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Column: The Nightstand


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: hot chocolate photo by jessica pages; paige alam photo by jessica pages; cookie swap photo by buff strickland; north pole photo courtesy of austin history center; toy joy photo by nicole mlakar; mandola's photo by kate leseuer.


Editor’s Letter


ustin is a pretty fantastic place to live year-round, but no season is more magical (or more shamelessly sparkly) than the holidays. Our special Holiday Issue is devoted to celebrating our beloved local traditions and helping you create another year of magical memories with your family and friends. One of the things that make life in Austin so enjoyable is our green spaces, so it’s not surprising that our most spectacular holiday tradition, the Trail

of Lights, is in Zilker Park, the setting of so many of our acclaimed celebrations and festivals. Chances are, the Trail of Lights and spinning under the Zilker Tree are already part of your tradition. As you’ll read in “50 Years of Sparkle” (page 22), both the twinkly lights and Zilker Park have deep roots in our city. To help you make the most of this year’s visit to the Trail of Lights, we’ve included an illustrated map (page 32), along with tips from locals on everything from Fun Run 101 (page 66) to what to pack in your wagon (or stroller, depending on how you roll). Of course, the Trail is just one of many ways for our community to come together and celebrate (we never miss The Nutcracker, or the fragrant gingerbread village at the Four Seasons, for instance). Whether you’re seeking a festive toast after the theater or a fun restaurant where you can exchange gifts with friends, “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” (page 38) will lead you and yours to the perfect spot for a cup (or martini glass) of holiday cheer. In addition to hitting the town, many of us will be hosting our own holiday parties. Austin-based entertaining guru Camille Styles makes it look easy. For this issue, she invites us into her gorgeous home for a “Cookie Swap” (page 44) and shares tips (and a fabulous biscotti recipe) on how to create your own stunning holiday spread. In Austin, any occasion at all means live music, but few shows capture our local holiday spirit better than Bruce Robison and Kelly Kelly share their family’s own holiday traditions—all the little things that make the season merry for them. If you’re still crossing people off your gift list, don’t panic! In “Austin’s Merriest Shopping Guide” (page 52) writer Cindy Widner rounds up the best shops and boutiques for everyone on your list. My favorite category: spirited, distinctly Austin venues like Blue Genie Art Bazaar and Cherrywood Art Fair, where shopping means, yes, live music, a glass of wine, and unique gifts created by our local artisans. Chances are you’ll run into plenty of friends. It’s the kind of experience that makes fast-growing Austin feel like a small city in all the best ways.

Paula Disbrowe paula@tribeza.com


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Paula disbrowe photo by wynn myers; hair + makeup by franchska bryant.

Willis’s annual shindig at the Paramount (page 18). Find out why this year’s performance will be better than ever. As a fun bonus, Bruce and

Letter from the President


elcome to the 50th celebration of the Austin Trail of Lights. In preparing for this milestone anniversary, we’ve had the opportunity to explore pieces of Austin’s past that shape our current community. A journey through the Trail of Lights

archives is also a journey through the events and people who have made Austin the compelling city it is today. What began as a small gathering has grown to be Austin’s largest event. In 2013, more than 425,000 people attended the Trail of Lights—that’s more than the number of people who lived in Austin when the Yule Log was first lit, in 1965. In fact, the first year the log was lit in Zilker Park ignited a flame that has flourished over the past 50 years. During each decade Austin grew in size and creativity, and the Trail of Lights evolved as well. Each new display, community performance, or lighted tunnel added a new layer to the tradition and bound us more tightly as a community. The significance of the Trail of Lights was emphasized in 2010 and 2011, when, because of budgetary constraints, only the Zilker Tree was illuminated. The outpouring of attendance in 2012, when renewed funding allowed us to re-light the tunnels and displays, showed us that for two seasons what we had missed was something more than sparkly lights—it was a tradition that brings us together to connect and reflect. Since the Trail of Lights was restored, more than 800,000 people have attended. USA Today recognized the Trail of Lights as one of the top 10 holiday light displays in the country, and the Austin Business Journal has ranked us as the largest event in Austin for two years in a row. These accomplishments propel us to add new displays and improve old favorites while still honoring the traditions that make this event unique. Be sure to read the history of the Trail (“50 Years of Sparkle,” page 22) to find out about the new and improved displays we have added in the past three years. This special TRIBEZA Holiday Issue highlights the different ways in which Central Texans celebrate this time of the year, and we are honored that the Trail of Lights holds a special place in the holiday traditions of so many. With the future in the hands of Austin’s citizens, the Trail of Lights Foundation is honored to be the steward of this beloved tradition. With your ongoing support, whether financial, volunteer, or just showing up, we can ensure that the Trail of Lights remains for, by, and of Austin. Light It Up, Austin!

Mario A. Espinoza President, Trail of Lights


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

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Janet McCullar’s

Holiday Gift Guide


Homemade Christmas cookies with sprinkles


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Gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff handbags for my team


Donations to my favorite charities


Illume mulled cider candles


Gift cards to Milk & Honey


Stocking stuffers from Sephora (especially the Make Up Forever High Definition Powder)

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Trail of Lights BY K R I S TI N A R M S TRO NG I llu stration by J oy G a ll ag h er When I consider the fact that I have now lived in Austin for more than 20 years, I am astonished. Growing up, I was always the new kid, since my family moved about every two years. Apparently some new kids grow up and grow roots, because mine are getting rather deep here in our fair city. The Trail of Lights has always meant Christmas to me. It’s holiday meets Keep Austin Weird, and I love it. In my early years in Austin, I was no athlete; in fact, at the time I ran only if I was being chased or in the airport, late for a flight. But I still went to the Trail of Lights. This usually involved a long happy hour at either Chuy’s or (God help me) Baby Acapulco’s before stumbling over to Zilker to enter the parade. I remember the colorful, sparkling blur of the lighted scenes, the happy pace of the crowd, and warming up (or sobering up) with hot chocolate by the Yule Log. I went with several different dates over the years, and still remember the rush of spinning and making out under the Zilker Tree. Ah, to be young. My next clear memory of the Trail of Lights is going with friends when we had little babies. In my mind’s eye I can see babies tucked in Baby Björns or strollers, with snacks, bottles or sippy cups, and a special sippy cup for Mommy too. Ahem. One of my favorite visuals is of my best friend’s husband spinning his baby daughter high above his head, twirling her under the tree, her giggling and squealing and his adoring eyes gazing up at hers. Until . . . she barfed the sour, milky contents of her entire bottle, right into his smiling mouth. That was a winning holiday moment. Over the years I actually became a runner, and so the Trail of Lights took on another element of fun—racing the 5K! I did this a few times on my own, wearing a Santa hat or a headband with an attached sprig of mistletoe bouncing in front of my face. But the best run by far was when I ran it with my daughters two years ago. We wore candy-cane-striped knee socks, Christmas shirts with blinking lights on them, and Santa hats. We ran most of the way, occasionally stopping for photos or water or to yank up our fuzzy socks. We ended the night on South Congress in our sweaty costumes, blissfully eating Home Slice pizza on the cement steps outside the restaurant. There is something sacred about traditions, and the way they solidify our families and our friendships. They mark the passing of time not by what changes but by the constancy of what remains the same. I know the Trail

of Lights is probably a big pain to set up and tear down, a big expense, and a big traffic nightmare. But I also know that if we relinquish all the things that make Austin wonderfully weird, we will no longer be weird, or wonderful. I have one holy memory about the Trail of Lights, so sacred that I debated whether to even share it with you. But what the hell—you have been reading my column for years and so I know it will stay just between us. About six years ago, my "wasband" and I decided to take our kids to see the Trail of Lights. He had a new girlfriend, who at the time had recently discovered she was surprise-pregnant. So it was "wasband", pregnant girlfriend, our three children, and some random friends of his. We went to his Airstream trailer, which he kept in the trailer park on Barton Springs Road. We had pizza, salad, and wine. Well, she didn’t have wine, but I did. I wasn’t sure if I was really going to like her or not, and we were all crammed together in this little trailer with very loud children. After a bit, we set off to walk the Trail of Lights. I watched her interact with my kids and with my "wasband", noticing her presence, her warmth, and the sincerity of her easy kindness with my people. We talked and laughed, took a bunch of photos and admired the childlike scenes sparkling in all their Christmas glory. It occurred to me that night that just like the real meaning of Christmas, a baby was coming to bless our family. A baby . . . a beautiful baby to welcome, and love. I saw my perfectly imperfect family with new eyes. The date was actually the anniversary of our divorce, which he would never have remembered, but I did. Oddly enough, it was the last time I ever thought about the date as having any importance (today I can’t even remember what it was), because on that particular night the date was transformed in the pages of my history. This memory sparkles with light, weirdness, and wonder. It was a trail of lights, suspended in darkness, that led me to fully understand and appreciate the transcendence of that evening. It fulfilled tradition in the truest sense—solidness and solidarity of the past, gratitude for the present, and openness to the future. It was the day I welcomed Anna, into my family and into my heart.

