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TREVOR CREATING Change Conference 2011

Recently, The Trevor Project’s staff had the opportunity to connect with organizations and individuals who are working to improve the lives of LGBTQ people across the country. This past February, we attended and served as faculty at the 23rd Annual Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Staff representing The Trevor Project’s education, community and advocacy programs co-led a Day-Long Institute at Creating Change as part of the New Beginning Initiative, a coalition of national LGBT-serving organizations organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. During the conference, we also led workshop sessions, including one about the importance of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the research available about LGBTQ youth, as well as a workshop about federal policies that impact LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project also offered a Lifeguard Workshop for youth at Creating Change to train them how to be “Lifeguards” for someone who is at risk for suicide. A pillar of The Trevor Project is to create social change, and as part of that, we continue to seek partnerships with school districts across the country in order to provide life-saving suicide prevention Lifeguard Workshops trainings to faculty, staff and students. To this end, The Trevor Project partnered with the Blake School in downtown Minneapolis to offer two Lifeguard Workshops during our visit to the North Star State. We were very excited to work with the progressive-oriented staff and student body at Blake, who are motivated to be Lifeguards for youth state-wide, and look forward to the change this new relationship can bring to LGBTQ youth in Minnesota.

Volume 4, Issue 1 Spring 2011

The Trevor Project In SAN FRANCISCO Early this year, The Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign announced a longterm partnership to operate a Trevor Lifeline call center and an HRC Action Center and Store from the site of Harvey Milk’s Castro Camera in San Francisco. This exciting new partnership to operate a new Lifeline call center will help improve our service to at-risk LGBTQ youth nationwide. Plus, with a San Francisco location The Trevor Project can reach and train local volunteers in the Bay Area, extending our programming in Northern California and beyond. We are thankful to HRC, which has not only donated the call center space to The Trevor Project, but will also be making a $10,000 annual donation to continue our lifesaving work in San Francisco.

For those of us who work to improve the lives of LGBTQ people, Creating Change is a time to refresh our minds, learn from our colleagues, and get energized by the incredible work happening throughout the nation. Now, with fresh ideas, new friends, and strengthened relationships, we are excited to continue to create change for LGBTQ youth.

Our thanks also extend to the grassroots supporters in San Francisco whose passion helped bring The Trevor Project to Castro Camera, and to carry on Harvey Milk’s legacy. These include Cleve Jones, Frank M. Robinson, and the Academy Award®-winning writer of “Milk” and Trevor Board Member, Dustin Lance Black.

– MEG TEN EYCK & SARA TRAIN, Education Managers

– LAURA MCGINNIS, Communications Director

Huge thanks are due to Trevor Life Award Honoree, Kathy Griffin, who made an incredible gift to The Trevor Project by donating her entire salary from her performance at the Gibson Theatre on Dec. 16, 2010. Photo by JC Olivera/WireImage

Imperial Accord of PARTNERSHIP

Charles’ CORNER As Winter comes to a close, we at The Trevor Project are excited for the feelings of warmth and community we continue to experience. Not only have we heard from friends across the country a resounding echo telling young LGBTQ people “It Gets Better,” but we have witnessed it getting better. School districts of all sizes have contacted The Trevor Project to help teach LGBTQ-inclusive suicide prevention. And on a federal level, The Trevor Project is working to help build a safety net for at-risk LGBTQ young people as part of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. While the services of The Trevor Project continue to be in demand, as you’ll see in the Program Update, (p. 4), young people are also seeking our community. More than 15,000 LGBTQ youth and straight allies belong to, where they can be free to express themselves without fear of bullying or harassment. Coupled with the addition of TrevorChat, this growth has led to some unexpected results in our suicide prevention services. By providing fully integrated crisis intervention to youth on- and off-line through TrevorSpace, TrevorChat and the Lifeline, and we are reaching and saving more young lives than ever. The outpouring of support from our friends continues to help us expand our services as a lifeline for LGBTQ youth. We are honored to partner with the regal members of the International Court System through an Imperial Accord of Partnership throughout 2011. Similarly, we are excited for the support of Trevor Life Award Honoree Kathy Griffin, (front page), as well as corporate friends like Google, Facebook and Trevor Hope Award Honoree Levi Strauss and Co. However, the work of saving young lives requires a community of support, and through your generous contributions we can reach every youth who needs us. Thank you!


Whereas, the International Court System is one of the oldest and largest organizations in the world working to promote the well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people for over fortyfive years; and Whereas, the International Court System has an unparalleled international network of courts and baronies in Canada, United States & Mexico which annually raises millions of dollars to support worthwhile causes; and Whereas, The Trevor Project, founded in 1998, is the leading national organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth; and Whereas, The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including a nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone; and Whereas, The Trevor Project envisions a future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; and Whereas, the International Court System and The Trevor Project have agreed to enter into a partnership to facilitate the two organizations working together in saving lives, building community and changing society, and that such partnership would be beneficial to the larger gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Now, therefore, the International Court System and The Trevor Project do hereby enter into this Imperial Accord of Partnership and will work together to promote the cause to invest in life-saving, and life-affirming work for LGBTQ youth across the country and to engage in joint projects to increase the participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the pursuit of saving young lives. Signed, sealed and ratified on this 4th day of December, in the City of Las Vegas, State of Nevada, in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten. Empress Nicole the Great, Chairman Emperor Michael Gaffney, Interim President Charles Robbins, Ex. Dir. & CEO The Trevor Project

