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The High Arctic

Canada’s Northwest Passage • Spitsbergen & Svalbard Archipelago

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Quality, Value and Adventure “The land looks like a fairytale” - Roald Amundsen The High Arctic is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Rocky island archipelagos, covered in snow and ice for much of the year, they spring to life in the brief summer months. The scenery is an amazing conglomeration of mountains and rocky plains, colourful wildflowers and ice strewn shores with towering cliffs covered in nesting birds. Wildlife abounds and we hope to come across walrus, seals, whales, foxes and the ultimate of Arctic sightings, the Polar bear. We learn something of the history of early Arctic exploration by the likes of Franklin, Amundsen, Byrd and Herbert, during our informative onboard education program.

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You will be exploring with one of the world’s most experienced polar teams, known for their innovative approach, client focus and attention to detail. This is a high quality polar travel experience with an emphasis on adventure, education and conservation. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for a memorable Arctic experience.


Ny Frisland


Together with One Ocean Expeditions we are offering three outstanding voyages including a legendary transit of the fabled Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. We also offer two superb expedition voyages exploring Spitsbergen and the Svalbard archipelago, in the Scandinavian Arctic.



Our expeditions operate during the Arctic summer. We spend as much time off the ship as possible – exploring in our zodiac inflatable boats, going ashore for walks, visiting historic sites and remote Inuit communities and seeing wildlife colonies. The icebergs, in all shades of blue, will take your breath away.

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Active Travel - Our history

Who travels with Active Travel?

Established in 1982, Active Travel is recognised as Australia’s most innovative travel company with a fascinating and diverse range of award-winning holidays. We began with cycling tours in China and now have a wide range of unusual and rewarding holidays to the world’s most exciting and diverse destinations - including Indochina, the Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Timor, not to mention our expedition series to both Antarctica and the High Arctic. Our website has these programmes listed.

Active Travel’s philosophy is based on providing consistent quality along with innovative itineraries. Our guests are from all walks of life, from young couples to families to seasoned travellers. They all share a common interest in travelling ‘outside the square’. Our holidays offer carefully planned itineraries, personally selected accommodation, an appropriate amount of quirkiness and a good amount of free time. We are proud to say that guests from our original tour in 1982 are still our customers – decades of client loyalty.

Innovative Expeditions & Adventures So, what’s it like on an exedition in the High Arctic? The easiest way to describe it is to imagine our expedition ship as a floating wilderness lodge. It is a moveable base from which we explore the fantastic landscapes that surround us. Our days are filled with exciting activities – zodiac cruises to look at icebergs, excursions ashore with short and longer hiking opportunities, visits to bird colonies or remote Inuit communities – combined with plenty of ship based activities, including an entertaining and informative lecture series. At the end of each day, we enjoy a fantastic dinner, great conversation and perhaps a glass of wine, as we reflect on another amazing day at the top of the world.

Personalised service Our guests really matter on our expeditions and we show this at every opportunity, particularly by allowing them to have a say in how their experience unfolds. We provide plenty of options and choices throughout the voyage and this becomes apparent from the moment you step onboard. Our team strives to take care of every detail to ensure your holiday is unforgettable. We have the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the industry and our approach is unique in the polar travel industry.

It is possible to travel to other parts of Scandinavia and Europe, or North America either before or after your expedition voyage. Call us to discuss the options.

Important pre-tour information Naturally, you expect detailed information about your Arctic expedition to help prepare. We provide plenty of pre-trip advice and documentation based on over 15 years of first hand travel experience in both the Arctic and Antarctica. We are always available to answer questions about your journey and staff in both our Sydney and Canberra offices have travelled in the polar regions on numerous occasions. It is your holiday and we want you to enjoy every moment - from start to finish.

Responsible travel

A journey to the northern polar regions requires a high degree of planning and some special items of clothing and equipment needed. A feature of our expeditions is that we include a wet weather gear package. This package consists of quality waterproof/ windproof jacket and bib-pants as well as insulated, comfortable rubber boots, designed for extended walking. This saves you from buying expensive items you may only ever use once. It also eliminates the need to carry such cumbersome gear all the way to Canada or Europe and home again. But if you do have your own gear, of course you are welcome to bring it.

