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But you, O LORD, sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations. 18Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD. Psalm 102:12, 18 12


CONTENTS Our “Four-Fathers”


A Decade In Review


2005 – Change of Command


2006 – Trinitarian Experience


2007 – Care and Connect


2008 – New Beginnings


2009 – Enter into Abundant Living


2010 – Blessed to be a Blessing


2011 – Potential to Fulfillment


2012 – Apostolic Faith for Apostolic Fulfillment


2013 – Encounter God


2014 – Kingdom Alignment for Kingdom Assignment


2015 – Year of Jubilee


10 Milestones in 10 Years


I’m Growing Up in Trinity!


10 Years of God’s Faithfulness: Reflections on Marriage


A Decade of Salvation


I Was Water Baptized at Trinity in 2005!


I Was Commissioned as a Spiritual Parent in 2005


10 Years as a Pastor


Decade after Decade: Reflections on Life and Ministry


Serving the Nations: 10 Years as Trinity’s Ambassador


10 Years as First Lady


10 Years as Senior Pastor





Trinity Christian Centre would not be what it is today without the lifework of our founders. Her foundations are solid because of their dedication to leaving a lasting legacy.

1970-1971 Rev and Mrs Glenn D. Stafford Trinity had its humble beginnings in the personal residence of its founders, Rev and Mrs Glenn Stafford (1 Greenleaf View) in 1969. The Staffords were missionaries from the Assemblies of God, America. Their heart’s cry was to have “...a Pentecostal witness in District 11 of Singapore.” In September 1969, they started a prayer meeting with 10 people, including five from their family, at their home. The weekly prayer meetings continued until April 1970, when the Staffords launched the first Sunday Service at No. 2 Hillcrest Road in Bukit Timah. There, Trinity Christian Centre was birthed. Within several months, Sunday School, Sunday evening evangelistic services, and mid-week prayer meetings were added. Mrs Stafford also conducted tract distributions around the Hillcrest and Watten Estate areas, inviting many young adults to the church. By the time the Staffords returned to the US in July 1971, Trinity’s average attendance was around 50. 6

1971-1974 Rev and Mrs Raymond A. Busby In July 1971, the young church was handed over to another set of missionary pastors, Rev and Mrs Ray A. Busby. More young people continued to attend Trinity and were led to Christ. This group of young adults would eventually become the core group of members and workers in this church.

1974-1976 Rev and Mrs Robert E. Ferguson In February 1974, Rev and Mrs Robert E. Ferguson were sent as missionaries to continue the work in Trinity. Their faithful ministry saw rapid growth in the church and Trinity relocated to the ballroom of Hotel Equatorial at Bukit Timah Road. Three buses were chartered to bring people to church, packing the 300-seat facility. Trinity’s very first baptism service was held in 1975. In that same year, the church saw the first members come to being.

1976-2005 Rev Naomi Dowdy 1976 was a significant year for Trinity Christian Centre with the appointment of Pastor Naomi Dowdy as Senior Pastor, ushering in a season of spiritual revival that continues to this day. The congregation, averaging over 250 at the start of her leadership, outgrew the ballroom of Hotel Equatorial and relocated to the auditorium of Regional English Language Centre (RELC) at Orange Grove Road. To win, nurture, and disciple became Trinity’s mission. Evangelistic productions, equipping classes, carecells, and missions endeavors became the hallmarks of the church. When Pastor Dowdy turned the church over to her successor, Trinity Christian Centre had grown to a church of global impact with more than 4,000 in attendance, a strong missions program, and three freehold properties in land-scarce Singapore.

In March 1977, Trinity Christian Centre was recognized as a sovereign church by the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Singapore. We remain grateful for the foundations set by our forefathers. Yet, as Hebrews 11:40 says, “God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” In 2005, Rev Dominic Yeo took on the mantle of leadership, ushering a new season of growth and global impact for Trinity Christian Centre. 7

Change of Command “God wants to move us from contentment to enlistment, to bring divine alignment for divine assignment. God wants us to open our eyes and ears to show us what needs to take place (Revelations 4:1). We must prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare. Now is the time! Get yourselves ready – ready to reap the harvest, ready to do battle.” - Pastor Naomi Dowdy, Watchnight Service 2004


After almost 30 years of leadership under Pastor Naomi Dowdy, Trinity Christian Centre celebrated a new season of leadership as Pastor Dominic Yeo was appointed as the new Senior Pastor on March 10, 2005. “I am thankful and privileged to have been mentored by Pastor Naomi Dowdy. I look forward to steering the church to new frontiers and uncharted waters. This shift is not only for me, but for all of us as a church. I would like to lead all of you to new levels of personal and corporate growth. As Trinitarians who possess the values of Passionate Honor, Audacious Fervor, Contagious Faith, and Relentless Belief in people, let’s press in to the prophetic fulfillment of God’s destiny for our church! - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Change of Command Service

“There must always be leadership renewal throughout the church and the Senior Pastor must model this renewal process. As Pastor Dominic Yeo, who is also recognized as a Prophet and Apostle, takes the leadership of Trinity as Senior Pastor, I will join his team and continue to serve this church as Resident Apostle. I will also focus on building stronger relationships with other nations for our mission outreach.” - Pastor Naomi Dowdy, Change of Command Service 9

2006 Trinitarian


“God has destined us for greatness. Destiny is our birthright as a child of God. Hold on to it, reclaim it, and allow God to shift [us] into divine destiny this year.� - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2005


ESTABLISHING THE TRINITARIAN EXPERIENCE It is Senior Pastor Dominic’s heart for everyone to have the “Trinitarian Experience” where all who come into Trinity Christian Centre can encounter God and be transformed.

One day, as I was driving home from Adam Road, I received a vision from God that lasted several minutes. I don’t know how I managed to drive without running a red light, or getting into an accident, but I guess God took care of that.

Much of what we experience, such as Vibrant Atmosphere and Incredible Unity, are more than catchy phrases; they were part of a step-by-step blueprint that God revealed to Pastor Dominic many years ago.

In the vision, I saw people encountering God in a vibrant atmosphere; individuals, families and ministries flowing in incredible unity; people consumed with a passionate heartbeat to touch the world; and Trinitarians rising up as strategic leaders wherever God would place them.

1. PASTOR DOMINIC, HOW DID YOU RECEIVE GOD’S VISION FOR TRINITY? In 2001, Pastor Dowdy tasked several of us from the apostolic team to seek God for the Vision, and future, of the church.

I was awed by the whole experience and shared this God-given encounter with the leadership. After affirming this as God’s vision for our church, we began sharing it with the pastors, leaders, and congregation: Vibrant Atmosphere, Incredible Unity, Passionate Heartbeat and Strategic Leadership, VIPS for short.


Vibran t



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2. HOW DID THE CORE VALUES THEN COME ABOUT? At the end of 2002, during the Section Leaders’ Summit, one of our Section Leaders asked a very practical question: How were we going to fulfill our God-given vision? It was something I couldn’t answer and I mulled over this for many days. Then, I had my “Frankfurt Airport experience.” During a seven-hour stopover at Frankfurt Airport, God suddenly pressed the download button. Because these were the days before smart devices, I had to ask Him to slow down so that I could buy a notepad and scribble down everything He was revealing to me! During this time, God showed me exactly how we

would fulfill His vision for our church: by building a people that lived out the Core Values of Passionate Honor (David), Audacious Fervor (Elijah), Relentless Belief (Barnabas), and Contagious Faith (Andrew), PARC for short. From 2003 to 2006, we birthed the Trinitarian Experience where Trinitarians were called to pursue the Vision and live out the Core Values of the church. In order to inculcate this into the culture of the church, we communicated the Trinitarian Experience across all levels of Trinity’s leadership, from the Pastors to the Spiritual Parents, and called for all Trinitarians to embody the values of Trinity Christian Centre. However, the Trinitarian Experience would not be complete until the birth of our “Care and Connect” culture at the end of 2006, something that was revealed to me in a God-given dream.



David Experience

Elijah Experience

Passionate Honor

Audacious Fervor

Expression: Being early for celebration services, carecells and prayer meetings • Honor God Campaign • Pre-Service Prayer • Live Testimonies in services

Expression: Committing to praying with someone • Church Prayer Meeting • Prayer Conference • Prophetic Intercession Night

Barnabas Experience

Andrew Experience

Relentless Belief

Contagious Faith

Expression: Showing warmth and friendliness in welcoming First Time Visitors (FTVs) • Celebration Host • Welcome Package • Enhanced Experience in Guest Reception • Letters and SMS to FTV

Expression: Sharing our God experiences with our oikos • Andrew Fishing Chart • Power Weekends • Evangelistic Events

First LIFE Conference We held our very first LIFE conference, celebrating Jesus – the Life, as well as celebrating the abundant life we have in Him. Over 1,000 people attended the two days conference with a concurrent Children’s Track. All who attended were empowered and renewed with zeal and fire for God!

TCA COLLEGE BECOMES A MULTIDISCIPLINARY COLLEGE 2006 marked a new season for the Theological Centre for Asia (TCA) when she launched four schools – School of Counseling, School of Creative Arts, School of Divinity, and School of Leadership – becoming a multidisciplinary college. To mark this expansion, the institution was renamed TCA College and Rev Dr Wilson Teo was installed as its third President.

MULTIPLICATION INTO TWO CENTERS Trinity celebrated another milestone with the opening of Phase 1 of Trinity@Paya Lebar! Its inaugural event, Watchnight Service 2006, saw thousands of Trinitarians eager to step in to Trinity’s newest building. Although the church multiplied into two centers, Trinity@Adam and Trinity@Paya Lebar, she remained “1 church, 2 centers, 3-nitarians!”

30 years, three name changes, and 911 graduates later, the institution remains steadfast in its purpose – to provide ministerial training that would prepare Christian leaders with a higher level of education to serve the churches and the Christian community in Singapore and beyond.