A Special THANKS We’d like to acknowledge the following for their recent fundraising efforts on behalf of The Trevor Project: Dennis Adamson & Ben Boyd, Circle of Hope event, New York, NY Paul Reitz & David Rosen, Circle of Hope event, Chicago, IL Trevor Young Professionals Collective & Capitol City Sports, Homecoming, Los Angeles, CA Trevor Young Professionals Collective & Theory, Fall Fête, New York, NY San Francisco Ambassadors, Trevor’s Night Out, San Francisco, CA Rafael Acevedo & Joe Marko, Hosts of Trevor’s Night Out, San Francisco, CA San Diego Ambassadors & Eden, Pep Rally, San Diego, CA Wood Brothers Bar, Benefit event, Philadelphia, PA Jose L. Marrero, Broadway Christmas 4, Orlando, FL FornabaioVoss Events, Club 57, New York, NY Adam Waters, F.L.A.G. vs. Flag Football, Santa Monica, CA Lesbian & Gay Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Gala & Silent Auction, Los Angeles, CA Small Plates, Lifeline Fundraiser, Lexington, KY BiTE West Hollywood & Christopher Stewart, November benefit, West Hollywood, CA Harrison Bloom, Ken Campbell, Frank Meli & Ethan Petersen, Serenity Ball, Palms Springs, CA Colin Bishop, Alex Levy, Christopher Nulty, Jason Rahlan, Trevor Thomas & Scott Zumwalt, We Made It, Washington, DC Where’s My Dress Productions, Wonderland, Anaheim, CA THE TREVOR PROJECT NEWSLETTER Spring 2011

SPRING Renewal Not only is The Trevor Project on the move to end suicide among LGBTQ youth, but we also moved our Los Angeles office. With the help and support of our donors, the organization has come a long way from the days when our staff and call center occupied just 1,000 square feet of office space. Now, our new Los Angeles home is almost five times that, and we are looking to grow our space usage on the East Coast, as well. In December, we relocated 12 staff and countless volunteers to our new home, which is physically only blocks away from our old office, but is light years away from where we started. The energy is exciting! We have a new office environment that promotes fruitful communication among staff, along with our volunteers and donors. With more meeting space, we will be able to expand opportunities to interact with The Trevor Project. As we continue our national growth, we are expanding our staff resources. We finished 2010 with 16 staff members. By this Summer, we plan to have completed our growth to 24 staff members on the East and West Coasts. Yes, that’s more than 16,000 staff hours being added annually to support the vital work of The Trevor Project. The new staff members will help increase our school workshops in key cities and deliver more programs to youth, enhance our communications and marketing strategy, sustain relationships with donors, and streamline internal operations. It’s an exciting time for us! We have a new space, and a newly expanded staff. Our values remain the same, only stronger, with these investments. Our doors are open, and there are many ways to get involved. Please take some time to get acquainted with all that is new at The Trevor Project. – CHRIS HERNANDEZ, Operations Director


Beyond the Halls of CONGRESS Youth leaders and advocates for LGBTQ youth on the national level are adapting to change following the November 2010 election. While The Trevor Project continues to champion federal legislation like the Safe Schools Improvement Act and Student Non-discrimination Act, we will also be working to bring change through non-legislative means. To those ends, The Trevor Project is a proud member of the New Beginning Initiative, urging federal agencies under the Executive Branch to make positive changes to their operating policies and regulations to benefit LGBTQ youth.

One policy change we are excited about is from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In early 2011, HUD proposed regulations to end discrimination against LGBTQ people in housing and shelter programs. Since upwards of 40% of all homeless youth are LGBTQ, and 2/3 of homeless youth will attempt suicide at least once, this policy change can literally save lives. Once enacted, if a shelter receives public funds, they cannot turn away a young person because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Trevor Project and the New Beginnings Initiative have also been working with agencies under the Department of Health and Human Services to improve data collection and resources for LGBTQ youth. Right now, very little data about LGBTQ youth exists, affecting our community’s ability to improve suicide prevention for them. This year, we have been working with states and districts to collect data about LGBTQ youth through the existing Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). This is the only federal survey that asks about youth health behaviors, including suicide attempts and ideation. However, without questions about sexual orientation and gender identity, the YRBS is not capturing the specific health needs and disparities that LGBTQ youth face—leaving LGBTQ youth largely invisible in the eyes of the government. While there is much to be done in the halls of Congress, with just a few small changes—to the YRBS, to HUD’s homeless shelter policies, and through other federal agencies—we are working to improve the lives of LGBTQ youth. – DAVE REYNOLDS, Sr. Public Policy and Research Manager





The last few months have been a remarkable period of growth for The Trevor Project, and the organization has become a national hub for youth in need of support, as well as for adults wanting to help these young people. Since October, we have distributed more than 2,500 Survival Kits to educators and youth service providers across the country. We have also increased our volunteer trainings, graduating more than 60 new program volunteers serving LGBTQ youth nationwide. Plus, because more young people have heard about The Trevor Project, more are reaching out on the Lifeline, TrevorChat and Dear Trevor. Highlighting The Trevor Project’s leadership role in suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth, we have been invited to conduct a halfday institute at the American Association of Suicidology’s National Conference in April. This is an exciting opportunity to educate health workers, clinicians and educators about the importance of integrating information about LGBTQ youth in suicide prevention programming for schools, community based organizations and other youth spaces. As more youth become aware of our services and the demand for our programs continues to grow, we will be seeking new volunteers in each of our programmatic areas. Please visit to learn more about opportunities. – PHOENIX SCHNEIDER, Program Director

Trevor Lifeline Call DATA





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October 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011 TOTAL Calls: 11,092


Highlighting the contributions of Trevor’s volunteers

Volunteer SPOTLIGHT Ten years ago, Victor Holguin made a list of things he promised to accomplish, and volunteering for The Trevor Project was on that list. He kept that promise and has now been volunteering with The Trevor Project since June 2010. “My heart sinks when I know kids struggle with being accepted for who they are. It’s such an easy fix and yet so complicated in reality. I am so honored to just be there and listen to these young people.” When Victor is not preventing suicide on The Trevor Lifeline, he is spending his time being a father to his 15 year old daughter and running marathons! Victor has run two marathons for charities and this year entered The Trevor Project into the NYC Half-Marathon Charity Program. The same month that The Trevor Project was accepted, Victor also donated one of his kidney’s to an altruistic kidney exchange program and experienced the tremendous loss of his father who passed away in late December. “I had lots of obstacles and hurdles but either way I knew I had to make it happen even if I walk the 13.1 miles crying my eyes out! Lots of people have shown interest from all over – we actually have a waiting list of people now because we filled our spots!” Victor believes the most important thing in life is to “pay it forward”. He knows how easy it is to get wrapped up in our own worlds and forget to give back or help others. “Sometimes the forward movement lunges our best selves into another state. We are all so different and special and we ALL have something worth sharing no matter what our differences may be.” Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us, Victor! – KELLI PETERMAN, Crisis Services Manager, East Coast