Like many of our travellers, we are well aware of the positive and negative impacts of tourism, particularly in the fragile polar environment. We prefer to work with small companies and family-owned businesses where building trust and relationships is of great value – and the focus isn’t solely on stock prices and shareholder return. Our relationship with One Ocean Expeditions is a great example of this and we’ve worked with members of the One Ocean team for more than a decade. Both Active Travel and One Ocean Expeditions are independently owned and operated, with a social and environmental conscience and we work together to provide an outstanding travel experience for our valued guests. We figure if we do this properly, success follows. It’s a simple philosophy that serves us well. In addition, through our very own Active Travel ‘Savanh Foundation’ - we support a number of projects, including the refurbishment of a Sri Lankan school destroyed by the 2004 tsunami and the ongoing restoration of a colonial house in Luang Prabang in Laos. In 2008 we raised over $35,000 for the Burma cyclone relief with support of our past clients.

More than a cruise

Australian owned and proud of it

Our Spitsbergen expeditions start and finish in the small community of Longyearbyen, the prinicpal town in the Svalbard archipelago. There are regular flights here from the Norwegian capital of Oslo. On our Northwest Passage expedition, we commence in Edmonton, Canada, and fly north by private charter to the remote outpost of Kugluktuk. This expedition finishes in Iqaluit, from where you fly to either Ottawa or Toronto.

Small, privately-owned, Australian travel companies are rare today leading to a decrease in both choice and the variety of travel options. We aim to provide value and quality, service focussed and informative travel, which can only be achieved when the owners of the business, work in the business. As Gandhi said, “our customers are the reason for our existence.” - It sums up the Active Travel approach perfectly!

Arctic gear package included


One Ocean Expeditions

Quality and experience Over the past decade, the staff of One Ocean Expeditions has amassed a broad scope of expertise in both the Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems. Our expedition team has in-depth knowledge of the full range of Arctic wildlife and plants, enabling us to offer a truly naturebased approach to tourism and travelling in the Polar regions. One Ocean is arguably the most experienced expedition team afloat these days and its onboard experts have collectively visited both the Canadian and Scandinavian Arctic regions hundreds of times. We also believe we are the most attentive to our guests needs, by having the highest expedition staff-to-guest ratio in the polar travel industry.

Expedition Leader Aaron Lawton Aaron is a Canadian entering his 12th year working as expedition guide and leader in the Polar Regions. He has led expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctica including a transit of the Northwest Passage in 2007. With thousands of miles spent on expedition ships and in all sorts of paddle and motor craft, Aaron will share a passion for what can be found around the next headland. A commitment to safety, environmental sustainability and education defines his interaction with passengers onboard the ship. He is the co-founder and chief Arctic Expedition Leader of One Ocean Expeditions. 4

Why choose us for the High Arctic? Anyone researching a trip into the High Arctic will soon discover a number of similarities between the various cruise operators. Many offer expedition-style ships and itineraries tend to focus on similar areas. So what makes us different? First, our voyages have the most experienced team of leaders in the business including Australian Polar Medal recipient, Ray McMahon, and Andrew Prossin – a veteran of Arctic and Antarctic waters, having led over 150 expeditons. Secondly our ship, the Marina Svetaeva, is a modern and stable expedition vessel - well known in the Australian market - with an outstanding track record in polar exploration and navigation, mainly in the wild Ross Sea region of Antarctica and Russia’s Siberian coast. Thirdly, customer service drives everything we do and our expeditions include well-presented lectures, an exciting

range of activities, great staff and hearty meals prepared by our team of chefs. Finally, we have the highest staff-to-client ratio in the industry, so you are well looked after by our capable team. If you are still not convinced, a deep respect for the High Arctic guides our attitude towards environmental protection. We have renowned wildlife conservationists on our team, who have been instrumental in mobilising some of the world’s most notable organisations to better protect the Polar regions. Conservation is in our blood and we take our impact on the environment very seriously.

Safety First The harsh and remote Arctic region is no place to compromise on safety. One Ocean Expeditions was created with a ‘safety first’ attitude and this underlines everything that happens on our voyages into the Polar regions. Absolutely NO shortcuts are taken on our expeditions and all decisions about navigation and the comprehensive activity programme on board are made in consultation with the hugely experienced Master of the ship. The Marina Svetaeva is ice-strengthened and equipped with all the latest safety systems including state of the art radar and sonar communication and other navigation equipment as well as the most modern fire and flood prevention systems. With two powerful engines and both bow and stern thrusters, the ship has maximum manoeuvrability to get in and out of the most interesting places, safely. Rated by Lloyd’s Registry, the ship meets the world’s highest safety standards for a modern expedition cruise vessel.

