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Issue 2 | SS 2021


Health & Happiness

With the health and happiness of us and our planet under the mainstream microscope, this issue aims to generate hope for the wellbeing of our world. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 99


Freshly made, natural beauty with over 5,000+ 5* reviews and over 200 awards won

Certified vegan and cruelty-free

Every purchase funds education through our partnership with United World Schools

Certified CarbonNeutral® with all carbon emissions double offset

2 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



Welcome to the Health and Happiness issue of our brand magazine, Glow by Tropic.


his latest issue is all about health and happiness, which are not only two things that have become more precious to us in recent months but have also become more obviously related. Generally speaking, when we feel healthy in body and mind, and our energy levels are high, we tend to enjoy a sense of overall wellbeing. In a similar fashion, when we surround ourselves with people, spaces and activities that make us feel happy, our health can also reap the benefits. However, if we’re worried about our health, our overall happiness can take a dip. In a world where wellbeing now has so many meanings, it seems that health and happiness have become the gold-standard ingredients for a life well lived. We’re big on ingredients here at Tropic, whether it’s the physical ones we put into our products or

the thoughts and motivations that help make up our ethics. We spend time considering them, we research them thoroughly, and we ensure they’re the best and most sustainable they can possibly be. Sometimes it works, and sometimes we need to try again, but the important thing is that we do try again, always striving to make the overall recipe better. And so maybe the same goes for our health and happiness. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for the perfect life, and sometimes embracing the imperfections is exactly what brings us peace. So, in these pages we delve into the many sides of health and happiness in all their different forms, shapes and sizes, from our skin health and hormones to mental wellbeing and education. You might also find some products that boost your skin health and bring you joy too. And

with some new stars in the lineup, including our first ever baby products, there’s something to put a smile on everyone’s face. Whatever brings you health and happiness, the true beauty is that it’s entirely your recipe to write. You can rewrite it as many times as you want, changing it as you grow and the world around you shifts, but nobody else can write it for you. However, if you’re looking for some advice and inspiration to give you a helping hand, don’t worry, we’ve got you – simply turn the page.

Founder and CEO

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 3

Contents Your inspiring reads and beauty needs, all in one place.

I GOT IT FROM MY MAMA 10 Susie Ma in conversation with (and about) the remarkable women who helped her sow the Tropic seed. HOSTESS OPPORTUNITY


SKINCARE THROUGH THE AGES 82 How to care for your skin as it changes. WHY SPF IS YOUR BFF 84 Forget what you think you know about SPF as we consult the sun care experts. MOOD MAKEUP 86 Makeup looks to boost your mood and inspire your creativity. MAKING UP WITH MAKEUP 88 Makeup that does more for your skin. TIGER GRASS 101 90 A soothing superhero that’s new to our ingredient arsenal. A LIFE LESSON 92 How our partnership with United World Schools boosts health through education. PAUSE FOR THOUGHT Embracing the menopause and the changes that come with it.


A BEAM OF HOPE 96 How we’re supporting homeless people through working with UK charity, Beam. THE EXERCISE EFFECT How breaking a sweat can enhance mental health.


5 WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Top tips for tip-top immunity.





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About Us

Our Infinite Purpose is to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. That’s the first thing you need to know about us because it influences every decision we make as a brand, from the products we launch and the ingredients we use to our certifications and charity partnerships. It’s a big goal, and one we’re very proud of, but like most brands we started off a little smaller.


Our Founder, Susie Ma, drew inspiration for Tropic from two places. The first was her grandma, a medicinal chemist and toxicologist, who taught her that our skin needs feeding with nourishing, healthy ingredients just as much as our bodies. The second was from Susie’s upbringing in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia, where fresh aloe vera plants and exotic fruit trees pretty much grew on her doorstep! This would later have a huge impact on the beauty products Susie would create, and it’s also where we got our name from.



After moving to London as a teenager, Susie decided to start selling her favourite body scrub recipe to help her mum with the household bills. While most of us were smuggling our favourite snacks into the cinema at age fifteen, Susie was pouring her first batch of body scrubs into fifty jam jars to sell at Greenwich Market. While she was studying, Susie devoted nights and weekends to formulating recipes and making products – with her mum’s kitchen quickly turning into a makeshift beauty lab.



You may recognise Susie from her appearance on BBC’s The Apprentice back in 2011. Lord Alan Sugar was so impressed by the products that he invested to become a 50/50 partner, and Tropic moved from Susie’s mum’s kitchen to our first ever Tropic HQ. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 5



Susie loved building personal relationships with her customers on her market stalls, and that’s one of the main reasons why we launched our social selling model in 2013, with just 400 founding Ambassadors. To put into perspective how much we’ve grown since then, we now celebrate a whopping 20,000-plus Ambassadors.



Tropic has come a long way since Susie started out. We've been recognised by The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track as one of the UK’s fastest-growing skincare brands, and our award-winning product range has expanded to include skincare, body care, hair care, sun care and makeup.


Infinite Purpose

We strive to stay ahead of the curve in natural ingredient research, supercharging our formulations with ingredients such as plant peptides, encapsulated vitamins and plant ceramides. We’re also firm believers that what you put on your skin should be as fresh as possible, which is why we freshly make all of our products at HQ every day. We source our ingredients from tropical regions around the world to ensure they're rich in antioxidants and nutrients.


We aim to do as much as possible to minimise our environmental impact and create more sustainable options within the beauty industry. We’re a

6 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS2021

To help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

proudly certified CarbonNeutral® company, which means we invest in conservation projects to double offset our carbon emissions, and we’re working on making even more of our range refillable. We’ve always been dedicated to animal welfare and stand with The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free and vegan brand, now and always.


We won’t ever stop working to empower more people – and that’s inclusive of everyone. It’s why we launched our charity partnership with United World Schools, to help fund education for children living in some of the world's poorest and most remote regions with every Tropic purchase.

It’s why we've donated to – and will continue to support – The Winnie Mabaso Foundation, which works with children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and Young Women's Trust, supporting young women aged 18 to 30, who are living on low or no pay and want to build a better future. And finally, it’s why we’ve teamed up with both Beam and the Trussell Trust, both charities that are dedicated to helping the poor and vulnerable members of our society. So, now we’re thoroughly introduced, we hope you enjoy this issue of Glow as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you, and learn some health-boosting tips along the way!


Refill A


Return your empty products


We’ll recycle them for you

STEP THREE We’ll send you a new product for free


You save your pennies and the planet!

s part of our Infinite Purpose, we offer a Refill Returns Scheme for a number of our products that are a bit trickier to recycle at home. To qualify for the scheme, you have to send back five of the same products to receive a free product of the same type, and they must be sent back to us together. The exception is our sun care range, where you can return any five empty sun care products to receive a free mini Sun Day! This scheme is only currently available for certain products in our range, so as you’re browsing through your copy of Glow, look out for the below icon to indicate when a product is included in the scheme.

Scan the QR code to find out more about our Refill Returns Scheme. Refill returns scheme available for selected products only. The five products returned must all be the same type and returned together in order to qualify for one free product of the same type. This excludes sun care, where five of any empty sun care products can be returned for a free mini Sun Day. A lot of our refillable products aren't automatically part of the Refill Returns Scheme because they're easily recycled at home. Always look out for this icon to check whether a product can be refilled and this icon to see if the product is part of the Refill Returns Scheme.

Need a refill? Look out for this symbol Gift buying? Watch out for these icons

For unscented versions of your skincare staples, look out for this icon Hello QR codes! Scan these using the camera on your smartphone for more information.

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to everything we do

Tropic aims to be a force for good beyond beauty, keeping our Infinite Purpose at the heart of everything we do. It not only defines our brand DNA, but guides each and every business decision and product launch. Here are just a few ways we implement our Infinite Purpose at Tropic HQ.


Each formulation is created in Tropic’s Innovation Lab at HQ, harnessing the best in green skincare science. For freshness, products are made on-site. With thousands of orders placed every day, it’s important that our beauty is green. All the energy at our HQ, where we manufacture 98% of our entire range, is from 100% renewable sources. This is so our customers – that's you – can be proud of supporting every single component of what we do.

8 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


Our HQ is home to over 200 plants, which are watered from a supply of rain runoff. In fact, all of the numerous water-saving initiatives that we’ve implemented at HQ save


We want to conserve our oceans and the marine life that lives there, which is why our entire SPF sun care range is Protect Land + Sea certified, making it completely reef safe.

over half a million litres of water a year collectively. In 2020, we recycled 122 tonnes which equated to 65% of all our waste. Anything we can’t recycle is repurposed into an alternative fuel (that replaces fossil fuels) to power homes and businesses.


With over 200 prestigious awards and accolades, ranging from our product range to brand ethics and achievements, here are a few of our top award-winning moments from the past few years.


Since becoming a CarbonNeutral® certified company, we've delivered over £2 million worth of value to households, infrastructure and biodiversity through double offsetting our carbon emissions. Through this initiative, we’ve funded conservation work in the Amazon Rainforest and helped to protect 65,000 hectares of forest from unsustainable palm oil conversion in Indonesia.


We’ve been ethically accredited for three years and are independently endorsed by the Ethical Company Organisation, with a score of 92/100 which covers a wide range of criteria. This includes animal welfare, human rights and the environment.



Carbon Neutral Beauty Brand of the Year Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards 2021


Tropic’s entire makeup and sun care ranges comprise refillable, recyclable or returnable (for free) products. We’re also helping our customers to live a lower-impact lifestyle, with a packaging returns initiative that's available for many of our products. Our game-changing Colour Palette is also completely refillable, minimising waste from your beauty routine. Its innovative design has prevented over 12.5 tonnes of plastic waste from being generated, when compared to our previous makeup collection.


Best Value Skincare Brand Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020


Outstanding Achievement Award Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 Awards 2020


Best Luxury Makeup Brand The 2020 UK Global Makeup Awards SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 9


(and my grandma, too) To unearth the inspiration behind a business that nurtures the health of our skin, mind, body and planet, I look back at the humble beginnings of Tropic Founder and CEO, Susie Ma, in conversation with (and about) the remarkable women who helped her sow the Tropic seed. By Florence Reeves-White


s I set up my recording equipment, close all my ‘how to make pizza dough from scratch’ tabs and ready myself for our Zoom interview (not to be confused with its tedious relative, the Zoom quiz), Susie and her mum are already chatting away. I discern some complimenting of clothes (waist up, of course) and a few giggles about justgot-out-of-bed hair. There’s a current of joy, comfort and ease that even the stilted nature of the video format can’t cut through. The first thing I notice (again, try as it might, my pixelated screen can’t mask it) is their enviably luminous skin. Although evidently, some good genetics are at play here, I want to delve deeper into some family secrets – how do Susie and her mum, Shu Mei, keep the complexions with which they were blessed, consistently looking their best? “Thank you!” Shu Mei replies as I tell her how well she looks. “That’s one thing Susie’s grandma has always taught us both. Our skin is our first

impression and our best protection, so we have to look after it in the same way that we look after what’s inside, too.” Born in Shanghai, Susie grew up around her grandmother, who talked of how toxic chemicals – absorbed by the body through the environment, diet, medication and personal care products – affect our health and wellbeing. “Grandma really is where it all began, isn’t she?” Susie confirms with her mum. “She was a medicinal chemist and toxicologist, after originally training to be a surgeon. She’s always been a big advocate for only using natural products on our faces and bodies – this usually involves a lot of plant oils and glycerin – and I never saw her buy any cosmetics when we lived in China.” “That’s right,” Shu Mei interjects. “She swears by a few drops of plant oils massaged into the face regularly for maintaining supple, radiant skin. But the massaging itself is an important part for her.

“What really drove me was watching the letters pile up – final notice letters for bills, rent, and money that we’d taken out on credit. I just realised that there was very little left to lose.” I remember when I was a little girl, she would bend and fold and press her skin with oils. It’s a kind of ritual for her; you can tell it makes her feel as good as it makes her look, and it’s the same with me.” It’s evident that these two have been through a lot together – although Susie has steered herself independently towards success, those formative years of navigating adversity with her mum have given her her bearings in life. At the age of thirteen, Susie moved with Shu Mei to London after several years in Cairns, Australia. To pay off household bills, aged fifteen, Susie borrowed £200 from her mum for ingredients to whip up a batch of body scrubs, using a family recipe, which she then sold at Greenwich Market. “I was really nervous about going,” Susie recalls. “I put it off for weeks after I’d made all the products, but what really drove me was watching the letters pile up – final notice letters

for bills, rent, and money that we’d taken out on credit. I just came to the realisation that there was very little left to lose – we were in so much debt anyway, and I believed in the product. I was nervous but the worst that could happen was selling nothing and coming home. I guess I’d have had to remedy the rejection by using those 50 body scrubs on myself!” On the first day, Susie raised enough money to pay the bills for a whole month. Motivated by success, she continued to spend weekends at London’s markets selling what’s now Tropic’s best-selling Body Smooth. By the time she was 21, Susie had funded her studies at university and bought her mum a house. “Honestly, I don’t think Tropic would exist as it is today without the influence of you and Grandma,” Susie confesses to her mum. “The reason I was able to sell Tropic in the first place was because I knew I had

a great product. Without you both I could still be working in banking or – more likely – we might be back in Australia, having not made it work in the UK.” It’s evident that this is a family that’s always seen the value of prioritising health, and that shows on the outside too. The message that’s been passed down through generations of women – from the bustling streets of Shanghai to the coastal reaches of tropical Australia, from a small Greenwich Market stall to Tropic HQ’s impressive Innovation Lab – has always been loud and clear – your health starts with yourself. Now that’s a wise lesson I think we’d all like our children to learn. Scan the QR code to read the full interview. Susie has kindly translated her mother's words from Chinese for us, in order to enrich this piece with the full range of her language.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 11

The VI P


If you’d like to receive some of your Tropic favourites for free and enjoy product recommendations tailored to your skin type while catching up with friends, why not try hosting a Pamper Experience?



As a Hostess, you’ll receive 15% of the total Pamper sales to spend on your new favourite products.

Whether you have any skin concerns or you’d simply like to discover a new range of products, our Ambassadors can help you choose the best products suited to your skin type.


Fancy the same VIP treatment, product recommendations and a catch up with friends but in a virtual setting? Ask your Ambassador about virtual Pampers.



Receive product recommendations tailored to your skin type.


Discover a natural beauty regime that’s kind to skin and the planet.

APPLICATION TIPS Enjoy top tips and additional knowledge on how best to enjoy your new products.


Want to surprise someone special? Enjoy tailored gifting advice.

If you see something you like on the following product pages, book a VIP Experience with your Ambassador and you could receive it for free!

On average, our Hostesses receive £40-£60 in Tropic credit to spend on their choice of products!

