitment to Troy. This year the company increased employment by 60 people and current employment is now at approximately 600 employees.

3 Sigma President Discusses New Technologies with Troy High School Students

3 Sigma received a $2.25 million USDA Business and Industry Loan Guarantee, which allowed them to purchase and transport a 78 inch-wide aqueous coater to greatly expand the capacity of their advanced coatings operations in Troy. 3 Sigma President, Tony Rowley commented, “The addition of our new coater will effectively double our capacity, and we expect to add several jobs as a direct result. The USDA loan guarantee made that possible.” Freudenberg NOK, an international family oriented company has brought the expertise of Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership (North and South America), Freudenberg & Co. (Europe), NOK Corp. (Asia) and NOK Freudenberg Group China to Troy. The company has added over 100 employees here since closing their Iowa facilities and moving these operations to Troy. In 2012, the company leased additional space adjacent to their current facility.

ConAgra continues to make new investments in their Troy manufacturing operations including an $18 million investment in their facilities here. This project will add at least ten new jobs to the approximately 640 employees that are currently employed in Troy. The City of Troy made major investments into reconstructing Dye Mill Road to accommodate the increased traffic into the facility. Spinnaker Coatings – The Company is a leader n the manufacturing of adhesive coated paper used in product labeling, identification, and specialty areas such as postage stamps. The company became an employee-owned corporation in 2012 through the creation of an S Corp ESOP. Spinnaker was named by the Dayton Business Journal as one of Dayton’s 50 companies with the biggest revenue increase in 2011.





Other Troy Expansions in 2012/2013 Clopay is the largest manufacturer of garage doors in the US and has become one of Troy’s largest employers. While the national recession greatly decreased the demand for garage doors in 2012, the Troy operations have grown to over 900 employees through consolidations and acquisitions and occupy over one million square feet.

Clopay Hosts Manufacturing Day Tour

Raymath has become one of the Region’s most advanced manufacturing companies and has continued to grow through a diversified customer base in many industry groups. Stillwater Technologies has supplied pats that have been fired into space on the shuttle, reached the depths of the oceans on nuclear submarines, and sped across the Bonneville Salt Flats on a record breaking electric car!! In 2013, the company continues to attract new products to their Troy operations including providing technologically advanced equipment for the oil and gas industry, for satellites and for robots.

UTC Aerospace: In one of the largest acquisitions of 2012, Goodrich, the world leader in aerospace components was purchased for $16.4 billion by United Technologies. The Goodrich Wheel and Brake Division, with very substantial operations in Troy, was part of the purchase and is now part of UTC Aerospace Systems. The consolidation of these aerospace operations has already generated many new opportunities and successes for United Technologies and their success continues to provide very high skill and high wage job opportunities in Troy for 2013.


F & P America

and their parent corporation F-Tech have overcome production setbacks created by the natural disasters in Asia and are now experiencing record production and employment levels. The company has been recognized by Honda and other automotive companies as the most advanced manufacturer of automotive sub-frames and suspensions in the world. The company remains a contender for the largest manufacturing employer in Troy with over 900 employees.



TDC Support for our Retention & Expansion Program

Business Retention and Expansion TDC Support for Our Retention and Expansion Program

This has been a very encouraging year for our existing Troy area companies. Tax reform initiatives undertaken by the Governor’s Office and the legislature of the State of Ohio have created significant advantages for Ohio companies, but the Jobs-Ohio Initiative has faced legal challenges, which have delayed the sale of bonds to fund the State’s incentive programs. State incentives are critical in helping to keep Ohio competitive in retaining our existing companies. Since the inception of the Partners in Progress Initiative, the TDC Staff and Volunteers have held at least one meeting with almost every manufacturing and distribution company in the Troy area. Our outreach to existing employers has taken many forms over the past year including sponsoring four golf outings for TDC member companies. The Business First Program, our regional cooperative for business retention and expansion activities, continued to expand and incorporate new software tools. In 2013, the Kasich administration and the Jobs-Ohio leadership are calling on Ohio companies and have developed a contact plan. The Dayton Development Coalition will also be involved in retention and expansion calls in the Dayton Region.