Our expedition ship - the Marina Svetaeva Designed and built in the famous Gdinya shipyards on Poland’s Baltic Coast in 1989, the Marina Svetaeva is very stable, quiet and comfortable. Refitting and refurbishment over the last five years has prepared her well as an outstanding expedition cruise vessel, by improving both the comfort and calibre of the facilities aboard the ship. Vessel stabilisation is gained through a combination of her deep draft and wide beam. It’s fair to say the Marina Svetaeva is one of the most impressive expedition vessels afloat and her ice capability and rating exceeds those of almost all other vessels cruising in polar waters today. She can range into icy bays and harbours that larger ships cannot enter, expanding our possibilities and allowing us to offer a genuine expedition experience.

From small group sessions to briefings for all passengers, there are public spaces on board the ship ideally suited for each and every need. The Marina Svetaeva also features a number of spacious outer deck areas. A separate bar and lounge, as well as a library, provide ideal places to sit and relax. Enjoy the hearty meals prepared for you by the team of chefs in the ship’s two dining rooms, which can comfortably accommodate all guests in a single seating. Other facilities include a presentation room, small gift shop, a fitness room, sauna and even a plunge pool. We also have an onboard day spa and massage service. Open access to the bridge is another key feature. In addition, we carry a complement of ten Zodiac inflatable boats, which get us ashore and back to the ship quickly and safely. 5

The Scandinavian High Arctic Spitsbergen & the Svalbard Archipelago 8 NIGHTS EX longyearbyen

Starts: Wed 29 Jun, & Sat 16 Jul 2011

We begin our exploration of the Svalbard archipelago in Longyearbyen, the principal community of this Norwegian territory. We sail out of Isfjorden (Ice Fjord) and begin our exploration along the northwest coast of Spitsbergen - the larger of the two main islands that make up the bulk of the Svalbard archipelago. We are in the land of the polar bear, the beluga whale, the walrus and the reindeer, so keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. We visit the town of Ny Alesund, one of the northernmost communities in the world. From Kongsfjorden we continue around the northern coast of Spitsbergen, stopping in numerous bays before heading south down Hinlopenstretet, the strait that separates Spitsbergen from Nordaustlandet, the other major island in the archipelago. Leaving the bird cliffs of Hinlopen Strait behind, we head for Phippsoya, our northernmost point, at around 80 degrees North. We cruise the polar pack ice edge and as we come toward the end of our voyage, our search for wildlife on the shores of Prins Karls Forland continues. Sailing back into Isfjorden we plan a final zodiac cruise at Alkehornet’s little auk colony. Over the course of the voyage we visit numerous bird colonies showcasing Brunnich’s guillemot (also known as the thick-billed murre), little auk (dovekie), barnacle and pink-footed geese and the Arctic tern. Our voyage ends back in Longyearbyen. Itinerary Day 1 Longyearbyen, Svalbard We board the Marina Svetaeva today and sail out of Adventfjorden and into Isfjorden during the early evening. On board, we meet for an introductory briefing and then adjourn to the dining room for our first meal aboard and ponder the adventure ahead. Day 2 – Krossfjorden and Ny Alesund The shores of Krossfjorden are home to numerous bird colonies and species. We drop anchor and cruise beneath the bird cliffs near the 14th of July Glacier. As we cruise, we are on the lookout for bearded and ringed seals known to frequent the area. During the afternoon we cruise towards the outpost of Ny Alesund, a former mining village and currently the world’s most northerly community. It has become the site of numerous international polar science institutes and the town earned its place in aviation pioneering history as the departure point for North Pole aerial exploration.


Day 3 – Raudfjord Tucked into the north-western tip of Spitsbergen, Ruadfjord offers an excellent place to hike, zodiac cruise and for our paddlers to kayak. Whilst here, we search for reindeer ashore and ringed and bearded seals adrift. For those interested in tundra vegetation and especially wildflowers, there are select spots along the shoreline of the fjord offering excellent hiking and interpretation. Day 4 – Hinlopen Strait and Alkefjellet Dividing the eastern side of the Svalbard archipelago from the western side, Hinlopen Strait is full of wildlife. The water that flushes through this strait each day is rich in phyto- and zooplankton, nourishing the thick-billed murre colony at Alkefjellet. More than 120,000 pairs of murres nest on these cliffs each summer. The water moving through Hinlopen Strait each day also brings the sea ice and our access into the area is dictated by the ice conditions of the day. Exploring the sea ice generally brings us into much closer contact with polar bears. Day 5 – Phippsoya The northernmost point of our journey at 81 degrees north, Phippsoya is only 540 nautical miles from the North Pole. Because of its proximity to the pack ice, Phippsoya offers the potential for great polar bear viewing. Day 6 – Liefdefjorden and Monaco Glacier No trip along the north coast of Spitsbergen would be complete without a visit to the Monaco Glacier. A wide glacier face at the head of the fjord makes for spectacular paddling and zodiac cruising. The coastal plain near the mouth of Liefdefjorden offers superb hiking opportunities.