2007 Care and Connect “Let’s take on God’s heartbeat and believe in people, not looking at their appearance or their past. Let’s care and connect so that they can find a place of belonging; a place where they can be rooted and equipped with the Word of God; a place where they develop covenantal relationships and fulfill their God-given destiny.” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2006

As Pastor Dominic sought God for the Watchnight Service message, he had a dream where he was preaching about the Good Samaritan and Barnabas, specifically about how they cared and connected with people. “God is leading us to build the “Care and Connect” culture. Care & Connect is God’s idea. God pioneered the movement by reaching out to mankind; Jesus cared and connected to usher in the Kingdom of God; the disciples cared and connected to further the ministry of Christ. Today, the baton is in our hands to continue the movement. TCC doesn’t just stand for Trinity Christian Centre. It also stands for Trinitarians Care & Connect! When Trinitarians Care & Connect, we become Totally Committed Christians!” There are three key expressions to the Care & Connect culture: Bring a Friend, Connect the Friend Find a Need, Meet the Need See a Potential, Develop the Potential

Care & Connect Toolkit “I want my oikos to experience God. What can I do?”

1 3 14


Invite them to our services! Let them know God more through our buffet of preaching series. They can also experience the tangible presence of God in our services!

Invite them to know your spiritual family Let your oikos experience the Christian community by planning a Care Event for a time of fun, food, and fellowship.

2 4

Learn something together! Does your oikos love to learn? Is there a skill they want to sharpen? Invite them to be equipped through our Life Skills Seminars, and LEAD courses.

Pass them our Trinitarian Magazine to read! With articles on Christian living, as well as stories of God at work, give your oikos a glimpse into our daily lives.


I Cared and Connected my Family!

The Bible promises that if you, “Believe in the Lord will be saved – you and your household.” (Acts 16:31) It all started with the eldest son, Gavin Yang, who accepted Christ in 2005. Discover how each member of his family received salvation as he chose to “Care and Connect” with each of them. Gavin Yang (currently serving in Campus Worship Ministry and in Choir) God has been very real to me since becoming a Christian in 2005. During an IGNYTE camp, “Battle Call,” I received an impression to save my whole family. From there, “Mission Possible” began. I started targeting my sisters because they were easier to approach. I used every opportunity to invite them for evangelistic events (e.g., Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas). Although I was usually met with excuses like, “I’m not free,” 16

or “I’m too busy,” I held on to God’s promise that my family would be saved. I persevered in inviting and one day, it finally paid off! Desiree, my younger sister accepted the invitation for our 2008 Easter Production!

Desiree Yang (currently serving as an Adult Leader in IGNYTE) I accepted the invitation after nearly three years of persuasion. Gavin never stopped inviting me to church even though I constantly turned him down. When I finally agreed to come for the Easter Production, it was the most amazing experience ever. At that point, I struggled with low self-esteem and God’s love just filled every part of my heart. I accepted Christ that night and since then, my life has never been the same. Together with Gavin, we made Tashia our next “mission.” However, reaching her was not easy because she was so much younger than us. We didn’t know how to invite her for IGNYTE service or evangelistic events. Regardless, we still invited her for Christmas.

Not long after that, she found out one of her classmates was attending Pre-Teens service at Trinity. She was so excited about it and went with her friend. There, she gave her life to Jesus.

Tashia Yang (currently serving as an IGNYTE Worship Leader) After becoming a Christian, my brother and sister told me how important it was for Mum and Dad to come back to God. I started targeting Mum because she was easier to approach; Dad was still connected to his other beliefs. “Kor” (Gavin) was performing at a Watchnight Service and the Holy Spirit prompted me to invite Mum. She came and rededicated her life back to God that night!

Peggy Goh (Mum of Gavin, Desiree, and Tashia) My husband and I met in church 30 years ago. Sparks flew and we were married in 1988. Before we knew it, we had drifted away from God and became involved in other practices. We spent our time chasing luck and were never satisfied; there was no peace in our hearts and we were constantly gripped by fear that something bad would happen if we didn’t follow these practices. We thank God for our three children. One day, my youngest daughter, Tashia, asked, “Mum, would you like to see kor perform on stage?” I attended the Watchnight service and was overwhelmed by God’s presence. His peace consumed all of my fears and I rededicated my life to God that night. Like the prodigal son of Luke 15, coming back to God has been so good! I finally have the peace I had spent 30 years

searching. I know that I am no longer “lucky” but “blessed!” With my heart transformed, my children and I were determined to complete the mission and save the head of our household.

Roland Yeo (Dad of Gavin, Desiree, and Tashia) It was Easter 2009, and my family was getting ready to go to church for the Easter Presentation, “Red Brick Road.” My wife caught me off guard by asking if I wanted to come. Since I didn’t want to be home alone on a public holiday, I decided to tag along. I stepped into church, for the first time in 30 years, with mixed and mangled feelings. However, it seemed like my entire life was being played out during the presentation. I decided to open my heart and came back to God. As soon as I did, I felt a sense of peace that I had never experienced before. Since our family’s salvation, we’ve invited other members of our family – my parents, my sister and her family – to Trinity’s evangelistic events, using every opportunity to Care and Connect with them. My sister received salvation at the 2012 Christmas Production, “Home for Christmas.” After a series of heart attacks, healings, and God-moments, my father gave his life to Jesus this year! Although my mother has yet to receive Jesus, she has been attending our Chinese services. We are all praying and believing for His wonderful work in her life. All glory to God!

God has given us His blueprints and leadership has put these blueprints in place. Every Trinitarian is alled to embrace the Vision, Values, and Culture so that we can see the hand of God move in our lives and in the lives of those around us. To commemorate the introduction of Trinity’s Care and Connect culture, the following “Care and Connect Pledge” was recited at a Section Leader’s Meeting in October 2015.

We, the members of Trinity Pledge ourselves as one united people Regardless of age, district, or football club To build a culture of caring and connecting Based on Bring A Friend, Connect the Friend Find a Need, Meet the Need See a Potential, Develop the Potential So as to achieve VIPS and PARC And establish God’s Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen! 17

2008 New Beginnings Genesis 1:28-30

“God is about to do something new in your life! This will be a year of new beginnings for you; a year of experiencing new life, dominion and authority, and provision.� - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2007


NEW SERVICES After multiplying into two centers, Trinity continued to grow in attendance. At the start of 2008, an additional Celebration Service (for Adults, IGNYTE, and Pre-Teens) was added to Trinity@Paya Lebar: Saturday 5pm! By the end of the year, Trinity@Adam also multiplied their Sunday 10am Celebration Service to 8.30 and 11am!

NEW DEVELOPMENTS Since Trinity purchased her property on Paya Lebar Road, we have seen the plans of God unfold as national developments were announced in subsequent years: • The government’s plans to develop Paya Lebar into a commercial hub of the East; • The introduction of Tai Seng and MacPherson MRT stations; and • Further developments along the Downtown Line, intersecting at MacPherson MRT station. Let’s continue to thank God for making Trinity@Paya Lebar accessible to many and positioning this church as a lighthouse to the communities around us!

NEW RECORDS Church Camp 2008 was an “xtraordinary” event, breaking numerous church camp records for Trinity. • Fastest sign-up time: All packages were sold within three hours of its launch on March 8. • Most determined camp-goers: Although the first day of registration only started at 4pm, one determined Trinitarian – the first person to register for church camp – started the queue at 8.30am!


2009Enter into

Abundant Living 2 Kings 4-6

God promises us life in turbulent times with the 6 P’s of abundant living: Prosperity, Posterity, Provision, Plenteous Supply, Physical Wholeness, and Productive Restoration. To enter into abundant living, there are two things we need to do: to love God with all of our heart, soul, might, and mind; and to love our neighbor.” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2008

Caring and Connecting in Tough Times (“Find a Need, Meet the Need”) Trinity’s three-prong approach to blessing those affected by the Global Financial Crisis. 1. LIFE Fund – Providing financial assistance to retrenched loved ones. A portion (SGD100,000) was disbursed through South East Community Development Council (SECDC), assisting the needy who are living around Trinity@Paya Lebar. 2. Jobs Connection – Connecting Trinitarian business owners and HR professionals to those who need jobs. 20

3. InfoTalks – Engaging Trinitarian professionals to equip others with seminars on career and financial management.


Learning that Transforms Embarking on a second career during this economic difficulty requires more than upgrading one’s skills. Foremost, one needs to have the courage to step out of his/her comfort zone into the world of unknown. Through this InfoTalk, learn: • About the jobs industry landscape • How to equip yourself mentally and emotionally to make an industry switch • Of the many success stories the speaker has witnessed. Speaker: Jenaline Low is currently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd, of which she was instrumental in its setup. In her five years co-leading the organisation, she has taken up different roles, from Sales & Marketing to becoming the Chief Operating Officer. Since her inception, the organisation has grown by 450%.

Co Reg g No o.. 19 9780 978 780 78 7 80 8 029 29 911 91 11 1 1H

ABUNDANT BLESSINGS Despite a year of credit crunches and financial upheaval, God blessed many Trinitarians with a Goshen experience of favor and prosperity. As a result, Trinitarians chose to extend the blessings of God to their nation and community.

Wed, Sep 23 Trinity@Paya Lebar 7pm Refreshments 8pm InfoTalk Register online at Tel: 6468 4444 • Email: 247 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409045

LIFE CHARITY CONCERT From June 25 to 27, 123 Trinitarian youths presented a charity concert, “I Have A Lot!” raising SGD222,475 for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. “What drew me was that it was going to be for charity. Every time I go for rehearsals, I feel that I’m doing my part to help the community.” – Delise Yang, cast member

" I Ha v e A Lo t! "

I never danced well but I’m overcoming my insecurities to help needy youths. If a bit of embarrassment can feed a hungry stomach, then count me in! – Gideon Goh, dancer This event has made me more aware of the needy in my school and I will look out for opportunities to bless them; what God has done for me shouldn’t be kept to myself – Eugene Teo, sound crew


Used with permission. Source: The Straits Times@Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.


DISCOVERYLAND REVAMP! Trinity’s Children’s Ministry has always been vibrant and exciting. However, 2009 was the year that God led us into a new phase of ministry. The new “edutainment” approach (education + entertainment) sought to impart biblical truths by engaging our children through multimedia, drama, and games.

• “One day, my friend asked about a game that we were playing. I told her that I learned it from DiscoveryLand and invited her to join me. She agreed because she wanted to play more games. I was surprised and happy that she wanted to come with me to service!” – Rayna Pong Rui En, 8 years old

With the revamp, we saw many more children rising up as Harvest Warriors to reach their generation for Jesus. Read on to find out how our children invite their friends to DiscoveryLand!