Scan the QR code to find out more about becoming a Tropic Hostess or speak to your Tropic Ambassador. 12 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

"Hosting a Tropic Pamper is such a bonus because you get to actually hear from an Ambassador about the natural and effective ingredients in the products, how to use them and find out more about all the environmental work that Tropic achieve as a company. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!" LOTTIE, TROPIC HOSTESS

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 13


Over the next few pages you can discover new beauty favourites that are kind to skin and the planet – go on, treat yourself!


14 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

MY WISHLIST See something you fancy as you're flicking through? No need to bend back the corner, simply jot it down below.

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SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 15

ABC Daily ESSENTIALS SMOOTHING CLEANSER complexion purifier £18 | 120ml

An eight-time award-winning, best-selling cleanser for good reason, this oil-based formula effortlessly melts away dirt, pollution, SPF and makeup for a luxuriously gentle cleanse. • Green tea extract is bursting with antioxidants to brighten skin. • Golden jojoba oil works to dissolve excess sebum to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. • Aromas of purifying eucalyptus oil (scented version only) mean you’ll actually look forward to taking your makeup off!

You love our multi-award-winning Smoothing Cleanser so much that 2 are sold every minute! January 2021


Our scented Smoothing Cleanser smells of eucalyptus and rosemary, and our unscented version is subtly creamy.

With free Bamboo Face Cloth scented | 1F

unscented | 1UNN

Without free Bamboo Face Cloth scented | 1F1

unscented | 1UN

If you want one of our super-soft Bamboo Face Cloths on its own, you can also buy them separately!


In a 7-day independent clinical study, 100% of testers experienced an improvement, with an average of... Sensitive skin?

Look out for this icon for unscented versions of our skincare staples.

37% reduction in sebum levels 57% increase in skin moisture It's also dermatologically verified as suitable for sensitive to very sensitive skin (unscented version only) 2021


VITAMIN TONER pore-refining mist £14 | 120ml

Whizzed up together in this refreshing toning mist, aloe vera and cucumber juices complement avocado and cranberry oil extracts, creating a hydrating burst of goodness with every spritz. The oil and water molecules are forced together until they burst on the skin, allowing the oil to be catapulted into the deeper layers, while the water stays nearer the surface to hydrate. • Complete with a nourishing cocktail of vitamins B3, B5 and C to refine pore appearance and restore radiance. • Beauty mineral MSM supports healthy cell renewal. • Infused with hydrating glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Our unscented Vitamin Toner has a refreshing scent from cucumber and aloe vera, while the scented version smells the same but with an additional, delicate floral note from the rose. scented | VT

unscented | VTU

"I use this every day after taking my makeup off. It leaves my skin feeling plump and soft." REBECCA, TROPIC CUSTOMER


nourishing cream concentrate £24 | 50ml

Forget five-a-day, this lightweight moisturiser – which is one of our all-time best-sellers and has won four awards – contains a whopping 20 different fruit, flower and seed extracts to feed your skin exactly what it needs to get glowing! • Ectoin molecules prevent and repair damaged skin cells. • Vitamins and antioxidants from the strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry seed oils and Australian kakadu plum extract fight ageing aggressors like pollution and UV, protecting your complexion from premature lines and dullness. • Olive squalane and shea butter lock in skin moisture, for a hydrated, soft and healthy-looking complexion. • With a hint of golden tint, thanks to the rosehip oil, the cherry on top is that it instantly creates a radiant glow. Our scented Skin Feast has a light citrusy, delicately floral scent from rose geranium, lavender and sweet orange essential oils, while the unscented version has a subtle berry scent. scented | SF

unscented | SFU SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 17

18 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021




brightening tightening mask

£20 | 50ml | FL

Like a pot of gold, this yellow mask will automatically give you a sunnier disposition. • Brightening turmeric, agave nectar and glycolic acid create a smoother, light-reflecting finish. • Sea buckthorn extract, with its vitamin C content, not only adds an extra pop of radiance but it’s also full of fatty acids that boost collagen levels to leave skin looking plump and toned. It’s the equivalent of a body sculpt class for your face!

After 1 use, 100% of testers... Had a 48% increase in skin firmness and elasticity Saw a 32% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles 2020

DEEP HYDRATION soothing cooling mask

£20 | 50ml | DH

With a whipped-up yoghurt-like texture that smells of fresh berries, you can sense the thirst-quenching properties of this mask before you even apply it. • With a creamy blend of antioxidantrich wild Australian superberries (to top up the skin’s moisture levels) and hydrating and anti-inflammatory allantoin, it’s gentle enough for all skin types, whether you suffer from dry patches or simply want to give your face a glug of the good stuff. • Contains a little-known wonder called the resurrection flower. Found in the desert, this adaptable little plant can survive for years without water, so imagine what happens when it gets treated to some hydration! Soothing skin and improving its elasticity, this miracle worker deserves some appreciation.


blemish-fighting mask

£6 | 1MCC

£20 | 50ml | CS

Say so long to spots with this six-time award-winning, green machine of a mask. Containing the number one blemishfighting BHA – salicylic acid. This kickstarts the skin's exfoliating actions, penetrating deep into the pores to clear out any lingering bacteria that could cause flare-ups. • Ginger root and goji berry extracts are here to reduce redness and calm angry skin. • Green clay and spirulina work to purify and refine pore appearance.

THE POWER OF Struggling to choose your mask? Each of our masks can be used in harmony to target different areas of the face.

Check out our blog on mask mapping to see how! Receive your chosen mask for free with the ABC Skincare Collection – turn the page to find out more.

• Bamboo charcoal absorbs excess oil and impurities, so say hello to clearer, more balanced skin! SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 19


What’s great about a multivitamin is that it has everything you need in one tidy package. The same could be said for our ABC Skincare Collection. Providing you with all the tools you need, if you’re not sure where to start your good skin journey, this is a recipe for success. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose the unscented, essential oil-free versions of our Smoothing Cleanser, Vitamin Toner and Skin Feast. What are you waiting for?

"I decided to start with the ABC. It not only smells good, it makes my skin feel lovely and soft and also firmer." DOREEN, TROPIC CUSTOMER


Here are our top tips to help you get the most out of your skincare products! 1. Gently steam your skin with our Bamboo Face Cloth. Place the warm cloth over your face and breathe deeply. 2. When wiping your face with the cloth, be as gentle as possible and avoid any tugging or pulling.

IN EVERY • Smoothing Cleanser (120ml) (scented or unscented) • Vitamin Toner (120ml) (scented or unscented) • Skin Feast (50ml) (scented or unscented) • Your free £20 mask

3. Keep your cloth clean! Wash it daily with a pH-balanced product such as our Signature Hand Wash.

• Bamboo Face Cloth

4. When applying your Smoothing Cleanser, treat yourself to an uplifting massage.


5. Always apply Skin Feast in an upward motion on your neck and face to help lift the skin.

This is a gift box-free collection.

6. If you’re adding serums, oils and balms to your routine after cleansing, always apply in order of the most water content to the least. So for example, toner, serum, moisturiser, oil and then balm. 7. Apply your mask only where your skin needs it, for example, you may choose to only apply our Clear Skin mask to your T-zone.

20 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


SAVE £20

For individual codes for set collections, please see page 103.

We offer a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee, so you can try any of our products and send them back to us for a full refund or exchange should you find them unsuitable for any reason.


Only one of the masks is included for free with the collection.





blemish prevention serum

£42 | 30ml | PL £41 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


• Blemish-preventing • Soothing

• Pore-refining The skin’s microbiome is a hot topic in beauty because the healthier it is, the better your complexion. That’s why it makes sense that those with blemish-prone skin have a less diverse microbiome. • Coming to the rescue with all the ingredients needed to nourish your microbiome back to good health, prebiotics and bioflavonoids are served up alongside vitamin B3 and zinc, to help slow sebum production and refine pore appearance. • Copper PCA, malachite mineral extracts and blue spirulina soothe and nip redness in the bud. Feisty flare-ups will become a thing of the past.

In a 4-week independent clinical study...

81% of testers agreed that the appearance of existing blemishes was minimised 82% of testers agreed that oil production in their skin was more regulated 2018

22 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021




SUPER GREENS nutrient boost oil

£42 | 30ml | SG £41 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


• Protecting • Calming

• Repairing If it’s green, good for you and plant-based, chances are you’ll find it in this nourishing facial oil. • Cold-pressed to ensure none of the nutrients are harmed in the making, everything from broccoli to kale and avocado feature in this wholesome skin saviour. • Loved by celebrities, facialists and the masses, it’s won eight awards for good reason. • Delivering vitamins and nutrients that fight the effects of pollution, the oil strengthens the skin’s weak points so it becomes radiant and resilient. • The glorious greens don’t stop there though, tamanu oil aids healthy skin growth and reduces the appearance of scarring. • Green coffee is full of fatty acids and vitamin E to provide protection from skin damage, so this oil is basically a superhero cape for your complexion.

"This is one of my favourite products ever as a sometimes tired Mumma... I LOVE IT!" SURANNE JONES, ACTRESS

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 23




resurfacing serum

£42 | 30ml | FP £41 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


• Brightening • Smoothing

• Pore-refining When a serum smells like holidays, there’s no excuse not to slather it on your skin! • This exfoliating, resurfacing serum carefully gets rid of dead skin cells and dirt, leaving you with an all-round brighter complexion in less than 24 hours. • Using an exfoliating trio of alpha, beta and polyhydroxy acids from fresh fruit, adding this to your routine will refine the texture of your skin so it feels just peachy. • There’s more to this serum’s fruity powers though, with papaya enzymes working to dissolve keratin protein – which can cause skin to be bumpy – as well as loosening dead skin cells. • Lime pearl extract contains an additional helping of citric acids to brighten and even complexions.

"This is by far the best exfoliator I've used, and I've tried a few. It feels smooth and 3-4 drops work for the whole face, as it quietly does the work. Recently, I started using Fruit Peel on my husband's face too, and can see the effects already! Fewer spots and more refined pores. Really great product." AGA, TROPIC CUSTOMER

24 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


Hello GLOW GLOW BERRY brightening serum

£42 | 30ml | RS £41 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


• Brightening

• Collagen-boosting

• Reduces hyperpigmentation This revolutionary serum is a one-way ticket to glowing, brighter, healthier-looking skin. • Full of encapsulated vitamin C which keeps it stable and safe from oxidisation, this wonder ingredient brightens and evens skin tone, taking your skin on a journey from rundown to recharged. • Antioxidant-rich superberries protect the skin from free radical damage and create a subtle, fruity scent that dances in the background. • Kangaroo paw flower extract effectively targets pigmentation. No wonder it has such efficacious results.

In a 28-day independent clinical study... Brightness and evenness of skin tone improved by 65% Wrinkle depth was reduced by 30% Appearance of dark spots reduced by 20% 2019

TOP TIP: Seen a skin treatment you’d like to try? Check out our Skincare Selection on page 29 to see how you can make a saving.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 25



RAINFOREST DEW hydration serum

£42 | 30ml | HS £41 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


• Deeply hydrating • Soothing

• Anti-redness If your skin had a recommended daily allowance of water it needed to stay hydrated and fresh, you’d get all of it from this lightweight serum. • Overflowing with multi-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid that holds 1,000 times its weight in water, your skin will look and feel cushiony, soft and dewy 24/7. • With advanced plant peptides to promote cell renewal and collagen production. • Evergreen fern and matcha tea extracts work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, so get ready to drink up that glow!

In a 7-day independent clinical study... Redness on the skin was reduced by 22% Skin hydration improved by 46% 2019

26 | GLOW




age-defying firming cream concentrate

£42 | 50ml | SDR • Hydrating

• Nourishing

• Elasticity-boosting This cream is on a mission to seal up any cracks in your skin’s barrier function (which happen naturally with age). • Shea nilotica and murumuru butters give this cream a melt-into-skin quality. • Olive squalane and oat oils provide oodles of nourishment. • Clinically proven bio-retinol and plant ceramides prompt the skin to repair itself. • We’ve used a plant-based alternative to retinol called bakuchiol, which is derived from the babchi plant, and still has the same beauty benefits without the side effects.

"With an average of 9.75/10 for a skin-plumping, luxurious formula, Tropic got one of the very, very highest scores we have EVER had in almost 25 years of testing. We're adding this into our own regimes IMMEDIATELY!" BEAUTY BIBLE 2020

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 27



All skin is beautifully different, so the combination of products you use should always be tailored to what your skin needs! Although we believe that your skin's worth investing in, we want to offer you the opportunity to give your complexion its best shot by trying out our Skincare Selections and making simultaneous savings. Comprising our multi-award-winning, best-selling ABC Skincare essentials – in either scented or unscented options – two targeted treatments and your mask of choice, our Skincare Selections allow you to build your dream skincare routine that your skin will thank you for.

Investing in a Tropic Skincare Selection means that loving and nourishing your skin with these hero essentials will cost you about £1 per day for 3 months. READY, SET, GLOW!

We’ve put together three set Skincare Selections specially designed for different skin types and concerns. CLEAR AND BALANCE For blemish-prone skin


Your very own skincare pick ‘n’ mix, you can also build your own collection and select whatever combination of treatments and masks you’d like!

Every Skincare Selection contains:

ABC Skincare Collection

Smoothing Cleanser + Bamboo Face Cloth

+ Super Greens

Skin Feast

+ Pure Lagoon

Vitamin Toner

+ Clear Skin Mask

1 mask of your choice

scented | GIFT: DX1 | ECO: DXE1

unscented | GIFT: DX4 | ECO: DXE4

BRIGHTEN AND RENEW For skin that needs a radiance boost ABC Skincare Collection + Glow Berry + Fruit Peel

+ Face Lift Mask scented | GIFT: DX2 | ECO: DXE2

unscented | GIFT: DX5 | ECO: DXE5

HYDRATE AND NOURISH For dry or dehydrated skin ABC Skincare Collection + Rainforest Dew + Skin Dream

+ Deep Hydration Mask scented | GIFT: DX3 | ECO: DXE3

unscented | GIFT: DX6 | ECO: DXE6

2 treatments of your choice Create your tailored collection using the individual product codes on pages 103.

By opting for a buildyour-own collection, you'll receive a free mask and skin treatment included in the price!

DISCOVER YOUR DREAM Struggling to decide on what’s best for your skin? Head to our website and use our Skincare Routine Finder to discover your tailor-made Skincare Selection, or speak to your Tropic Ambassador for tailored skincare advice!



SAVE £60

Go bag-free or build your own collection to save £2. You can save a further £1 for each treatment refill option you select. If you’d like Glow Berry and Pure Lagoon as your two treatments, we suggest that you leave 24 hours between using these products so the potent ingredients don’t counteract each other. Instead, use them on alternate mornings.

Bag only available with set collections.

