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The Student Journey Part 1: “The journey to enrolment” Register here


Introduction This event will look at the critical business issues around trying to attract more of the right type of students and how some institutions are struggling to build relationships with these prospects. It will help you to improve and address these issues by utilising enquiries handling techniques, accurate marketing and decision making. As the first in a series of four events, we will follow the student journey from the initial enquiry through to enrolment, showing how our systems and services can help you to create individually tailored marketing campaigns, to effectively manage potential applicants and to streamline the whole enrolment process, making it as easy and hassle free as possible.

“Our client base of international students can see any one of our four international student advisers. Case Management allows us to write case notes that are confidential to the student but visible to the team, so that our client can receive advice based on consistent information available to the advisor. We have adjusted our advice appointments to include time to read, write and update the notes. We believe that by uploading scanned paperwork to a student’s files, we will also be able to reduce our paper files considerably.” Sue O’Hara, International Student Support Team Leader, University of Exeter

“What Azorus has given us is a bespoke system — absolutely custom. Our partnership with them is all about ‘the art of the possible’ — and we love that.” Richard Harrison, CRM Manager, The University of Warwick


“Fund Manager is a very sensible investment, especially if you are a big SITS:Vision user already. It puts all the information in one place and it’s easy to link data and to cross query the data.” James Butterworth, Technical Development Officer, University of York

Initial enquiry First impressions count. That’s why we know that when a potential student first visits your website, it is vital to capture as much data as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways such as requests for prospectuses, £ course enquiries or requests to attend an open day. This data can then be used to directly target the student and entice them further.

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Marketing to students Attracting a student can be difficult, and providing them with the right information at the right time is key. When a student is deciding on what course is right for them, focussed marketing about relevant courses can be deployed – this personalised approach can make all the difference. It is vital that the information is consistent with the student’s stage in the journey; for example they will not need course information, if they have already submitted their application.




? Using information to your advantage We can capture a student’s data through IPP and Tasking, which allows students to be guided through the online application process, knowing that they are providing the right information to help secure their place. Using Azorus CRM, integrated with SITS:Vision, for targeted mailings once the initial enquiry has been made, gives you the full picture of each student’s interactions with you through every communications channel. This gives you the ability to focus the marketing effort to recruit the right students through segmentation, increasing student satisfaction throughout the recruiting cycle and beyond. This enhances the ability to efficiently compete for the best students.

Supporting the student every step of the way Tribal’s integrated ESD solution enables multiple departments within the university to effectively deal with any query submitted by the student during the application process. These range from fee queries, disability support and course enquiries among others. The ESD solution is fully web based and offers a secure integration to an existing e:Vision portal, a third party portal or content management system, or can be used as a stand alone helpdesk solution.

Student support Every student has specific needs; providing them with the information they require, and solving their queries quickly and effectively, improves their confidence and supports the student through the whole process.



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Online payments Our portal features online payment facilities, which allow transactions to be made quickly and effectively, with the security expected from this type of solution. Automatic confirmations are generated after every payment, giving the student peace of mind for the student. Additionally, our Fund Manager module helps to calculate student funding eligibility and award amounts, making this process faster and easier.

Enquiring and applying When applying, each student wants information at their finger tips. They expect to see their application personalised to them and receive stepby-step updates on their application status through tailored communications, with relevant information such as funding support and interview invitations.

Paying with ease A student expects to be able to pay for their course online, in essence reducing the hassle of queuing to make a payment. Students want additional information which identifies funding such as bursaries, scholarships and fee discounts, which can be a key aspect in a student’s decision-making process when choosing a place to study.


Student portals Each student’s application can be managed through the use of portals specifically tailored to their circumstances. These portals are updated as the student progresses through the enquiry and application process. This way the student experience remains consistent with the same look and feel.

Together with attracting students, speed in decision making is becoming increasingly important at this crucial junction in a student’s life. Tribal is working with customers to provide seamless application portals, which combine applicant ranking and full business process workflow. This is contributing to much shorter timescales for making the right decision, to help recruit more of the right students. Some recent examples of good practice include the University of Exeter and the University of the West of England.

It is a fact that there has been a reduction in student numbers, which for many of our customers is going to have a serious financial implication. Tribal is working with several institutions to provide an effective method of targeting and identifying more of the right students. Our customers now have streamlined business processes for capturing and sharing data, communicating with prospects and providing a self-service portal with end-to-end integration with SITS:Vision. These customers include the University of Leicester and the University of Warwick and they are confident that they are bucking the trend.

Part of being a successful and happy student today means you need to be able to access lots of information and services across your university. As a result of implementing Tribal's ESD, a university will be able to centralise all student services to one coordinated facility. This will lead to an increase in student satisfaction and improve efficiencies across student services. We have seen evidence to support this at both the Universities of Exeter and Bedfordshire.

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