Day 7 – Fuglesangen and Smeerenburg Thousands of birds nest on the island of Fuglesangen and we visit a large dovekie colony. Just a few miles from Fuglesangen is the former whaling station of Smeerenburg. Hiking along the shoreline we learn about the importance of whaling in the discovery and exploration Svalbard. Day 8 – Poole Pynten, Prince Charles Island There is something about the sight and sound of a walrus colony that spells Arctic in a way that not many other sites do. We will visit this well-known haul out on Prince Charles Island and hope to see walrus ashore. Approaching from downwind can often confirm that the walrus are ashore as the odour of a walrus colony is without equal! Day 9 – Longyearbyen We come alongside in the morning and prepare to disembark following breakfast onboard our vessel. We bid farewell to our crew and fellow expeditioners and are transfered to the airport for our onward journey. Prices per person in $US Cabin Type Triple (shared facilities) Triple (private facilities) Twin (shared facilities) Twin (private facilities) Superior Twin Shackleton Mini Suite One Ocean Suite

$US 3,390 3,890 4,290 5,390 5,940 6,490 7,490

* Sea-kayaking - This is a very popular optional extra, at a cost of $US675 per person. Please reserve at the time of booking. * Arctic Wet Weather Gear Package - is included in the price of your voyage. See page 10 for details.

Hurtigruten Norway Cruise Norway’s Fjords Why not make the most of your time in Scandinavia and travel up Norway’s spectacular coastline by traditional postal steamer? Travel from Oslo to Bergen by train and then join a 4-night cruise to Tromso, deep inside the Arctic Circle. From Tromso, you fly across to Longyearbyen, the principal community of Svalbard - and the departure point for our Arctic expedition aboard Marina Svetaeva? With daily departures from Bergen, this is an easy add-on to include prior to your Arctic voyage. The cruise also operates in reverse, from Tromso to Bergen and can be undertaken after your Arctic expedition. Ask us for details.

Active Cruising and Wellness in the Arctic How would it be, returning to the ship after a beautiful and strenuous hike ashore, or perhaps a long kayak paddle and after a quick change and a hot drink, you make your way to our onboard spa for your pre-booked hot stone massage. WOW! You wouldn’t be the first Polar adventurer to imagine such a thing but you may be one of the lucky few to experience it. Our massage therapist offers a range of spa treatments onboard including Swedish, deep tissue and sports therapy massage,

hot stone massage, and various types of hydrotherapy. This is all part of our Active Cruising and Wellness programme. During your voyage you have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities from zodiac cruising to guided walks, hikes and kayak excursions. We encourage you to customise your activity level. In addition to a significant choice in off-ship activities, we have a personal fitness trainer as part of our team on every voyage and the use of our small ship board gym. 7

The Canadian High Arctic The Northwest Passage 13 NIGHTS EX edmonton/kugluktuk Starts: Sun 28 Aug 2011

