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Volume 3, Issue 3 - Fall 2010

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION WEEK 2010 RECAP From new tools to new media to lobbying efforts, The Trevor Project raised

TrevorChat Launches

Right after Labor Day, on September 7th, The Trevor Project launched a new user-friendly tool, Y-CARE to help everyday people remember how to respond to a suicide crisis. Articles featuring Y-CARE, which stands for You Connect-Accept-Respond-Empower, appeared in media from The Advocate to, and gained mention in local and regional news outlets nationwide. Coverage also included a well-circulated article on the Huffington Post from Dr. Jeffrey Fishberger, who serves as an on-call psychiatrist for the Trevor Lifeline. The new tool is a featured resource of how to help someone on, and in our new printed materials.

This summer, TrevorChat launched with an

the bar in raising awareness during National Suicide Prevention Week.


As part of a new, ongoing editorial partnership, members of The Trevor Project’s Youth Advisory Council vlogged on with a video message about recognizing the warning signs of suicide and helping a friend. We also worked with other national organizations, like the National Council for Suicide Prevention, and Do to launch nationwide awareness programs like the Take 5 campaign, viral videos about suicide prevention and awareness, and public service announcements in New York City’s MTA system. On the advocacy front, we called on readers of The Advocate and members of TrevorSpace to lobby for passage of the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Then, on The Trevor Project Day, Executive Director Charles Robbins was named a member of the Executive Committee of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, launched through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In this role, Charles and The Trevor Project will be playing a key role in advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, developing effective public awareness and social marketing campaigns, and advancing suicide prevention among highrisk groups, including LGBTQ youth. By showcasing our leadership in programs, prevention, and cultural change, The Trevor Project advanced our work during National Suicide Prevention Week. –Laura McGinnis, Communications Director

incredible response. TrevorChat is our newest program innovation, offering live help to young LGBTQ people through On Friday, July 30, we received our first incoming message from a 17-year-old in Mason, OH. This person had been questioning her sexual orientation and didn’t have anywhere else to turn for support. By the end of the 8 hour day, our volunteers engaged in 40 conversations with young people nationwide. TrevorChat has been available every Friday afternoon since then, continuing to average 40 conversations among youth and our volunteer counselors, each time. Although TrevorChatters experience a range of issues, trending topics include: depression, anxiety, loneliness, confusion about sexual orientation, and transgender or gender identity issues. TrevorChat experiences a greater percentage of female, lesbian and bisexual youth than the Lifeline. Similarly, an overall higher number of transgender, genderqueer and gender non-conforming youth visit TrevorChat. Supporting these outcomes is the increased anonymity provided by online messaging versus a phone call. While it is still in its infancy, TrevorChat has already proven to be a wonderful addition to our programs, increasing our depth of service to LGBTQ youth, especially those identifying within the transgender, genderqueer and gender non-conforming community. – Phoenix Schneider, Program Director





OCT 2010


Since this summer, The Trevor Project has experienced some incredible growth. Not only has our staff expanded to better serve LGBTQ youth, but we’ve also launched some exciting new programs, and have increased our network of supporters, too. From the relaunch of our website to our newly renamed Trevor LIVE signature events, we are excited to present the new face of Trevor. Flip to the cover to read about one of our biggest success stories, the launch of TrevorChat, which has opened more doors for more youth than we could have imagined. We also invite you to visit our newly re-vamped website, which has streamlined our information, making it much easier for everyone – from youth, to educators, to counselors, to family or friends – to find and access lifesaving resources. With new staff additions, too, we hope to expand our community efforts. Trevor Ambassador Councils in Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. are working regionally to offer Lifeguard Workshops to school districts and communities. Plus, Trevor Youth Advisory members have been crossing the country to offer Lifeguard Workshops and support in areas like Anoka and Hennepin, Minnesota and Greensburg, Indiana, which had earlier this year experienced the suicide deaths of young people in their school districts as a result of anti-LGBTQ bullying. Nationally, we are advocating in partnership with other LGBTQ and youth-servicing organizations for Congress to pass the inclusive Safe Schools Improvement Act to help schools everywhere put an end to bullying and harassment. With your support, The Trevor Project has been able to grow our services to not only be a lifeline for LGBTQ youth in crisis, but to offer them a community through TrevorSpace and Facebook, and to affect a positive change in our schools and communities all across the country. There is still a lot of work to be done. Trevor is not yet everywhere, but with your help, we can be. All my best, Charles


