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Raw Visions

Day-Dreaming Dream Time Life NRG & Pheminine Powa Mother-Earth: Song To Humans

DubStep: Mrs Rosa Parks

Consciousness-Raising Sub-Bass Linez

The Black President

Fela Kuti, Waka Waka

The King Meets The President In Africa

DJ Rich Medina: The Michael Jackson Fela Kuti Remix Experience

Baule, Côte d’Ivoire

A Single-Canvas Short Story

Tele-Visions: A Maui Te Tipua

How Maui slowed the Sun: An Enchanting Tale from The Land of The Long White Cloud






Tribal Realities Table of Contents

01 Raw Visions Day-Dreaming DreamTime 08 Dubstep Mrs Rosa Parks 10 The Black President Waka Waka 16 The King Meets The President in Africa A Rich Medina Mash-up Experience

18 Raw Visions 2 Life NRG & Pheminine Powa 20 Baulè A Single-Canvas Short Story 22 Tele-Visions A Maui Te Tipua 24 Raw Visions 3 Mother-Earth Song 26 Artist’s Statement & Creditz Cover: Day Dreaming (detail), mixed media on wood panel (100x70cm) , TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010 This and other artworks are available for sale on-line at: h t t p : / / w w w . a r t f l o c k . c o m / a r t i s t / m k a t a n a

Raw Visions Day-Dreaming DreamTime Centered in the bush of young olive trees. Pulling my didjeridoo. Breathing through the endless cycle of “circular” breathing. Breath in. Harmonics. Breath out. Harmonics. Vibrations shaking my whole body. The drone of my lips pervading every part of my Being. Going Alpha. Despite its primitive appeareance, the Didjeridoo is a high technology device. A human oscillator way better than all the Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) of sophisticated synthesizers and electronic devices. It is time to talk about the connection between Human Mind and Wave Patterns. Playing didjeridoo harmonics has the power to bring me to other state of consciousness. A TRIBAL REALITIES State of Conosciousness, actually. Our minds constantly emit several wave patterns, with different frequencies. How fast are these vibrations? The lowest vibration perceived by an adult human is about twenty times a second - which our brain interprets as a BASS type sound. The highest vibration we perceive is many thousands of times a second - which our brain interprets as an extreme TREBLE type sound. It is the number of vibrations in a given time that determines the pitch of a sound. This is the reason that pitch is sometimes referred to as frequency. It is the frequency of the waveform peaks which are counted during a given period of time. Generally speaking, standard range of audible frequencies is 20 to 20,000 Hertz or Hz . What about the frequencies below 20 Hz? We cannot hear them but we can “feel” them. Our usual state of mind is called the Beta state. Beta waves are present when a person is interacting with the surrounding environment, and is concentrating, thinking, or solving problems. When I follow my Guru instructions and I successfully start ‘to tame my monkey mind’, the dominance of Beta waves (13-40 Hz) is replaced by Alpha waves with a frequency of 8-12 Hz. Alpha waves represent a mental state of rest and focus, yielding increased capabilities for creativity. Being Alpha. Darkness. Feeling my breathing cycle. Expanding. Expanding. Expanding. Serpent of Lights. Going Theta (4-7 Hz): Day-Dreaming. A wise Elder. Smiling. He is coming to teach me The Way. Pointing at me, He said “Tjukurpa”. Showing me The Way to Tjukurpa. Waving his hand. Delta waves (0.5-3 Hz). I see the Light of Intuition and Deep Meditation. Uluru. I see Uluru. The Monolith of Changing Colours. Uluru, The Sacred. Uluru, The Space-Ship. Uluru, The Dimensional Door to the “Time Before Time” when Ancestral Beings created the world. This time is called Tjukurpa by the Pitjantjatjara people from the north-west of South Australia. This “Creation Time” is known to non-Aboriginal people as the ‘Dreamtime’. Uluru is the Serpent of Lights. The Spiral of Energy Creating the Whole Universe. Enjoy the Bliss of the Vision. I am gonna learn The Way. Then, the wise Elder told me: “Now, go back and tell them about It”. TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 1


    2 - TRIBALREALITIES#12

Day Dreaming.mixed media on wood panel (100x70cm), TRIBAL REALITIES Series Marco Spada Š 2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 3

Dream Time

Creation I. mixed media on wood panel (100x70cm), TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010


c r e a t i o n


Serpent of Light, mixed media on canvas (100x100cm) , TRASTEVERE IN ARTE Series, Marco Spada © 20 Shaman (detail), mixed media on brown paper , TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010


r a w v i s i o n s : The Golden Serpent of Light, S h a k e s the Whole Universe. Oh Ausp i c i o u s One! Oh Destroyer of Evil F o r c es! I salute Thee.