Scan the QR code to find out more about which order to use your skincare favourites in.



cleansing powder

£18 | 60g | CLP £17 SAVE £1 | refill 60g


Breaking down impurities, this water-activated cleansing powder transforms into a soft and creamy emulsion that will leave your face free from sebum, excess oils and dead skin cells that could cause spots. • Encapsulated plant enzymes do the dirty work by emptying out pores of excess dirt and oil. • Blue spirulina restores your skin’s vitality. • Rice powder supercharges your cleanse with its anti-inflammatory and mattifying properties. The spirulina also gives this powder its natural babyblue tinge when mixed with water, just to add a touch of magic whether you’re using this as your main cleanser or to supercharge your routine with a double cleanse.

After 7 days, 100% of testers saw an improvement, with an average of... 46% reduction in excess sebum on the skin 46% improvement in skin clarity 35% reduction in the appearance of pores 25% increase in skin moisture 2020

If you’re wearing makeup, but your skin type best suits Clear Skies or Clear Slate, we recommend cleansing with Smoothing Cleanser first and then following with your cleansing powder of choice as a second cleanse. 30 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



C lear Slate?


deep cleansing powder

£18 | 60g | STP £17 SAVE £1 | refill 60g


Just like our Clear Skies, Clear Slate has a water-free formulation that transforms into an effective cleanser with just a few drops of water – but they’re skincare siblings, not twins. Clear Slate has been specially adapted to have 50% more cleansing power for those with very oily, blemish-prone skin or visible pores. • Two types of encapsulated plant enzymes react with water to break down excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. • Volcanic ash has natural antiseptic and antibacterial qualities which help prevent blemishes. • Bamboo charcoal deeply cleanses inside pores to reduce their appearance – it'll leave your skin looking and feeling its best, every time. Originally formulated for male skin – which is typically more prone to large pore appearance and excess sebum – this cleansing powder is not advised for use on dry skin types.


C leanser

• No excess oil or visible pores – Smoothing Cleanser

• Combination skin/excess oil and some visible pores – Clear Skies • A lot of excess oil and visible pore appearance – Clear Slate

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 31

See the



age-defying overnight butterbalm

£38 | 15ml | ED

Apply this luxuriously smooth butterbalm before bed and your eyes will look well-rested and revitalised by morning. • Improving elasticity and collagen production with a powerful blend of plant ceramides, Kalahari melon seed extract and bio-retinol, fine lines will be smoothed away before your eyes. • Providing this butterbalm’s rich, indulgent texture, pomegranate sterols, jojoba esters and shea nilotica butter offer deep, long-lasting nourishment. • Blue tansy and indigo leaf extracts soothe sensitive eyes and create this butterbalm’s soft blue hue. TOP TIP: This nourishing balm also doubles as an intensive lip treatment to perk up your pout.

HYDROGEL EYE MASKS hydrating skin treatment

A concentrated, solid eye serum in the form of a soothing mask to deliver intense nourishment for an instantly brighter eye area. • Bursting with aloe vera juice, bio-peptides and red algae extract, these innovative eye masks effectively replenish moisture, brighten and plump skin, reduce fine lines and provide instant smoothness. • Complete with a soothing, cooling sensation, all you need to do is sit back and let your skin soak up that glow! Only available as part of the Eye Bright Collection. Please note that these eye masks are biodegradable and are single-use products.

TOP TIP: Treat yourself to a date with your Eye Masks before applying your makeup for an evening out, and you'll find that your skin looks bright and glowy.

32 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



rejuvenating serum

£32 | 15ml | ZEW £28 SAVE £4 | refill 15ml


A brand new bespoke tip – with patented technology to cool skin – and a silky lightweight serum, this hits the sensorial sweet spot while being equally hard-working. • Turmeric works with resveratrol and vitamin C to reduce age-related pigmentation and dark circles, to leave you bright-eyed and ready to go. • Coffee cherry extract reduces puffiness and tomato seed oil – rich in vitamin E – works to hydrate and firm skin.

In a 4-week independent clinical study... 86% of testers agreed that their under-eye area looked brighter and more youthful 87% of testers agreed that the appearance of fine lines around the eye area was improved 2018

fun fact!

The bespoke tip on our Eye Work is made from a metal alloy called ZAMAC. This patented German technology is formed from Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper to deliver an unrivalled cooling and massaging sensation. It’s the eye refresh you’ve been dreaming of!

EYE BRIGHT COLLECTION Enjoy all three of our eye care heroes in this trio of treats!


| GZEC Go box-free and save £2 | EBC SAVE £18

This collection contains: • Eye Dream (15ml) • Eye Work (15ml)

• Hydrogel Eye Masks (two pairs)

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 33




age-defying omega oil £24 | 30ml | EL



| refill 30ml


This silky, golden oil is packed full of some of the most luxurious, nourishing plant and fruit oils in the world, including organic rosehip, pomegranate seed, moringa, kiwi seed, plum kernel and golden jojoba oils. • Our antioxidant-rich blend contains an optimum combination of omega fatty acids – that’s 3, 6 and 9 – which act as essential building blocks for the skin’s surface layers. • Throw in some vitamin E, and you’ve got skin that’s instantly brighter and soothed, too! • Use our Elixir to treat your skin to a mood-boosting facial massage.

£48 £47

SAVE £12 SAVE £1

| 75ml | ELX | refill 75ml


In a 4-week independent clinical study, skin firmness was improved by 31% 2020

"Wow. This is one of my favourite products. I use this most nights after my routine. It's made my skin plumper and glowy. I apply two drops every morning before I apply my makeup, and my makeup actually goes on better! I even go makeup-free sometimes when I have this on my skin, as it makes my skin look and feel amazing." DIANE, TROPIC CUSTOMER

34 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021





gradual tanning facial serum

£22 | 30ml | 1YB £21 SAVE £1 | refill 30ml


Whether you want to top up an existing tan or create a subtle sun-kissed glow, this customisable bronzing serum will become your secret weapon. • Plant allo-melanin mimics your skin’s own melanin and creates that warm golden effect. • Topped up with coconut water and aloe vera juice to ensure skin stays dewy in its own right. • A sweet scent from passion fruit extract, which also has antioxidant benefits, means we’ve finally found what we’ve all been looking for – summer in a bottle!


FACE SMOOTH brightening polish

£15 | 100ml | 1E

An effective physical exfoliator that instantly smooths and brightens your skin for the ultimate pre-makeup prep! • This exfoliating polish contains gentle bamboo silica spheres to loosen and lift dead skin cells to reveal the smooth, soft skin that’s been hiding underneath. • Our blend of softening macadamia oil and antioxidantrich açai berry and elderberry extracts soothes and brightens skin until it gleams. Not suitable for those with very sensitive skin, rosacea or skin that's prone to redness.

You can also dot this serum onto skin with a thin makeup brush to create faux freckles for an extra sun-kissed effect. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 35




£28 Without Mini Tamanu Balm scented | SDKHS unscented | SDKU £38


scented | SDKT

With Mini Tamanu Balm unscented | SDKUT

Looking to invest in your skin but don’t know where to begin? Our Skincare Discovery Kit includes compact, mini versions of Smoothing Cleanser (50ml), Vitamin Toner (30ml), Skin Feast (20ml) and Rainforest Dew (6ml), plus a Bamboo Face Cloth – all in a handy travel-friendly pouch. • travel-sized

• daily essentials

36 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021




Capturing the natural goodness of organic tamanu oil – a soothing green machine when it comes to repairing our skin – both of these products are bathroom shelf must-haves for everyone.


all-in-one skin saviour

£32 SAVE £16 | 60ml | 1U £16 | 20ml | 1MTB


A best-selling skincare hero, this multi-purpose balm contains extracts from 50 tamanu nuts, 21 shea nuts and a third of a coconut (60ml) to help repair scarred and damaged skin. It’s an absolute must-have for all skin types and the whole family. RESULTS AT A GLANCE • Accelerates skin repair • Reduces the appearance of scars • Soothes irritated and inflamed skin



TAMANU CREAM sensitive skin saviour

£38 | 200ml | TCR

Of course, when it comes to restoring distressed skin to its usual supple self, the trusty tamanu nut has once again nabbed itself the leading role in this super soothing cream. Offering the most star-studded cast of sensitive, reparative ingredients your skin’s ever seen, this luxurious, hypoallergenic cream cocoons your skin to speed up cellular repair, deeply nourish and soothe. COSMOS Certified Organic, 100% natural and validated by dermatologists and paediatricians to aid in the relief of eczema symptoms and extra sensitive skin, it's kind to both skin and the planet. • Tamanu oil works to soothe and repair distressed skin. • Illipe butter really puts the ‘cream’ in this Tamanu Cream, providing a soft and pillowy support for any skin in need of soothing. • Vitamin E targets dry, patchy areas to gently moisturise and nourish your skin, one delicate fold at a time. Want to see more products that harness tamanu oil’s green goodness? Flick to page 44.

Scan the QR code to see Tamanu Balm's skinrepairing abilities in action. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 37


GROOMING 38 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



lthough our skincare products can be used by everyone, we’ve created a range of products that are specifically tailored to male skin.

What’s the difference, we hear you ask? Well, generally male skin is thicker, it’s far more oily, men have larger pores and the skin itself ages at a different rate to female skin. • Men have more active sebaceous glands, and therefore more pores, than women. Both the glands and pores also tend to be larger on men than women. • Adult males are less prone to dry skin than adult females. • Regular shaving tends to mean that male skin can be more stressed and disrupted than female skin. Specially formulated for skin that’s sebum-rich, has visible pores and is generally oily (or for anyone who shaves), these products are designed with men in mind. However, they can be used on anyone with an oily or non-dry complexion.


deep cleansing powder

£18 | 60g | STP £17 SAVE £1 | refill 60g



£5 | MBC

LOOK SHARP sensitive shave

£16 | 100ml | 1LS This nourishing product doubles as a shaving lotion and softening beard cream. • Complete with an earthy, sophisticated scent, aloe vera juice and black oat extract work together to soothe and calm any irritation. • Golden jojoba oil conditions hair for a softer beard or super-close shave, depending on what look you’re rocking.

LOOK GOOD daily moisturiser

£22 | 50ml | MG This lightweight, fast-absorbing, hydrating facial moisturiser helps you do exactly what it says on the tube. • Vitamin C and caffeine-rich coffee extract recharge dull skin and brighten the complexion. • Antioxidant-rich cactus extract protects skin from daily pollution. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 39




£10 | 250ml | 1EBB This sumptuous, pH-balanced body wash – with a rich lather that leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed – is the plantpowered alarm clock you’ve been waiting for. • Invigorating scents of eucalyptus, bergamot, cedarwood and black pepper infuse your shower with an earthy, natural scent. • Gentle coconut cleansers effectively clean. • Guava leaf juice and bamboo water provide a burst of hydration.

"I bought this as a gift for my husband – what a gorgeous product. It’s long-lasting, as you don't need a huge amount. It smells amazing and feels so smooth when applying. Don’t tell him but I have used a little bit! Skin feels and smells great for the whole day. I would say it's great value for money!" HOLLY, TROPIC CUSTOMER

GINGER AND LIME cleansing body pebble

£8 | 130g | MBP The more sustainable way to shower; this zingy, concentrated, eco-friendly body cleanser combines conditioning shea butter with coconut cleansers to create a creamy, refreshing lather. • pH-balanced for optimum skin health. • This pebble is not a soap, it’s a concentrated body wash. • Best paired with our exfoliating Pebble Pouch, see page 49 for details.

40 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



Giving your appearance some attention may feel indulgent, but investing in our skin health is just as important as working out our bodies or sharpening our minds. If we want to stay looking and feeling as young, strong and healthy as we can, we’ve got to give some energy to all three. Here’s a step-by-step plan to help you get the most out of your products, so you can experience your best skin yet. STEP 1: Steam your face with a warm Bamboo Face Cloth to soften clogged pores. STEP 2: Cleanse for a minute or so morning and/ or night with Clear Slate to remove dirt and excess sebum from clogged pores, before splashing your face with cold water. STEP 3: Shave or soften facial hair using Look Sharp. STEP 4: Moisturise using your Look Good morning and night to hydrate and nourish your complexion. STEP 5: Apply SPF in the morning. See pages 58-59 for facial sun protection products.


For the person who doesn't let a busy schedule stop them from looking their best, this essential skincare collection promotes a cleaner, more refreshed complexion to help you look and feel great, every day. This collection contains: • Clear Slate (60g)

• Bamboo Face Cloth in Slate • Look Good (50ml)

• Recycled cotton travel pouch

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 41



BODY SMOOTH refreshing polish

£24 | 200ml | 1BSL

Drumroll please – because this was our first ever product. Created by Founder Susie when she was fifteen, it’s a throwback to her time spent in Cairns, Australia, where she made it in her mum’s kitchen using local ingredients. • Full of mineral-rich sea salts to buff away dead skin. • Golden jojoba and macadamia oils deeply soften and moisturise for polished, smooth skin. • To top it all off, an invigorating blend of lemon myrtle, bergamot, lime and eucalyptus essential oils make this body scrub pure indulgence in a jar.

"This is the best body scrub I have ever used! It’s so soft and smoothing and the little spoon is the perfect amount!" DENISE, TROPIC CUSTOMER


resurfacing body lotion

£28 | 200ml | PSK1

Add an Exfoliating Mitt for free! | PS Getting rid of any lumps, rough texture and redness, this lightweight body lotion employs plant AHAs and pomegranate enzymes to dissolve away dead skin cells, so your skin becomes smooth and radiant. • Mouthwatering noni and papaya fruit extracts provide your skin with an antioxidant boost and leave you smelling delicious. • Works even better when paired with an Exfoliating Mitt to help buff away any follicle-blocking bacteria and keratin protein (the cause of keratosis pilaris).


In a 4-week independent clinical study... Redness of the skin was reduced by 54% Skin roughness was reduced by 58% 2019

42 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021




WHIPPED BODY VELVET intensely rich buttermelt

£28 | 200ml | 1WBV

Whipped to perfection, this fluffy, rich, luxurious mousse melts at body temperature, gliding seamlessly onto skin to provide long-lasting hydration. • A nourishing blend of Madagascan rarabe butter, baobab oil and vitamin E cocoons your body in softness. • Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla extracts with coconut smell like buttercream icing, offering a decadent sweet treat for your senses.

Every Tropic purchase helps to fund education for children living in some of the world's poorest, most remote communities through our partnership with United World Schools. Scan the QR code to read more about our partnership.


firming buttercream

£20 | 250ml | 1BA

Smoothing, hydrating and firming, it’s the ultimate post-shower nourishment. • Blended with intensely nourishing shea, illipe and cupuaçu butters. • Pink peppercorn and sea kelp extracts firm and tone skin. • With coconut oil and lemon essential oils to make this silky buttercream an all-round mood booster from the moment you squeeze it out of the tube.