Calls on Companies with Troy Operations and Out-of-State Headquarters:

F-Tech Japan

Troy Development Council President Wallace, Mayor Beamish and City Safety Service Director, Patrick Titterington called on Honda Logistics and F-Tech in Japan to encourage additional investment by Honda and its suppliers in Troy. We also held meetings with these companies prior to and following the trip. An analysis of the Troy operations of international companies conducted in 2012 showed that international investment contributes approximately $100 million of payroll to the Troy area economy. Of this, approximately $64 million comes from Asianowned companies, $18 million from European-owned companies and $14 million from Troy residents employed by international companies who perform their work out of the area. President Wallace also met with the Board of Freudenberg NOK, and senior management of Crown Equipment. Caption describing picture or graphic.




Business Attraction:

Recruitment Program In 2012 the number of companies that moved or built new facilities in the US and the region was dramatically impacted by the US and world-wide recession, but Troy was very successful with four new companies locating in the City. The Troy Development Council has reached out to our current Asian investors and held meetings with Honda Logistic and other divisions of Honda and with F-Tech at their Troy facilities and in Japan. The goal of these meetings was to support continued investment in existing facilities and also to provide information on the Troy area to forward to Honda suppliers. Troy Development Council President Wallace attended the Expansion Management’s Site Consultant’s Roundtable to increase dialogue with national and international site selection companies.

Remedi SeniorCare Tour

Crown Equipment Comes to Troy

New Companies in Troy in 2012/2013 Crown Equipment purchased the Stillwater/Motoman facility on Dorsett Road and will be locating manufacturing operations there. Crown is a global manufacturer of lift trucks and advanced material- handling equipment and is known to many Troy residents as a world-class employer with headquarters just to the north of Troy in New Bremen, Ohio. They anticipate that the operation will eventually create 45 new jobs. Remedi SeniorCare opened their new $18 million pharmaceutical distribution operation in Troy. The company will employ 170 people including a number of well compensated pharmacists. Tagnetics relocated operations from the Dayton area to a 22,000 square foot facility in Troy for their new product line of electronic shelf labels. Arett Sales leased 54,000 square feet of space for the distribution of lawn, garden, and outdoor living supplies to retail garden centers. Abbott Laboratory’s Nutritional Supply Chain Division located a new $240 million manufacturing and distribution center in Tipp City, just south of Troy. Troy residents will benefit from the over 200 jobs to be created at the plant. The company will manufacture their Ensure and Similac products here.

New Partnership with Jobs Ohio & Dayton Development Coalition

The Current Participants in the Coalition are: The Troy Development Council Grow Piqua Now City of Tipp City West Ohio Development Corporation serving Sidney and Shelby Counties Allen (County) Economic Development Group Wapakoneta Economic Development Darke County CIC

Governor Kasich’s administration has been working on legislative and legal issues to create the Jobs-Ohio Corporation to take over economic development activities from the State government. This has included creating a new structure to provide incentives and marketing through Jobs-Ohio. In turn, Jobs-Ohio has contracted with the Dayton Development Coalition to perform many marketing, incentive and retention and expansion activities. The TDC has participated in planning and managing the transition through serving on the Board of the Ohio Economic Development Association and serving on the Advisory Board to the Dayton Development Coalition’s ED managers group. The TDC sponsored a tour of Troy sites and buildings for new staff of the DDC and participated in the first training program offered by Jobs-Ohio and the DDC. The TDC has also involved the DDC in meetings on potential expansion and new location projects.

New Partnership with West Central Ohio Development Coalition The West Central Ohio Development Coalition is a voluntary group of economic development organizations who have identified an opportunity to market our region in west central Ohio from just north of Dayton to just south of Findlay, Ohio on both sides of Interstate 75. A new 501c(3) has been formed and the new Coalition received a grant of $100,000 from the Dayton Development Coalition to undertake a new business attraction program.

Urbana-Champaign County Development Village of New Bremen, Village of New Knoxville, Village of Minster

The Coalition employed a national consultant to provide economic development leads and to arrange for on-line presentations and conference calls with the owners and top level management of US based companies. We also completed a research project to analyze unionization in the Region.

