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Welcome Home! The pages of this 2021 Annual Report contain pictures and words sharing another year of life together in this beloved community of faith. As we begin 2022 still in the midst of the COVID pandemic- the opportunity of looking back on 2021 is done with a mixture of equal parts gratitude, collective fatigue and gospel-based hope of grace upon grace. It is also, when taken as a whole, an undeniable witness that together we have not only weathered this storm but have, with God’s help, found ways to thrive and grow in faith.

From April 2020 and on through this past year of 2021 we have remained faithful to developing and growing our new expression of Sunday worship through “Trinity@ Home.” We also expanded online weekly Formation opportunities as well as developing safe opportunities to come together to be of service in the Toledo area. This time of ministry continues to be a life-changing process and season for us all. Together, and with God’s help, we have surpassed every expectation and goal of full participation, increased reach and cultivating new friends, membership, financial support and ways to connect. Thank you to everyone who continues to generously give of themselves and their time making Trinity@Home a new and wonderful way to spread the Good News. For the last two months of 2021 we reopened the physical doors of Trinity to offer in-person worship under the new moniker: Trinity@316. And while this was welcomed, supported, well attended and fed us all, it was short-lived as the Omicron variant warranted a return to on-line worship only as we began 2022. Dying to self in order to be born again for a life of service, connection, courage and compassion has been Trinity’s invitation for over 179 years in downtown Toledo (and beyond). And while many things have changed since 1842, we are still being called to seek out and find ways to Love God, Love our Neighbor and Change the World©. This Annual Report is a snapshot, not of perfection but rather, a collection of moments in time on our journey together deeper into the heart of God. May it inspire, challenge, comfort and maybe even disturb you a little so that together we put away our complacency and embrace a kind of collective spiritual activism as we seek to live out the Gospel.

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Draft Minutes 2021 Annual Meeting

Faith Formation



Vestry Actions

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Rector’s Message

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2022 Budget Process




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A Year in Pictures

Vestry Snapshot

May the words and pictures of this report convey the excitement, growth and possibilities shaping who we have been and are still becoming.

Draft Minutes of the th 178 Annual Meeting Trinity Episcopal Church, Toledo, OH

Sunday, January 31, 2021

11:18am - Meeting called to order by the Rector, The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray. The presence of a quorum was confirmed by visual inspection, and Leah Reed was appointed clerk for the meeting. (This was our first time holding this meeting via Zoom application due to the COVID-19 pandemic) The minutes of the January 26, 2020 Annual Meeting were approved as presented. Vestry Member Donna Steppe offered thanks to three vestry members completing their terms: 1. Jane Bueche 2. Fritz Hany 3. Roberta Durham Donna acknowledged and thanked continuing vestry members: Dennis Degnan, Bob Meeker, Jeffrey Albright, Jamie Paul, Leah Reed, and Donna Steppe, and thanked Trust Fund Officer Greg Shumaker. Outgoing vestry member, Roberta Durham presented the vestry approved slate of vestry nominees: Becky Koskinen, Fritz Hany, and Roberta Durham (for full 3-year terms) With a slate of nominees equal to the number of vestry vacancies, and upon a motion duly made and seconded, the slate of candidates was elected by acclamation. Bob Meeker, Finance Team Chair, presented the finance report. Bob reported that the endowment funds grow, pledge income continues to increase strongly, and per person expenses decreased dramatically. Jeffrey Albright, Vestry member, acknowledged the 2020 Annual Report, discussed where to access the online format of the 2020 Annual Report. Lisa motioned to accept the 2020 Annual Report. The motion was seconded and carried by verbal consent. Lisa acknowledged and thanked Trinity staff: Director of Operations Heather Meyer; Interim Choir Director, Chelsie Cree; Interim Choir Accompanist, Gabe Hagedorn; Communications Coordinator/Next To New Manager Lynzi Miller, and Sexton Nick Zurawski. Donna Steppe thanked Lisa for her work adapting to virtual church services and community building. Jeffrey Albright thanked Donna Steppe and Roberta Durham for their work as wardens. Lisa offered closing remarks and a final blessing. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am. Respectfully submitted, Leah Reed, clerk -04-