i l lu strati o n by j oy g a l l ag h er For a limite d- e dit i on p r int , c onta c t jo ygall agh e r@g m ail .c om .

tribeza.com holiday 2014



p r o f i le

Bruce & Kelly's Holiday Shindig Eac h D ec e mb e r , t wo o f Au stin ’ s favo r ite singer s / song w r iter s celeb r ate t h e h olidays w it h song . Fo r t h e per f o r mer s—and many Au stin families— it ’ s a j oy f u l , toe-tapping way to r ing in t h e season .


hen Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison take the stage for their annual holiday show at the historic Paramount Theatre, carols roll on with a definite country rhythm. Each year, the singer-songwriter husband-and-wife duo performs songs from their Christmas album, Happy Holidays, along with other holiday-themed classics and chart-topping signature songs that result in a uniquely Austin evening. This year, enhanced staging and special guests are taking it up a notch. “This year is really different for us,” Robison says. “We’re taping the show for broadcast television, and we have Shawn Colvin and another incredible surprise guest, so we are pretty excited.” Although the couple never imagined hosting a annual holiday show, it’s turned out to be one of their favorite performances of the year. “The Paramount show has become the centerpiece of our holiday tradition, and we love that other folks make it a part of theirs,” Robison says. The tradition began on a whim, but it struck a chord with local audiences. “The first time we did the show was 1999, during an especially busy time,” Robison explains. “Kelly and I booked two shows with my big brother, Char-


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

lie, just to get together and play music. His then-wife, Emily, and her sister, Martie, our dear friends from the Dixie Chicks, joined in. We added “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” at the last second. It was just so much fun.” The instantly popular show was brought back the following year, and the couple never looked back. Due to the show’s popularity, the venues started getting bigger year after year. “When the Paramount called us about moving the show there, the venue really made it magical for me,” Robison says. “We have only missed one year, when Kelly was pregnant with our twins. It's a great challenge making it fresh each and every year. I feel so fortunate that this thing just happened, because I’m the last guy I would ever have thought of for a holiday show.” paula disbrowe

The De ta i l s KUTX Live at the Paramount presents KELLY AND BRUCE'S HOLIDAY SHINDIG, A Live TV taping with special guest Shawn Colvin Saturday, December 13, Doors @ 7:00pm | Show @ 8:00pm Paramount Theatre (719 Congress Ave); purchase tickets (from $47) at austintheatre.org, or call the box office at 512-474-1221 P h oto g rap h y bY t h o mas wins low

holiday Calendars arts & entertainment

Entertainment Calendar Music DARLENE LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOW

December 4, 7pm The Paramount Theatre A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS

December 6, 3:30pm Stateside at The Paramount


December 8, 8pm The Long Center


December 12, 7pm Stateside at The Paramount KUTX: KELLY AND BRUCE’S HOLIDAY SHINDIG

December 13, 8pm The Paramount Theatre


December 14, 6pm One World Theatre


December 18, 7pm Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center ROBERT EARL KEEN’S MERRY CHRISTMAS


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

December 19, 8pm ACL Live at the Moody Theater MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER CHRISTMAS

December 26, 8pm ACL Live at the Moody Theater


December 9 – 10, 7pm The Paramount Theatre IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

December 9 – 10, 9pm The Paramount Theatre


December 26 – 27 The Long Center


December 6 – 23 The Long Center


December 11 – 21 The Long Center


December 13 – 14 TexARTS Kam and James Morris Theater


December 16 – 17, 7pm The Paramount Theatre




December 16 – 17, 9:30pm The Paramount Theatre


November 26 – December 28 Zach Theatre THIS WONDERFUL LIFE

November 28 – December 28 Zach Theatre ELF: THE MUSICAL

November 28 – 30 The Long Center

November 29, 11am State Capitol SNOW DAY!

December 6, 14 & 20, noon Hill Country Galleria FROST BANK’S SANTA VISITS

December 13, 10am Various Frost Bank locations


a christmas affair




November 19-23 Palmer Events Center

November 20, 6pm Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater


November 23 – December 6 2nd Street District TURKEY TROT

November 27, 7:30am The Long Center

December 6, 1pm 2nd Street District

December 6, 6pm Downtown Austin

Trail of Lights Fun Run

December 6 Zilker Park


December 7 – 21 Zilker Park


trail of lights preview party

Blue genie art bazaar


Millie & Mox 3rd annual santa's workshop


November 27 – January 16, 10am Whole Foods Market Lamar November 28 – December 24 Marchesa Hall & Theatre

Every weekend in December, 11am-5pm Millie & Mox TREE LIGHTING AT THE DRISKILL

December 2, 6pm The Driskill Hotel


December 4 – 5, 5pm Four Seasons Hotel Austin

December 8 Zilker Park

December 13 – 14 Maplewood Elementary

December 16 – 24 Palmer Events Center


December 19 – January 4 Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa CHRISTMAS DAY DINNER

December 25, 3pm The Driskill Hotel

Magical Music from the Movies


ELF: THE MUSICAL November 28–30 The New York Times says


DISNEY IN CONCERT January 11 Magical moments from the

that ELF is “Splashy, peppy, sugar-sprinkled holiday entertainment!” classic animated films, accompanied by a full orchestra, vocalists, and eye-filling visuals.



3 4

BLUE MAN GROUP February 19–22 Experience the phenomenon,

for the first time or the fifth! “Stunning,” “wildly inventive,” and “hysterically funny!”

2 CELLOS February 28 Breaking boundaries between musical genres, 2 Cellos toured with Elton John and became international sensations.



Tickets, Gift Certificates, & Subscriptions at TheLongCenter.org Follow us! @LongCenter

512.474.LONG (5664) | TTY: (800) 735-2989

This year marks five decades of A u s t i n ’ s b e l o v e d h o l i d ay t r a d i t i o n . To s e e h o w t h e T r a i l (a n d t h e c i t y ) h av e e v o lv e d, ta k e a s t r o l l d o w n a b r i l l i a n t ly l i t memory lane.

b y K r i s t e n C a r d | w i t h u p dat e s b y A b b y S a n d l i n


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

In 1965, Frank Erwin was a university leader, not a venue . . . Bob Dylan shocked his fans by going electric . . . and Austin families experienced the very first Trail of Lights. I hope there’s a chill in the air when I take my grandkids for a stroll this year. Happy 50th anniversary!

—Jesús Garza, President and CEO of Seton Healthcare Family and Trail of Lights presenting sponsor

December 2014 proves the age-old adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As the Trail of Lights presents the 50th incarnation of Austin’s favorite holiday celebration, both the city and the Trail of Lights look much different than they did in 1965, with more people, a bigger footprint, and plenty more bells and whistles. But

cutouts of the Twelve Days of Christmas, a living Nativity with real peo-

a unique spirit and distinct Austin style continue to make this treasured tradition shine.

ple and animals, and free refreshments.

After the Trail of Lights went dark in 2010 and 2011 and only the Zilker Tree illuminated the park, Austinites rallied to restore the event that brings together all corners of the community. Since its restoration as a privately produced event, the mile-long display has drawn national attention and is recognized as the largest event in Austin. The Trail of Lights

Santa Claus once again makes a rooftop appearance, and his house and a post office have been built along the road and named Santa’s Village. The post office proves especially popular, because children can go inside and write letters to Santa.

Foundation is shepherding the tradition to new and brighter heights, while keeping it root-


ed in its history. The timeline that follows shows the evolution of our sparkling tradition.

