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Due Diligence You have identified a potential partner company to enable you to take your business forward, perhaps venturing into new markets. How much do you know about the assets and practices of this organization? Who are the directors and what is their record of accomplishment? Will they enhance your corporate reputation and brand image, or could they destroy in no time what you have spent years nurturing? Complete Policing, Defence and Medical Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with our many associates are able to provide reassurance and help to save you from the hidden pitfalls and snares that may lie ahead when deciding on a future partner.

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Policing Solutions.

Financial Crime Mission Statement Complete Policing, Defence and Medical Solutions Ltd (C.P.D.M.S. Ltd) are committed to offering unparalleled law enforcement, military and national health solutions and products to both the public and the private sector, to enhance the quality of life in the Caribbean Community through our confidential services to public and private office, the protection of persons and property, and impartial enforcement of the law through the use of modern policing and security techniques backed up by scientific analysis.

We provide a comprehensive series of pre-trial and past case reviews, analytical services, training courses and seminars for professionals and those entities in the private sector requiring training, at the same time providing the infrastructure and equipment to carry out those tasks, all within the auspice of the National or corporate security and health programs.

New technologies open up many possibilities for criminals to carry out traditional financial crimes in new ways. One notable example is „phishingâ€&#x;, whereby a criminal attempts to acquire through e-mail or instant messaging sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details by pretending to be a legitimate business representative. With this information, the criminal can commit fraud and even money laundering. C.P.D.M.S. Ltd is working with stakeholders such as Governments, National Agencies, Internet service providers, software companies, central banks, and other relevant bodies to devise solutions and investigate criminals in all aspects of digital and financial crime. We are also actively involved with Governments and Central Banks in the fields of financial compliance. We can assess your organization, train your staff and carry out investigations with and on behalf of your internal security department(s) and external partners such as the Police. C.P.D.M.S. Ltd carries out major investigations into fraud and financial matters in conjunction with Bond Associates Ltd. Bond Associates are a leading firm of accountants, based in London, involved in litigation support, financial investigations and regulatory compliance in the financial services sector. Based in Canary Wharf, the heart of Londonâ€&#x;s financial sector and just minutes away from the UK Financial Services Authority, they specialize with over 30 years of accountancy expertise in disputes, claims, litigation and potential litigation.

High Tech / Computer & Network Crime Financial and high-tech crimes often occur together and as such our investigations division is able to carry out fully integrated investigations into currency counterfeiting, money laundering, intellectual property crime, payment card fraud, computer virus attacks and cyber-terrorism, (amongst others) and these can affect all levels of society. Currency counterfeiting and money laundering have the potential to destabilise national economies and threaten global security, as these activities are sometimes used by terrorists and other dangerous criminals to finance their activities or conceal their profits.

Investigative Services. Anti-Terrorist Investigations Using our unique blend of Nationalities within C.P.D.M.S. Ltd we are able to call upon some of the most distinguished anti-terror organizations in the world to assist with your investigations. Our own investigators have worked within this field for many years and have a proven track record. Special Investigations Using specialist Investigators we are able to conduct enquiries into any specialist subject requested from us. Our Humane investigators have travelled the world working on the investigation of animal welfare and mistreatment cases. Humane cases usually also lead to or are involve gambling and other underworld crimes. Our operatives are trained in all specialist techniques to conduct covert / overt investigations, undercover operations including the use of test purchasers in drugs investigations and all types of specialist discipline.

Intellectual property crime is a serious financial concern for luxury goods makers, media firms and drug companies. Most alarmingly, counterfeiting endangers public health, especially in developing countries, where the World Health Organization estimates more than 60 per cent of pharmaceuticals are fake. „Spam‟ is becoming more than just a nuisance for Internet users, as criminals are using it in increasingly sophisticated ways to defraud consumers, cripple computer systems and release viruses. In 2000, the so-called „Love Bug‟ virus, which affected millions of computers around the world within hours, exposed the vulnerability of corporate and government networks to such attacks. Other similar attacks can include the “Lottery Win” and the “Nigerian Scam”, which have been seen in the Caribbean in recent years.

Sexual Investigations Sexual predators are a threat to the economy as well as the citizens of a country. Multiple cases featuring sexual crimes within the international press can create a negative image of a country. Positive identification through sound investigations will create a sound reliance on the judicial authorities leading to confidence in the International community. Many sexual investigations also involve people trafficking and our seasoned investigators are able to display their sound knowledge and understanding of these crimes while carrying out the investigations and protecting witnesses.

