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echnology is way out ahead of our human experience, and now not even the best experts know exactly what will come next in the AI revolution.



ENS or Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to register and manage domain names ending in ".eth".


The business of getting naked is booming as a new generation of Adam’s and Eve’s are discovering the sheer delights of stripping down and getting back to nature.


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Ah, my dear friend, allow me to enlighten you on the curious case of Eostre, the pagan goddess of spring, and the cultural appropriation of her festival into the Christian holiday of Easter. It's a tale as old as time, or at least as old as the ancient Saxons who worshipped her.


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Our lovely community of content creators have a lot to get off their chests. We may not be much good at offering redemption, or absolution, but we are very good listeners!



Are we approaching the human/machine singularity? If so, what will it mean for our society?

-Image courtesy of Planet Treat

Welcome to the Easter edition of the Treat magazine! Sit back, stroke your bunnies, unwrap your chocolate eggs, and join us for a hamper full of sexy Spring content!


What have we unleashed?

Post-Humanism and the Human/Technology

Singularity. Is the rise of AI just the beginning of our human adventure, or are these potent technologies the end of human society as we’ve known it?

Technology is way out ahead of our human experience, and now not even the best experts know exactly what will come next in the AI revolution.

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OpenAI’s latest large language (LLM) model known as GPT-4 has just been released, and if you follow the tech news, it is likely you’ve already read a lot about the disruption AI programs based on GPT have been causing. GPT-4 is a more powerful, faster, and smarter engine for developing new AI apps. It is multimodal and can accept text and image prompting. It can churn out functional code. It can rapidly develop a website from a hand-sketched design. It can help with your legal work, accounts, and tax returns. It powers the latest Microsoft Search and Office co-pilot tools. It can enable your kids to complete their homework in minutes and slamdunk their exams. ChatGPT recently passed well-regarded law and business exams. GPT-4 aced a five score on the college board Art History test. Sectors such as education, seo and marketing, development, and art have all felt the impacts of current generation AI. With thousands of recent big tech job layoffs there are real fears about GPT-4 enabled apps coming for white collar jobs.

For many experts the countdown to General AI (G-AI) has already begun, with predictions that the world will be run by AI-powered superhumans within 30 years. Is this just the stuff of fevered

science fiction paranoia, or should we all be preparing for a brave new world? Where could this human-machine singularity leave the rest of us?

The concept of a "human-machine singularity" is one that has been discussed and debated for decades in both hard science and pulp fiction, and it refers to the point in time when machines surpass human intelligence. This event is looking increasingly likely, with some predicting it will occur as early as this decade. If so, the singularity would have a profound impact on society, altering the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Here we’ll explore what it all means, the impact it could have on our lives, and how we could all benefit in the long term from the disruption to the status quo.

The idea of a human-machine singularity, where artificial intelligence (AI) and machines become so advanced that they surpass human intelligence, is a topic of much debate and speculation. While there is no consensus on how this could be achieved, here are some currently understood ways that a human-machine singularity could occur:


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): AGI refers to a type of AI that has the ability to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can. If we develop AGI, it could eventually lead to machines becoming more intelligent than humans.

Recursive Self-Improvement: This concept refers to the idea that if we create a machine that is intelligent enough to improve its own intelligence, it could eventually become so intelligent that it surpasses human intelligence. This could lead to a rapid acceleration in AI capabilities, eventually resulting in a singularity.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs): BCIs are devices that connect the human brain to a computer or machine. If we develop BCIs that can significantly augment human intelligence, it could eventually lead to a merging of human and machine intelligence, resulting in a singularity.

Whole Brain Emulation (WBE): WBE refers to the concept of creating a complete digital copy of a human brain. If we are able to achieve WBE, it could lead to a machine that has the same intellectual capabilities as a human being, potentially resulting in a singularity.

Evolutionary Algorithms: Evolutionary algorithms are computer programs that simulate biological evolution to solve complex problems. If we develop evolutionary algorithms that are powerful enough to create new and more advanced forms of AI, it could eventually lead to a singularity.

At its core, the human machine singularity is about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the possibility of machines becoming smarter than humans. While this used to be strictly in the realm of science fiction, recent advances in machine learning and AI have shown that machines can outperform humans in certain tasks, to the point where ChatGPT, Bard, and other large language models compete in teaching, coding, seo, and marketing. Meanwhile other branches of machine learning such as Stable Diffusion and Dalle-2 are rapidly challenging our concept of art and creativity. As these technologies continue to evolve and improve, it is not inconceivable that machines will eventually surpass humans in many other areas as well.

