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Welcome Home! The pages of this 2020 Annual Report contain pictures and words sharing another year of life together in this beloved community of faith. As always, they are not definitive, and we have surely missed many moments, and, have no doubt made unintentional mistakes. It also bears stating up front, this year has been like no other with challenges and gifts we could not have imagined just a year ago. From April on, 2020 was the year we birthed and developed “Trinity@Home,� a way to offer Sunday worship and weekly Formation and Service opportunities all from our homes with very little face-to-face interaction. It has been a life-changing process and season for us all. Together, and with God’s help, we have surpassed every expectation and goal of full participation, increased reach and cultivating new friends, membership, financial support and ways to connect. Thank you to everyone who continues to generously give of themselves and their time making Trinity@Home a new and wonderful way to spread the Good News. Amidst the multiple pandemics surrounding us this past year; medical, political, social, and economic, Trinity continues to offer a community willing to stand up, speak out, listen and learn all in the hopes of walking the path paved by Jesus leading towards equality, dignity and greater access to resources for all. This Annual Report is a snapshot, not of perfection but rather, a collection of moments in time on our journey together deeper into the heart of God. May it inspire, challenge, comfort and maybe even disturb you a little so that together we put away our complacency and embrace a kind of collective spiritual activism as we seek to live out the Gospel.

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A Year in Pictures

Vestry Snapshot

May the words and pictures of this report convey the excitement, growth and possibilities shaping who we have been and are still becoming with God’s help.


Rector’s Message We look with uncertainty beyond the old choices for clear-cut answers to a softer, more permeable aliveness which is every moment at the brink of death; for something new is being born is us if we but let it. We stand at the doorway, Awaiting that which comes… Daring to be human creatures, Vulnerable to the beauty of existence. Learning to love.

We Look with Uncertainty (by Ann Hillman)

Beloved FriendsHonestly, as I look back on the year we have just lived through, I have to sit down and take a deep breath! I do so with equal parts gratitude and astonishment. Many of you know I am always thinking about what it means to be a community that describes itself as “progressive, inclusive and creative,” and yet never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how well and intensely we would wrestle with that question over the course of a year such as we have just had. Together we have learned new tools, accepted new invitations, engaged new levels of participation and the result has been nothing short of astounding. Below is a snapshot of highlights I will carry with me from 2020. Highlights from 2020 ◊ Shifting from in-person, to web streaming to, by April, launching Trinity@Home ◊ Designing and launching a new Pastoral Care tool: Daily Bread ◊ Welcoming 27 new members home at Pentecost (virtually!) ◊ Completing “Sanctuary Facelift Project” (June-December) ◊ Building COVID safe sound booths in the Chapel for recording ◊ Engaging Randles Co. for a Feasibility Study ◊ 36 Trinity members engaging the Documentary-based Sacred Ground curriculum ◊ Completing the most successful Annual Pledge Drive in a decade- and all online! ◊ Building our relationship with Toledo Streets and finding new community partners ◊ Celebrating 5 baptisms outside on the street in front of the church ◊ Offering new lay lead devotion and formation opportunities ◊ Developing a new Music Ministry Strategy ◊ More significant improvements to our technology & infrastructure May you never forget that you are loved, Lisa -04


start with the obvious: 2020 turned our lives upside down. The global novel coronavirus pandemic had an unimaginably dramatic impact -- on our faith community, our nation, the world. At Trinity, thanks be to God, we not only rolled with the punches -- we rock-androlled. After the state lockdown in March, even as we hoped and prayed for swift public-health recovery, it quickly dawned on your rector and vestry that we were plunged into a new reality for the long haul. We are proud to say that, under Lisa’s creative and determined leadership, Trinity did not falter. We quickly learned how to “gather” the congregation for worship that, despite virtual limitations, remained spirit-filled and community building. As we end 2020, we can report that our online services consistently draw not only those within our faith community, but people far and wide. Now more than ever, our hearts know with certainty that “church” is not just a building!

Wardens’ Message Responding to the demands brought about by the pandemic meant suspending some other activities that we’d looked forward to filling our year, especially work already begun on Trinity’s 2030 Visioning process. This methodology, developed by Ann Arbor’s renowned Zingerman’s, taught us specific ways to dream big about our collective future. After multiple parish-wide learning opportunities offered by Lisa, a small group was midway through the draft-writing process when the pandemic by necessity redirected our focus.