009-2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 7

I am a Channeller. Spirits talk to me. I am a Shaman. I talk to Spirits. From the other Side of The Gate. Live. She came and visited me. Her Energy was soft yet steady as a rock. Positive vibes of a Noble Soul. “Deliver my Message” - she told me - “through effective media”. Her name is Mrs Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a black seamstress by profession and secretary for the Montgomery chapter of the The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - a “civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the united States”. On Thursday, December 1st, 1955 she was charged for violating racial segregation laws in Montgomery, Alabama, after refusing to give her seat on a bus to a white man. Break the law, before the law breaks you.

“I knew someone had to take the first step and I Such an episode got a different aftertaste in the days of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Naturally, in these days Africa is the very center of global attention. We are all part of the football euphoria, blowing through vuvuzela horns, enjoying spectacular games. We learn about African culture, hopefully beyond stereotypes. At the same time several old issues (both African and Glocal) appear under a New Light: racism, segregation, apartheid (i.e. apart-hate) civil rights, human rights. My mission as a Channeller/Shaman: deliver again Rosa Parks’ powerful message of serene and steady opposition to unfair laws and sub-human behaviours. Effective media? Subhuman behaviours? Two questions with one single answer: DUBSTEP. Yes, Indeed. Almighty sub-bass linez to disintegrate sub-human behaviours. For “Time has Just Come!” Click Here for FREE Download


A Tribal Realities Production © 2010

d u b s t e p Mrs Rosa Parks Raising Consciousness One Sub-Bass Line at a Time!

FREE Download:

“Time Has Just Come!” Rosa Parks TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 9

Amen, Amen, Amen... [Chorus] Amen, Amen, Amen! Through Jesus Christ our Lord By the grace of Almighty Lord Through Jesus Christ our Lord By the grace of Almighty Lord “In Spiritus Christus...” “Allah Wakubar Mohammed Salamalekum...” [Chorus] Waka, waka, waka! So I waka waka waka I go many places I see my people Them dey cry cry cry Amen, Amen, Amen Amen, Amen, Amen Amen, Amen, Amen Amen, Amen, Amen I say I waka waka waka... I waka many village anywhere in Africa I waka many village anywhere in Africa Pastor’s house na him dey fine pass My people them dey stay for poor surroundings Pastor’s dress na him dey clean pass E hard for my people for them to buy soap Pastor na him them give respect pass And them do bad bad bad bad bad bad things Through Jesus Christ our Lord (Amen, Amen, Amen!)... [Chorus] Waka, waka, waka!


Africa Sculpture I. just my pencil on cardboard (A3) , TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 11

So I waka waka waka I go many places I go government places I see see see All the bad bad bad things Them dey do do do Look Obasanjo! Before anything at all, him go dey shout: “Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, Almighty Lord!” “Oh Lord, oh God!” And them do bad bad bad bad bad bad things Through Jesus Christ our Lord (Amen, Amen, Amen!) By the grace of Almighty Lord (Amen, Amen, Amen!) I say, look Yar’Adua! I say, look Yar’Adua! Before anything at all, him go dey shout: “Habba Allah, habba Allah, habba Allah!” “Habba Allah, habba Allah!” And them do, yes yes And them do bad bad bad bad bad bad things Through Mohammed our Lord (Amen, Amen, Amen!) By the grace of Almighty Allah (Amen, Amen, Amen!) [Chorus] Waka, waka, waka! So I waka waka waka I go many places I go government places I see see see All the bad bad bad things Them they do do do


Africa Sculpture II. mixed media on cardboard (A3) , TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 13

Them steal all the money

E dey for them office

Them kill many students

E dey there now now now now now

Them burn many houses

E dey there now now now now now

Them burn my house too

E dey there now now now now now

Them kill my mama

E dey there now now now now now...

So I carry the coffin


I waka waka waka

But them take am!