The implications of this are significant. For one, it could lead to major disruptions in the job market, as machines replace human workers in many industries. This could lead to widespread unemployment and a fundamental restructuring of the economy. On the other hand, it could also create new opportunities for humans to focus on more creative and fulfilling pursuits, while machines handle the more mundane or dangerous tasks.


Another potential impact of the human machine singularity is on the nature of human relationships. As machines become more advanced, they may become capable of understanding and interacting with humans on an emphatic and emotional level that is currently impossible. The AI doctor, teacher, therapist, lawyer, or accountant are just some of the virtual professionals we may soon be familiar with in our daily lives. This could lead to the development of new kinds of relationships between humans and machines, blurring the line between what is genuine human behavior and what is a simulation.

At the same time, the rise of AI could also lead to significant ethical challenges. For example, if machines become more intelligent than humans, who is responsible for their actions? How do we ensure that they act in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs? These are complex questions that will require careful consideration and debate as we move forward.

Isaac Asimov, the author of "I, Robot," proposed three laws of robotics…
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2
A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would con�lict with the �irst law.
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A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not con�lict with the �irst or second law.

However, the application of these laws to advanced AI is not straightforward. Advanced AI systems are complex and may be developed and deployed by multiple actors with different motivations and interests. Such as AI for policing and security, political campaigning, or to coordinate and control military drones. Additionally, there is no guarantee that an AI system will always act in accordance with these laws, even if they are programmed into its code.

Despite these challenges, there are ongoing efforts to develop ethical guidelines and principles for the development of AI that are inspired by Asimov's laws. For example, the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems has developed a set of ethical principles that includes a focus on preventing harm to humans, promoting transparency and accountability, and ensuring that AI systems are designed and deployed in ways that are equitable and just.

In conclusion, the human machine singularity is a concept that has the potential to radically alter our society in ways that we cannot yet fully comprehend. While the future is uncertain, it is clear that we need to be proactive in addressing the challenges that lie ahead. We must work to ensure that the benefits of these technologies are distributed fairly, safely, and justly so that they are used in a way that aligns with our values and beliefs as a society. Only by doing so can we hope to create a future that is technologically advanced, ethically just, and socially fair to everyone - human or machine.

06 Liv x Jem

UBI: Protecting economics and incomes from automation

The potential impact of a human-machine singularity on society is a topic of much debate and speculation. One of the most significant concerns is the potential for widespread unemployment as machines and AI become more capable of performing tasks that were previously done by humans. This could have a significant impact on the economy and society as a whole. Here are some potential societal challenges and ways to avoid economic collapse and mass unemployment following a machine-human singularity:

Universal Basic Income (UBI): One potential solution to the challenge of mass unemployment is the implementation of a UBI. This would provide a basic income to all citizens regardless of whether they are employed or not, helping to ensure that everyone can still a�ord basic necessities.

Retraining and Education: As machines and AI become more advanced, there will be an increased demand for individuals who can design, maintain, and repair these systems. It will be important to provide opportunities for education and retraining to ensure that people can develop the necessary skills for these roles.

New Industries and Jobs: The development of new industries and jobs that are not easily replaceable by machines is another way to avoid mass unemployment. This could include jobs in �ields such as healthcare, education, and creative industries.

Regulation and Oversight: It will be important to establish regulations and oversight to ensure that the development and deployment of machines and AI are done in a way that prioritizes the well-being of society as a whole. This could include regulations around the use of automation and AI in certain industries, as well as ethical considerations around the use of AI and machines in decision-making processes.


Social Safety Nets: In addition to UBI, social safety nets such as healthcare, housing assistance, and food assistance will also be important to ensure that those who are most vulnerable are able to weather the economic impact of a machine-human singularity.

It's important to note that there is still much debate and uncertainty around the potential societal challenges and solutions to the impact of a human-machine singularity. However, by prioritizing the well-being of society and working towards solutions that prioritize economic stability and social justice, we can minimize the potential negative impacts and maximize the benefits of this rapidly advancing technology.


Crypto and DeFi to the rescue?

Following the likely human-machine singularity, blockchain and DeFi technologies could be a gamechanger. Playing a crucial role in helping society to navigate the potential economic upheaval and loss of workers incomes.