Fall Fête SOARS More than 500 guests — including high-profile attendees were Bravo’s Andy Cohen, MTV’s Real World: Brooklyn alum Scott Herman, Reichen Lehmkuhl, and George Takei and Brad Altman — packed the Theory flagship store in New York City for the Trevor Young Professionals’ inaugural “Fall Fête” on October 21, 2010. People from across the Northeast came out to support the important work of The Trevor Project and to enjoy cocktails provided by Veev Açaí Spirits. Attendees were also treated to a special performance by Tony Award®-winning actress and singer, Lea Salonga, who sang “Reflections” from Disney’s Mulan. The sold-out event raised more than $40,000 for The Trevor Project. Stay tuned for more details on the Trevor Young Professionals’ upcoming second annual “Spring Fling” event in New York City this April. – KEVIN O’LEARY Trevor Young Professionals Committee, NYC




1. Event hosts Brad Altman & George Takei. 2. Trevor Young Professionals and event attendees.

STORIES From the Frontline Daniel was in distress. Through tears, he explained to the Lifeline Counselor that everyone, including his mother thinks he is gay, even though he’s sure that he is straight. Because he has a seemingly feminine voice, he is bullied incessantly, and he called the Trevor Lifeline for support. At first our counselor evaluated whether Daniel might be questioning his sexual orientation, but the more they talked, it was evident that Daniel is straight. He was dealing with being bullied and feeling invisible. To Daniel, his biggest challenge was learning to “come out” as straight.

“I can honestly say that you just saved my life.” Alias: Daniel Age: 15 State: MS

It’s strange to consider, but for someone like Daniel the reassurance in “It Gets Better” videos didn’t seem to him to apply. Does it get better if you’re straight and being bullied for presenting as gay? Who is looking out for people like Daniel? Because he felt isolated and alone, a few months ago Daniel had attempted to take his own life. He confessed his family didn’t know about the attempt, and our counselor noted the urgency of connecting Daniel with a network of support. Together with the Lifeline Counselor, Daniel put together a plan for dealing with his isolation. They also planned how to communicate to others his actual orientation, discussing how, when and what to say to his mom. Our counselor gave him a referral to a local counseling center, and Daniel also mentioned that his history teacher is someone he can talk to. He committed to talking to her about it the next day. According to their plan, Daniel will talk to his mom soon, and he’ll call the Trevor Lifeline back for support if he needs it. At the end of the call, Daniel said, “I’m amazed that I told you all this stuff. I thought that I would call you and it would fail. Thank you. I can’t say it enough. I can honestly say that you just saved my life.”

TREVOR LIVE! at the Hollywood Palladium The new Trevor LIVE! proved to be more than a sold out evening of irreverent comedy, music, and awards, it was a celebration of life-saving change. At the fabulous Hollywood Palladium, we welcomed 1,000 guests in celebrating our two outstanding honorees. Trevor Life Award honoree Kathy Griffin, a two-time Emmy Award®-winner and Grammy®-nominated comedienne, has been an outspoken supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. Trevor Hope Award honoree Levi Strauss & Co., one of the world’s largest branded apparel companies and the global leader in jeanswear, has been a leader in the fight for equality for more than two decades. With a nod of thanks to our Special Guest Producing Director Adam Shankman, our presenters and performers seemed to shine extra bright this year. Guests were dazzled with performances by the original and Hollywood casts of RENT, including Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, Gwen Stewart, and David Burtka. James Marsden and Neil Patrick Harris entertained with a hilarious musical number. Darren Criss shocked the crowd with a surprise duet with Katy Perry. Queen Latifah’s voice proved to be incomparable, both a cappella and with a choir of 30. And Sarah Silverman’s comedic talents had guests rolling with laughter. Trevor LIVE! at the Hollywood Palladium was not just an unforgettable night for our guests, it raised awareness for The Trevor Project and our work to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. Buy your tickets now to Trevor LIVE! at Capitale in New York City on Monday June 27, 2011. The show is already shaping up to be stellar, and with months left to plan, it can only get better! – KIM TRINH, Palette Fund Intern - Communications

Photo credit: Justin Brannock







TREVOR LIVE! at the Hollywood Palladium 7


An Evening Benefiting The Trevor Project on December 5, 2010 in Hollywood, California


11 10


1 Executive Director Charles Robbins with Kathy Griffin 2 James Marsden and Neil Partick Harris 3 Jane Lynch with wife Lara Embry 4 Sara Silverman 5 Amy Poehler and Will Arnette 6 Katy Perry and Darren Criss perform Teenage Dream 7 Trevor HOPE Award Honoree Levi Strauss & Co. 8 Chris Colfer, Samantha Gerson and Jessica Alba 9 Darren Criss, Special Guest Producing Director Adam Shankman and Skyler Astin 10 Trevor Live Co-chairs Warren Cohn and Bill Harrison 11 Queen Latifah performs PHOTO CREDITS: Justin Brannock, JC Olivera, and Vanessa Preziose




The Trevor Project welcomed guests with an Open House to show off their new West Hollywood offices in early 2011





Trevor in CHICAGO

The Trevor Project hosted a benefit in Chicago last fall at the home of Paul Reitz and David Rosen, to explore ways to build a larger presence within the Chicago community and advocate their life-saving work.