As you are reading this, it is National LGBT History Month. While you may know

the names of the founding members of the Mattachine Society, or have administered to AIDS patients as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, or have been arrested in an ACT UP! action, many of the more than 13,000 young people who belong to TrevorSpace don’t know our LGBTQ history. That is why all this month, The Trevor Project is flooding TrevorSpace with news and information pertinent to informing the next generation of LGBTQ activists. In addition to posting stories, photos and histories, we are engaging TrevorSpace users in discussions and asking for their feedback. Then for National Coming Out Day on October 11, we have planned an inspirational outreach campaign focusing on the winning selection of the “Be the Change” viral video competition, which wrapped up this summer. We are very excited for what portends to be an exciting and eye-opening month on TrevorSpace! Out in the world, The Trevor Project’s program team is hard at work across the country. Outside of Minneapolis, in the Anoka-Hennepin School District where several young people have taken their lives this year, including 3 who identified as LGBT, as many as 8 Lifeguard Workshops for students and employees are taking place. We are also actively working behind the scenes in rural Greensburg, Indiana where Billy Lucas recently died by suicide as a result of school bullying, and encouraging the leaders of that school district to take proactive steps to prevent future, similar tragedies. Legislatively, we continue to fight for the timely passage of the Safe Schools Improvement Act. The Act provides a means to end bullying and harassment of all students based on real or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. In short, this Act could change American school culture, and prevent future bullycides. It is exactly the LGBTQ history we’d love to make! –Laura McGinnis, Communications Director

Trevor Youth at There is one group of volunteers that is very close to our hearts, especially in October around National Coming Out Day. They are the members of The Trevor Project’s Youth Advisory Council.

The YAC, as they’re known, is comprised of 20 young people ages 16-24 who hail from all across the country and serve to advise The Trevor Project on outreach and programmatic efforts targeted at LGBTQ youth. In effect, the members of the YAC help steer the work we do. Just as you are receiving this newsletter, we are hosting our second annual Leadership Conference, a two-day leadership training that coincides with Gay Days at Disneyland. The Leadership Conference brings together our amazing, talented and dedicated LGBTQ and allied youth to connect with each other and to share the ways they provide support to our mission through individual advocacy and volunteerism. The Leadership Conference will also provide important training and recognize the ongoing efforts of The Trevor Project’s YAC. The members of the YAC and The Trevor Project work together to meet the growing needs of LGBTQ youth, and we are excited to spend time with each of them. For more information about the YAC, visit –Kelli Peterman, East Coast Call Center Manager

Ways to Support Trevor



Follow: @TrevorProject on Twitter “Like” us: Subscribe:

We are so grateful for the generous contributions of our loyal donors that help sustain our core programs and operations. To compliment our traditional fundraising efforts, we’ve discovered some new and unique ways of giving that harness the power of technology and the web. Here are a few examples.

Socialvibe is a social media site that empowers anyone, anywhere to earn donations for charities without giving a single penny out of their own pocket. At, visitors complete short activities that earn points for The Trevor Project which translate into dollars. These activities are quick, easy and take less than a minute. You can help even more when you share these activities on Facebook and ask your friends to get involved too.

TreatFeed is a ‘soon-to-launch’ online marketplace of incredible deals from both local and web-based businesses (50-90% off all sorts of amazing goods and services). After signing up via our unique invitation link below, 10% of every deal you ‘treat’ yourself to will go directly to The Trevor Project. Check it out, and definitely read about their Social Tree™! Remember, you must use this link to sign up:



The Trevor Project has partnered with Onch Movement Jewelry to produce an exclusive, limited edition Flip-O-Pendant. All proceeds from sales benefit The Trevor Project and our goal is for members and allies of the LGBTQ community nationwide to bear this pendant and incite dialogue surrounding the epidemic of LGBTQ youth suicide. Each pendant retails for $10.00 and can be purchased at


to make a $5 donation

A one-time donation of $5 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Messaging & data rates may apply.

–Ryan Lombardini, Digital & Social Marketing Manager

Trevor Launches New Research Projects Advocacy and public policy victories

these grants to those who can provide findings that will better inform public policy. In this case, The Trevor Project’s research will help shape policies related to foster care, family social programs, and homeless youth—all programs that need better information on working with

This summer we were awarded a grant from the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law to look at how family rejection plays a role in both HIV risk behavior and suicide risk in young gay, bisexual and questioning men. The Williams Institute awards

LGBTQ youth. By analyzing data from The Trevor Lifeline, this study will help determine which family rejection behaviors (if any) contribute to suicide risk, those (if any) that contribute to HIV risk behavior, and those (if any) that contribute to both. The Trevor Project was also chosen out of more

for LGBTQ youth are built on good research. Right now, there is so little research about them that lawmakers often overlook the needs of young LGBTQ people. Much of The Trevor Project’s advocacy work focuses on making sure states and the federal government do a better job of collecting information about LGBTQ youth. In addition to supporting better public research, The Trevor Project has also launched its own research initiatives to better inform public policy and the services provided to our youth.