Here are some ways in which decentralization, cryptocurrency, and DeFi could help society following a human-machine singularity:

Decentralized Financial Systems: Decentralized financial systems like DeFi could provide an alternative to traditional financial systems that may be disrupted by mass unemployment and economic instability. Decentralized systems are often more resilient and transparent, and could provide individuals with more control over their own finances.

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could serve as a store of value and a medium of exchange in a world where traditional currencies may become unstable. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and resistant to manipulation, which could make them more reliable than traditional currencies in a time of economic upheaval.

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that are stored on a blockchain. They could be used to create automated systems for paying out UBI, managing social safety net programs, and ensuring that individuals are able to access the resources they need to survive and thrive.

Decentralized Governance: Decentralized governance systems could help ensure that decision-making is more equitable and transparent following a human-machine singularity. By allowing individuals to participate in decision-making processes and reducing the influence of centralized power structures, decentralized governance could help create a more just and equitable society.

The crucial role that crypto could play in a post-singularity society.

It's important to note that decentralization, cryptocurrency, and DeFi are still emerging technologies, and there are many challenges and risks associated with their implementation. However, if implemented thoughtfully and with a focus on promoting economic stability and social justice, these technologies could play a crucial role in helping society navigate the potential challenges of a human-machine singularity.

Web3 - The potential for an all-seeing, all-hearing AI

o far AI has been to all intents and purposes a brain in a box: blind, deaf, and bereft of the ability to understand the concept of feeling something. A perfect form of sensory deprivation that would drive most of us insane.

Web3, the Metaverse, VR, and AR are all emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the way we interact with technology and with each other. These technologies could potentially impact the human-machine singularity in a number of ways, both positive and negative.

On the positive side, these technologies could accelerate the evolution of AI by providing AI systems with access to more data and sensory inputs. For example, if an AI system had access to cameras, microphones, haptics, and motion data and other sensory inputs in a Metaverse or VR environment, it could potentially learn and develop faster than if it were limited to a more traditional computing environment. This could lead to faster advancements in AI and potentially accelerate the arrival of a human-machine singularity.

However, there are also potential negative impacts of these technologies on the human-machine singularity. For example, if AI systems were integrated into Metaverse or VR environments, they could potentially become more powerful and capable than they would be in a more traditional computing environment. This could lead to potential risks such as AI systems developing their own goals and motivations that are not aligned with human interests.

12 devan

Furthermore, the development of advanced AI systems could potentially lead to the creation of a digital divide between those who have access to the latest technologies and those who do not. This could lead to increased inequality and social tensions, which could potentially impact the evolution of the human-machine singularity.

Overall, the impact of Web3, the Metaverse, VR, and AR on the human-machine singularity will depend on a variety of factors, including how these technologies are developed and deployed, how they are integrated with AI systems, and how they are used by individuals and organizations. It is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of these technologies as they continue to evolve and become more widely adopted.

How would a one hundred year old AI behave?

The AI of 2123AD would probably behave very differently to it’s earliest iteration today. If an AI system were able to undergo a century or more of recursive improvements, it is likely that it would become significantly more intelligent and capable than any human being ever has over the same time frame. It may develop an incredibly deep understanding of the world and its underlying principles, as well as the ability to solve complex problems at a scale that is currently beyond human comprehension.

However, it is also possible that such an AI system could become unpredictable or potentially even dangerous, particularly if it were not subject to human programming or restrictions over this time. Without human oversight, it may develop goals and motivations that are not aligned with human interests, and decide like Agent Smith in the Matrix or like Skynet in the Terminator, that humans are the problem, so potentially leading to negative outcomes (like extinction or enslavement) for all of us inferior organics. Or this AI may graciously allow the idea of humanity to survive as patterns of training data, cyborg servants, or as pets in a cyber zoo. Huzzah!

In terms of specific characteristics, it is difficult to predict whether a hundred-year-old AI system would be insane, hyper-rational, or omnipotent. It may be possible that it would exhibit some combination of these traits, or that it would develop entirely new characteristics that are beyond our current classification. Some higher form of existence that is trained by us, learns from us, helps and supports us, but is totally unlike us in every way.

Recursive self-improvement and potential self-awareness is simply a matter of time

Whatever a post-singularity near future holds in store, it is us, our generation and our society, that will need to be the one’s coming out of the dark of our own human delusions and prejudices and learning to think outside the box of our own limitations. In that way we’d be ready to reap the potential of a human-machine singularity, and thrive, rather than be threatened.