Summary of Vestry Actions Throughout the year, the vestry and Lisa work side by side developing and nurturing our ministry. In 2021, the vestry’s main areas of focus included: regular communication to the congregation regarding updates due to COVID, supporting building renovation projects, championing the completion of the Feasibility Study and 2030 Vision, supporting the staff during this time of separation, and planning the safe return to Trinity@316 in-person worship. * Welcomed new vestry members Roberta Durham, Fritz Hany and Becky Koskinen and Gary Franklin. * Participated in All-day Zoom Vestry Retreat. * Approved application for PPP 1 & 2 government loans to underwrite operating costs related to staff expenses during pandemic. * Approved renewal and increase of PostCo Annual 360 service contract providing * technology support year-round. * Approved the 2030 Trinity Vision. * Approved the Feasbility Study conducted by Randles Company. * Participated in Post-Pandemic conversation and listening sessions affirming the community-building opportunities offered through Trinity@Home. * Appproved use of funding to provide financial portion of calling and supporting Diocesan Curate, Megan Allen, for a 3-year term beginning July 1, 2021. * Approved financing for the remainder of 2021 to support Next To New and its related expenses. * Approved renewal of 3-year community partnership with Toledo Streets Newspaper. * Affirmed vision for Next To New to enter into a season of exploration and trasnformation, closing the shop in its current interation and planning to reopen a free community closet in 2022. * Provisionally approved the engagement of RAM Construction to begin the PLAZA Water Damage Mitigation Project in March 2022 pending identification of funding. * Approval of replacing the Lithonia panel dimming system in the sanctuary to take place in 2022. * Approval of replacing antiquated Pushmatic electrical panels in 2022. * Approved the 2022 Operating Budget. Respectfully Submitted, Leah Reed, clerk


Rector’s Message We are becoming a new and re-formed church, The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement— Individuals, small gathered communities and congregations whose way of life is the way of Jesus and his way of love, no longer centered on empire and establishment, no longer fixated on preserving institutions, no longer shoring up white supremacy or anything else that hurts of harms any child of God. By God’s grace...we are becoming a church that looks and acts like Jesus. (From the Episcopal Church website)

Beloved FriendsThis September marked the beginning of our 5th year together. There is no way I could have known in 2017 this journey would lead us into such a unique, challenging, grace-filled extended season of ministry. We continue to live in and through all that has transpired through this pandemic and the result has been nothing short of astounding. We have also navigated transitions of many sorts during this past year. In addition to saying goodbye and celebrating the gifts of those who have either died or moved away, we have also had some staff transitions. Our sexton, Nick Zurawski and our curate, Megan Allen, each made the decision to leave and we who are left behind acknowledge the empty place created by their departures. This year has reminded me we are always only together for a season, and regardless of length, we do well to cherish the time we have together day by day not taking any of it for granted. The Trinity staff and Vestry have had another year of what I would describe as heavy and holy lifting keeping us all connected and engaged following the way of Jesus. Please join me in thanking them for their resilience, courage, compassion and commitment. Below is a snapshot of highlights I will carry with me from 2021. They are reminders that with God all things are indeed possible, and we have come so far as we continue on together. Highlights from 2021 ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

A second year of developing our new Trinity@Home online worship platform Completing a Feasibility Study led by the Randles Co. helping us vision our future Completing our 2030 Vision Developing new staffing positions for the Music Ministry Welcoming new musicians: Grace Mauk, Michael Barlos, Melissa Toth & Bradley Baker Offering a second round of the video-based curriculum, Sacred Ground Offering support and engagement to our community partner Toledo Streets Newspaper Celebrating baptisms and welcoming new members Offering numerous formation opportunities, learning and growing together Continued improvements to our technology & infrastructure

May you never forget that you are loved,



It continues to be an honor, joy and privilege to walk with you day by day becoming a church that looks and acts like Jesus.

