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Cold Storage Beach, Truro, by Denise Dumont.

Summer Exhibit The Quiet Life Gallery 17 So. Main Street Lambertville, NJ 609-397-0880 Open Wednesday – Sunday June 7 – July 21

Emanation #2, 36 X 30. Oil on copper.

New Works by Erin Andserson Atelier Dualis 91 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, PA 419-304-9000

This exhibit is showcasing a wonderful array of contemporary paintings. Some of the artists might be familiar to you, and others are completely new to the gallery. The very fine livestock portraits by Terri Amig, the plein-air streetscapes of John Schmidtberger, the urban grit of Eric Fowler, the expressive faces of amateur boxers by Elise Dodeles, the tactile surfaces and sparkle of landscapes by Andre Paradis, the conceptual series based on the Delaware River by John Petach, the evocative paintings of Daniel Watts, the breezy barns of Richard Gombar, the lovely skies of Louis Pontone, and the simple elegance of Daniel Christmas, will be familiar to regular visitors to The Quiet Life Gallery. New to us will be: the delightful Atlantic seashores of Denise Dumont, the graphically bold paintings of Marion Di Quinzio, the whimsical and colourful works by Barbara Mayfield, and the sheer mastery of local rural landscapes by Susan M. Blubaugh.

These latest pieces explore the idea of portraits and energy through the use of abstract patterns and realist portraiture. The portraits, painted on copper panel with patterns and designs deliberately etched in the paint, allow the metal to shine through. Copper is a conductive material, making it an ideal medium for the expression of her theme. Erin’s work has been featured in national magazines and resides in the homes of collectors throughout the U.S. In addition to her personal studio work, Erin is also the founder and Head Instructor at Atelier Dualis, an independent art school for those seeking to pursue a serious art career. Those interested may visit or

Gold, by Marion Di Quinzio.



JUNE 2013

Life Lines, 6 X 9. Oil on copper.

W W W. I C O N D V. C O M

W W W. FA C E B O O K . C O M / I C O N D V

Nelson Shanks (b. 1937), Portrait of Margaret, The Lady Thatcher, 1999, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Gift of J. Bruce Bredin, W&M '36

Nelson Shanks: A Brush with Reality James A. Michener Art Museum 138 So. Pine St., Doylestown, PA 215-340-9800 June 8–September 8 Nelson Shanks’ focus on and dedication to classical painting is rooted in the studied excellence of the European masters. His portrait compositions are narratives that speak to the scope and scale of a personality. His studies of human nature, most often in the form of the female nude, are rich with references—a floral headpiece, delicate compote, gilded frame remnants, a peacock feather, and soft textiles. Shanks has lived, taught and painted in Bucks County since the 1960s and is recognized for his eloquent portraits of notable figures in the world of politics, science, the arts, and religion. Yet there is enormous range in his oeuvre which includes still lifes, landscapes, and human tableaus filled with dramatic colors and textures. Nelson Shanks is a maestro, orchestrating colors, spaces and elements like a conductor. And just as a conductor teases nuances from his musicians, Shanks infuses his paintings with this same passion and energy.

Nelson Shanks, Salomé, 2007, oil on canvas, 28 x 44 inches, Collection of the Artist.

ICON June 2013  

Sophisticated cultural magazine with an emphasis on fine and performing arts, music, exclusive features and interviews, circulated in Philad...

ICON June 2013  

Sophisticated cultural magazine with an emphasis on fine and performing arts, music, exclusive features and interviews, circulated in Philad...