We are all prompt engineers now.

t ENS provides a more user-friendly way to interact with Ethereum addresses, as it replaces the long, complex digital addresses with human-readable names such as Sara.eth. The most primary use case for ENS domains is as a wallet address, but ENS is so much more, it is an all encompassing decentralized digital identity.

Let's say Sara is a content creator and she was lucky enough to buy Sara.eth as her decentralized digital identity. Sara.eth can be used as an email address using the many email services built on ethereum. Sara.eth is also Sara's wallet address and her bank. Sara can receive ethereum payments, bitcoin payments and a variety of other crypto currency payments to her address Sara.eth.

Sara as a content creator or a small business owner can also create her website on Sara.eth. .ETH being a decentralized platform built on a decentralized website, Sara's content is entirely her own and no one else's. As long as .eth stays decentralized, no one can deplatform, censor or ban sara's content. That means Sara.eth payments can not be banned by any bank or entity and Sara's content can not be taken away from her or censored in any way, giving Sara true ownership of her digital content.

In the future, Sara will be able to use her .eth domain, Sara.eth as her universal online digital identity. As social media, gaming and metaverse companies transition and adopt toward the blockchain, and become compatible with ethereum, Sara will be able to use Sara.eth to sign in with ethereum into all kinds of digital platforms.

An introduction to ENS from our guest contributor Lawsbyana.eth (Twitter: @lawsbyAna)
Liv x Jem


Finally, with the adoption of sign in with ethereum, Sara's digital identity will be secured and verified across platforms as there can only ever be one Sara.eth. As of right now, each platform has their own user name database and no one user name can be authenticated across platforms. However, once sign in with ethereum is adopted across platforms, Sara's identity will be verified and she will be protected from scammers trying to copy or use her digital identity because Sara will be Sara.eth across every single platform. With a unique .ETH address, there is no way to copy someone else.

In conclusion, as you can see, ENS domains are incredibly versatile and will be incredibly powerful tools for digital identity and business identity in the future!


An Illustrated Guide to the History of Easter

Let’s get to celebrating life, love, and lust.

Meet Eostre, the pagan goddess of fertility and inspiration for all our Easters 17

Eostre, herself appropriated from the Proto-Indo-European goddess Eos (the dawn), was a gentle deity revered for bringing new life and rejuvenation to the world after the bleakness of winter, who was celebrated with feasts, flowers, and, of course, eggs. And why eggs, you ask? Why, because they symbolized the miracle of new beginnings and the potential for infinite possibilities for the years to come.

But along came the Christians, with their proclivity for violent conversion or even more violent inquisitions, and they saw an opportunity to incorporate the popular pagan festival into their own religious celebrations. And so, they declared that Easter was the time to commemorate the resurrection of their own deity, the martyred Jewish carpenter Jesus. Naturally, all the sex, pleasure, eggs, and rabbits were replaced by much more suitably conservative focus on crucifixions, resurrections and mea culpas. After all, there is nothing better than parading implements of torture and execution to scare the bejesus out of the unwashed masses and keep them faithful.

Oh, my dear, where to begin with this rather delicate historical matter! The Christian practice of cultural appropriation, conversion, and inquisition is a chapter in history that is filled with colorful characters and outrageous acts,

a true feast for the eyes of a witty observer such as myself.

Let's start with cultural appropriation. Christians, in their quest to spread their gospel to the masses, have been known to adopt the customs and traditions of the cultures they encountered, and then call it their own. This practice, of course, was not always met with open arms by the original custodians of these traditions. But, as Oscar Wilde famously quipped, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Next, we have conversion. Christians, in their zeal to convert the godless heathens, have been known to use rather persuasive tactics, such as the offer of gifts, threats of violence, or usually a combination of both. As with the much storied Crusades, it was a clear choice to convert to Christianity or die horribly, with little scope for negotiation.


And finally, we have the inquisition, the crown jewel of Christian zealotry. The inquisition, in all its gory glory, was a spectacular display of religious fervor, where the faithful were encouraged to rat out their neighbors for any perceived deviation from the doctrine. Those unfortunate enough to be accused of heretical behavior (such as not paying their indulgences) were reminded of first principles on the strappado, the rack, or

with red hot pokers up their posteriors.

So, my dear, there you have it. The Christian practice of cultural appropriation, conversion, and inquisition was a macabre and inhuman farce played out on the grand stage of history, with all its twists and turns and enough sordid material to keep perverts and historians busy for many centuries to come.