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Executive Director Charles Robbins with Anna Kendrick Luke Adams (Amazing Race), Joel Flatow and Richard Sabine Dilson De Almeida and son Jason Trevor Project Supporters Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Charles Robbins Hosts David Rosen, Paul Reitz and Charles Robbins Ann Puglisi, John G. Mach and Erin Tyrrell Charles Robbins with Hadley Rue, Trevor Mauro and Michael Leppen

PHOTO CREDITS: Denver Smith Photography, Christopher Stewart and The Trevor Project


CIRCLE of Hope GUARDIAN $25,000 + Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS David C. Bryan Roland Emmerich & Centropolis Entertainment Jodie Foster Kathy Griffin Tim Lin & Rance Masheck Bill Lucia Jonathan B. Murray & Harvey Hamilton Reese Daniel Radcliffe Walter Schild & Dilson De Almeida Paul Singer Jeffrey R. Stone COUNSELOR $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Tim Aldrete The David Bohnett Foundation Patrick Boucher John Callaghan Michael B. Cox Michael H. Epstein & Scott E. Schwimer Gregory Evans It Gets Better Project Kathy Kinney Jane Lynch Kenneth B. Mehlman ROCKCARES: The NorrisRocaberte Family Foundation Frank Pond Christine Ropar Dwight Schar Quinn Taylor ADVISOR $5,000 - $9,999 Austin Barker Command Public Relations, Inc Clay Drinko Tom Ford Jennifer & Scott Frank Bill Wayne Frew Michael A. Graham* Chelsea Handler W. David Hardy, MD Jim Hodges Steven Holley John Hussman Jeffrey Kalinsky Steven King Steve Leitman Michael A. Leppen Pamela Levy Jerry Magar Kyle McCarthy Theresa Morris David Nichols Christopher Nutile Charles Robbins & Damon Romine Frank Selvaggi & Bill Shea Thomas Stewart Ricky Strauss* & Tom Newman David Van Oostendorp Douglas Gerard Vetter Nicolas Wauters Barbara A. & Steve Young MENTOR $2,500 - $4,999 Keith Aldridge & Jonathan Roberts Chris Allieri* & Gene Fischer Scott Barkley Eric J. Barton Amber Benson Mark Bergamini Jeep Bryant Gregg Busch David C. Dinielli Nicholas Donatiello Jr. Marvin Dorson Michael Dudding


Circle of Hope members play a critical role in providing the financial leadership that makes the work of The Trevor Project possible by donating $500 or more annually in non-event related contributions. The donors listed below are current as of January 31, 2011.

Al G. Duncan* Thomas B. Eich Douglas Ferguson Tim Field, Ph.D. Anthony Fleming The Rim Freeman Family Foundation Ralph Furlo Carson Gaspar Stein Geisenheimer CH Foundation, Inc Randy George & Chuck Collins Joe Giarrusso Dennis P. Grant Anne Hathaway Roy Head Kenny Hill & Rick Ziraldo Robyn M. King & Julie Van Dyne Phillip Kleweno & Alain Verscheure Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern Kyle D. Kusche George Larribas & Ed Hornberger Peter Lease & Edward Wood Duane Lisowski Chris Mason Meghan McCain Cindy McCain Ginny McCulloh McDermott, Will & Emery LLP David McFarland* & Stanislav Borisov Scott McPhail* Mark Morales & Michael Mirch Harley Neuman & Daniel Lam New York State Funeral Directors Jason R. Oclaray* Randall Palmer Travis Petersen Barry Pollard Sandra Poston Ruben Ramirez* Chuck Ranberg & Bob Fisher RJ Rousso Chris Salgardo The Saver Family Douglas & Suzanne Schiffman Heidi Schulz & Michael Ryder Philip Selway Andrew Silver & David McGrath Ryan Spalding & Ray Boyd Stephen & Gail Stonehouse David Suk Sara Turansky Ron Valdez* World Of Wonder Productions William S. Wright SUPPORTER $1,000 - $2,499 Lewis Adams & Anthony Vigliotta Mark Addison Stamos Akrivos Ken Allard Ezra Alvarez Jirka Ambroz Garth Ancier Brant Anderson Nathan Anderson Jason Arbuckle & Mark Arena Wendy Armitage Jonathan Arnold Alan Arrigoni Chris Atwood Jay Ayers & Matthew Walker Richard Ayoub* & Nick Urbom David Azulay & Andre Caraco Robbie Bagwell Scott Baker & Jason West John Barker Ken Barras Chris Beckmann George A. Bednar & Chip Wheeler Daniel Bennett Bryan Bentlin Allan Bernardini

David Beugen & Joe Grandinetti Bo Billups Dustin Lance Black* Lori Blantin David Bolz David Bower Ben Boyd & Dennis Adamson Andrew Brady Lisa Brende* Nancy Brennan Brian Brookey & Kevin L. Cordova Linda Brosseau Todd Buchner James Burba & Bob Hayes Tom Burke Denis Cagna & Carlos Medina Ken Campbell* Brian Campbell Greg Cannedy Tom Cashin & Jay Johnson Penny Castleman Ravi Chandrasekaran Sophia Chauchard-Stuart Michael Chisek Jeff Chu Harry Clark Warren Cohn* Jeremy Coleman Chris Colfer The Community Foundation Congregation Kol Ami Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa Johnny Cooper Kevin J. Corcoran Ryan Cuddeback Dimitri Czupyco Dart Group Foundation Cam Davis Camden Davis Scott Deaney Lisa DeBartolo Nicholas Dehnert Alan Del Castillo Michael Desantis The Grant and Virginia DeVaul Charitable Fund Daniel Dodgen Brian J. Dorsey* Calen Drever Ian Dunn Landon Duyka & Alexander Shingleton John Ealy Stuart Early Bryan Eckelmann Daniel Edelman David J. Edelsohn Daniel Edwards Jim Edwards Robert A. Ermanski Tenoch Esparza David Etter Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Advent J. Scott Evans John Fahr Michael Feldman & Art Jalandoni Robert Ferguson Jeffrey Fersch Eileen Finn Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D.* Joel Flatow Cristina Flores Michael Ford Rick Frazier Brenda and Tom Freiberg Stacey Friedman Lee B. Friend Shawn Fultz Patrick Gallagher Ronald K. Gallagher Charles R. Garris

