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MIDWINTER CLASSIC SALE - CONSIGNMENTS OPEN SEPT. 21, 2011 February 24 - Friday - Quarter & Paint Session February 25 - Saturday - Quarter Session Catalog Fee: $150 Friday Catalog Fee: $250 Saturday Check Here if Cattle Will Be Needed __________ Cutting ______ Roping


$65 Charge for Cutting Cattle $50 Charge for Roping Cattle NAME __________________________ NO. _________ FOALED ___________ COLOR ____________

Stallion Gelding Mare



CATALOG NOTES: (Use additional sheets if necesssary) Please list registration name of covering or foal at side’s sire.

CONDITIONS-PLEASE READ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

16. 17. 18.

Consignment blanks must be accompanied by original registration papers and a signed transfer OR the Catalog Fee for the session selected and a photocopy of the registration papers. Consignors will be paid within 5 banking days from day of sale. Mares selling in foal must have a completed and signed breeder’s certificate or a letter from the stallion owner stating the breeder’s certificate will be issued at foaling. The Triangle Sales Company and its associates act as agent only on all sales and are not responsible for buyer sellor error or misunderstanding. Any defects or bad habits must be called when horse is sold. (Example: Cryptoids, Cribbers, Lameness or Unsoundness, Parrot Mouth, etc.) The commission will be eight percent (8%) of the selling price. The consignor will have the privilege to no sale (Pass Out) his horse. If the horse is passed out, the cost to the consignor will be the catalog fee. Three generation pedigrees will be printed in the catalog on all horses consigned. Complete sire and dam notes based on the current statistics of the American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association and Appaloosa Horse Club will be furnished on all horses. Any other association must be furnished by consignors. Only horses consigned to the sale will be allowed on the sale grounds. All horses sold before, during and after the sale will be subject to the 8% sales commission in addition to the catalog fee. All consignments must go through the sale ring. A $6.00 Halter Charge will be applied to every horse that is sold. A new halter is given to the buyer when payment is made. Transfer fees for Quarter Horses will be deducted from the seller. $65 charge for cutting cattle. $50 charge for roping cattle. If cattle are requested but not used the fee will still be charged. Individual NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST current within 6 months and a HEALTH SHEET is required for each horse. The catalog fee is non refundable. Consignor agrees not to withdraw entry except for serious injury or sickness, and will furnish Triangle Sales with a veterinary statement prior to the sale. Upon execution of this contract, Consignor agrees not to dispose of the horse by private sale. Any horse withdrawn from the sale, for any reason other than infirmity will be assessed a $500 penalty in addition to the $150 catalog fee ($250 Saturday) or 8% of the selling price, whichever is greater. Because this sale normally fills far earlier than the catalog deadline, prepayment of slots will be allowed. Entry information on horses with prepaid slots must be received in the sales office by December 5, 2011. Prepaid slots in the sale are NON TRANSFERABLE and must be entries by the original consignor. Entries by any party other than the original payee WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Monies for prepaid slots will be forfeited to Triangle Sales Co. if consignor is unable to provide entry information for each slot by the December 5, 2011 deadline. Original papers must be in the sale office by sale deadline or your slot will be forfeited. If tested, HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis) test results must be disclosed on all horses descended from the stallion IMPRESSIVE. All paint horses declared to be Homozygous must have test results in sales office. All mares in foal to APHA Stallions must sell in the Friday or Sunday sessions. Any horse selling as PAPERS IN ASSOCIATION or SELLING ON REGISTRATION APPLICATION will have sale proceeds withheld from the consignor until original registration papers are received in the Triangle Sales Co. office.


Agent (Agent authorization required) Trainer -CONSIGNED BYName _____________________________________________ Address _____________________________________ This name will appear in catalog

Home Phone ( ____ ) _________________________________ City, State & Zip _______________________________ Cell Phone ( _____ )__________________________________ Signature ____________________________________ E-mail _____________________________________________ Photostatic copy of this consignment blank for additional horses accepted or additional blanks available on request Send To: Triangle Sales Co. • 43207 Benson Park Road • Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801 (405) 273-2818 • (405) 275-2196 • Fax: (405) 273-8959

Triangle 2012 Mid Winter Consignment Form  
Triangle 2012 Mid Winter Consignment Form  

Triangle 2012 Mid Winter Consignment Form