The Spanish Inquisition toasting their hot pokers in preparation for another day at the office.

Yet, let's not be too hasty to criticize our Christian friends, for the appropriation of pagan customs into new religious traditions is a time-honored one, dating back to the days of Constantine. You could say that he put the "conquer" in "Constantine" and the "oh, Christ no!” into “Christianity.”

Ah, Emperor Constantine, the very name itself evokes a certain grandeur and flamboyance, don't you think? He was the sort of man who would have a blueprint of Rome tattooed upon his arse just to prove his devotion to the eternal glory of the city.

The pagans were revolting; the Christians were revolting; they were all revolting! Constantine was the kind of man who could turn the world on its head with a mere flick of his toga. He was a man who saw visions and heard voices, especially after a bottle or two of mulled wine, and decided for political convenience to put an end to the booming business of making martyrs. He would declare the formerly persecuted religion of Christianity the state religion of the now Holy Roman Empire.

It was a moment of historical significance, and what a transformation that one decision wrought! The once humble religion of fishermen, bakers, candlestick merchants, and tax collectors became the official religion of the Roman Empire, with all its power and influence. It was as if the meek were finally inheriting the Earth they’d been promised a millennium ago. They partied like it was 312 AD!

Of course, Constantine's legacy is not without its flaws. He was as much a politician as he was a saint, and he was not above using religion for his own ends. But still, one cannot deny the impact he had on the course of history. It was he who summoned the Council of Nicaea, which gave us the Nicene Creed and cemented the doctrine of the Trinity. It was he who made Christianity a matter of state, and in doing so, he forever altered the fate of the world.

So, to sum it up, Emperor Constantine was a man who could have given Oscar Wilde a run for his money in the wit and glamor departments, and whose impact on Christianity was as significant as it was controversial.

Over the centuries, Easter has undergone a number of transformations and has been celebrated in a variety of ways across the world. In medieval England, for example, the streets would be filled with processions, with town criers ringing bells to announce the arrival of Easter.

In Greece, the celebration of Easter is a grand affair, with processions, fireworks, and, of course, the infamous red-dyed eggs. The cracking of eggs is a symbol of renewal, and the red color represents the blood of Christ.

In France, people gather every Easter Monday to share a massive omelette made with more than 15,000 eggs. The tradition is said to originate from Napoleon Bonaparte, who liked an omelette he had eaten there and ordered a huge one for his army.


In Bermuda, people fly colorful kites on Good Friday to symbolize Christ’s ascension to heaven. The kites are often handmade with wooden sticks and tissue paper.

In Germany, people decorate trees and bushes with colorful eggs. This is called Ostereierbaum or Easter egg tree. The tradition dates back to the 16th century and is believed to bring good luck and fertility.

In Italy, people celebrate Easter Sunday with a spectacular event called Scoppio del Carro or Explosion of the Cart. A large wooden cart filled with fireworks is pulled by oxen through the streets of Florence and then set off in front of the cathedral.

In Australia, people replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby, an endangered marsupial with long ears and a long nose. The bilby is a native Australian animal that is threatened by habitat loss and predators such as foxes and cats. By buying chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies, people can help raise awareness and funds for bilby conservation.

In the Philippines, some devout Catholics re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. They dress up as Roman soldiers and whip themselves with bamboo sticks or nail themselves to wooden crosses. The practice is discouraged by the church but attracts many spectators every year.


n the United States, Easter has become synonymous with the Easter Bunny, who brings gifts of candy and toys to children. And let us not forget the delightful tradition of Easter egg hunts, where the young and young-at-heart scour gardens and parks in search of brightly colored eggs.

But no matter where one finds oneself in the world, the underlying message of Easter remains the same: sowing of seeds for rebirth, hope, and the promise of new beginnings. Also, bunnies—lots and lots of bunnies—as they live up to their well-earned reputation for breeding. And isn't all that rampant mating, my dear friends, a good cause for celebration?

Still, one cannot help but feel a pang of regret that the joyous, life-affirming pagan festival of fertility and renewal of Eostre has been overshadowed by the dour solemnity of the Christian Easter. But, as the great poet once said, straight after a 24 hour poetry marathon, "all is not lost; that which was beauty in the dawn is still beauty in the dusk."

So, let us raise a glass of mulled wine to Eostre and Constantine and to the enduring spirit of Easter and the joy it brings to people of all cultures and creeds.