than 80 applicants to be a part of the strategic planning working group for the Reducing Disparities Project in California. Funded by the Mental Health Services Act, the LGBTQ Strategic Planning Working Group will help develop reports about LGBTQ youth that will be the foundation of a statewide comprehensive plan to reduce mental health disparities. We will be focusing on suicide attempts, mental health struggles and substance use issues. There will also be an emphasis on cultural competency with the goal of ending the higher risk of suicide attempts among LGBTQ youth. Data collected in partnership with the workgroup as well as that from The Trevor Lifeline will help better inform lawmakers and decision makers of the unique needs of LGBTQ youth in California. –Dave Reynolds, Public Policy & Research Manager


VOLUNCHEERS Program Update

SPOTLIGHT: Tiffany O’Hara

Word is spreading about The Trevor Project

Tiffany O’Hara is the change she wants to see in the

and with increased visibility comes a growing interest in our services. To cover the demand, The Trevor Project continues to train volunteers, including Lifeline Counselors, Lifeguard Workshop Facilitators, TrevorSpace Monitors, and counselors for our newest program, TrevorChat. We now have more than 150 volunteer Lifeline Counselors who bravely take calls from LGBTQ youth who are in crisis or thinking about suicide. Our Lifeguard Workshop Program sends over 100 volunteers into classrooms across the country, further sustaining the need for anti-bullying education in our nation’s schools. “Dear Trevor” letters continue to pour in from young people asking questions about their sexual orientation and gender identities, and more than 13,000 young people have found comfort and acceptance on TrevorSpace, our online social networking site, To top it off, we now have over 52,000 Facebook fans in support of our mission!

TrevorChat Sexual Orientation Statistics 7/30/2010 to 9/3/2010

Queer Pansexual

7% 13%

24% Gay

world. Having lived in Los Angeles, working in film and theater, she recently moved back to New York to pursue a master’s degree from NYU Silver School of Social Work. Giving her the poise to make such a big career and life change was Tiffany’s three year journey as a Lifeline Counselor for The Trevor Lifeline.

“There was always this little voice inside of me that said, ‘do more—give back,’ and I wanted to be able to have the education to do that. My volunteer work for The Trevor Lifeline has been so rewarding and challenging. I felt like it opened up a door for me that that wasn’t even there before, and I thought it was my responsibility to go through that door,” she said. “I still want to continue storytelling by being involved in film, acting and theatre, but I had to ask a tough question—how can we get what we want when other people are suffering?” Tiffany’s departure from the West Coast is bittersweet; staff and volunteers already miss her dearly, but she will undoubtedly remain a part of the Trevor family. After settling into NY life, beginning school and an internship counseling high school students at an alternative learning center, she plans to continue volunteering for the Trevor Lifeline. Tiffany received the “Lifesaver Award” at this year’s West Coast Volunteer Appreciation Party. She is originally from Arlington VA, and has a BFA in Film Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Special thanks to Tiffany for her unwavering commitment to saving young lives. –Michael Vacha, West Coast Call Center Manager

6% 26%


Trevor Pride The 2010 LA Pride Parade kicked off with fun, festivities, and of course hardworking




As the demand for our programs and services continues to rise, we will need to identify and train new volunteers in each of our programmatic areas. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at –Kelli Peterman, East Coast Call Center Manager


Highlighting the contributions of Trevor’s volunteers

Trevor Volunteers marching down Santa Monica Boulevard! It was another tremendous year with a huge turnout for The Trevor Project. We doubled the number of volunteers marching with the organization and showed the importance of helping LGBTQ youth in our community.

This year, The Trevor Project float and marching contingent raised awareness by highlighting The Trevor Project’s online and social media presence. Spectators cheered and waved their “I’m a Fan of Trevor” fans, sending their gratitude and strong support along the parade route. Across the country, The Trevor Project celebrated a fantastic Pride season appearing at the Halsted Street Festival in Chicago, San Francisco Pride, Miami Pride, and Capital Pride in D.C. –Mike Nuttall, Volunteer Committee

Stories from the


TrevorChat is a free, confidential and secure online messaging service that provides live help through The Trevor Project website. The launch of TrevorChat has opened a new mode of communication with youth, and while their stories differ from some of the calls fielded on the Lifeline, the concerns expressed on TrevorChat are as real as the young person typing them. Names have been changed for the purpose of confidentiality. TREVORCHAT TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT ALIAS: Taylor GENDER IDENTITY: Female AGE: 15 STATE: FL TAYLOR: Hi, I’m Taylor VOLUNTEER: Hi, welcome to TrevorChat, what’s going on? TAYLOR: Well I’m having trouble with my sexuality. I’m feeling very depressed even though I don’t show it on the outside. Ever since I was 12 I have starting having feelings towards the same sex. Before I didn’t think it was a big deal so I would try to forget about it and move on. A year later my feelings towards girls became stronger and ever since then I’ve just had to keep it inside myself and I don’t feel normal at all.... VOLUNTEER: First I want to say thank you so much for sharing that with me. And I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling depressed and that you’ve felt like you had to keep these feelings to yourself. You are not alone though and what