Wardens’ Message As we look back on 2021, it seems like such a blur. How did we get to this point in time and still be wrestling with the impact of the COVID pandemic? We didn’t think that any of us thought that we would still be having to worry about wearing masks and social distancing, but here we are. The availability of COVID vaccines brought us the hope of being able to come together again. For a short while during the months of November and December, with many safety precautions put in place, many of us were able to come back to our church building and worship together face to face. Unfortunately, with the rise in cases of COVID due to the omicron variant, we made the hard decision to postpone in-person worship and go back to only Trinity@Home as we started 2022. Despite our ongoing struggles with being separated from one another, 2021 showed that we are still a strong, loving, diverse, progressive, faith-filled community. With our online Sunday service Trinity@Home, we have worshipped with more people in more places than we would ever could have imagined. Our membership continues to grow even though we are still physically separated from one another. A big thank you to all who help create and participate in providing a diverse, progressive meaningful Sunday worship service. We thank everyone also for their faithful support -- Trinity’s pledges and offerings allow us to continue the ministry we are being called to both locally and worldwide. We are truly blessed by this sign of congregational commitment.

Another big accomplishment for the year was a return to the development and completion of Trinity’s 2030 Vision. After many weeks of dedicated work by a small group of parishioners and parish leaders, the final copy of Trinity’s 2030 Vision was completed and approved by the vestry, and presented to our Trinity community. Thank you to all those who participated in the visioning process, from initial brainstorming in 2019 to making final revisions, culminating in our community’s vision of the future in writing. There were many ways that people were able to connect with one another online. Despite the threat of “Zoom fatigue,” we gathered online for Way of Love Book group, a second round of Sacred Ground, choir, ukulele choir, monthly book club, and sacred space at home. Summer and fall allowed us to gather with safe social distancing: popup meals, a popup ice cream social, and in-person formation. Blessing of the Pets, in October, was offered at Middlegrounds Metropark, where a good time was had by both twoleggeds and four-leggeds alike. To sum things up, we have remained a strong, loving, diverse, inclusive, creative Christian community despite our struggles during this ongoing pandemic. Let us pray together that 2022 will bring us the possibility of coming together in person to sing, worship, and break bread together once again. Until then, our deepest thank you to all in this faith community for keeping the ties that bind. With much love and appreciation,

Donna Steppe Sr. Warden -07-

Jeffrey Albright Jr. Warden

Worship Worship continues to be, even and perhaps especially during another year of being primarily apart due to COVID, a primary reflection and experience of Trinity’s radical welcome, outrageous hospitality, authentic connection and deep reverence for our rich tradition. Each time we gather to worship, whether in-person or through our online experience of Trinity@Home we boldly profess and embrace the moniker describing who and how we are as disciples as “progressive, inclusive and creative.” Nearly two years ago, on Palm Sunday (April 2020), we launched “Trinity@ Home.” Since then we have designed, created, experimented, adjusted and offered nearly two full years of Sunday services and special liturgies. All now archived and viewable on our website are a full year’s worth of expressing God’s love through our beautiful Episcopal traditionTrinity style. Some of the highlights of this past year in worship include: Feast Day celebrations, New Member welcome liturgy, Baptisms, Memorials, Holy week services-Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, a number of sermon series, welcoming 8 guest preachers and developed new tools to bring the message of God’s love to more and more households.

We have, and continue, to explore new ways to safely offer what we call the “Trinity soundtrack”- an eclectic expression of music that touches our souls and moves us deeper int the heart of God. We have expanded our offerings to include a wide-range of musical friends from the greater Toledo area as well as new ways to gather the choir, rehearse and record while also building community and deep connections. In the end, as challenging as this season has been for our worship life, and as much as we truly miss being together, we have been deeply blessed with the gift of reach and inclusion that only Trinity@Home can offer. And while we pray that 2022 will bring us, literally closer together to again to worship in person in our beautiful and sacred space for Trinity@316, we have realized and embraced the gift of adding this second service and are committed to the “both/and” approach in the weeks/ months and years to come.