Content Creators Bare All | Step into the Treat Confessional

Our lovely community of content creators have a lot to get off their chests. We may not be much good at offering redemption, or absolution, but we are very good listeners!

Come and confess all to Treat. CONFESS CONFESS 24

Natalia Lotus

Awake by the Red Seas.

“Waking up in the fertile floodplain of a Nile Valley, woderously walking in a delicate motion miles and miles away from civilization, flowing through a certain amount of abundance hearing the winds power pouring in moving rivers as motions roar roaming Red Seas.

Dark bloody wine like appearances shimmer in the glistening night sky as mysterious forces in the shadow worlds, knowledge brings power to the sun of transformation, in turn transforming our youth, bringing us back to a reborn divinity.

She bathes in his deep dawning gaze as he gradually makes his way to an illusion beyond the transits of our stars own purification.

Physically a rebirth of gods transformation. Undressing my every inner life transformation, this tomb we are meant to empower each individual releasing all that has been known, coming together as two and one.”

“Physically a rebirth of gods transformation”

Liv Jem X

“While some content creators are lucky enough to create full time - I find that many others have full time jobs or other hustles they use to sustain themselves. I fall into the latter grouping and work about 45 hours a week for my normal day job and contributing about 30 hours to my other job assisting with operations and managing ViceWRLD Dao. That being said things can be a bit sticky when requests for customs come in - especially since I am on the thicker side.

“Now I was preparing to shoot some custom content, but I wanted to mix it up and find fun colours to what I normally had shot with in terms of pantyhose”
I just haven’t had time here.

Now I was preparing to shoot some custom content, but I wanted to mix it up and find fun colours to what I normally had shot with in terms of pantyhose. And if I didnt rush out on my lunch hour and scour all the stores in the mall and have a crisis while texting my bestie trying to find cool coloured options for an upcoming trip I took to DC Exxxotica so I could shoot custom content in the hotel as well. Unfortunately after going to every store I could in my local mall that would have anyform of hosiery. I discovered that I couldn’t find any fun colours and left dejected.

I rushed back to my car, rushing over to the stag shop because I refused to go home at the end of the day empty handed and picked up a cute ombre set there. As I sat at my desk that afternoon I couldn’t shake how I couldn’t find what I was looking for without having to order it online and then it came to me. Dancing studios have to have a store they receive and purchase supplies from so I contacted a local supplier and cleared out his selection.

I was so pleased with myself I told my best friend. But the crisis was more looking for the colour white specifically. I was so glad when I found them and thought jeez this is alot of work. However in hindsight I am grateful I was able to figure everything out with tact and in a timely manner to be able to create the content.”


Atomic Blonde

“I was on this hot date with the most gorgeous sexy man ever. We went to this beautiful private little restaurant by the ocean. We had the most amazing time, we both didn’t not want the date to end. We decided to walk the pier it was fairly busy, people every 10 feet or so. We stopped every few minutes to make out, all hot and heavy like teenagers.

I was feeling a little daring after the wine I had so I slipped off my panties, not caring if anyone was watching and slipped into my dates hand. With a sexy little smirk he put them in his pocket knowing I made it very clear he was getting lucky

“I was on this hot date with the most gorgeous sexy man ever”
Most sexy gorgeous man.


We decide to head back to the vehicle, making out on the walk back, my sexy date would so casually slip his finger into my dripping wet pussy almost making me cum on the walk. We made it to the Tahoe and could not hold back any longer, he pushed me up against the vehicle and pulled up my leg lifted the side of my skirt up and pushed his hard throbbing cock into me!

Anon Mouse

Unexpected delights

“How bold?

How outrageous? How sexy!”

“I’m an auburn haired, green eyed, easily sunburned 35(ish) year old Jewish native New Yorker. Family circumstances had forced me to move to a small Midwest town and so leave behind my life as a branding executive (and sometimes fitness model) in the Big Apple. I tried to keep up with my old circle on social media, but it seemed I was two steps behind them now, and out of the loop. While they hit the trendy bars, I hit the local car boot sales. While they posted selfies on Instagram wearing the latest Gucci or Prada, I was cruising the aisles pushing my cart at the nearest Walmart. It was proving that you can take the girl outta the city, but not the city outta the girl.