City of St. Mary’s Mercer County Economic Development




Workforce Development:

Wage & Benefit Survey – Human Resources Council The Bi-annual Wage and Benefit Survey was issued in June of 2012. This survey incorporates responses from the companies located in Troy, Piqua and Sidney. Results have been distributed to participants and provided to new companies.

Expansion of Troy Plan for Economic Education As a joint project of the TDC and Urbana University, this program has been reinstituted and has now graduated its second class. Participants include teachers from City of Troy and Upper Valley Career Center and MBA students from Urbana University. This program provides an opportunity for greater promotion of economic education of teachers and students. The program resumed in January of 2013 with 14 participants. With the Troy Development Council, local businesses and educators willing to work together to prepare students, Troy’s economic development future looks very promising. The economic development program sponsored by Urbana University and the Troy Development Council was truly a great experience. The site visits to local businesses, outstanding guest speakers, and a classroom instructor with knowledge and passion make this program a must for anyone looking to further their knowledge on local economics and its relation to our communities here in the Miami Valley As an educator, you endeavor to find the real life applications to the discipline you relay to the students in your class. The Urbana University and Troy Development Council’s economics course, BSG 512, provides a venue for educators, businesses and the community leaders to collaborate in the realities that each one is entrusted with. It has been an excellent economic experience having direct contact with successful, major businesses and community leadership who share their philosophies. As President of Troy Development Council, Mr. Wallace presented a story from the beginning of time. A pleasant and informative presentation surprisingly brought economics to the creators of its definition. The development of the new territory seemed fascinating to me.




First Troy Area Career Day & Troy Ohio Job Fair: In May of 2013, the Troy Development Council and the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored our first Troy Area Career Day and Troy Ohio Job Fair. Over 400 high school students participated. The students met with companies, attended three career information presentations and completed a written assignment on area career opportunities and job preparation. The Troy Ohio Job Fair was held the following day at Hobart Arena with over forty businesses and educational organizations participating.

Support for Helping Young Professionals Emerge Initiative: HYPE The TDC has assisted with communication resources including development and hosting of the HYPE website, print materials and meeting support. The TDC has promoted the HYPE Program during R&E calls and to the Chamber membership.

Promotion of Manufacturing Careers The TDC worked with the Troy City Schools to promote manufacturing careers as part of the National Manufacturing Day held in October 2012 and 2013. Manufacturing Careers was the focus of our first Career Day. The TDC also hosted a group of Troy High School students at the Business Expo to begin our dialogue on career opportunities in the Troy area.

TDC Manufacturing Committee

Stillwater Technologies Hosts Manufacturing Day




Clopay Welcomes High School Students

Communication Plan:

TDC has created greater awareness of TDC through Partners for Progress meetings and will expand awareness through the TDC Newsletter. In 2012 and 2013, the TDC held 4 informational sessions for TDC investors in conjunction with a golf outing, which provided excellent networking opportunities. Numerous articles on positive business activities and the TDC have appeared in the Dayton Business Journal and Troy Daily News.

TDC Website – Business Resources/Incentives/Site and Building Directories The TDC has completed the development of a new economic development website. In the Business Resource Directory of the website, there is a one page description on each TDC investor company that lists services and products provided. We have also incorporated the Jobs-Ohio directory of available sites and buildings. As part of the site and building directory, the TDC took aerial photographs of properties. Troy Business Newsletter- The TDC has developed an e-mail newsletter to provide our investors and the Troy community with positive business news. We are now expanding our distribution list.

Troy Business Newsletter / Blog The TDC has developed our newsletter format and initial distribution list. We continue to receive positive feedback on the valuable information provided to members and the community. We are now working on expanding our distribution list with TDC members, government officials and non-TDC members.

Highlight your Company with Pictures and Videos on the New Troy Development Council Video Website Feature: A New Professional Recruitment Program! The Professional Recruitment Steering Committee is developing a new high definition video recruitment website. The TDC applied for and received a $14,000 grant from the Troy Foundation. The purpose of this initiative is to help our companies attract high-skilled, professional and technical workers from around the world!

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October 2013 final interim report 4