We’re delighted to report that just this month, we’ve resumed work on 2030 Vision. On a related and also important note, this year will yield results of a newly launched Feasibility Study. Informed in great part by our Visioning work, this study We want to thank each of you for help- will help us winnow the many possibilities ing make Trinity@Home a weekly anchor of how best to grow into our sacred duty to of meaning and belonging in an upend- be the hands and feet of God on this Earth. ed world. We thank everyone also for their We ache, as no doubt you do, too, from the faithful support -- Trinity’s pledges and physical separation that Covid requires us offerings are even stronger these days, to maintain. That first day we can come toand we are truly blessed by this sign of gether and pray, sing, and worship -- how congregational commitment. we long for that day! Until then, our deepest thanks to all in this faith community for keeping the ties that bind. With love and appreciation, Donna and Roberta

Donna Steppe Sr. Warden

Roberta Durham Jr. Warden -05

Summary of Vestry Actions Throughout the year, the vestry, commissions and Lisa work side by side developing and nurturing our ministry. In 2020, the vestry’s main areas of focus included: regular communication to congregation regarding updates due to COVID, supporting major building renovation projects while in-person worship was suspended, engaging a process to contract a Feasibility Study, supporting the staff during this time of separation and supporting an Annual Pledge Drive done completely online with amazing reults. * Welcomed new vestry members Jeffrey Albright, Jamie Paul, Leah Reed (full 3-year terms) and Jane Bueche & Fritz Hany (filling 1-year unexpired terms). * Participated in All-day Vestry Retreat for 2030 Vision casting work with small business owner and Zingerman’s Vision user Josie Ann Lee Draybuck. * Approved new office printer contract requested by Director of Operations. * Approved Dimech AC Unit Maintenance plan requested by Director of Operations. * Accepted letters of intent from Leadership Toledo and Food for Thought re: Shared Building Cost. * Approved capital reserves funding for Project: Sanctuary Faceleft” to include: Organ cleaning and repair, Lighting upgrades, Outside tuck-pointing and indoor plaster 7 painting work and sanctuary floor refinishing. * Approved application for PPP government loan to underwrite operating costs related to staff expenses during pandemic. * Approved renewal and increase of PostCo Annual 360 service contract providing technology support year-round. * Approved new Building/Facility Use Form. * Approved purchase and installation of full-size “Black Lives Matter” banner to replace middle banner on building as a sign of solidarity and support. * Suspended initiation of Leadership Toledo Shared Building Cost from July 1 to October 1as a gesture of support during challenging times. * Accepted additional Music & Arts bequest of $546,723.81 and resolved to deposit $500,000 into the current Trust (of same name) and the balance in the Key Bank MM Account with the intention of honoring donor’s wishes to support music & the arts. * Approved Feasibility Study proposed by Toledo based Randles Co. to initiate and complete studay by Spring 2021. * Approved proposal for significant electric and lighting upgrades in Trinity Chapel by Laibe electric. * Approved the 2021 Operating Budget. Respectfully Submitted, Leah Reed, Clerk -06

Building Updates This season of Trinity@Home has graced us with the time and financial resources to make some necessary updates to our beloved building. Four of these projects were done without needing outside contractors. Below is a snapshot of improvements and upgrades made to our sacred space. * * * * * * * * *

Sanctuary Bell Tower Doors & Basement AA Doors readjusted for proper closure, $600 contract. My Brothers Place Painted by Trinity staff, Nick and Ray, $300 supplies. Food For Thought space update - Removal and diassmbly of old office furniture and shelving. Painting of two offices in staff corridor for alternate workspace in time of social distancing. Dimech Services Inc. maintenance to chiller, fan motors and piping insulation, $3,802. Began new preventative maintenance contract with Dimech in March, $9,975 annually. Annual Fire Inspection by Bureau of Fire Prevention, $500 annual contract. New shelving and Vestment rack installed in Sanctuary alcove, $700. New landscaping tools for plaza and sidewalks $350. (previously contracted out to landscaping co.) November 11-13 Laibe Electric replaces bulbs in spotlights, wall sconces and chandeliers, and replaced floods with new LED fixture

July 15-23 OBR completes exterior masonry tuckpointing June 22 Organ pipes are removed

November 25-27 Salgua Roofing makes emergency repairs to sanctuary roof after high winds rip off slate tiles

September 10-22 Install of new cloister flat roof: insulating, applying new rubber and attaching to our existing tile roof

October 28 OBR completes interior restoration and removes scaffolding

July 8 OBR begins interior plaster repairs

January 2021 Organ pipes return

Project Sanctuary Facelift Grand Total $104,754

November 23-25 Harrison Floors strip and refinishe the sanctuary floors.