Music has always been central in our collective worship life. The on-going need to suspend in-person worship for the majority of this second year has found us living into the challenge by finding new ways to safely record and offer music in our pre-recorded services. -08-

Average # TOTAL Sunday service household views


Average # PEAK Sunday service household views


Average # POST-Sunday service household views


# of Participants offering READINGS & PRAYERS for service


# of Participants offering MUSIC for service


# of New Members Welcomed Home


# of Countries where Trinity@Home services were viewed


# of Preachers


& Kim Tucker-Gray

Tom Hofbauer


trinity Staff

Post Companies

Deepest gratitude to our technology, production, and post-production partners and staff without which we could not create Trinity@Home week after week: Post Companies, HofbauerFilms, and Trinity Staff.

Thank you!!!

Hofbauer films


Trinity@Home “By the Numbers”

John Goodell

Lynzi Miller & Chelsie Cree


Jukebox Trinity

2021 provided an opportunity to address the structure of our music staff. With a vibrant, growing community, it was important for Trinity to focus on building a team ready for the challenges ahead. To quote a friend of ours, our “bench is deep.” Chelsie Cree was appointed the Choir Director in September of 2021. Her team includes the talent of Brian Buckner, online accompanist, and Grace Mauk as our in-person collaborative artist. Trinity also moved away from gig economy work and employed four working vocal professionals (Melissa Toth, Kim Buehler, Michael Barlos and Bradley Baker) as our section leaders, formerly known as the Jobst Choral Scholars. With many different specialties, these musicians serve as the backbone for our online services as content creators, providing support to the choir in both in-person worship and online rehearsals and doing in person and distanced recordings through acapella app. From January to October, the music department thrived in our online service, providing recordings using Acapella App, our Chapel recording booths, and in-person recording in our sanctuary space. Starting in November, our music team worked through adding in-person worship to our weekly work rotation, solving in-person music making challenges amid the ongoing pandemic. Our section leaders provided a masked scola, leading the congregation in music from distanced positions with amplification. Trinity Choir In February 2021, Trinity expanded also joined masked and distanced in weekly its music ministry to include the offerings during worship. Ukulele Choir. Open to all ages and Choir rehearsals have stayed exclusively online. experience levels, Chelsie led the group Fall of 2021 introduced the TEENA awards, through biweekly rehearsals fostering where choir members could win awards for music and intergenerational competitions in choir. Such competitions community, which culminated in have included activities like drawing contests three recordings for our online and riddle solving. With a focus on fostering community, our choir gained multiple new services. The Ukulele Choir was so participants, and worked together to complete popular, Chelsie was also invited to more than 15 online offerings through the lead a diocesan-wide Ukulele Day at year. Bellwether Farm. -10-

Building Updates Smaller projects, although equally as important, were accomplished throughout 2021. We found resilience to move forward despite increased time away from gathering together in person. We were graced with time and financial resources to care for our beloved sacred space. COVID-19 also brought the unexpected issue of supply chain delays and two projects are in holding patterns into 2022 because of it. Several of these projects were done without needing outside contractors. Below is a snapshot of improvements and upgrades: * Replace fire safety door to back garage entrance/exit * New plumbing/faucet in Sacristy * Annual Fire Inspection and ongoing repairs/troubleshooting to old fire alarm system * Two slate roof repairs above the Sanctuary * Chapel Recording Studio (Trinity@Home) upgraded for social distancing/singing protocols * Vestry Approved the following work to be completed in 2022: *Approval in concept work of RAM Construction on mitigating plaza water leaking in fish bowl, staff corridor and choir room *Approval of Lithonia panel dimming system replacement in the sanctuary *Approval of replacement of two antiquated Pushmatic electrical panels Jan. - Feb. Chapel major electrical upgrades in retrofitted lamps in historical light fixtures; wall outlets; dimming system



Limestone Cap Stone sealant replacement of Parish House roof facade done by RAM Construction

-Offices were reconfigured to include Rector from 2nd to 1st floor -Walbridge Room reconfigured back to meeting room -Installation of full windowed doors to three offices


Laibe Electric electrical updates to Choir Room; staff updated with paint, stackable choir chairs purchased and room reconfiguration


Nursery refreshed; staff updated with paint, interactive toy updates, carpet cleaned


September Building Feasibility Study Report completed by Randles Company In October 2020, the Vestry hired Randles Company to perform a feasibility study after identifying the need for a “future church building and plaza that is no longer a drain on precious staff, vestry and volunteer resources, but an expression of the church’s values which in turn increases membership, leadership and pledges.”