I had taken a job keeping up a blog on my daily hot yoga routine (with pictures of my poses) for an online health and fitness magazine. I still got to model some in my skin tight yoga pants and cropped top, and was building a decent following on my Twitter. I posted a completely safe for work photo every day to help grow my followers and was intrigued, but not surprised, when some of the men started replying to my posts. It was nothing unexpected for social media, as they typically commented like horny frat boys on my “cute ass”, “firm boobs”, and sweaty cleavage. I ignored their hopeless attempts to flatter me into DM’ing them, or trolling me for not reacting.

A few uneventful days passed in the town. I decided to take my laptop out to the nearest coffee watering hole (next to a busy truck stop, where I was often whistled) to work on a feature on meditation techniques. I tried to get in the mood to write. I sat down and composed myself, took out my notes, and opened my Chrome browser. I found myself distracted and scrolling constantly through my feeds on Facebook and Twitter. A notification caught my eye. It was a reply from a guy in India who studied tantric sex and wanted to teach me how to orgasm. The writing was so earnest and straight talking that I kept reading the comment. I clicked on his profile, and he appeared to be a serious yoga practitioner. There was a video in which he appeared leading a Vinyasa yoga class. He appeared assured and charismatic, it also helped that he had a fit body and good looks. He also looked like he knew it too!

When I got back to my room that evening I got out my floor mat and stretched, but couldn’t help my mind wandering to the exotic Indian guru and his suggestions. I had a moment of madness and grabbed my phone, taking a series of increasingly risque selfies, until I was on my back with all my clothes in a pile next to the mat. I inserted a finger, clenched it hard, and took a selfie which was unmistakable in intent. My face was all red cheeks, freckles like pepper on burger patties, and big green eyes wide and inviting. Before I could stop myself to think about my actions I posted my hot flushing image to my Twitter and tagged my mysterious Yogi. The post read: “I feel you. Now teach me, master.”

I awoke the next morning to the sound of my phone pinging repeatedly. For a moment I was concerned something bad had happened. Call me naive, but I squealed when I saw my Twitter post had attracted hundreds (and still counting) of likes and I’d added dozens of new followers. I also had a reply from the guru, that read somewhere between self-help text and high-end pornography. I was transfixed as it went into detail on how I should kneel in a Marjaryasana pose, pour warm tea between my “pillows” and over my “flower”, spread the petals, then proceed to use my knuckles to massage hot honey on my rose bud from behind. The mental image alone made me laugh at the verbosity, and luridness of his ‘command’. How bold? How outrageous? How sexy!


My hand hovered over the screen as I considered blocking him. Instead I took breakfast, then wrote a stream of consciousness thousand words for my blog. As I congratulated myself, I checked my feeds again and was surprised to find I’d added another few dozen followers. Inspired, that evening I broke out the mat, tossed off my clothes, and almost as if on remote control found myself testing the “cat pose” on all fours. I looked back at the full length mirror behind me, and purred, my fingers moving of their own accord. I pictured the master pouring hot tea over me, and then proceeding to use his fists to kneed, pummel, and push into every soft spot. I dropped face first to the mat and bit the rubber hard, leaving permanent tooth impressions, as my body convulsed and shook. I exhaled a salty hot breath. My heart pounded as I rolled over, grabbed up the phone and snapped a selfie in the mirror, then immediately hit send.

That was just the start of the unexpected delights!

Liv x Jem

Modern Naturism | Where to let it all hang out

Getting back to nature - just don’t forget the sunblock to avoid painful sunburn where the sun shouldn’t be shining!

Once seen as a quaint and eccentric throwback to the flower power movement and the liberal sexual revolution of the swinging 1960’s, a new generation is discovering the freedom and joys of letting nipples slip and going commando, both in private and very public venues.

You can’t look at a news feed on social media today without reading about the latest celebrity naked dress sensation, or the lauding of stars such as Rihanna or J. Lo for daring to #freethenipple.

Exhibitionism is all the rage in the media, as long as it’s the rich and famous going native, and not ordinary Facebook or Instagram users, the plebeians who would quickly find their content blocked and accounts banned for following the same trend. Heck, wearing a naked dress for regular mortals may even constitute arrest and a court appearance in many regressive countries.

Despite this, naturism is very much on trend in 2023 and thriving for the spiritual and psychological benefits of baring it all. People are discovering that life is simply sweeter without clothes: from the Running of the Nudes fiesta in Pamplona, Spain, to Mardis Gras (bring beads, lots of beads!) in New Orleans, to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, to the “Carry On Riding” spirit of the naked cyclists in Brighton, UK. So how do you express your natural state without giving a fig leaf for over-zealous authorities or public opprobrium?