August 7 Water damaged plaster in organ loft is repaired and/or replaced


Trinity@Home Worship continues to be a primary reflection and experience of Trinity’s radical welcome, outrageous hospitality, authentic connection and deep reverence for our rich tradition. Each Sunday, whether in-person or through our online experience of Trinity@Home we claim to be “progressive, inclusive and creative.” Well, this year surely ushered in a new season to live out those core values in a singularly new way. We began the year with in-person worship; on Sunday March 15 we suspended worship and sent out a home devotional sheet so that we could take a few days to discern next steps. The following 2 Sundays, the last 2 Sundays of Lent, March 22nd & 29th we live-streamed the service from the sanctuary and then left with a commitment to find a way to move our service completely online and away from the building. Beginning in April on Palm Sunday we launched “Trinity@Home” and have not looked back. We have learned new skills, involved over 150 individuals in the months of services since- reading, praying, singing, preaching and sending us out to still “Love and serve the Lord.” In addition to the continuation of Sunday services, we have explored creative ways to pre-record and offer other worship experiences as well including: Memorial services, Holden Evening, Baptism, Welcoming Home of New Members, a full offering of Holy Week services and, perhaps, the most inclusive and creative Christmas Pageant Trinity has ever experienced.


Music has always been central in our collective worship life. We have, and continue, to explore new ways to safely offer what we call the “Trinity soundtrack”- an eclectic expression of music that touches our souls and moves us deeper int the heart of God. We have expanded our offerings to include a wide-range of musical friends from the greater Toledo area as well as new ways to gather the choir, rehearse and record all within the safety protocols and guidelines outlined by the diocese. In the end, as challenging as this season has been for our worship life, and as much as we truly have missed being together, we have been deeply blessed with the gift of reach and inclusion through our online format. A look at the numbers on the next page reveals this gift in spades. Week after week we welcome new friends to worship and many have stayed on to join other aspects of our communal life.


Average # TOTAL Sunday service household views


Average # PEAK Sunday service household views


# of Participants offering READINGS & PRAYERS for service


# of Participants offering MUSIC for service


# of New Members Welcomed Home


# of Countries where Trinity@Home services have been loaded to the player, opened, viewed, or downloaded


# of Countries from which readings or prayers were submitted



Thank you!!!

Deepest gratitude to our recording venues, technology, production and post-production partners without which we could not create our beautiful weekly service(s): Post Companies, HofbauerFilms, Stone Soup Studios, Kerrytown Concert House and Owen Cappellini.


Faith Formation

Nearly every aspect of our common life influences and shapes our faith formation. Simply put “faith formation” is the term we use to capture how we spend our time, grow our faith, challenge our assumptions, learn about implicit bias, embrace our Episcopal tradition and, for many of us, reclaim the patterns, rituals and elements


we started with in-person opportunities to grow together: •Episcopal 101 Class: exploring our history, polity and tradition. •Lenten Book Study: The Time is Now by Joan Chittister: We focused on the wise, compelling & compassionate work and life of Joan Chittister. Offering 2 sessions each week, the community was able to engage in rich and generative conversation on a wide- range of topics offered through Chittister’s passionate work. •March 1 we hosted Teri Bays’ one-woman show, Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story for a production in our chapel that brought to life many of the same topics.

of our rich Episcopal tradition that have historically kept us separated or feeling unwanted or unseen. Even amidst almost a full year of being separated from in-person gatherings- we continued to grow and learn together. 2020 offered another full year of classes, gatherings, meals and ministry.


of March much of our collective worlds were turned upside down as we left the building in order to stay safe during this season of COVID. The words we will use to describe our pivot to a new way of doing and being church are: nimble, resilient, creative and courageous. Within a week’s time we had discovered new platforms to continuing offering ways to grow in faith as well as a new willingness to cultivate Lay Leadership. Following is a list of some of the offerings we enjoyed at various times from April-December all through our new platform we call: Trinity@Home:

•Monthly Men’s Bible Studycoordinated by Jason Rahe •Lenten Book Study- led by Katie Kuntz-Wineland •Friday Compline- led at different times by Jason Rahe & Nancy Colpaert, Donna Steppe & Jolene Miller •Wednesday Lectio Divina - led by Katie Kuntz-Wineland & Sheila Otto •Evening Exhale- Dominic Glover from Modern Dance Co •Tuesday Lunches with Lisa

In the fall, Jolene Miller and Donna Steppe facilitated a small weekly discussion of Scott Gunn’s latest book, The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus. The book helped us explore the Episcopal Church’s Way of Love: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. Each week we explored a different aspect of the Way of Love: what did it mean? How is it currently reflected in our lives? We don’t often have a space to talk about spiritual practices and our struggles with them, and this book group provided space for those deep conversations. -10

OTHER MOMENTS OF FAITH FORMATION Pentecost, May 31st – We welcomed 27 new members “Home” to Trinity at our online service. Saturday, November 7th - We baptized 5 new brothers & sisters in Christ in a not-tobe-forgotten service outside on the sidewalk!

CHILDREN’S FORMATION SACRED GROUND Perhaps most importantly, 2020 will be remembered as the year we all became “WOKE.” With the tragic deaths of many BIPOC brothers and sisters across the country and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, our nation was ushered into a season imploring white people to wrestle in earnest with white privilege, implicit bias and the void in our collective narrative omitting much of our deeply troubling but important history as a country. Trinity responded to this season in a number of ways that we hope will continue to be on-going in the year(s) to come. One response was the engagement in the Episcopal series: Sacred Ground.36 members of our community joined 36 others to form 7 small groups engaging the 10-week curriculum built around a powerful collection of documentary films and readings that focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific American histories as they intersect with European American histories.

As more children and their families found their way and place in our community we worked hard this year to keep connected to them even in this season of being separated. Art Boxes were delivered to the youngest among us with notes of encouragement. Birthday notes and family checkins were welcomed.


Development of Trinity@Home allowed our Readers Guild to expand ten-fold and served as one of the most steadfast forms of engagement with our Trinity community. We saw the expansion of our readers guild from roughly 12 people who offered scripture and prayers on Sunday, to over 150 people who have contributed a reading or prayer during an online service. If you would like to offer a reading or prayer, email the office.

CARD GUILD As a way to stay connected and spread the love, a group of 14 Trinity members came together forming our new Card Guild. Each was provided supplies and directories, and tasked with writing and sending cards to all of the households on Trinity’s mailing list every other week. Kim Henkel led this guild, which mailed over 1,300 cards to the Trinity community between March and August. Magazine Title -11



Community Engagement Two years ago, our community began re-imagining how we stretch ourselves and live into the gospel mandate to give of ourselves in service, love, compassion and kindness. We agreed we were missing an opportunity to build meaningful relationships, and it has transformed how and who we are in the Glass City. Together, we discerned the need to refocus our energy on developing long-term and deeper relationships in addition to helping others financially. We have spent most of this last year finding fresh, creative ways to connect with the community in our time physically distanced due to Covid-19. It has been challenging and rewarding, and it has drawn our circle of kin-dom even wider. NEXT TO NEW- our beloved resale shop closed its doors for nearly 7 months between March and October of 2020, due to COVID-19. During the time away, an online store was created, featuring the shops higher end vintage merchandise, and volunteers hosted Donation Days and worked to establish safety protocols so that the shop would be able to reopen late in the fall. We also prepared supply bags with items such as clothings, bedding and kitchenwares for clients oflocal non-profits and agencies, such as the Ohio Drug Center, Family House, and Toledo Streets Newspaper while the shop was closed.

TSN VENDOR LUNCH- Every Thursday, Toledo Streets Newpaper holds a vendor/staff meeting, with lunch to follow. During this season of social distancing, their staff meetings were postponed, but the vendors still gathered for a quick meal. On the third Thursday of every month, teams of 3-4 volunteers safely gathered at Trinity to prepare and deliver 30+ lunches for their vendors.