you’re going through is very normal. There are so many young people out there just like you who are questioning their sexuality. TAYLOR: I just want to finally make myself happy for once VOLUNTEER: I know you’re dealing with a lot right now--have things been so bad that you’re thinking or thought of suicide? TAYLOR: Like twice a couple years ago when I didn’t understand why I was feeling this way, but I know I have so much to live for, and I don’t want my life to go to waste like that. VOLUNTEER: It is great to hear that you know you have so much to live for. You seem like a pretty amazing person to me and I hardly know much about you. TAYLOR: It just finally feels great to talk to someone about this VOLUNTEER: I’m so glad you did. TAYLOR: It would be easy for me to just drop my life and be in a dark depressed place. But I don’t want that for myself, I want to be happy and proud of who I am. It’s just that society didn’t make life easy for me to be proud, but I know one day that I will be in a better place with myself. VOLUNTEER: Wow--you sound so mature for your age. I can never predict how things will turn out with your parents and your current friends, but please know that there are people out there who will accept and love you for who you are. And that you deserve that. Again, I don’t really know you, but I have to say that you seem like such a beautiful person. Beautiful--the way you are. TAYLOR: Thank you so much for just sitting here and helping me through this. It’s been really hard the past couple of years, but being able to finally talk to someone who really understands where I’m coming from. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. Really, thank you.

National Ambassadors Council Update Just over a year ago, The Trevor Project launched Ambassadors Councils in San Francisco and San Diego to help us save the lives of LGBTQ youth in those cities. Now, Ambassadors Councils have grown to include Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington, D.C. The work of Trevor Ambassadors is to act as emissaries of our mission, work in their communities to teach the warning signs and ways to prevent youth suicides, and to raise awareness about The Trevor Project. In San Diego, Trevor Ambassadors will again be participating in the Save-A-Life Walk in November, to raise awareness about suicide prevention. In northern California, Ambassadors are actively engaging the San Francisco Unified School District to incorporate Trevor Lifeguard Workshops and ongoing education credits for teachers into their offering. The San Francisco Ambassadors are also representing the


Trevor Project at other events, like the Castro Street Fair, and the Affirmative Conference. In Washington, D.C. one of our newer Ambassadors Councils is also among the most active. In late September, Ambassadors hosted a live music performance by singersongwriter Eric Himan. They have also planned other events and have been actively working contacts on Capitol Hill to support the Safe Schools Improvement Act. In Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia, the Ambassadors Councils have only recently been organized, but engaged Trevor Ambassadors in each city are already busy planning their first events and community activities. Check the events calendar on the back cover to see a partial listing of upcoming events in our Ambassador cities. Visit for

more information about how to get involved with one of our Ambassadors Councils. –Laura McGinnis, Communications Director You can find many of our Ambassador groups on Facebook. Join their pages to keep up to date on events and activities in your area.

Search for: San Francisco Ambassadors of The Trevor Project San Diego Ambasssadors of The Trevor Project Washington D.C., Ambassadors of The Trevor Project Chicago Ambassadors of The Trevor Project



Images from Trevor Events






Trevor NY - June 28 8


1. Trevor supporters enjoying the event 2. Ana Ortiz with Trevor Hero Honoree,Vanessa Williams 3. Mark Conseulos and Kelly Ripa 4. Jason Mraz performs 5. Dustin Lance Black and Matt Bomer with the 2010 Colin Higgins Youth Courage Award Winners

Stephanie Miller

6. The Trevor Project staff welcomes Stephanie Miller shortly after she publicly came out on her morning radio show

11 10

Pride Season 2010

7. Trevor Board members Scott McPhail and Jason Oclaray at LA Pride 8. San Francisco Ambassadors Council volunteers representing Trevor at SF Pride 10. San Diego Ambassadors Council volunteers at Trevor’s SD Pride booth

AT&T Supports Trevor


9. John Heilman, the Mayor of West Hollywood, CA along with AT&T’s Troup Coronado stopped by to present a $15,000 check to our executive director, Charles Robbins, in support of our work to save young lives.

Pool & Garden Party - August 8 11. Guests enjoy some cocktails poolside 12. The crowd gathers at the beautiful home of Wes Welraven in Hancock Park, Los Angeles

Photo Credits: Steve DiMaio, Siana-Lea Gildard and The Trevor Project Trevor News Editors: Ryan Lombardini and Laura McGinnis


Circle of Hope members play a critical role in providing the financial leadership that makes the work of The Trevor Project possible by donating $500 or more annually in non-event related contributions. The donors listed below are current as of September 1, 2010.