• “I wanted to bring my friend, Callum, to church so I asked my mum to ask his mum, via SMS, if he could come. I invited Callum because I want to see him in heaven and want him to know God.” – Dominic Low, 9 years old

LAUNCH OF PRAYER 365 In June, Pastor Dominic called for a prayer movement to cover our church and the nation of Singapore on a daily basis, birthing the Prayer 365 movement. Join us in putting a prayer shield for Trinity and our nation for one hour every quarter! Sign up today by sending an SMS to 79777 in the following format: P365<space>NRIC (e.g., P365 S1234567A).


OUR SANCTUARY OPENS! Family Christmas marked another milestone with Trinity’s first-ever service in the Sanctuary. 3,000 seats were not enough to hold all of the Trinitarians eager to celebrate Christmas in the grand hall. In true Trinitarian fashion, Trinity@Paya Lebar has been used as a blessing to many others. Since 2009, we’ve had the honor of hosting many great performances and events. • • • • •

Harlem Gospel Choir Watoto Children’s Choir Amy Sand D’Artistes His Life the Musical

• • • • •

Fresh Fire Conference Royal Rangers events AG Singapore Monthly Ministerial Meetings Global Day of Prayer Global Leadership Summit


2010 Blessed to

be a Blessing Matthew 14:15-21

“2010 is the year where we celebrate 40 years of God’s faithfulness. But the faithfulness of God in these last 40 years is not poured upon us so that we become a Dead Sea experience. It is poured upon us because we are in abundant living, so that we can press forward and begin to share it with the world around us. Let’s get ready to pass the blessing! There are four more blessings God will add into our lives in 2010: national blessing, reputational blessing, personal blessing, and carrier of blessings.” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2009 24

Prayer of Dedication, June 18, 2010 “God is so good! His faithful love endures forever! We now join our hearts together to dedicate Trinity@Paya Lebar to the Lord. In this House, the seed will grow well, the vine will yield its fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew. Many peoples and powerful nations will come to this place to seek the Lord Almighty and entreat Him. May the Lord watch over this House day and night. May He hear and answer the prayers made in this House. May the Lord turn His face towards us and show us His favor. May the shekinah Glory of God rest powerfully upon this House as in the temple of Solomon. May the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ be advanced; may this place be a showcase of God’s power and glory and may it be a blessing to the nations! May it be said of Trinity and every Trinitarian, ‘God is with you!’ In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

DEDICATION OF TRINITY@PAYA LEBAR, HONORING OUR LEADERS PAST AND PRESENT Happy 40th Birthday Trinity! Trinity started its birthday celebrations with a Thanksgiving and Dedication Service on June 18, reflecting on its humble beginnings and rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. Darla Stafford (daughter of Trinity’s founders, Rev and Ms Glenn Stafford) as well as Rev Naomi Dowdy (former Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre), were honored at that service. Pastor Dominic also was honored with a replica of his favorite panel from the Heritage Walk, entitled “Our Family” for “…it’s every Trinitarian, young and old, that makes Trinity our family.” 25

THE CELEBRATIONS CONTINUE Trinity continued to make history by entering the Singapore Book of Records with the “Largest Birthday Card.” Measuring 20 X 2 meters, Trinitarians contributed to the birthday card by submitting messages of thanksgiving and well-wishes. On the eve of National Day (August 8), Trinity entered the Singapore Book of Records once more by having “Most Number of People Reading a Book of the Bible Simultaneously.” 1,726 Trinitarians gathered in


the Sanctuary to read 1 John and to lift the nation up in prayer. Trinity’s season of celebration ended with dinner and a show. At the Combined Thanksgiving Dinner (November 5), Trinity’s pastors put their best foot forward, entertaining Trinitarians with dance and song. After their performance, every part of Trinity@ Paya Lebar was filled with tables and chairs for the “feeding of 5,000.”

GIVING OUR TIME AND TALENTS In 2010, Trinitarians offered their time and talents in a very tangible way – launching a recipe book (“care COOK connect”), a music CD (“Beyond the Veil”), and DVD movie (“1 2nd b4 <3”)!

STEPPING INTO PROMINENCE In 2010, Trinity stepped into areas of prominence – in Singapore and around the world – with the election of Pastor Dominic Yeo as: • General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Singapore; • Executive Committee Member of the National Council of Churches, Singapore; and • General Secretary of the Asia Pacific Assemblies of God Fellowship.

Moses was faithful in discharging that which was assigned to him, even though it was not his. Thus, God promoted him into prominence. In the same way, as we are faithful in serving and discharging all that God has assigned us, the next 40 years will be where God will thrust us into prominence in serving the nations. – Pastor Dominic, Combined Thanksgiving Dinner



Breakthrough into Fulfillment “You can become a Moses of your day when you step into your place of Preparation to receive the Providence of God, where He Positions you to receive the Promise of Possession so that you are a blessing to the people around you” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2010

THE DIVINE PROVISION OF GOD In 2011, we celebrated the complete payoff of Trinity@Paya Lebar! “Our bankers were very surprised because we had taken a 10-year loan for the purchase of the land at Paya Lebar and paid it off in four years. It was truly God’s provision.“ – Raymond Leong, former Board Member 28

“In 2005, when I became the Senior Pastor, I told God that I was not going to raise funds for the building in Paya Lebar for the rest of our lives. I believed we will pay off Trinity@Paya Lebar in five years. We took a 15year bank loan for the building and starting repaying in January 2008. God surpassed all our expectations. As of September 2011, we have completely paid off Trinity@Paya Lebar in less than five years!” – Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo


THE GLOBAL POSITION OF THE CHURCH In 2011, Trinity continued to step into the global arena with the election of Pastor Dominic Yeo as: • Executive Council Member, World AG Fellowship; and • Advisory Council Member, Pentecostal World Fellowship (2013). Trinity was once God’s “workshop” to develop the TCC Cell Church Model. As Trinity became a blessing around the world, partnering with churches to transition into a cell-based church, her role has evolved to become God’s “showpiece” – growing in prominence in order to continue impacting the nations.

Be a part of what God is doing in Trinity by: • Praying for Pastor Dominic, Board Members, pastoral staff, and administrative staff of Trinity to: o Receive God’s Wisdom; o Reach new heights in their faith; and o Remain steadfast in developing/maintaining strong family ties. • Serving the nations by volunteering at the World Assemblies of God Congress in 2017, to be held in Trinity@Paya Lebar from March 29 to 31!


2012 Apostolic Faith for

Apostolic Fulfillment

“…establishing apostolic fulfillment in our lives is not done through our faithfulness, it has to be done through apostolic faith. Breakthroughs do not happen simply because you are faithful. Breakthrough only comes when we take a quantum leap to believe God for something bigger, something greater than ourselves. ” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2011

ESTABLISHING NEW THINGS! June 7 marked the launch of Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo’s first book, “Potential to Fulfillment.” Centered around stories from his life, as well as the prophetic messages for Trinity Christian Centre, his desire was to enable Christians to walk victoriously in God’s design for their lives.

God’s plan for your life is much more than just this seed of potential. He desires for you to move beyond the monotony of life, to break out of the same old patterns that have made your life routine. Do not be stuck in potential. Step into the amazing abundant life that God has prepared for you! – Excerpt from “Potential to Fulfillment”

ladies stepped forward as evidence of God fulfilling His promise for the Japanese Ministry.” – Pastor Toyomi Sanga Japanese Service 日本語礼拝 Every 3rd Sun of the month, 10am 毎月の第三日曜日 朝10時 Trinity@Paya Lebar トリニティ@パヤレバ

Level 1, Hostel Block, Classroom H1 ホステルブロック 1階, H1 クラスルーム

Pastor Toyomi  Saga  is  the  Associate  Pastor  in  Koriyama  Christ  Church.  A  leader  with  great  faith  in  God  and   compassion  for  people,  she  is  a  representa<ve  of  ‘Grace  Community  Service’  which  is  a  Non-­‐Profit   Organiza<on  to  support  the  vic<ms  of  the  Tohoku  disaster.  She  is  also  the  Director  of  Gospel  Choir  and  the   Principal  of  Kids’  Brown  English  School.     三箇豊実牧師は、郡山クライストチャーチの副牧師を務めています。 同時に、東日本大震災の被害者を サポートするNPO「グレースコミュニティサービス」代表、ゴスペル・コーラスのディレクター及び、「キッズブ ラウン・イングリッシュスクール」 校長を務める、信仰と、人々への愛と情熱に満ちたリーダーです。  

Invite your Japanese-speaking friends! 日本語スピーカーのお友達をぜひ礼拝にお誘いください。 For enquiries, email お問合せ:

DEMONSTRATING FAITH THROUGH PRAYER On August 30 and 31, more than 1,000 people came together for a time of prayer and intercession at the Prayer Rally, unleashing a new level of hunger for prayer in the hearts of Trinitarians. Soon, the Theatrette became too small to hold the increasing number of Trinitarians that attended the monthly Church Prayer Meetings. As a result, all subsequent prayer meetings had to be relocated to the Chapel.

ESTABLISHING NEW FRONTIERS IN MINISTRY In July 2012, Trinity rejoiced in the launch of its Japanese services. “September 13, 2015 was a day of great joy for Japanese ministry, our first water baptism! More than three years after the ministry started, three 30

DEMONSTRATING FAITH THROUGH EQUIPPING “SEE A POTENTIAL, DEVELOP THE POTENTIAL” As a part of further developing the “Care and Connect” culture, our church education went through a major revamp from Trinity Empowerment Network (TENet) to Leaders Empowerment and Discipleship (LEAD) in July 2012.

ESTABLISHING TRINITY’S OWN PILGRIMAGE From October 29 to November 9, 80 Trinitarians entered the land of Jesus on Trinity’s first Israel Pilgrimage. “The trip was so different from my previous two Israel trips. Our pastors preached about the spiritual significance of the events that happened at each site which made the whole journey so much more meaningful.” – Jane Ng Don’t miss the chance to be a part of our next Israel Pilgrimage from November 6-17, 2016!

Trinity embarked on this journey to accelerate the development of leaders that can be a strong voice in this world of ambiguity and uncertainties. While TENet helped us raise a generation of leaders, it cannot be merely tweaked as we enter into this new season. LEAD was birthed to be catalytic in the formation of Christ-centered leaders. It is a completely new engine to power the development of leaders that: • Are centered in the person of Christ and will not be affected or swayed by opinions or beliefs that shroud our world of truths; • Practice the way of the Master and breeds hope and optimism; and • Have a Christ-centered perspective to accomplish the will of God and bring transformation to a world clouded in pessimism and crisis. – Pastor Dominic Yeo

Focusing on the three 3Ps – Person (who you are), Perspective (how you think), and Practice (what you do) – LEAD was launched to help every believer discover their God-given potential and be deployed as strategic leaders in their sphere of influence. Take LEAD and be equipped! Visit for courses offered in 2016!