Siana-Lea Gildard & Edgar Aguirre Howard Gold & Harold Bahr Salvatore Gogliormella & Keola Whittaker Ruben Gonzales & Joaquin Tamayo Oscar J. Gonzalez Bonnie Graves* & Adrian Sexton Lorraine C. Gray Donald Grimm, Ph.D. Jeff Grossman Martin Gruber David Guzman Tim Haddock Handwriting Without Tears Gary L. Hansel & James Hernandez Chuck Hansen Van Hardison Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Christopher Harris Bill Harrison Aaron H. Hartzler Craig Hartzman Garrett Hayashida Robert Hayden III Darren Hayes Thad Hayes Greg S. Heanue Mark D. Heidel Mel Heifetz Allan Heinberg Andy Hendricks Jacinto Hernandez & Charles Callahan Michael Hershberger & Daniel Mitchell R. Glenn Hessel Rodney Hill Stephen Hipp & Brian A. Rogers Sue Hollern Michael Holloway James Holobaugh Danny Humphress Michael Hyman The Imperial Court de San Diego Brad Jacobson Patrick Jager William Janetschek Carolyn S. Javier Jeffrey Jensen Richard Johnson Blanding U. Jones Meredith Kadlec* & Michelle Paradise Bryan T. Keller & Brian Baldwin Joshua A. Kennon Jonathan King Bruce King D. Lance King Pat Kirsch Stuart Kurlander Alexander Lach Renee Landegger & Carl Landegger Rick H. Lee Nancy Lee Laurence Leive Robert Lekstrom Simon S. Leo & Mark P. Bement Reginald Lewis LGBT Network at Capital One Philip Linnard Jonathan Lisecki Dennis Lonergan & John Graves Shyrl L. Lorino Michael Alton Lowder & Robin Alden Douglass Jeff Lupinacci Joseph B. Lynn Stephen F. Macias & James Carroll Kerrie MacPherson Christopher D. Man & Adam T. Marquez Jhoni Marchinko Sara Margulis & Josh Margulis Mitchell Markson & Anno Mangen Kimra & Chuck Martin


Joff Masukawa Paul Mataras & Brian Bourquin Jerry Mauricio Lucy McCabe Kenneth D. McLean Sean R. Mc Manus* McMaster-Carr Supply Company Darren McNelis Michael Medeiros & David Henry Jeff Meleski & Steven J. Markov Kim Memeger Nadine Mirchandani The Misner Family David Mizener & Arturo Carrillo Anil Mohin & John Scholz Philip Monaghan Jahie Moore-Johnson Javier E. Morgado Chad Morrison Jim Murphy Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman Gregory Nagel Ed Neppl & Scott Mitchell NoHo Arts Center for New Thought Robert Newhart Phu Ngo No California Rainbow Divers Barth Norton Lee Obrzut & Daniel Ling Gaynon & Linda Oclaray Jane O’Connor John O’Hara Gary S. Orgel & Michael S. Burak Jonathan Oriole Jeff Paramore & Jonathan Smith Peter Paris & Jeb Bernstein David A. Parker Richard & Ellen Passov Barron Patterson Scott Patterson FORD MODELS & Paulette Ellison Mark Perin Carol Poole Kathryn M. Quigley Sean Radford Joseph Redinger Diane Rementeria & Rick Spielberg William Resnick & Doug Cordell Robert Rhodehamel David Richardson Jon Richmond Ricardo Rivera Luis Rodriguez-Villa Lou Romano Frank Rorie & Dianne Molina Russell D. Roybal Barbara Sabella Arlene Sanford Vahan Saroians Kimihiro Sato Robert Sbarbaro Martin Sellers Brian Selznick Leslie Serchuck Ed Sexton Bonnie Sheren Jeffrey Simpson Gregory Singleton Patrick Smith Lisa Snow Aaron & Eva Snyder David Sobottka Michael Sosso & Brian Campbell Dan Spinello St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church Steven Stepanian & Jeffrey Roy Mark Stephanz Teddy Stewart & Paul Evmorfiadis Brian Stewart Sid Stolz & David Hatfield Jason Subia

Michael Sucsy Damon Suden Stephen Sulecki Tim Sullivan Jeffrey Sweat Gregory & Valerie Swisher Mike Syers Richard Sypniewski Jeffrey Tarrant John Tenore Brian J. Theobald & Scott DeShong Matthew Thompson Heather Tom & Marie Tom Nathan Treu Steve Trowbridge & Joshua Gonzalez Paul Unson Alan Uphold & Jeff Olde Victor Vecchiariello Frank Voci Diane Wade Jeffrey Walker Timothy Walsh Jason Watters Carrie Watts & Clare Bodensteiner Gadi Weinreich Frederick Wertheim Jay Wetterau Jeff Whaley Keith Whelan Scott Widmeyer & Alan Yount Martha Wing Keith Wishon & Jane Wishon Jeffrey Paul Wolff* Brett Wolfgang & Dennis Swain Chuck Wood Steve Wood Kathleen Wood & Leanne Pittsford Peter Yacobellis Jess Yescalis Elizabeth Yockey Kevin Yoder & Harvey Hurdle Scott Zimmerman* MEMBER $500 - $999 Anonymous Barbara Abis Pia C. Ackerman Hammon P. Acuna & Jeff Muehl John Adams Scott Adams Anthony J. Adelman John Alchin & Hal Marryatt Chris Alexander Jeffrey Allport Steven Alper David A. Anderson* & Travis Oakden Zachary Antolak Michael Aparicio Adrian Armas Bill Arning Dennis Arriola Angie Arrowood & Sue Jensen Robert Aspel Matt Austin Stace Baal Adam Banks Juan Barajas Daniel Barakat Joseph Baran John Barba & Juan Carlos Rivas Melissa Barlow Steven B. Barlow Jon Barrett & Sean Moran Josh Barry & Philip Matthys Todd Bates Dan Bauman Edward F. Baxley Chad Beguelin Sabrina A. Beldner Nancy Bell