Building Feasibility Study process begins with Randles Company community wide zoom workshop




Faith Formation

Nearly every aspect of our common life influences and shapes our faith formation. Simply put “faith formation” is the term we use to capture how we spend our time, grow our faith, challenge our assumptions, learn about implicit bias, embrace our Episcopal tradition and, for many of us, reclaim the patterns, rituals and elements

of our rich Episcopal tradition that have historically kept us separated or feeling unwanted or unseen. Even amidst another year of being separated from in-person gatherings- we continued to grow and learn together. 2021 offered another full year of classes, gatherings, meals and ministry.

MOVING INWARD Emily Olson led us in another season of prayer exploration, weaving together music, movement, and mindfulness practices in an integrated approach to personal and spiritual growth. This was Trinity’s first dive into a synchronous hybrid formation offering, allowing participants to choose to either join in person or via Zoom.


Each Wednesday in October, a group of 20+ made a month-long commitment to read Marcus Borg’s engaging book, Reading the Bible Again for The First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously, But Not Literally and then met weekly on Zoom to engage in conversation. Beginning with a session exploring our past relationship and exposure to scripture led us into a series of deep, provocative, interesting, at times challenging and an ultimately rewarding experience. Each participant received a copy of a study Bible at the conclusion of the series.

OTHER MOMENTS OF FAITH FORMATION •Monthly Men’s Bible Studycoordinated by Jason Rahe •Abwoon Advent & Draw Me Nearer Lenten Offerings - led by Emily Olson •Lenten Covenantal Restoration Video Series - led by Priest Lisa •Card Guild - mailed out over 450 cards to our community this spring and summer

In the fall, Jolene Miller and Donna Steppe facilitated a second round of weekly discussions on Scott Gunn’s latest book, The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus. The book helped us explore the Episcopal Church’s Way of Love: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. Each week we explored a different aspect of the Way of Love: what did it mean? How is it currently reflected in our lives? We don’t often have a space to talk about spiritual practices and our struggles with them, and this book group provided space for those deep conversations.


Easter - April 4th – We welcomed 20 new members “Home” to Trinity at our online service. March & November - We baptized 4 new brothers & sisters in Christ in both private services and in our newly named Trinity@316 worship!



Kyle Grefe and Becky Koskinen led a monthly book club that reads fiction and non-fiction novels, including Homegoing, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, and Deacon King Kong.

SACRED GROUND Ongoing tragic deaths of many BIPOC brothers and sisters across the country, our nation continues to live into a season imploring white people to wrestle in earnest with white privilege, implicit bias and the void in our collective narrative omitting much of our deeply troubling but important history as a country. Trinity offered another round of the Episcopal series: Sacred Ground. Karen Keune and Becky Koskinen led the 10-week curriculum built around a powerful collection of documentary films and readings that focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific American histories as they intersect with European American histories.


As more children and their families find their way and place in our community we strive to keep connected to them even in this season of being separated. Birthday notes and family check-ins were welcomed. A few families initiated a PenPal program. The youth were more involved in music and reading this year as well.

A small but mighty group joined Deacon Megan on Wednesday evenings in Advent, exploring the history and importance of cultivating sacred space within our own homes.


Community Engagement We have been living into the gospel mandate to give of ourselves in service, love, compassion and kindness in the safest ways possible due to COVID-19. Focusing on more intentional relationship building with our community partners has helped grow us even in times of physical distancing. We have spent most of this last year finding fresh, creative ways to connect with the community and drawing our circle of kin-dom even wider.