Shoe Print & Tire Tread Impression Evidence

Vulnerable Witness Investigations Our investigators have training in the interview techniques that need to be employed when carrying out the interviews of vulnerable adults and children who are either witnesses to an investigation or may be suspected of a crime. It is very important that these members of society are treated fairly especially while being questioned by the authorities to ensure they contribute to safe convictions and deliver reliable evidence

All impression evidence, including shoe and tire impressions will be properly documented, and collected by C.P.D.M.S. Ltd through casting, chemical processing or lifting, for subsequent examination and analysis. conduct comparisons of shoe print and tire tread evidence for identification purposes, or to eliminate the shoe or tire as the source of the collected impression. This evidence is also utilized in the reconstruction of a crime scene and impression evidence may also include pattern injuries and wounds, together with questionable marks or defects left at a crime scene.

Internal / Complaint Investigations Forensic Photography Once an act has taken place it is important that the organization or agency is seen to be transparent while carrying out any and all investigations. Should an internal investigation not be seen to be impartial and transparent it can lead to reduced public confidence and undermine the professional nature of the work being carried out by the organization.

C.P.D.M.S. Ltd can carry out macro and general photographic documentation with digital cameras of crime scenes and all involved physical evidence. This includes latent evidence developed through chemical and physical processing methods, or visualized with alternate light sources. Validation of digital photography is also carried out by the experts at C.P.D.M.S. Ltd who will examine and report on aspects such as data manipulation and “photo shopping�.

Cold Case Reviews C.P.D.M.S. Ltd offer a bespoke cold case review solution for serious unsolved cases. We can use the latest technologies to examine retained evidence such as the latest DNA techniques which can be used to develop DNA profiles where this has previously not been possible. Other options include the use of improved methods of fingerprint enhancement and recovery to generate fingerprints on retained items.

Fire / Arson Investigations Working together with Fire Brigade Investigators and Police Crime Scene Officers our experts are able to give opinions on fire and arson cases, including propellants used and the examination of suspects clothing and vehicle(s) for trace evidence.

Forensic Investigations Utilizing the latest scientific forensic testing methods C.P.D.M.S. Ltd can carry out and review all types of forensic investigation

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis C.P.D.M.S. Ltd is equipped to conduct presumptive testing and specimen collection for later analysis and latent bloodstain detection procedures. Scene examinations and reconstructions are conducted with emphasis on bloodstain pattern analysis utilizing information documented in investigative and laboratory service reports, autopsy findings, scene photographs, witness statements and physical evidence bearing possible bloodstain evidence

Latent Print Development & Identification C.P.D.M.S. Ltd is at the forefront of new techniques to recover latent fingerprints from evidence. Working with our partners we are currently involved with the development of techniques to recover fingermarks from fired ammunition cases. This research is typical of our approach to forensic evidence in that every aspect of forensic science can always be improved on. C.P.D.M.S. Ltd are equipped to develop latent prints utilizing a wide variety of techniques in the correct sequence to achieve the greatest results. Utilizing non destructive followed by destructive techniques, latent print examinations are conducted on all types of physical evidence and any resulting areas of ridge detail can be used to identify or eliminate a specific person as the source of that print. C.P.D.M.S. Ltd is lucky enough to be able to call on the services of one of the leading latent print recovery experts in the Caribbean region who can asses all types of evidence prior to submission.

General Evidence Collection & Processing Our specialist Evidence Technicians are able to attend your scenes of crime, where they will collect, document and process all types of physical and latent evidence, while maintaining strict custodial records. Once collected, specimens will be packaged appropriately to preserve the evidential value before being transported to the appropriate testing facility.

Laboratory Services in the Caribbean, UK, and USA In today's criminal justice and economic environments it is becoming more likely that the Prosecution may not have always undertaken a complete series of tests. It may be that certain items have not been examined or that you may want alternative tests completing on behalf of your client. Complete Policing, Defence and Medical Solutions Ltd is able to provide the most advanced testing services together with the analytical capability to examine most types of evidence including DNA. Our partner laboratories can also assist with the prosecution case where agencies may not have the ability or resources to carry out the analysis themselves. All of this work is undertaken in accredited laboratories situated throughout the Caribbean, the UK and the USA, to guarantee you the most reliable service available.

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