Vanessa Benavides & Sheila Bryant William C. Bergens Albert Berger & Ellen Steloff Mark Berman Jeff Berry & Eric Politzer Robert Bethge Ron Bielicki Don Bild Larry Blake Mike Bloch Bill Block Casey Bloys Jennifer Blum & Christopher Blum Michael Bochenek David Bonavita & Jake Marsden Luke Bongiorno Jason Bopp Paul Bower Amy Boydston Paul Bradshaw Chris Brady Travis Braha & Daniel Wismer Jennie Brandt & Victor Sahn John Breast Brian Breheny Anne Bresler Brian J. Brickhouse Jay Bridges Robert & Connie Brown Scott Brown Macaulay Bruton & Wendy Satmary David Buchan & Jeff Ryel Charles Buck & John Murtha Tim & Catherine Cadogan Walter Cain William J.D. Caldwell John Campbell Lawrence Carbone J.D. Cargill John Carpenter Dave Castleman Scott Catto Chris Cavanagh Alex Chodak Kirk Christensen Richard P. Clark Gary Clark Jason Clodfelter Charles Cloughly Jason Cole Paul Colichman Commonwealth Counseling Associates, PC Complete Internet Consulting, Inc. Nicholas S Constantakis Don Cook Catherine Cora Sandy Corddry & Rob Corddry Jack Corwin Erica Courtney Keith Courtney Laura Covington Gregory Pierre Cox John Cramer & Eddie Munoz Michael Crane David Crawford Donald Crawshaw Kevin M. Cronin & David Alexander Armand Cucciniello Gary Dakin Wes Davey Brian Davis Bruce Davis & Rob Murray Trey Davis David P. Dawson & Jamie Finch Kyle De Marinis Conchi De Salas David DeGraw Jason Denby AJ Desjardins Jeff Disney M.D.

Shelly Dobson Dave Dogan Michael Donscheski Christian C. Dowell* Michael J. Doyle & Bret Kobler Michael Driscoll & Ben McOmber Nancy Dubuc James Duff James Duke Brandon Dunn Karen & Amos Edelman Eddie Egan & David Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Connor Karl Eichelberger Bonnie & Clifford Eisler James D. Epstein & Thomas A. Hess Stephen Erlach Thomas Evans Joseph Eviatar & Eric Johnson Eric Fanning Amir Farooqi Merritt Farren & Michael Means Fred Farris Douglas Fearing Bruce Fehr Beanie Feldstein Regina Fischer Estelle Fishberger Steve & Andrea Fishberger Ryan Fisher & Brian Stirling Phillip Flavin John B. Fleming David Flugman Simply Fly Walter Foery & Ransom Wilson James Fontana FootageBank, Inc. Jean-Marc Frailong Carol Franger Jason Franklin Bryan J. Franzen Aaron Freeman Kara Friedenberg Aeleen Frisch Sean M. Fucci Paul Fulkerson Bryce W. Furness David Galgano Anthony Galloway Gregory Ganci Gil Garfield Joseph V. Gaudioso Conor Gaughan Gay Couples Institute Steven Gee Andrew Geller Ivan Genadiev Tony Giannini Danny R. Gibson & William E. Weinberger Ashton Giese Pete Gilligan Gregory Gilmore Neil Giuliano Brian J. Glade & Chris J. Coggins Jacob Glass Anthony Glomski Marc E. Golden & Eric Otero Laura E. Gollobith Marc Goodman Terry Goodman Alan Gordon Mary & Jeff Gorski Thomas Gotlund Chris Graham & Mike Albo Jessica Graham Charlie Grandinetti David M. Grant David S. Grant Brunson Green Jill Grey Erik Groves & Shayne Brakefield

Warren Gump Maria Gust Khaled Habayeb David H. Haffenreffer & Lara Haffenreffer Dino Hainline Joseph Halbach Mary Haley Martin Haley Jr John Hall Wayne Hamilton & Michael Wojmkowitz Christopher Handler Hangley, Aronchick, Segal & Pudlin Charles Hansen Conrad Hanson Mark Hanson John Glenn Harding Jim Hardy Patrick Hardy Mariska Hargitay Michael P. Harrell Matthew Harrington Caroline Harris Brad Harvey Larry Hashbarger Eric Hassel Jeremy Hawpe Gordon Hawthorne Timothy Hay Jeffrey Heaphy David Henry Chris Hernandez Debra Ann Herrick Cathy Heumann Robert C. Hickman Abraham Higginbotham & Steven Petrarca Michael J.W. Hines Terrance Hines John Hirning Thomas Hitchcock James Hoffbauer & Ruben Carranza Barry Hoffman & Chris Larson Jeffrey Hoffman Sara Hoffman Jean Horowitz Lance Horsley Mark Howell Joel Hum Clifford Hurley Antonia Hutt Chris Isaacson Presents, LLC Neil Iyengar Katy Norit Jacks David Jacobs Michael Jarvis Ph.D. Jim Jenkins Caytha Jentis Sean Johnson Gregory Jones & Jonathan Howard Jennifer Justice Barbara Kana Matthew & Tamar Kane Mark Katz & Bob Goodman Billy Kelly Paul B. Kemble Robb Kempken & Jeff Hobbs Daniel Kennedy James Kennedy John B. Kennedy John Kerney Linda Ketner Richard A. Keyes & John A. Wagner Daniel Klaus Raymond Kline Kooper Knebel Alex Knight Danielle Knight Steven Kolb & Jason Inkpen Paul Kolpin Andy Kostoulas

Marty Kovacevich & Chaz Stevens David Koz Scott Kramer & Rex Bobbish Jeffrey A. Kramer Ram Krishnan Michael Kuczkowski Brian Kusler George Labella Steven Kirk Lammert Dennis Lamont Russell James Landry David Langridge Kathleen Larson Laura Laterman Tracy Leff Michael Lefton Kevin Lesser Steve Levine Michael Lewis Gregory H. Lewis Lexington Fairness Inc Joel Lichtenwalter Laura Light John & Melissa Linden Andrew Z. Linsky John Liu Mark Lombardini & Cynthia Kim Jim Loo Ann Lopez Paul & Kelly Lountzis Michael Lucas & Jason Sigala Jose Lugaro Dr. James Lundin Ned J. Lustbader Luan Luu John Lyons Karen Lyons M. Rapaport Co. Inc. Deborah S. Magid Patrick Mahoney & John English Jim F. Mandler & Patrick Conley Arvind Manocha & Gideon Malone Ed Marcantonio Mark Marin Adam Marinik James Marlin Catherine M. Martin & Barbara Bond Vicki Martin Arthur P. Martinez Brian J. Martinsen Eric J. Maryanov & Gene Hubert Brian Matthew Divine Maui Brian McCarthy Christina McCarthy & Michael McCarthy Jerrod McClung Kip McClure Matt McCormick Vincent McCormick Neil W. McDaniel & Amelia G. McDaniel James McLean Peter McManus Peter McNamara H. Christopher Meade Linda L. Mediate Tim Meier Svend Mejdal Melissa Mendonca Paul Merrell Bernard Milan Sara Minton David Mitchell Mark Mitchell Brad Miyasato Carl Moellenberg Ronald Monroe Richard Montegomery High School Alain Montour Bill Moody