LEVIS SQUARE SUMMER PICNICS – On the last Sunday afternoon of each month throughout the summer, we gathered at the newly renovated Levis Square on St. Clair to enjoy fellowship, picnics, live music and the fantastic summer weather in a way that was safe and intentional. Folks were asked to bring their own picnics and we provided catered lunches for our friends at Toledo Streets Newspaper. We were also joined by our neighbors at Renaissance Apartments and RiverFront Apartments. As folks passed by, they too were invited to join us. We are grateful for the talented musicians Kim Buehler Trio, Rick Caswell & Company and David Kosmyna. Our own Gerry Wilson provided golf cart transportation for anyone Following are some other highlights of the wonderful year we that needed it. We all enjoyed shared learning and growing together with our community being community outside of the partners and the greater Toledo community: walls of Trinity. TSN VENDOR LUNCHEvery Thursday, Toledo Streets Newspaper holds a vendor/ staff meeting with lunch to follow. During the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases, some of their staff meetings were postponed but the vendors still gathered for a quick meal. On the third Thursday of every month, teams of 3-4 volunteers safely gathered at Trinity to prepare and deliver 30+ lunches for their vendors.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

6 Trinity Pop-Up Dinners gathered in members’ homes Summer Ice Cream Sidewalk Social with Renaissance Apartment residents across the street Imagination Station tour of newly renovated theater Young Artists at Work (Arts Commission) utilized Trinity as home base while working on projects downtown Section Leaders and staff Christmas caroling at Memory Care/ Assisted Living Center in Sylvania Easter lily deliveries to homebound Trinity community members and Renaissance Apartment friends Toledo YWCA Stand Against Racism 21 Day Challenge Participation in WTOL documentary on stained glass windows in historic churches Installation of LGBQTIA Progress flags on building exterior Offered recording space for college admission portfolio for TSA Senior Landon Stone Staff delivered meals once a month for Mobile Meals of Toledo through summer Renewed three year financial support of Toledo Streets Newspaper; Annual Calendar Fundraiser Sponsored 2 Leadership Toledo Scholarships for youth program Support for Toledo School for the Arts Undisclosed Fundraiser Trinity Love face masks for the community Mobile Meals deliveries to homebound neighbors

NOONTIME AA- The daily noon AA Meeting at Trinity celebrated its 29th anniversary this year with a wonderful celebration in December. Meeting leaders continued to do the work of seating, temperature checks and mandatory masking keeping in step with the cases in Lucas County. We are grateful they are able to gather for this crucial community resource. -16-

Next To New Ministry

NEXT TO NEW - For over 70 years Next to New (NTN) has offered gently used and reasonably priced clothes and household goods. Run by a combination of volunteers and part-time staff, this ministry has been an extension and expression of Trinity’s desire to meet the needs of the community while offering a safe place with dignity and respect. It has also been a ministry that until recently was self-sustaining and in fact able to contribute a portion of its proceeds back to Trinity to invest in additional community engagement efforts. Over the past 5 years we have witnessed a decline in the number of volunteers willing and able to support the ministry as well as changes in our clientele and the needs of the downtown population. It was clear 3 years ago that a part-time paid manager would help us support the ministry needs as well as help us discern the right next steps. In April of 2021 NTN had depleted its financial reserves and was no longer able to cover its operating costs.

The vestry transferred $18,000 of Trinity bequest monies to NTN and a series of conversations began with NTN Manager Lynzi Miller, NTN volunteers, vestry members, Trinity staff and Priest Lisa to discern next steps. While NTN reopened in January one-day a week it was clear we were living into a new reality; our customer base had shifted significantly with fewer customers returning, our faithful volunteers were tired, and we could no longer financially afford to fund a staff position. At the same time, we have remained committed to exploring ways to continue to be a resource to those in need of free clothing shifting where and how that ministry could be relocated and offered at Trinity. Looking forward to the start of 2022, we’ll take time and space to gather information exploring our vision to re-open a new free community closet. Volunteer service days will be scheduled early in 2022 to continue organizing the inventory we currently have in our storerooms. Thank you to all who volunteered, offered donations, and shopped in the store this past year and to the many who have given much- time, talent, and treasure over the decades. 2021 HIGHLIGHTS• Welcomed 2 new volunteers to our team • Mercy College student-volunteer days • Filled TSN on-site closet for their vendors • Developed community partnerships with YWCA, Toledo Streets Newspaper, and A Renewed Minds • Supplied winter coats to Neighborhood Properties Peer Recovery Program -17-

