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Start Here. Go Anywhere. Tomorrow’s going to work out beautifully.

There’s nothing quite like TREHAUS - where a complete overhaul and deconstruction of the traditional model of work, school and play has taken place.

Change is Ahead = Chance is Ahead

Ahead of Change.

C H A N As we speak, a new generation of parents is, literally, being born. This new generation recognises the importance of spending time with their children in their formative years, and desire to be part of a modern reality where true work-life integration has been actualised and having to choose between family and career has become unnecessary.



We created TREHAUS to present our generation, and the generations to come, an ecosystem re- imagined to navigate the transformative future. This vision led us to set up an incandescent, inspiring, and innovative space that incubates three modern and complementary offerings: Trehaus Work . Trehaus School . Trehaus Club

specially dedicated to the parent-professionals of today, and the changemakers of tomorrow.

Our Philosophy We Recognize Every Child is an Individual each with his / her own unique pace of growth and development. In their formative years, children benefit from child-led, project-based learning in real settings — this exposes them to a palette of learning experiences, designed to unlock their creativity, pique curiosity, build character, and develop social competencies and capabilities. Our Teachers as Co-Parents Each and every single one of our teachers understand the profound role they play, not simply as educators who impart knowledge, nor as leaders who delegate, but as a second parent, who pour their heart and soul into caregiving, who truly love, and who completely and wholeheartedly nurtures, engages and inspires.

We are not Bound by one Pedagogy Our teaching method is inspired by the individuality of each child. Our team of parent-educators have partnered with leading educators in the early childhood education field to put together a brand new, ground-breaking researchbased programme, pulled from the best of five leading pedagogies, designed to place your child’s individuality at the heart and centre of development. Above all, Build Character At TREHAUS, our kids don’t just learn to count, they learn what counts. Our unique curriculum places “character ” as a foundational piece; a key pillar that forms the backbone of our teaching. TREHAUS kids learn grit, perseverance, empathy, how to navigate and overcome challenges, how to process thoughts and emotions.

TREHAUS Kids are Change makers of Tomorrow

We believe that to build character, unlock creativity, inspire curiosity and ignite a true love for learning, we need to venture beyond the classrooms and academicbased teaching.

Meeting today’s realities with tomorrow’s possibilities We believe that today’s education needs to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s increasingly technology- driven world. We believe that to build character, unlock creativity, inspire curiosity and ignite a true love for learning, we need to venture beyond the classrooms and academic-based teaching. We believe that the environment of the formative years of a child’s self-discovery journey will impact their values and their interpersonal and social skills, qualities that are increasingly valued in the emerging emotional economy of the future. We believe in the value of language and literacy and its influence on critical thinking and communications. We believe in learning through play.

We believe the foundation and the future of education begins at TREHAUS.

TREHAUS Kids TREHAUS KIDS are distinguished by their strength in Character and a sense of purpose. Beyond knowing what they want to be when they grow up, TREHAUS kids also know what difference they wish to make in the future world, as they navigate challenges that build and reveal their inner strength, true grit, resilience and empathy in our unique curriculum.

TREHAUS KIDS are Confident Communicators who articulate their passion and translates thoughts into words and actions.

TREHAUS KIDS are Lifelong Learners who are intellectually curious, adaptive problem-solvers who do not shy away from challenges.

TREHAUS kids are Global Citizens who learn to contribute and effect change in their communities, and make the World a brighter place.

Why Choose Us?


Social Impact Today our world is a melting pot of ideas, culture and communities. Boundaries are disappearing in the diversity of Singapore and in our school. Our child will learn what is means to contribute to a better world and to be inclusive as we are at Trehaus.


Our Teachers as 2nd Parents Benefit from our network of early-childhood educators who are committed and dedicated to partner you as co-parents on your child’s journey of self-discovery. We make this happen as our teachers will move with your child through our programme, term after term.


Unmatched Parent Involvement As parents too, we know our unparalleled level of parent involvement is a complete game-changer. Parents have unrestricted access to participate and be involved in your children’s classroom activities and learning. Also, by providing a Trehaus cowork adjacent to the school, you will be as close to your children, like home.


Unique Curriculum Our approach is designed to be fun, to give our children the joy of engagement and to help your children Build Character ~ through navigating challenges and being exposed to care and compassion. Unlock Creativity ~ by meeting curiosity with opportunity, and critical thinking with outcomes. Develop Capabilities ~ from Chinese language immersion to Coding ability, Communication skills to cultural sensibilities, your child can build fluency across our complete palette of “Littles” programme.

What We Offer Infant Care (2 - 18months)

Playschool (18months - 3 years old)*

PreSchool (3 - 6 years old)*

We provide full day infant care programmes for infants/ toddlers of this age range, caring for their physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs in a safe and conducive environment. They will be cared for highly qualified, loving caregivers trained in infant educare and the RIE (respectful caregiving) philosophy.

We provide half-day bilingual Playschool programme for kids of this age range, with a unique approach that draws from the best practices, tailored to place your child’s Individuality and will be be introduced to our unique “Little Littles” programme.

A ECDA-licensed childcare open from 7am to 7pm to support working partner. Designed to unlock, inspire, and ignite the change maker within, our Pre-school program provides holistic, playbased and child-led early childhood education facilitated by caring and loving caregivers and teachers. Trehaus’ proprietary Littles Programme and immersive Chinese are integral to their learning experience.

*Singaporean working parents receive $300 government subsidy from Trehaus infant care and childcare/preschool fees

Curriculum Overview


Creating Changemakers Play-based Child-led

Some see a small child. We see endless possibilities. We focus on our children’s learning journey and experience as much as their outcome; with a holistic education that incorporate the best elements of research-based pedagogies to create a child-centered curriculum adapted to meet the needs of each individual child.

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Trehaus Brochure 02