CIRCLE of Hope cont’d Diane Moore Doniphan P. Moore Michael G. Moore Timothy Moore Doug Morris Jason Mulgrew John Mullican & John Squatritto Brian S. Murphy Charlotte Murphy Michael Murphy Joseph Murray Solmaz Nabipour & Lisa Brooks National Business Insurance Agency Dr. Michael J. Neely Edward Negron Daniel S. Nelms Thomas Nelson James Nguyen Glenn J. Norrgard Michael J. Norton Alexander Nourafshan Stephen Nuskiewicz Lee O’Conner Milena O’Hara Stephen Oremus Mark Orsini Susan Oto Joel Outlaw Joe Pacetti John Palmer Daniel Parker James Parker Robert Parker Barbara Parshall Marilyn Pate Shawn Pattison David Paul Jamie Paul Michael Paul Ryan Pedlow The David Neal Pennington Foundation Gilbert Perez Brian Perko Mark Perrin Joe Petrone Anthony Phipps Christy Phillips Freddie Phillips Dr. Joseph H. Phillips Mark Pick Jamie Pierce Ellen Pillsbury Pine Tree Foundation Susan B. Plum

Chris Poe & David Zyla Chris Pomeroy Vincent Pompei Edward Potocek Leroy Potts Raymond Poulin Jeff Poulos Eric P. Pourmand Mark Powell PwC OPEN - NorCal Pablo Prietto Bob R. Pryt Howard Pulchin The Raben Group Richard Raddon Peggy Rajski* Suzette Ramirez-Carr Warren Randolph Deborah Randolph Jamie T. Ranieri* Jason Rath Louis Re James Reese Michael Reid Mark Reinhart Calvin Remsberg Demetri Rexinis Charles Reynolds & Ellen Detlefsen Mika & Thomas Q. Reynolds Christopher Rice Jim Richardson Lance Richardson Mike Rieker Joel Ring Kathleen Rivera & Sally Lewis Richard L. Rivero Gino Robalino Cory Robbins Lorna Robbins Henry P. Roberson Barry Robertson & James Newton Diane Robinson Julie & Christopher Robinson Daniel Roche Jonathan Rock & Patrick DelaCruz Brenda Rodriguez-Maldonado Carol & Wayne Rogers Elias Rojas Lynne Rosenberg Peter Rosenstein K. Dan Rowan Michelle Rowley RPM Designs Paul Rubenstein Jerry Ruiz Stephen Rupp

Sean Ruppert Raymond Russell Mike Sabat Sacred Center New York Scott Salik David W. Salvaggio Brian Salzman Ruben D. Sanchez John Sanders Yacoub Sanduka Kerry Sarnoski Donna & Michael C. Sasso Kelly Saulsberry Sarah A. Scanlon Matthew Schaab Jason Schlachet Gene Schmidgall Nathan Schneiderman Dr. Douglas C. Schottenstein John D. Schramm Booh Schut Michelle Schwegmann Jim Scott Curtis Scribner Nick Seaver Jeff Sebak Gary Seiden Joseph Sepka & Rosanne Durham Neal E. Sheldon Robyn Shepherd Andrew Sherman Barry Shill Dennis Shine Brian Shipkin Dr. Michael Shippy Mark Shortt Michael Shusman Mark Sikes Cameron Silver Frank Silverio Kimberly Siman James A. Simmons & Kenneth Gugliotti Randy Simmons The Pierre Simon Foundation Chad Simpson & Chad Corning Adam Singer Richard Skolnik J. Knighten Smit Bryan Smith Charles Smith Steven C. Smith Justin Sobodash Wayne P. Sobon Michael Soileau Richard Sonenklar Catharine Soros

Adam Souza Michael Sprague Daniel Spring Ted Sroka Andrew Stearn Mark G. Steffen Michael Steigely & Enrique Vargas Scott Stern Mike Stevens Kathleen Stevens Murray Stockinger Michael Strand Kip Stratte-McClure Leif Strickland Janeen M. Sullivan Charles Susi Sally Susman Dominic Suszanski Stephen Szymanski Derek Tabacco Chandler M. & Paul J. Tagliabue Lisa Taharally Anthony Tan & Jeff Brown Alan Taylor Travis Taylor Jeffrey A. Teich Barry & Jan Teter D. Bruce Tharp Stephen Theiss Dean Theodore Cressandra Thibodeaux Cameron Thompson Craig E. Thompson David Thorpe Jack Thorpe-Baker Donald Tingle Brian Tobin Luis Tollinche Ronald Tompkins Jamie Towey Jon Trapp Gary Trethaway Karen Trilevsky Timothy Trotter Lee Tucker George P. Turner Roger Tuttle Rochelle Udell Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Porterville, CA Gaetano Vaccaro Jorge Valencia Dr. Paul Van de Vyver David Varner Elizabeth Vasti Scott Vaughan

Meredith Vieira Donald Vilen Peter Volberding Todd Wadzinski & Alexander Rea Neal Wagner & Thomas Piscitello Ryan Wallace Tim Walstrum Justin L. Wanagel Jason Wanderer Owen J. Ward Craig B. Warn Mal Warwick Associates Kevin Watkins Elizabeth A. Watson Lewis Weaser Eric A. Webber & Gerard C. Kraaijeveld Robb Webster Kenneth Werner Aaron Wessels West Knoll Pharmacy Michael Westrick Russell Wetanson & Mike Minden Thomas & Nancy Wheatley Derek Whitefield Todd Whitley Mary & Tom Whitman Tom Whitman Roger Whyte Jay Wiley Melville Willard Kenny Williams Greg Willoughby Dan Winship Bill Wirt Lois Wischkaemper WM Technoligies, LLC Mary Wolf Noah E. Wood Christopher Wood Douglas Wright William Wuensche Mehmet Yalin Steve Yeager Hudson Young Reuben Zadeh Steven Zeller Angel Zhang Joseph Zibrak Scott B. Zolke Don Zuidema, Alfredo Izaguirre & Mike McGinley

*Denotes Board Member (If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please contact our Major Gifts Officer, Brian Davis, at (310) 271-8845 x257.)