Guardian $25,000 +

David C. Bryan Jodie Foster Tim Lin & Rance Masheck Daniel Radcliffe Bill and Austin Smolka Jeffrey R. Stone

Counselor $10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Brian Bish & Jack Winn David Bohnett Foundation Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Michael B. Cox Credit Suisse Michael H. Epstein & Scott E. Schwimer Gregory Evans Kathy Kinney Bill Lucia Frank Pond Walter Schild & Dilson De Almeida Quinn Taylor Jennifer & Anthony Zuiker

Advisor $5,000 - $9,999

Tim Aldrete Andrew Cohen Clay Drinko Jennifer & Scott Frank Michael A. Graham* Gary Hand Anne Hathaway Jim Hodges JSY Enterprises Steven King Michael Leppen Kyle McCarthy David Nichols Charles Robbins & Damon Romine Ricky Strauss* & Tom Newman Barbara A. & Steve Young

Mentor $2,500 - $4,999

Keith Aldridge & Jonathan Roberts Chris Allieri* & Gene Fischer Scott Barkley George A. Bednar & Chip Wheeler Gregg Busch David C. Dinielli Nicholas Donatiello Jr. Marvin Dorson Al Duncan* Thomas B. Eich Tim Field Ph.D. The Flag Art Foundation Anthony Fleming Gregory Ganci Dennis P. Grant Kenny Hill & Rick Ziraldo Ronald Holliman & David Rosen Robyn King Phillip Kleweno & Alain Verscheure Komitted Films Kyle D. Kusche George Larribas & Ed Hornberger Meghan McCain Cindy McCain

McDermott, Will & Emery LLP David McGrath & Andrew Silver Scott McPhail* / The Poston Family Harley Neuman & Daniel Lam Jason R. Oclaray* Ruben Ramirez* Charles A. Ranberg & Bob Fisher RJ Rousso Chris Salgardo Heidi Schulz & Michael Ryder Philip Selway Erik William Smith Ron Valdez* Douglas Gerard Vetter William S. Wright

Supporter $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Lewis Adams & Anthony Vigliotta Stamos Akrivos Ezra Alvarez Jirka Ambroz Alan Arrigoni Richard Ayoub* & Nick Urbom David Azulay & Andre Caraco Christopher Baker Scott Baker & Jason West Ken Barras Mark Berman David Beugen & Joe Grandinetti Bowen Billups Dustin Lance Black* David Bolz Andrew Brady Lisa Brende* James Burba & Bob Hayes Denis Cagna & Carlos Medina Ken Campbell* Tom Cashin & Jay Johnson Paul G. Cavalli & Jack F. McKenney Yawar Charlie Sophia Chauchard-Stuart Warren Cohn* Jeremy Coleman Chris Colfer Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa Alan Del Castillo Brian J. Dorsey* David J. Edelsohn Robert Ferguson Eileen Finn Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D.* Joel Flatow* Cristina Flores Rick Frazier Brenda and Tom Freiberg Ralph Furlo Anthony Galloway Michael Gasch Siana-Lea Gildard & Edgar Aguirre Ruben Gonzales & Joaquin Tamayo Bonnie Graves* & Adrian Sexton Joshua Greer Jill Grey Martin Gruber David Guzman Gary L. Hansel & James Hernandez Chuck Hansen Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Christopher Harris Bill Harrison

Aaron H. Hartzler Darren Hayes Greg S. Heanue Mark D. Heidel Mel Heifetz Allan Heinberg Michael Hershberger & Daniel Mitchell R. Glenn Hessel Mark Howell Harvey Hurdle & Kevin Yoder Michael Hyman Carolyn S. Javier Blanding U. Jones Meredith Kadlec* & Michelle Paradise Steven Kanner Bryan T. Keller & Brian Baldwin Jonathan King Patricia Kirsch Ricki Lake Rick H. Lee Simon S. Leo & Mark P. Bement Dennis Lonergan & John Graves Shyrl L. Lorino Michael Alton Lowder & Robin Alden Douglass Jeff Lupinacci Jane Lynch Joseph B. Lynn Stephen F. Macias & James Carroll Christopher D. Man & Adam T. Marquez Kimra & Chuck Martin Kenneth D. McLean Sean R. Mc Manus* Darren McNelis David Mizener & Arturo Carrillo Philip Monaghan Jahie Moore-Johnson Javier E. Morgado Jim Murphy Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman Ed Neppl & Scott Mitchell Nifty Archive Alliance Michael J. Norton Barth Norton Gaynon & Linda Oclaray Gary Orgel Jeff Paramore & Jonathan Smith Richard & Ellen Passov Mark Perin Kevin Piper Sean Radford Peggy Rajski* Erik & Ranesh Ramanathan Diane Rementeria & Rick Spielberg William Resnick & Doug Cordell Luis Rodriguez-Villa Christine Ropar Frank Rorie & Dianne Molina Stephen Roselius Barbara Sabella Vahan Saroians Kimihiro Sato Matthew & Nancy Saver Martin Sellers Frank Silverio Jeffrey Simpson Aaron & Eva Snyder David Sobottka David Stainton Steven Stepanian & Jeffrey Roy Mark Stephanz Teddy Stewart & Paul Evmorfiadis Jeffrey Tarrant John Tenore Matthew Thompson Karen Trilevsky Steve Trowbridge & Joshua Gonzalez Matthew Tumminello & Dominick Marangi Frank Voci Eric A. Webber & Gerard C. Kraaijeveld Jeff Whaley Scott Widmeyer & Alan Yount Martha Wing Jeffrey Paul Wolff*