Following in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen, we explore the archipelago of islands and channels that create Canada’s high Arctic region. This is the home of the polar bear, the barrenground grizzly bear, muskox, caribou and walrus and we journey through the remote Canadian north aboard our expedition ice breaker, Marina Svetaeva. Wildlife is the major drawcard of our expedition but there is plenty of historical interest and the stories of that ill-fated expedition by Sir John Franklin more than 150 years ago are central to our journey. Franklin made his last heroic foray into the Arctic in 1845 with two ships and 129 men, never to be heard from again. We visit the last known wintering site of his ships the Erebus and Terror, and other sites along the way where traces of the expedition have been found. Travelling east over 13 nights we make our way below Victoria Island, through the Bellot Straight (along the northern most edge of the North American continent), explore Beechey Island and finally round the large mass of Baffin Island to the remote outpost of Iqaluit. Throughout this voyage we’ll cover themes of exploration, natural and human history, art, geology, culture climate - and of course we’ll see some stupendous wildlife! Itinerary Day 1 – Kugluktuk (Coppermine), Nunavut Our journey begins in Edmonton with a charter flight to Kugluktuk Bay. Our flight takes us well inside the Arctic Circle, above 66 degrees north. A short transfer brings us to the ship for embarkation. Day 2 – Bernard Harbour The Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918 was based at Bernard Harbour and spent several years charting the coast of the Beaufort Sea and conducting ethnographic surveys. For keen walkers, we hike inland looking for signs of the elusive barren ground grizzly bear at the northernmost extent of its range. Day 3 – Johannsen Bay and Coronation Gulf On the south coast of Victoria Island, Johanssen Bay is a wonderful place for a variety of hiking and water-based activities. Our longer hiking option will head for an abandoned DEW site (Distance Early Warning Radar base) - a relic from the Cold War era. Johanssen Bay is also well known for musk ox and we look for them before continuing west. Day 4 – Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island Weather conditions permitting, we visit the small 8

community of Cambridge Bay, on the southern shores of Victoria Island. Cambridge Bay is a centre for hunting, trapping and fishing. Today ships visiting the region bring annual supplies to this remote corner of the Canadian north. Amundsen spent two winters here learning how to master dog sledding. Day 5 – Victory Point, King William Island Little is known of how the Franklin Expedition spent its last months in the frozen Arctic. The vessels, abandoned in the ice of Victoria Strait, have left no trace. An abandoned lifeboat, bits and pieces of copper and iron, cutlery and buttons and a skeleton here and there all tell a story of a desperate race south in search of rescue - a rescue that never occurred. We visit Victory Point and continue to reflect on the early quest for Arctic exploration. Day 6 – Bellot Strait and Fort Ross We attempt the passage of the Bellot Strait entering at ebb tide in order to avoid a current that can be more than seven knots during peak flow. The mixing of waters in this strait provides an ample food source for marine mammals and we keep our eyes peeled for harp seals, bearded seals and even polar bears as we sail through. We stop at Fort Ross, on the

southern tip of Somerset Island - a former Hudson Bay Company trading outpost. Day 7 – Fury & Hecla Strait, South of Baffin Island Long thought to be the entrance to the fabled Northwest Passage, Fury and Hecla Strait is a narrow waterway that separates the Melville Peninsula from Baffin Island. Many an expedition sailed north from Hudson Bay into Foxe Channel, looking for a navigable waterway to the west, only to run into impenetrable ice. Given optimal ice conditions, we cruise through without the trouble encountered by many an expedition during the 19th century. Day 8 – Igloolik, Nunavut Very few ships visit Igloolik, a remote community located just south of Fury and Hecla Strait. In fact, we may be the only expedition cruise vessel to visit Igloolik during the entire summer season. Day 9 – Cape Dorchester, Baffin Island There will be many opportunities to hike during the voyage and Cape Dorchester is one such place. Whether you are interested in a wander along the beach or a strenuous hike inland, options will be provided to ensure that your interests are met, here on the southwestern point of Baffin Island.

Special Guest Dr Dave Williams Dr. Dave Williams is one of Canada’s most acclaimed astronauts and an Emergency Medicine specialist. As a NASA mission specialist he has been into space twice and he holds the record for the highest number of spacewalks in a single mission. He is also an aquanaut he has been a crew commander for the underwater NEEMO project. He has won numerous awards, conducted innovative research and continues as a renowned international lecturer. We are pleased to welcome Dave aboard for our journey across Canada’s remote north, where he will be providing a series of entertaining and informative lectures about his time aboard the space shuttle and International Space Station.

Day 10 – At Sea As we transit Foxe Channel and enter into Hudson Strait, our onboard team of Arctic experts continue the educational programme, bringing more light to places already visited and preparing for the excursions during our last few days onboard. Day 11 – Kimmirut (Lake Harbour), Nunavut At the head of a narrow inlet, the small outpost of Kimmirut is a beautiful spot with a rich history. The artists of here are renowned for their soapstone carvings and we are able to watch them at work. Day 12 – Lower Savage Islands The Lower Savage Islands are an incredible place to cruise, kayak and hike. Here the waters of Davis and Hudson Strait mix and is therefore a region of high marine bio-diversity. We are constantly on the lookout for the various Arctic seals known to frequent these waters. Day 13 – Monumental Island Monumental Island is host to numerous bird species and is known to be an excellent place to spot falcon. Walrus often haul out here in great numbers and we hope to experience the sight and smell of a large colony.