DEMONSTRATING FAITH THROUGH INVITING Trinity continued to see breakthroughs at the end of the year with the “Home for Christmas,” the first Christmas event to be held over six presentations. Trinitarians were challenged to stretch their faith to have at least 10 successful invitations to the presentation. As a result, 14,588 people came to hear the Good News and 470 people made decisions for Christ! “I always struggled with sharing the Gospel due to the fear of being judged as “too holy.” This year, when the church rallied for us to invite 10 oikos, I felt the prompting to take a leap of faith to invite my oikos for Christmas. To my surprise, within two days, 10 of my oikos said, ‘Yes!’ I eventually invited more than 20 people and more than ten of them came to the presentation. It was a breakthrough for me in sharing the Gospel, inviting people to church, and loving them with God’s love.” – Amanda Lee, Business Development


2013 Encounter God Exodus 3:1-9

“As we begin the new year, let us prepare our hearts to truly encounter God and receive a revelation from Him. Let this year be the season where the fulfillment of God’s plan for our lives takes place. ” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2012 OUR FIRST CHILDREN’S HOME “Children are close to God’s heart. No child should be neglected, deprived, or abused. Trinity can play a part to see them rescued from the streets and given a safe place to call home.” – Pastor Dominic Yeo Children are a blessing from God and precious in His eyes. In 2008, Trinity began sponsoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds, starting with 100 boys and girls living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Trinity’s commitment for underprivileged children continued to grow and on January 15, 2013, Trinity inaugurated its first children’s home, “Home of Blessings in Chiang Mai.” A year later (2014) Trinity collaborated with local partners in Thailand to open two more children’s homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Named “Champions@ Chiang Mai City” and “Champions@Maerim,” these homes provide food, shelter, and a place where children will be raised in the ways of the Lord. As of September 30, 2015, Trinity continues to 32

sponsor 1,199 children around the world in Cambodia, India Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and Thailand. We thank God for the 20 that have graduated this year! Our ambassadors – Pastor Sandie Kwek, Steven and Rita Leng, and Cal-lin Neubronner – also have given their lives to the next generation, leaving behind the comforts of Singapore to nurture children in Thailand.

GOD ENCOUNTER MEETINGS From July to December 2013, carecells were replaced with God Encounter Meetings (GEM), a season where Trinitarians gathered in the Sanctuary for one purpose â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to encounter God. As families and carecells came together to seek God and His will, Trinitarians saw Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand work powerfully in their lives: angelic visitations, visions, healings, open hearts of oikos, career progression, and sealing of business contracts. Indeed, God meets the needs of those who seek Him! â&#x20AC;&#x153;During GEM, I answered an altar call for those with dealings in business and pending contracts. I had many pending contracts and had not managed to secure any deals in July. On a Sunday after GEM, one of my co-broking agents called me about the possibility of securing a deal. On Monday, the deal was sealed with a deposit! God is indeed faithful!â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cynthia Teo





â&#x20AC;&#x153;I had an annoying back pain ever since National Service in 1997. Because of that, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had to abstain from lifting heavy loads and vigorous exercise. After receiving prayer at GEM, there was no more pain! â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Randy Lee RE-CALIBRATING THE LEADERSHIP In the second half of 2013, Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leaders also went through a season of re-training. Priorities were re-aligned and leadership skills were sharpened so that they could be more effective to lead in the carecells and impact lives. We thank every leader that chose to invest their time in order to be better equipped for their ministry.

A NEW LANGUAGE MINISTRY! In August 2013, Trinity rejoiced in the launch of its Spanish services. We thank God that the Spanish-speaking community of Singapore has a place where they encounter God and be encouraged in their journey of faith. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spanish is the official language of over 21 countries in the world. A small but growing population in Singapore, the Spanish ministry was birthed to meet the needs of this extremely diverse community. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we started in 2013, we had an average of 10 committed members: eight plus my wife and I. However, as community life became stronger and more vibrant through involvement in the carecells â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a home away from home â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we saw more and more people choosing to dedicate themselves to this community. Now, we have an average of 35 committed members! We also see men and women rising in faith by engaging in Ministry Expressions, committing to LEAD classes, and stepping up to serve as Spiritual Parents and Leaders.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pastor Frank Smit


2014 Kingdom Alignment for Kingdom Assignment Matthew 6:9-10

“To know God means to be aligned with God. To do great exploits is the assignment. Are you ready to establish the Kingdom of God in your life and nation so that...people…can come to know the Lord? In this coming year, are you ready to do great exploits for God? ” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2013

RE-LAUNCH OF TRINITY’S CARECELLS After encountering God at GEM, as well as re-training for the entire leadership of Trinity, carecells roared back to life in 2014. Carecells were lled with renewed vigour to be the salt and light for Jesus. What is a carecell? In Trinity, a carecell is a group of believers that meet every Friday for a time of bonding, encouragement, and nurturing. Together, we also reach out to bless and share the Gospel with our oikos and the community. Who can join a carecell? Anyone! From Christians to pre-believers, young and old, English-speaking or not, there is a carecell in Trinity to meet just about everyone’s needs! 34

Can I be a part of Trinity without joining a carecell? Yes, it’s possible. However, the moment we accept Jesus into our lives, we become children of God. That means we enter into God’s family! God calls us into community – with Him and with fellow believers. Until and unless we become a part of a biblical community, we cannot grow to our fullest potential and impact others for Christ.

How do I join a carecell? We’re glad you asked! Go to (Connect with people > Our carecells) to fill out a simple form. Once the form is submitted, someone will contact you with more information. Start 2016 by becoming a part of God’s family!

LAUNCH OF MINISTRY AND MENTORING PROGRAM Strong leaders are essential for building sturdy churches that can effect change in nations and communities. However, the path of a pastor is often a lonely one and many lack a spiritual mentor they can confide in. As a result, Senior Pastor Dominic established the Ministry and Mentoring (“M2”) Program in 2014 as a way to walk with pastors in their ministerial journey and personal lives. Let’s continue to support our M2 Pastors! Look out for the next M2 interview in the Trinitarian to find out how you can support them in prayer.

Pastor Kirk Anthony McAtear

Connect Church

Pastor Aaron Partington

Life Church

UNITED KINGDOM Pastor Daniel Sarguna Kumar Pastor Priscilla

Trinity Assembly of God Pastor Martin Storey Pastor Esther Storey

Dr Panuganty Kumar (Pramod) Pastor Dr Vesapogu Manohar (Blessy)

The Rhema Global Ministries


Christian Life Ministries

Pastor Yoshio Sanga Pastor Toyomi Sanga

INDIA Terence Ooi Guan Tseng Deborah Chan Jing Wen

Missionaries with Legacy of Hope International (LOHI)

Koriyama Grace Garden Chapel


Pastor Eric Lau

Bethany Church

Pastor Terence Ong

Centre of New Life


2015 Year of Jubilee

Luke 4:18-19

“In this Year of Jubilee, we need to recognize that God is still leading us on this journey to continually be dedicated to Him and His Word, to lay hold of the blessings and the fulfillment of God’s promises. First, we must allow the Holy Spirit to overshadow us, subjecting ourselves to encountering and following God. Second, we are to live as anointed ones – confessing the faith, hope, and future we have in God. Third, we need to do the work of proclamation: freedom, good news, liberty, recovery, release, and the year of the Lord’s favor. Last, we must release the favor, blessing, and restoration of God as we rest fully in the Lord’s provision. Remember that God saves us not just to bless us but so that we can touch a dying world. Let this Jubilee Year be the celebration of what the Lord will do in our lives and in the lives of those around us.” - Pastor Dominic Yeo, Watchnight Service 2014

CARING AND SHARING – THE #JUBILEE50K CHALLENGE This year, Trinitarians were challenged to engage in a prophetic act: to proclaim 50,000 acts of blessing on social media. The #Jubilee50K Challenge started transforming the world by first transforming our hearts to become intentional blessors. “When the #Jubilee50K Challenge was launched this year, I was not a supporter. Why should I ‘boast’ about the good I do? Yet, my prayer was that I will not miss out on what God is doing in this Year of Jubilee. I didn’t want to look back at the end of the year and realise that God was moving and I had not. What a tragedy that would be! Then, God opened my eyes to see that the #Jubilee50K challenge was part of what He is doing through Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


One day, a man looked into my home through an open window. Seeing that I was there, he asked if I wanted buy some keropok (crackers). I replied, ‘No, thank you, I don’t eat them.’ When I saw him hunch and walk away, something inside of me stirred; it was as though I had killed his spirit. Then, the Holy Spirit said this, ‘You don’t need the keropok but he needs to make a living. Who knows if he has dependents?’ I ran to the door and shouted, ‘Wait, I want some keropok!’ I could see his gait immediately energize as he rushed back. I bought several packets of tidbits from him and blessed my neighbor with them. I subsequently shared this event as a #Jubilee50K post on Facebook. When we participate in God’s work, we also open the door for Him to change us. Through the keropok act of blessing, I’m reminded of the Barbra Streisand song, ‘Ordinary Miracles.’ When I called the man back, an ordinary miracle – a more sensitized heart – happened in me.” – Nicole Yeong, Communications Director

Transforming the World, One Pebble at a Time In September, carecells throughout Trinity have been collecting pebbles – each pebble representing a #Jubilee50K post – as visual reminders of how we are transforming our world by proclaiming God’s favor and blessings. “When the pebbles were first introduced at cell, the image of David shooting at Goliath with his stone and sling immediately came to mind. Our ‘Goliath’ is the spiritual darkness and strongholds that prevail in our society. I believe every pebble can be used by God to create a positive, compounding impact, breaking down the Goliaths around us. When we embrace and align ourselves to this prophetic act, we can boldly say too like David, we come in the name of the Lord! As we trust and obey, I believe God will do wondrous acts and miracles.” - Veronica Teo, Administrative Assistant Let’s continue to Bless and Proclaim, Transform our World!