CIRCLE OF LIFE The Circle of Life recognizes individuals who have created gifts to The Trevor Project through planned giving either in their estate planning or as a bequest.


Anonymous Brad L. Daily & J. David Richardson Rick & David McGilton-McGlamery Robert M. Neubauer Living Trust Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church Charles Robbins Eleanor J. Ross Trust Aleida Estela Santiago Jeffrey Schiffman Brad St. Ores Valarie K. Westberg



Top Artists Give Back

MARCH READS! #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home previews the The Trevor Project’s online book club on TrevorSpace this March, and book proceeds* benefit The Trevor Project. • Buy your autographed copy of Sing You Home from Atria Books today at* • If you’re under 24, join to participate in daily discussions and giveaways about Sing You Home. • On Tuesday, March 22nd, participate in a live webchat with Jodi Picoult, on TrevorSpace hosted by and blogger Lee Wind! *Only books purchased through this link benefit The Trevor Project. SING YOU HOME by Jodi Picoult Published by Atria Books (ISBN: 9781439102725). On-Sale: March 1, 2011 ($28.00), hardcover and CD of original songs packaged with the book. Autographed copies available for pre-sale to benefit The Trevor Project at


benefitting The Trevor Project

saving young lives DOWNLOAD exclusively from the official Adam Lambert Music Store at



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$20,000 + Anonymous The Calamus Foundation The Palette Fund Small Change Foundation H. van Ameringen Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Wyncote Foundation $10,000 - $19,999 Allinder-Anestis Family Charitable Fund AT&T Foundation B.W. Bastian Foundation The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation Gesso Foundation The Keith Haring Foundation The Helene Foundation National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – New Beginning Initiative The Pointer Foundation Rainbow Endowment The Barbara and William Rosenthal Family Foundation Samarichill Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Shirley K. Schlafer Foundation Yarbrough Family Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous James and Kathryn Colachis Fund at the San Diego Foundation Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund Barbara Epstein Foundation

The David Geffen Foundation Bruce J. Heim Foundation Johnson Family Foundation Marc Platt Family Foundation Schnieders Family Foundation Williams Institute $1,000 - $4,999 BelleJar Foundation Biegler Foundation Vicki Byers Memorial Fund Coldwell Banker The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region’s William and Mary Barnet Family Foundation Employee Community Fund of Boeing California Erie Community Foundation Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation Ronald S. Haft Foundation Tim Hardaway Foundation The Bruce J. Heim Foundation Leslie Family Foundation Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber Foundation Nifty Archive Alliance Arthur J. and Naomi C. Rosenberg Charitable Fund of Albuquerque Community Foundation Tonamora Foundation Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation The Wright Education Fund at The Seattle Foundation

THE TREVOR STAFF Charles Robbins Executive Director & CEO

Nathan Belyeu Community Programs Manager

ADMINISTRATION Chris Hernandez, M.B.A. Operations Director

Meg Ten Eyck Education Manager - East Sara Train Education Manager - West

Richard Rocha Executive Assistant

Kelli Peterman Crisis Services Manager

Porscha Ferguson Administrative Assistant

Michael Vacha Jr. Crisis Services Manager

Tracy Ferrell Database Administrator

Genevieve Sublette Volunteer Manager

PROGRAMS Phoenix Schneider, M.S.W. Program Director

Jarod Wunneburger Volunteer Manager

Dave Reynolds, M.P.H., C.P.H. Senior Public Policy & Research Manager


March 10 Taste Palisades Dinner, Los Angeles, CA March 26 Night Of A Thousand Gowns, New York, NY


May 22 Trevor at Long Beach PRIDE Parade Long Beach, CA May 29 Palm Springs Pool & Garden Party Palm Springs, CA


June 10-12 Trevor at LA PRIDE, Los Angeles, CA June 25-26 Trevor at NYC PRIDE New York, NY June 26 Trevor at SF PRIDE Parade, San Francisco, CA June 27 Trevor Live at Capitale, New York, NY


July 30 Los Angeles Garden Party, Los Angeles, CA

Ryan Lombardini Digita l M a r k e t i n g M a n a g e r DEVELOPMENT Johnny Cooper Annua l G i v i n g D i r e c t o r Siana-Lea Gildard Institutional Giving Director Brian Davis Major G i f t s O f f i c e r - We s t Jenifer Ortiz Specia l E v e n t s D i r e c t o r Jeff Consoletti Develo p m e n t A s s o c i a t e

THE TREVOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS James Lecesne Founder Peggy Rajski Founder Randy Stone (1958-2007) Founder

David McFarland Chair Ricky Strauss Vice Chair Warren Cohn Vice Chair Michael A. Graham Secretary Jason Oclaray Treasurer

Chris Allieri David Anderson Richard Ayoub Dustin Lance Black Lisa Brende Scott Boute Ken Campbell Brian Dorsey Christian Dowell Al Duncan Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D.

Joel Flatow Bonnie Graves Meredith Kadlec Sean Mc Manus Scott A. McPhail Michael Norton Ruben Ramirez Jamie T. Ranieri Ron Valdez Jeffrey Paul Wolff Scott Zimmerman


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Trevor News - Spring 2011  
Trevor News - Spring 2011  

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