By mid-October, Next To New was able to safely reopen one day per week, welcoming back our volunteers and customers into our space. As we move forward into 2021, the shop will remain open on Thursdays from BELL TOLLING FOR COVID VICTIMS9:30-2:30. Every Friday in October at 5pm, Trinity honored and mourned the 200,000+ U.S. lives lost to COVID-19 by tolling our bell 200 times, once for every thousand lives lost. On the final Friday of October, rector Lisa Tucker-Gray offered a time of prayer before and during the ringing, and the bell tolling was live-streamed on our social media.

NOONTIME AA- After a short break due to COVID-19, the daily noon AA Meeting at Trinity returned in June. Meeting leaders reorgazined the room so they could safely gather together for this important community resource. -14

BLACK LIVES MATTER- One way Trinity wanted to share our ineffable support of the Black Lives Matter movement was to find a permanent fixture on our building. Through an anonymous donor, we purchased a new banner which lives at the corner of Adams Street and St. Clair Street. It is imperative we live out our faith by increasing our moral voices in order to share what we believe and why- loving our neighbors and respecting the dignity of every human being.

Following are some other highlights of the wonderful year we shareed learning and growing together with our parnters and the greater community: •Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in My Brothers Place •Sunday Morning Community Breakfast & To-Go Breakfasts through end of March •Arts Commission Art Bags assembled by Trinity members for 125 downtown families •Hosted the YWCA Unity March- January 2020 •Renewed relationship with Aurora House; Setting up Trinity@Home accessibility, and supplying a pizza party for their residents •Financial support to Better Together Toledo and Disability Center of Greater Toledo •Renaissance Senior Apartments Ice Cream Social on Sidewalk •Arts Commission Momentum art installations in Adams Street windows for community self-guided exhibit •Staff delivered meals once a month for Mobile Meals of Toledo •Leading Families Home Christmas Appeal recipient •Continued support of Toledo Streets Newspaper- 100 Thank You’s Fundraiser, Annual Calendar Fundraiser, Third of Three-Year Pledge •Sponsored Leadership Toledo Scholarship •Toledo School for the Arts Unity Sculpture financial contribution •Grocery contributions for St. Paul’s United Methodist Meals To-Go program •Showing of ACT’s “The Mountaintop” in the Chapel •Hosted Blessing of Newly Elected Officials- January 2020 •Building tours given to Children’s Discovery Center, Owens CC •Hosted an Adult Forum on the Bluff Street Village, tiny home project


Music Jukebox Trinity

Music provides the heartbeat of who we are at Trinity. And even though we were kept apart for much of the year after suspending in-person worship beginning in mid-March, the beat went on! For much of that time we were blessed with the leadership of our Music Director, Nate Leonard. We began with 2 live-streamed services in the sanctuary and then moved to a completely digital- pre-recorded format for the remainder of the year. The music ministry evolved and grew exploring new ways to keep us singing for our lives including: using software programs to record from the safety of our homes, initiating a new relationship with a local recording studio, Stone Soup and inviting musical friends from the greater Toledo area to submit pieces expanding our offerings and palette of genres and styles. In November, Director Nate Leonard left Trinity and we engaged a time of transition with the musicians and community inviting in new possibilities- but that is another story and one we tell in the year to come. -16


Annual Pledge Drive Trinity engaged in our 2020 Annual Pledge Drive during 4 weeks in October. When we set “Faith-Filled Generosity” as the theme for this year’s campaign we did not know what this year would be like. We had no idea that Trinity@Home would be our new way of spreading the Good News of God’s love in our lives, and yet we embraced that reality and showed up bigger and bolder than ever. We became stronger, more resilient, and more connected than we have ever been as a Church and as a community of neighbors. We set goals we thought would stretch us- a 10% increase in number of overall pledges, and a 5% increase in overall giving. We are still amazed, delighted and deeply grateful that those goals were blown out of the water as people showed up and made their financial commitments for the year to come as an expression of faith and support of the ministry we share. In the end we increased our pledges by 20% as well as the overall amount pledged. We are so very grateful and can’t wait to see what God does with us and the resources we will offer in the year ahead. Each Sunday during the Pledge Drive we invited a different voice from our community to share their “Trinity Story.” We heard first-hand how this community makes an impact in our lives. These stories, like everything we do, were grounded in the belief that building up the Kinship of God is always the place from which we begin to develop our own spiritual muscles of faith-filled generosity. Summary of pledge commitments 2018-2021 2018 2019 Number of pledges Total dollars pledged