Austin’s Yule Fest expands to five nights, and features the burning of the Yule Log, a live Nativity scene, and Elizabethan-era singers and


dancers. But the showstopper at this year’s event is the brand-new Zilk-

Austin civic leader Mrs. Alden (Mabel) Davis and Austin Parks and

er Holiday Tree, the world’s tallest man-made Christmas tree, designed

Recreation Department (PARD) director Beverly Sheffield conceive of

and erected by the Austin Energy department and Austin PARD.

and create a new holiday tradition in Zilker Park. The four-night “Spirit

Visionary Mabel Davis strikes again with the notion of stringing hol-

of Christmas” display highlights the Twelve Days of Christmas, and fea-

iday lights on an old moon tower in Zilker Park, and with the help of

tures a live Nativity scene enacted by Travis High School drama students,

four city electricians, the 155-foot Zilker Holiday Tree is configured,

four live choirs, and a seven-foot pasteboard cutout of Santa Claus.

featuring a unique spiral pattern of more than 3,300 multicolored

The shiniest star of the event is the jolly, red-clad fellow chuckling

lights. The tree is about three times as tall as the National Christmas

and waving from the rooftop of the Swedish Log Cabin in the Garden Cen-

Tree in Washington, D.C. Texans twirling beneath the tree are tickled

ter. Such a convincing old elf is he that even park personnel have trouble

by this fact and dizzied by the brilliant addition.

recognizing park superintendent C. O. Smith behind his white whiskers.


1982–2008 Several new displays and lights are added to the exhibit, now a mile

The second annual holiday-season event undergoes a theme and name

long, and the event name is officially changed to the Trail of Lights

change: this year’s display centers on the ancient tradition of burning a

Festival. With more than 40 displays and hundreds of thousands of

Yule Log and is now known as Yule Fest. The four-night event includes

lights, Austin’s Trail of Lights is widely recognized as one of America’s

decorative lighting displays throughout Zilker Park, colorful plywood

best holiday light displays. tribeza.com holiday 2014


Austin holds annual art contests throughout schools, offering the winners a chance to light the Yule Log and the Zilker Tree.

The Trail of Lights North Pole has brought Santa and Santa’s Dancing Dolls was

treats to Austin for 50 years.

an annual Trail of Lights tradition, recruiting performers



Faced with significant budgetary issues, the City of Austin reduces the

Due to budget constraints, the City of Austin lights only the Zilker

Trail of Lights Festival to a nine-night Zilker Tree Holiday Festival.

Tree for the month of December. No displays or lights are erected in

Some displays, including Santa’s house and post office, are still includ-

the northern portion of Zilker Park. Several private entities attempt

ed, along with refreshment vendors and crafts exhibitors. A free con-

to raise the funds to produce the event but are unsuccessful.

cert by Asleep at the Wheel caps the event. Gloria Pennington, a 23-year full-time PARD veteran who now works with the department part-time as a coordinator of special events

The City of Austin forges a unique public-private partnership with

and historical archivist, describes what happened next, the indefinite

the RunTex Foundation to restore the iconic Austin Trail of

suspension of the Trail of Lights in 2010, as “devastating.”

Lights for eight nights. More than 400,000 people attend, al-

“For almost 20 years, I was in charge of recruiting people to play Santa and Mrs. Claus at the festival, and I played Mrs. Claus on open-



most double the previous estimated attendance of 250,000 over 15 nights in 2008.

ing night,” Pennington reminisces. “I was also responsible for recruit-

The event is supported entirely by individual donations and busi-

ing six men and six women and teaching them the routine to perform

ness sponsorships. H-E-B as the title sponsor distributes 55,000

as Santa’s Dancing Dolls. So many hearts were broken when the Trail

free children’s books at the event. Other sponsors include Seton

of Lights was no more.”

Healthcare Family, which supports the creation of a new Santa’s

holiday 2014 tribeza.com

historical photos courtesy of austin history center

throughout the city.

Multiple generations of Austinites return to the Trail of Lights to create memories of spinning under the tree and visiting Santa.

The Zilker Tree stays lit the month of December through the beginning of January and New Years Eve celebrations.

House, and Vista Equity Partners, Samsung Semiconductor, and


Dell, which serve as presenting sponsors. Producers add Austin food

The 50th celebration of the Austin Trail of Lights dusts off some old

trucks, vendors, and interactive experiences.

favorites and adds new displays to enchant visitors young and old.


photos by margaret licarione

The independent, nonprofit Trail of Lights Foundation is created to

The event continues to be supported entirely by business sponsors, foundations, and individuals. Robert F. Smith is named honorary chair of the event.

manage the event and receives a five-year contract to produce the Trail

Business sponsors take the lead on restoring and adding to the

of Lights through 2017. The event is restored to 15 nights and the Trail

Trail of Lights iconic displays. Cirrus Logic sponsors the Yule Log—

of Lights Preview Party is added. More than 425,000 attendees walk

restoring the final piece of the Trail of Lights tradition. Tiny Town,

the 1.2 miles of displays and enjoy food from 30 vendors.

the Toy Machine, and the Globe receive upgrades with the support of

Two entertainment stages feature local and national performers. New displays are added, including the H-E-B Read 3 Train, and an 18foot Jackalope funded by Maudie’s Tex-Mex.

sponsors Freescale, Silicon Labs, and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively. Two new major attractions make their appearance: Santa’s

The event is dedicated to the memory of James Street, a legendary Uni-

Workshop, by Vista Equity Partners, and Candy Land, by Robert

versity of Texas football player. Each year, the 16th display on the Trail of

F. Smith. These new structures will be permanent additions to the

Lights will feature a football helmet sporting #16, Street’s jersey number.

Trail of Lights. tribeza.com holiday 2014


illustration by ann marie flamenco

illustration by ann marie flamenco


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

44 45 43

42 40



39 38 37 36 35 34 33 29

28 27


26 25



31 22 21


20 2

6 4 3 1


19 7






12 11



15 16

tribeza.com holiday 2014





from 2014

Proud Sponsor of the Austin Trail of Lights

A Brighter Trail The Trail of Lights is here to stay thanks to the dedication of our community, friends and corporate partners who support the true Austin Experience.



Lori and Tito BEVERIDGE

FOUNDERS Robert F. Smith Family | Street Families Texas Gas Service | Aqua Bottling and Texas Chug

SailPoint | |

Weir-Hammelman Family

Atkins Global |

Martinelli's |

Charles Schwab


Austin Energy

Pirkey Barber PLLC |

Workplace Resource, LLC |


Maxwell Locke & Ritter |









Nalle Custom Homes |



Renewable by Andersen | |

PSW Real Estate

Longhorn Rents Trucks |

Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP |

Chuy’s Holdings |

Salient Systems |


Roadhouse Relics

Northstar Fire Protection | Urology Austin


ABC Bank |

Southern Journeys |

Mint Title 3M

Chaparral Ice

Cantilo & Bennett, LLC

Children’s Courtyard

*Reflects confirmed sponsors and supporters through October 24, 2014.

tribeza.com holiday 2014



Trail of Lights!

ForeFrontNetworks.com Trail of Lights Partner 2012, 2013 and 2014

Experiential Marketing Agency Serving Sponsors and Events.

Producing large-scale events that celebrate communities and ignite imaginations. 3canevents.com Trail of Lights Producer 2013 and 2014 Planning 34

holiday 2014 tribeza.com






Welcome to

& R g B i Ht H-E-B is proud to sponsor the 50th year of Austin’s Trail of Lights, a true Texas holiday tradition. heb.com/holiday

tribeza.com holiday 2014


Š2014 HEB, 15-0088

Find your HomeAway... Find your HomeAway... Find your HomeAway...

CLIF Bar & Company is a proud sponsor of the Austin Trail of Lights! Happy Holidays! Š2014 Clif Bar & Company. CLIF is a registered trademark of Clif Bar & Company. CB14.1059

...with thethe world leader ...with world leader ...with the world leader in vacation rentals. in vacation rentals. in vacation rentals.


At Humana, we want to simplify everything, so you can spend less time worrying about your health and more time enjoying it.



TXHJ43CEN 1014

The Yule Log Is Back! Proud to Rekindle the Yule Log Tradition Celebrating 50 Years of the Trail of Lights!

Chipping in to Make a Difference

-- A Cirrus Logic Community Outreach Program

the lights at night, are big and bright.

b y m e g a n g i l l e r | p h oto g r a p h y b y k at e l e s u e u r


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

One of Drink.Well.’s nightly hot toddies, hot chocolate spiked with green chartreuse, is not to be missed.

When it comes to celebrating the season

performances, concerts by The Arundel En-

(post-theater nightcap or secret Santa happy hour,

semble, an afternoon with Santa, cookie dec-

anyone?), you want a spot that serves up plenty

orating and crafts, and a five-course prix fixe dinner on Christmas Day.

of cheer. After a favorite holiday event, or simply

Details: Tree lighting Dec. 2, 6pm Music

when you need a shopping break, consider one of

Saturdays and Sundays Dec. 3–18. Afternoon

these restaurants for festive indulgences like spiked cocoa, eggnog martinis, and more gingerbread,

with Santa Dec. 14, 2–5pm ($25 per person). Christmas Day dinner ($125 for adults, $60 for children). For reservations, call 512-439-1234.

garland, and carols than the North Pole.