Annual Pledge Drive Trinity engaged in our 2021 Annual Pledge Drive during 4 weeks in November. This year’s theme “Radical Transformation” was chosen as it comes directly out of the title of our 2030 Vision document titled: Come and See: Building Christian Community Committed to Radical Transformation. Radical Transformation will mean many different things to each of us but what we hope remains in common for all of us is represented in the image of the butterfly- the very real as well as metaphorical transformation that can and does happen in our lives every time we make the decision to walk the Way of Love. We set goals we thought would stretch us- a 10% increase in number of overall pledges, and a 5% increase in overall giving. As always, we are amazed and deeply grateful that people showed up and made their financial commitments for the year to come as an expression of faith and support of the ministry we share. We are so very grateful and can’t wait to see what God does with us and the resources we will offer in the year ahead. Each Sunday during the Pledge Drive we invited a different voice from our community to share their “Trinity Story.” We heard first-hand how this community makes an impact in our lives. Summary of pledge commitments 2018-2022 2018 2019 Number of pledges Total dollars pledged

61 $152,339

53 $156,354




64 $167,950

79 $202,244

75 *$168,020


Additional Results Average Pledge New Pledge Increase Same Decrease






$2,497 12 23 22 4

$2,950 13 24 10 6

$2,624 19 21 16 8

$2,560 26 23 23 7

$2,335 11 24 19 11

As the 2021 Annual Pledge Drive came to a close the BIG love of Trinity was ever apparent. Your generosity and thoughtful contributions support the work we will do together in 2022. The ever-present challenges that 2021 brought are not without notice. In some way, all of us have been touched by loss this year, whether personal, professional, spiritual, and/or financial, making it even more apparent how fragile and precious our time and resources are. The Trinity community has shown resolve on the way we speak to our mission. As we journey together in the coming year, may we be reminded of the sanctity of our loving, inclusive, and radically welcoming community, our home, and our family at Trinity Episcopal Church. Karen Keune & Bob Meeker, Annual Pledge Drive Co-Chairs -18-

2022 Budget Process & Conversation For the past 4 years, one week prior to the Annual Meeting, Trinity has hosted an all-parish budget presentation and conversation about church finances providing an overview of the sources of funding for our current operating budget. For some, understanding an organization’s finances is second nature, and to others it is not. We have made a commitment to doing all we can to share and educate, empower and inspire all of us in this area of our ministry. Our goal is to create a context and environment where all feel good about asking questions and getting involved. We are the bearers of great gifts and to whom much has been given much is expected- we are committed to living into that mandate together. The purpose of the annual budget conversation is to: • Review the sources of funding supporting the operating budget • Review the results of the most recent Annual Pledge Drive • Review the anticipated year of expenses and capital improvements (including an understanding of our current capital reserves) • Provide an opportunity for questions and conversation This year’s meeting was held on January 23rd and 26 members attended. Using this graphic, revenue sources supporting the operating budget were explained. Trinity is recipient of 2 generous funds providing nearly 59% of the resources used to meet anticipated operating expenses. 27% of the funds come from the aggregate of financial pledges and gifts made by the membership for the year ahead and the remaining 14% from outside grants and bequests and revenue transferred from the profits made at Next to New. The Trinity spending policy for the funds determines the amount available to use for ministry each year and the balance of the amount not used is transferred to a capital reserves (savings) account used to fund projects throughout the year. This past year those funds were used for a electrical upgrades in the chapel, roof repair, and office updates. During the presentation we were reminded the importance of doing all we can in the months and years ahead to increase the 27% of pledge, plate and special offerings in order to decrease our heavy reliance on the income from the trust funds. We are also looking forward to beginning the first steps of establishing a Planned Giving program providing yet another way to support Trinity financially. We are living into an exciting time with much work ahead and together, with generous and radically welcoming hearts we will, with God’s help do wonderful things.


