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Class Notes Class of 1976 Jennie Brooks Jamison ’76 wrote: “I graduated from NC State ’80 and VCU ’83 and ’86 and was recruited to help start the IB Program at St. Petersburg High School in Florida. I jumped at the chance and am now in my 31st year of teaching. I mainly teach IB Psychology but also have many years of experience with eory of Knowledge (TOK). I am very involved with IB and lead workshops, act as an examiner, and have worked on four curriculum reviews. I write texts for the course and my newest book, Psychology for the 21st Century, will be out in early 2017. I will teach as long as it is fun and enjoy sharing my interests in Tai Chi, meditation, and organic gardening with my students. I love living in St. Petersburg and married John Jamison 16 years ago, a chef, Kung Fu Sifu, and respiratory therapist. My two passions are working for Big Cat Rescue in Tampa and traveling. My latest trip was to Mongolia in the summer of 2016 where a group of women hiked some of the back country. I am also working on parts of the Appalachian Trail. I visit Richmond several times a year to see my extensive family. I would love to hear from old friends at”

Class of 1987 Chris Johnson ’87 wrote: “After I graduated from Trinity I went to St. John’s University in Queens, NY. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized how well Trinity had prepared me for the course work. I graduated from St. John’s University and went to John Jay College for graduate work as a probation officer with the New York City Department of Probation. In 1993 I joined the New York City Police Academy and was assigned to the 75th precinct in Brooklyn. I worked with some of the best cops and detectives in the world and it seemed like every major news story had some connection to that place: Diallo shooting, the New York Zodiac killer and even Dan Bongino’s run for Maryland US Senate. I worked in narcotics and on a joint task force with the department of probation where I was involved in great cases and survived 9/11. After four years I was promoted and assigned to the 67th precinct in Brooklyn. Assignments included transit, anti-crime and vandals squad. Now that I am close to retirement, my proudest achievements (other than my wife and two kids) include watching guys I trained or supervised succeed and move on to bigger and better assignments and it’s made me wonder if that is how our teachers at Trinity felt.”

Class of 1996 Lucy Vozza Massey ’96 and her husband Travis welcomed their daughter, Magdalena Vozza Massey, on August 5, 2016.

Class of 1977

Class of 1998

Eddy Frayser ’77 wrote: “Amy Addis Frayser ’77 and I live on Cherokee, not far from TES, and just celebrated our 30th anniversary. Amy works at MCV in pulmonary research and I have had e Frayser Group, LLC, an independent insurance brokerage firm, since 1995. Our son, Dylan, is in the film industry and our daughter, Courtney Frayser Jenkins ’08, is a graphic designer.”

Tres Watson ’98 wrote: “After managing a campaign for the youngest statewide elected official in the nation, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles, I was named communications director for the Republican Party of Kentucky. I serve as spokesman for the party and work with candidates and elected officials to help craft their message.”

Class of 1986 James Shelton ’86 wrote: “I am in my fifth year of working for the state of Virginia in software quality assurance. I have worked for ten years in this field with 20 years in IT. As a hobby I identify all kinds of wildlife. I have run the Richmond Butterfly Count for four years, as a counter of frogs and also birds by voice for federal programs, USGS and NAAMP. I have photographed over 1,000 species on the iNaturalist website. I have also photographed for Wikipedia and have written three Wikipedia articles on the Chesterfield railroads that went to the Beech Station National Historic Landmark: Clover Hill Railroad, Brighthope Railroad and the Farmville and Powhatan Railroad. I just got back from helping the Nature Conservancy monitor birds in specific areas where they have done controlled burns sometime in the last 11 years.”



Class of 1999 Kate Ashton ’99 wrote: “Evan Purcell of Middlebury, Vermont and I got married on October 8 at the Red Clover Inn in Mendon, Vermont. Titan guests included Brian Phillips, Alice Phillips, Madelyn Phillips ’15, Griffin Phillips ’18, and Bill Sanderson ’94. Evan and I live in Astoria, NY where I am the resident dance lighting designer at Williams College. Recent and upcoming work includes ‘Aida’ (Aspen Opera eatre Center), ‘Josephine and I’ (Public eater), Juilliard’s Gala 2016, and the Lincoln Center Festival. I also joined the United Scenic Artists in the fall of 2015.”

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Titan Trail (Winter 2017)  

A semiannual magazine for parents, alumni and friends of the Trinity community.

Titan Trail (Winter 2017)  

A semiannual magazine for parents, alumni and friends of the Trinity community.