Four Seasons hotel



98 San Jacinto Blvd, fourseasons.com/austin

207 E 53rd St, drinkwellaustin.com

Decor: The lobby is transformed into a win-

Decor: From its friendly staff to the backlit

ter wonderland that includes a fragrant Candy

days Nov. 29–Dec. 21, with seatings at 2pm,

bar and dark-wood interior, this cozy North

Land gingerbread village.

2:15pm, and 2:30pm ($42 for adults, $30

Loop–area bar exudes wintry warmth.

Don’t miss: Cuddle up at the hotel’s Teddy

for children). Christmas Eve dinner 5–10pm.

Don’t miss: Nightly hot toddies; hot choc-

Bear Teas, with drinks, sweets, caroling, and

Christmas Day feast 11 am–8pm at Trio and

olate spiked with green chartreuse, Ancho

a reading by Santa and teddy bears (pro-

11 am–3pm in the ballroom ($85 for adults,

Reyes, or St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur;

ceeds donated to Dell Children’s Hospital).

$27 for children 6–11) . Call 512-478-4500 for

and Tom and Jerry Punch (eggnog with bran-

Throughout December, find Candy Land–


dy and rum, served hot).

themed cocktails like the Peanut Brittle

Details: Holiday libations served Dec. 16–19,

House (eggnog with scotch, allspice dram,

Green Pastures

$8 each.

banana-nut-crunch-rinsed milk, and a salt

811 W Live Oak St, greenpasturesrestaurant.com

tincture) and Lord Licorice (absinthe, apple

Decor: Enjoy Christmas lights and Christ-

Driskill Hotel

liqueur, Chinese five-spice syrup, lemon juice,

mas trees outside, poinsettias galore, and gar-

604 Brazos St, driskillhotel.com

and ginger beer) at the bar and at TRIO. You

land-framed staircases.

Decor: A grand Christmas tree, twinkly lights,

can feast on special menus at TRIO on Christ-

Don’t miss: Christmas Eve brunch, an all-

and a series of festive events make this historic

mas Eve and Christmas Day.

you-can-eat extravaganza with the restau-

hotel Holiday Central.

Details: Gingerbread display Nov. 25–Jan.

rant’s famous milk punch.

Don’t miss: The tree lighting with choral

1. Teddy Bear Teas on Saturdays and Sun-

Details: $50 per person, 11am–2pm. tribeza.com holiday 2014


jack allen’s kitchen 40

holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Jack Allen’s Kitchen 7720 Texas 71, jackallenskitchen.com Decor: A big ol’ Christmas tree and gingerbread house greet you in the entryway. Don’t miss: The seasonal offering of Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie with Texas pecans, caramel, and ganache sauces, served with Amy’s Mexican Vanilla ice cream. Details: Decorations all season, pie available throughout November and December.

laV 1501 E 7th St, lavaustin.com Decor: You won’t find paper garlands on the walls at this elegant French restaurant, but you will be greeted by live music and plenty of sweets to go around. Don’t miss: Small jazz ensembles at brunch throughout the month of December. Pastry Chef Janina O’Leary and her “12 Days of Dessert,” theme offers a series of confections like A Partridge in a Pear Tree, a puff pastry “nest” with red-wine-poached pears and crème fraîche ice cream. Details: Music every Sunday in December. “12 Days of Dessert” menu available Dec. 12–24 ($8 each).

Lucy’s Fried Chicken 2218 College Ave, lucysfriedchicken.com Decor: Antique signs and Willie Nelson memorabilia make this place distinctly Texan,

even during the Christmas season. Say hello to the life-size Willie Nelson doll at the bar. Don’t miss: Eggnog pie as rich and creamy as the drink—but with a graham cracker crust. Details: Eggnog pie served throughout December.

Mandola’s 4700 W Guadalupe St, mandolasmarket.com Decor: Celebrate Italian-style at this brightly colored, boisterous family restaurant with an appealing mini grocery section (olive oil, gourmet pasta, panettone), and a pastry case brimming with authentic delights. Don’t miss: Seasonal holiday cookies like pine-nutty pinolate, Russian Rocks, and Date Sticks. Details: Specialty cookies offered at the bakery throughout December, or order them online for your easy entertaining.

Maudie’s Milagro 3801 N. Capital of TX Hwy, maudies.com Decor: Expect a big Christmas tree, plenty of lights, garlands, and live bands. Don’t miss: Seasonal tamales, signature margaritas, plus green and red sauce for your chips, queso, and more. Details: They’ll be decked out Tex-Mex style throughout December.

tribeza.com holiday 2014


Don’t miss: Merry elixirs like Spiced Yuletide Wassail (apple cider, rum, brown sugar,

Monument Cafe

allspice, cinnamon) and eggnog (egg, brandy,

500 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, themonumentcafe.com

rum, heavy cream, honey syrup, and allspice).

Decor: Since the Georgetown restaurant

Details: Drink specials available throughout

pours its energy into Christmas dinners for


Meals on Wheels, you’ll find more goodwill than actual decorations here.

Royers Pie Haven

Don’t miss: Christmas Eve and Christmas

2900 Guadalupe St, royerspiehaven.com

Day specials like turkey and dressing.

Decor: Kitschy is the name of the game at

Details: The café is open on Christmas Eve

Royers (at both the original location in Round

and Christmas Day 7am–3pm. Expect a full

Top and the newly opened spot in town). With

house and arrive early to secure a table.

red and green coffee filters, pie-pan garlands, paper chains, and a big ol’ Texas-inspired tree.

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Don’t miss: Eggnog Pie, Andi’s Peppermint

3825 Lake Austin Blvd, mozartscoffee.com

Pie, and seasonal cookies.

Decor: An epic musical light show on the

Details: Grab slices at the Haven throughout

building’s exterior wall plays a 12-minute dis-

December, and order pies online for at-home

play every hour after the sun goes down. Did


we mention it’s huge? Fifty feet wide by 20 feet tall is bound to get you in the spirit. Don’t miss: A specialty hot chocolate and cider menu to keep you warm during the show, in addition to sweet offerings like Reese’s Pieces Cheesecake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. Details: Head to the shores of Lake Austin starting the second week of November through the first week of January for the light show, which runs every day from 6 pm to midnight on the hour.

Swift’s Attic 315 Congress Ave, swiftsattic.com Decor: The swanky downtown digs keep it classy with understated decorations and over-the-top treats.

Don’t miss: An Apple Cider Iceball cocktail with rum, paired with a holiday-spice ice cream cookie sandwich. Around Thanksgiving, expect a pumpkin-y cookie, then look forward to a peppermint variation in December. Details: Enjoy the cocktail-cookie combo for

Peché 208 W 4th St, pecheaustin.com Decor: Seasonal drinks inspire good tidings at this 1920s Parisian-themed cocktail bar.


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

the best deal ($15), or separately (cocktail $10, cookie sandwich $8).

mandola’s tribeza.com holiday 2014



holiday 2014 tribeza.com

by Camille Styles | photography by Buff Strickland

F o r h e r favo r i t e s o i r ĂŠ e o f t h e s e a s o n , t h e A u s tin-based lifestyle guru shares with us her tips on decking the halls and serving up plenty of cheer.

tribeza.com holiday 2014


The Menu Save your healthy-eating resolutions for the New Year—this party is all about indulging and taste-testing lots of different cookies. Before guests arrive, I set up a cookie buffet with a few of my family’s favorites, leaving room on the table for them to add their platters to the mix. One of the great things about this strategy is that all of the prep can be done in advance, so I can enjoy the party and have time to sip bubbly with friends. Camille’s Cookie Buffet (all recipes available in Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style) Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Almond Biscotti Chocolate Brownie Cookies Jam Thumbprint Cookies Cranberry Noels with Pistachios Mexican Wedding Cookies

CHOCOLATE-DIPPED CHERRY ALMOND BISCOTTI Biscotti is Italian for “twice cooked,” and the unique method of slicing the loaf of hot-out-of-the-oven dough and baking each cookie a second time is what gives these cookies their satisfying crunch. They practically beg to be dipped in a cup of coffee, making the chocolate coating indulgently melty . . . and making me want to bring back the tradition Every December, my dear friend Myra throws an all-girls cookie swap (with strict instructions to leave the kids and husbands at home), and

Makes 5 Dozen Cookies

we gather at her house for an afternoon of great company, glasses of

1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature

bubbly, and shameless cookie consumption. It’s a tradition that we all

1 cup sugar

have come to look forward to each holiday season. This year, I decided

1 teaspoon kosher salt

to host my own sugar-fueled version.