"I absolutely love this. It smells wonderful, it sinks into my skin and a little goes a long way. I bought it because I had very itchy legs and really dry skin. For the first time in years, my legs feel smooth and silky." JULIE, TROPIC CUSTOMER SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 43




hether you’re expecting, a first-time mum or have a growing nest, the last thing you want to worry about when caring for your new little one is your skin. Packed full of soothing, nourishing ingredients – including ultra-repairing tamanu oil – to keep your skin happy and thriving, the products on these pages have been lovingly created to help you take five and indulge in a moment of self-care. Consider them your motherhood cheerleaders, here to pick you up and support your skin whenever you need! Also great for anyone with super sensitive skin, these products are the soothing saviours that will put a smile on everyone's face.





soothing nipple saviour

£20 | 40ml | MBS

Here to nip (pun intended) any breastfeeding soreness or pregnancy sensitivity in the bud, this soothing, repairing balm will work wonders to calm any irritation. Completely tasteless, scent-free and hypoallergenic, you can apply it as often as desired – we’re sure it’s a product you’ll want to keep close to your heart, both literally and figuratively! • Tamanu oil is top of our list when it comes to aiding skin repair, lending its restorative powers to this soothing balm. • With a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins to keep skin soft and supple, skincare heavyweight shea butter is at your service. • There are very few things coconut oil can’t do. It absorbs quickly to intensely hydrate and smooth sore, dry skin. • • • •

COSMOS Certified Organic 100% natural Dermatologically tested Suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin


RINSE AND RETREAT sensitive body wash

£10 | 250ml | 1CGL Kind to skin and delightfully creamy, our new fragrancefree body wash cocoons your body in a sensitive retreat that leaves you feeling cleansed and refreshed. Completely scentless and pH-balanced for intimate areas of skin, it’s the perfect wash to use during pregnancy, or whenever you need a shower retreat. • Formulated with gentle, natural cleansers from coconuts. • Guava and bamboo water leave skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. • pH-balanced for sensitive skin. NEW


Specially created to keep your skin happy and healthy from head to toe, enjoy this brand new collection’s four skinsaving heroes that are ideal for expectant or new mums. This collection contains: • Mama Balm soothing nipple saviour (40ml) • Rinse and Retreat sensitive body wash (250ml) • Tamanu Cream sensitive skin saviour (200ml) • Elixir age-defying omega oil (75ml) With a £10 saving, you essentially receive a Rinse and Retreat Sensitive Body Wash for free with this collection! AW2020 SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 1 | GLOW | 45


We care a lot about what we put on our little ones’ skin, and when it comes to the ingredients we apply, often less is more. That’s why we’ve only used the most gentle ingredients in our new Little Tropic range, to leave your baby’s skin feeling soft and cared for. All adorably packaged in bottles that add character (and characters) to any nursery, there’s plant-powered goodness, and a whole lot of love, in every drop. Our entire baby range is: • COSMOS Certified Organic • 100% natural • Paediatrician tested • Dermatologist tested • Suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin • Packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic and also completely recyclable • Hypoallergenic NEW



baby washing milk

£24 | 200ml | BMW

Bathtimes with our babies aren’t always relaxing, with tired little ones often wanting the cleaning-me-up part to be over quickly. However, with soothing ingredients, this washing milk will quickly cleanse the day away and leave your little one’s skin clean and soft, making bathtime a relaxing experience for everyone! • Strengthening the skin’s barrier, kangaroo paw flower extract helps to keep your baby’s skin resilient and protected. • Rice milk provides the soothing milky texture, is full of essential nutrients and helps to reduce any inflammation. • White tea extract, that’s been fermented for antibacterial benefits, helps to keep your little one’s skin fresh and clean after every dip. Suitable from two weeks after birth. NEW


LITTLE EMY nappy cream

£26 | 100ml | LBNC Kiss any nappy-related grumbles goodbye with this soothing nappy cream that harnesses naturally calming goodness. Fast-absorbing, it will quickly work its magic on any irritated areas of skin to leave your little one nappyhappy in no time. • Native to Australia, emu apple extract deeply hydrates and is rich in antioxidants to protect your baby’s skin. • Tamanu oil, our number one green skin-soother, speeds up cellular repair and calms any areas of irritation. • Zinc oxide works to reduce inflammation and aid skin repair, helping skin to feel smooth and soft! 46 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

Suitable from two weeks after birth.





£28 | 100ml | BO1 To create this gentle oil, we’ve blended simple organic ingredients, all of which are so nourishing that any skinrelated roars will be calmed and soothed in no time. A must-have on everyone’s bathroom shelf, this nourishing oil doubles as a great makeup remover and massage oil too. • One of our favourite plant oils, golden jojoba, is famed for its skin-soothing abilities. Not only is it effective at calming and softening any dry patches, but it also feels super lightweight on the skin. It also makes for the perfect massage oil, both for adults and babies. • Tiger grass, also known as centella extract, is how this product earned its name. Apart from sounding cute and cuddly, it’s also got some pretty powerful repairing skills up its sleeve, as well as boasting both antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties. Tigers have been known to rub against it in the wild to help heal their wounds! • Vitamin E helps to further soothe and calm the skin while offering long-lasting nourishment and antioxidant benefits. Suitable to use from birth. baby washing milk

baby oil

nappy cream


BABY SNOOD £20 | BTOW A cuddly, soft, 100% bamboo towel for bathtimes with your tiny tot. NEW

LITTLE HEROES baby collection


SAVE £10


Enjoy all three of these soothing, nourishing products as part of our Little Heroes Baby Collection. This collection contains: • Little Roary baby oil (100ml) • Little Emy nappy cream (100ml) • Little Joey baby washing milk (200ml) • Baby Snood (half price with this collection) AW2020 SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 1 | GLOW | 47



Whether you’re sliding into the soft warmth of your slippers or opting for an exposed toe on an evening out, make sure your feet are primed and ready for keeping you steady.


An innovative, foaming cleansing pebble, with white sands from Bora Bora and volcanic ash from Tahiti, to buff away rough skin.

OCEAN FIZZ foot soak

£6 | 100g | 1WB

A refreshing, effervescent foot soak, with sea salt, eucalyptus oil and coconut coir fibres, to thoroughly soften and prepare feet for polishing.


An intensive softening treatment, with aspen bark extract and nourishing plant butters, for feet in need of TLC.

A WALK ON THE BEACH foot collection



| G1WC

Go box-free and save £2 | 1WC This collection contains: • Ocean Fizz (100g)

• Polishing Foot Pebble (130g)

• Repairing Foot Remedy (80ml) All beautifully packaged in one of our sleek, classic collection boxes.



soothing deodorant and antiperspirant cream

£10 | 80ml | 1XA

For fresh underarms all day long, this effective formula not only keeps sweat under control, but helps to repair and soothe delicate skin. • Bisabolol and vitamin E-rich oatmeal help to calm irritation, while shea butter nourishes and conditions skin. • With a citrusy fresh scent from gingergrass, tea tree and pink grapefruit essential oils. This product contains naturally derived, safe aluminium salts known as aluminium chlorohydrate. This is the most effective ingredient for preventing sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. Based on a thorough review of all the research available, and the recommendations of Cancer Research UK, the American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK, it's completely safe.


Introducing our concentrated, eco-friendly body cleanser, with conditioning shea butter and delicious coconut extracts. Available scents: Original | 1Z

Creamy Colada | CC

Ginger and Lime | MBP


Coconut | 2Z

Sweet Bellini | SB

Zesty Mojito | ZM

Citrus | 3Z


• A handy pouch to keep your Cleansing Body Pebbles in, for storage while in the shower or taking them with you on the go! • Use the pouch to exfoliate your skin while washing with your Cleansing Body Pebble inside for the ultimate lathery experience. • Made from natural sisal fibres derived from the agave plant.

TOP TIP To ensure your pebble and pouch dry

properly in between uses, be sure to hang them up in a well-ventilated area! SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 49

OH MY BODY WASH £10 | 250ml


Try our creamy body washes with a luscious lather to leave skin clean and refreshed. • Formulated with gentle, natural cleansers from coconuts. • Guava and bamboo water refresh and hydrate skin. • pH-balanced for sensitive skin. Available scents:

Jasmine, Neroli and Vetivert | 1JNV

Mangosteen, Thyme and Mandarin | 1MTM Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple | 1WLP

Frangipani, Star Anise and Tiare Flower | 1FST


Enjoy four zesty, exotic and indulgent fragrances of your favourite body washes on the go in this mini collection, complete with an organic cotton bag.

...and Relax


LUXURY BATH FOAM £18 | 260ml £27 SAVE £9 | refill 520ml

Like drizzling paradise into your bathtub, our 100% natural Luxury Bath Foams blend macadamia oil to condition skin, aloe vera extract to deeply hydrate and gentle coconut extracts to provide a soothing, sumptuous blanket of bubbles for ultimate relaxation. All you have to decide now is which scent is your favourite! 520ml refills are part of our return five, get one free initiative.

Available scents: Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut | 1TVC refill | RFTV

Passion Fruit and Ginger Lily | 2TVC refill | 2TVCR Monoi and Orange Flower | 3TVC refill | 3TVCR

"The most luxurious bubble bath I have ever used, the scent is beautiful. " EMMA, TROPIC CUSTOMER

LUXURY BODY OIL £28 | 150ml

Awaken or soothe your way to skin that's silky soft, with a luxury body oil that also enhances your mood.


• A lightweight, fast-absorbing blend of grapeseed, apricot kernel, borage and macadamia oils to deeply nourish skin. • With a zesty, uplifting blend of premium distilled bergamot, mandarin, lime leaf and neroli essential oils. • To bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom shelf, a hand-inserted skeletal leaf is suspended within the bottle.


• A rich, indulgent and deeply nourishing blend of argan, buriti, golden jojoba and coconut oils. • With a soothing bouquet of frangipani, ylang ylang, tiare and geranium flower essential oils blended with earthy notes of sandalwood and cedarwood oils. • Complete with a real golden everlasting flower suspended inside, it’s an indulgent, sensorial feast. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 51




leeping well is the cornerstone of good health, affecting our minds, bodies and, of course, our skin. An indulgent, soothing bedtime routine is essential to help us switch off from the stresses of our schedules, and allows us to recuperate from the pace of daily life. Here to make drifting off to dreamland easier, our selection of So Sleepy products all have a unique, carefully selected blend of premium distilled essential oils, including lavender, rose geranium, chamomile, frankincense, rosemary and eucalyptus. Together, these sleep-inducing aromas work to calm anxiety, promote mental clarity and soothe the senses for a relaxing scent that you’ll soon come to associate with a dreamy night’s sleep. So, if you’re in need of a soothing, silent moment with a sleepy Tropic twist – cuddle up to these products and let them transport you to a place of calm.



luxury bath foam

£18 | 260ml | 4TVC £27 SAVE £9 | refill 520ml


520ml refills are part of our return five, get one free initiative. • This decadent, 100% natural bubble bath provides the ultimate pre-bed relaxation. • Macadamia oil conditions skin, while aloe vera extract deeply hydrates and gentle coconut extracts create a soothing blanket of bubbles to leave your skin feeling delightfully soft as you nestle into your duvet.

SO SLEEPY pillow mist

£20 | 70ml | 1SPM £19 SAVE £1 | refill 70ml


• Spritz for sweet dreams and a peaceful night’s sleep. • This soothing mist is alcohol-free.


This travel-sized trio, containing mini versions of some of our sleepy favourites, will help you press the pause button, wherever you are. This collection contains:

• So Sleepy Temple Balm (10ml) • So Sleepy Pillow Mist (30ml) • Unwind Hand Creambalm (20ml)

In an independent clinical study on 56 volunteers who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders... 70% of testers agreed their overall sleep quality improved in just 4 weeks

Testers’ scores improved by 33% on the London Sleep Centre scoring pattern after just 7 days of use Testers’ skin elasticity also improved by 12.5% from the increased sleep they experienced 2020

AW2020 SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 1 | GLOW | 53



SIGNATURE HAND WASH £16 | 180ml | 1SHW £24 SAVE £8 | refill 360ml


Naturally antibacterial Australian lemon myrtle and bergamot essential oils give this pH-balanced hand wash our signature scent, while coconut cleansers keep your family’s hands clean and soft. Signature Hand Wash Refill Pouches are part of our return five, get one free initiative. Discover more at


Shea butter and macadamia oil thoroughly nourish hands and cuticles, while our signature essential oils give this fast-absorbing lotion a mouthwateringly tropical scent. Both our Hand Lotion and Hand Wash kill 99.9% of germs.



SAVE £12


This is a gift box-free collection. The cleansing power couple every bathroom needs. This collection contains:

• Signature Hand Wash (180ml)

• Signature Hand Lotion (180ml)

KEEP IT CLEAN hand sanitiser

£6 | 50ml | HHS A pocket-sized, yet powerful sanitising gel to keep your hands clean and safe wherever you are. We’re also donating all of the profits from this hand sanitiser to the Trussell Trust, whose mission is to stop UK hunger and poverty by supporting a network of food banks that help people in crisis. • Contains 70% alcohol to kill 99.9% of germs. • With uplifting and anti-bacterial lemon myrtle essential oil.

54 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021



Luxurious, nourishing butters of illipe, cupuaçu and shea are blended with softening macadamia and repairing tamanu oils to create this indulgent, rich Hand Creambalm. Unwind | RB1

Wild lavender, chamomile and frankincense restore inner calm. Recharge | RB2

Let ginger, lime peel and peppermint energise your senses. Uplift | RB3

Jasmine, yuzu and wild mango promote a sense of wellbeing.


£12 | 40ml | RB0 Our Calm Balm was specially created with repairing tamanu oil and calming blue chamomile for NHS workers during the pandemic. Now everyone can enjoy its soothing benefits!


A fast-absorbing, hydrating cream to help protect and repair hard-working hands. • Soothing oat milk and olive squalane provide instant dry skin relief.

We’re donating all of the profits from our Calm Balm to the Trussell Trust.

• Papaya and mango extracts brighten skin, restoring a youthful appearance to your hands. • With mandarin, bergamot and lime essential oils for an uplifting aroma with every application.


The most luxurious nail oil you'll ever use. A silky blend of sweet almond, borage, may chang and grapefruit oils to promote your healthiest nails and cuticles yet.

NAIL BLOCK define and shine

£5 | 1VB

File, shape, smooth and buff your nails to perfection with this four-sided nail care must-have.

THE PERFECT TOUCH hand and nail collection




Go box-free and save £2 | PTC This collection contains:

• Superfood Hand Therapy (80ml) • Organic Nail Nectar (10ml) • Nail Block

All beautifully packaged in one of our sleek, classic collection boxes.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 55

TAILORED We like our tan to suggest a few mutually flirtatious exchanges with glistening poolsides and the snatching of a warm kiss from the sun, which is why our glow-enhancing range of tanning products will help you achieve a subtle, natural, post-holiday radiance whatever the season.