Day 14 – Iqaluit, Nunavut We drop anchor off the beach in Iqaluit and make our way ashore by zodiac. Depending on flight times, we may have a chance to explore the small ‘capital’ of Nunavut, before transfering to the airport for our scheduled service through to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa (flight not included). Prices per person in $US

Cabin Type


Triple (shared facilities)


Triple (private facilities)


Twin (shared facilities)


Twin (private facilities)


Superior Twin


Shackleton Mini Suite


One Ocean Suite


* Sea-kayaking - This is a very popular optional extra, at a cost of $US675 per person. Please reserve at the time of booking. * Arctic Wet Weather Gear Package - is included in the price of your voyage. See page 10 for details. * Please note the above prices INCLUDE the cost ($US800) of the charter flight from Edmonton to Kugluktuk on Day 1


Gear Hire Included For many of our passengers, visiting the High Arctic is a once in a lifetime experience. It requires the use of specialised clothing, including a windproof/ waterproof outer layer and rubber boots. To save you from purchasing expensive specialist gear that you may only use once and carrying it all the way to North America or Scandinavia, we offer a wet weather gear loan service onboard. Our kit includes a comfortable waterproof jacket and pants, as well as insulated rubber boots, designed for walking. If you prefer, you are of course welcome to bring your own gear.

Sea Kayaking - the ultimate adventure! Sea kayaking allows you to experience another side of this magnificent destination. and our highly professional guides will introduce you to a slower paced, quieter Arctic environment. Kayak excursions are offered whenever weather conditions permit and you can expect to paddle around six or seven times, for periods up the three hours. The programme is directed at any passenger with an adventurous spirit and a basic paddling ability. This option should be reserved at the time of booking.

Marina Svetaeva Ship Specifications Registered Name: Marina Svetaeva Built: 1989, Poland Length: 92m Breadth/Beam 17.6m Draft: 5.8m Power: 5300hp diesel Max Speed: 14.5 knots Crew: 59 Passengers 89

One Ocean Suite Located on Deck 5 this cabin has a double berth, and a single bed in the sleeping quarters. The lounge area has a desk, a sofa, a TV/DVD player, a fridge and tea/coffee making facilities. Bathroom facilities are private. Shackleton Mini Suite Located on deck 5 (one also on deck 4) – All cabins have either a double berth, or two single beds. The lounge has a sofa, a TV/ DVD player, writing desk, a fridge and tea/coffee making facilities. Bathroom facilities are private.

Superb dining options The exciting schedule of onshore excursions, zodiac cruises and ship-board activities are guaranteed to work up a serious appetite. Although we are operating at the top of the world, we provide an exceptional variety of healthy, tasty meals, prepared by our team of professional chefs. Breakfasts, typically, are buffet style. Lunches offer a great choice of light meals - as well as more substantial options for those who are hungry - and each evening there is a hearty three-course meal offering both variety and choice. There’s also an excellent wine list featuring a range of international wines. You can get a cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day or night and we always offer afternoon tea with cakes and biscuits. Guests with dietary restrictions or special meal requirements are also well catered for on our voyages.


Superior - Private Facilities Located on deck 5, these cabins have two lower berths, a writing desk and wardrobe. Bathroom facilities are private. Twin Cabin - Private Facilities These cabins are located on deck 3 and 4 these cabins have two lower berths, a writing desk ample storage. Bathroom facilities are private. Twin Cabin - Shared Facilities Located on deck 3 and 4, these cabins have two lower berths. Bathroom facilities are shared and bathrobes are supplied. There is a washbasin in the cabin, a writing desk/chair and ample storage space. All cabins have a porthole. Triple Cabin - Private Facilities Located on deck 4, these cabins have two lower berths and an upper berth, washbasin, deskand ample storage facilities. Bathroom facilities are private. All cabins have a porthole. Triple Cabin - Shared Facilities Located on deck 3, these cabins have two lower berths and an upper berth, washbasin, deskand ample storage facilities. Bathroom facilities are shared. All cabins have a porthole. Travelling Alone? No problem - many One Ocean guests do! We offer to match you up with a fellow expeditioner of the same gender in the same cabin type. It’s a system that works well and saves you from having to pay a single supplement. If we can’t match you up with someone, you’ll have sole use of the cabin at no extra cost. We won’t force you to pay extra. Some guests however prefer to have exclusive use of a cabin and not share. In this case, a single supplement does apply, which is 1.5 times the cabin price (or 2 times the cabin price in Superior cabin categories and above. Ask us for details.