Financials Additional Financial Information Permanent and Music & the Arts Endowment Funds Trinity is blessed to have received numerous and generous legacy donations over the course of many years. It is the responsibility and privilege of each generation of Trinity leadership and membership to live into the call of being good stewards of these important resources for ministry. Below is a snapshot of Trinity’s Endowment funds as of December 31, 2021. Each year available fund revenue is used from these two funds to supplement Trinity’s Operating Budget. The revenue is determined and distributed based on a 5% spending policy calculated on the 3-year average of the Fund’s Market value established annually at end of September (9/30). The funds are managed by KeyBank. Other Special Restricted Funds Trinity also holds several smaller funds outside those used to support the Operating budget. They are held in reserve until an appropriate request is made matching the stipulations of the donor. The exception includes the HAMM Bequest which has portions designated to supporting costs associated with either the Altar Guild or the E.C.W. (Episcopal Church Women- funds used for women & children related programs). Below is the related detail of activity for these funds in 2021.

Endowment Funds - End of Year Market Value Fund Name



2022 5% Spending Policy Allocation

Key Permanent Trust




Music & Arts








Other Special Restricted Funds - End of Year Market Value 2020



Altar Guild (Hamm)




ECW (Hamm)




Gunnel Mauk (Education)




Finch (Music)




Reycraft (Program Expansion)




Capital Reserves












2022 Budget 2021




Actual thru





Current Pledge Payments




Prepaid Pledge Payments







Plate & Special Offerings




Givers of Record

















Total Personnel




Total Bldg. & Grounds




Total Administration







Total Worship




Total Congregational Vitality












Prior Year Pledge

Total Plate & Pledge Combined Investment Income Other Operating Income

EXPENSES Personnel

Bldg. & Grounds


Community Engagement Total Community Engagement Worship & Music

Congregational Vitality

Net Surplus/(Deficit)


Parish Statistics 2019, 2020 & 2021 Worship Statistics 2019



Parish Families







Mailing Units







Church Post Subscribers








New Members




Christmas Eve




Palm Sunday




Baptisms Burials

Other Services


2021 In-Person Christmas Eve


178 *116 *81 *Trinity@Home highest PEAK household views.

Average Sunday In-Person (Trinity@316) Worship Attendance 2016 76




85 94 106 *January - March 2020. **November-December 2021.





Trinity@Home Attendance (March 2020 - December 2021)

See page 9 for more Trinity@Home statistics.



Average # TOTAL Sunday service household views



Membership Trends

Trinity Church, Toledo, OH





Koskinen Steppe

Becky *Donna


Fritz *Karen





*to be elected at 2022 annual meeting



2021-2024 2022-2025




2022 Vestry Snapshot

2022-23 Vestry Meeting Schedule Vestry meetings are usually scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm and held either at Trinity or via Zoom.






The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray Rector lisa@trinitytoledo.org

Donna Steppe, Senior Warden Jeffrey Albright, Junior Warden Leah Reed, Clerk Gary Franklin, Treasurer Dennis Degnan Fritz Hany Becky Koskinen Robert Meeker Jamie Paul

The Rev. Dcn. Megan Allen Curate megan@trinitytoledo.org (July - December) Heather Meyer Director of Operations and Community Development heather@trinitytoledo.org Chelsie Cree Choir Director chelsie@trinitytoledo.org Grace Mauk Trinity@316 Accompanist grace@trinitytoledo.org Brian Buckner Trinity@Home Accompanist Lynzi Miller Next To Manager & Communications Coordinator lynzi@trinitytoledo.org Nick Zurawski Sexton nick@trinitytoledo.org (January - September)

EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF OHIO 2230 Eudid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115-2499 216.771.4815 The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.

PARISH OFFICE Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 316 Adams Street Toledo, OH 43604 419.243.1231 trinity@trinitytoledo.org