SUMMER GODDESS shimmering body oil

£28 | 150ml | 1SGSL A nourishing body oil infused with an ultra-fine golden shimmer. Smooth onto your collarbones, shoulders, arms and legs to feel like a bronzed goddess. • With virgin coconut and golden jojoba oils to nourish and add radiance to your skin. • Scents from Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla keep you smelling delicious.


gradual tanning lotion

£20 | 200ml | 1NSS

A gradual-build, nourishing self-tan lotion to mimic the colour of your own melanin. • Created using patented plant allo-melanin technology, clinically proven to outperform traditional tanning agents. • With mango butter and beetroot amino acids to smooth, hydrate and prepare skin for a flawless sun-kissed glow.

INSTANT GLOW perfecting leg serum

£14 | 100ml | MIGN

A must-have instant bronzing serum for totally flawless legs. • Natural caramel and gold shimmer particles instantly boost skin’s luminosity. • Enriched with repairing arnica extract to reduce the appearance of bruises and scars, and coffee butter and vitamin E to tone and rejuvenate your skin.


overnight tanning mousse

£32 | 150ml | SU

Add Tanning Mitt for free! | 1SDT An innovative, overnight, fast-acting tanning mousse (with a handy pump) to give you an effortlessly sun-kissed glow by morning. • Plant allo-melanin mimics the colour of your own melanin to provide a perfectly tailored tan. • Antioxidant-rich kiwi fruit water gives you healthy-looking, hydrated, radiant skin all over.


Now dual-sided and velvety soft for flawless application.

£5 | TM 56 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


If you want to top up your tan, you need to take a little trip to destination exfoliation first! Although it makes the tanning process a little longer, lots of dry skin will hinder your chances of achieving an even coverage and your desired natural look from your tailored tanning products. Use our Exfoliating Mitt as the perfect skin primer and notice the difference for yourself!


shimmering body oil

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 57





ur reef-safe, broad-spectrum sun care range spans multiple products, which are all blended in the UK, combining both mineral and synthetic sun filters to keep your skin safe.


As well as the ingredients that protect your skin from the sun, we’ve included a whole host of natural, nourishing vitamins and plant extracts in every product to help boost your skin’s health too. No matter your lifestyle or skin type, we’ve got you covered. • Reef-safe

• Broad-spectrum protection • Smooth application


SPF 50



facial UV defence

£24 SAVE £2.66 | 40ml £10 | 15ml • Antioxidant-rich hibiscus extract defends the skin against free radical damage. • Banana flower extract calms any irritation, while multi-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid delivers long-lasting hydration. • Perfect on its own or as a primer under makeup. • Now with an updated, super subtle berry scent. SPF 50+


Return five empties of any sun care product and receive a 15ml Sun Day for free! Discover more at To see codes head to page 105.

£20 | 17g

• Great for sun care on the go, it tops up protection on sun damage-prone areas such as the shoulders and forehead.



• With organic tamanu and cottonseed oils to nourish and anti-inflammatory marshmallow root extract to soothe. Safety tested for babies over six months. SPF 50


tinted facial sun cream

£24 | 40ml

Light/Medium Medium/Dark • A tinted, mineral facial sunscreen to provide dewy coverage, it’s ideal for anyone who wants their SPF to double as a sheer foundation. • Passion flower oil extract, high in omega 6, retains skin’s natural moisture, while vitamin E deeply nourishes. • Australian aniseed myrtle and wild hibiscus flower extract fight free radical damage.

Want to know more about our sun care range? Check out our blog by scanning the QR codes. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 59


SPF 30

SPF 50

SKIN SHADE sun cream

£28 | 200ml £18 SPF 50 | 100ml • Full mineral, water-resistant protection. • Exotic kahai and roucou oils keep skin soft and nourished. • Antioxidant-rich extracts from Australian kakadu and Illawarra plum protect the skin from free radicals. • Perfect for super sensitive or reactive skin.

SPF 30

SPF 50

GREAT BARRIER sun lotion

£28 | 200ml £18 SPF 50 | 100ml • This fast-absorbing lotion combines both mineral and synthetic sun filters.

"We’ll be using Tropic’s Great Barrier Sun Lotion, Sun Day Facial UV Defence and Sun Stick this summer." THE INDEPENDENT

eco fact! "Reading the ingredient labels can be intimidating, with chemicals that have strange industry names and multiple titles. The PL+S certification makes it easier for Tropic customers to quickly identify that their products do not contain chemicals that can be serious ecological pollutants." Dr. Craig Downs, eco-toxicologist

All of our sunscreen products are Protect Land + Sea certified.

60 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

• Glides onto skin, leaving you with zero white cast and maximum protection. • Green algae extract protects against pollution, while vitamin E repairs skin and soothing coconut extracts provide a mouthwatering, tropical scent. • Ideal for anyone who has sensitive to normal skin or a darker skin tone.


cooling aftersun lotion

£22 SAVE £2 | 200ml £12 | 100ml

• A deeply soothing, supercooling lotion. • Hydrating aloe vera juice and soothing menthol cool sundamaged skin. • Jojoba oil and vitamin E work to repair skin, while bisabolol and eucalyptus leave it feeling rejuvenated.




Our hair care range is one of our most award-winning ranges to date, with 18 awards and counting.

62 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021





Add Scalp Massager for just £5!




• Cleansing

• Hydrating

• Strengthening You might be familiar with the way our best-selling Smoothing Cleanser cleans your skin without foaming. Well, this revolutionary product provides the same nourishing, cleansing experience for your hair and scalp. pH-balanced, detergent-free and super conditioning, this hair cleanser has been specially developed for sensitive scalps and dry, thick or coloured hair, to gently cleanse and nourish. It’s found its perfect match with our Scalp Massager (see the next page) too, which helps to cleanse the harderto-reach areas of your scalp to remove dirt and excess sebum, stimulate follicles to boost hair growth and provide a relaxing shower treat. • Packed full of lock-loving ingredients like macadamia oil to restore dry and brittle hair. • Arginine helps to shield hair from the damaging effects of colouring and bleaching, prolonging your colour. • With pro-vitamin B5 to promote vitality – you’ll have your shine back in no time.

CLARIFYING HAIR WASH £16 | 250ml | 1CHW • Cleansing

• Refreshing • Lathering

This effective, pH-balanced hair wash has been specially formulated to cleanse and refresh oily and thin hair from root to tip. • It works by using coconut-derived cleansers to lift dirt and remove build-up. • Aloe vera juice and babassu extract work their botanical magic to soothe the scalp and strengthen and nourish hair. Its super concentrated, light consistency means a little goes a long way, so you can treat your tresses that bit more! SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 63


deep conditioning treatment

£18 | 200ml | 1HFD

• Moisture-replenishing • Strengthening

• Shine-boosting This deep conditioning treatment is packed full of nourishing plant proteins to feed your hair with everything it needs to shine. With continued use, the proteins strengthen hair to make it more manageable, helping to tame flyaways for the low maintenance ‘I woke up like this’ locks we all dream about. • Fatty acid-rich murumuru butter fortifies the hair. • Nourishing oils of jojoba, maracuja and tamanu smooth and soften every strand. Whether you use this product as a daily treatment or an overnight mask, we can guarantee you’ll have the hair toss nailed.

HAIR SMOOTH radiance oil

£24 | 75ml | 1HSR Radiance oil? We can hear your locks saying 'yes, please' already. This light, versatile styling oil softens, nourishes and tames hair, leaving it looking extra shiny and soft after every application. You can apply it to wet hair and rinse off after 20 minutes for a shine-enhancing treatment, smooth on before you wash for extra nourishment, or apply to ends before and after styling for a sleek finish. Now for the radiance part; it’s all in the oils! • Abyssinian oil contains a high percentage of omega fatty acids to deeply penetrate the hair and improve manageability. • Maracuja oil – aka passionfruit seed oil – promotes a glossy, shiny appearance. • Our good friend tamanu oil works to repair and restore.

To top it all off, essential oils of lime, cedarwood, rose geranium and sweet orange give this luscious oil a delicious, uplifting scent that’ll leave you dreaming of summer every time you swish your head. All of our hair care products are silicone-free and contain biodegradable ingredients, making them environmentally safe! 64 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021




Treat your tresses to a nourishing routine that will leave your head happy and your locks luscious. • Wash your hair with Clarifying Hair Wash or Nourishing Hair Cleanser and use the Scalp Massager to gently lift dirt, stimulate blood flow and help you to unwind.

TOP TIP: if you have particularly oily hair, then we’d recommend opting for our Hair Wash.

• Once rinsed, apply Hair Feast to lengths and ends and leave on overnight for an intensive mask treatment. • Rinse your hair the next morning and apply Hair Smooth to the ends of your hair for added nourishment.

• Leave hair to air-dry or style it, whichever way you prefer, for silky smooth locks all day long.

"I suffer from frizzy hair and Hair Smooth cured it in one application – it's a miracle cure. Fully recommend!" ADELINE, TROPIC CUSTOMER


HAIR CARE DISCOVERY KIT £20 | HCDK A mini pack of our innovative hair care range with pro-vitamin B5, nourishing Abyssinian oil and strengthening plant proteins. This collection contains:

• Nourishing Hair Cleanser (50ml) • Clarifying Hair Wash (50ml) • Hair Feast (50ml)

• Hair Smooth (10ml)

Add Scalp Massager for just £5!



| HCDKS SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 65


F lawless

Looking for smooth, even coverage that cares for your skin and lasts? Get to know the products that will help you ace your base.


light-diffusing concealer Enriched with collagen-boosting algae extract, this brightening concealer creates a radiant, more youthful-looking complexion.


Part of our return five, get one free initiative.

Latte | IA1

Barley | IA15

Brûlée | IA2

Chai | IA3

Toffee | IA4

Truffle | IA5

SPF 35

Shade 1 (formerly Porcelain) | BBF1 SPF 35

Shade 2 (formerly Barely Nude) | BBF2 SPF 35

Shade 3 (formerly Warm Beige) | BBF3 SPF 35


Shade 4 | BBF4 SPF 35

Shade 5 (formerly Soft Honey) | BBF5 SPF 35

Shade 6 (formerly Smooth Caramel) | BBF6 SPF 15


Shade 7 | BBF7 SPF 15

Shade 8 (formerly Rich Mocha) | BBF8 SPF 10


Shade 9 | BBF9 SPF 10

Shade 10 (formerly Maple) | BBF10 SPF 10

Shade 11 (formerly Espresso) | BBF11 UPDATED


sheer foundation

This silky, light coverage foundation provides a dewy, weightless finish that lasts. • Antioxidant-rich resveratrol shields skin against daily pollution. • Aztec marigold extract protects against artificial light damage. • Natural minerals act as sun protection, so it’s essentially the bodyguard of base products.


66 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


MINERAL FOUNDATION Provides full, seamless coverage.

• This foundation powder is enriched with active botanical extracts of olive leaf, sea buckthorn and vitamin E to nourish skin. • Light-diffusing spherical mica particles for a flawless, healthy glow.


SPF 25


Refresh your foundation, save the planet and make savings with our fully-compostable Refill Pouches, available in every shade.

Porcelain | MF1 SPF 25

Barely Nude | MF2

Check out page 106 for shade codes.


SAVE £4.80


It’s super fluffy, it’s made from sustainably-sourced wood and vegan fibres and it buffs and blends your Mineral Foundation perfectly, so get ready to brush up on your base skills.

£24 | FB4 Fancy enjoying all of these products as part of a collection and receiving the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush for free? Simply turn the page!

SPF 25

Warm Beige | MF3 SPF 25

Soft Honey | MF4 SPF 25

Smooth Caramel | MF5 SPF 25

Rich Mocha | MF6

SPF 10

Maple | MF7

SPF 10

Espresso | MF8

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 67

Shade 1 + Porcelain + Latte

Shade 3 + Warm Beige + Latte

Shade 3 + Warm Beige + Latte

Shade 5 + Soft Honey + Brûlée

Shade 5 + Soft Honey + Brûlée

Shade 7 + Rich Mocha + Chai

Shade 7 + Rich Mocha + Chai

Shade 9 + Rich Mocha + Toffee

Shade 10 + Maple + Toffee

This collection contains Beauty Booster in Shade 3, Mineral Foundation in Warm Beige and Illuma in Brûlée.





SAVE £24

Receive a Full Coverage Kabuki Brush for free! Create a natural-looking finish with our essential Flawless Collection. This collection contains: • Mineral Foundation

• Beauty Booster sheer foundation • Illuma light-diffusing concealer • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush Available shades

You can choose a different shade for each product when you complete a Flawless Collection. However, there are also a number of set collections with predetermined shades that can be ordered if you suit these combinations, available as both gifted and eco versions. Check out page 106 for codes. Beauty Booster shades 4, 7 and 9 are currently only available in build-your-own Flawless Collections. 68 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

Shade references for each image are for the following product order: Beauty Booster, Mineral Foundation and Illuma.

Shade 1 + Porcelain + Latte

Shade 1 + Porcelain + Latte

Shade 2 + Barely Nude + Latte

Shade 2 + Barely Nude + Latte

Shade 2 + Barely Nude + Barley

Shade 3 + Warm Beige + Latte

Shade 4 + Soft Honey + Barley

Shade 4 + Warm Beige + Barley

Shade 4 + Soft Honey + Barley

Shade 5 + Soft Honey + Brûlée

Shade 6 + Smooth Caramel + Chai

Shade 6 + Smooth Caramel + Brûlée

Shade 6 + Smooth Caramel + Brûlée

Shade 8 + Rich Mocha + Chai

Shade 8 + Rich Mocha + Chai

Shade 8 + Rich Mocha + Chai

Shade 9 + Rich Mocha + Toffee

Shade 10 + Maple + Toffee

Shade 10 + Maple + Toffee

Shade 11 + Espresso + Truffle

Shade 11 + Espresso + Truffle

As featured on This Morning.

70 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


Customisable COLOUR



COMPLETE COLOUR PALETTE £68 SAVE £16 What’s most important to you when it comes to your beauty products? Convenience? Compactness? Sustainability? Our award-winning, sleek and versatile Colour Palette is the latest in beauty innovation, allowing you to create a fully personalised makeup look that you can carry with you wherever you go. With millions of customisable combinations to choose from, your struggle to streamline your handbag heroes just got a whole lot more palatable.


B | MC2

C | MC3

D | MC4







Product pans come in three sizes: S £8 |

M £16 |

L £20

Complete a Colour Palette within the same purchase to receive your trays and case, worth £16, for free! This unique, time-saving concept is the result of years of development, born from the invaluable feedback of our Ambassador family. • It has allowed us to introduce a range of products with minimal packaging, which is such an exciting step towards our goal of making our product range as refillable as possible. • The product pans and trays are completely recyclable, and the palette case is infinitely reusable.