GAINING STRENGTH AND PRESSING ONWARD Trinity is blessed with a rich legacy of faith that began over 40 years ago. In the past decade, she has grown from a church with weekly attendance of 4.500 (in 2005) to a family of close to 7,500. Her people, Trinitarians, continue to grow in faith and identity, living out Trinity’s Core Values toward a God-given Vision. Her global influence has also grown with missions endeavors now spanning 49 countries and thousands of lives. In this year’s Vision Rally, Reverend Wilfredo de Jesús reminded us that Trinity has, by the grace and favor of God, achieved many things. However, he also warned us not to be complacent, challenging each of us to “cross the Jordan River” – to sacrifice our time, talents, and treasures so that we could impact the destinies of many.

PROCLAIMING THE GOOD NEWS This year, Trinity Christian Centre was honored to partner with Promise Ministries International (PMI) to host His Life the Musical, a dramatic biblical depiction of the life of Jesus. Over 80 cast members were flown in from New York (USA) for eight performances. In five days, more than 22,600 people attended and 396 people made decisions to follow Christ! EXPERIENCING GOD’S FAVOR Trinity continued to experience God’s favor in 2015 with approval to proceed with the redevelopment of Trinity@Adam.

miss what He’s doing here. Don’t lose sight of the vision God has for this house!” – Reverend Wilfredo de Jesús, Vision Rally 2015 Like the men of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32), let’s understand the season and time God has for this church, seek to be aligned for His assignment, and arise in greater faith for God’s vision and purpose for Trinity Christian Centre. Let’s commit to doing even greater exploits in the decades to come.

“Trinitarians, God is moving in this church; things are happening and people are getting saved! Don’t



I’m Growing Up in Trinity! Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV) says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Meet Joshua Cheng, a 10-year old that has grown up in Trinity all his life! His parents, Marcus and Joy, have partnered with Trinity’s Children Ministry to lay a firm foundation in Joshua’s walk with God.

in serving. When I was given the “Serve with Us” form, I immediately asked mum to sign me up as an RGB volunteer. I have also served in the drama during Celebration Services. I really enjoy serving and always look forward to going to church to serve God and His people. Being a part of the Children’s Choir in the Christmas productions (Light of Christmas and All I Want For Christmas) – i love to sing and I find joy in serving alongside my elder brother, Joash, and friends. We have lots of fun during the rehearsals. Also, we are overjoyed to know that many people accepted Jesus at the productions!

What have you discovered about God during your time in Trinity? I learned that God is my Provider.

UP CLOSE WITH JOSHUA Tell us a few of your favorite things about Trinity • My family worships here! • My friends are here! • I enjoyed the free popcorn and ice cream during Missions Carnival because I have a sweet tooth. • The playground at Trinity@Adam is awesome because that was where I spent many hours playing while waiting for my parents. • Trinity is where I learn more about God and how to serve Him/His people. • The pastors, teachers, and leaders, in DiscoveryLand and Pre-Teens are loving and caring. They encourage us to bring our friends to church. This gives me a sense of purpose in sharing God’s love. • The end-of-year camps are awesome because I can get to know more friends and learn about God! Share with us three memorable moments growing up in Trinity • Attending the Introduction To Trinity Family (ITTF) – I attended ITTF when I was in Primary 3. Before attending, I wasn’t sure about what it means to be a child of God. At ITTF, Pastor Priscilla shared about God’s love and what Jesus had done for me. I was assured of my salvation and I am proud to be a Trinitarian. • Being able to serve God – I have always been interested

At the recent SA2 exams, I was very nervous and afraid I would not do well even though I studied very hard. I prayed for God to help me not make careless mistakes. When I received my results, I scored good scores for every subject and thank God for them. What would you say to younger children growing up in Trinity? • Pray to God when you are in doubt and persevere until something happens! • Don’t be afraid to serve God. He will help you when you choose to serve Him. JOSHUA’S PARENTS, MARCUS AND JOY, REFLECT ON HIS JOURNEY IN TRINITY “Joshua grew the most when he was given the opportunities to serve God (in RGB, drama, and Children’s Choir). From a boy who would quietly tag alongside his elder brother, he became his own person and is more confident in himself. Aside from his enthusiasm and faithfulness in serving, he has also grown to love God and show care for others. We truly appreciate the hard work (and “heart” work) that the Children Ministry puts in to bring the Word and heart of God to our children. It is not an easy task to engage, educate, and enrich the lives of super-active young ones but the pastors, teachers, and volunteers have done it exceedingly and immeasurably well. Thank you so much and God bless all of you!” 39

10 Years of God’s Faithfulness: Reflections on Marriage By Daniel Koh Zhi Guo

‘Twas Christmas Day 2004 at Trinity@Adam. After morning service, members of the Creative Ministry gathered on the stage in front of the projector screen. In addition to their usual debrief, the Pastor announced that he was going to show something on the screen. One unsuspecting keyboardist, Charlotte Yong, wondered why the Pastor was delaying everyone’s Christmas lunch. A song started playing in the background. “Interesting lyrics,” she thought, her eyes searching the room for someone. The screen flashed with pictures of kites in the sky and the figure of a woman. “Erm, is that me?” she whispered to the person beside her. Suddenly, the man emerged from the behind the projector screen, a bouquet of roses in hand. He approached Charlotte, got down on one knee, and asked one of the most important questions of his life, “Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, a blushing Charlotte said, “Yes!” A few months later – on December 4, 2005 – Pastor Beatrice proclaimed that the couple, Charlotte and me – had become “husband and wife.” In our journey towards marriage, God has faithfully been by our side. During the courtship days, Trinity’s pastors and other godly mentors guided us through the relationship, helping us set appropriate boundaries and preparing our hearts for the season to come. Armed with “Before You Say Yes” (BYSY) – a LEAD course, we went into marriage confident that we could easily apply what we learned. They say that the first year of marriage was the “honeymoon year.” Obviously they weren’t referring to an earth-year! Who would have thought that the small things in life – squeezing toothpaste from the middle of its tube or hanging the toilet roll (over was it under?) – could cause so much trouble! In the early days, Charlotte and I struggled to apply what we had learned in BYSY. Thankfully, with God in the center, our marriage became a three-strand cord with Him holding us gently and lovingly together. God even placed other newlymarried couples (with similar backgrounds) in our carecell so that we could all encourage one another, grow, and serve in His House together. 40

Two years after marriage, we were blessed with a bundle of “abundant life”: Zoe. Soon, she became “jie jie” when Zachary arrived. He, in turn, became “kor kor” when Zelda was born, completing our family of five in 2012. From Nursery to DiscoveryLand (DL), our children have been nurtured and discipled in Trinity Christian Centre. Through their teachers and helpers, our children continue to learn about God. The verse, “As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD” (Joshua 24:15) is imprinted near the front door of our home, a daily reminder of our purpose and call as a family. As Charlotte and I continue to serve in the Creative Ministry, we are encouraged to see that our two older children have captured the heartbeat of serving as Celebration Hosts and part of the DL Praise Team. Their lives are a reflection of our legacy as proud Trinitarians. 2015 marks a decade of marriage for Charlotte and I. We are grateful that these 10 years are a testimony of God’s enduring faithfulness over our household. Lord, thank you for Your many blessings, especially for our three “Z”s. To my wife Charlotte, Happy Anniversary dear! I look forward to growing old with you and experiencing the faithfulness of God in our lives. I love you very much.

10 Milestones in 10 Years I Was Saved in 2005 Meet Desmond Kho, a Section Leader in the West District. Ten years ago, in a very dark moment of his life, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Leader. Find out how Jesus has transformed his life!

What were you like before accepting Christ? Before accepting Christ, I was a very self-centered and illtempered person. My only aim in life was to be rich and successful, no matter the cost. Because I only cared for myself, I didn’t really care about others and even took my family for granted. Looking back, I must have been a very difficult person to get along with, live with, and love. Who invited you to Trinity? Actually, I invited myself! One day, I approached my uncle, Pastor Leslie, and asked if I could go to church with him. Why did you invite yourself to church? My girlfriend broke up with me the night before. That event was actually a tipping point for me; I realized that I was so lost that I had the sudden urge to end my life – I was so desperate for peace. All of a sudden, a soft voice told me that if I wanted to experience peace in my life, I would have to go to church. What happened next? The moment I stepped into church, I was overwhelmed by God’s presence. I felt His love comforting me and tears kept streaming down my face. Pastor Sabrina was preaching that day and gave a specific alter call after her message; she invited those whose life was a mess to come to the front and let Jesus sort it out. At that moment, I knew that the altar call was for me, that only Jesus could help. Since I didn’t know what it meant to “come to the altar,” I actually jumped onto the stage!

In fact, my cousins are my prayer buddies whenever I go for an MIT trip! Since accepting Christ, success takes on a different meaning. Instead of doing things purely for monetary gain, I now look at my occupation with an eternal perspective, asking myself how I can demonstrate the love of God to those around me. You’ve been a Christian for 10 years now. What has it been like growing in Trinity? Trinity has been a pillar in my journey of faith. I am so grateful to be in a community of Christians that is growing and serving together, spurring each other on to complete the race set out for each of us. One of the milestones in my journey has been going for the AlphaTrack program (Batch 33). It was a season where I learned many truths, encountered God, and grew in my identity as His child. Before AlphaTrack, I struggled with my identity as a son of God; I believed that I had to earn His love. However, God dealt with the sense of unworthiness by using me to pray for and heal a man who was deaf. In that moment of healing, I suddenly realized that God can use me! That miracle also showed me that nothing I do could make Him love me more; He already considers me as His beloved son! Going forward, I am committed to serving as a Section Leader and will continue to participate in Trinity’s local and overseas missions endeavors.

At the altar, I felt as if someone was reaching into my heart and gently untying all the knots within me. In that moment, God took my brokenness and poured His love and peace into my heart. As a result, I chose to give my life to Christ that day. How did Christ change your life thereafter? With God’s help, I have traded in self-centeredness for a life that is Christ-centered. He has put in me a Passionate Heartbeat for the lost and I regularly go for Mission Impact Team (MIT) Trips. My relationship with my family members has improved tremendously. Nowadays, we spend more time together. 41

I Was Water Baptized at Trinity in 2005! We ask 10 Trinitarians about their decision to go through water baptism and their journey with God these past 10 years. I was convicted by God to follow Him wholeheartedly.

Alan Ong

Today, I serve as an Associate Leader in the East District. And my Ministry Expressions are Traffic Marshall and Helper in DiscoveryLand and Nursery. Being a part of a carecell has given me opportunities to learn from other members. Through Trinity’s missions endeavors, I’ve grown in faith and in working with a team.