Movement of the People Them waka waka waka Young African Pioneers Them waka waka waka We go Obalende We go Dodan barracks We reach them gate o We put the coffin down Obasanjo dey there With him big fat stomach Yar’Adua dey there With him neck like ostrich We put the coffin down [Chorus] But them take am! Them no want take am Them no want take am Who go want take coffin? Them must take am Na the bad bad bad things Wey they don do Them no want take am Obasanjo grab am Yar’Adua carry am Yes, them no want take am Obasanjo carry am Yar’Adua tow am Them no want take am Them no want take am


Fela Kuti

The Black President What you read on pages 16-18-20 are the lyrics from the song “Coffin for Head of State, Part 2” by Fela Kuti. Fela Anikulapo Kuti: political leader, musician, and godfather of Afrobeat. A savage fusion of jazz, funk, rock with layers of traditional rhythms from West Africa. ‘Hard on the inside’ (consciousness-raising lyrics) and ‘soft on the outside’ (smooth and endless grooves): Fela’s musical masterpieces make you shake and shout from the inside-out. From his Kalakuta Republic, Fela fiercely casts explosive denunciations: the criminal behavior of Nigeria’s military regimes; the exploiting strategies of Islam and Christianity; the predatory nature of multinationals. His music has been walking around Africa - Waka, Waka, Waka - denouncing the corruption of traditional values, culture and lifestyles. Now, His music belongs to the World. Today, I am sure Fela keeps walking. And watching a couple of matches at the Soccer City Stadium. Because Fela IS Africa. Waka Waka Waka.

Africa Sculpture III. mixed media on cardboard (A3) , TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 15

the king Beat it? Afro-Beat it! I’ve just received the link to download the latest production by DJ Rich Medina and wanna share with you the FREE 10 track album and few considerations on the subject. Rich Medina -aka Big Rich, aka Ricardo Grande, aka Lil Ricky, aka Your Father- is a DJ and music producer. Listening to Diana Ross’s 1976 hit Love Hangover in the living room of his Baptist family, he decided he wanted to be a DJ. Medina considers music as a celebration and a re-connection to our souls.


The King Meets The President In Africa Michael Jackson & Fela Kuti LABEL: AfroStreet Records GENRE: Afrobeat, Soul, Pop June 9th, 2010

TRACKLIST 1. Remember The Time (Roforofo Remix) 2. Billie Jean Is Shakara 3. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough 4. Human Nature vs I No Get Eye For Back 5. Zombie Thriller 6. Earth Song vs Sorrow Tears & Blood 7. Beat I.T.T. 8. I Want You Back vs Water No Get Enemy 9. A.B.C. - African Beat Class (African Rhythms) 10. Rock With You (Afro Brazillian Mix)

the black president Thus, spinning the decks, he guides enthusiastic crowds into expanding emotions of rejoicement. The Medina funk flow charmed Philly’s and New York’s nightlife scenes. But DJ residencies were not enough, Medina wanted to produce music. An Heaven-sent meeting with The Marksmen, introduced him to the enchanted realm of MPC-60, sample chopping, drum programming and music production. Today, Medina - a well-known dj and producer - just baked new tasty vibes to nurture your soul, expand your mind and feed your body. Pump up the volume and enjoy Rich Medina’s mush-up/remix project, blending Michael Joseph Jackson (The King of Pop) and Fela Anikulapo Kuti ( The Black President). The perfect soundtrack for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa!


LIFE NRG. mixed media on glass and wood window (93x35x3.5cm), TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010


Pheminine Powa. mixed media on cardboard (100x70cm), TRIBAL REALITIES Series, Marco Spada © 2010 TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 19

I Sing and Dance and strangers greet me because of that. People consider me a friend, and feel that they know me because of that. Some don’t even know my name. “The Woman Who Knows How to Dance” - they call me that.

She is the finest dancer in the village. Her distinctive personality shaped her life of liberty. Her persona, her music, her dance steps, her special accessories and her quirks. Among the Baule people (Côte d’Ivoire), many individuals have intimate relationships with artworks - and with the spirits who dwell in such objects.

An exclusive relationship, connecting one single person with one single work of art. Therefore this portrait mask of a woman is a virtual alter ego. Ah yes, indeed... An object of art, and sometime the Spirits it houses, may be an individual’s very double. Whenever this portrait mask of a woman, the woman who is its “double” dances with it. Right in front of you. She Dances the Essence of Life! se jounrney into the reality of Love.I was


*mixed media on canvas (40x40cm) TRIBAL REALITIES Series Marco Spada Š 2010 *


“Maui became restless and fought the sun With a noose that he laid. And winter won the sun, And summer was won by Maui.” --Queen Liliuokalani’s family chant.