1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk

Here’s the way the party works: Each guest brings a big batch of her


of afternoon teatime.

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

favorite homemade holiday cookies, along with recipe cards to share.

1/2 teaspoon almond extract

Upon arrival, guests are given a “to-go” box to collect a sampling of ev-

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

eryone else’s signature treats. After a couple of hours’ mixing and min-

3/4 cup cornmeal

gling, the ladies leave with a box of two dozen or so different varieties

1 teaspoon baking powder

of cookies to share with family and friends (if they’re feeling generous,

1 teaspoon baking soda

that is). It’s a delicious and slightly dangerous way to kick off the sea-

1 cup dried cherries

son, and guests are guaranteed to discover a few new recipes that are

1 cup slivered almonds, toasted

destined to become family traditions.

12 ounces high-quality bittersweet chocolate

holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Stylish guests enjoyed an array of holiday cookies like Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Almond Biscotti, Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Jam Thumbprint Cookies, Cranberry Noels with Pistachios, and Mexican Wedding Cookies.

tribeza.com holiday 2014


Camille takes a moment to think back on her big year. With her new book just out, there is a lot to celebrate— bring on the champagne.

Preheat the oven to 350˚F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper. In the bowl of a standing mixer on medium speed, beat together the

To make the dipping sauce, roughly chop the chocolate and place it in a

butter, sugar, salt, egg and egg yolk, vanilla, almond extract, flour, corn-

microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 50 percent power in 30-second inter-

meal, baking powder, and baking soda until well combined. Fold in the

vals, stirring after each one, until the chocolate is smoothly melted.

cherries and almonds.

One at a time, dip the biscotti in chocolate to coat the bottom third

With well-floured hands, pat the dough into three slightly flattened

of each cookie. Use the rim of the bowl to scrape excess chocolate from

logs (about 15 × 4 inches each) on one of the prepared baking sheets,

each cookie, then return it to the cooling rack and let the chocolate set.

leaving a few inches between logs. Bake until golden and firm, about 25 minutes. Let the logs cool on the sheet for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a large spatula to carefully transfer


Transfer to wire racks and let cool completely.

When completely cool, transfer to an airtight container and store at room temperature for up to one week.

the logs to a cutting board. Use a serrated knife to cut the logs crosswise

Get the Look

into ¾-inch slices.

One of my favorite things about entertaining around the holidays is

Arrange the slices face-up on the baking sheets. Bake, rotating the

that my house is already all decked out for the season. Candles flick-

sheets and flipping the biscotti halfway through, until golden and crisp,

ering on the mantel and green garlands around the entranceway have

about 15 minutes.

set the tone for a festive gathering, so all that’s left to do is create the

holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Good friends, Claire Zinnecker and Kate Stafford share a sweet moment and a few laughs in between bites.

tribeza.com holiday 2014


This cookie swap party is one of my favorite gatherings in my new book, Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style. The book features fresh, inspirational party ideas for every season. Brimming with creative hors d’oeuvres and cocktail recipes, floral design tips, and inspiring table designs, it’s a guide to the simple details and creative shortcuts that make everyday moments feel special. Order your copy today at CamilleStylesEntertaining.com, or anywhere books are sold!

Claire, Camille, and Jen Rose Smith swap cookies and stories in between sips of sweet bubbly.

Flirty chanpagne cocktails are a must for an all-gal holiday party, and Camille keeps it easy by letting her guests serve themselves.

buffet and adorn the table with seasonal touches like pinecones and

with greens kept in line with the traditional holidays colors,” Erin says.

evergreen branches.

“Dahlias, deep red amaryllis, and antique hydrangea helped create the

I approach the cookie buffet just as I would any other focal decor project, considering the colors and proportions of the serving pieces,

overall classic look.”

and using natural elements to add interest and fullness. When choos-

Better with Bubbly

ing serving pieces, I always vary the height of the pieces to balance

For this party, I let guests prepare their own drinks at a self-serve

the table and make it easier for guests to reach the different platters.

bubbly bar (which saves me from playing bartender). Set out glasses

For this display, I incorporated a pretty mix of cake stands and tiered

so everyone can help herself upon arrival, then place cherry liqueur,

pieces—some new and some collected from thrift stores through the

brown-sugar cubes, and maraschino cherries next to a chilled bottle of

years—that literally elevate the cookies to an artistic display.

Champagne or Prosecco for a festive and foolproof mixology station.

Floral designer Erin Knipp, the owner of Rosehip Flora (rosehipflora.com), created these gorgeous seasonal arrangements from textural

Camille Styles is the founder and creative director of lifestyle blog Ca-

greens like seeded eucalyptus, olive, and pine branches. “The flowers


tribeza.com holiday 2014


b y c i n dy w i d n e r | p h ot o g r a p h y b y n i c o l e m l a k a r

From leather wallets to bacon soap, we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on your list


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Neighboring stores, JM Dry Goods and Spartan, host a variety of textures, colors, and marterials at their unique storefronts.

at the market Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

900 Barton Springs Road, armadillobazaar.com, Dec. 16–24 The godmother of Austin holiday fairs features a

start feel with lots of live rock, art, and beau-


tifully art-ified ceramics, housewares, wood-

215 South Lamar, Suites C & D, spartan-shop.com

work, and kooky kid gifts from some of the

As the name implies, beautifully simple house-

most creative makers in Austin. Kids’ activities

wares, jewelry, scented candles, and accessories

and food vendors serve up fun and flavor for all.

that feel like essentials.

specialty shops

Take Heart

1111 East 11th Street, Suite 100,

huge variety of art and handmade gifts, along with a full schedule of live music, good eats, and a full bar.

takeheartshop.com Adelante

This East Austin boutique is both charming

Blue Genie Art Bazaar

1206 West 38th Street, adelanteaustin.com

and peaceful, with a well-edited selection of

6226 Middle Fiskville Road, bluegenieartbazaar.

This longtime Austin favorite stays true to

vintage and modern jewelry, throw pillows, in-

com, Nov. 28–Dec. 24

its roots in women’s apparel imported from

ventive planters, and bath items.

This showcase of vibrant local artists offers a

Mexico while incorporating an equally ap-

low-pressure space for perusing art, jewelry,

pealing collection of fun stuff like colorful

Mana Culture

beautiful silk-screened linens, kid stuff, and

handmade throw pillows and nifty new and

2214 South First Street, 1107 East 11th Street;

more great gifts that you won’t find anywhere

vintage lamps.


else. It’s free and family-friendly, offering music, food vendors, and a full bar.

Specializing in elegant but comfortable clothJM Dry Goods

ing and accessories that embody a sort of mu-

215 South Lamar, Suite C, jmdrygoods.com

sic-fest style. The gorgeous gemstone jewelry is

Cherrywood Art Fair

JM specializes in elegant comfort with blankets

a standout. East and South shops vary, so visit

3808 Maplewood Avenue, cherrywoodartfair.com, Dec. 13–14

and throws, accessories, scents, and soaps that

both if you can.

This long-running nonprofit fair retains an up-

will soon be your giftee’s favorite things. tribeza.com holiday 2014


Spartan not only offers homewares, but also gifts for women with immpeccable taste in jewelry, scents, and quality leather goods.

Solid Gold offers a carefully curated selection of women’s clothing in one of the friendliest shops in town.


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Delicate lace and silk dresses line the walls of this quaint eastside storefront.

Solid Gold

Zink Collection

Mockingbird Domestics

1601 East Fifth Street, Suite 102, solidgoldtx.com

1601 West 38th Street, zinkcollection.com

2151 South Lamar Boulevard, mockingbirddomestics.com

Funky accessories, artisanal candles and

Is there anything more simultaneously luxuri-

Mockingbird’s fetching collection of new and

perfumes, and some of the coolest leggings,

ous, beautiful, and practical than a Zink bag?

vintage furniture, art, and accoutrements for

hoodies, and dresses around in one of Austin’s

Zink’s high-end leather, exotic, and sturdy can-

the home and garden makes it a breeze to find

friendliest boutiques.

vas/leather purses, wallets, and unisex messen-

high-quality, locally sourced, one-of-a-kind

ger and duffle bags make can’t-miss gifts—es-

gifts, including vintage housewares, fun tea

pecially since the new Everyday line expands

towels, original art, and Keith Kreeger vases.

for the femme

the range of price points and styles. Nannie Inez Eliza Page

229 West Second Street, elizapage.com

2210 South First St., Unit M


al, beautiful, and colorful objects from around the

West Second Street’s Eliza Page store thrills

world. Shoppers can find gifts for all kinds of folks

with unexpected pieces by local and international designers, including Jodi Rae, Shaesby,

Metier Cook’s Supply

and Gorjana. The homegrown business also of-

1805 South First Street, metieraustin.com

fers vintage, custom, and personalized pieces,

Chefs and bartenders, amateur or otherwise,

as well as a generous range of price points.

will go nuts over pretty much anything from

Sam L. Majors

2727 Exposition Boulevard, Suite 110, samlmajorsaustin This fifth-generation Texas jewelry company has made its mark with stunning high-end classics and classics-to-be by major designers and local exclusives from Bell & Ross and Raymond Weil watches.