It began with a desire to obey God’s commandments as well as encouragement from my carecell leader to be water baptized. Today, I’m a Spiritual Parent (SP) in the North District and have been serving as a Helper in DiscoveryLand for the past 10 years.

Sharon Lum

A year after my water baptism, I attended the SP courses and have been an active SP since then. Since water baptism, I also have seen my husband, grandma, and mum received salvation in Trinity. Through serving in DL, I have learned many parenting skills that I use on my two children. My children also have been water baptized and are now serving in Pre-Teens and IGNYTE.

I went for water baptism mainly because of encouragement from my parents. Though I had not fully grasped the concept of publicly declaring my faith in God, I remember thinking, “Why not?” I haven’t looked back since.

Cera Chiu

Today, I serve as an Adult Leader in IGNYTE. On the weekends, I serve on the Tech Team operating in Sound and RGB. My time in IGNYTE has deepened my understanding of God’s Word, helping me to grow more and more in love with Him. Be it through sermons or altar calls, I am constantly reminded of who I’m serving and how much He deserves my fullest praise and worship.

Through the guidance of the leaders and encouragement from the carecell, I grew as a Christian. Today, I’m an Assistant Leader in the South District and serve as a Traffic Marshall In-Charge (IC).


Max Chan

I was convicted by God to follow Him wholeheartedly.

As a primary school boy at that time, water baptism was a simple decision to follow Jesus and serve Him all the days of my life.

Gabriel Ng

The LEAD courses in Trinity have equipped me with fundamental knowledge and understanding of my identity in Christ. They have also empowered me to lead and nurture others. I’m also thankful for the Relentless Belief of my pastors and leaders, who have invested time to disciple and challenge me to grow deeper in my walk with God. Today, I’m serving as a Leader of an IGNYTE Armed Forces carecell. On the weekends, I serve as an Operations Head in the Tech Team for IGNYTE.

Over the years, I am thankful to be connected to a carecell. The care and encouragement I receive from my Spiritual Parent and Carecell Leaders has enabled me to grow.

Adele (Shin Jye) Chew

Today, I’m a Spiritual Parent in the South District and I serve in Nursery.

Christine How

As child of God, I needed to follow God’s command and publicly declare my faith.

It was a hard decision to follow Christ in water baptism because of my pre-believing parents. However, I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to stand up for Him. Despite my dad’s disapproval, I thank God that my mum still came for the water baptism service. Thank God for raising an awesome pastoral team in Trinity as our role models. Through the discipleship in the carecell, equipping through the LEAD courses, and mentoring sessions with leaders and pastors, I have grown to be a confident Christian who’s not shy in sharing the Gospel with others. Today, I serve as a Section Leader in the West district.

I wanted to be a Spiritual Parent. Getting water baptized was the first step towards my God-given purpose and destiny.

One thing that never fails to draw me into God’s presence is the awesome worship atmosphere. Each time I step into service, I have my “download sessions” with God during praise and worship, no matter which service I attend.

Ivan Cheong

Today, I am serving in Creative Ministry doing lights and really love it there!

Ng Ka Sen

I experienced a wake-up call to get serious with God after He preserved my life from a serious car accident. Through my Time Alone With God – I’ve grown in my relationship with Him as I learn how to hear from God and respond to His Word. Also, my carecell and every mission trip I’ve been a part of has imparted much in my walk with God. Today, I serve as a Carecell Leader in the West District and a Nursery In-Charge as my Ministry Expression.

Today, I am serving as a Spiritual Parent in the West District and as part of the Ministry Expressions Choir. Trinity has helped me to grow in serving. I have been given opportunities in every season of my life to love God by serving His people.

Elaine Gay

I was water baptized the same year a friend brought me to church. Though young in my faith, I remembered being encouraged by my Carecell Leader to take the step of obedience to follow Christ and be water baptized.


I was Commissioned as a Spiritual Parent in 2005! Meet Esther Lau, a gentle and quiet girl who shies away from crowds and prefers one-to-one conversations. A Human Resources Executive here at Trinity, read on to find out how God transformed her into a Strategic Leader that serves as a Section Leader in IGNYTE! TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU TOOK THAT FIRST STEP TO SERVE AS A SPIRITUAL PARENT. When I was asked to rise in leadership and become a Spiritual Parent 10 years ago, the fear of inadequacy gripped me; I was afraid that I didn’t have the ability to serve God. However, my Spiritual Parent demonstrated Relentless Belief by encouraging and praying alongside with me. God also spoke to me about the little boy who brought his five loaves and two fish to Jesus; that no matter how insignificant I felt about my abilities, God can still use me. At that point, I knew I had to surrender my five loaves and two fish and trust God to multiply them. How has serving as a leader impacted your walk with God? I’ve learned to draw near to God and allow Him to speak before I act. I’ve also learned how important it is for me to partner with the Holy Spirit; without a fresh anointing and revelation, I cannot lead my people to where God wants them to be. What was a significant challenge in your ministry that you’ve overcome? I used to be overwhelmed by thoughts of others doing better than I, that I was not good enough to 44

lead. Over the years, I have learned that it is not about me; it is about God! When God calls me, He will empower me! I now choose to fix my eyes on God instead of my weaknesses and the things I lack. What was your greatest joy or most memorable experience as a Spiritual Parent? It brings me great joy to see people encountering God on their own and being transformed by Him. The most heartening part of serving as a leader is seeing my Spiritual Babies growing in the Lord, rising up, taking ownership and serving God. What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who is getting ready to take on a leadership role? • Availability – Our availability is more important than our ability. Avail yourself, be faithful where He has placed us, and trust Him with the rest. • Courageous Leadership – Be courageous to carry out the tasks given by God, to do the right thing, and to lead despite our own fears. • Relationship with God – Our walk with God is the most important aspect of our ministry because that is where our ministry flows from. Learn to nurture your relationship with God by drawing strength from Him, looking into His Word for encouragement, and staying close to Him in prayer

10 Years as Pastoral Staff Pastor Victor Toh

Whether you worship at Trinity@Adam or Trinity@Paya Lebar, one thing is certain: you will know Pastor Victor when you see him. From his boyish looks, it’s impossible to guess that he’s been a pastoral staff at Trinity for 10 years!

What are some key events that brought you to where you are today? I actually grew up in this church! I started in nursery and received discipleship through our children, youth, and campus ministry. 1993 was a year of rebellion. One day, I was caught sharing inappropriate material with my church friends. I decided to leave church, however, Pastor Steven Tay wrote me a letter convincing me otherwise, that no one was here to condemn me and that he would be the first person to welcome me back. I am so grateful that Pastor Steven chose to demonstrate Relentless Belief in my life. In 1994, my mother forced me to attend a youth camp. It was there that I re-dedicated my life to God. I even responded to the revelation of a full-time call! In the following year, 1995, I became involved in a domestic issue and physically injured my dad. I was arrested and spent the night in jail. After being released, Trinity walked with me that season. I would not be here today without the support of the church. The following year’s youth camp, in 1996, also would be life-changing. During a time of prayer, Pastor Dominic declared that I have a Levitical anointing; God was going to use me to lead people into worship! This seemed impossible. While I was good at the guitar, I was absolutely tone deaf; I couldn’t carry a proper tune! However, my musical gifting accelerated after youth camp. God gave me the ability to carry a tune and songwriting came naturally to me.

How has your ministry evolved in these past 10 years? What were some lessons you’ve learned throughout the years? I started as a Ministerial Staff in the Youth Ministry. After that, I became a Pastor in the Children’s Ministry. Currently, I serve as a Pastor in Creative Ministry. Each of these ministries has greatly added to my experience as a Pastor, presenting me with different learning points and perspectives. During my time in the Children and Youth Ministries, I learned how to run a service: planning and managing manpower. Additionally, ministering to children and youth expanded my understanding of what it meant to meet the needs of others (including parents). Stepping into Creative Ministry was another season of growth. Artistic people are a breed of their own; it takes “creativity” to minister to and work with them! The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in this decade of ministry is the importance of involving God in everything I do. What is your most memorable ministry boo-boo? During a hospital visitation to a cell member’s Chinese-speaking mum, I decided to encourage her with my limited Mandarin skills. Instead of saying “Aunty, 你会恢复 (you will recover)!” I said, “Aunty, 你会复活 (you will be resurrected)!” “恢复” is now my favorite Chinese phrase. 45

Decade after Decade: Reflections on Life and Ministry

Pastor Ng Buck Chua and Sister Kim


At age 93, Pastor Ng Buck Chua is Trinity’s oldest pastor and part of Trinity’s “Old Guard.” Serving in the Pastoral Support Ministry, Pastor Ng and his wife – Cheong Kim Neo (Sister Kim), 88 – have lived through many seasons: marrying after World War II, witnessing Singapore’s journey to independence, and celebrating her 50th birthday. We interview them about their journey of faith. Unexpected Beginnings Pastor Ng: “We had no intention of becoming Christians; our intention was to help a family friend who was suffering from an illness.” Sister Kim: “We were introduced to Trinity by my cousin. One day, we tried to visit her but found that she was not home. Later, she told us she was in church. We were shocked; we didn’t know she was a Christian! When she shared that Jesus healed her of various ailments, we became interested and asked where her church was. When she said Hotel Equatorial, we were surprised because we didn’t think church could be in a hotel. Pastor Ng and I attended Trinity that Sunday to ask Pastor Dowdy to visit our friend. That night, she accompanied us to the hospital. Although my friend was dirty and smelly, Pastor Dowdy still embraced and prayed for her. We decided to attend service the following week, which happened to be Communion Sunday. During Communion, Pastor Dowdy said, ‘If you have pain, place your hand over that area and pray for healing. If you believe God can heal you, partake in Communion.’ I had been suffering from back pain and was hard of hearing in one ear. I took Communion then placed my hands over these areas and prayed. After that, I received instant healing; a piece of stone came out of my ear and my back ache was gone! From that time onwards, we knew God was real and came for service every Sunday without fail.” Discovering our Passions and Giftings Pastor Ng: “In 1976, Pastor Dowdy took me for my first hospital visit. She said, ‘You pray, I’ll watch.’ In my mind, I was thinking, ‘What do I pray for? I’m a newcomer and not even a pastor!’ I never intended to become a Pastor, not at all! After retiring from a career in insurance, I had plenty of free time and wanted to use it to help others. So, I would go to hospitals and pray for people. After I prayed for one person, another person would ask me to pray for healing. Because there were so many who were ill,

Saying “I Do” in 1948

there were many people to pray for!” For over 30 years, Pastor Ng visited countless patients suffering from critical illnesses. He prayed for them, shared the Gospel, and led many to receive Christ. In his ministry, he has witnessed many miracles, including people who were at death’s door one day and restored back to health the next. At the peak of his ministry, Pastor Ng prayed for more than half a dozen patients a day. His schedule was packed from the early morning to late in the evening, traveling across Singapore to visit hospitals and homes. These days, old age has restricted his mobility and people often bring the sick to him instead. Meeting the needs of others is the mission and lifestyle of Pastor Ng, even if it means being inconvenienced. “I believe that if someone calls you, there must be a need – one that only God can meet,” Pastor Ng shares. When asked where he gets his passion and energy, Pastor Ng shares, “When I see God using me in miracles, it encourages me to continue meeting needs and ministering to people. God is an opportunity-creating God. We must remain on the alert and move along with the opportunities He creates. God is wonderful and He will lead us because he wants people to know that He really cares.”