• The range of pans includes powders, creams and pomade textures. From blushers, bronzers, highlighters and contours to concealers, eyeshadows, brow shades, eye liners, lipsticks and a setting powder, all palette products are formulated and made in the UK using high quality ingredients. • As well as a large portrait mirror, the palette has a magnetic fastening to keep your product pans protected when you’re out and about.

Want some help creating your personal makeup look? Your Tropic Ambassador will be able to help you build your very own Colour Palette!

eco fact!

The Colour Palette has stopped over 12.5 TONNES of plastic waste from being generated, compared to our previous makeup range. Correct as of March 2021

To see which products can go into your Colour Palette, simply check out the next few pages. SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 71

Ace that base UNDERCOVER cream concealer

A long-lasting, full coverage concealer, enriched with natural minerals and zinc oxide to cover blemishes and dark circles while helping to repair the skin. Apply using the small end of the Flat Detailing Brush.

£16 £20

Macadamia CK1 CK4






CK7 CK10


CK8 CK11


CK9 CK12



perfecting powder A loose, mineral finishing powder to mattify your skin throughout the day.

SOFT FOCUS Light | SFP Refill | SFPR

Apply with the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush for a lightweight finish. • Mineral microspheres diffuse light to blur fine lines and pores. • With chamomile and açaí berry extracts. • Available in either a light or dark finish to suit your skin tone perfectly.


Soft Focus Refill Pouch

Refresh your Soft Focus and save 20% with our fully-compostable Refill Pouch.


SOFT FOCUS Dark | SFP2 Refill | SFDR

SAVE £4.80

MAKE IT MATTE setting powder

A pressed, weightless, long-lasting powder, blended with mineral microspheres for a matte finish. Achieve a flawless application with the Powder Brush.

£20 | SP1

72 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


Bronze and Blush MAKEUP



pressed bronzer Choose your dream destination and achieve a getaway glow, guaranteed to leave your skin looking sun-kissed and radiant.

£16 £20

Tahiti Tan

Havana Heat



Bali Bronze BZ4 BZ1



Cheeky Peach

Sunkissed Orchid

Golden Apricot

Pinch Me Pink

Coral Bloom

Coffee Cherry




Add a radiant burst of colour to your look with our satin-smooth blushers, available in powder and cream textures to suit all skin types. With natural mica particles to leave cheeks with a subtle lustre.

£16 £20



Our Palette products come in cream or powder textures, and we recommend sticking to one or the other in the same palette to keep it neat. Mature or dry skin? Go for cream. Oily skin? Opt for powder.


Soft Heather BHC4 BHC1



SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 73


Enhance your natural beauty with our pressed and cream contour shades, ideal for adding definition to your cheekbones, nose and jawline.



Savannah | CRC1



Create a subtly shimmering, iridescent glow and accentuate any areas of your face that the sun would naturally illuminate.



Rose Gold | HI1


Sunrise | HIC1

Sienna | CRC2 Spring Lily | HI2

Sunset | HIC2


Sahara | CP1

Afterglow | HI3

• Applying concealer to your under-eye area? Apply in the shape of a triangle, pointing down towards your cheeks. Sepia | CP2

Moonlight | HI4

Golden Hour | HI5

74 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

• When applying contour, use a makeup brush as a guide. Roll it down your face until you find the hollow beneath your cheekbone – this line is where you apply your contour. • Get your glow on by applying highlighter down the centre of your nose, along your cheekbones and brow bones and finishing with a touch on your Cupid's bow.



Enriched with fractionated coconut oil and shala tree resin to condition and ensure long-lasting wear, this range of defining powders and pomades makes for perfectly groomed brows.


Model wears Walnut Defining Powder

Use the 3in1 Eye Brush to create immaculate definition and shape.

£8 DEFINING POWDER Model wears Cedar Defining Powder

Walnut | BCS1

for redheads/blondes

Cedar | BCS2

for dark blondes/brunettes Model wears Willow Bark Defining Pomade

Carob | BCS3

for dark brunettes/black hair


Willow Bark | BP1

for redheads/blondes

Model wears Tazman Pepper Defining Pomade

Hazelnut | BP2

for dark blondes/brunettes

Tazman Pepper | BP3

for dark brunettes/black hair


Model wears Carob Defining Powder

Shape your brows your way with a selection of four stencils, ideal for use with any Brow Boss Defining Powder shade.

£7 | EBS

Model wears Carob Defining Powder

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 75



FIXING GEL MASCARA £18 Are you ready for your best lashes yet? This nourishing gel mascara – enriched with candelilla wax and jojoba oil to define and darken lashes, and plant peptides to encourage healthy lash growth – has been specially formulated to work in harmony with our Extension Fibres for the high-impact lashes we all dream about. Black | FGB Brown | FGBR

EXTENSION FIBRES £10 | LF • The perfect pairing with our Fixing Gel Mascara, these innovative nylon fibres create up to five times more volume for an instant false lash effect. • Not suitable for contact lens wearers. Both of these products are part of our return five, get one free initiative.

Discover more at

LASH EXTENSION KIT £25 SAVE £3 • Extension Fibres

• Fixing Gel Mascara Black | GLEK Brown | GLBR UPDATED

SILK GEL LINER £16 • A richly pigmented, conditioning gel formula to create a more defined eye look, with an innovative twist-andsharpen feature for easy application. • Waterproof, sweat-proof and ultra long-lasting. Part of our return five, get one free initiative. NEW

Warm Brown | PE4

Slate | PE2


Luna | PE5

76 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

Brown | PE3

Ebony | PE1


Oatmeal | ES9 Aura | ES17 Copper | ES10 Halo | ES16 Nebula | ES14 Cupuaçu | ES11 Meteor | ES15 Pebble | ES13 Galaxy | ES18 SATIN SHADES

Cashew | ES6 Marula | ES3 Shea Nut | ES5 Chestnut | ES4 MATTE SHADES

EYES ON YOU pressed shadow


From sleek satins to dazzling shimmers and rich mattes, our super smooth, deeply pigmented range of eye shadows is the eye makeup toolkit of your dreams. • Shimmer shades create a subtle highlight and are best suited to the inner corners and middle of the eyelid. • Light shades highlight the area they are applied to and are best suited to the inner corners and middle of the eyelid, as well as the brow bone. • The darker shades add intensity and definition and are best suited to the outer corners of the eyelid or lining the lash line.

Baobab | ES2 Maca | ES8 Cinnamon | ES7 Kahai | ES12 Bamboo Charcoal | ES1 WAX LINER

Slate | EL1

MADE YOU LOOK wax liner


• Luxuriously silky and enriched with berry fruit wax for long-lasting wear. • This versatile wax liner can be used to create a slick eyeliner flick or buffed out for a smoky look.

Ebony | EL2 Brown | EL3 SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 77


Eco Artist

Making sustainable makeup choices should be a purchasing priority for any beauty enthusiast. Our collection of brushes contains vegan fibres and sustainably sourced wood, so you can massage in your makeup with a healthy dose of doing good in every stroke.




3IN1 EYE BRUSH £16 | EB1

Fluffy fibres allow you to buff liquid and powders to a perfect finish.

Create perfectly shaped brows and line eyes with precision using our most innovative brush to date.

FULL COVERAGE KABUKI BRUSH £24 | FB4 Velvet-soft fibres in a gentle dome shape help you achieve a flawless application of Mineral Foundation.


Blend and buff eye shadow for a professional result.

PRECISION FACE BRUSH £18 | FB2 A dual-ended multi-tasker to blend cream, liquid and powders with effortless accuracy.


Achieve full coverage, high intensity makeup application with this dual-ended essential.


Apply blusher, bronzer and setting powder with ease.


Achieve the finer details of your look with this dainty multi-tasker.





Effortlessly and precisely apply your Tropic lip products with this makeup kit must-have.

beauty drop sponge

This versatile sponge ensures a flawless, even application.


Keep your Line Up Lip Pencils (see next page) on point with our aluminium Sharpener.

78 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

This ultra-sleek, innovatively designed must-have boasts a highly functional interior frame, giving you space to store all your beauty essentials.


"Tropic’s Eco Artist brushes are a must. I especially love the dual-ended ones, which minimise makeup bag clutter as they’re so versatile!" BRYONY BLAKE,



precision face brush SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 79


Clear | 1LFA



plumping lip conditioner Rosewood | 1LFC


A continuous sell-out all year round, this creamy balm comes in three options – Clear, Rosewood (a suits-everyone neutral tone) and Pink Guava (for a just bitten flush of pink). • Containing 26 lip-conditioning plant extracts, from mango wax and açai sterols to bayberry fruit and sea fern extracts, it repairs any cracks or flakiness and seals in moisture so lips look smooth, plump and juicy. • Infused with peppermint oil which gives it a sweet flavour and zingy sensation. • With added omegas 6 and 9 that act as natural lip plumper, it'll become your trusty sidekick from first use.

Pink Guava | 1LFB



nourishing balm Pink Champagne | LG3

Velvet Peach | LG4

Rose Blossom | LG8

Candy Pop | LG1

Coral Crush | LG5

Toffee Spice | LG6

Scarlet Shimmer | LG7

Sugar Plum | LG2

£4 | 4.5g | 1M1

Introducing our new and improved Lip Love, now in a handy stick, made from post-consumer recycled plastic, for application ease. • Shea butter softens and heals vulnerable skin. • Beta-carotene improves the tone and texture of your lips and promotes cell renewal and is what gives Lip Love its vibrant colour (until it hits your lips)! • Cocoa butter helps to form the smooth and silky texture, packed with omega 3 fats and vitamin E to protect you from the elements!


If your lips are in need of some lustre, have a glazey day and add some shimmer to your lip look. Whether you want added sparkle for a special occasion, or a more muted gloss to make any occasion special, there will be a shade and a shine that’s just right for you. Part of our return five, get one free initiative.



lip pencil


Combining smooth and precise application, this lip pencil glides on to create flawless, fuller lips every time. Line up for our range of naturally luscious, silky and sustainable shades. • Each liner provides long-lasting colour in a creamy formula that's infused with coconut oil and vitamins C and E to cushion your smile from corner to corner.

Stripped | P3

• We’ve worked tirelessly to find suppliers who can create high-quality lip liners from sustainably sourced wood (instead of plastic) to bring you the most planetfriendly, pillowy pout possible.

Flirt | P2

Bold | P1

Dare | P4


Wild Watermelon | L3

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SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 81


I asked Tropic’s in-house team of experts to share their knowledge on how we can adapt our skincare routines as we grow older. By Elizabeth Kennedy


e all know that ageing is an inevitable, natural process. It’s something that can’t be reversed, and yet many of us exhaust ourselves fretting over multiplying grey hairs or the fine lines next to our eyes. Thanks to a world where youth is a heavily prized commodity, what we often forget is that with every wrinkle comes another experience gained, an extra smile we’ve shared or another moment of side-splitting laughter. In fact, the true art of ageing gracefully is welcoming ageing in the first place. It’s a gift many don’t get to experience and so for those of us who do, it’s a process to be grateful for. With this in mind then, our skincare routines are a way for us to connect with and adapt to our skin as it changes (whether we’re in our twenties or fifties) and to thank it for all the hard work it’s doing.


Before we get down to business, one product that should be non-negotiable at any age is SPF! When it comes to your face, opt for factor 50. Try Sun Day.


Cleanser / Makeup Remover: Whether you’re going a little heavier on the eye makeup or neglecting to cleanse after a late night, go for a nourishing, quick and easy cleanser that also doubles as 82 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

a makeup remover. If you have oily skin, which many people do at this age, you might also want to add in a double cleanse that’s particularly tailored to balancing those oil levels. Try Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Slate. Actives: If you suffer from blemishes or regular breakouts, prebiotic actives are your new best friend. You don’t need to use it every day, but factoring it into your weekly routine will be worth it. Try Clear Skin and Pure Lagoon. Moisturiser: Opt for something light and hydrating with some antioxidant benefits to stand you in good stead for later years. Try Skin Feast.

MID 20s – MID 30s

Double Cleansing: Go for a richer, makeup-removing cleanser for your first cleanse and a lighter cleanser for your second cleanse. Try Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Skies. Acids: Using gentle acids after cleansing will gently exfoliate your skin and encourage more product penetration. Try Fruit Peel. Serums: Opt for a hydration serum with multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant-rich serum with ingredients like vitamin C. Try Rainforest Dew and Glow Berry.

Eyes: This is budget-dependent at this stage, but a cool cucumber sensation is like a coffee for the eyes – it’ll de-puff and brighten anyone’s day. Try Eye Work.

free radical damage when your skin barrier has started to weaken. Consider vitamin C your holy grail ingredient. Try Glow Berry.

Moisturiser / Oil: Opt for one that suits your skin type, whether you need something lightweight, have areas of irritation or blemishes, or need a radiance kick. Try Skin Feast, Super Greens and Elixir.


LATE 30s – EARLY 40s

Double Cleansing: Your cleansing routine doesn’t need to change too much. Continue with a richer, makeupremoving cleanser for your first cleanse, and a lighter cleanser for your second cleanse. Try Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Skies. Hyaluronic Acid: Your skin starts struggling to hold moisture at this age, so try and use as many hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid as possible. Try Vitamin Toner and Rainforest Dew. Acids: Glycolic acids and hydroxy acids are great, depending on your skin’s needs. These don’t need to be used every day, but try and use them in your weekly routine. Your skin may prefer a physical exfoliant, in which case you can switch your acids for a scrub to add brightness. Try Fruit Peel, Face Lift and Face Smooth. Moisturiser: Here you may want to consider a richer-textured moisturiser at night or a good face oil, which is great for a nourishing nutrient boost. For a little added lustre, drop some sun into your chosen skin softener too! Try Skin Dream, Super Greens and Sun Drops. Eyes: Keep it nice and light on the eyes. Gel and serum textures are ideal at this age. Try Eye Work. Antioxidants: These are key at this age because they protect your skin from

Single Cleansing: Use a cleanser that has a rich texture and makeupremoving properties. Try Smoothing Cleanser. Acids and Serums: Glycolic and hydroxy acids are great for more mature skin, and serums that replenish moisture loss and reduce pigmentation (both things that increase with age) should definitely be in your skincare arsenal. Try Face Lift, Fruit Peel, Rainforest Dew and Deep Hydration. Moisturiser: Opt for a richer-textured moisturiser at night with ingredients such as ceramides and bio-retinol to boost elasticity and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Try Skin Dream. Oils: A good facial oil is great for adding radiance to a more mature complexion – treat yourself to a massage when you apply! Try Elixir. Eyes: The skin around our eyes gets thinner as we age, so opting for a lighter cream or balm with ingredients such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides is ideal. Try Eye Dream.

To see more details about any of the products mentioned in this feature, head to our skincare product section on pages 16-37. Want to discover your dream skincare routine suited to your skin? Scan the QR code to try out our Skincare Routine Finder!