Brett Wolfgang & Dennis Swain Chuck Wood Steve Wood Scott Zimmerman*

Member $500-$999

Anonymous Barbara Abis Hammon P. Acuna & Jeff Muehl Mark Addison Anthony J. Adelman John Alchin & Hal Marryatt David A. Anderson* & Travis Oakden Jason Arbuckle Adrian Armas Jonathon Aubry Matt Austin Robbie Bagwell Adam Banks Joseph Baran Josh Barry Jon Barrett & Sean Moran Edward F. Baxley Sabrina A. Beldner William C. Bergens Albert Berger & Ellen Steloff Jeff Berry Casey Bloys David Bonavita & Jake Marsden Luke Bongiorno Amy Boydston Chris Brady Jennie Brandt & Victor Sahn Robert & Connie Brown Macaulay Bruton & Wendy Satmary Jeep Bryant David Buchan & Jeff Ryel Charles Buck & John Murtha Walter Cain William J.D. Caldwell John Campbell Andrew Cannava J.D. Cargill Richard P. Clark Dwight Coates Jr. Peter Cole & Robert Talbot Paul Colichman Don Cook Johnny Cooper Troup Coronado Jack Corwin Erica Courtney Kevin M. Cronin & David Alexander Armand Cucciniello Eric D’Arbeloff & Howard Cohen Bruce Davis & Rob Murray Brian Davis Kyle De Marinis Jonathan Deason Dave Dogan Michael Donscheski Christian C. Dowell* Michael J. Doyle & Bret Kobler Joseph & Maggie Drake Nancy Dubuc James Duff Eddie Egan & David O’ Connor James D. Epstein & Thomas A. Hess Stephen Erlach Robert A. Ermanski Linda & Alfred Espinoza David E. Ethridge Joseph Eviatar & Eric Johnson Fred Farris Erik Feig Regina Fischer Estelle Fishberger Steve & Andrea Fishberger Ryan Fisher & Brian Stirling John B. Fleming FootageBank, Inc. Bryan J. Franzen Aaron Freeman Paul Fulkerson David Galgano Karyn & Justin Gallen Chris Garvin & Todd G. Sears Joseph V. Gaudioso

Conor Gaughan Tony Giannini Daniel R. Gibson & William E. Weinberger Ashton Giese Neil Giuliano Brian J. Glade & Chris J. Coggins Jacob Glass Anthony Glomski Laura E. Gollobith Oscar J. Gonzalez Alan Gordon Mary & Jeff Gorski Thomas Gotlund Charlie Grandinetti David S. Grant Jeffrey Grossman Erik Groves & Shayne Brakefield Maria Gust Dino Hainline John Hall Wayne Hamilton & Michael Wojmkowitz Hangley, Aronchick, Segal & Pudlin Conrad Hanson John Glenn Harding Michael P. Harrell Brad Harvey Eric Hassel Jeremy Hawpe Bill J. Helwig Chris Hernandez Debra Ann Herrick Cathy Heumann Aaron Hicklin Michael J.W. Hines James Hoffbauer & Ruben Carranza Jeffrey Hoffman Robert Holgate Philanthropic Fund Jean Horowitz Lance Horsley Helen Hunt Clifford Hurley Antonia Hutt The Imperial Court de San Diego David Jacobs Stephen Jarchow Michael Jarvis Ph.D. Jeffrey Jensen Robert M. Kasunic Mark Katz & Bob Goodman Keith Kauhanen & James Petrone Billy Kelly Paul B. Kemble Robb Kempken & Jeff Hobbs John B. Kennedy Linda Ketner Richard A. Keyes & John A. Wagner Colin Kim Bruce King Danielle Knight Henry Koelsch Steven Kolb & Jason Inkpen Paul Kolpin Andy Kostoulas Marty Kovacevich & Chaz Stevens James Krabill Rocky & Trinette La Fleur George Labella Steven Kirk Lammert Nancy Lee Steve Leitman Kevin Lesser Michael Lewis Gregory H. Lewis Joel Lichtenwalter John & Melissa Linden Mark Lombardini & Cynthia Kim Jim Loo Paul & Kelly Lountzis Stephen Lucin Jose Lugaro Ned J. Lustbader John Lyons