South Austin shop Nannie Inez contains unusu-

Metier, opened recently by the owners of Lenoir next door. Its Japanese and American handmade knives, along with new and vintage cookbooks, cookware, serving pieces, and barware meld form and function with lasting quality.

here, ranging from fun framed prints to gorgeous throws, nifty soaps, and original fragrances. Urbanspace Interiors

801 West Fifth Street, urbanspaceinteriors.com Austin’s high-end modern interiors store never disappoints. This year’s Missoni Home throws, pillows, bathrobes, towels, and candles are utterly unique, as are travel accessories and pillows by Tabula Rasa, the textile company of former Rag &

Bone head Emily Diamandis. tribeza.com holiday 2014


Lizards, lions, and dinosaurs, oh my! Toy Joy has no shortage of funky animal figurines.

Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers

East End Wines

1206 West 38th Street, Suite 1105, rootinridge.com

1209 Rosewood Avenue, EastEndWinesATX.com

Rootin’ Ridge owners Georgean and Kyle Paul

Great wines and great variety at a range of price

are still in the same work/retail space they

points, selected by the most knowledgeable and

opened shortly after marrying in 1975, as are

helpful staff around.

their lovingly handmade wooden pull toys, blocks, puzzles, and other handcrafted items

J&J Spirits

that promise years of joy.

1131 East 11th Street, jandjspirits.com Where to get the discerning drinker a bottle of

Toy Joy

St. George Single Malt, Hacienda de Chihua-

403 West Second Street, toyjoy.com

hua’s two-year-old Añejo Sotol, or a local sam-

A longtime local favorite toy store for kids

pler of Bad Dog bitters and Liber & Co. syrups

of all ages, Toy Joy has moved from campus

and shrubs? At this friendly, recently updated

to downtown, but it remains Austin’s go-to

East Side landmark, of course.

for classic toys, nostalgic novelties, and of course, bacon soap.

FOR THE young (or young at heart)


1423 South Congress Avenue, stagprovisions.com For the sartorially conscious guy with a bit of a

FOR THE fellow

wild side, you can’t go wrong with Stag’s classic, sometimes cheeky winter scarves, briefcase and messenger bags, wallets, pocket squares, and

Millie & Mox Children’s Boutique

5145 FM 620 North, Suite 110, millieandmox.com You’ll want to bring the kids when you shop at this enchanting local store. They’ll be entranced by its whimsical play spaces while you peruse its fine, internationally-sourced collection of select toys, books, clothing, and stuffed animals for kids 0–12.


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Allens Boots

1522 South Congress Avenue, allensboots.com Visitors and locals alike flock to this iconic SoCo fixture for men’s and women’s boots, hats, and other Western wear. With its expert staff and vast selection of such brands as Lucchese, Stetson, Justin, and Tony Lama, you know it’s the real thing.

other accessories and manly home goods. Wally’s Menswear 2727 Exposition Boulevard, Suite 124, wallysmenswear.com

Wally’s has been selling classic menswear for more than 45 years, and it remains the place to go for stellar personal service when you’re shopping for such brands as Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Sperry Top-Sider, and Johnston & Murphy.

From disco balls to jump ropes, Toy Joy has everything a kid (or kid at heart) could want.

J & J Spirits offers an incredible selection with the friendliest and most knowledgable staff in town.

tribeza.com holiday 2014


The Houstonian Hotel creates a holiday living room that is sure to impress any grinch in your family.

b y t i f fa n y m e n d oz a Austin’s largest ice skating rink can be enjoyed at the festive Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa.

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa


he most luxurious hotels and resorts in the state have

Rates: Starting at $410 a night

been working as hard as Santa’s elves to ensure that

For the Kids: Take a tour of the annual Holiday Lights & Ice event fea-

you and your family have the jolliest holiday season

more than 200,000 twinkling lights, and all the festive activities they

ever, without the usual hassle. With tree lightings, gingerbread workshops, visits with Santa, and more, kids will find lots of fun

turing Austin’s largest ice skating rink. The kids will be dazzled by the can handle while enjoying s’mores and hot chocolate. The Holiday Lights & Ice begins December 19th and runs until January 4th. For the Parents: Kick off the holiday season with the 7th Annual Gin-

activities, while parents kick back and enjoy their own festivities,

gerbread House Competition on December 2nd. Adult winners will

like sipping Christmas cocktails or indulging in a day at the spa.

win up to a $1,000 prize! This year’s theme is “Austin: Live Music

The following resorts offer over-the-top experiences you won’t

cepted. And don’t forget the Gingerbread house class on December

be able to re-create at home. Your holiday magic awaits. All you have to conquer is the difficult task of choosing from the wonderful packages below! 58


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Capital of the World,” however, all music-related entries will be ac1st. Steven Stellingwerf, author of The Gingerbread Book, will conduct a complimentary “How to Make a Gingerbread House”. Eat and Drink: Enjoy festive bites from the Hill Country Dining Room or simply enjoy a glass of wine at the 8212 Wine Bar and Grill.

The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa



Rates: $245 a night for Bed and Breakfast Getaway package

Rates: Starting at $269

For the Kids: Children will marvel at a neighborhood of six-foot-tall

For the Kids: Cap off your holiday season by treating your family to the

gingerbread houses made by Houstonian pastry chefs, constructed

Family New Year’s Eve Package. The package includes entry for a fam-

of 325 pounds of gingerbread, licorice, candy canes, and other sweet

ily of four to the New Year’s Eve Jamboree, which features a Ferris Wheel,

stuff. Gingerbread Nights feature local high school and church choirs,

carnival games and prizes, live music, a family dance, jump houses, s’mo-

pianists, and soloists in the Great Room from 6 to 7 pm each eve-

res roasting, and a fireworks display to ring in the New Year.

ning in December. Kids can have their photo taken with Santa at The

For the Parents: Enjoy a couples massage at Spa Django.

Houstonian Holiday Market, a shopping marketplace for Houstonian

Eat and Drink: For fine dining, make reservations at Stories and select

Club members. The Houstonian proves everything is bigger in Texas,

from a menu that features choices like Wild Boar Ragu, Prime Filet

with the grand Texas live oak tree that stands outside the main en-

Mignon and Lump Crab, or Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast. To fulfill

trance boasting 75,000 lights (more than twice as many as the Rocke-

your libation needs, head to Shellers Barrelhouse Bar for specialties like

feller Center tree).

the Moonshine Margarita, made with Smithville’s own Fitch’s Goat Moon-

For the Parents: Take advantage of the award-winning Trellis Spa,

shine, agave nectar, Grand Marnier, and fresh-squeezed lemons and limes.

named in the 2014 Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star list. Eat and Drink: The Olivette offers a special meal for every palate, prepared by chef Neal Cox. Choose from sophisticated dishes like Clams in Coconut Milk and Ginger or Rack of Colorado Lamb.

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines is the perfect place to enjoy a rustic, Texas-style holiday without losing all the modern luxuries.

Snuggle up next to one of the stylish outdoor fireplaces at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa.

Lake Austin Spa Resort lakeaustin.com

Rates: Thanksgiving through December, receive 25 percent off two nights or more in Premier, Luxury Garden, and Luxury Lakeview rooms. For the Kids: Children ages 14 and up are invited to take part in festivities such as s’mores and sing-alongs, craft classes, and outdoor activities. For the Parents: Activities such as holiday cooking demos and live musical performances will provide parents with fuss-free entertainment. Eat and Drink: Chef Stephane Beaucamp will prepare a special Christmas and New Year’s menu.

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa jwsanantonio.com

Rates: Holiday rates start at $199 For the Kids: The JW’s own light show, “Illumination,” will dazzle children with more than 250,000 twinkling lights choreographed to holiday music each night. Spot Santa and his elves around the grounds, or enroll your kids in “The Making of a Certified JW Marriott San Antonio Elf,” a workshop that promises to teach all the basics of becoming Santa’s helper! Other activities include ornament and gingerbread house decorating, and toy making, where kids can bring plush animals to life. For the Parents: Relax at the Lantana Spa, which will feature seasonal specials like the Hot Ginger Cocoa Manicure and Pedicure or the Texas Pecan Body Scrub. Eat and Drink: The whole family can share breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus on Saturday mornings. Parents can enjoy specialty cocktails with a Texan twist at Cibolo Moon, such as the Jalapeño-Hibiscus Martini or the Ginger Crush made with Waterloo Texas Gin infused with blueberries and ginger. Bring a copy of TRIBEZA and receive a free dessert with the purchase of two entrées at Cibolo Moon or High Velocity (offer valid Sunday through Thursday evenings).