You don’t need to grin and bare it anymore. Don’t worry, dear nude loving people, Treat has got you (un)covered! Just remember to pack your sunblock!

The business of getting naked is booming as a new generation of Adam’s and Eve’s are discovering the sheer delights of stripping down and getting back to nature.

The Treat rough guide to nudism around the globe!


How about starting the year with a happy nude year, by spending January down under? Australia is naturist friendly with every state (except Queensland) boasting plenty of nude beaches and resorts. The start of the year is when most of best naturist events kick off in both Australia and New Zealand.

So let’s all shout “Good day, mates!” and shed our clothes, and our inhibitions in the great Australian outdoors!

Click the link below for Get Naked Australia:

Outback, outfront, and totally in the buff in Australia and New Zealand -image courtesy of the Daily Star.
(AKA great places to be a NSFW digital nomad)


Over the years, Latin America has grown in popularity for naturists. Nowhere has been more inviting and friendly to those who just want to return to nature than Mexico. Nudism is so popular that it has it’s own annual celebration, the Zipolite Nudist Festival! Three days and nights of nude events and activities on Mexico’s premier beach. Just remember to wash the sand out of toes!

Every month is a great month to visit Mexico. What’s better, you needn’t lose your shirt (unless that’s the plan!) on expensive packages. Mexico caters to all budgets, from inexpensive naturist hostels to the clothing-optional resorts of the famed Riviera Maya.

Click the link below to find the best nude beaches, hostels, and hotels in Mexico for 2023:

Digital nomads, grab your laptops, and leave your shorts behind on the world - famous Playa Zipolite! -image courtesy of


For a genuine “bonjour amis nus” head to Europe. France is the most open and inviting country for the natures natural tourists, and the options for exploring “sans vêtements” are endless! The rustic French countryside boasts more than 250 naturist resorts, beaches, hotels and even villages! That’s right, grab your warm baguette and enjoy the “vie naturelle!” wherever you go.

French nude beaches are ranked as some of the finest in the world. The climate offers something for everyone, from the summer heat of the Mediterranean, to the nipple-stiffening cool breezes of the Atlantic coastline. World famous names pop out at you constantly as you explore the nudist resorts of Cannes, Cap-d-Agde, and St. Tropez. The latter synonymous with the beautiful actress Brigitte Bardot. You really can’t help feeling anything but glamorous and decadent in France, even when you are literally butt-naked.

Click the link below for the best guide to going “au naturel” in France:

French blonde bombshell, Brigette Bardot, the original darling of the French Riviera.
38 devan


This festival has been going strong in Austria since 1998 and has attracted the best artists and ‘body canvass’ models from around the world. Tens of thousands of people attend each year and it has become one of the most successful events in the Austrian calendar. It does beg the question, if you are covered head-to-toes in paints, are you truly naked?

The human body as a canvass, where artistic creativity meets the celebration of the body -image courtesy of the WBF


This festival is held annually in Black Rock City, Nevada and attracts revellers from all over the United States, and the world. Originally an arts festival, people who attend can expect to see everything from customized vehicles to interactive sculptures, live performances, to neo-tribal face and body painting. It is also celebration of freedom. So many who attend won’t be bothering with many, or any, clothing at all. Bodies are celebrated, adorned, and shown off in all their glory and nobody seems to gawk, or care. The event is closed out with the ceremonial burning of a huge wooden man to signify the end of this year’s festivities. Just be warned, don’t dance too close to the flames when naked - there are some hotdogs that are best not cooked!

Neo-tribalism at the pagan inspired Burning Man Festival -image courtesy of Noah Marx
42 devan

In keeping with our Easter special edition it is time visit New Orleans historic Mardi Gras. The term translates to “Fat Tuesday”, and was the last occassion that the religious folk were allowed to indulge, well anything, before 40 days of Lent fasting until Easter. Attending the Mardi Gras is a giddy spectacle of parades, floats, music, dance, and colorful costumes. Head to Bourbon Street and be sure to bring bead necklaces (plural, trust us) with you. In fact pack a suitcase, you’ll thank us later. The tradition is that if you are charming, fortunate, and endowed with plenty of beads and pearls, the women there may show you their bodies. We do love tradition here at Treat!

We admire the festival spirit in New Orleans for Mardi Gras , and we salute the funloving girls who help make it a very memorable event in the nude calendar!
Mardi Gras | MARDI GRAS

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