As our time drew to a close, we asked Sister Kim about her Passionate Honor in serving Communion. “Communion was very different in the days before Trinity@Adam. Since there was no place to prepare Communion, everything needed to be prepared beforehand. I would wake up early in the morning in order to get the wafers and cups ready for 8.30am service. While Pastor Ng drove, I would sit in the backseat and hold the trays so that they didn’t overturn.


Leaving a Legacy Old age has done little to deter Pastor Ng and Sister Kim’s life of simple faith and steadfast serving. “We were faithful to Trinity because our pastor (Pastor Dowdy) was faithful to God. Because of our faithfulness, many of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren have followed in our footsteps. They see our love and loyalty for this church.”

To save money, the communion trays and cups would be brought back for a soak and wash. If the cups were dirty, we would use satay sticks to clean them and then spread out the cups over a large table to dry. At one point, we cleaned and dried thousands of communion cups!

Before stepping down at the age of 79, Sister Kim never grumbled or complained about the difficulties of serving. In fact, she didn’t view them as difficulties at all! “Once I commit to serving God, I would serve God. I want to do it properly, not half-heartedly. He healed me so I want to show my gratitude by serving Him.”

In the early days, Pastor Dowdy would purchase communion wafers at $7.00/packet from the Bible House. At that time, Trinity didn’t have that many members so we wouldn’t even use half of the packet. It was such a waste. I took the box and looked at the ingredients: water, oil, and flour. That’s it, so plain!

Jesus reminds us that, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35) Trinitarians, each of us has been blessed by God. Trinitarians, let’s choose to show our gratitude by loving His people and using our time, talent, and treasures to meet the needs of others.

Since I loved to bake, I made my own version of the communion bread for Pastor Dowdy to sample. I told her, ‘If you approve, we can make it for ourselves.’ With her enthusiastic approval, we made our own communion bread every month. Even our overseas guests were impressed! They would ask us, ‘Where did you buy this?’ Pastor Dowdy would respond that the bread was homemade, it cannot be bought! We made our own communion bread until 2010 when the congregation multiplied to Trinity@Paya Lebar.”

We ask Pastor Ng and Sister Kim for their perspective on living for the Lord: “One day, a church member told me that I look so pretty. I said, ‘I’m so old, what pretty?’ His response: ‘You look pretty because you shine for the Lord!“’ “When you are faithful, God will give you the power!”

Serving the Nations: 10 Years as Trinity’s Ambassador Pastor Christina Onn

I’ve been in full-time ministry for 25 years. The first 15 years was in the local church: five in the Children’s Ministry, five in the West District, and five in the Chinese Ministry. During the time of “local” ministry, I became equipped with a variety of ministry skills and spent considerable time discipling the younger pastors. New Frontiers In 2005, Rev Naomi Dowdy – Trinity’s former Senior Pastor – shared her vision of “nation transformation”: Trinity’s destiny as a church whose impact would be felt beyond the shores of Singapore. She saw that there was a great need to build up the Chinese-speaking churches, especially in the nation of Taiwan. As one of the few bilingual (English/Chinese-speaking) pastors at the time, Pastor Dowdy shared her intent to send me to the churches of Taiwan as an Ambassador. Pastor Dominic, having stepped into the Senior Pastor position in March of that year, also continued the expansion of Trinity’s efforts into Taiwan – he saw the nation as the foundation for reaching out to the Chinese-

speaking communities of the world. Despite my reservations, I went to Taipei later that year with nothing more than faith; I didn’t know anyone in that country! The First of Many Open Doors In that first trip, God brought the “man of peace”– Mr Ding, President of Grace Publishers – into the picture. A man full of integrity and well-known among the pastors and churches of Taiwan, Mr Ding felt that God had called him into the Christian publishing ministry for such a time as this. Upon hearing our vision for nation transformation, he wanted to partner with us to win Taiwan for Jesus. The encounter was so timely; we needed to translate all of Trinity’s training materials and cell resources into Mandarin! Not only did he help with translation work, he also helped to organize our first conference – geared at introducing a cell-based church model – in 2006. He invited those keen on understanding the dynamics of a cell-based 49

church model. 18 churches attended and 16 committed to implementing our cell-based church model (the “TCC Cell Church Model”). Some of the churches from this first “batch” would become places where I would nurture and disciple more trainers/consultants in the TCC Cell Church Model. Aligning My Heart with God’s Heart In my first year as Ambassador, I struggled in my new role; my heart was still with the local church and I didn’t like being removed from my comfort zone. That changed when God asked, “Do you love my people in Taiwan?” As I reflected on that question, I had to search my heart and understand why I was serving: was it out of obligation or out of love? When I learned to embrace the people of Taiwan, to love them as He does, many doors opened for Trinity to reach the cities of Taiwan. Blessing the Churches of Taiwan God has shown tremendous favor on Trinity Christian Centre, providing opportunities to share the TCC Cell Church Model throughout the nation and across denominations. For churches that are willing to commit to TCC Cell Church Model – a process that takes between three to five years – my role as an Ambassador is to help churches transit to a cell-based church model. I do this by: (1) challenging the leaders to seek God’s vision for the church; and (2) providing the resources needed to align the congregation to that vision – training pastors/leaders and providing consultations to churches. To help me in this, I often rely on the support of Trinity’s pastors, many of whom have come to Taiwan for conferences and 50

consultations. We’ve traveled throughout the country: Taipei to Kaohsiung, Taizhong to Chiayi, Xinzhuang to Shimen, Tainan to Yilan. As a result of Trinity’s investment, many churches have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough: pastors are discipled, lay leaders are raised, and churches encounter tremendous growth. With the TCC Cell Church Model, congregations once on the brink of death were revived and are now flourishing. From “My Church” to “His Kingdom” As the churches mature, Trinity’s culture of “being a blessing” flows through them; they are now a blessing to other churches in their nation. Those trained in the TCC Cell Church Model now teach alongside with me in conferences and consultations, imparting their knowledge and experiences to other churches. In fact, the willingness of churches to help one another is one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in these 10 years – a shift in the collective mindset of ministry as solely for “my church” to “His Kingdom.” In the past decade, I have seen the TCC Cell Church Model break down barriers between the various denominations. When the different pastors and leaders meet during seminars and conferences, they view one another as co-laborers, greeting each other as old friends. When one church is in trouble, the leaders of other churches – irrespective of distance – do not hesitate to lend a helping hand. I remember walking with a pastor’s family through a very dark season of their lives: the pastor was in the last

stages of cancer and his wife was overcome with grief and uncertainty over the future. When the pastor was promoted to glory, a network of support surrounded the late-pastor’s family. Several years later, when a similar situation was occurring in another pastor’s family, the widow accompanied me to meet them, ready to walk them through this tough season. A Decade of Transformation

As I think about the next 10 years, my hope is to continue imparting my life into the churches of Taiwan – building in them a mission-minded outlook so that they can continue winning the nation, and other Chinesespeaking communities of the world, for Jesus. From the Beginning – Growing with Pastor Christina

As I reflect on my time as an Ambassador, I see how God has used these past 10 years to mold and shape me as a person and a pastor. Just as many of the churches in Taiwan have been transformed, God also has used this decade to mold and transform me. As I interact with the various churches, I know he has used every encounter to mold me into a person of patience and compassion. With every ministry assignment, He unlocks more of my strengths, passions, and gifts.

We hear from one of the first churches to adopt the TCC Cell Church Model during Pastor Christina’s early endeavors in Taiwan.

Each time I step out, I experience the strengthening of my faith by learning to rely on Him alone and seeing my every need met. I have seen God’s favor at every juncture of my ministry in Taiwan, bringing the right people to partner with me at the right time.

We thank God that through Trinity’s nurturing strategies and mission conventions, our church has made a big leap in widening the base of leadership and our church began to grow. As such, the current venue is no longer able to accommodate all our members.

Although I started this journey with a reluctant heart, I am grateful to Pastor Dowdy and Pastor Dominic for entrusting this ministry to me: for having my best interests at heart and seeing in me what I couldn’t see for myself.

“After adopting TCC Cell Church Model in 2006, the number of carecells has more than doubled from 30. Spiritual Parenting and Carecell Leaders’ Training have also helped equip members to be spiritual parents and carecell leaders.

Dr Lawrence Liu, Senior Pastor, Taipei Revival Church

TRINITY IN TAIWAN QUICK FACTS Since 2005, Trinity Christian Center has regularly partnered with Taiwan in the areas of: A. Sending Missions Impact Teams; B. Conducting Trainings; a. Seven Steps To Transforming Your Church; b. Spiritual Parenting Training; c. Carecell Leaders’ Training; d. Section Leaders’ Training; e. Nurturing That Transforms Lives; f. Mastering the 5Gs; g. Divine Exchange & Wholeness (DEW); h. Running a Children’s Ministry; i. Prophetic Ministries (including Prophetic Worship); and C. Providing Consultations. As of December 2015, Trinity has walked alongside more than 200 churches in Taiwan. 51

10 Years as First Lady Sister Chin Inn

They say that behind every successful man is a woman. Meet Sister Chin Inn, Pastor Dominic’s wife, as she reflects on her 10-year journey as the Senior Pastor’s Wife.