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Fuss-free entertainment starts with uniquely decked out rooms at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Beautiful holiday details and the cozy comforts of home make Lake Austin Spa Resort one of Austin’s most sought after holiday destinations.

The Westin Galleria Dallas thewestingalleriadallas.com

Rates: Special holiday offer, “Macy’s Grand Tree Lighting Celebration Skate Show Package” starts at $385. Standard rates start at $179. For the Kids: The adjoining Galleria Mall features the largest indoor Christmas tree in America on the ice-skating rink. The holiday package includes VIP Viewing Area for all Galleria Dallas Holiday Skate Shows for up to four guests, with performances by Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2012 World Champion Carolina Kostner (November 28) and Olympic Gold Medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis (November 29). For the Parents: Get your holiday shopping done at the adjoining Galleria Mall, with more than 200 stores—which means you’re bound to find The Westin Galleria Dallas does contemporary holiday like no other. Enjoy the amazing view and the convenience of the Galleria Mall.

something for everyone on your list. Eat and Drink: The Macy’s Package includes a $200 dining credit for use at the hotel’s restaurant, The Second Floor by Scott Gottlich, which offers American-style cuisine and a wine list as big as Texas. tribeza.com holiday 2014


Gift Guide

2014 special advertising section


TakE ThE gUESSwORk OUT OF gIFT gIvIng wITh an awaY Spa OR TRacE gIFT caRd

awaY Spa: purchase $250 in gift cards and receive a complimentary $50 gift card TRacE: receive bonus $20 gift card for every $100 in gift card purchases


Hot Sox Available in a variety of styles for both men and women. $8–$12


Pure Barre ...where Elegance meets Strength LIFT. TONE. BURN. The local pure barre studios (Arboretum and Westlake) are producing lifted seats, toned thighs and burning fat in record breaking time. This full body workout combines elements of dance, pilates and yoga set to upbeat music that keeps you going. The workout accomplishes high end results with clients seeing changes in 10 classes or less, yet it is gentle on your joints. It is simply INTELLIGENT EXERCISE! So for the perfect gift that will give your bestie a head turning seat, lean thighs and mental clarity, get her classes at the barre! Take advantage of two new client specials... 4 classes for $40 in 14 days or 30 days unlimited for $100 or any other package.

Purebarre.com | 512.574.8644 austin@purebarre.com

Texas wine is hard to beat and Salt Lick Cellars has the best in the state! Please your friends and family with a bottle of wine for the holidays. Located right nextdoor to The Salt Lick, come visit after your next meal.

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ARBORETUM 10000 Research Blvd. #141 512. 813.1000

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Fun Run 101

Alam stretches before each run, no matter how long or short it is. When it starts to get cold out, staying loose and warmed-up is key.

F o r a n e x- m a r at h o n e r and the mom o f t h r e e t e e n a g e g i r l s , t h e pa c e ( a n d lighthearted spirit ) of this festive r a c e i s j u s t r i g h t.


used to think that pushing a stroller during a two-mile run was a challenge. But when I look back on those times, when two of our three daughters were confined tightly in a single space, and I was

literally in charge of where they went, it’s quite a delightful memory. With two out of the three now teenagers, I can no longer control their whereabouts as much. The several times I ran the Austin Trail of Lights Fun Run with them are vivid and colorful highlights of a period when our lives were much smaller in so many ways. One of my favorite memories is when our daughters were young enough to be rolled through the course, I was strong enough to get that stroller with a hundred pounds of kids in it to the finish line, and the weather was the kind of perfect Austin weather we relish. Since I’ve lived in Austin for 20-plus years, the Trail of Lights has been a joyful tradition, and we missed it when it disappeared in 2010 and 2011 due to lack of funds. I’ve run or walked it with my husband, my dad, our dog, friends, and our kids easily 10 times over the past two decades. Thankfully, our kids were able to walk it with my dad before his passing Alam trains for her races in Zilker Park with her favorite running partner, Bailey.


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

a few years ago. It’s the last time I remember him being able to walk that far, and his delight in seeing our girls squeal at the festive displays is also a memory keeper. P h oto g r a p h y by j e s s i c a pag e s

Taking in the Trail of Lights with your family during the Fun Run usually means you start your holiday celebrations early, since it kicks off


the Trail season. This is a bonus for procrastinators. Parking is easier and there are fewer crowds because you will be among the very first visi-

1. Make sure you have walked or run a few miles before you take on the two-mile

tors to the spectacle. It’s exhilarating, and probably will be even more so

course. The lights will give you a great distraction, but you want to enjoy the

this year, with the 50th anniversary celebrations. Our kids can probably

sights without being completely winded.

name the different light displays by heart, but we are always surprised by

2. It’s called a Fun Run. Your kids will be watching and wondering if you actually

the newness and vitality of the event each year.

are having fun, so make this truly a “walk or run in the park” for yourself.

Paige Alam is a former television news anchor and health reporter who has run about 30

for surprises as well. That means bring layers or be ready to shed clothes.

marathons and one ultra-marathon (a 50-miler a few years ago). She married her high

4. Check out the course before the event if at all possible. Two miles is not that

school sweetheart, and together they keep busy raising their three sweet, amazingly diverse

far, and if you rush through it, you’ll need to be fit enough to go through again

3. As always in Austin, prepare for what the weather forecast states, but be ready

daughters. “The Fun Run is about my speed right now,” Alam says. “It’s relaxed, enjoyable, and shows our kids that exercise and family togetherness don’t have to be forced family fun.”

for the sake of your kids and so everyone can soak up one of the finest holiday light displays in Texas. 5. Bring some snacks for your kids, but know that you yourself will be just fine without food or drink for those two miles. It’s not long enough for you to get too hungry, thirsty, or dehydrated. 6. Prepare for community. Folks that run this race are out having a good time with their families and friends. Pushiness is unnecessary. 7. DRESS UP! A simple Santa hat will add some serious merry to your Fun Run. The younger generations also love seeing that adults know how to celebrate. 8. Post Trail of Lights, we make it a habit to walk over to a favorite restaurant near the course. It’s fun to frequent any of the places along Barton Springs Road, and again, you don’t have to worry about parking. Shady Grove and Chuy’s are among my top choices, probably because a margarita and Mexican food seem to match up perfectly with the Fun Run atmosphere. paige alam

Bailey patiently waits for Alam to finish stretching before they hit the trail. Training routines differ day-to-day, but this active pooch is always up for what Alam has planned.

tribeza.com holiday 2014



n i g h t s ta n d

The Nightstand

The Roosevelts ($60) By Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns This beautiful coffeetable book companion to the TV series is full of intriguing photos of the entire family, and it’s easy to flip through crucial moments in the family’s history (rather than read all 500 pages at one fell swoop).

You Have to F**cking Eat ($14.95) By Adam Mansbach, illustrations by Owen Brozman The perfect gift for parents of toddlers and other fussy little angels, You Have to F**cking Eat is the sequel to Mansbach’s bestselling Go the F**k to Sleep, both of them cheeky, rhyming books designed like kid’s books that speak directly to bleary-eyed parents.

The World Atlas of Street Pho-

You Are Here: Around the World

By C l a i b o r n e S m i t h

day g i f t: Most of them aren’t

excessively expensive and if chosen well, a book can be a gift that continues to speak meaningfully and personally to the recipient long after it’s been given. The books chosen below all look great on your coffeetable or in the kitchen, to boot. 68

holiday 2014 tribeza.com

tography ($45)

By Jackie Higgins Street photographers have to make us see some unexpected vantage that takes viewers beyond what’s readily visible. This book, a real labor of love, is vast and hard to put down, it’s so skilled at revealing the secrets of various cultures around the world.

in 92 Minutes ($26)

By Chris Hadfield Hadfield served as the commander of the International Space Station, which gave him a lot of time to take funky photos of Earth from far above—vibrant reds and turquoises popping up in earthly spots where you wouldn’t expect them.

c l a i b o r n e s m i t h p h oto co u rt e s y o f k i r k u s r e v i e w s

A book is a perfect holi-

Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen ($34.99) By Dana Cowin This is a perfect holiday gift for a reluctant or new cook: Cowin, the longtime editor of Food & Wine, has fashioned an entire book about her culinary mishaps (and how readers can overcome them), with stars like Mario Batali and David Chang joining her in the kitchen.