Please note, the information included in this piece is a guide and your individual skin type might need particular ingredients at different stages. For example, you may experience blemishes after your teens and twenties, so feel free to keep those salicylic acid products going strong! SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 83


your bff


hen the temperatures plummet and our thoughts inevitably turn from bikinis to bobble hats, there's an element of summer that should be front and centre for every season – SPF. It's often synonymous with long days at the beach or basking in the garden, but every dermatologist worth their salt will tell you that the trusty SPF isn't a one-season product and should remain in your daily skincare regime long after the frost sets in.

Why should we be wearing SPF in winter when the sun is weaker and we're inside more?

Sure, we're not blessed with year-round balmy climes in the UK, but facialist and skin expert Renée Lapino is quick to stress that pollution and our infamous cloudy skies are just as harmful. “It's a myth that the sun is always weaker in overcast weather,” she says. “Although it's not as strong in winter, UV rays are still bouncing from the clouds and become magnified when the sun is behind grey skies. We also don't have to be outside to feel the effects, as sun rays are intensified when they stream through our window panes.”

What are the skin health benefits of wearing SPF?

Saving ourselves from lobster territory at the height of summer aside, SPF can offer a lot more than sunburn protection all year round. “Most of us think of sun damage as dark freckles and sun spots, but it's so much more than what we can see,” Renée explains. “The body creates those spots to protect the weak tissue the sun has already broken down. When we're 84 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

exposed to the sun, UV rays penetrate the dermis (the middle layer of the skin), causing an abnormal build-up of elastin, which breaks down collagen and leaves the skin wrinkled and sagging.”

Is SPF in our moisturiser or makeup enough?

From tinted moisturisers to foundations, you'll be hard-pressed to find a beauty product not offering some level of sun protection, but it may not be cutting it. “Most makeup products are only SPF10 or 15, which is nowhere near enough protection,” Renée explains. “I always recommend at least SPF20+ in a separate product for full, even coverage to protect the skin. We don't put foundation on our eyebrows, eyelids and ears, so makeup and moisturiser aren't going to cover everything we need. Make sure you wait five minutes after applying SPF before putting on makeup to allow it to settle in.” So if your trusty foundation of choice has a slightly lower SPF, you don’t have to part with it, simply supplement it with a facial SPF before you apply.

Won't putting makeup on top of SPF break me out?

Thick and sticky sun cream combined with foundation doesn’t make for a flawless complexion, but SPF offerings have come a long way from the white paste of our childhoods. “There are so many formulations now that don't cause irritation or breakouts,” Renée tells us. “From powders and mineral creams to sprays and invisible lotions, SPF has adapted to include more skincare benefits to make it more user-friendly. Brands have incorporated ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and skin-loving

The most important step in your skincare regime, whatever the weather. By Jessica Harris

antioxidants for added benefits, so it sits flawlessly under makeup” – just like Tropic’s lightweight Sun Day Facial UV Defence.

What else do we need to know?

While putting SPF on is vital, taking it off is just as important. “Sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin to protect it, but it can also trap a lot of dirt and grime. While we sleep our skin repairs itself, so we want it to be clean to allow our night products to nourish it and encourage cell turnover, and cleansing properly is imperative to stop breakouts and congestion,” Renée warns. Like all new habits, finding the right SPF for your daily routine is key for consistency. “If you like your morning routine as low maintenance as possible, opt for a tinted facial SPF that also provides light coverage. If you like wearing makeup, opt for a lightweight SPF with hydrating ingredients that you can seamlessly layer under a foundation,” Renée suggests. “You can also consider using more than one formula for all-day protection. For example, I have a cream for winter, a tinted SPF for summer (hello Tropic's Skin Shade) and a handy stick for two-hour topups year-round.” Ultimately, SPF is a skincare staple, whether it’s for that brisk, face-reddening walk in the depths of winter or an amble along a sunny beach. You might go on holidays, but you should never give your SPF any time off.


Looking to ease yourself back into a full face of makeup with some long over-dew glowy goodness?




e’ve created some muted magic on these three models to help brighten your day in a ‘subtle radiance’ kind of way! If the pandemic taught us anything about makeup, it’s that a rendezvous with a rendered brow or a touch of lippy on a Monday morning can truly transform our mood. So, whether you’d rather battle the day armed with your most fearsome flicked eyeliner, or simply feel emboldened by a subtle pink blush, get inspired by these makeup looks with mood-boosting status.

Why not try these natural Tropic looks for yourself? Scan the relevant QR code to get involved!



Renowned beauty editor Rosie Green tells us why she expects her makeup to multitask as skincare (and her Tropic favourites to do just that)...




akeup. As feel-good fixes go, it’s up there with watching Daniel Craig emerge from the sea in swim trunks, a cold glass of rosé on a hot day or the smell of baked cookies fresh out of the oven. I don’t need to tell you of the power of bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and blusher to transform your face, and, in turn, transform your day. Who doesn’t rejoice in makeup’s ability to enhance beauty, to boost confidence and fake eight hours of sleep (when in reality you got less than five)? But is makeup good for the skin? The standard response is… not so much. Perhaps that viewpoint comes from all the adjectives that swirl around it – suffocating, clogging, drying, cakey. Our mothers talked about trowelling it on. For decades, makeup and skincare sat at the opposite ends of the ‘care’ spectrum. The former compromising the work of the latter. When they were first introduced, foundations were called ‘pancake.’ They were heavy, mask-like, sitting on top of the skin (rather than blending in with it). For those prone to oily skin, breakouts were exacerbated, pores were blocked, skin irritated. For those

88 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

with dry skin, the moisture-zapping formulations left skin feeling thirsty and looking dehydrated and aged. When ‘all-day’ formulations surged in popularity, this only increased. Yes, your makeup now lasted twelve hours, but the pay-off was flaky lips, parched skin and brittle lashes. In the noughties there was a rebellion against the perceived fakery of makeup and skin became the star. “Let it shine through” was the mantra of the style set. It was chic to go makeup-free. Glowy became an adjective in its own right. I was backstage at countless fashion shows where makeup artists eschewed their products and sent the models down the catwalk with nothing but a devil-may-care attitude and lip balm. This was great for the sixteen-year-old supermodels, but more challenging for the rest of us. So, makeup couldn’t stay down for long. And when it returned (thank the Lord), the cosmetics industry had upped its game. Right at the forefront of this was Tropic. A company known for caring passionately about people and the planet, but also for believing that makeup shouldn’t compromise the skin, but actively improve it. Tropic’s makeup has skincare benefits as standard, which is why I love its Beauty Booster

From top to bottom: Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Nude Blush, Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Hot Poppy, Lip Fudge in Rosewood, Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Hot Poppy, Lip Fudge in Pink Guava. Model wears Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Wild Watermelon

Sheer Foundation. Melting into the has to offer. Long term, you get skin, it’s a youth-boosting, radianceimproved clarity and suppleness. enhancing wash of colour that subtly Some of my other favourites? Mineral improves your Foundation – a skin's condition powder makeup that "Who doesn’t rejoice over time. It creates a lightin makeup’s ability to has a serumas-a-feather veil like texture enhance beauty, to boost on the skin, blurs and contains blemishes and confidence and fake hydrating aloe offers free-radical vera, protecting and UV protection. eight hours of sleep." antioxidants Fixing Gel Mascara, and a broad-spectrum SPF which a miracle in a tube that not only defends against sun damage. Short lengthens and volumises lashes, but term, you get skin that looks like it's also contains jojoba oil and peptides to been lit by the best lighting Hollywood make them long and strong.

And finally, each of my handbags contains a Tropic Lip Fudge. These lip conditioners come in multiple shades to suit everyone and all occasions. They add a touch of polish, a pop of colour and a nourishing hit of hydration that works to plump out fine lines like lip filler. They also boast 26 lip-conditioning plant extracts to keep your pout soft and kissable. Now that’s what I call a win, win...

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 89

Tiger Grass 101

One of nature’s original skin soothers, tiger grass is the latest ingredient to pop up in Tropic’s portfolio, so here's why it's one to put on your radar. By Becci Vallis

90 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


id you know you might have heard of tiger grass without even realising it? If we were to speak in official terms, it would be labelled centella asiatica, but it’s also known as gotu kola, brahmi, spade leaf in America, pennywort in the UK and cica in South Korea – not too confusing, then! Used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, it’s been referred to as the ‘fountain of life’ due to legend that an ancient Chinese herbalist lived for over 200 years as a result of taking it (as a herbal infusion) every day. Ancient tales also tell of tigers rolling around in its leaves to help heal their wounds – hence the name ‘tiger grass’.


Beside easing symptoms of wounds and infections, this powerful herbal plant was also used to reduce scarring, improve hydration levels and soothe sensitive skin, which is how and why it’s started to make its way into some 21st-century formulations. Helping to repair the skin’s protective barrier by making it more resilient, tiger grass has a knack for improving overall moisture levels by slowing down the evaporation of water from the skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which means irritated skin doesn’t stand a chance. From redness and rosacea to spots and breakouts, it takes the sting out of skin conditions so often linked with soreness and discomfort. Best of all, it isn’t ageist and is effective for both a more mature audience interested in its collagenboosting and firming functions, or for a more junior crowd who need their dry skin tended to. It’s why Tropic has included it in its new Little Roary Baby Oil. Whether it’s slathered on all over

hue, chlorophyll is the secret to its antimicrobial streak. Other nutrients worth a shout out include zinc, selenium, copper, beta-carotene and fatty acids which act as a support system to the skin – a bit like a skin multivitamin.


"It's effective for both a more mature audience interested in its collagen-boosting and firming functions, or for a more junior crowd who need their dry skin tended to." or targeting chronic dry areas, the result is smoother, hydrated skin that’s soft, strong and supple.


The majority of tiger grass’ powers lie in the fact that it’s a potent antioxidant. Containing active compounds like the phytonutrient madecassoside, it helps to ward off free radicals that compromise the skin and weaken its barrier function. It’s also a rich source of amino acids (which hydrate), and saponins (which are anti-inflammatory). And as well as giving the plant its deep green

Tiger grass is native throughout tropical wetlands and Tropic sources its organic supply from Madagascar. A perennial herb that thrives in moist soil or swamplands, it’s hand-harvested whenever it’s looking healthy and green, and it’s the leaves, in particular, that contain all the beautifying benefits. Tiger grass is obtained as an extract in water or oil-soluble form, and Tropic has chosen the latter option to create a product that glides over skin and sinks in fast.


Ticking off two firsts, not only is this the first time Tropic is using tiger grass in its products, but this is its first babyfocused range too. Mixing the tiger grass oil with vitamin E and golden jojoba oil creates a nourishing and comforting blend that stops dry skin getting the better of tiny bodies. You might not be able to wrap them up in cotton wool, but this new baby oil might just be the next best thing! With this nourishing oil also doubling up as an effective makeup remover, hair oil and massage oil, everyone can enjoy its simple, skin-soothing goodness.



To check out our new Little Roary Baby Oil, head to page 47.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 91



Our indispensable schooling systems have certainly been under scrutiny over the past year, so let’s remind ourselves just how central education is to breaking the poverty cycle and improving the health of future generations. By Florence Reeves-White


A child born to an educated mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five ( The correlation between a country’s economic prosperity and the average life expectancy of its nationals has long been accredited to the relationship between wealth and health. The explanation for this is self-evident – money enables us to manage, nurture and, ultimately, pay to take care of the health of our minds and bodies. The resources required to eat a balanced diet are luxuries that can rarely be purchased by the poverty-stricken. For those born to disadvantaged groups and communities, time – needed to exercise and practice mindful habits – is a foreign currency, one exchanged only with the disposable income of the wealthy or financially stable. However, one factor has been found to have an even more consistent impact on the health of an individual – their access to education. Now, disentangling the effects of these two components of a child’s development can, naturally, be challenging. Each year of school increases a person’s earnings by 10%, so education and affluence are intrinsically linked, with both acting as reliable drivers towards a healthy future (UNICEF). “People with higher levels of education frequently have higher incomes, so are often spared the 92 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

health-harming stresses that stem from prolonged social and economic hardship,” explains Kari Sutton, children’s resilience expert and author of Raising a Mentally Fit Generation. But increased social mobility and opportunity to succeed financially aren't the only upshots of education that determine better health in those who attend school.


“A greater level of education generally increases a person's access to and application of health-related knowledge, while improving their ability to make efficient and relevant use of such information in their daily lives,” says Sutton. The ability to apply a knowledge of positive health behaviours to personal circumstance, coupled with the financial doors that going to school opens for disadvantaged children, allows for a double-pronged approach to providing the foundational building blocks required for children to construct a long and healthy life for themselves. For schools in under-resourced communities, however, the health benefits of local infrastructure can be felt for miles around. Through Tropic’s partnership with United World Schools (UWS) and its water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, students in poor and remote communities are provided with life-changing access to clean water.

“People with higher levels of education frequently have higher incomes, so are often spared the healthharming stresses that stem from prolonged economic hardship.” KARI SUTTON, CHILDREN’S RESILIENCE EXPERT


For children living in some of the areas that UWS works in, the health risks of not attending school are grave, and these risks are felt disproportionately by women and girls. It’s estimated that Covid-19 has put 2.5 million more girls at risk of underage marriage, violating their rights and directly correlating to a predicted increase in gender-based violence (Save the Children). This violence often damages the health of such girls, thus diminishing their chance of ever being able to study again. The cycle of poverty and violence is thus played out once more, loop after loop.

The pandemic has shone a blinding spotlight on the importance of global healthcare and access to health information, while its setbacks to education across the globe are leaving some children, especially young girls, in the dark. With global Covid-19 school closures, a third of the world’s children aren’t in education and around 24 million children may never go back to school after lockdown (UWS). This is why Tropic’s work with UWS has never been more important. At the time of writing, Tropic has funded 3 million days of school for over 17,000 children across the world through their partnership with UWS. They believe that education is a human right, and

the alternatives for vulnerable children are simply wrong. By supporting Tropic, you’re helping to protect the health and happiness of young children across the globe, the effects of which will be felt for generations to come. A child born to an educated mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five. Let's give that mother access to education now.

For the full article and to find out more, please scan the QR code.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 93



While menopause isn't something we can control, we're here to help you make embracing the change that little bit more comfortable. By Alli Jacobs


nce upon a time, the menopause simply wasn’t discussed. This important, completely natural transition in every woman’s life was hushed up by society and shrouded in mystery. How very British. Well, praise be, that’s no longer the case! Indeed, we now know the menopause can be a wonderful and empowering time in our lives; a celebration of the next chapter, and freedom from a life of servitude to our relentless hormone cycles. You’re officially there when you’ve gone twelve months without a period – the average age for this is 51. Before that comes the perimenopause, which begins up to a decade before when hormones start to decline. Full disclosure: it might not be all plain sailing, but arm yourself with the facts and you’ll be ready to embrace this natural transition. So let’s look at some of the changes you may notice and the healthiest holistic hacks for riding them out smoothly.


