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Newspapers are expensive

The BEST advertising package for the Sidmouth & Budleigh areas Royal Mail door-to-door delivery R

Your £100 weekly advert appearing in Friday’s newspaper will hit the bin by Sunday, along with your money, making it a very expensive form of marketing. A single advert in the Diary can last up to 2 months and beyond.

Providing a truly unbeatable combination of quality, reach and exposure

What’s brilliant about the Diary being delivered by Royal Mail Because you’re not relying on the local residents to either buy, or pick up a copy, the Diary gets posted through each resident’s letterbox. We use Royal Mail’s door-to-door service, it’s the most expensive form of delivery available, but critically for your company, the most reliable, reaching the entire population effortlessly.

The Diaries provide:


ACCESS TO AN AFFLUENT & EXTENSIVE READERSHIP - both the Sidmouth and Budleigh areas have a large proportion of affluent residents, many from London, the Home Counties and the Midlands. Your business will be seen by every resident in the Sidmouth and Budleigh areas - you can’t achieve better than that!


MASSIVE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BUSINESS as it will be seen repeatedly across the year, providing your business with vital dripping-tap marketing, keeping your name constantly out there in front of your local community. Reach over 40,000 readers through their front door ensuring you don’t lose ground to competitors.


INCLUSION IN A MUCH-LOVED COMMUNITY MAGAZINE they’ve been keeping the entire population in touch with what’s happening in the community for the past 22 years. Readers love having their own personal copy of the Diary through their front door.

Jack says:

Why a high-quality community magazine for success? Because of the community information provided within, it will be kept for reference, allowing your advert maximum and repeated exposure. Having interesting stories, the tide timetables for the beach, lovely photos, excellent local businesses and not forgetting event listings that lets all the residents know exactly What’s On in their community are all valuable to increasing the exposure of your advert. Beware of glossy advertiser magazines and leaflets that provide nothing for the reader, they have no shelf-life and are very quickly in the bin!

East Hill

We’re so confident you won’t find a better advertising deal for these areas that if you do, we’ll give you 6 months free!

Tipton St John Newton Poppleford

ROYAL MAIL Over 40,000 readers - total blanket coverage of every residential and business address in the areas shown


Rive r Your DIARY OF EVENTS for the Sid Valley & Surrounds The


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Beach Tide Timetables

The Community Magazine for the Sid Valley

East Budleigh


Total saturation Royal Mail coverage through letterboxes in Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury, Bowd, Newton Poppleford, Tipton St John, Dotton, Colaton Raleigh, Harcombe, Harpford, Northmostown, Pinn, Salcombe Regis, Weston and everything inbetween!

SIDMOUTH DIARY - valley coverage

Knowle HUBCAST - why is it important for your company? See overleaf.


Salcombe Regis

River Otter

Colaton Raleigh

Now in 22nd year of publication

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The highest quality, lowest price marketing for these affluent areas, nothing can touch the package the Diaries provide for your business.

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Door-to-Door delivery


Budleigh Salterton

SIDMOUTH DIARY - rural coverage


23rd year

Royal Mail door-to-door delivery R

highly successful for advertisers R

The DIARY magazines Amazing low-cost for such high-quality advertising in the Sidmouth and Budleigh areas

























per week

per week

per week

per week

per week

per week

per week

per week

£51 per issue

£68 per issue

£136 per issue

£238 per issue

£42.50 per issue

£59.50 per issue

£110.50 per issue

£195.50 per issue

HUBCAST - why it’s important to the success of your advertising The longer the Diary magazine is kept in the home, the better your advertising will work because it will be gaining increased exposure for your company’s advert. HUBCAST is an amazing tool that enables us to gather all the community events from local clubs, societies and charities so we can include them when publishing the Diary magazines.

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Having extremely detailed event information in the Diary covering 2 months in each issue makes a big difference to the shelf-life of the magazine. This means your company gains increased exposure at no extra cost, it’s also why we include the Tide Timetables for the beaches for 2 months. HUBCAST was created and is run by us, it enables all the clubs, societies and charities to broadcast their forthcoming events to the community at no cost. There are nearly 6,000 clubs, societies and charities across Devon benefiting in this way from HUBCAST.

CAN WE HELP? If you have any queries or to book in, either call Nigel Jones or Hannah Trim on:

01395 513383 Reach over 40,000 readers every issue. The Diaries are published six times a year. The Diaries cover extremely affluent areas, reaching all properties, even at the end of long private driveways because the Postie visits every house. Forget expensive leafleting, adverts appearing within the Diaries enjoy an extended appearance on coffee tables, breakfast bars, on bookcases, etc. They have events, tide timetables and lots of highly focussed community based content. The Diaries provide your business with year-round, dripping-tap marketing in front of your community and also shows your company is community minded because you support a magazine keeping the whole community in touch - The DIARY is now in its 22nd year.

NEED ADVERTISING FURTHER AFIELD? We also publish DEVONSHIRE magazine, the largest circulation glossy A4 magazine for Devon, with 900 outlets across the county.

Talk to Hannah Trim.

Budleigh Diary magazine - info sheet  

Community magazine for the lower Otter valley

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