The Oxford Companion to Food, Third Edition ($65)

By Alan Davidson And then there’s this definitive tome, better for the experienced cook who wants to know more about the evolution or use of seemingly any item that can be cooked or digested. At first glance, the book looks like a dry encyclopedia, but delve into almost any entry and you find vibrant, informed, intriguing viewpoints and history.

The Furniture Bible ($35) By Christophe Pourny This clear, comprehensive guide book is for anyone on your list who either is, or thinks of themselves as, a real DIY-er. Pourny is one of the most revered furniture restorers in the business and his Bible makes the secrets of his work accessible to all.

The Oxford Atlas of the World,

The Face of Texas ($60, hardcover; $24.95, paperback) By Michael O’Brien, text by Elizabeth O’Brien O’Brien is a longtime Texas Monthly photographer, though he’s also shot for Life and National Geographic. The Face of Texas is his love letter to the Texan personality and place, with portraits of residents both famous (Laura Bush, Joel Osteen) and not (Ruby Sanchez McGill, the proprietor of Ruby’s Bar in Van Horn).

Texas on the Table ($45)

Twenty-First Edition ($89.95)

This is a book to get lost in for days, not hours. You can geek out on the book’s map of worldwide distribution of minerals or pick where, on the vast two-page spread of Eastern Brazil, you’ll visit. An impressive old-school feat of map-making.

By Terry Thompson-Anderson Thompson-Anderson lives in Fredericksburg but really does cover the entirety of the state in this dual cookbook/written portrait of Texas’ main growers. With plenty of homegrown recipes, Texas on the Table is the perfect gift for all those new Austinites who need some grounding in the Texan tastebud. tribeza.com holiday 2014




Matt and little Nico bundled up for the walk to the trail.

What’s in Your Wagon? W i t h l i t t l e o n e s i n to w, t h e b e s t way to ta k e i n t w i n k ly l i g h t s i s w i t h f o u r w h e e l s. W e a s k e d a fa m i ly o f t r a i l o f l i g h t s v e t e ra n s f o r t h e e s s e n t i a l s to pac k to k e e p k i d s — a n d pa r e n t s — i n g o o d c h e e r .

Meet the Owens Family: Matt, Tania (Leskovar-Owens), Tomas (4), and Nicolas (6 months) There’s No Place Like Home: Southwest Austin (MoPac and William Cannon) What Do You Do? Matt is a senior account executive at RetailMeNot (retailmenot.com), a publicly traded Austin-based company headquartered downtown with 500+ global employees. The RetailMeNot shopping app and website help people save on their favorite brands during the holidays and year-round, and who doesn't like that? Tania is the development director at Susan G. Komen Austin (komenaustin.org), where she oversees all fund-raising efforts. The monies raised help Austin women have access to free breast health services and fund research efforts to find cures. Baby, It’s (Kinda) Cold Outside: “Who doesn’t love to get wrapped up in your winter coat, scarf, and hat—especially when we don’t get that much of a cold season in Texas,” Tania says. “I think that even in years when it Tomas, Nico, Tania, and Matt grab the wagon and their winter gear to head to the trail.


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

wasn’t that cold I still pretended it was.“ Confessions of a Trail Blazer: Tania has gone to the Trail of Lights every year since 2002, when she was a student at the University of Texas. She P h oto g r a p h y by j e s s i c a pag e s

and Matt have gone together for the last nine years. Before kids, hitting the Trail of Lights was an annual date night (dinner on Barton Springs Road followed by a walk to Zilker). Since becoming parents, they’ve taken Tomas, their older son, for the last three years, and this will be Nico’s first year. “We like to go through each installation and see if we can pick out anything different from years past,” Tania says. “Looking at the lit-up trees, from top to bottom, and the tunnel of stars at the end is our favorite part, and last year’s additions were awesome. Afterwards, we walk to the big Zilker Tree, where we’ve made it a tradition—along with everyone else, it seems—to spin around the tree until we all get dizzy and/or one of us falls over.” Season’s Eatings: It’s rare that we leave Zilker without getting kettle corn, funnel cake, or hot chocolate. I have a feeling this year we will be enjoying the hot chocolate even more now that Tomas thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, thanks to his infatuation with Polar Express. The last couple

Be prepared—snacks, hot chocolate and the occasional glow stick are musts when headed to the trail.

of years we’ve wrapped up the night at Chuy’s with a frozen margarita

w hat' s in your wagon

and queso for the grown-ups, and milk and quesadillas for the littles. Why They Love It: “The Trail of Lights helps kick off our holiday celebration and reminds us that Christmas is around the corner,” Tania says. “It also makes it officially okay to start listening to Christmas songs 24/7!

Monkey Mat (monkeymat.com) in case we take a break on the grass

We usually go for the Tree Lighting Ceremony and on some occasions

Blanket handmade patchwork quilt that was Matt’s when he was a baby

have participated in the Trail of Lights Fun Run. This family tradition

Our Canon Rebel for those awesome night shots

has extended, and my brother Diego and his family have joined us for

iPhones for the essential Instagram and Facebook uploads, espe-

the past three years.”

cially for grandparents (they expect a photo sent that night!) Glow sticks the kids keep busy waving these colorful wands Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers (don’t leave home without them) and sippy cups of milk Cachafaz alfajores and chocolate paraguitas (umbrellas) from Argentina—Tania’s childhood favorite sweet treats! Perhaps a little Prosecco or red from Artesa Vineyards (our favorite) and plastic cups Huggies Wipes in the OXO Tot On-the-Go dispenser (because with kids you never know, and it’s also good for fingers after funnel cake).

p. disbrowe

tribeza.com holiday 2014


Cool Nights Holiday Lights Garden DeLights

4615 Bee Caves Rd www.thehillsfitness.com

Luminations Dec. 13 & 14

Free admission with donation to the Capital Area Food Ban k

D o N’ t m i s s o u r

Holiday SHopping event

Wild Ideas Dec. 6 & 7

w i L D f L o w e r. o rg


last look

Moveable Feasts Celebratory, traditional, primal—an impressive, crisp-skinned, golden turkey or showstopping roast is the centerpiece of any holiday table worth its salt. Luckily, for those of us who live in Austin, there’s no need to go out

Brining the ham for 21 days in an all-natural solution of water, sugar, bay leaves, thyme, garlic, and mirepoix makes the meat dense, tender, and juicy.

and slay the fatted calf ourselves (or spend the entire day with the oven cranked).

A pineapple-sage glaze creates a sweet counterpart to the rich, salty meat.

This holiday season, Chef John Bates at Noble Sandwich Co. (noblesandwiches.com) will be brining hefty pork shoulders (7–8 pounds) for 21 days, then glazing them with a pineapple-sage syrup. Thinly sliced, these hams ($65, order by December 11 by calling 512-382-6248) feed a crowd, with plenty left over for serving with biscuits and soft butter the next morning. Over at Dai Due (daidue.com, 512–524–0688), Jesse Griffiths will have brined turkeys on offer, along with butch-

Long, slow roasting draws out deep and savory flavors and creates a caramelized edge that’s bittersweet and slightly smoky.

er shop specialties like porchetta (pork loin wrapped in pork belly, stuffed with rosemary and fennel), dry-aged beef rib roast, and handmade mincemeat with apples, citrus, pecans, spices, brandy, and rendered beef lard. Calling all homesick Cajuns: the turduckens ($125, call 512-514-0644 to order)—an infamous chicken inside a duck inside a turkey—at Lucy’s Fried Chicken are no less impressive. Chef Angela Lunardi bones out each bird, then stuffs homemade cornbread dressing between the layers as she wraps the birds one within the next. Each matryoshka doll of a bird comes with cooking instructions and a quart of gravy. And if you’re looking for a full feast solution, the crew over at Fresa’s is talking turnkey. They’ve got a complete roasted heritage turkey meal ($180, call 512-428-5082 to order), including pan gravy, chorizo cornbread stuffing, citrus-serrano cranberry sauce, and three sides. And their addon, day-after pozole kit? Nothing short of holiday magic. e. winslow


holiday 2014 tribeza.com

Order early to leave time for the long curing. Christmas orders are due by December 11.

This roast comes fully cooked—just slice and pair with one of Chef John’s favorite beers for the holidays, London Homesick Ale from Oasis Texas Brewing Company.

P h oto g r a p h y by t h o m a s w i n s low



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