Hot flushes can be a natural symptom of fluctuating oestrogen levels. Thankfully, there's plenty you can do to take control. Wear layers of thin clothing so that you can remove them as and when a flush occurs – natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are best. And if you think working up a sweat in the gym will make matters worse, you’ll be surprised to know the opposite is true: “Research shows that regular exercise – three hours of brisk walking, stretching, musclestrengthening and relaxation exercises a week – can reduce even severe menopausal symptoms,” says Tania Adib, consultant gynaecologist at The Medical Chambers Kensington ( “To boost your intake of natural plant oestrogens, aim to eat more beans, dark-green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, especially flaxseeds, wholegrains, fresh and dried fruit.”


Low oestrogen levels can cause a redistribution of fat around the body. “Fat tends to move from the buttock and onto the tummy,” explains Tania. “A lot of women can develop underactive thyroids at this time, too. High levels of cortisol, caused by stress, can also make you gain weight around the middle.” Extra weight can impact health, but there’s no need to fret – a few lifestyle adjustments can help. “Aerobic exercise will work your

"Your mental health deserves just as much care and attention as its physical counterpart." cardiovascular system,” says Tania. “Weight-bearing exercise maintains muscle mass, which will also give you a higher metabolic rate.” Tania also recommends yoga and meditation to banish stress. What's also important to remember is that it's natural for our bodies to change as we get older, so go easy on yourself.


We all feel anxious from time to time, but if you’ve gone from being a carefree gal to a worrywart overnight, speak to your GP who can discuss a range of options to help resolve the issue. A new survey from Anxiety UK has found 85% of women felt their anxiety was triggered by the menopause, so it’s important you don’t suffer in silence. Your mental health always deserves just as much care and attention as its physical counterpart, so during the menopause this should be no different. If your friends or family members are going through the menopause, make sure you check in on them regularly and give them your time and patience. The hormonal shift can really affect

the way our minds work, and your relationship might require a bit of extra work on your part – be kind and, most importantly, listen.


Some women notice skin changes as they approach menopause. Decreasing oestrogen levels can cause us to lose collagen, and our complexion can appear thinner. “The most common complaint is itching and dry skin,” says Dr Louise Newson, founder of the Balance app and The Menopause Charity ( “Soap can be very drying, so avoid products that lather, foam or bubble, as they strip away natural oils. If your skin is still dry, use a moisturising lotion as a soap substitute.” Furthermore, pack your plate with omega 3-rich foods and veg that’s bursting with vitamin C to help you glow from the inside out.


While hair loss may alarm you, rest assured it’s a very common occurrence from perimenopause onward. As the hormones progesterone and oestrogen decline, testosterone can increase. “Thinning hair becomes more common from your 40s,” says Dr Valeria Acampora, a hormone specialist at The Marion Gluck Clinic ( Another culprit is stress. To the rescue? Stress management and dietary tweaks: “Managing stress, taking more exercise and eating a healthy diet, including supplements such as vitamin B6 and folic acid, can help with hair production,” says Dr Valeria. “Essential fatty acids found in seeds and nuts can also help.” Talk to your GP if hair loss is worrying you to rule out any other causes. Remember, the menopause is a completely natural transitional period which no two women experience in the same way. Listen to your body, try and share how you're feeling and communicate your experiences and most of all, be kind to yourself.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 95

A Beam


During a period of uncertainty, here’s how Beam – homelessness charity and one of Tropic’s 'force for good' partners – is shining a promising light at the end of a dark tunnel. By Phillipa Smith


he last year has been devastating for many, with a maze of tricky obstacles for us all to face. Thankfully, most of us could be grateful for a roof over our heads and a warm place to call home. But, for the 253,000 homeless people in England during the pandemic (Shelter) – the highest figure for fourteen years – the challenges of a testing year were even greater. Tropic is a brand that cares greatly about its community, especially when it comes to the health and safety of those within it. Everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered, which is why Tropic partnered with Beam last year, a charity that gives homeless people the longterm support they need to get into stable, paid work and enables them to find a better quality of life.

96 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

The pandemic has taught us that bad luck doesn’t discriminate and homelessness can affect anybody at any time – many people have faced job losses and, unable to pay bills, have been left in incredibly vulnerable positions. Society has taught us to conjure up stereotypical images of what a homeless person looks like, but the issue is far more complex than we may think. “People often equate homelessness with rough sleeping,” says Montana Gerry, Head of Communications at Beam. “Rough sleeping is a tragedy for those forced to do it, but it is just one form of homelessness, and accounts for only 2% of homelessness figures. Lack of a permanent abode, living with friends, or other temporary accommodation, can lead to instability

that makes it hard for people to focus on finding work. Homelessness can affect a person’s mental and physical health and many homeless people feel trapped and isolated – it can be difficult for them to see a way out.” Each person Beam supports is referred to them by an established homeless charity or their local council. “We try to build up people’s confidence and self-worth by providing them with a dedicated caseworker who helps them on their journey towards independence. We give everyone the opportunity to share their story in their own words; it’s a judgment-free zone where they can talk about the challenges they’ve faced and their hopes and dreams for the future.” Alongside the one-to-one support it offers, Beam works to challenge

misconceptions about homeless people. into administration at the start of the “The reality is that homelessness can first UK lockdown, I became homeless. happen for a multitude of complex I didn't have any savings as I was reasons,” explains Montana. “At working hard to pay off my university Beam, we’ve fees and had taken helped single out a private loan. I “Since Tropic started mums, ended up sleeping in caregivers, exmy car for six weeks supporting Beam in offenders and as I couldn’t pay rent. October 2020, they’ve Never in a million veterans. Each person's story is years did I think I’d already helped 62 unique, but the become homeless. homeless people build underlying thread Just because you is that they lack have a university better futures.” a vital support degree and are well MONTANA GERRY, HEAD OF system to help educated, you’re not COMMUNICATIONS AT BEAM them get back on immune from life’s their feet.” challenges.” Peter, a Beam beneficiary, ended up So far, Tropic has donated nearly homeless due to the pandemic. “When £50,000 to Beam to help the fantastic the company I was working for went work it does to fund people’s futures.

“Since Tropic started supporting Beam in October 2020, it has already helped 62 homeless people build better futures,” says Montana. “Three of those beneficiaries are already in work, with the rest still in training or job hunting." Now that 2021 is in full swing, more uncertain times lie ahead. But the future's looking brighter and more secure for many, including Peter, thanks to Beam. “I’m now working for DPD as a warehouse operative,” he says. “I'm paying my friend rent to stay with him and no longer need to stay in my car. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received from Beam and am now starting to look forward to what the future might hold.” Thanks to charities like Beam, there's a brighter, healthier and more secure future on the horizon for the homeless.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 97




At a time when caring for your mental health has never been more important, moving your body could be the easiest way to make over your mind. By Sarah Sellens


e all want to look and feel great, but if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that mental wellbeing can’t be assured. In England, the Centre for Mental Health has predicted that up to ten million people will need mental health support as a direct consequence of Covid-19, while data from the charity Mind shows that more than half of us said our mental health got worse during lockdown. Experts warn we’re on the brink of a mental health crisis, but there’s one way to protect your mind that you can self-prescribe – exercise.


Exercise has a lot to offer. It improves cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness while reducing the risk of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke and even some types of cancer (such as breast and colon). It’s also great for skin health – moving your body boosts blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to the skin, plus some studies even say that exercise boosts the amount of collagen in the skin. But crucially, getting active could be a boost to your brain. “Exercise triggers the release of chemicals within the brain, including endorphins, dopamine and serotonin,” explains Holly Balan, personal trainer at F45. “These are often referred to as ‘feel-good’ hormones as they help to regulate and boost mood, as well

98 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

as improve sleep quality, ease stress and relieve pain.”


We should be moving our bodies daily, but the good thing is that your chosen activity needn’t be arduous – research shows that even a brief 10-minute walk could increase your feelings of positivity. Further data reveals that exercise can boost levels of self-esteem while reducing stress, anxiety and the risk of mental health problems. Indeed, one study published in the Current Sports Medicine Reports journal reveals that regular exercise could decrease the chance of experiencing depression by up to 41% – a substantial amount. “The most important thing is to find a form of exercise you truly enjoy,” advises Balan. “Exercise can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re unsure where to start, but it can also be an empowering, enjoyable lifestyle choice.”


Where you exercise might matter, and outdoor activity often comes up trumps for mental health. “Humans are designed to be outside,” says Mark Whittle, purpose and performance coach at “You get the

benefit of enjoying fresh air, and studies show that outdoor exercise lowers blood pressure, which decreases our perceived effort – meaning whatever we are doing feels easier outside than inside.” Indeed, one review in the Environmental Science and Technology journal found that nearly everyone who exercised outside scored high on measures of self-esteem, enthusiasm, pleasure and vitality, and lower on levels of depression, tension and fatigue, than they did exercising indoors. “Incorporate exercise into your daily life,” adds Balan. “It can be as simple as meeting a friend for a 30-minute walk, doing some gardening, or getting off the bus a few stops early.”


Thinking about reviving a workout regime? Exercise as a form of therapy is now so well recognised that many GPs prescribe it as one of their top treatments for depression, but how much activity should you do to improve your mental health? While general guidelines suggest you clock at least an hour and a half of moderate-intensity activity each week (or 30 minutes of movement five times a week) for optimal health, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with mild to moderate depression take part in about three sessions a week, lasting for 45 minutes to one hour. However, there’s a tipping point. Working out too hard or too much can lead to overtraining. “Check in with yourself to ensure that you’re getting the most from your training,” suggests Balan. “If you find yourself feeling guilty for missing a fitness class, or you’re training so often that you feel fatigued, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship with exercise.” And remember, taking time for rest is just as important as breaking a sweat.

SS 2021 | ISSUE 2 | GLOW | 99


Your Immune System Healthy new habits to keep your immune system fighting fit, no matter the season. By Anna Blewett

How are you feeling? A bit frazzled, no doubt. But is that high-temp-newcontinuous-cough frazzled or just the regular seasonal bleurgh? Recently, we've all become hyper tuned in to our health, ready to pounce on sensations that might herald the arrival of Covid-19. The efficiency of our bodily functions (or sometimes inefficiency) has been at the forefront of our thoughts over the past year, with worries about our wellbeing sky high. So, taking steps to support your immune system is a double win; you take control of your health anxieties and raise your chances of staying healthy to boot! Here are some simple steps to bringing your immunity A-game...



When it comes to a tip-top immune response, diet is a huge deal, as nutritionist Amaeze Madukah ( explains. "Around 70% of our immune tissues are housed in our gut," says Amaeze. "Eating a

100 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021

variety of fruit and veg is the best way to support a diverse population of beneficial gut bacteria." Yes, there are pro- and prebiotic supplements out there, but Amaeze recommends a 'food first' approach. "Aim for 30 different fruits and veg a day," she advises. "It sounds a lot but includes every ingredient such as herbs, onionsand garlic."



It's tempting to believe one nutrient can turbo-charge your immunity, but with immune cells at work in our blood, tissues and some key organs, your whole diet is relevant. "Vitamin C, in particular, has been put on a pedestal during the pandemic," says Amaeze. "While it does have a role

in supporting your immune system, it doesn't 'supercharge' your protection against illness." A varied, healthy diet will tick the box. "Vitamin C is a watersoluble vitamin, so any extra you're getting in a tablet will just be expelled by your body as expensive pee." However, Amaeze does recommend a vitamin D supplement. "People are just realising vitamin D is vital in regulating the function of the immune system. Again, it's not 'the key', but taking supplements is particularly important in winter when we're not getting the UVB rays our body converts into vitamin D."



Swapping late-night screen time for healthier rituals can make all the difference. "Prioritising sleep is the single most important thing we can do to support our general health and specifically immune system," says functional health coach Fran McElwaine (realhealthandwellness. com). "Sleep is the time when the body and brain detox, and poor sleep leads to a build-up of toxins which impairs our immune function." If you're already smashing a healthy routine – swerving screens, knocking out a few stretches and spritzing calming lavender oil (thank you, Tropic’s So Sleepy range) – there's one more step. "Being outside during daylight hours, especially in the morning, helps to programme our brains to sleep better at night," says Fran. "Building a morning walk into

your daily routine will benefit your general health."





Life can throw us many stressors, but lowering your body's alert level is an important part of the immunity puzzle. "Stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine tell our body to shut down key functions, including our immune response," says Fran. "Simple things like laughing and prioritising self-care – really taking any opportunity to pamper ourselves – all help to switch off the stress response and allow our immune systems to return to factory settings."

Physical activity and, in particular, regular moderate exercise is proven to increase infectionzapping white blood cells and slow age-related deterioration of your whole immune system. But are you getting enough? "Every movement matters," says Pilates instructor and nutritionist Paola Langella ( "A workout doesn't have to mean sweating for an hour, even dancing in your living room will benefit your general health."


We’ve teamed up with plant-based food blogger, Amy Lanza, to share our recipe for this Super Greens-inspired salad (with a tantalising tahini dressing)! Inspired by the nutritious and nourishing formulation behind our Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil, this succulent, citrusy and soulful salad will have your body feeling just as revitalised as your skin does after a healthy dose of this green goodness. Read on to find out how to make your very own at home!

SERVES: 2 PREP TIME: 5 minutes COOK TIME: 15 minutes


For extra recipes and much more, visit our online blog by scanning the QR code.


40g kale, de-stemmed and chopped A pinch of salt

1 tsp lemon juice 30g baby spinach, roughly chopped 20g rocket

1 small bunch fresh parsley, chopped 1 small bunch fresh mint, chopped

30g flaked almonds, extra to serve 40g pomegranate, extra to serve 1 avocado, cubed or sliced 1 tsp olive oil

100g tenderstem broccoli

TAHINI DRESSING: 3 tbsp tahini

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 small garlic clove, crushed 3-4 tbsp water

Salt and pepper 102 | GLOW | ISSUE 2 | SS 2021


1. Cook the quinoa according to packet instructions (usually 13-15 minutes) and then leave to cool. 2. Make up the tahini dressing by stirring/whisking together all the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Add more/less water to reach a pourable consistency. 3. Add the kale to a large mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and the lemon juice. Massage with your hands for one minute until reduced in volume and softened. Pour in half of the dressing and toss well. Now add in the spinach, rocket, chopped parsley, chopped mint, almonds, pomegranate seeds and most of the avocado. Toss again. 4. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and add the tenderstem broccoli with a pinch of salt. Pan-fry for about 3-5 minutes until lightly charred, turning it over to cook evenly. 5. Divide the salad between two bowls, top with the remaining avocado, the broccoli, extra flaked almonds, pomegranate seeds and drizzle over the tahini dressing. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 days.



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Simple and soothing, our new range of products is here to keep skin happy and healthy as you and your little one take on life’s new adventures together.