Click Here to Watch the Animation on-line

From the animated series, A Maui Te Tipua - Maui, the Enchanted.

How Maui slowed the Sun Based on the books beautifully written and illustrated by New Zealand author, Peter Gossage. In Te Reo Maori with Eng Subtitles. Te Reo - Dr Merimeri Penfold Narration - Tawhirimatea Williams Voice of Maui - Tawhirimatea Williams Jnr Music - Richard Nunns, Hirini Melbourne & Aroha Yates-Smith Audio mix and FX - Daniel Nathan Animator / Dir: Shane Mason Prod: Camilla Andersen


tele-Visions <video...... animations...... movies...... day-dreaming......>

A Maui Te Tipua M a u i, T h e E n c h a n t e d

Above: cover of Peter Gossage’s book. How Maui Slowed the Sun = Te Hopu a Maaui i a te Raa translated to Mâori by Merimeri Penfold (Lansdowne Press 1982).

Kia Ora! I’ve been always enchanted by ancestral tales from ancient civilizations. This is why I am a Peter Gossage fan! Peter Gossage is an artist, author and illustrator from Auckland, Aotearoa aka The Land of the Long White Cloud aka New Zealand. He is a storyteller. He writes children’s books. He is teaching the old ways to the young ones. Peter Gossage is sharing with the whole world the story of Maui. And how He slowed Te Ra, The Sun. I stumbled upon a brilliant animation of this ancient narrative. I was captivated and charmed. Watch it and tell me your opinion. Watch FREE and on-line Here! TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 23


To Humans

Humans are treating me so bad and I dunno why. I gave them All My Body.

I gave them All My Heart. They hate me. I cry my tears of Water and Fire. As I shake with sorrow, My Winds blow strong. I cannot hate humans, for I am their Mother. My Dearest Sons and Daughters, Mother Earths Loves You All. Re-connect with Your Hearts! Marco Spada Š 2010


Mother-Earth, wounded and in sorrow explodes from a black volcano. Water color and sumi-ink on cardboard (24x34cm). This and artworks are available sale on-line , at: Mother Earthother Weeping from the Volcano, sumi-ink &for acrylics on cardboard TRIBAL h t t p : / / w w w . aREALITIES r t f l oSeries, c k .Marco c o mSpada / a rŠt2010 i s t / m k a t a n a



Marco Spada Editor

Nurture your-self, grow strong and beauty-full!

<artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s statement> I am a Shaman, painting Visions. Leveraging the Powers of word_music_video_art, I guide Rare Souls to their own destinations. Are You One of Them? Beyond the reductionist-cartesian paradigm, I create Spaces of Trascendence giving voice to Human Beingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pristine desire: going beyod the physical body, towards Higher Levels of Consciousness. I explore trans-personal dynamics, depict enlightning experiences, taking part into the Vibrant Dance of the Universe: the Simultaneous and Multiple Unity. My Art is Magic, because it mediates between the Natural and the SuperNatural. Are You Ready for some Magic in Your Life?



I Dedicate this Issue to the Divine Mother of Abundance Maha Lakshmi! TRIBAL REALITES, raising consciousness since January 2008, is an underground visual magazine, creatively blending Ancestral Knowledge with 21st Century Culture. Submit As the Editor, I am inna Perpetual Beta State, always open to original, pristine and visionary contributions. If you would like to contribute to TRIBAL REALITIES just email me and I will get back to you. Want an Ad inserted in TR magazine? In both cases, contact me at: Everything designed/painted/produced/post-produced by Marco Spada unless otherwise indicated. COPYRIGHT © MARCO SPADA 2010

TRIBAL REALITES is published by Marco Spada under a Creative Commons (CC) license: Attribution, Non- Commercial, No Derivatives 3.0 Unported (by-nc-nd) You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work, under the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes. No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. More info at All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners

Much Love To Those who have spread the word, contributed to, and simply enjoyed Tribal Realities.Blessings! TRIBALREALITIES#12 - 27

TRIBAL REALITIES Issue 12 Beta 6  

Kia Ora! Hi, Be Well and Healthy!In This Issue: 01. Day Dreaming Dream-Time. A Voyage of Visions, Verses and Vibes, triggered by my Didjerid...

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