Patrick Mahoney & John English Jim F. Mandler & Patrick Conley Donato & Markes Marangi Mark Marin Catherine M. Martin & Barbara Bond Arthur P. Martinez Eric J. Maryanov & Gene Hubert Joff Masukawa Peter McManus Peter McNamara Shawn McPherson H. Christopher Meade Michael Medeiros & David Henry Linda L. Mediate Svend Mejdal Lou Anne Mele Steve Mele Bernard Milan Mark Mitchell Carl Moellenberg Anil Mohin & John Scholz Ronald Monroe Doug Morris John Mullican & John Squatritto Solmaz Nabipour & Lisa Brooks National Business Insurance Agency Michael J. Neely Dan Neisen Thomas Nelson New Hope Chamber Of Commerce Robert Newhart James Nguyen Tracy C. Nickl Darrell J. Nooner Glenn J. Norrgard Stephen Nuskiewicz Milena O’Hara Joel Outlaw Patrick D. Owen & Mark Anton Joe Pacetti John Palmer Paradise Spirits Robert Parker Shawn Pattison Jamie Paul Ryan Pedlow Brian Perko Mark Perrin Kevin Philip Joseph H. Phillips, O.D. Susan B. Plum Chris Poe & David Zyla Vincent Pompei Brian N. Potter & Joey Pierre Leroy Potts Bryan Prado Pablo Prietto The Raben Group Richard Raddon Jamie T. Ranieri* M. Rapaport Co. Inc. Mark Reinhart Mika & Thomas Q. Reynolds Charles Reynolds & Ellen Detlefsen Christopher Rice Joel Ring Richard L. Rivero Lorna Robbins Henry P. Roberson Diane Robinson Julie & Christopher Robinson Daniel Roche Jonathan Rock & Patrick DelaCruz Carol & Wayne Rogers Elias Rojas Roll Giving K. Dan Rowan Russell Roybal RPM Designs Jerry Ruiz Mike Sabat Scott Salik David W. Salvaggio Brian Salzman Ruben D. Sanchez Donna & Michael C. Sasso ...continued on next page



Members (continued)

* Denotes Board Member

$5,000 - $9,999

$20,000 +

Anonymous The Calamus Foundation The Palette Fund H. van Ameringen Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

AT&T Foundation B.W. Bastian Foundation The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation The Helene Foundation David H. & Barbara M. Jacobs Foundation Rainbow Endowment The Barbara and William Rosenthal Family Foundation Samarichill Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Shirley K. Schlafer Foundation Small Change Foundation

Barbara Epstein Foundation The David Geffen Foundation Gesso Foundation Bruce J. Heim Foundation Johnson Family Foundation Williams Institute

$1,000 - $4,999

Coldwell Banker Disney EARS to You Program Employee Community Fund of Boeing California Ronald S. Haft Foundation Tim Hardaway Foundation Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation The Livney Foundation National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Lloyd Russell Foundation The Wright Education Fund at The Seattle Foundation

Circle of Life The Circle of Life was established to recognize individuals who have created gifts to The Trevor Project through planned giving either in their estate planning or as a bequest. Brad L. Daily and J. David Richardson Rick and David McGilton-McGlamery Robert M. Neubauer Living Trust Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church

Charles Robbins Eleanor J. Ross Trust Aleida Estela Santiago Jeffrey Schiffman Valarie K. Westberg

If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please contact Johnny Cooper at 212-729-9819 or Brian Davis at 310-271-8845.