53 $156,354

64 $167,950

79 $202,244





$2,497 12 23 22 4

$2,950 13 24 10 6

$2,624 19 21 16 8

$2,560 26 23 23 7

61 $152,339

Additional Results Average Pledge New Pledge Increase Same Decrease

We are growing in numbers, faith and passion as more and more beloved friends are answering the call to join us and make a financial commitment to the ministry we share. Thank you to everyone who worked to make this season of faith-filled generosity not only successful but also a real reminder that with God all things are possible.


Financials Note Available fund revenue for operations is distributed based on a 5% spending policy calculated on the 3-year average of Market value established annually on 9/30.

Summary of Next to New 2020 Finances Due to the pandemic, NTN remained closed for 7 months this year and then re-opened one-day-a-week. This was an important decision for safety of volunteers and shoppers, resulting in a decrease of income. We look forward to a strong comeback once we are fully, safely, Additional Note Funds for operations are distributed based on a 5% open again. spending policy calculated on the 3-year average of Next To New market value established annually on 9/30. The funds $39,519 are managed by KeyBank. We gratefully acknowledge Beginning Balance an anonymous bequest in 2020 of $546,724 to the Total Income $4,333 Music & Arts Fund. Total 2020 market value (which Total Expenses $37,665 includes the bequest) compares to $10,471,081 at Ending Balance $1,445 12/31/2019. Endowment Funds

Trinity also holds a number of smaller funds outside those used to support the Operating budget. They are Fund Name Market Value held in reserve until an appropriate request is made (12/31/2020) matching the stipulations of the donor. The exception Key Master Trust $4,661,204.00 includes the HAMM Bequest which has portions desigMusic & Arts $5,698,254.00 nated to supporting costs associated with either the Altar TOTAL $10,359,458.00 Guild or the E.C.W. (Episcopal Church Women- funds used for women & children related programs). Below is the related detail of activity for these funds in 2020. Other Special Purpose Funds Parish Operations (Hamm)


Altar Guild (Hamm)


ECW (Hamm)


Total Income


Gunnel Mauk (Education)


Total Expenses


Finch (Music)


Reycraft (Program Expansion)


Endowment Capital Reserves





Altar Guild Beginning Balance

Ending Balance



Episcopal Church Women Beginning Balance Total Income


Total Expenses


Ending Balance





2021 Budget 2020







(thru 12/31/10)


INCOME 167,950









Plate & Special Offerings




Current as if Pledged


























Current Year Pledges Pre-paid pledge payments Prior Year Pledges

Total Plate & Pledge Combine Investment Income Other Operating Income TOTAL INCOME EXPENSES



Total Personnel

Bldg. & Grounds


Total Bldg. & Grounds



Total Administration

Community Engagement


Total Community Engagement

Worship & Music


Total Worship

Congregational Vitality Total Congregational Vitality











Net Surplus/(Deficit) -19

Parish Statistics 2019 & 2020 Worship Statistics 2019






















New Members



Other Services

Parish Families

Christmas Eve Palm Sunday Easter



Mailing Units





Church Post Subscribers





*March-Dec, Trinity@Home highest PEAK household views

Average Sunday Attendance 2016










*March-Dec, Trinity@Home average PEAK household views

Membership Trends Trinity Church, Toledo, OH

260 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0








































Jeffrey *Roberta

*to be elected at 2021 annual meeting






2021 Vestry Snapshot

2021 Vestry Schedule All vestry meetings are scheduled 6:00-8:00pm. 2021 Dates

Meeting Description/Focus


Sunday, Jan. 31

Annual Meeting, following 10:00 worship


Tuesday, Feb. 23

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


(& election of Officers) Tuesday, March 23

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, April 27

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, May 25

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, June 29

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, July 27

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, August 31

Annual Vestry & Staff Cookout


Tuesday, Sept. 28

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, Oct. 26

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, Dec. 7

Vestry Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm (Budget approval)


Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022

All-Parish Budget Presentation, 11:30am


Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022

Annual Meeting, during 10:00 worship