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Our expedition vessel - Marina Svetaeva

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Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions. If you are unsure about any matter, please contact your agent or Active Travel for clarification. Bookings: A deposit of $USD1500* is payable at the time of booking. By paying your deposit you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Final monies are due 90 days prior to departure or the date specified in your letter of confirmation. *On some programmes a larger deposit may be required depending on the content of the tour. Prices: Prices are based on cruise costs, airfares and exchange rates applied when this brochure was printed. We reserve the right to amend our prices without notice, at any time up to and including the day of departure of any trip, in the event of marked fluctuations in exchange rates, fuel prices or any other operating costs. Airfares: Any airfare used in our group tours are based on a minimum number of people travelling and certain conditions apply in regard to length of stay, seasonality, and routing. If you plan additional air travel you must check to ensure that your plans can be accommodated within the rules applied to the group airfare. Insurance: You must purchase comprehensive travel insurance when you pay your deposit to include cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation and you must carry a copy of your insurance with you when you travel. Health and Fitness Requirements: Our expeditions are not ‘hard’ but they are designed for healthy, able people. We recommend you visit your doctor and dentist when you book and you must disclose any pre-existing medical condition. If you fail your medical, a full refund of the deposit paid will be given providing you send us a medical certificate within two weeks of the date of your booking. It is your

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responsibility to ensure your inoculations and vaccinations are up-todate. Active Travel reserves the right to cancel your participation at any time, including after the commencement of the tour, if your health is deemed to adversely affect the normal conduct of the trip and the enjoyment of other tour members. Amendments and Transfers: If you wish to change your original arrangements in any way or to transfer to another trip after your booking is confirmed, you must notify us in writing and this will take effect upon receipt by us. All amendments will incur a $150 administration fee plus other unrecoverable costs. If you wish to transfer to another trip which is operating within 12 months of your original departure date, cancellation fees may apply if your request is received within 90 days of the cruise departure. Cancellation by you: If you cancel your booking you must notify us immediately in writing. Upon receipt by us of your written advice, cancellation will take effect. Cancellation fees are as follows: More than 90 days before departure – loss of deposit 90 days or less before departure – 100% of total tour cost Note these fees apply to cruise/land arrangements only and all airlinerelated costs will be passed on to you. Cancellation by Active Travel: We reserve the right to cancel the trip up to 90 days before departure. If we do so you will be given a full refund and you will not be entitled to make any further claim for compensation or damages for any loss, consequential damage, expenses, loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation. Alteration to Program: You understand that the itineraries and activities described in this brochure are indicative and prepared with due care but they may be changed at any time for any reason without prior notice. You understand that the itinerary could change due to weather, political situations, airline or cruise schedule changes,

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transport delays, force majeure or any other circumstance. Active Travel accepts no liability for loss of enjoyment or delays or any costs you may incur as a result of such changes. Conditions of Travel: I understand and agree that travel by its nature implies a standard of comfort, safety, conditions, and health different to my home environment and that these conditions can vary from day to day. By participating in this program I accept the risks associated with travelling away from my home and my normal living places. Responsibility: Active Travel acts only as agent for airlines, bus companies, cruise boats, hotels and activity operators and is not responsible for the acts and omissions of these service providers including tour escorts for any loss, damage, or expense, including loss of money paid in advance which you may incur as a result of the acts, omissions and negligence of others. You confirm you hold comprehensive travel insurance and you understand that prices, itinerary, schedules and services can alter without notice for any reason. You accept and assume all risks and are aware that all arrangements are made on condition that Active Travel and its associated companies, authorities, departments, staff and sub-contractors shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, death, delay or irregularity suffered. Security: Active Travel is a fully licensed, Australian-owned tour operator. We are accredited with IATA, a Member of AFTA, and fully covered by the Travel Compensation Fund. Airline Disclaimer: This brochure and tour program is not issued on behalf of and does not commit any airline whose services are used in the course of our trips.

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Active Travel The High Arctic Holidays, by TravelRope  

Innovative Expeditions & Adventures Canada’s Northwest Passage • Spitsbergen & Svalbard Archipelago 2011 AlkefjelletMonaco Glacier H...

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