What was it like stepping into the role as the Senior Pastor’s wife? What were some of the initial struggles? Stepping into this role was quite challenging because I really didn’t know what to expect! There was no job description that I could refer to or a predecessor I could consult with. I remember asking Reverend Ong Sek Leang, a close friend of ours, what I was supposed to do as the Senior Pastor’s wife – Trinity’s “First Lady. ”Very calmly yet candidly he said, “Just be yourself.” My friends know that I am naturally an introvert and a very private person; I prefer to work in the background rather than be in the limelight. Therefore, it has been a journey learning to “be myself” in the public eye and not succumb to the expectations of others. In fact, another struggle that my family and I faced in 52

the beginning was how to bring others to accept and embrace us as “normal people.” Our family, including my children (Natalie and Matthaeus) do face the same struggles, issues, and challenges as everyone else! Despite the lack of a job description, how did God prepare you to become a Pastor’s, and ultimately, a Senior Pastor’s wife? God is so good; He started preparing me long before I met Pastor Dominic! He taught me to be independent and to do things on my own. Conversely, He taught me to turn to Him for help; to seek His Word for counsel and encouragement. God also taught me to share more openly with others so that I can solicit prayers and be reminded that I am not alone on this journey of faith.

Most of all, God taught me how to pray and to pray earnestly. I’ve come to see that this is one of the best ways I can support Pastor Dominic in his ministry. What adjustments did you have to make as Pastor Dominic stepped into his call as Senior Pastor? Given his many responsibilities, I’ve learned to “share” him with others – to release him for ministry in Singapore and abroad. I’ve become flexible to change and have learned the art of navigating around his very tight schedule. This was especially true when the children were younger – Natalie was 14 and Matthaeus 10 when Pastor Dominic became Senior Pastor. As a result, I’ve learned to accept that his responsibilities and commitments may be prioritized above mine. One example is forgoing an opportunity to serve in order to stay home and take care of the children while he is away. Another example is a ministry that all pastor’s spouses are very familiar with – the waiting ministry! Over time, I’ve grown to accept that a “quick discussion” after service often turns into an hour (or more) wait! Aside from the waiting ministry, how else do you serve in Trinity? Currently, I serve in two Ministry Expressions: Choir on the second and fourth week of each month, and Communion on alternate months. I also serve as a Section Leader in the North District, overseeing four geographical carecells. Being a pastor’s wife is a unique calling, one that requires a certain kind of encouragement and support. To meet this need, I collaborate with the wives of Trinity’s pastors to arrange for regular fellowship and sharing sessions. What are some other ways you support Pastor Dominic’s ministry? Given the flexibility of the career I have now, one of the ways I support him is by traveling with him on ministry trips. This gives me a better understanding of what he does, making my prayers for him more targeted and specific. During these trips, I also make it a point to become

acquainted with the people he works with. For example, in his role as Executive Council Member of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, I have gotten to know the wives of other Superintendents. In fact, I am now good friends with some of them; we keep in touch and remain prayer partners via WhatsApp. This fellowship is a great way to support our husbands as they shoulder different responsibilities in their nations and around the world. When he’s not engaged in ministry, I give him space and time to relax so that he can be refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged to run for the Lord. This includes allowing him to pursue his other “religion” – following Liverpool Football Club! I also brainstorm different ways to support and encourage him from a personal level. The latest one was a birthday surprise. Since he would be on a ministry trip on his birthday, the children and I printed several pocket-size photos, wrote notes of encouragement on each one of the prints, and hid them throughout his luggage. When he discovered the first one, he shared how thrilled and encouraged he was by our tangible acts of love. How do you manage to juggle ministry, a career, and the home? I am thankful to have a great network of support: my parents and siblings, my parents & sisters-in-law, friends, and Trinitarians that chose to extend a helping hand and even go the extra mile for me. I am grateful for the many times that they have helped me look after my children, even picking them up after school because of my work commitments. There was even one that helped me with grocery shopping! I am truly blessed that God surrounds me with many wonderful people in this journey of faith. All in all, it is not really about juggling the many roles but rather to learn to live each moment, each day, each season of my life by the grace of God. Have I made mistakes and wrong decisions? Of course! However, I am thankful that the love of God picks me up and that He constantly sends people into my life to cheer and spur me on. What would you say are your three favorite memories as “First Lady”? That’s a tough question to answer, probably because I’m still in this role! Ask me again when I’ve stepped down! 53

10 Years as Senior Pastor Pastor Dominic Yeo 2015 is a milestone for Pastor Dominic. In addition to celebrating 10 years as the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, he also celebrates 30 years in full-time ministry.


30 years! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. How did it all start and what keeps you going? I obeyed the voice and leadership of the Holy Spirit by stepping into full-time ministry on July 1, 1985. Ministry has its fair share of occupational stresses and possible breaking points. However, I am thankful that there are many things that have kept me serving all these years: • An extremely supportive wife and family; • Great mentors in my life: Pastor Dowdy, Dr Kitano, and several others; • Friends in ministry that cheer me on: Pastor Ong Sek Leang, and many others; • Taking trips down “memory lane” by revisiting my salvation experience; • Constant encounters with God that have reinforced His call for my life; • Witnessing salvation and the transformation of lives; • Seeing what God is doing in and through the lives of His people; and • Support from a great ministry team: ministers/ pastors and the lay leadership of this church. What was it like taking on the role of Senor Pastor? When I took on the role of Senior Pastor from Pastor Dowdy, I had huge shoes to fill. I was intimidated by her

legacy and I remember telling her so. Pastor Dowdy said, “Dom, you are not taking my shoes. You will wear your own pair of shoes. You will be standing on my shoulders as you step into your place as Senior Pastor and you are going to take Trinity to another level.” That was a powerful lesson. She didn’t want me to be another Naomi Dowdy, leading Trinity the way she did. She knew God had something more in store for me and for Trinity and released me to be the person God meant for me to be. How have you seen Trinity (and Trinitarians) grow over the past 10 years? Trinity has grown from strength to strength. When I took on the role of Senior Pastor, my prayer wasn’t for a big church but a strong church: strong in hosting the presence of God, strong in convictions, and strong in leadership. I have seen these qualities grow in these 10 years. There is a tangible and powerful presence of God in our worship services and prayer meetings. We are people led by strong conviction to do what God leads us to do (e.g., moving towards our Vision, living out our Core Values, building a Care & Connect culture, embarking on a season of God Encounter Meetings, the #Jubilee50K Challenge). We have also developed a global reputation as a church strong in leadership and discipling. What are some of your favorite moments as Senior Pastor? One would be seeing the congregation rise to faith to pay off Trinity@Paya Lebar in four years. Another is seeing Trinitarians grow in the areas of missions, community, and discipleship. In the past few years, our Missions Impact Team (MIT) trips have been taken up within a week of publicity. We also have seen quick sign-ups for church camps and ever-increasing attendance at Life Conferences. Finally, seeing breakthroughs happen in the lives of Trinitarians: • Financial breakthroughs as God opens up new business opportunities and resurrected contracts thought to be “dead;” • Relational breakthroughs as broken marriages were healed and relationships between parents and children strengthened; and • Yearly breakthroughs as Trinitarians embraced the prophetic messages spoken during Watchnight Services.


General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Singapore. Executive Council Member of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. Advisory Council Member of the Pentecostal World Fellowship.

When I reflect on my ministry, I look at it as a series of highs and lows. One of the biggest highs is my family’s willingness to release me to fulfill my God-given plans and purposes.

What are your thoughts about this ever-expanding ministry portfolio?

As my ministry becomes more national and international, I have learned to be protective of the personal time that belongs to my family. I must be even more intentional about having meaningful moments with Chin Inn, Natalie, and Matthaeus. The demands of both ministry and family make it hard to have as much “me-time” as I would like, however, I am learning to be more creative in finding and maximizing those precious pockets of time.

These “promotions” are not just about me; they’re really about our church being showcased and used for His purposes and glory. Trinity’s growing prominence means that every Trinitarian needs to continually step up in their commitment, faith and love for God. My engagements and voice in these arenas can only happen if the congregation and the leadership continually “pull their weight” and support the vision and agenda God has for our church. I believe God uses busy people that are passionate about Him and committed to His assignments; it means we are people that can “walk the talk.” Whatever we say and, more importantly, do has far-reaching impact and implications. I am proud of Trinity and Trinitarians for having such Passionate Honor to serve God at both national and international platforms. Over the past few years, your ministry has increasingly required you to travel around Singapore and the world. With so many demands on your time, how do you manage to juggle both ministry and family? What are some of the struggles you face and how do you cope? 56

The staff at Trinity work hard to protect my personal time and I’m very grateful for the support they give me on a daily basis. With all the traveling that needs to be done, one of the lows I face is the constant struggle to keep things in check: making sure my health is intact; keeping up-todate with the happenings in Trinity; and ensuring that I remain spiritually in tune despite the constant onslaught of ministry. The last struggle is the most critical. One thing I’ve learned in three decades of ministry is how vital it is to maintain a strong spiritual life. Doing ministry without maintaining a “perfect pitch” in our spiritual being will cause us to be “off key,” impacting our long-term emotions, mental dexterity, relational life, and physical well-being.

Where do you see God leading Trinity in the next 10 years? How can Trinitarians partner with you in the decade to come? In the next 10 years, God will continue to reposition Trinity in the global arena; we will see the launching of campuses and affiliations with other churches. As God repositions the church, Trinity will be undergoing structural changes so that more resources can be released to touch Singapore and the world. In the next 10 years, we will see our young people arise to take their places as Warriors in God’s Army, marching forward in loving Jesus and making their lives count for His glory. Our church also will take part in one of the greatest mobilizations of those 50 and above, our “Silver Force,” entering into ministry and experiencing their

destiny and calling fulfilled in the later seasons of their lives. This list is not at all exhaustive; there are many great and wonderful things God wants to do in and through us. However, Trinity can only achieve her God-given destiny if every Trinitarian commits to partnering with me by recognizing that: • We are living in the last days; • We are God’s answer to a dying world; • We have God-given time, talents and treasures; and • We play an important role in the church; Therefore, we ought to make each day count and step forward in courageous faith to act. We have to commit to being good stewards of our resources, choose to be actively involved in the various ministries of the church, and continually commit to the direction communicated by leadership.


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Trinitarian Magazine Issue DOD/2015

Trinitarian Magazine Issue DOD/2015  

Trinitarian Magazine Issue DOD/2015