Chicago Social

October 16, Chicago, IL

Fall FĂŞte

October 21, New York, NY

San Francisco Social

October 22, San Francisco, CA

Halloween Rooftop Viewing Party October 31, West Hollywood, CA

NOVEMBER Trevor LIVE Kick-Off Party November 3, Los Angeles, CA

DECEMBER Trevor LIVE at the Hollywood Palladium December 5, Los Angeles, CA

We would like to acknowledge the following for their recent fundraising efforts on behalf of The Trevor Project: Tim Aldrete, Board Advance, Los Angeles, CA Arthur Alvarez, Bartending For A Cause , Los Angeles Richard Ayoub, Mommas Day Brunch, Los Angeles Gregg Busch & Brook Rose, Circle of Hope event, Washington, DC Anthony Fleming, Fair Cake Tea Dance, Chicago Craighead Green Gallery, Celebrate Pride event, Dallas, TX Bob Greenbaum, Pool & Garden Party, Palm Springs, CA Kenny Hill & Rick Ziraldo, Circle of Hope event, Dallas, TX Harvey Hurdle & Kevin Yoder, Circle of Hope event, Philadelphia, PA Irvine Contemporary Gallery, Celebrate Pride event, Washington, DC Los Angeles Tennis Association, Los Angeles Trey Speegle & Benrimon Contemporary Gallery, Art event, New York, NY Jeffrey Stone, Trevor Staff Advance, Newport, CA Quinn Taylor, Scott McPhail and Suzanne Tracht, JAR restaurant dinner event, West Hollywood, CA Veev Acai Spirit, Superfruit Challenge, New York, NY Wes Welraven, Pool & Garden Party, Los Angeles, CA Peter Yacobellis, Birthday fund raiser, New York, NY Paul Zahn, Voli Vodka & Tom Bercu Presents, Movie Night, Los Angeles

Special thanks!

David Thorpe Brian Tobin Jamie Towey Gary Trethaway George P. Turner Roger Tuttle Lee Tyson Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Porterville Jorge Valencia David Varner Scott Vaughan Meredith Vieira Diane E. Wade Todd Wadzinski & Alexander Rea Neal Wagner & Thomas Piscitello Jason Wanderer Owen J. Ward Craig B. Warn Elizabeth A. Watson Robb Webster Michael Westrick Thomas & Nancy Wheatley Kate Wheatley Cetrulo Mary & Tom Whitman Tom Whitman Keola Whittaker Daniel Wismer & Travis Braha Mary Wolf Noah E. Wood Douglas Wright Peter Yacobellis Mehmet Yalin Steven Zeller Angel Zhang Scott B. Zolke Don Zuidema, Alfredo Izaguirre & Mike McGinley Ryan Zynger & Justin Warren

October 15, Los Angeles, CA


Sarah A. Scanlon Matthew Schaab Douglas C. Schottenstein Booh Schut Nick Seaver Neal E. Sheldon Robyn Shepherd Bonnie Sheren Kimberly Dean, D.O. & Caroline Sherman James A. Simmons & Kenneth Gugliotti Chad Simpson & Chad Corning Richard Skolnik Steven C. Smith Charles Smith Justin Sobodash Wayne P. Sobon Michael Soileau St. Nicks Andrew Stearn Michael Steigely Scott Stern Michael Strand Alan M. Strasburg Kip Stratte-McClure Leif Strickland Stephen Sulecki Janeen M. Sullivan Charles Susi Dominic Suszanski Stephen Szymanski Lisa Taharally Anthony Tan & Jeff Brown Travis Taylor Jeffrey A. Teich Barry & Jan Teter Stephen Theiss Brian J. Theobald & Scott DeShong Craig E. Thompson

We extend our thanks to the following foundations that have provided general operating and program-related funding to The Trevor Project:

OCTOBER Young Professionals Collective Homecoming

The Trevor Project

9056 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 208 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Telephone: 310.271.8845 / Fax: 310.271.8846 Email:


Charles Robbins

Ryan Lombardini

Chris Hernandez, M.B.A.

Siana-Lea Gildard

Phoenix Schneider, M.S.W.

Brian Davis

Dave Reynolds, M.P.H., C.P.H.

Johnny Cooper

Michael Vacha Jr.

Jenifer Ortiz

Kelli Peterman

Richard Rocha

East Coast Call Center Manager

Administrative Assistant

Laura McGinnis

Tracy Ferrell

Executive Director & CEO Operations Director Program Director

Advocacy and Education Manager West Coast Call Center Manager

Communications Director

Board of Directors James Lecesne Founder

Peggy Rajski Founder

Randy Stone

(1958-2007) Founder

Sean Mc Manus Chair Emeritus

David McFarland Chair

Warren Cohn Vice Chair

Ricky Strauss Vice Chair

Michael A. Graham Secretary

Jason Oclaray Treasurer

Chris Allieri David Anderson

Digital & Social Marketing Manager Institutional Giving Director Major Gifts Officer - West Major Gifts Officer - East Special Events Director

Database Administrator

Richard Ayoub Scott Boute Dustin Lance Black Lisa Brende Ken Campbell Warren Cohn Brian Dorsey Christian Dowell Al Duncan Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D. Joel Flatow Bonnie Graves Meredith Kadlec Scott A. McPhail Ruben Ramirez Jamie T. Ranieri Ron Valdez Jeffrey Paul Wolff Scott Zimmerman


Trevor News - Fall 2010  

Volume 3, Issue 3 of our triannual newsletter. This issue contains a recap of National Suicide Prevention Week, the launch of TrevorChat, Na...

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